Summer angst ramping amongst fans as rumour mill dies a death…

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It’s amusing going through an Arsenal summer.


  • We should give Wenger one more year, he deserves it
  • Tbf, I think he genuinely knows what’s wrong this time and he’ll make the right moves
  • We finished second, seriously man, put that in perspective
  • We’d have won the league if it weren’t for the woodwork. FACT

Start of the summer:

  • Wow an early signing, this one is going to be BIG (*posts pic of Wenger looking smug)
  • The window isn’t even open, why are you moaning?
  • Errr, who else has done good business?

One month in:

  • August 31st is over a month away
  • Gazidis is hardly going to give away our transfer strategy
  • Yeah, well, I think the market has gone crazy
  • X player isn’t worth that much money. I’m glad we didn’t sign him
  • Mate, who would you have signed out of interest? There have been no strikers for 4 years. FACT.

2 weeks before window shuts:

  • You know what, an Asano / Sanogo front two could be interesting
  • Giroud scored 20 goals last year and he did have a good Euros

1 Day after transfer window

  • How can you judge a player you’ve never seen play?
  • Did not realise you were an expert in the Azerbaijani league Pedro

Quite a carry on this summer, you have to say.

Mahrez stories dampened out. The Draxler stories have strengthened up even though Wolfsburg sold Schurle. There’s not much noise around the club, which usually means there’s not much going on.

Arda Turan stories probably have some strength to them. For me, he’d be a little like the Arteta signing of 4 years ago. A bit of a desperate attempt to save face after a horrendous showing. He’s 29 years old, 30 in January. Obviously a class act, but a fading one who’s had little match practice since he moved to a Barcelona under a transfer ban. Also, not sure how he’d cope going from Simeone over management to Arsene Wenger whose team talks are a smack on the backside and a ‘get out there and enjoy yourself son.’

On the explayer front. Mr Arteta has deleted ALL his Instagram pictures of his Arsenal days. A respectful gesture for his new club, but really, a bit of a pointless one. Hardly like he’s moving over to Spurs. Still, I suppose a fresh start. He’ll be back at Arsenal one day, I’ve no doubt about that.

The other bit of explayer news came with Adams turning down a move back to Arsenal to take charge of a Chinese club. Not the smartest of chap it has to be said. That’s called not having a strategic brain. Or not being confident in your ability. Going to China kills his career in Europe. It might swell the coffers, but he’s probably not skint. He could have come back to Arsenal and made a pretty good living, grown with the club and maybe landed a more senior job at some point. Instead he’s killed it for a short-term punt at a role that will likely end in tears.

Have a good day!


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  1. STV

    Well Red, I didn’t say Inter wasn’t a great team in Italy. But they hadn’t won Champions league for 45 years. So that’s a great work by Mourinho and he made a great team too despite the loss Ibrahimovic.

    Also it’s worth noting the league title won by Mancini in the previous two years was essentially a bye as Juventus and Milan both relegated or weakened..

    Dematio haven’t back up his claim as his records before and after that Chelseas fluke victory was not up to the mark..

  2. Louis Almeida

    “Santos have accepted a €20m offer from juve for barbosa, but apparently they only own 40% of him, his family own another 40% while a third party own the remaining 20%”

    Explains a lot. Regulations restrict that type of ownership in England.

  3. TitsMcGee

    “we’ve just paid 35m for Xhaka, a 23yr old defensive midfielder.”


    Yes after how many years of needing one?

    You are so desperate to defend Wenger that you don’t even comprehend what you read.

    Let me break it down for you:

    1. The excuse by you and your ilk a few years ago when we passed on Higuain was “he’s not worth paying the few extra million, not good value for money”

    2. Fast forward a few years and it’s “he’s not worth the money Napoli want for him, not good value for money”

    So basically nobody is ever good value for money with you AKB plums are they ? 😉

  4. Marko

    So do we reckon Ben Yedder has been used as a scare tactic? The talk for a while has been that he’s set to join Sevilla

    Vietto looks set to join Sevilla on loan so maybe there is something to Ben Yedder. I’m not dismissive of him we just need a fairly consistent striker with pace who’ll bench Giroud for the most part. I’d prefer Lacazette purely cause his numbers are better but I’m not picky. Besides bring in someone like Mahrez or Draxler on top of Ozil and Sanchez and it doesn’t matter much if it’s Ben Yedder or Lacazette cause there’s a good chance of them being successful playing for us

  5. TitsMcGee

    Ben Yedder should have been the Asano signing not the marquee one.

    The fact that he’s 5’7 is also a big question mark for me. Yes Messi is 5’7 but this guy ain’t Messi

  6. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream, Marko – was just told that Lacazette bid was made before we activated Vardy’s release clause which then puts that West Ham into perspective if true.

    Been trying to understand this story a bit more. Lacazette wanted to leave last season but Lyon asked him to remain for the CL campaign which was obviously a disaster. Now he definitely wants out. His best friend has just joined Barca and he thinks he’s done all he can at Lyon. Told he loves Arsenal (not a surprise) and that negotiations have been going on for a while. That first bid in June wasn’t considered good enough but it seems like something which is ongoing. Hopefully both teams can come to a compromise. He isn’t elite but he scores lots of goals, and at this stage beggars can’t really be choosers. One of the natural goalscorers left on the market. At 25 he’s at the perfect age too. Has the same qualities Vardy has but better close dribbling and individuality so I can see the logic behind this. Let’s see how it pans out.

  7. STV

    “Benitez messed up because funds dried up as soon as Mourinho left Inter”

    Notable Mourinho transfers at Inter

    Diego Milito
    Queresma ( loaned to Chelsea)

    Notable Outs:


    Actually their nett spend was less €50m in transfer windows combined. I wouldn’t classify tgat as a money winning.

    But that was strong team, like Juventus is now..

  8. Redtruth

    “Dematio haven’t back up his claim as his records before and after that Chelseas fluke victory was not up to the mark..”

    Lol..Mourinho would win titles with Hull, Shalke and Aston Villa…lol

  9. TitsMcGee

    He isn’t elite but he scores lots of goals, and at this stage beggars can’t really be choosers.”

    I agree.

    I don’t know if Lacazette would really put us over the top but at this point it’s clear Wenger will never put his neck on the line for a Griezmann or Higuain or absolute finished article so we’ll have to be happy with a Lacazette type.

  10. STV


    Exactly he didn’t have to manage them in first place..

    Had he failed after his Porto years, like Villas Boas did, he might..

    But that’s not a trait of a great manager..

  11. Dream10


    Thanks for the update. Do you see us signing a CB now that Mertesacker is injured? Jan Aage Fjortoft reported that we’re interested in Mustafi.

    With Karim saying Bordeaux can’t afford Debuchy, he may stick around now.

  12. tunnygriffboy

    Enough fannying about. Start panicking.

    Just f.cking sign Ben Yedder, go after Mahrez/Draxler aggressively telling them they’ll be loved and give Mustafi a salary that’ll make his eyes water. All of that for well under £100 million

    Rik boing cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo, I think I’ve lost the plot.

    Seriously do you think we are panicking yet seeing all the players our rivals are signing ? I bloody am.

  13. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tits, I don’t think he’s elite, reckon he would’ve been snapped up earlier if he was but he has been consistent over the last three seasons and you can’t argue with his goal return. Maybe he’d score more here, we don’t know but it’s definitely the profile of striker we need. Very good pace. Probably would’ve been cheaper last summer but we didn’t act and the new TV deals have pushed player prices through the roof so we have to suck it up and pay what Lyon want. Only ourselves to blame for indecision in previous years.

  14. Wallace


    let’s hope Aulas & Lacazette had an agreement similar to the one BVB obviously had with Hummels & Gundogan. one more year, and then we won’t stand in your way provided we get a decent offer.

  15. STV

    “Di Matteo proves my point that he has only won something of note with a rich club as has Mourinho..”

    Unless he can get in to another big club including ‘rich clubs’ and win titles including ‘money titles’ he can’t be compared other managers sorry.

    He will remain as a fluke

  16. Redtruth

    Villas Boas hasn’t spunked money like Mourinho has.

    I remind you Porto have won the European Cup/Champions league before Mourinho was manager…

  17. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream, I’d be surprised. The squad number Holding has been given indicates that he’s part of the first team plans. Even with Per’s injury we still have 4 other CBs. Don’t think Chambers will be loaned now. But yeah, definitely a risk. If it was me I would’ve signed Manolas a couple seasons back but we didn’t. CB is usually a position you want experience in too but if we’re going after a ST and wide playmaker too then I’d be surprised to see another CB come in. Per’s contract expires next summer so I’d hazard a guess that his AFC career is coming to a close.

  18. mysticleaves


    we all wanted dybala who was shorter or as short. height is not a hindrance if you can work beyond it.

    ben Yedder’s playing style reminds me of Carlos Tevez. he would succeed here

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wallace, here’s hoping mate. As a club it’s not a case of IF anymore. We’re not gonna progress or move forward unless we sign a mobile striker so it’s 100% a necessity.

  20. salparadisenyc

    Wenger and his striker saga is beyond tedious. Quality from Lyon sending the response via a tweet, out in the open. A+ trolling of Wenger there.

  21. OleGunner

    Cheers, R&W!

    Can’t believe I started posting on Le Grove a year ago but quickly had the life drained out of me by the team and management.

    Always reading though, this blog is incredibly unique with passionate/crazy Arsenal fans.
    Anyway, only one more season to go with Wenger in charge before hopefully brighter more ambitious days.

  22. STV


    He did in Chelsea but failed. Moyes VanGaal Pellegrino all failed at various stages despite money. Boas Underwhelmed with a team of Bale Vander Vaart and Modric, same with Inter..

    Porto did win European cup. Ages ago but so was Astonvilla, Steuva, Feyernoord etc..

    Anyway, to conclude, I think your veiw of him being a cheque book manager is fair. I have no plans to idolize him or something but hes definitely a great manager.

  23. Romford Ozil Pele

    “not sure we can be in for both Lacazette and Mahrez. would be a very attacking line up if we were.”

    That would be my issue, especially if Ramsey is playing in the pivot too. We’d get shafted on the counter repeatedly. Mahrez is more of a forward than a midfielder. Isco would be a better fit from a playmaking perspective. Obviously I wouldn’t say no to Mahrez but the formation would end up looking like a 424 with all those attacking options there and we already have problems with the balance as it is. I know a lot of people don’t like Ramsey on the right but it works from a balance perspective. Adds work rate, aids the overload in midfield and allows Alexis and Özil to stay higher up field.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Aulas has said he wants €50 million for Lacazette. Why don’t we just pay it if we want him

    If we’re after a wide man as well then it might be Ben Yedder.

    Whatever we do no desirory offers. Pay the going rate and offer the players massively increased wages. We can afford it. It’s infuriating

  25. raptora

    Well IF the Arsenal offer for Lacazette was even before the Vardy bid, that means almost 2 months ago, and Lyon coming out like that saying that Arsenal made an offer but it was lower than stated, could mean that they would agree on the cited offer of €48m and want to get our attention again, aye?! Looks like that to me.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Ramsey on the right though is a symptom of our weak central midfield from last season, it mans you don’t fully trust them to protect you, because we always lacked balanced there, if you’re now looking at Xhaka and Coq or Elneny in there, I would trust that a lot more to shield the back line from counters than Coq and Caz.

  27. Romford Ozil Pele

    Nah CA, just more to do with the balance overall. Mahrez is more a forward than a midfielder. He got a free role at Leicester. We already give free roles to Özil and Alexis. Can we afford to give that to someone like Mahrez as well without upsetting the balance? Maybe but I’m not convinced it’ll work. Definitely if we’re gonna buy Mahrez then we need to play a defensive double pivot every game with one of Coq/Elneny next to Xhaka.

  28. salparadisenyc

    Our midfield options are solid imo can go with a Xhaka and Coq, Elneny, Caz or Ramsay partnership depending on game. Add Wilshire if he manages to not cut himself in the coming weeks.

    For me that offers the affordability of playing a front three w/ Mahrez, Lacazette and Sanchez with Ozil controlling.

    I don’t for a second believe Wenger will buy both Lacazette and Mahrez, maybe one of them but both?

  29. tunnygriffboy


    Best football we played last season was Ramsey on the right with Walnut up top swapping lanes, stretching the defence for Alexis. Lacazette would offer that, he can play in wide positions as well.

    If you’re playing a Mahrez then you could always put Elneny or Coquelin alongside Xhaka for a stable base. What happens to Ramsey/Wilshere/Santi then ? We do actually have some good midfield options.

    Once again it appears we’re going to be a couple of players short unless we pull our finger out.

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    I don’t think Ramsey as an inside right is a bad thing. He himself has loads of goals in him. He plays with more discipline there. Can help us as 3 in midfield if we are getting overloaded. Him there allows Bellerin freedom to patrol the right flank. I’m thinking back to the United game at the Emirates last season which is where Alexis and Özil worked in tandem to devastating effect. If we buy a goalscorer then I think we’ll be set. From an aesthetic point of view though it’d obviously be silly to say no too Mahrez. He’s a great player. Reminds me of what Ben Arfa would be if he was focuses 24/7.

    I still feel like peak Ben Arfa could’ve been destructive.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Semantics I think there, ‘balance’ and ‘weak central midfield,’ the balance is needed because of the weak physicality of our central midfield.

    Last season Coq was the only player at the club who could do the CDM role capably, but his on the ball work was poor, so Caz had to drop in there because he’s a neat baller, but he offers us nothing physically, easily bullied, no work rate, no pace, no stamina, nothing.

    Weak central midfield, so you play a CM at RM so that he can drop in there and essentially create a three man middle relying on Ramsey’s incredible stamina to do both jobs.

    I don’t think it was a ‘balance’ play at all in terms of a clever tactical tweak, it was a very necessary compensation for a weak centre.

  32. Wallace


    “I know a lot of people don’t like Ramsey on the right but it works from a balance perspective.”

    I think Ramsey on the right for us would be closer to the role he plays for Wales. the only down side for me is that neither he nor Sanchez are good at going past their man. I’d like at least one excellent dribbler in the side. it’s one of the things i love about Guardiola’s teams.

  33. tunnygriffboy

    Lacazette and Turan ?

    Great minds and all that. A number of us have come up with playing Coquelin/Elneny with Xhaka for protection letting the front four do their stuff. You know it won’t happen though :

  34. Cesc Appeal

    The weak centre is also exacerbated by Ozil’s total lack of central midfield contribution, fair few CAM’s drop deeper and help out in the middle, creating a proper three man middle at times, Ozil really doesn’t, so at Arsenal the two in a 4-2-3-1 really are on their own.

    That’s why after shelling out £42 Million on Ozil I could never understand why Wenger then didn’t bother to build the team around him, solid central midfield and a great ST.

  35. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, for sure. What we’re gaining with Xhaka is a lot of physicality and top quality passing through the lines, which negates the need for Cazorla in the pivot. What we will lose, however, is Coquelin’s mobility. Xhaka is nowhere near as quick so we’ll need someone mobile who can help if the ball gets turned over. Ramsey brings tuning power which is why I advocate him from the right. Lacks discipline to play in the pivot. Elneny will make more sensible decisions than him and not get caught out of position. Ramsey showed that he is a fantastic player though and I don’t think he necessarily needs to be central to have a big impact on the team.

    Maybe we don’t need him right if we play a double pivot with defensive players but it’s certainly something I’d look at in bigger games.

    Wallace – yeah, unfortunately Alexis isn’t a great dribbler so I can understand the call for a Mahrez or Draxler who are very good in 1 v 1 situations. Guess it’s just about finding out what balances the team most. Neither Özil or Alexis are great defensively, neither is Mahrez. Just speculating anyway.

  36. naijagunner

    Lacazette is not an elite striker ….stop referring to him as such.

    Today is the 26th of July and all we seem to be getting on the transfer front was a bid made a month ago and was rejected. it’s not looking good as we have a tough start to the season

  37. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, that’s true, but for what Özil gives you in the final third, I have no real ambition to see him deep. There’s this espn piece I’ll try and find which documents why he’s so good at picking up space in the final third. It’s why the signing of Xhaka, along with United picking up Mkhi have been the best ones of the summer for me. Mkhi was really what Arsenal needed, would’ve given Arsenal the best attacking trio in the PL by a stretch IMO.

  38. naijagunner

    @ Romford

    If Mahrez ,moves this window I want it to be to Arsenal . We can discuss balance later on .

    I don’t like Ramsey on the right and the player in question has complained about it any chance he gets , he should fight for his place in the already over crowded midfield

  39. Cesc Appeal


    If Ramsey could have discipline and maturity whipped into him he would be a great CM next Xhaka, but I cannot see Wenger doing that. For me Elneny is the best option as it stands to play next to Xhaka which is a pretty sad statement considering the ‘name power’ of our other options.

    I have a feeling Wenger is going to go for the lazy option though and play Ramsey at RM, saying something about the Euros and what a top quality player he is but ignoring the role and side he played in.

  40. raptora

    I don’t see the problem of getting both Mahrez and Lacazette. How would that be too offensive? Barca have Suarez, Messi, Neymar – all forwards, Bayern are with Ribery, Lewa, Robben and Muller is in there too. I don’t see a problem of us starting with Sanchez, Giroud/Lacazette, Mahrez. Mahrez isn’t bad one bit at playing with his teammates and he showed that in Leicester with his 11 assists added to his 17 goals in the PL only. He passing is very good too. Well he had Drinkwater and Kante behind his back but we could put Xhaka and Elneny and we suddenly become pretty solid defensively. And our attack with a working left (Alexis) AND right flank (Mahrez) will be such a joy to watch. We could be explosive on the break too. Gives us a decent go in Europe too. For me we should go balls deep for Riyad. He has been my number one wish since the summer started.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    No arguments here, I was rooting for Mkhitaryan all summer, I don’t care if we had to pay a £8-10 Million agent fee, £200 000 a week wages, actually looks pretty decent considering the numbers going round this summer.

    No way United beat us out, because we could have matched that, for me again its this thing of Wenger not agreeing with those kinds of agents fees, not wanting to pay that for a player we could get for free in 12 months…but Sanchez, Ozil, Mkhitaryan would have been fantastic to watch.

  42. Romford Ozil Pele

    “With an average of 82 opponents taken out in each game, Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos was the most effective passer at the Euros, according to Reinartz. Switzerland’s Granit Xhaka amassed the fifth-best Packing rate (55 opponents, on average), which could explain why he was valued so highly by Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, who sanctioned a €45 million transfer from Borussia Mönchengladbach.

    “Our numbers for the Bundesliga show that Xhaka was the second-best holding midfielder after Xabi Alonso in the league, too, when it comes to verticality,” Reinartz said. (Bayern Munich centre-back Jerome Boateng was the best player in Germany in 2015/16, taking out 75 players on average per game thanks to his excellent passing from the back.)

    Crucially, the model also measures the effectiveness of pass recipients. While Italy’s Graziano Pellè was the best target man at the Euros, collecting balls that took out an average of 82 players per game, Mesut Ozil’s ability to find space in the opposition half as an outlet to teammates was equally remarkable. Passes to the German playmaker took out 63 players per game on average. This is the kind of insight that traditional statistics didn’t provide; Ozil’s passing skills were well-known, but his movement perhaps wasn’t as valued.

    “Ozil enables you to get the ball past players,” Reinartz said. “He’s the best in the world between the lines… that’s why he’s an automatic starter under any coach even if the public don’t always appreciate him. I believe the importance of attacking players as pass recipients is the greatest insight we have gathered over the last couple of years.”

    Explains it well. People always wonder why Özil always has time and space in the final third. It’s his ability to ghost into positions undetected. Very underrated movement which allows for him to give himself time and find the right pass. Very hard metric to measure. It’s why he creates chances a a ridiculous rate of not and why I have no ambition to see him in the middle third. Xhaka for that reason alone is an elite signing.

  43. Romford Ozil Pele

    Naija, the Euros has revealed that Ramsey doesn’t even need to play CM to be effective. He was playing very high up in the Euros or coming in undetected from wide positions ala Muller. He’s a very versatile play. I wouldn’t wanna limit him by asking to sit deep in a pivot.

    Mahrez is obviously great and I would never turn him down but you need to think how it’ll affect us having so many offensive players within one set up.

  44. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, of course we could’ve easily done that with Mkhi. We just didn’t want to enter into a bidding war with United considering Mkhi was in the last year of his contract. And while we do obviously have oodles of money, it’s still small fry compared to United. And obviously if you give Mkhi £250k which he’s earning now at United, up from 60k at BVB, then you’ll have Alexis and Özil knocking on your door straight away. Not saying we can’t, just comes back to that socialist model again.

    I guess we’ll see soon enough anyway. You won’t catch me moaning if we sign Mahrez/Draxler, just interested in how we make it work with so many offensive guys. But better to have that problem than not have it I guess.

  45. salparadisenyc

    “but Sanchez, Ozil, Mkhitaryan would have been fantastic to watch.”

    Ideal really. Think Micky will prove to be the signing of the summer, such a powerful player. Literally ran over us at Dortumund.

  46. Arseology

    With Mertesackers injury and Koscielny resting, It’s inevitable Wenger busts out the ‘if I sign someone it kills holding and chambers’ and some waffle about ‘internal solutions’ excuses and rolls out Monreal & Debuchy as our new CB pairing.
    Back 4 for the Liverpool opener…
    Bellerin – Debuchy – Monreal – Gibbs

  47. tunnygriffboy

    Lyon close to signing ben Yedder. is that good? A replacement for Lacazette ?

    Jesse £29 million asking price

    Is the window hotting up ? There appear to be lots of players available and out there that would improve us.

  48. Louis Almeida

    Juve can win Serie A with one hand tied behind their back. I don’t think Higuain will be enough to win them the CL though. I think Barca will be strong again and come back with hunger. The great talent Rafinha is back along with the elite acquisitions of Andre Gomes and Samuel Umitti, I think they’ll be very strong. The front three speak for themselves.

  49. Arsene's Nurse

    July 25, 2016 15:03:12

    Wenger has spent his budget, or nearly all of it.
    Xhaka plus elneny and holding makes almost £40 million.
    And yet it’s been confirmed by Lyon that we put in a bid of £29.3m after signing those first two.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    I think those two are going to after £200 000 or more a week anyway for their new deals, the way the market is right now, and also, if their agents are smart (usually are…well cunning, type of smart) they will know Arsenal cannot afford to see either go in terms of fan reaction, so they can add a little onto their wage demands anyway.

    If I’m Ozil or Sanchez and I see Walcott on £140 000 a week I’m asking for £200 000 a week plus, because I am that much better of a player.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Gabigol is heading to Juventus then? Will be some difficulties with all that third party ownership crap.

    But Juventus are having some summer, the envy is unreal.

  52. salparadisenyc

    Have to hand it to Juve, having a very good summer. Arguably stronger than last season with Pogba in the side.

    Higuain, Pjanic, Alves, Benatia and Pjaca.

    Likely to buy a holding mid, being linked to Matic, would make 6 players. Thought Wenger said three was the max to sustain spirit and cohesion.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    If they get Matic as well…jeez.

    Matic, Marchisio and Pjanic in that middle, Dybala and Higuain up front…one to watch for the UCL. Pjaca and Gabigol as young talents.

    Carlsberg don’t do summer transfer windows.

    Such a well run club when it comes to transfers, no messing about, everything for the best of the side.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Could not be more jealous, someone posted a picture on the Le Grove twitter of all the new Juventus players shirt numbers saying ‘this is what summers should look like,’ that doesn’t even include the rumoured arrivals of Gabigol and potentially Matic. We really are a hard done by set of fans on transfers, we lap anything up because we get crumbs and zero ambition.

    Look at how our summer started, now people would be chuffed if Ben Yedder arrives…

  55. naijagunner

    I wonder what goes through Wenger’s mind when he looks at clubs like Juventus , Athletico Madrid ….if everyone stood around spouting the same excuse he does football will be so boring

  56. Romford Ozil Pele

    Haha yeah CA, so true. Even if we can’t buy the best ones on the market, look for the best young talents. Really irks me that Wenger says the best strikers come from South America yet we never buy from there. I know sometimes it can be a bit tough with work permits but they’re all elite. Honestly wait until you see Gabriel Jesus.

    The one that gets me though is Ousmane Dembele. Said at the back end of last season we should spend whatever it takes to buy him. BVB got him for 22m euros. He’ll go for a world record fee in a few years. Best French talent for me, even ahead of Martial and Pogba.

    What I would like to be spoilt for once. Just think of the lift it’ll give the fans 🙁

  57. salparadisenyc

    The one that gets me though is Ousmane Dembele.

    Incredible a man of Wengers ilk didn’t have the nous or network to sign this kid.
    He’s a baller to the core, sad state of affairs when you look at the fees spent on Chambers and Oxlade.

    Thought we’d weathered the post stadium storm and the world was going to be Arsenal’s, sadly Wenger’s gone a bit bat shit crazy and is holding it all back for whatever reason.

  58. Joe

    So we go from being linked to 70m higuain
    To now buying 8m yedder and some
    Of you are hoping it happens

    Is yedder going to make us compete with for the title? Giroud still
    Is our #1 striker. That is the problem
    We need a new #1. Giroud as our #2. Yedder does not solve that.

  59. Joe

    Arsene’s NurseJuly 26, 2016 14:41:36
    July 25, 2016 15:03:12Wenger has spent his budget, or nearly all of it.
    Xhaka plus elneny and holding makes almost £40 million.
    And yet it’s been confirmed by Lyon that we put in a bid of £29.3m after signing those first two.

    And 20m for vardy.

    Oh snap!!!!!

    Can’t wait for Alex’s response.

  60. salparadisenyc

    I’m very cool with buying Yedder, in addition to a _____________.
    Does Aubamyang fit in there?

  61. TitsMcGee

    With an average of 82 opponents taken out in each game, Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos was the most effective passer at the Euros”

    Such a fantastic player. No idea whatsoever why Bayern Munich let him go and decided to stick with an aging Schweinsteiger is is now over the hill himself.

  62. Joe

    Incredible a man of Wengers ilk didn’t have the nous or network to sign this kid.

    Wenger was fine when it was just him fishing in France and he had the inside like
    To viera, Henry etc

    Now everyone has scouts everywhere we get the likes of Sanago….

  63. Louis Almeida

    “With an average of 82 opponents taken out in each game, Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos was the most effective passer at the Euros”

    Even more surprising that he left under Pep’s regime. I’ve never seen a more Pep Guardiola player than Kroos. Maybe there was something more behind the scenes

  64. salparadisenyc

    Would be even made more baffling if Pep then bought Kroos for City after selling him to Madrid.

  65. Cesc Appeal


    We have to have the most baffling approach to transfers there is, no logic to them at all outside of frugality in order to achieve fourth with minimal outlay.

  66. TitsMcGee

    We have to have the most baffling approach to transfers there is, no logic to them at all outside of frugality in order to achieve fourth with minimal outlay.”

    That is pretty much it. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Last season for example. Wenger calculated that Cech would be enough to keep him in the top 4. Gambled and it paid off. Massive profit for the club. UCL benefit minus the small outlay for Cech.

    Always just enough to stay in top 4 but never enough to challenge.

  67. salparadisenyc

    “We have to have the most baffling approach to transfers there is, no logic to them at all outside of frugality in order to achieve fourth with minimal outlay.”

    Being the 5th most valuable club in world football its pretty insulting, coupled with the highest ticket price. With clubs like Juve or Dortmund whose value is quite a bit less have put all their resource on the pitch.

    Can’t help but feel Wenger’s playing with fire at the moment, it got pretty toxic last season when the wheels came off. Zero respite when he repeats that performance.

  68. Red&White4life

    “Wenger’s playing with fire at the moment”
    Wenger’s playing with fire since almost a decade, but his job is safe so he don’t give a shit.

  69. TitsMcGee

    Can’t help but feel Wenger’s playing with fire at the moment, it got pretty toxic last season when the wheels came off. Zero respite when he repeats that performance.”

    Especially since last season was a God-send in terms of what is required for him to even be remotely competitive for the title and he still blew it.

    i.e if he couldn’t win it last season when will he ever again?

    Pep won’t have City as inconsistent as they were.

    Chelsea will be rejuvenated and have too much good players to stay bad.

    UTD have the cash to buy whoever and a manager that knows how to get results.

    Playing with fire is right.

  70. Emiratesstroller

    Today’s announcement by Olympique Lyonais tells you everything you need to know about how Arsenal conduct business.

    1. The offer made by Arsenal to Lyon was apparently under £30 million. That
    tells me that Lacazette was regarded as a replacement for Welbeck and not an
    upgrade on Giroud.

    2. Lyon did not respond to Arsenal suggesting that the offer was not considered high enough and they wanted to keep player.

    3. Arsenal have not upgraded their offer, because they are sticking to valuation
    on a player whom they did not consider worth more money.

    4. Lyon have disclosed offer today and that Lacazette is not for sale. This suggests to me they were waiting for higher offer, which did not come.

    5. My real concern is now that Arsenal are running out of time as was also the
    case three years ago when we pursued Higuain and Suarez. The problem is not just making an offer, but the fact that the replacement options available to
    the selling club are also limited. Arsenal are always LEAVING TOO LATE the
    recruitment of strikers. This is business which needs to be done early.

  71. leon

    I am surprised by the lack of transfer activitie I suspected that this would happen, while the likes of chelsea manu man city are looking to make there team better wenger is doing usual pennie pinching. I am afraid I don’t see light at the tunnel

  72. Romford Ozil Pele

    Emirates, if we buy Lacazette he isn’t sitting on the bench mate. He will start over L’Oreal. Why do you think everyone is calling for a replacement/alternative? Can you not see that L’Oreal as the main striker has in its course and restricts the team in terms of what they can do?

  73. Romford Ozil Pele

    Joe, it’s a thing to get Wenger to spend big money mate. He isn’t gonna spend big money only to then bench the player. Probs gonna take 40-45m euros to get Lacazette, don’t see the logic of benching him if we do get him. Wenger definitely likes L’Oreal but the fact of the matter is he has tried replacing him for the last 3 seasons so definitely doesn’t feel that he’s untouchable. Even last season he gave the awful Walcott game time ahead of him as a striker and we looked much better for it initially. That’s the mode we’re trying to go down.

  74. STV

    Today’s announcement further confirms that

    1. Arsenal under Arsene is a joke

    2. Arsene Wenger especially is a joker

    3. Arsenal are the joke of transfer window

    4. Wenger is an outdated entity to conduct any serious business

    5. Arsenal wil continue to be a joke unless the clown Wenger resigns which is not going to happen for a foreseeable future

  75. karim

    You’re right, l’equipe just announced it too although it’s still not official, unlike Higuain to Juve and young Argentine Lo Celso to PSG.

    Lyon had anticipated Umtiti’s departure by getting highly-rated Mammana from River Plate, curious to see who they’ll get as a replacement for Tolisso.

    Can’t wait for the Lyon / Benfica friendly, hope Lyon does the double v Portugal
    : (

  76. karim

    Yeah, they finally got their man after 3 rejected bids.
    They were very hot on Gonalons the previous seasons but it didn’t work.
    Guess they really wanted someone from Lyon.

  77. N5

    Karim, it seems that way. Maybe Lyon are just easy to do business with because Napoli seem to have a bit of a hard-on for them.

  78. bishop

    Wenger said handbrake is on….even brake pad still been pressed as well all over europe but yet records are broken right and left .Even Liverpool throwing money around.

    Wenger just make envy kill an Arsenal fan seeing what normal clubs are doing.

    God , I hate that man

  79. karim

    Interesting to note that Aulas said Tolisso ” is staying with us ” like 3 weeks ago.
    Hope it’s the same strategy with Lacazette.