Arsenal embarrassingly called out by Lyon for low-balling

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Arsenal have been embarrassingly called out by Lyon over their derisory bid for Lacazette earlier on in the summer.

“The reality is that the club Arsenal made an offer worth 35m euros (£29m), which Lyon did not follow up on for one reason: OL will keep Alexandre Lacazette who is irreplaceable and who is one of the main leaders in Bruno Genesio’s squad.”

The way Lyon work is that all players are transferable. Their owner, Jean-Michel Aulas, sold some serious assets back in the day when Lyon were the dominant force in French football (Diarra to Madrid / Essien to Chelsea). Every player is transferable, the money he gets for his stars is ploughed back into finding more gems to sell. Something went wrong in their approach, much like Arsenal’s plus PSG came to party, which led to a demise.

So, point here is Lyon will sell if we pay.

The fact Arsenal are dropping bids that are lower than West Ham says a lot. The fact we’re even in for Lacazette says a lot. He’s a West Ham striker at best, and we’re dropping lowball bids to find value in a market where we don’t need to be doing so.

Lacazette didn’t make the French squad that Giroud and Gignac did. He couldn’t make their squad, at 25 years old, when Martial did and Benzema was bombed out. He’s no spring chicken, he could only manage 17 goals last year. He’s a punt on a player who is probably not going to blow up the world football scene.

What are we doing here?

Arsene Wenger has shown a few things over the past 4 or 5 seasons. The main one being that as an economist, he’s really lacking.

He missed a few of the important modules coming through university.

#1 Supply and demand. If there is not enough supply to meet the demand, then prices go up. A lack of world class strikers is NOT a new issue. The reasons fees are so high is because there is a scarcity of talent.

#2 Inflation is and has been a thing in football since the nineties. We’re looking at almost 30% a season. Quick and fast rule here… if TV deals go up, so do player wages and player prices.

Suarez £40m >>> 1 season later £70m

Higuain ‘we don’t see the value in £32m’ >>> 3 seasons later goes for £92m

You can’t fight it. It is what it is. No one cares what you think about valuations. They’re going up for everyone. If you can’t keep up, get out.

#3 Player inflation greatly outstrips interest rates. Keeping cash in the bank actually costs Arsenal money. In 3 years, has our cash pile brought in £60m revenue? Of course it hasn’t. Like saving for a house in the UK, if your wages don’t match the hike in house prices, your deposit pile grows every year, but it becomes worth less.

Instead of dithering, back a horse.

We’re entering the year of the £100m player. Why? Because football is not a bubble. We’ve been saying it for years as people were predicting mass bankruptcies of clubs, that as long as the money keeps pouring in, there will be no end to this gravy train. Football is a global product, the Premier League is just getting started when it comes to exploiting the opportunities.

Pissing around with tier 2 players like Lacazette is not how you win in this game. We need to go harder, get smarter and accept that it’s no longer paying a premium to go £40m on a striker, it’s going for the cheap option.

FINAL POINT: A lot of people say that Arsene and Ivan are right to keep their negotiations private for players.

Here’s the thing, if the whole of Europe knows 1) We have loads of money 2) Our idea of value means 1997 prices that are basically ripping off clubs… we’re not going to do too well out of them.

Everyone knows our transfer strategy is based on Wenger unearthing a gem he can show off about. It used to work, now any CEO in world football who has Wenger bidding for his player will know that we’re not paying enough.

Right, that’s me done. OVER AND OUT.

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  1. Marko

    Pedro has retweeted a good statsbomb piece on Lacazette. On my phone or would link it…

    If it says he scored 17 goals last season it’s bollox

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Just my opinion but I would say both are ‘factually,’ if you like, equally complicit, but Wenger is the more morally reprehensible of the pair.

  3. vicky

    Red, there is such a long waiting list for Arsenal season tickets. What difference will it make if any one person doesn’t renew his ticket ? In fact, even if a thousand people didn’t renew, Ivan won’t break a sweat. The thing which really killed the momentum that DT and co had created was the “One Arsene Wenger” chant in one of the home games last season. Everybody knew Wenger’s contract renewal was a fait accompli post that loud chant.

  4. Marko

    I mean Ivan confirmed that we never get involved for a player if there’s an interest from other clubs and we already knew that. Why we missed out on Mkhitaryan this summer and many others in previous years. But the claiming poverty is an absolute shocker considering the lack of spending, price of a match day ticket and the new TV money not to mention the cash reserves. Shocking stuff from Arsenal

  5. N5

    “It must be a disease of the mind that people talk the same shit every season and expect different results”

    It’s the very definition of insanity.

  6. STV

    Cesc, I suggest Kroenke is addicted to Wenger’s method and not the other way round. There’s no going back, atleast until Wenger goes.

    There are no evidences Kroenke started these uncanny methods at Arsenal. But you can clearly trace it back to Wenger.

    Thus, Wenger is to blame mostly and then Kroenke for being an ambitionless clueless, money-centric owner. Gazidiz is a reprehensible spindoctor with no face..

  7. Cesc Appeal


    I completely agree before change can arrive Wenger has to go. And I do think that Wenger is a very frugal, stubborn sort of individual, there are stories about Dein having to really take the lead on transfers and sort of sideline Wenger because of his dithering.

    I agree as well that Kroenke keeps Wenger because likes Wenger’s style, it marries up to his own model of ownership.

    But I just find them both equally to blame, neither are what this club needs, both are holding the club back.

    But yeah, Wenger has to go before anything can happen, said that all along, if he’s manager next year or DoF or something, nothing is going to change.

    It is amazing to me, certain fans can have such clarity and deal our righteous condemnation on Kroenke, but then with that same person switch on to Wenger and they become like an eight year old defending their dad.

    The situation right now is either you think everything is great at Arsenal, in which case defend Wenger and/or Kroenke all the way, or you do not at all, in which case you can defend neither.

  8. STV

    “It must be a disease of the mind that people talk the same shit every season and expect different results”

    Red Generally I finds you funny and with good knowledge of the game. However you sounds like fucking Naijagunner there. Lol

  9. Cesc Appeal

    On a side note as well, way to sell Arsenal to your potential transfer targets (haha) Gazidis…f**k me, amateur hour or what, total balls up.

    Yeah come play for Arsenal, we cannot compete with the top clubs even though we will constantly state we want to make top signings and we’re super duper ambitious, we value financial prudence over on field success and we fully, utterly, without thinking, with no accountability or objectives attached back our manager…all you need to do is sign on this dotted line to get yourself a piece of that pie.

  10. Scrvaldio

    For me it all went wrong after leaving highbury.
    We left something their and have been searching for it ever since.
    I certainly don’t know what it is but I feel it and I think a lot of the older fans do to.
    It breaks my heart to think of where we are now compared to those days. Yeah we had less money and an old stadium but we were strong and hopeful.
    What we need is real leadership from the top down and if it doesn’t come then it must come from the bottom up.

  11. naijagunner

    If Wenger was challenged by the owner at least we will have the pleasure of seeing him fail properly before leaving , although the man does not do disasters it has be be said.

    The Mustafi rumors are heating up but at 30m euros i doubt that is happening

    And i admit I just heard about him yesterday but after spending last night watching clips of both of them i do not see the over 35 m pound difference between Lacazette and Yedder

  12. Ian

    We need to get the business done, I don’t think that Lacazette is the ultimate 30+ goals a season superstar that we all want but he is better than what we have and has an eye for goal. He can do the job but Arsenal underbidding for him at this stage is ridiculous! Pay the money, get him into preseason training asap, along with a proven CB and if possible a winger such as Draxler or Jese who is being put on the market by Real. Lets make the right signings and have a good go at the league this year. This will be without a doubt the toughest under Wenger but stop handicapping the team and make the right signings and give us a chance.

  13. Duzie

    Why do we keep falling for these juicy transfer stories? Wenger and the board act more weirdly as every year passes by.

  14. STV

    “On a side note as well, way to sell Arsenal to your potential transfer targets (haha) Gazidis…f**k me, amateur hour or what, total balls up.”

    Cesc brilliant point. Totally picked a wrong time to spew his b****

  15. naijagunner

    You should be embarrassed that after you have been asked to keep from mentioning my name , not a day goes by when you do not find a way to butt in

    Shows how sad and desperate you are for attention, I am not here for folks like you , you are just an irritant who assumes he has a clue what he is on about

  16. salparadisenyc

    I’m a bit confused by Ivan’s comments, in 2013 he raved about Arsenal’s new ‘financial firepower’. Now its 2016 the club have added a ridiculous TV deal to that taking the biggest chunk from the EPL in 2016, yet we now can’t compete with the bigger clubs? Throw in charging the highest ticket price in world sport.

    WTF is going on?

  17. Jeff


    “Its not the fact of succeeding Arsenal fans demand, its the genuine effort to do so.”

    This is what everything boils down to. It is knowing with absolute certainty that Arsenal will not be winning the CL or the PL because we won’t be competing for either. We can’t do a “Leicester” because it’s not in our gift.

    What is more is that Wenger and the hierarchy know this full well and are all willing to just sit around and take the money. It is despicable.

  18. Emiratesstroller


    I repeat what do you actually do. You don’t spend any money at the club. Your
    sole pearls of wisdom are telling everybody else what they should do.

    If you are so clever why don’t you contact personally Gazidis and Wenger and
    give them both you personal advice.

  19. Wallace

    Red made one mildly humorous remark about Wenger and the Sanogo signing about 3yrs ago, but other than that I can’t recall one interesting thing he’s ever said. I like reading Joe’s stuff, because it’s always fun trying to gauge how angry he is on any given day, but with Red there’s just nothing to hook you at all. How can anyone find him ‘knowledgeable’?

  20. Duzie


    I can see you are trying to apply the principles of consumerism on the Arsenal case. Well, how about a scenario, where the consumers don’t even know their rights?


    It is rather astonishing that IG would come out with such a demoralizing comment, even in a year when West Ha and Crystal Palace have been provided with buck from TV.

  21. naijagunner

    I bet Redtruth is on the waiting list for season tickets

    That should explain why he spends his time urging posters to dump their season tickets , he can’t bear to wait any longer

  22. Jay

    I think the above comments prove once and for all that for all his calling out of other posters he doesn’t have a clue about how supporters can change things. I mean, “call customer services and complain”? Duh! Yeah, that’ll work…

  23. alexanderhenry


    Essentially, arsenal fans have been paying off the stadium debt. but it’s kroenke’s debt not the fans’.
    Wenger’s ability to finish top four with a fraction of the resources afforded other clubs , combined with deliberate misinformation and confusion about arsenal’s finances supplies by the BOD and all the PR and spin from Gazidis, has meant that Kroenke has managed to rip off arsenal fans since he got involved in 2007.

    The unspent money in the bank at arsenal is an absolute outrage.

    Wenger is partly to blame and definitely complicit. He should have quit years ago and in effect he has showed more loyalty to Kroenke than to the fans.
    Gazidis is just doing his job, but his blatant lying is becoming almost comical , as all arsenal fans can see through it clearly now.

    However the money is there on Kroenks’s say so. No one else.

  24. Uwot?

    As long as the waiting list is at 100,000 or so the board won’t give a shit.don’t like what you mug please….

  25. Marko

    Alex what is Stan’s purpose for sitting on the unspent cash? I mean where’s the logic in any of that. In fact hasn’t it been proven he’s only taken 3 million out of the club the last 2 years

  26. S Asoa

    The consensus seems that Wenger is the start and cause of Arsenal downfall, which includes entrenched tentacles of the Kroenke family. If Wenger goes the dominoes will begin to fall, Kroenke will never be able to get another crooked accomplice of that deceit unless it’s Blatter, which is out.

    and any imbecile who feels he likes the tune of “One Arsehole Wenger ” please retire to the loos and yodell all you are worth(less).


  27. Carts

    I’ve said this before, regarding the direction that Arsenal are headed: there is a deliberate ploy to lessen the expectation of the fans. What makes it even more funny is that the fact that our accounts are public knowledge this isn’t washing.

    Yes there are still those ardent fans who are willing to let Wenger smash every single one of their females relatives, but imo, I sense more people are waking up to his fraudulent ways. Wenger is complicit in all of this alongside Gazidis and Kroenke.

    How is it a team can have a ridiculous cash reserve, extortionate ticket prices and still come out and say we aren’t able to compete with other tops teams? Embarrassing revelations.

  28. Jay

    I don’t comment often. I pop in and read the posts. Every time I do, Redtruth is attacking EVERYONE ELSE for not overthrowing the club hierarchy. And when we finally get to hear what his own grand plan is, it’s to phone the club and complain. PRICELESS. Just for you, Red:

  29. Majestic gooner

    Comical Gazi is at it again , this cabal is getting away with murder, hopefully if we continue to point out to the arsene supporters how stupid they are made to look by allowing themselves to be conned year in year out , the penny might just drop. I can’t recall any club going through what’s going on at Arsenal, the closest is forest and cloughie but at least he was an alchy , what’s wengers excuse? Rap music?

  30. S Asoa


    The unspent pile of cash reserves lying in the bank must have depreciated by about 30 million. The player cost inflation has so far outstripped the interest rate that Arsenal must have lost over 100 million pounds in the worth of players.
    If Kroenke has been using the Club assets as security towards loans for his purchases , he’ll be in a shock at the decreasing worth if Wenger continues.
    Unless the lemmings in line keep on buying passes at inflated rates.
    Following blindly their pied piper

  31. Phlo

    Look we all (akb and wob) know that both wenger and BOD are wrong overall and destroying Arsenal Football Club, instead of blaming either AW or Stan and crew why not join together as fans for the future of the club. Over the past years (too many) my passion for the club has been taken away by a small handful of lairs filling their pockets and personal agenda (PLC) and not giving a flying f*uck about Arsenal Football Club (fans). Now it has got so bad and because of this I have decided to support a backup team (obviously not of EPL) UNTIL AW, IG, SK and BOD gets chucked out by the fans. My team until then will be Borussia Dortmund purely because their football / business model seems to work.
    So my question is, imagine I took a pic of myself in a Dortmund shirt and posting it on all of Arsenal PLC social media saying “thank you Arsenal PLC for turning me away and until AW, IG, SK and BOD are gone. I’m sure my new team will use the money I spend” do you think something like this could work? Surely this wouldn’t go down we with the powers that be if it gained momentum?

    I don’t know anymore, desperation kicking in

  32. Joe


    Still waiting for you to answer

    You said we had spent our budget already with xhaka

    How were we able to put in bids of
    20m and 29m after the fact for vardy and lacezette.

    Did wenger do this without stan’s knowledge?

    Looks like you’re WRONG.

  33. Akilan

    WTF is going on here? He he, the same shite that happens during every summer. My mood genuinely gets spoiled by reading anything about arsenal nowadays. I keep on visiting but you know it’s not good for me. I feel really let down by the club. I’ll check if we’ve signed anyone and come every once in a while for chatter. Getting slaughtered by the other clubs is much preferable to this shite of a TW. Roll on August13

  34. STV


    I suggest you to cut your ties with Gazidiz. He’s a snake and enemy No:3 when it comes to Arsenal football club. You’re a voice of true fans, it’s time to use it for good.

  35. Redtruth


    As a paying customer what the hell are you doing to revive Arsenal’s fortunes..
    Remember if you don’t complain you won’t be heard and the same lousy service will continue.

  36. Scrvaldio

    Red has a point but not made very well.
    Customer complaints made on mass. I.e. 1000 a day and growing would constitute a product review (in any well run business with a 27m customer base). Even then our complaints are categorised as subjective and therefore irrelevent.
    The only way to actually effect Arsenal policy is through the press. Consistent protests inside the stadium regardless of One AW chants and consistent booing and a ban on merchandise sales for loyal fans would actually force change.
    People keep wondering why Kroneke would want to pile up cash?
    It’s because it is the cash rich part of his sports portfolio. We are literally helping to fund his NFL projects by artifically inflating the share price and therefore his companies net worth.
    Why would Kronke risk a share price slump by letting AW spend and then fail? Much safer to pretend to spend hope to finish fourth and watch the money roll in. Kronke does have a new stadium to build in LA and a new team to form so considering how poor his other “investments” have been stopping AW from spending actually makes a huge amount of sense.

  37. Joe

    Why do people keep thinking Kronke needs Arsenal to fund his LA stadium

    I’ve outlined it before.

    The team he is moving the Rams is worth 2.9 billion because of the move to LA

    The nuggets are worth 900m

    Avalanche are worth 400m

    Stan is worth 8b

    His wife received her share of 3.1 billion
    Dividend from wal mart

    She is Heir to 144 b Walton family worth

    Yeah. Kronke really needs Arsenal’s 200m pounds in the bank to build a stadium.

    At best

  38. Joe

    Bank: yes Stan how can
    We help you

    Stan: I need to
    A stadium
    In LA for the Rams

    Bank: ok well
    We need to
    Your credit rating.

    Stan: my father in law is a Walton. He will
    Co sign
    As will
    My wife. They are worst 144 billion. And my Rams
    Are worth 2.9 billion

    Worth 8 billion

    Bank : hmmmm we see wenger spent 60

    Sorry. We can’t give you a loan to
    Build the stadium. Maybe you ask
    Wenger to
    Sell Sanago and then come back to us. Get your bank balance up again

  39. STV


    Despite the protests and the outrage on social media majority of fans still supports the current regime. You can see this from overwhelming support Wenger got in the face of fan protest last season.

    The fan mentality needs to be changed, they need to be honest in their assesment of Wenger. No more blind support. He had his time. Unite against Wenger and Kroenke. For Arsenal.

    If you chant ‘One Arsene Wenger’ you’re basically offering your unwavering support to Kroenke too.. This needs to be changed.

    Not showing up for game en masse is the best way to get attention..

  40. Scrvaldio


    I see what your saying but your forgetting one crucial element which is sentiment.
    His portfolio has to perform and a lot of his other teams simply break even. Kronke needs Arsenal to boost the performance of his portfolio to make sure that the sentiment towards his buisness dealings continue in a positive way. No one is saying he literally needs the cash to fund other projects but he does need his net worth to remain high and risking the share price by allowing AW to spend the reserves and then fail is a risk he cannot afford for the overall performance of his portfolio, espically considering the LA move.
    I don’t agree with KSE’s approach but he has been consistently under investing in his current portfolio and shows no sign’s of changing. All portfolio’s of this type require at least one cash rich asset when so many other elements are underperforming.

  41. STV


    Youre right. Again that’s some accusations backed by no evidences. The only thing that’s clear is Wenger is a major problem, and Kroenke is not an ambitious owner who cares about his profits.. It’s simple.

    There are plenty of great managers who works without breaking the banks. Arsenal problems, most of them are FOOTBALL related.

  42. Joe


    I think you’re missing the point. He is married to the heir of 144 B. He himself is worth 8B.

    And all
    The other stuff

    He does not need Arsenal’s 200M pounds to back a loan
    For a stadium in LA

    And Arsenal spending 100m
    Will not mean anything to him
    And his dealings with the NFL club

  43. Joe

    Hey dickhead CC

    I have an accounting degree

    Go back to your moms tit

    This is the same dipshit that thinks the first 2 games don’t mean anything

  44. Champagne charlie

    Per supposedly out for 5 months minimum…

    Think that destroys the idea of us buying a ST and a RW. Lacazette it likely is for ‘flexibility’, plus a Per replacement.

    How can people suggest Kroenke gives Wenger whatever he wants financially? We are clearly run on a shoe string budget given all we generate…… Under whose authority I wonder

  45. Joe

    And people
    Keep throwing out the self sustaining model shit

    Well we have 200m in the bank. Would self sustaining mean we are able to spend it?

    Doesn’t put a dime in. But we are able to use the 200m.

    Sustaining. Using the money you earn. We don’t need Kronke’s money. We have 200m and revenues coming out of our ass

    Not a hard concept

  46. Champagne charlie


    I know what you do, you haven’t a clue what I do because I don’t spout it on the Internet to try and earn keyboard warrior points. Nice try princess

    Let the grown ups talk finance, go throw rocks at bigger rocks or find a cat up a tree

  47. Joe

    I’ll have fries with that please.

    Go on boy. Fetch them for me.

    You a grown up. Zit face dickhead still sucking on his moms tit

  48. jasongms

    you can actually sense the fear emanating out of the emirates about having to make a decision re transfers… it’s like a repeat of some random faulty towers episode …

  49. WengerEagle

    ‘How can people suggest Kroenke gives Wenger whatever he wants financially? ‘

    Firstly, I don’t think that anyone is claiming that Wenger works under no financial restrictions whatsoever, we know that we’re not City or PSG or Real Madrid and the fans aren’t demanding we sign the absolute best players in the world for this reason.

    Why exaggerate the other way though?

    Are you suggesting that Kroenke only alloted Wenger £10 million last summer for transfer funds?

  50. Champagne charlie


    No I condemned Wenger over last summer. But it’s abundantly clear the top brass have a much tighter hold on funds than is being suggested with public statements like “we back the manager with whatever he wants”.

  51. Logie Bear

    Afternoon all,

    Been away from the site for a while and I see its Groundhog Day yet again in the TW. Sigh.

    Seems like a mildly irrelevant question but what the hell – has our new captain been announced yet? I’m thinking that it must be Per so he can take over the Arteta mantle of club captain that spouts platitudes in his programme notes and never actually plays…

    Have I missed the news…anyone clarify?

  52. Joe

    Yea CC. You are the cool smart one here


    Why the thing against firefighters ?

    I guess an gf cheated on with one and holding a grudge ever since

    Couldn’t last more than 2 days without lapping your big mouth at me could you

    Anyway. I’m done. Always fun smashing you down. Like that FF did you gf

  53. WengerEagle


    In what way is it abundantly clear?

    Surely Wenger’s refusal to spend last summer proved beyond any measurable doubt that it’s his misplaced belief in certain inadequate players in our first team/squad as a whole that results in his inaction in the transfer market rather than just financial impositions?

  54. Scrvaldio

    It does feel like one massive fucking wind up when Gazidis talks about poverty but then rich guys are constantly crying poverty to het tax breaks so why break from tradition.

    @Joe my only point really rather than there being a direct link between Kronke’s portfolio elements is that we have to view whats going on at the club as a whole rather than the myopic view most people have (for good reasons, mainly the press) when discussing Arsenals insane fear of investing in there core buisness.
    The only experince I have had of billionaires and I have met a couple is that they don’t like there net worth to drop by 10 pence and that risk adverse sentiment seems to run very deep within KSE and the club and would explain a lot. Just blaming AW I beleive is incorrect but he must take his share of the blame and do the right thing and retire while his legacy is still somewhat intact.

  55. Wallace


    “I guess you’ll use the Per cover signing as one of your two?”

    maybe! certainly feeling a bit more confident after the links of the last few days and the confirmation there was a bid for Lacazette..

  56. Joe

    Haha Wallace. I guess any 2 signings count as long as they are first 11 or fighting for starting 11!

    I don’t think lacezette is coming though

  57. Champagne charlie


    How is it not clear? Where is the competitive transfer outlay that demonstrates we’re among the top? It’s non-existent.

    It’s nice to suggest we don’t spend because of Wenger, but the truth seems far more likely it’s down to the ownership being tight.

  58. Arsene's Nurse

    Champagne charlie
    July 27, 2016 14:09:24

    Per supposedly out for 5 months minimum…

    Think that destroys the idea of us buying a ST and a RW. Lacazette it likely is for ‘flexibility’, plus a Per replacement.

    How can people suggest Kroenke gives Wenger whatever he wants financially? We are clearly run on a shoe string budget given all we generate…… Under whose authority I wonder
    A club run under a shoe-string budget does not have a wage bill of £192m.

    A club run under a shoe-string budget does not break their previous transfer record by £27m and sign a £42m player, then buy two more players for £30m+

    A club run under a shoe-string budget does not pay their manager £8m a year and give Walcott £140k a week .

    A club run under a shoe-string budget does not let £3m slip out the door for “Kroenke’s services”.

    Arsenal are certainly not run on a shoe-string budget. Quite the opposite.

  59. Champagne charlie

    Arsenes nurse

    “Shoestring budget GIVEN ALL WE GENERATE”

    Care to explain why we spend less than teams like Spurs, Liverpool etc

  60. WengerEagle


    Ozil in 2013 for £42 million (was a massive fee 3 years ago), Alexis in 2014 for £35 million and Xhaka this summer for £30 million (still a decent chunk of a fee).

    Shows that if Wenger wants money to buy marquee players that he’s been given it I would have thought?

    It’s pretty clear from his past comments that Wenger isn’t a fan of spending big.

    I’m not saying that Kroneke is exempt from blame at all, I’m sure he’s not too pushed as he doesn’t seem to be in it for the success ala Abramovich (to put it politely).

    But the main reason that we are inactive and that we fail to ever go into a season fully prepared for a title charge has to be laid at Wenger’s feet.

  61. Wallace


    “Ah come on, that would be Per form.”

    I can’t have a CB as one of my two signings? but I always thought after the striker the second signing would be a toss up between a wide player and a CB.

  62. N5

    “go throw rocks at bigger rocks”

    Followed up by

    “You a grown up. Zit face dickhead”

    You two crack me up.

  63. Arsene's Nurse

    These are words spoken by none other than Arsene Wenger himself in Jan 2013.

    “We pay well. We pay very well,” Wenger said ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup third-round tie away to Swansea City. “I’ve spent all my life making sure people who work for us are paid well and I believe if you can do it, you do it.”

    Asked whether he set the wage structure at Arsenal, which has been criticised for having a too narrow band compared to other clubs, Wenger said: “Yes. I don’t know how it works at others. But it’s not only me, it’s in co-operation with the board. When we want to go ‘far’ I ask for the authorisation of the board.”

    However, it is understood that Wenger, once he is given a budget, sets the pay bands with the board deferring to his judgment. “We have no players on £200,000 a week and I think other clubs will come down to us with financial fair play,” he said. “We have a more socialist model.”


    He also said in April 2016:

    Wenger also defended the ambition of club owner Stan Kroenke. “We can work in complete freedom,” he said. “Every club should work with the resources it generates. He’s never stopped me in the market. He’s very ambitious. We are all very ambitious.”


    So why are some people still confused?

  64. Daz

    City still want at least another CB so we will have to hope pep is looking elsewhere if we want to get him I would imagine he would rather go there.

  65. Wallace

    “A lot of the midfield players we have here can play at the back, and when that happens the buildup play is much, much better. We need to create good buildup play, with easy passes in midfield, to achieve good passes for our strikers further up the pitch.

    “I believe when the ball goes from a central defender to a striker, the ball comes back as quickly as it goes, and we have to make it clear that we are building up in our first process, whether that is defenders or midfielders, and that is why we need players of quality, to play in that style, and we have the players to do that. By 31 August, we will have the right players to play the way we want.”

    – Pep on playing a midfielder as a CB

  66. Vince

    For those that are already turning their noses at Lacazzete I can say you don’t know zilch. I’ve been watching him since his under 17 days and lately during the Olympic Lyonais Ligue 1 run and I can say without fear of contradiction that he mustard. If Adebayo got 30 goals playing for us I don’t expect Lacazzete to get less. I always think of Ramsey as the most indecisive player on planet earth; Lacazzete is the exact opposite, no halfhearted shots, just sheer guts. If we get Lacazzete and Mahrez I can boldly say we are in with a chance for top honors. And nobody has the littlest idea what goes on in Deschamps head as I believe France would have won the Euros with Lacazzete in the team.

  67. Champagne charlie


    Big solitary outlays is one thing, competitive high level spending is another.

    I’m not advocating a model of ridiculous spending, but in a summer where we need high level additions we aren’t getting them.

  68. Wallace


    Stones to City very likely according to the Guardian. will move for Bonucci as well only if Kompany continues to struggle.

  69. Arsene's Nurse

    Champagne charlie
    July 27, 2016 14:47:22

    Arsenes nurse

    “Shoestring budget GIVEN ALL WE GENERATE”

    Care to explain why we spend less than teams like Spurs, Liverpool etc
    Wenger won’t spend it. It’s as simple as that. He has a valuation for a player in his head and that’s what is offered to the selling club. Just see the farce with Lyon (Lacazette) and Liverpool (Suarez). They will go the extra mile if Wenger really wants him, but Wenger has a philosophy and that’s that.

    From the 2011 ASTM

    Gazidis: Wenger can’t be removed from financial side of negotiations as he judges quality & value of targets.

    There is no way that his transfer budget only allowed him to buy Cech last year.

    There are dozens of quotes from board members saying they fully back Wenger in the transfer market and will go out on a limb if there is someone really special he wants to buy. Some have even come out and said we can buy any player bar a couple.

  70. Champagne charlie

    Arsenes nurse

    What of Gazidis’ comments stating we can’t compete? It’s crazy to suggest a manager of a top 15 club would refuse to spend money available, he gets nothing from hoarding money.

  71. Doublethink

    What of Gazidis’ comments stating we can’t compete? It’s crazy to suggest a manager of a top 15 club would refuse to spend money available, he gets nothing from hoarding money.

    Well apart from lessened expectations and a ready made excuse yeah.

  72. Arsene's Nurse


    I agree it’s crazy, but that’s the Wenger way!

    That’s just Gazidis. He’s a PR man. He’s lowering expectations in order to prepare the fans for disappointment. The fact of the matter is Arsenal never compete in the transfer market. How many times have we pissed about with low valuations only to see a player go elsewhere but not for a huge amount more?

    We shoot ourselves in the foot.

    For example Walcott used to be on £60k a week. He then got an improved contract to £100k (was originally offered £75 but turned it down) and now he’s on £140k. A large portion of that wasted money could have gone towards paying a superstar £200k a week. But due to Wenger’s socialist wage policy we refuse to pay market rates for the stars, so we choose not to compete.

    It’s our own doing. We under value transfer targets and overpay wages to those who don’t warrant it. It’s lopsided.

  73. Daz


    Well we certainly won’t be after those two so let’s hope whoever we do go for there is not much competition for the signing, mustafi is available according to that twitter account I assume it’s the official one but not sure

  74. Marko

    We are clearly run on a shoe string budget given all we generate…… Under whose authority I wonder

    We generate huge sums of money. I don’t get it what do you think Kroenke needs with 200 million in cash reserves at Arsenal? It means nothing to him.

  75. Jam

    “..when we want to go ‘far’ , I ask for the authorisation of the board”
    Unfortunately there was no one on the board with enough knowledge of the game to know Walcott isn’t worth 140k/w.

  76. London gunner

    Champagne Charlie

    Simmer down yourself you arrogant banker cunt.

    So you work in finance so what are you trying to impress the blog with that being one of the cunts to utterly fuck up the economy.

    Working in finance doesn’t make you impressive I have far more respect for scientists and doctors who actually make the world a better place.

    Heck joe may well have saved lives in his capacity as a fireman that’s far more impressive than anything you would have ever done