Mahrez: Agent games or genuine interest? | What was that Ivan interview about?

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

A day on from the extraordinary rant in the press from Ivan Gazidis, I’m still left pondering why the hell he came out and said all those things.


  • He was mostly stretching the truth or telling out right lies
  • Ivan always has a reason for speaking. He’s very strategic and very controlled.
  • It read like an apology for a summer that hasn’t failed yet

So what sparked the interview?

Was he told by Stan that Wenger needed some public backing? Was Ivan waxing the surfboard, bracing himself for the tidal wave of criticism he’s going to get when Arsene Wenger selfishly puts pen to paper on a new deal? Was he bracing us for another car crash summer?

I mean, seriously, bleating on about not being able to compete when the two teams that sandwiched you in the league were Spurs and Leicester is quite incredible. Then you are looking at clubs who’ve never had Champions League / have weaker match day revenues / weaker sponsorship deals spending huge amounts of cash around us.

The more I read that interview, the more baffled I am about it’s origins.

Then you look at our summer so far. We’ve lost about £300k per week of the wage bill by losing Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky. We’ve signed 3 players in Xhaka who is clearly a great buy, then two players who will almost certainly be sent out on loan. Then you look at Danny Welbeck being out for the season, then you look at the impending disaster we have coming at centre back… and you can only conclude that we’re 3 layers down before we’ve even started, excluding at least 3 players we needed last season already.

… and Ivan thinks we can compete?

I mean, I have to admire him sticking to the company mantra of ‘WENGER IS GOD’, but jeez, at least come with a line of argument that makes sense.

What he really wants to say is…

‘I’ve been working behind the scenes to make a lot of the wrong right, but if you put great thinking and smart tech in the hands of someone who doesn’t care for it, you’re not going to improve on the pitch’

That’s what he should be saying, but he can’t. We’ll be stuck with Wenger for 3 more years. If he finished 8th this year, doesn’t spend any money and cuts our wage bill, he won’t actually have cost Stan any money. So what’s stopping Stan from giving him one more contract to say cheerio? Nothing.

We are stuck in managerial purgatory. Until the king abdicates, we will continue down this insane path.

… and look, I absolutely promise you, after this King is gone, many things will leak out of the club about the real Arsene Wenger. He won’t be able to run the same buttoned up ‘king-maker’ shit he can now when this all collapses.

Anyway, just to put a smile on your face before I leave. Mahrez is being linked with Arsenal for £40m. Apparently his agent refused to deny the story. I don’t know what to think here. Vardy made sense. He was 29, he had a break clause and he’d be feeding off Ozil. Mahrez is young, he has a contract, he has Champions League football and Leicester have already sold Kante.

Is this a real story? Or is it agent games to get his client a better deal? Could be a mix of both, but I won’t hold my breath. Mahrez is a super, super talented player… but if we spend £40m on him, where is our cash for a striker? I mean, we can afford to do both. Just not sure Wenger has the balls to do that because a £110m summer would make him accountable.

We all know Wenger does not like to be accountable.

Before I leave. Tomas Tuchel having a blinding summer so far:

A.Schürrle M.Götze O.Dembélé S.Rode R.Guerreiro M.Bartra E.Mor M.Merino

8 players. But Arsene said you can’t sign 8 players and settle them? Let’s see…

That’s me done. SEE YOU TOMORROW.

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  1. freddylekgunner

    Pedro Mahrez ain’t coming, definitely a game to improve is contract like Vardy. He’s on the pitch against Celtic right now.

  2. crispen

    the usual anti-AW biased rubbish. . . But ofcourse this writer is very accountable.. what a load of BS

  3. Akilan

    Why bother reading at all when you know he’s gonna bash AW. He’s been doing that for a while. There is always a blog called “untold” for praising AW. You’ll find more people that agree with you… cheers

  4. Me

    Finishing 1st or 2nd?
    This is a joke right?
    We have one striker who went FIFTEEN games without hitting the back of the net – how difficult is it to hit a ball into a space 7.3m by 2.4m ?
    FIFTEEN games.
    I mean come on people
    And we have Mertesacker and Walcott (STILL !!!)
    This is desperate and Wenger and Gazidis are sitting on their asses doing nothing.
    Please don’t talk about 1st and 2nd places…

  5. Up 4 grabs now

    You would like to think the mahrez story is true. But you just know Wenger will come out with how this is Chamberlains breakthrough season now he’s fit again.

    And how Gnabrys like a new signing, and how Ramsay wilshere, Adelaide and iwobi can play on the right.

  6. Crawley nutter

    Wenger is to blame for the frustration amongst the fans as much as the idiot that is gaziadis excuse the spelling im neither an akb or a wob

  7. Joe

    AlexPlease respond to
    My financials and the balance sheet stuff I wrote about. Or do those truths hurt that your whole
    Theory is BollocksKronke doesn’t need not care about the 200m pounds. It’s irrelevant to him
    And his almost 8b dollar fortune

  8. Up 4 grabs now

    Would like to see if Dortmund could go one better this season and beat bayern to the title.
    Tuchel then might want a new challenge and come to us.
    (well I can hope)

  9. Marc

    Wenger will cost Kroenke plenty. These guy’s don’t look at the cash in their pockets they look at the value of their assets.

    Look how the Glazers panicked with the last two appointments wiped millions off the share value. There was no need to the club was still making a shit load of cash and unless they were looking to sell what’s the issue? Bottom line £250 million off your asset’s value gets you thinking.

  10. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Until the king abdicates, we will continue down this insane path.’

    That’s right. The king being Kroenke

    ‘I absolutely promise you, after this King is gone, many things will leak out of the club about the real Arsene Wenger’…

    Yes, I hope so but they won’t come from you mate. You know absolutely nothing about what goes on behind the scenes at arsenal.

    I have to say I’m disappointed Pedro. A while back you were starting to write some articles that rightly started to question the motives of our comically unsuccessful owner.
    Wenger aside, surely the idea that someone so singularly unsuccessful as Kroenke, is the wrong man to be leading arsenal football club, is a valid argument.

    All the signs point to no change at arsenal post wenger, and the change I’m talking about is financial change. Significant investment in players over a sustained period is what is required.

    Kroenke won’t do that.

  11. Marc


    Who gives a shit if Kroenke is nice or popular. He’s a business man whose main interest is seeing the club appreciate in value. What is going to happen to the clubs value when we drop out of the top 4 next season (£30 million off bottom line)? What’s going to happen when Sanchez, Ozil, Kos and Bellerin move or agitate for moves next summer and we are starting to renegotiate shirt / sponsorship deals with no “star players” to sell the brand? Another £30 million a season compared to our rivals. What happens when players don’t want to join us because we’ve no CL football (it’s already happening with CL football) and we’re seen as a club where any quality is jumping ship?

    You honestly think Kroenke got where he is by not being able to see the wood for the trees. If Wenger and Gazidis (I think he’s given up on trying to encourage Wenger to spend and is now going through the motions) went to Kroenke and said we’re going to spend £80 million on this player, he’ll give us an excellent chance of winning the league and will sell thousands of shirts, make us the most watched team on tv, increase shirt / sponsorship deals and generally bring in a shit load of cash he wouldn’t say “guys I pay you to run the club” fucking go for it?

  12. vicky


    Don’t bother what Pedro writes in his blog, he is an online marketing guy by profession. He knows exactly what he has to write to keep Le Grove at the perch of Arsenal blog world.

  13. Redtruth

    “Arsenal has always been a tight fisted club I’m afraid. It will continue to be tight fisted after wenger.”

    So STOP blaming Kroenke..!!

  14. Mark S

    I probably missed this from yesterday’s comment section, but was Wenger having a little dig at Ivan in his post-match comments yesterday?

    on the transfer market…
    “I am sure that my chief executive didn’t want to dampen the expectations on that front. We are very active. If we find the right candidates then we will spend the big money. We have already spent big, Until now, nobody has spent more on a transfer than we have in this country. Even if Pogba might fly from Italy to England today, I don’t know… Overall we have made a big investment already but we are active.”

  15. PessimisticPat


    I really hope so Mahrez is incredible and its his first pre-season game. He’s making Cetic look like……well Celtic.


    “Yes, I hope so but they won’t come from you mate. You know absolutely nothing about what goes on behind the scenes at arsenal.”

    “All the signs point to no change at arsenal post wenger, and the change I’m talking about is financial change. Significant investment in players over a sustained period is what is required.

    Kroenke won’t do that.”

    So Pedro knows nothing but you do and you are right. Hmmmm pot kettle…..

  16. Marc


    While I think Pedro enjoys the “limelight” of posting a blog I’m pretty sure he doesn’t earn out of it and it’s pretty hard work to come up with something every day when you’ve work etc.

    Not that I’m happy with the constant late posting – sort your fucking life out Pedro!

  17. Ashley

    We’ll know more about mahrez after he commits to Leicester in his post match interview ‘ I’m a Leicester city player and I’m happy here ‘

  18. Alexanderhenry


    ‘You honestly think Kroenke got where he is by not being able to see the wood for the trees’

    Where is that exactly.? I think he’s won two major trophies in over 20 years. No one cares how rich he is except himself. As an owner of sports teams he is one of the most disliked out there.

  19. Redtruth

    Vieira obviously had issues with the board as did Nasri.
    The reason the board chose Kroenke was because he was a disciple of the self sustaining model or in layman’s terms tight fisted..

  20. Alexanderhenry


    Can’t find the original . Repost it. I’ll answer in due course but I have to go out.
    Also, try not to be quite so sweary in future and I’m happy to debate with you.

    I love being so popular on here an all, but I must dash

  21. Marc


    How much will the new manager have to spend before you say “oh well er yeah but well you see I thought it was all Kroenke because some Americans have slagged him off and Wenger well you see he bought Henry and er well it’s just Kroenke trying to buy off the fans”?

    I’m thinking £3.50

  22. vicky


    Oh no, You misconstrued my views. of course, Pedro’s effort to write posts almost daily is laudable and I am not angling at any pecuniary motive either. All I am saying is like every blogger, Pedro panders to his audience/readers (nothing wrong in it) and instead of attributing some blame on kroenke, he lays everything at the door of Wenger which is , not coincidentally, the popular view here.

  23. Ashley


    Yep , buuuuuutttttt remember when nasri played in the league for us before he went to city ?…..

    But yeh I agree with you there …..

  24. Champagne charlie

    Mahrez playing in a preseason friendly means absolutely nothing…

    Word is the player has given the nod he wants to come, now it’s Leicester we have to negotiate with. What would you expect the player to do in the meantime? He’s a Leicester player so he’ll play in their preseason until he potentially moves.

  25. Marc


    That was because we’d run out of players from the under 12 girls team due to an injury crises. It’s just no the done thing, Juve played earlier did Pogba put any minutes on the pitch?

  26. Ashley


    There’s surely a post where pedders mentions our weirdo owner ? Surely he’s not that blind to kronke’s absolute to how a successful soccer ball team should be run ?

  27. Marc


    Last week is was Madrid – seriously mate don’t get your hopes up – I’m saying this to try and protect your mental health. If we get him I’ll be thrilled but I’m remaining in the pessimistic camp until it happens.

  28. Ashley


    Oh god don’t mention pogba , I’d forgot how Man U had done a madness and signed pogba for all the money ever lol , let’s hope mahrez just wanted to play for fitness sake , regardless of where he’s going to end up

  29. Marc


    I could sell you the idea of why Mahrez played today when he’s going to sign for us but I just think it would be irresponsible to get everyone’s hope up when it’s never going to happen.

  30. vicky


    Pedders used to be a staunch critic of Gazidis but Pedders tune changed since he got an invite from Ivan. Look at the following comment

    “What he really wants to say is…

    ‘I’ve been working behind the scenes to make a lot of the wrong right, but if you put great thinking and smart tech in the hands of someone who doesn’t care for it, you’re not going to improve on the pitch’

    Apparently, there is nothing wrong with Ivan, he is the saint/doer/achiever doing everything possible to make us a great club but the King is not letting that happen. If you wanna believe this , then I have nothing else to say. There are many more comments in this post and many older posts in which similar defense of Stan has been put forward by Pedders.

    P.S – Anyways I don’t want to get binned…….so I will rather not comment on it. Will suffice it by saying like all of us he is heavily biased in favor of Ivan and even Stan. Pedders should ask himself will Wenger continue to do what he is doing if Abrahmovic was the owner.

  31. Marc


    I wouldn’t worry you’re Le Grove’s token (only!) girl poster, Pedro’s far too politically correct to have a male only blog.

  32. Ishola70

    ” Pedders should ask himself will Wenger continue to do what he is doing if Abrahmovic was the owner.”

    An Abrahmovic style owner would not come to pass with Wenger as he publicly stated before Kroenke’s appointment and thereafer that he disliked this type of ownership that being throwing money on big transfers on a regular basis and big wages to many players.

    Wenger does not like this. He has been at the forefront in championing the self sustaining model which has no room for an Abrahmovic.

  33. PessimisticPat


    I dont really think Pedro defends Stan but just wants obstacle number 1 Wenger out the way before we get some true board level accountability. Im new here so I could be wrong. Its just the feeling I get.

    For me the fact that Wenger himself says that he has never had a “no” from Stan and the board should be enough. While I agree that Stan should take a keener interest in how the team does (any interest would be a start), are we not to believe Wenger when he says there is money to spend and we are active in the market. Would he really lie all those times in the past just to keep money in the bank and Kroenke happy. Maybe he did. I dont know. But if he did what kind of a man is he? Wouldn’t that make him the biggest cop-out, piece of shit, happy with mediocrity and 8 million a year scumbag who ever did walk this earth?

    Like Pedro said, when Wenger leaves we may learn a lot more. Till then Stan has a shield in Wenger. Once he’s gone its Stans turn.

  34. Frost


    “Pedro Mahrez ain’t coming, definitely a game to improve is contract like Vardy. He’s on the pitch against Celtic right now”

    Tbf Goetze is going back to Dortmund, & he just finished playing bayern’s friendly against landshut today. But yeah, would be surprised if this happened tbh

  35. Leedsgunner

    The hard truth is this, like Wenger, Ivan Gazidas can say and do almost anything because he knows he wont suffer any consequences from the absentee owner.

    We have the manager and the CEO issuing contrary statements within 24 hours. Yesterday Gazidas says the key to spending is smart and sensible spending is the key to success.

    Today Wenger comes out and says he’s not afraid to spend big on right player.
    The thing is he’s been saying this for the past ten years.

    Then when this ‘right’ player fails to step up to the mark… Wenger then says this or that player needs to be given time… or another comparable excuse. The question then needs to asked, if Wenger needs to give excuses for his players, were they the right players in the first place?

    The truth is I’ve learnt to ignore both of these buffoons. They either don’t know what they are talking about or mean what they say. For this privilege we are paying them millions.

    Well done Arsenal.

    You are a model of financial probity and fan transparency… NOT.

  36. tunnygriffboy

    Just heard a French ” football expert” wax lyrical about Lacazzette on the radio. Said the people in Lyon, where Martial was from, can’t believe Martial went to the euros ahead of Lacazette. He spoke about Lacazzette’s versatility and how he can play anywhere along the front line and has had two brilliant seasons.

    Apparently he’s quietly told the Lyon hierarchy that he wants to leave though he won’t kick up a huge fuss as he’s a Lyon boy. They would sell if their valuation £42 million is met.

    Now that Higuain has sailed time Wenger made a decision and took the plunge

    Ps: Mario Gomes available. Also thoughts on Berahino anyone ?

  37. DivineSherlock

    Typical Pedro Bullshit article . Gazidis said that yesterday but Wenger came out and said we will remain active until the last day , why dont you mention that in your blog ?

  38. Ashley

    Be interesting to read wengers book when he finally leaves won’t it … Will he out the board ? Will he out Stan to try and get some respect back from the fans or will we see once and for all that it really was all his own doing when our new manager comes in and spends a few bob …

  39. Paul Mc Daid

    This regime are losing all creditability, Can see it coming to a head this season, if we are not in the running at Christmas and have not spent on improvements it will be the majority opposed to the minority who will be protesting, Hopefully Usmanov will be in the wings waiting with his cheque book to buy out Stan.

  40. freddylekgunner

    Divine, how many times has Wenger said that and we end up with nothing. We shouldn’t even be waiting for a player to be available, if we need a striker we should have at least 3 prospect and go all out to get one IMO. Waiting for the right player to be available is not a plan.

  41. 30

    It is all like having forknowledge of a train crash and being forced to watch as the trains approach each other in slow motion. Am I being too pessimistic?

  42. N5

    Nice comment Tunny. It’s interesting to hear the French people’s view on Lacazette. It appears to be much more favorable than reviews from the English. Karim suggested he was a very good player and I’d take his word over a lot of peoples because if anyone knows French football it’s the MightyKarim.

  43. tom

    Can’t really see the discrepancy between Ivan and Arsene’s statements.
    Ivan was talking about transfer strategies in general – that we are not the richest club and want to be thoughtful and disciplined in the market whilst working hard to augment with academy.
    Wenger was addressing the specifics of this window .
    Both are correct in my opinion. We do need to be smart but must address our needs.

  44. Barking Arsene

    One thing I’d say about Lacazette is it seems he likes (or is at least comfortable) drifting out to the left hand side and able to use his pace to drive forward.

    At least this would give him the ability to interchange fluidly with Alexis. Dare I say with Mahrez on the other side it would be a very fluid front line with a fair few goals in it.

    Would take the goal scoring burden off Ozil completely as well.

  45. tunnygriffboy


    Good comment. We played our best football last season when we had Ramsey on the right and Walcott upfront inter changing with Alexis. The front three you mention would offer that dynamic.

  46. karim

    Guys, don’t know about Lacazette but the French press are pretty confident Mahrez is keen to join us but Leicester don’t see it that way apparently.

    Lacaz is a good player, he was player of the year 2 seasons ago, must mean something even though it’s only the French league.
    Watching him right now, Lyon are playing at Sporting Portugal ( 0/0 ht ),he has made a few wrong choices but his runs towards the goal are exactly what Mesut needs imo.
    He’s a very good finisher, his overall play is only decent I would say.
    Who cares, he’d get plenty of opportunities to score with us but I still haven’t a clue whether he’ll join us/ we’re gonna move for him.
    Noise is that he wants to leave, that’s for sure.

  47. tunnygriffboy


    If we got both of them it’d be a very good window. Why doesn’t Wenger just go full throttle with proper bids and make sure they come to us.

    We’re looking to get £15 million for the bonkers pole in goal and if you sold one of our wide men we could look at getting them both for £55 million. Bargain. Wages wouldn’t be astronomic either. It’s a no brainer for me. ******sigh******

  48. Daz

    Mohamed Bouhafsi ✔ @mohamedbouhafsi
    Pas encore d’accord entre Leicester et Arsenal pour Mahrez ! Leicester bloque pour le moment. Le joueur est intéressé par les Gunners !
    7:41 PM – 23 Jul 2016

  49. B.T

    After reading that interview its clear Gazidis is just another Wenger puppet, honestly sounded like the exact words Wenger would say, looks like the Arsenal is stuck with a triangle hierachy that does not give a fuck about bringing trophies to the club, lets hope things will change and we bring in whats needed this summer but history would indicicate otherwise.

  50. karim

    It’d be brilliant you mean !
    Of course we’ve been there before, so always expect the worse from the boss BUT this guy at Eurosport France sounds pretty sure we’ve met with Mahrez’ reps while at Lens and that we’re now talking with Leicester.
    Fingers crossed, Tunny.

    Lacazette has also apparently expressed his desire to leave but there’s nothing linking him straight to us, I mean no more that we’ve been reading the last weeks.

  51. AbdulDT

    I read Napoli are now firmly interested in Lacazette (our best bet for a striker this summer) and are ready to offer what Lyon are demanding for him. Meanwhile, Wenger is playing poker!!

  52. ADKB

    You can’t sign 8 players and settle them?

    Well Dortmund beat ManUtd 4-1 yesterday. Yeah, yeah. yeah, it’s only pre-season some will dismiss the result.

  53. karim

    Napoli have had three bids rejected for Lyon midfielder Tolisso, highest they went was 25 m euros and I also read they’re now trying to have a Tolisso/Lacazette package for 60 m euros.

    Things are moving now, window could get more exciting than expected but I’ll remain calm for the moment.

  54. Barking Arsene


    Agree we have the players for that kind of system – Welbeck and Iwobi looked good together as well if I remember correctly.

    What we don’t have is a striker that has a genuine eye for goal. Ramsey is ok on the right and links well with Ozil but doesn’t provide quite the same goal threat that Mahrez would. Which means your cf has to take up that extra slack.

    Two players in, ship out Theo and maybe Campbell (I like him and he works hard but probably isn’t going to get much game time) and I’d say we would be fairly well equipped.

    That’s the trouble though – always one or two short.

  55. Jeff

    “Wenger came out and said his right hand will remain active until the last day”

    That I can definitely believe.

  56. Wallace

    “Ramsey to… Xhaka, quick ball to… Özil, who feeds… Mahrez, on to… Sanchez, lovely through ball to Giroud….. GOAL KICK.”

    – some comedian on Twitter

  57. ADKB

    There’ll always be an excuse.

    Leicester were willing to let Vardy go, but Vardy wasn’t interested.
    Mahrez is interested but Leicester won’t let Mahrez go.

  58. N5

    Karim, I’ve had the game on about 10 mins and not seen Lacazette touch the ball yet. Lyon are passing like a pub team, has it been this bad all match?

  59. N5

    “Ramsey to… Xhaka, quick ball to… Özil, who feeds… Mahrez, on to… Sanchez, lovely through ball to Giroud….. GOAL KICK.”

    Ha ha hahahahahahahaha

  60. karim

    Check out BBC John Bennet’s Twitter account, he says the 2 French journos who’ve been talking about Mahrez are reliable.
    Problem is one of them is saying that we’re interested, along with City and Real ( gulp ) but that there hasn’t been any talks with Leicester yet.

    I’ll keep you updated if I learn more tonight.

  61. AbdulDT


    I feel if Napoli really want him they will eventually pay up. With Mahrez it will be pretty difficult and reports are leicester are blocking it. Add the wenger poker comments to that and it looks pretty much the summer’s done.

  62. karim

    Yeah, sorry mate, they’ve just changed half the team !
    1st half wasn’t bad, and I’ve been busy tracking news for the last 15 mins, so can’t tell about the quality of the game now.

  63. PessimisticPat

    Does anyone know much about boufal and fekir?

    My brother’s a big fan of both and reckons we should sign one of them and Lacazette, but i have next to nothing to go on as i dont watch ligue1, (minus 10 minutes of quick youtube scouting with obligatory bad soundtrack of course)

    Any help would greatly appreciated

  64. Jeff

    If anyone thinks that all we have to do is raid Leicester and we’ll win the league, they’ve got another thing coming. Wenger knows he can’t win the league whoever he buys so why should he spend? Makes perfect sense if you think about it. If I were him, I wouldn’t break the bank either – it’s not worth it. It’s like a grade 1 piano student buying a £150k Steinway – it’s not going to suddenly make him a concert pianist is it?

  65. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Alexanderhenry has admitted to Arsenal always being a tight fisted club which kind of makes redundent his argument against Kroenke’

    Arsenal used to be referred to as ‘The bank of england’ club. Solid, dependable and practical, we have always been prudent.
    That’s all fine but to have over £200 million in the bank and -as we did last year- spend only £9 million on a goalkeeper and nothing more, is a scandal.

    Who’s to blame? You think it’s wenger and I think it’s kroenke.

  66. karim

    Yeah, think it depends on the Higuain saga to be honest, Napoli will be full of dough if they do well to Juve.
    As for us, don’t know really, time will tell my friend.

  67. karim

    Fekir’s a crack but he did his ACL last season, so remains to be seen whether he’ll be the same player, would have been at the euros without the injury, no doubt about that.

    Boufal’s a very good dribbler, can be brilliant sometimes but is still relatively unproven.

    Hope that helps.

  68. Redtruth

    You can’t blame Kroenke for withholding funds after seeing flops like Chambers, Cech, Campbell, Podolski and Gerviinho being purchased by Wenger…

  69. Ughelligunner

    ‘Other teams maybe have more stars and maybe he doesn’t play at the same level, because maybe he is on the bench, so it is much better he stays with me.’
    Claudio Raneiri.

    Could this be a reason why Vardy refused to come over?

  70. BillikenGooner

    Wenger says it’s a game of poker until the middle of August.

    Does he expect coupons in the mail for players? Does he never get past the bargain bin? Does he have a pathological inability to say “yes” to another teams evaluation of their player?

  71. Champagne charlie


    Haha nah mate don’t worry I avoid getting too invested with every rumour, just be a nice one to happen as I’ve been calling him tailor made for us since he set the league alight early doors last season.

    Ranieri’s comments filled me with enthusiasm though, unlike him to be so dismissive and firm in his assertion Mahrez is staying – suggesting he may not play at other teams. Odd comment if there was no interest.

    Mahrez and a ST would have me content

  72. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie

    You’d be chuffed regardless of what Wenger does in the transfer market…
    You’d stiil be fighting Wenger’s corner even if we had bought Cech, Sanogo, Elneny, Bielik amd Asuna ….oh my mistake, we have and you are…lol

  73. Leedsgunner

    Whilst others are strengthening their teams what do we find Wenger doing? Making some self righteous all knowing pronouncement about the state of the market.

    Everyone is playing poker — which explains why, in his opinion, the market hasn’t really taken off.

    I wish he would, for once, just shut up, stop pontificating about the big picture, about othersand do a proper job for Arsenal for which he’s paid millions for.

    Sure, sure. Playing poker, right.

    When the market does take off, he’ll refuse to participate because in his opinion, the players doesn’t represent their true value as he sees it.

    When under pressure, he always says he’s not afraid to spend big if the right player comes along. Me thinks the opposite is true. He’s afraid to be decisive. He’s afraid to be ruthless.

    In short, he’s afraid to win big.

  74. Marko

    Going to go out on a limb here but if we were to somehow get both Mahrez and Lacazette we should be challenging for the title. The pace in our attack would be so amazing teams would Shit the bed playing us. Alexis, Ozil and Mahrez behind Lacazette would be potent. If it happens of course… knock wood and all that

  75. akgunner10

    What Lacazette?

    The guy didn’t even make the French euro team and their forwards were shit

    Mario Gomez linked with Dortmund….Auba?

  76. BillikenGooner

    Lacazette and a CB would do me fine. Heck. I’d love if we surprised everyone and “overspent” on Stones.

  77. BillikenGooner

    I want to make this point when people talk about what a player has done or what national team they have made…

    Sometimes it’s all about the team they are on, the system, etc. I can’t say for sure that Lacazette would be a star with Arsenal, but saying that he didn’t make the French team means he is trash doesn’t mean it is a logical conclusion that he’d be horrible with Arsenal.

  78. Leedsgunner

    The club made a good start in selling Hayden and Wellington Silva. I’m glad we’ve released Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky.

    For the players we’ve jettisoned the club and manager should be applauded.

    It was a good start but we need to keep going.

    Szczesney – £10m
    Walcott – £25m
    Wilshere – £25m
    Gibbs – £12m
    Gnabry -£2m
    Sanogo – £1m
    Akpom -£2m
    Debuchy – £5m

    Grand Total (even with very conservative figures £80m

    Lacazette and Mahrez easily acquirable without damaging our balance sheet.

    Dip into our transfer kitty to get a top CB and we are good to go.

  79. STV

    Alexander Henry argumrnts beaten by Redtruth good and proper. Hopes he will stop with this Kroenke thing and Wenger love..

  80. Joe

    Here you go AH

    And he’s a billionaire who probably owns all
    The land that the walmarts sit on.
    Plus the Waltons.
    The last thing he needs is wenger to hoard 200m pounds so he can get a loan against 200m
    to Kronke is a $100 to the rest of u

    Laughable that people actually think Kronke needs the 200m to back his loan. Haha

    Avalanche worth 360m
    Nuggets worth 855m
    The Rams themselves are worth 1.4 billion hahahaha

    He doesn’t need wenger to hoard 200m

    It’s too funny

    Kronke himself is worth 7.7 billion

    But yes wenger. Please don’t spend 200m. I need to get a loan to build a stadium so I need to use Arsenal
    As leverage

    He could use the Rams themselves as leverage.

    AlexKronke does not need Arsenal’s 200
    M to do anything.
    Wenger can spend it.
    It’s wenger who doesn’t. Kronke likes the value of a team.
    200m makes no difference on the value of the team.
    You know what does. Buying top players and winning trophies. Success.

    Which we will have once wenger is gone. You wait and see Alex
    You do understand that players are assets Alex.
    So buying a player does not de value Arsenal at all
    Balance sheet stays the same. The value of the club stays the same. Cash is an asset and a player is an asset.
    And players transfer is Amortized and fees are expenses so actually help
    Pay less tax.

  81. STV

    Tony Adams don’t want to work with the the fraud who disrespects his explayers anymore.. sad to hear about this..

    Look They were great servants of the club. Wenger is not. He’s repelling every Arsenal hero out of the club. Such an unpleasant man!!!

  82. Bermy boy

    Told everyone weeks ago
    One good player
    Two squad players
    One or two teenagers we will never see
    One or two loaners returned to fill the bench
    We aren’t playing the same top teams as last year we are gonna get fucked from day one.Wave bye bye to the transfer season………go ahead wave