Arsenal embarrassingly called out by Lyon for low-balling

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Arsenal have been embarrassingly called out by Lyon over their derisory bid for Lacazette earlier on in the summer.

“The reality is that the club Arsenal made an offer worth 35m euros (£29m), which Lyon did not follow up on for one reason: OL will keep Alexandre Lacazette who is irreplaceable and who is one of the main leaders in Bruno Genesio’s squad.”

The way Lyon work is that all players are transferable. Their owner, Jean-Michel Aulas, sold some serious assets back in the day when Lyon were the dominant force in French football (Diarra to Madrid / Essien to Chelsea). Every player is transferable, the money he gets for his stars is ploughed back into finding more gems to sell. Something went wrong in their approach, much like Arsenal’s plus PSG came to party, which led to a demise.

So, point here is Lyon will sell if we pay.

The fact Arsenal are dropping bids that are lower than West Ham says a lot. The fact we’re even in for Lacazette says a lot. He’s a West Ham striker at best, and we’re dropping lowball bids to find value in a market where we don’t need to be doing so.

Lacazette didn’t make the French squad that Giroud and Gignac did. He couldn’t make their squad, at 25 years old, when Martial did and Benzema was bombed out. He’s no spring chicken, he could only manage 17 goals last year. He’s a punt on a player who is probably not going to blow up the world football scene.

What are we doing here?

Arsene Wenger has shown a few things over the past 4 or 5 seasons. The main one being that as an economist, he’s really lacking.

He missed a few of the important modules coming through university.

#1 Supply and demand. If there is not enough supply to meet the demand, then prices go up. A lack of world class strikers is NOT a new issue. The reasons fees are so high is because there is a scarcity of talent.

#2 Inflation is and has been a thing in football since the nineties. We’re looking at almost 30% a season. Quick and fast rule here… if TV deals go up, so do player wages and player prices.

Suarez £40m >>> 1 season later £70m

Higuain ‘we don’t see the value in £32m’ >>> 3 seasons later goes for £92m

You can’t fight it. It is what it is. No one cares what you think about valuations. They’re going up for everyone. If you can’t keep up, get out.

#3 Player inflation greatly outstrips interest rates. Keeping cash in the bank actually costs Arsenal money. In 3 years, has our cash pile brought in £60m revenue? Of course it hasn’t. Like saving for a house in the UK, if your wages don’t match the hike in house prices, your deposit pile grows every year, but it becomes worth less.

Instead of dithering, back a horse.

We’re entering the year of the £100m player. Why? Because football is not a bubble. We’ve been saying it for years as people were predicting mass bankruptcies of clubs, that as long as the money keeps pouring in, there will be no end to this gravy train. Football is a global product, the Premier League is just getting started when it comes to exploiting the opportunities.

Pissing around with tier 2 players like Lacazette is not how you win in this game. We need to go harder, get smarter and accept that it’s no longer paying a premium to go £40m on a striker, it’s going for the cheap option.

FINAL POINT: A lot of people say that Arsene and Ivan are right to keep their negotiations private for players.

Here’s the thing, if the whole of Europe knows 1) We have loads of money 2) Our idea of value means 1997 prices that are basically ripping off clubs… we’re not going to do too well out of them.

Everyone knows our transfer strategy is based on Wenger unearthing a gem he can show off about. It used to work, now any CEO in world football who has Wenger bidding for his player will know that we’re not paying enough.

Right, that’s me done. OVER AND OUT.

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  1. Champagne charlie

    “can’t win the title in August or sept but you can lose it.”

    Our season doesn’t hinge on the two opening games, to suggest we NEED signings by then is daft. We beat both last season with the same team we have and they’re both chopping and changing….

    I know the influx of players gets many on here all sexual and what not, but my money is on Leicester finishing about 8th and Liverpool being capable of great performances but falling short with consistency.

    My point being to correlate our signings/potential signings to the first two games is nonsense. I can’t think of anyone who would sign and start on the market bar Mahrez because he’s prem ready. Lacazette ain’t getting in the team ahead of Theo first couple of games, and I guarantee Giroud will be in there anyway.

  2. Colin

    The sad thing for me is ,the longer arsene stays is the more heartache , it’s even got to the stage where Ivan the terrible says one thing and wegner says something totally different ,total confusion of the pitch ,on the terraces and as we know the once cohesive, fluent ,fast and stylishly entertaining football is fast becoming a thing of the past .

  3. salparadisenyc

    Mkhitaryan was the miss, signing of season thus far in England for money.

    To fill our right side:
    1. James
    2. Draxler
    3. Mahrez

    Well probably end up on Shaquiri

  4. Marko

    Carts Sahko is a complete melt these days he’s more concerned with his snapchat game than his day job it seems.

    Also Fargo both seasons absolutely shockingly brilliant and season 4 of the Wire is the standout for me. Whole show is the tits

  5. N5

    “Well probably end up on Shaquiri”

    At least she could bring her boyfriend Pique and that’s our CB issue fixed as well!

  6. steve H

    Same old Arsenal, same old Wenger, same old Kroenke. I’ve lost the will to live reading “we’re going to sign him and him and him……….” We’ve signed one class player and the rest are unknown to everyone. Yeah, Holding looks like he might turn out pretty good but he’s not the impact player that we need now. Wenger is a leopard that will never change his spots and neither is Kroenke. Until they both piss off, our club will never move forward.

  7. WengerEagle

    Great list Sal, mine looks the exact same with possibly the addition of Isco.

    Basically one of James/Isco, don’t expect both to still be at RM next season.

  8. WengerEagle


    Lacazette has the better goalscoring record, some UCL experience, experience playing in a team fighting for the title where there is huge pressure to score goals every week and he’s the better all rounder to me.

    Haven’t seen much of Yedder obviously but his dribbling/passing stats aren’t great, Lacazette’s are superior.

    Lacazette is also a year younger and looks much stronger physically, Yedder looks like a gust of wind would send him flying.

    Think that Lacazette represents the better option, not necessarily the better gamble as Yedder would be way cheaper.

    But if we’re seriously aiming to compete with City, Chelsea and United than we’d just fork out for Lacazette rather than pay less for Yedder trying to be clever.

  9. salparadisenyc


    I’ve had a hard on for Isco since we pulled Caz from Malaga in their cash strapped bargain basement sell off summer and he was still on the books.

    He’d balance the attack well if we could get him, could easily see our CF hunt become him if the availability is there with the likes of Lukaku going for £60m.

    That said we need goals and Mahrez has proven he can give that… would need to sturdy the pivot though.

    Mustafi, Mahrez and Lacazette best case in my mind.

  10. WengerEagle


    Goals are a valid concern RE Isco but I think that in the right environment he could score up to 15 goals a season, he scored 12 in his season at Malaga and 11 in his first season at Real Madrid when he had more of a starting role. He played in CM much more in 2014/15 in a deeper position when Modric was injured which is why his goal contribution took a bit of a nosedive.

    He’s the player that most reminds me of Iniesta out of the newer generation, phenomenal player that would provide such incredible balance and fluidity in attack as he has the ability to go past people, very good dribbler.

    IMO he’d provide more balance than Mahrez would playing opposite of Alexis.

    Mahrez concedes possession more than Isco and his pass completion rate is vastly inferior.

  11. Arsene's Nurse

    We’ll always be penny wise and pound foolish under Wenger. What this tells everyone is he isn’t prepared to pay the money for his targets. He’s always trying to pull a fast one and get someone cheaper rather than saying, “fuck it, he’s the one I want and we’ll pay”.

    It’s a false economy, because it costs us in the long run.

    Flitting from one target to the next in the hope of picking up a bargain must piss other clubs off when they deal with us. We will almost certainly have a reputation amongst clubs, players and agents.

  12. steve H


    I wouldn’t mind if we got Lacazette in, he’s a consistent goalscorer and has been for the past 3 years. The reason why he didn’t make the French Euro’s squad is baffling to me. Maybe Deschamps doesn’t like him, he’s a bit funny like that. I would’ve thought him and Martial would make a devastating partnership up front

  13. WengerEagle

    Mahrez-Alexis looks great on paper but both tend to ball-hog and lose possession a fair bit.

    Legitimate concern for me, would be very frustrating to watch against the elite sides in Europe where you get punished for losing the ball cheaply.

  14. WengerEagle

    Andre Gomes is a talent but Barcelona are nuts paying £42 million for him.

    They signed Rakitic just two years ago for just £13 million and he had a much better pedigree.

  15. bennydevito

    Wow, looks like we could be in for a tough start to the season. Mertesaker out for 5 months Sanchez a doubt to start the season with Wellbeck only just close to fitness. We should go all out for whatever top class defender is available and make mertesaker earn his place back when he’s fit or as a squad player.

  16. steve H

    Arsene’s nurse,

    All this messing about makes us look like Tossers in the transfer market. Clubs know what Wenger is like and it automatically causes friction before any negotiations start. You wouldn’t go into a showroom and offer Mondeo money for a Ferrari would you?

  17. STV

    My worry is that if Mahrez could replicate the kind of form he had shown last season.. If he can, that would put us in the mix

    If there are other options like James, Mkhitaryn, Isco or Draxler, I wouldn’t be hoping for him or Lacazette.

    or Higuain + Gotze Aubemeyang+Gotze or Benzema+Gotze Gotze would have been a great addition for 23m which is peanuts really.

    Mahrez+ Lacazette looks the best out of the remaining options..

    Btw any of Mustafi or Howdes would be a proper signing especially Howedes. I was calling for Howedes here in 2014.

  18. bennydevito

    Also just think at this point we should bite the bullet and get Lukaku seeing as Aubameyang has his heart set on Madrid. What about Diego Costa if he’s leaving Chelsea?

  19. STV

    “Basically one of James/Isco, don’t expect both to still be at RM next season”

    I think they would. James just said he’d fight for his place next season

  20. bennydevito

    Draxler and Mahrez would be great. Draxler could be converted lime RVP was when he came from Feyenord.

  21. WengerEagle

    If Costa leaves Chelsea it won’t be for us Benny, he’ll likely head back to Spain with Atletico Madrid who have already expressed interest in re-signing him.

  22. salparadisenyc

    Fair point regarding Mahrez and Sanchez, I could see us castigating both of them after finishing 2nd to Tuchel’s Dortmund on a silly give away that kills it.

    Isco would be such a great signing, Wenger clearly interested.
    Curious to see whom ZZ puts in the window, Isco, James, Jese.

  23. bennydevito

    If that Sissoko from Newcastle is available I wouldn’t mind him. Thought he had an excellent tournament at the Euros

  24. WengerEagle


    Zidane loves Casemiro as the holding midfielder, it worked wonders for them in the UCL and Modric and Kroos are both basically untouchable as a CM pairing.

    Which leaves a problem for James and Isco as BBC are a certainty for the front 3 spots, leaves them both as benchwarmers yet again and both are far too good for that.

    My hunch is that one will leave, likely James Rodriguez as he’s now 25 and already has a serious reputation, he’d start no problem for someone like PSG or any BPL side.

  25. STV

    “Flitting from one target to the next in the hope of picking up a bargain must piss other clubs off when they deal with us.”

    Exactly. Basically that sort of strategy is flawed as most clubs prefer a particular player or a small group of players matching their requirements and style.

    We can take practically anyone if they’re cheap..

  26. WengerEagle


    Fascinated to see how Dortmund get on next season considering they’ve had to rebuild the spine of the first XI losing Hummels, Gundogan and Miki.

    Gotze in the no.10 role behind Reus-Auba-Dembele/Schurrle is a filthy looking front 4, if they add a top notch CB partner for Sokratis and a CM partner for Weigl they’ll be a threat to Bayern.

  27. Champagne charlie


    “Champagne Charlie Last season we didn’t buy any outfield players..How did it help for the title push?”

    What are you talking about?

  28. salparadisenyc


    Agree, them and Juve have had the 5 star summers thus far. Tuchel proving his worth this summer. Judgement and ability to move cannot be faulted.

    I’d love to see them take Bayern off the pedestal.

    Gotze was a ridiculous buy for that money, in this market.

  29. WengerEagle

    Sissoko would be a strong squad addition, don’t think that he improves the first XI particularly though.

    And the laughable £35 million price-tag is a turn-off.

    For £15 million would be a no-brainer.

  30. steve H


    Mahrez is a great player but has no experience of real big game pressure yet. I’m not sure I’d be happy to fork out £35 ish million on a relatively inexperienced player. My money would go on Lacazette if it was my choice. He’s a goalscorer who has shown his worth and has played European football.

  31. salparadisenyc

    Ozil sitting poolside watching the window spin. Must be thinking WTF Arsene, where’s that vision you sold me on.

  32. WengerEagle


    If Juventus manage to keep a hold of Pogba it’ll be an A+ Transfer Window.

    Even if they lose him it’s still an A/A- one, some fantastic business done picking up the best striker in Italy, the best CAM after Pogba, a top class RB in Dani Alves, great CB cover in Benatia and a great prospect in Pjaca.

    My sneaky tip to win the UCL, I’ll certainly be putting a few quid on them.

  33. STV

    “Flitting from one target to the next in the hope of picking up a bargain must piss other clubs off when they deal with us.”

    Exactly. Basically that sort of strategy is flawed as most clubs prefer a particular player or a small group of players matching their requirements and style.

    We would take practically anyone if they’re cheap..

  34. champagne charlie


    “But if we’re seriously aiming to compete with City, Chelsea and United than we’d just fork out for Lacazette rather than pay less for Yedder trying to be clever.”

    Only if it doesn’t inhibit buying a RW of genuine quality, I don’t think Lacazette is 30mil better than Yedder would be my only point. On their own yes Lacazette likely has the edge, but if it’s Lacazette for 45mil or Mahrez and Yedder for 70mil then I’d have the latter.

  35. salparadisenyc


    Think Ozil said same thing summer Wenger sold him the dream.

    Can’t see Juve not selling Pogba with the money they’ve just spent, think Mini tapping Madrid to see if its at all possible with United already fully committed.

    I’d love to see him go to Madrid.

  36. WengerEagle


    Wouldn’t trust Marca, basically a Real Madrid propaganda paper.

    Of course they’ll be putting out the feelers that he’s happy to stay and fight for his place, if he was openly wanting to leave and they were openly wanting to sell him they wouldn’t take in as much €!

    Zidane simply doesn’t fancy him, you can tell. Only made 17 starts in la Liga last season.

    And once the manager no longer wants you, it’s game over.

    Cause Zizou ain’t going anywhere.

  37. WengerEagle


    Unless Yedder is in the last year of his contract, no way he goes in this obscene market for under £25 million. The guy has an outstanding scoring record in a shit team and he’s only 25/26.

    No reason we can’t sign Lacazette and one of Mahrez/Draxler together, probably costs you £75-80 million but it would be money well spent.

  38. STV

    WE, maybe. He certainly not in Zidane first XI currently. However it’s also worth noting he was a regular in the League where the oppositions were not that all strong..


    That’s right. Would love to see their smug face if it happens.. That’s unlikely tho. I am worried Mourinho could take the best out of him.

  39. salparadisenyc

    It would be amazing if the deal went south on Mourinho at this point.
    Pogba at United is a very daunting thought.

  40. champagne charlie


    Yedder does have one year left on his deal so he’s a potential good value option with room for splashing elsewhere in the team.

  41. gnarleygeorge9


    Having heard that the stadium is paid for & there is £250 million in the bank, if the Old Frog doesn’t come up with the bridging finance for Laxette, he will officially give me the shits.

  42. Bamford10

    Draxler through the center could work — he has the frame, pace, technical ability — but I don’t see us spending 55m on him.

  43. Bamford10

    Granted I’ve only seen him on Youtube, but not sold at all on Ben Yedder. Pace and finishing inside the box but very little else. Not all that technical. Tiny.

    No thanks, for me.

  44. Carts


    Lol – so Sakho is also a snapchat addict.

    To be honest, if you’ve been sent home from pre-season then I think that says it all really.


    Wengers able

    Sorry mate your figures are well off

    ‘No reason why we can’t buy lacazzete and one of Maghrez/draxler together, probably cost £75-80 million but money well spent’

    So Lyon will only sell for 40mill, so there’s 40mill

    Are u suggesting mahrez or or draxler are £35-40 million each?

  46. STV

    Would any of you happy with Jese? I’d rather have Jese + a good striker rather than Mahrez+average striker

    We have enough of average players in our books people sometimes forget that.

  47. DivineSherlock


    There are only average strikers available if you haven’t noticed. We just need to pick the best one out of them. Mahrez is PL ready and can fit in easily. He is capable and exactly what we need right now.

  48. Rambo Ramsey

    Arsenal’s namesake CEO: “[Wenger] continues to think about not just short term but the long-term development of the club. He’s excited about the future, and we’re excited about our future with him.”

    Extension ahoy…!

  49. London gunner

    I’m debating to watch this upcoming season.

    In all honesty it will be a pointless affair as we won’t win anything and we won’t even truly challenge as whenever we put on a good run we will crumble/ bottle it.

    Bill Murray fc, rinse and repeat ad nauseum

  50. London gunner

    Also I’m pissed tevez turned down Chelsea love that player. Would bring much to his league was sensational at juventus and river

  51. OleGunner

    Rambo Ramsey:

    Arsenal’s namesake CEO: “[Wenger] continues to think about not just short term but the long-term development of the club. He’s excited about the future, and we’re excited about our future with him.”Extension ahoy…!

    Jesus, I actually can’t believe it. Arsenal are already actively conditioning fans for Wengers contract extension this early before one ball is kicked.
    Makes sense though, considering the likely shit show season ahead but dear God, the bollocks they have.

    Have to say I’m impressed at their expediency lol..Wish it applied to transfers!

  52. Daz

    “We have to look for an option to get a bit more experience. We will see some of our young centre backs on Thursday as well. With Per being out, we are a bit short on the experience front and we are looking to bring somebody in.”

    So we may get a cb after all, but what type cheap 30 year old? For experience

  53. TallestTiz

    About a month ago, I said on here that Arsenal had made a formal enquiry for Yedder, so many people here laughed at me and some called me names…
    It’s funny how some have now seen he has “impressive” stats.
    I’d personally prefer Yedder + Tah + A left left footed goal scoring winger who looses less possession than mahrez

  54. TallestTiz

    Yedder + Tah would come under £40m…. Leaving the right wing to hope of Chambo stepping up…lol

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Day of young attacking players coming in at City, Sane, Gabriel and Moreno Sky say are all imminent.

  56. DivineSherlock

    We needed 4 signings before . After looking at Per Mertesacker injury we need more. Time is running out for Monsieur Wenger. Any goodwill he’s left will be ruined if we signed no one.

  57. Red&White4life

    “On the transfer front, I think the best [option] is always to keep it as secret as possible. If we sign somebody, we will announce it. But I cannot tell you much more on that.”
    Le specialist in fraud has spoken.

  58. Tomtom

    Hearing unconfirmed reports that Arsene Wenger has just walked into a pound shop and offered to buy something for 50p.

  59. DivineSherlock


    You want him to tweet about transfers ? @invinciblewenger : “just spoke to aulas re Lacazette , he didn’t like what I offered” 😀

  60. N5

    Jeff, I was just about to post that link. It must have just gone up on the BBC. We have an owner who has billions, a majority share holder that has billions and massive cash reserves yet Ivan says we can’t compete with the other big spenders!!

    Can’t more like won’t.

  61. Jeff


    Lies, lies and more lies. That is what Gazidis is all about. They’re not football people, – just a bunch of political talking heads with no accountability at all. They are slowly killing the club.

  62. Jeff


    It’s all excuse making. This club has been making excuses for itself for a very long time, Wenger, Gazidis everyone. The lack of FFP has now given back to them that extra excuse about not being able to compete. FFP made no difference to clubs with ambition. We have no ambition – simple as that really.

  63. STV

    True. we are already stuck in limbo and evidently there’s no escape for foreseeable future.

    Wenger-Kroenke-Gazidis match made in hell.

  64. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Lies, lies and more lies. That is what Gazidis is all about. They’re not football people, – just a bunch of political talking heads with no accountability at all. They are slowly killing the club.’

    I agree

  65. Relieable Sauce

    Top bantz there from IG. Soon be time to write the 2017/18 season off.

    lol lol lol

    Stay classy Gooners !!!

  66. London gunner

    Pedro has been mugged by his bromance for gazidis

    You’ve been utterly taken in and fooled mate

  67. N5

    Alex, if we have already spent our allocated £40m transfer fun, how come Lyon/Arsenal confirmed we put a bid in of £29m for Lacazette since. That’s £69m without selling on anyone?

    So that confirms you are making things up right?

  68. London gunner

    “The constraints within the Premier League are less and less about pure finances. More relatively important become things like how well you identify players, how well you develop players, what kind of sports science you have, your analytics, your psychology,” he added.”

    Why are so shit at all of these things than Ivan?

    Identify players? Mahrez, kante, payet, dembele?

    How well we develop players ox, gibbs, Walcott jack ect?

    Sports science are constantly ranking highest in the injury charts?

    Are psychology? Constantly bottling championship winning positions?

    Complete farsical statements from the snake oils salesman?

  69. OleGunner

    Fucking hell Gazidis can it.

    The poor pauper angle he’s been throwing out the last couple weeks is infuriating.
    No Arsenal fan is fanciful enough to believe we can compete with Bayern, Madrid, City etc on transfers but that doesn’t mean we have to be so tight fisted with the cash and there are more than enough options available in our “price range” to strengthen.

    Really disheartening stuff.

  70. Relieable Sauce

    Is anyone really surprised by the comments ?

    I think its more to do with it clarifying that the fans have/are being blatantly manipulated.
    If you dont realise what suckers they are taking you for now, you never will.

  71. OleGunner


    “Can’t compete with Bayern, City, United and Chelsea??? we can’t seem to compete with fucking Liverpool”

    Excuse me? We always regularly finish above Liverpool and pipped them to Sanchez./Sarcasm.

    The scary thing is, most Arsenal fans don’t realise we are essentially being turned into a new version of Liverpool over the last decade actually. All we can now ever recall is the old glory days under Wenger and previous managers, as well as no other big EPL team honestly takes us seriously.

    Also, I just realised we are getting crazy close to our longest run without a title in our history. 18 years was the previous longest run, we’re now at 13!!
    Only a couple more years to break that record like the 8-2’s and 6-0 record maulings.

  72. Marko

    Yeah those new Ivan quotes make me think he’s probably not the best man for his job. Too frightened and cautious and you wonder why it’s such an ordeal to get signings done at Arsenal

  73. Cesc Appeal

    Last two Gazidis interviews sound like they came out of 2007 or something…these people do know that fans can look through Arsenal’s finance, that papers and sites like Swiss Ramble, groups like the AST regularly break down Arsenal’s financial situation, what a thoroughly disappointing, damp squib of a club we’ve become. Safety first, hoard cash, go for the easiest achievements possible that still keep us massively profitable.

    Fans should be outraged with this mess. The club is not being run for them (as it should) or for the football (as it should) its being run for Wenger, Kroenke and the all important profit.

  74. Relieable Sauce

    With our self sustaing model and careful approach to finances over the years, the impact of not qualifying for the CL will have minimal impact.
    We may of course struggle to attract some top quality players but we have an excellent squad of players, backroom staff and manager that have great experience at that level, and so have every confidence they can again qualify for the CL.

    Gazidas 2017

  75. OleGunner

    If we can’t compete what was the utter point of the new stadium?

    Ivan Gazidis, 2012:
    “Now we are in that stadium, the first part of our vision has been realised… Now we are at the stage where some of the commercial deals that were tied into the construction of the stadium, and enabled us to take that first big step, will be renegotiated…. Very clearly, it will push the club forward and put us into the top five clubs in the world in revenue terms, which will be a fantastic position to be in.”

    We’ve been hoodwinked, I’m telling ya.

  76. Cesc Appeal

    I’m not a fan of telling season ticket holders what to do, because they pay top dollar and every fan is entitled to support the club in anyway they want to, but I would implore fans to stop backing Wenger, stop chanting his name, stop trying to shout down protests, because you are not backing Wenger, you’re backing the status quo at Arsenal, that’s what you delivered with your ‘one Wenger’ chants at the end of last season, a mandate for this shower to carry on as is.

    Even if you don’t think Wenger is the problem at Arsenal, even if you don’t agree with protests, I really think displays like the retort to the ‘time for a change’ protests just make Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis feel as if they can carry on as is.

  77. N5

    Spot on Cesc. I was cringing. I can’t wait to see the same faces that called me/us a cunt last season, singing it this season!! I will sit looking like a smug spud wanker when it begins.

  78. Cesc Appeal


    I understand fans who think you shouldn’t protest in the stadium, I don’t agree, but I understand, but just sit there quietly whilst people, very respectfully it has to be said, protested at the running of the club…shows you are not getting involved, but at the same time you do not agree with the way this club is being run, regardless of blame because many of the protesters did not blame Wenger last season.

    Because honestly, if you’re an Arsenal fan who thinks the way this club is being run right now is good, or about right, or ambitious, or leading us in the right direction, again regardless of blame…I really wouldn’t know what to say to that person.

  79. Bamford10

    Arsenal Twitter is not happy this morning. For example:

    “Arsenal FC is no longer the club I grew up loving. I’m starting to hate the board, the stadium, the manager & even some of our own fans. ” – @memz_dogi

    “I remember whenever I was worried or sad about something I could always count on Arsenal to make me forget things for a bit. Not anymore.” – @j_arsenal21

    “Fuck off Gazidis you cunt.” – @saziz1984

  80. N5

    Ha ha Bamford, I love how the last tweet gets straight to the point!!

    Cesc, you only have to read the comments here mate to see there are still far to many lap dogs.

    IG sympathisors will be on later to defend the story. You watch.

  81. Cesc Appeal



    That tweet up there ‘starting to hate…even some of our own fans’ I completely sympathise with, at this stage I really am flabbergasted by pro-Wenger fans and what they think they’re achieving.

    Most of that lot have no problem bashing Kroenke or Gazidis but when it comes to Wenger suddenly logic goes out the window and irrational defence comes into play, its as if Wenger is some separate part of the club detached from Kroenke…got news for the nodding dog supporters, they are all as bad as each other, all of them have their snouts in the trough , just what they’re munching on is different, for Kroenke is a huge asset increasing in value massively and big profits, for Gazidis its being one of the highest paid CEO’s in Europe and having a centre stage in football, for Wenger its power, control and ego stroking.

    If you support any one of the above, actively defend them, you are in essence defending what is happening at the club.

  82. Bamford10

    Gazidis using the bogus line that we can’t “outspend” our rivals. Except that no one’s asking that we “outspend” our rivals; we’re asking that we spend the ample money we have, sign needed players & actually compete.

    Fucking farce of a club.

  83. GS88

    The way how Arsenal treats us as its paying fans, and main source of income, is nothing short of disgraceful.

    Wenger told us at the end of last season – in May – that he would be looking to add 3 players to the squad/team. He said that we need to increase our goal power and goal ratio to bring it up with the best in the EPL. But what has he and the board been doing this summer to rectify that?


    There is what….6 or so weeks to until end of the TW, and if we don’t purchase the requirements – mainly a CF and CB, and a RM, then there MUST be riots.

    I can also see there been plenty of empty seats at the Emirates, even more than there where towards last seasons end. There will be a large portion of disgruntled fans, that I hope will venumously vent against the club and Wenger for putting us in this situation.

  84. Danny

    I’m not surprised at all that Wenger hasn’t signed a striker coz he’s a senile old cunt but I am though very surprised he hasn’t sold anybody yet, I mean wankers like Debuchy, Theo, Carl etc surely somebody wants to buy some of our deadwood?

  85. Scrvaldio

    See a lot of people talk abput AW buying two more players for nearly 100m or a late bid for players of genuine class.

    You do all remember who are manager is? He thought he could pick up Lacazette for 35m!
    You have to be a total melm to think that Batshuyi could go for 31m so lacazette is worth 35m.
    And this is when he is dealing with a selling club.
    Now we think he will force actual quality out of clubs who don’t want to sell?

    We needed a CB (holding) maybe one more because of Per.

    We needed a winger (new nigerian kid can’t remeber his name) done.

    We needed a new striker (Asano) done.

    We needed a combatative CM (Xhaka) done.

    Now AW might add an experinced CB because he is forced to. Thats it unless something literally falls from the sky then expect a new CB and a lot of excuses.
    Soz to piss on y’alls parade but it is starting to depress me to see all this hope and know that there are a bunch of old men who couldn’t give two shits how you all felt in fact they would much prefer people who didn’t care so much.

    Oh yeah and ‘just get behind the lads’ = shut the fuck up and stop actually caring as we prefer mindless spending drones.

  86. Cesc Appeal


    Common theme those sorts of comments, what Arsenal fans are actually asking for is perfectly reasonable and you cannot logically explain away Arsenal’s failure to deliver, so its always ‘we cannot outspend United’ or ‘I know fans want us to sign Messi’ because ‘I know fans want us to actually use the transfer budgets available to us to try and give this side the best possible chance at success’ cannot really be argued against.

  87. vicky


    That’s sickening mate. I can’t believe we are still crying poverty in 2016 when we were supposedly ready to compete with the likes of Bayern and Barca in 2014 and had the financial power to sign any player in the world except a select group of what it was 6-7 players including Messi and Ronaldo ? Gazidis should resign out of shame. What a lying piece of shit !!

  88. N5

    Vicky, either IG doesn’t give a shit and has no shame or he has short term memory loss. Surely he must remember saying that the new stadium will help us compete with the worlds elite teams? so why then make the comments he has today about being unable to compete with the countries elite teams?

    Snake of a man.

  89. N5

    IG has always been a spin doctor for the club and managed to say the right things at the right time, but today’s comments were one to many for most it seems. I’ve never quite seen a reaction to IG’s comments like they’ve started to today. And it’ll only snowball as others read it.

    IG could have stated the protests before the seasons even started. Silly bald headed cunt.

  90. N5

    “Arise Mr. Alisher Usmanov.”

    If ever there was a time. now would be it!! Sadly he’ll get nowhere near the club because he talks about investment and success which goes against what the three stooges want, big bank balances and personal gain!!

  91. Cesc Appeal

    Interested to see what Pedro has to say about these latest Gazidis comments, always defends him but at this point he’s pretty indefensible, clear he’s quite happy spouting the same shit whilst accepting his ludicrously large bonuses.

    It is time to accept that no one at the top levels of Arsenal gives a flying f**k about the fans. You are consumers, that is the way they look at us, how to manipulate us, how to sell to us…f*****g sad.

  92. Bamford10

    More from Arsenal Twitter:

    “It’s public knowledge how much money we’ve got. The spin isn’t working anymore, Gazidis.” – @BarryArsenal7

    “Three years back it was will compete with the Madrids and Bayerns! He and parasite Wenger need to go with Stan!” – @sukhy_bahra

    “What a joke!! He claimed in 2013 that we could compete with the likes of Bayern and now this! Don’t know what to say?” – @NSP_Gooner

    “Wenger is a cunt that has no sporting ambition left. He is a greedy dictator who has sold his ass to an american capitalist for an easy life.” – @sekhram

    “These so called intelligent akbs can fuck off. They have no idea about the true AFC spirit of never giving up no matter what. All brainwashed.” – @sekhram

  93. Scrvaldio

    Don’t forget what Ivan’s actual job is and it ain’t CEO. Keep the ship steady until Kronke jr is ready to take over his latest toy from daddy. AW takes a lot of flak as he should but Kronke is infact quite clealry using us as a cash cow to underwrite his big NFL plans such as the new stadium in LA.
    He can borrow against Arsenals worth and the more pointless piles of Fiat currency we accumilate the better it is for Kronke sports management. Still think AW is not under pressure to not spend?
    When he says Kronke doesn’t infleunce transfers I just don’t beleive him.
    As the owner he has to sign off every move and when cash reserves and share price are your only concern I just can’t see how this wouldn’t effect your transfer policy.

  94. gonsterous

    If we signed someone ,I can’t wait to come back to le grove after 6 months to see the same player being dissed around in here with red truth claiming he said from the beginning the player wasn’t worth it.. as much as I love the blog, some of the comments just make me cringe..

  95. naijagunner


    You guys make me smile with all these your Wenger c*nt, Gazidis snake talk….these men are freaking employees

    You guys are just avoiding mentioning the name that completes the circle, the most important man in the club


    He did not buy this club nor any of his sports clubs for glory , he choose to buy Arsenal because of his love of the methods employed by the manager…the day Wenger leaves I actually see Kroenke selling some of his stakes…neither he nor your Gazidis are football men or even football fans

  96. N5

    “You guys are just avoiding mentioning the name that completes the circle, the most important man in the club ”

    Naija by quoting snake you’re referring to my comment in which you ignore me mention SK 3 times.

  97. Cesc Appeal


    Did you not read the comments above?

    Seems a consensus really that Wenger and Kroenke are both equally to blame, each live by the grace of the other and each gives the other what they want.

    Gazidis is a nothing, he’s an employee actually appointed by Wenger.

    You cannot bash Kroenke and not Wenger, just as you cannot bash Wenger and not Kroenke.

  98. Marko

    Yeah the other side will always respond we can’t afford to spend 100-150 million a window or spend a world record fee whereas the normal everyday arsenal fan just wants them to address squad issues with what we have available to ourselves. I mean no one’s complaining that we’re not in for Pogba because we got someone like Xhaka. No one will complain about missing out on Higuain if we sign another striker

  99. Cesc Appeal

    Its that basic fan, every Arsenal fan wants to be able to say my club is genuinely, with the resources available to them, giving themselves the best probable chance of success.

    Its not the fact of succeeding Arsenal fans demand, its the genuine effort to do so.

  100. OleGunner


    “We all know what’s this is all about. To make fans conditioned in to accepting another 3 years contract to Wenger..’

    Well, Gazidis did allude in the NY Times interview that the club are building for the long term and Wenger is a huge part of that so new contract for him seems likely.

    This quote: “He (Wenger) remains massively engaged. He continues to think about not just short term but the long-term development of the club. He’s excited about the future, and we’re excited about our future with him.”

    Personally, I think he’ll get served up a new contract before xmas when the few competent natives get restless.

  101. Marko

    Wenger’s way more complicit than Stan. I mean yes it’d be great if he was more involved and all that but constraints and budgets I doubt he does it to be honest and for what reason would he? He takes little out of the club. I mean people would have you believe it’s Stan’s fault we only signed a goalkeeper last summer or went into a season with one fit striker or two fit centre backs in recent years or he’s responsible for Andre Santos or Park or renewing Diaby’s contract all those years. I mean come on