Ivan Gazidis spits the usual transparent fan placation rhetoric

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The PR cycle continues to plough on like it does every summer.

Ivan Gazidis earning his coin in the media repeating a mantra we know he absolutely doesn’t believe in. Arsene Wenger parading a £2.5m signing to the media like we just won the summer. The club still sorely lacking in important areas.

What a shambles.

I think what makes it worse is that I don’t think there’s a plan and I don’t think it’s that likely we’re going to do an awful lot more business this summer. We are where we are… and the CEO thinks we can challenge for the Premier League.

“We’ve got a squad now that we believe is capable of competing to win the Premier League. We came in second last year, which was disappointing. But we’re on the right track.”

This sort of comment comes completely without the context of the shit-show that was last season. We finished second in a year City, United, Liverpool and Chelsea went through managerial turmoil. We lost out to Leicester City with 71 points… the points total that usually lands you 4th place. We’re about bang on par for where we always are.

“This approach, for us, gives us a very, very powerful balance because it’s not just about spending money but about how you spend your money and doing it wisely,”

Spending money wisely. Jeez, how often have we heard that line before? Wisely, for me, is going out and buying the best possible players you can afford with the money you have. Wisely, is what United have done this summer. They’ve signed the best midfielder in Serie A, they’ve signed an experienced winner of a striker to lift the mood of the club (lot of PR there), they’ve signed a very good defender and they’ve signed the most productive player in the Bundesliga.

That’s spending your money wisely. You make £150m extra, you spend it on your squad. Arsenal make £150m extra, we spend £30m and talk about how great it is to have a nice philosophy that hasn’t won anything major in over a decade. It’s embarrassing carry on from Ivan. He shouldn’t say anything rather than back a horse good for glue.

What makes Ivan’s rhetoric even more farcical is that he thinks the fans don’t read The Swiss Ramble. He thinks we don’t pick through the financials. He thinks we don’t see what smaller clubs are doing on way tighter budgets.

“We’re making progress in what is a fiercely competitive world, against competitors that have the capability to spend far more money than we do,”

“We’re doing it by being very, very disciplined; spending money where we believe it makes a difference, but also giving young players a chance and believing in ourselves and our values.”

How many clubs can spend more money than us? Champions League for 20 years straight. Huge, huge, huge kit deal. £92m matchday revenue. Premier League rights at staggering rates. How can he be complaining that other clubs can spend more than us? Our wage bill is £3m short of City. It’s £10m short of United. Our cash reserves were 75% of the whole league at one point last season.

We couldn’t be in a better position to go out and get what we want.

We act the pauper, when the truth is we’re one of the most powerful clubs on the planet. We just don’t use that power. Well, Wenger doesn’t. Sitting on his hands, thinking he can defy the realities of football.

“I don’t have a nostalgia for [Wenger], and the board doesn’t have a nostalgia for Arsene,” said Gazidis in a wide-ranging interview. “That’s not why we believe in him. This isn’t a football club that looks backwards. This is a club that looks forwards and is always, always pushing the boundaries of how we can progress.

This statement, again, is just a lie. The club are indebted to Wenger. Well, Stan is, so they let him play with his toy until he decides to pack things in. Arsenal are not progressing under Arsene Wenger. Look at how far we’ve fallen away in Europe. Look at how advanced the coaches are that have arrived in the league. We’re regressing. The club might be putting in better infrastructure behind the scenes, but we’re catching up, not surpassing. In a game of marginal gains, catching up just won’t do…

“Our fan base is frustrated that we didn’t win last season. We’re frustrated that we didn’t win last season,”

“I am. Stan Kroenke as our owner is. Arsene is. Nobody is more frustrated than he is; disappointed that we didn’t finish on top because that’s our goal.

“What I see is a manager who is deeply committed to this football club, devoted to it, continues to think about the long term.”

NO NO NO NO cx.clxz,cdd, < That is me banging my head on my desk.

Thinking about the long-term is this.

Bayern Munich win the treble under Heycknes. They move him on for Guardiola. Here’s what Marcotti said about his tenure there.

‘As far as I’m concerned — and, more importantly, as far as many in the Bayern hierarchy have told me — Guardiola has already succeeded. He introduced concepts and an evolution that has simply made his players and the club better. And that’s a manager’s first job.’

That is good stewardship of the club. Arsene Wenger is not making the club better. He’s not introducing new thinking. He’s not evolving how we play. He’s not pushing us forward. Anyone with half a brain for football can see that we’re stagnating. To position Wenger as a forward thinker is patronising. To come out with this interview right now, tells you that the club are trying to shape our minds before the disappointment drops that our summer is going to be a farce.

“I think one of the challenges we have as a club, is that because we have constant [presence] and have somebody who is resilient, consistent, disciplined, and clear in his thinking, perhaps sometimes people outside can get the impression that there is nothing changing.

“And nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve made dramatic changes in how we operate as a football club, in all of the areas I mentioned.

“We have to be world-leading in those areas, and Arsene has been not just deeply engaged in those areas, but driving many of those areas forward.”

Honestly, it’s just such a nonsense. How is this playing out on the pitch? Fitness, granted. But tell me how the world leading capabilities are advancing us on the pitch? How are they advancing us in the transfer market? How are they impacting the systems we play? How is anything we do giving us a competitive advantage? How are we comparing to clubs like Bayern who have similar financial power to us?

It’s just rhetoric… we’re a Tesla chassis with two Flintstones holes punched in the bottom of the car. The worst thing about all the above comments is that Ivan knows. His team know. The whole club knows Wenger is finished. I even suspect Stan K knows and might be letting him have his time in the sun before the dark clouds of this season set in…

… but there’s the thing. Wenger is a survivor. He always just gets away with it. This season though… this season feels a step too far. The planets have aligned and I think it could be horrible. Too much competition, not enough action our side to combat it.

We have a good squad of players, an average captain running the ship. Only so long you can survive that. But the bigger question here is why would anyone just want to survive, when you have all the tools to succeed, win and make history?

The madness of Arsenal…


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  1. Joe


    1,2 and 4 are all correct

    What can the scouting team and negotiating team do while
    Wenger is in charge. They can give him list of players but his valuations are never in line with reality. So they all are handcuffed by the manager

  2. Champagne charlie

    ‘Tell Walcott he won’t get game time’, the same Theo that’s not been a. arse a regular for a decade? Nope, sorry mate, Theo is a hard man to shift after the idiotic contract he was given during a time of duress mid season way back. He’s likely well happy as is and won’t fancy having to earn something elsewhere. Would be great if we could shift him in this market though… Him out and Lacazette in would be clever.

    Appreciate the defence of character, but your words are wasted on Bamford as he’s still reeling from the times I’ve called him out for his ridiculous attitude and entitlement on here. Agendas and all that, let him peddle them with the usual misrepresentation. Desperate at this point given he’s resorted to teaming with Joe of all people in some lame smear attempt. Company you keep and such as they say…

  3. N5

    Dick Law doesn’t really exist!

    Have you noticed how he and Wenger are never around at the same time. Wenger leaves a room and Dick comes in! “Oh did I miss him again? I best just offer +£1 for now then until I speak to Wenger” *exits room. *Wenger comes back in. Did I hear voices?

  4. Up 4 grabs now

    Lol, Shit just got real, wenger says “he will spend big and he`s very active. ”
    ” I will spend the big money if the right player becomes available.”

    We believe him right? Right?
    He wouldnt lie to us would he……….

  5. N5

    Pogba will be at old trafford before next weekend then!! How are all these signings being made? Wenger said there is no one better than what we have out there or he’d be buying them!!

  6. STV

    ” I will spend the big money ….


    If the right player becomes available.”

    There you go..

    If the earth were flat etc..

    “There’s no right players available”

    Simple enough.

  7. Champagne charlie

    Higuain at 90mil Euro’s can go all he likes, much better ways of spending that money at Arsenal than on one player.

    A Mahrez and Lacazette for the same price is a better return for me

  8. N5

    Hey Grabs buddy, hows life treating you out in SA? you still chilling on all that bunce you made in England? hows the weather?

  9. N5

    “A Mahrez and Lacazette for the same price is a better return for me”

    I’d take that. I’m quite excited to see what Lacazette could do in the Premiership.

    Has the Icardi boat sailed then?

  10. Joe

    Wonder if this :

    but Mahrez will stay with us for all the years. I am confident. No other players will go. We stay together.

    Is Claudio’s version of :

    “Samir’s situation is clear for me,” Wenger said. “He stays. We are in a [financial] position where we can say ‘No’ and we will, in the case of Samir.” Wenger said that it was better to keep Nasri for another season and risk losing him for nothing than to sell him to United or City before the closure of the transfer window, even if it represented a £20m gamble.

    “You are the same people who reproach me for not spending money and now you reproach me for wanting to spend it,” he added, with a smile. “It is in the interests of the club. Fábregas is in no-man’s land … Imagine the worst situation, that we lose Fábregas and Nasri; you cannot convince people that you are ambitious after that.”

  11. tunnygriffboy

    F Kronke was a good ambitious owner he would be taking the manager and the CEO to task for not improving the team with the money available. That’s why Kronke is a bad owner. He doesn’t care that we’re not building a really strong squad

  12. Up 4 grabs now

    Lol, not bad mate. Just starting to look for work now. It’s winter at the moment. So 25 most days!!!
    Saying that it’s 9 degrees today.

    Finally got internet sorted so just started commenting again.
    Not much changed on here, the usual dummies being spat out and a village or two missing an idiot.
    How you doing?

  13. Zeus


    Not trolling. Most of my assessment of higuain is from an Argentina perspective, where he leaves a lot to be desired. A euphemism for shit

  14. Barking Arsene

    Wenger is totally complicit in the way we approach transfers.

    Kronke may well be the biggest cunt in the universe but if Wenger didn’t agree with the way Kronkewanted to run the club he (Wenger) wouldn’t be here.

    Also, Kronke doesn’t do the tactics. Kronke doesn’t make substitutions. Kronke doesn’t hang onto Theo Walcott. Kronke doesn’t decide who we purchase.

    These are just some of the reasons we failed last year. None of which are the fault of the owner.

    It’s overtly biased views on our issues as a club that frustrate people.

    It can’t all be pinned on one individual up at the top when he is not responsible for the core issues of the team.

  15. Champagne charlie


    Icardi looks like another ‘better contract’ link. Would be a good signing for us, but yea I’d say it’s likely hot air.

    Lyon apparently close to signing Ben Yedder (ST), so maybe that’s in the view that Lacazette might be off?

    Mahrez alone still doesn’t address the Giroud issue of being the only viable CF. Really hope there’s substance to the Mahrez talk and that we can squeeze one more signing in. Theo as an alternative does not make me very happy..

  16. N5

    Zeus he’s scored 107 out of 190 for Madrid. 71 out of 94 for Napoli and 30 out of 63 for Argentina, sounds good to me. Anyway, he’s be singing for a non national team club where his record is solid so I don’t understand your original comment about him being shit?

    Grabs, I’m looking for my village if you can point me in the right direction.
    I’m good thanks buddy, nothing much changes. Work, shite English weather (although great this week) and spending way to much time on Le Grove. 😀

  17. Joe

    Also, Kronke doesn’t do the tactics. Kronke doesn’t make substitutions. Kronke doesn’t hang onto Theo Walcott. Kronke doesn’t decide who we purchase.


    Don’t tell Alexender that. He doesn’t like
    Actual facts. It’s all
    Kronke’s fault.

  18. Bamford10

    One irony, Champagne, which you will likely not appreciate is that we actually happen to agree on a number of things.

    Take Coquelin, for example. You weren’t here then, but I was assailed on all sides last summer for saying that Coquelin was only a hard-working squad player and that he was not good enough on the ball to get us to the next level.

    When I saw you say something similar a few months back, I thought, “Oh, this new guy might have some sense.”

    You are also highly critical of Walcott. I have long, long been a vocal critic of Walcott here, have never rated him as a footballer, have always said we should sell him and was outspokenly opposed to his new contract.

    And then the above: I too think 80m is too much for Higuain and that that money would be better spent on a combination of a Mahrez and a Lacazette (even though I think the latter has limitations).

    Three points of agreement, you see, and not insubstantial ones.

    I’m tempted to ask: if I don’t know anything about football, what does that say about your opinions?

    Please don’t bother to reply to the above, as it’s a rhetorical question. I can pretty much guarantee that any reply of yours would be unpleasant and petty anyways.


  19. Bamford10

    Higuain WAS really poor in the Copa America. I can second Zeus on that. That definitely colored my view of him a little. While I acknowledge that club play is different from NT play and that his stats were excellent the past two seasons, I’m still not buying him for 80m. Sorry. He’s very good, but for me, he’s not THAT LEVEL good.

  20. N5

    CC, that’s a shame on Icardi but it did seem like his missis was just trying to bump up the value (almost wrote bump up the volume (I know it’s pump(brackets within brackets, this is like Inception))) anyway…. Yeah I’d hate the idea of Wally being our 1st choice.

    Please let Wenger bump his head hard enough to knock some sense into him regarding FEO!!

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Its all well and good saying f**k Higuain at that price, I’d rather have a LM/RM and a ST for the same amount…perfectly reasonable, however we actually need to sign the LM/RM and ST, and history does not back Arsenal up in that regard.

    The chances are strong that we will all be here come September saying ‘we might as well have just splashed it all on Higuain.’


    Kroenke is a businessmen, he treats sports clubs as assets in his portfolio, he pretty much comes out and says this, not really what we want as an owner, but he’s up front about it, he is what he is.

    His faults are that he is that type of owner, he is not hands on and he has not pushed Wenger or gone for better when Ancelotti, Guardiola, Klopp, Mourinho, Conte, Pochettino etc were available. That is his blame in this mess, he has to share equally.

    Wenger also shares equally, but for me, he’s more reprehensible, he knows what Kroenke is, he knows what Arsenal are now, but he’s pretending to be something else, he got in bed with Kroenke because he got what he wanted out of it, total power and control, which is what he likes, listen to the way he talks, in his most raw moments like last season ‘I built this club’ etc, he’s an egotist.

    They both get what they want, they sort of exist by the grace of the other, Kroenke gets to keep going as is here because Wenger has the backing of around half the fanbase and is immovable. Wenger gets to keep total control and dominance because Kroenke needs him and he brings in the money.

    The only people getting the shitty end of the stick is the fans, the players are mollycoddled and overpaid, the CEO is grossly overpaid, Kroenke has an asset that has skyrocketed in value and that he takes money out of and Wenger is one of the highest paid managers in the world with unparalleled control and power at his club.

    Whether you blame Wenger more than Kroenke, or Kroenke more than Wenger, I think most fans can agree the club is not being run properly, it isn’t being run as a football club with pure football ambitions and aspirations, therefore, I really would like the fans to direct their ire at the club, not each other.

    I agree though, Wenger has to go first before any change can arrive.

  22. Up 4 grabs now


    Think you’ve already been replaced in your village, lol.
    I’m starting to think I’ve moved to town with about 100 of them just living in my neighbourhood!!!

    Would take mahrez and lacazette over 90 million for Higuain.
    Great player but nearly 29, and always the possibility that he might not adjust, no matter how small.

    Still think we should go for lukaku, younger, premier league proven and could be the difference in winning the league and finishing out the top four.

  23. Joe


    We really do have the mentality of a mid table club with him in charge don’t we


    Forget the money. Do you want higuain in our line up?

  24. N5

    Grabs, I’m a fan of Lukaku too. His goal against Chelsea won me over. He’s hot and cold, but Giroud went 10 games without scoring so he couldn’t do any worse could he?

    Talking of strikers not scoring. I wonder where Mad Mario will end up?

  25. PessimisticPat


    Great stuff.

    Im getting to the stage where i feel that any and all transfer activity from the club is pointless as long as Wenger is still in charge. Once he leaves (praying this season) the board will finally be held accountable.

    I think what Gazidis and Wenger do each year is contradict each other on purpose to create uncertainty and no clear message, that way they cannot be held accountable for any clear broken promises. Wankers

  26. Up 4 grabs now

    Where do all strikers go when they can’t cut it anymore.
    Turkey! He would fit right in with his air rifle!

  27. N5

    Barking, god don’t say that. I’d rather Sanogo than Mario.

    Grabs good call. Turkey would take him and then maybe just dump him over the border into Syria!!

  28. Emiratesstroller

    For me buying Higuain in 2013 would have been an excellent acquisition, but
    to spend what Juventus are alleged to be paying for a 29 year old shortly after
    the start of the season is utter madness.

    If you are going to spend that sort of money surely you invest in younger players.

    I don’t know who Arsenal plan to buy before the close of the transfer window if
    any, but someone like Mahrez would be a definite upgrade on what we have got in the position he plays.

    The way I look at the market Mahrez playing alongside Ozil, Sanchez and behind Giroud would increase the goalscoring potential of our team.

    Of course I would like ideally a world class striker to replace Giroud, but sadly
    that is unlikely to happen this summer.

  29. Up 4 grabs now

    We need a striker ( 4years and counting) and a rightsided midfielder (still think it’s Theo and Chamberlain with no new signing) but the worry for me is the centre back replacement for per.
    Unless he is moving debuchy in there?

  30. Daz


    I think it was likely the timing of your attacks on coquelin which had people annoyed as we had been crying out for someone with a bit of bite in our midfield so for you to start nit picking at that time seemed needless, you will find less defense of coquelin now we have xhaka

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe, misdirection, it does suit the club at the moment for the fans to be divided like this, a united fan base that sort of said all together ‘this is not on anymore, we don’t care who is to blame, time for change’ would scare them senseless.


    Fingers crossed, throughout all this arguing amongst ourselves its the fans that are having the piss taken out of them by Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis the lot of them, they are sitting pretty, bundles of money, no pressure, on cruise control and the fans so far have swallowed it for the most part.


    Its that head, he must use some kind of polish, but I bet I could see my reflection in it and you know how much I like to stare into my own eyes, I could never shout him down for that reason alone.

    In all honesty though whilst Gazidis is part of the rot, I do see him as more of an employee, he’s the monkey, Kroenke and Wenger are the organ grinders.

  32. Barking Arsene

    Trouble is we NEED another striker regardless. Even if it is someone at Girouds level with different attributes so that he isn’t playing week in week out.

    And no I don’t mean Theo the human table footballer.

  33. Up 4 grabs now


    Like I said yesterday, it’s wengers dithering that costs us.
    Could have had griezmann 2 years ago for 20 million now it would be 60, even last year with aubamang 25 million now it’s 70 plus. And like you say Higuain 3 years ago now it’s three times that.

  34. N5

    Told ya, typical IKB reply. I love him because his head reflects my eyes. If I had a pound for every apologist that had come up with that line!!!

  35. vicky

    We can sign Mahrez and Lukaku for the amount Juve have paid for Higuain….not that it’s gonna happen but I would rather prefer the first option. Higuain had a great last year but he is not a Suarez or Aguero level player for a club to spend a fortune on him and that too when he is closing on 29.

  36. Barking Arsene

    The money situation is only going to get worse. In the current market as it is Higuain isn’t actually that expensive.

    It’s just that everything has changed very quickly and those who accept that first will reap the benefits in the long run.

  37. Up 4 grabs now

    It won’t take a lot for the wheels to fall off quicker this year.
    Just off the back of a tournament year, players not being ready until maybe 4-5 games into the season.

    The minute we lose 2-3 players like we do every November as they have been beasted into the ground, the shit will really hit the fan.. Without 3 signings I can honestly say this is the year we lose champions league football, and hopefully Wenger.

  38. PessimisticPat


    But just having a brief look at any Arsenal news/blog you can see that Wenger still has a large amount of support. I often wonder what it would take for him to lose those fans?! 5th place (gasps in horror). Maybe they would just blame Kroenke and/or the players for not trying hard enough instead?!

  39. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Alex it’s not just because of this. You also sell your opinion as fact and remove any blame from Wenger. Even the posters who side more or less with Wenger understand he’s not blameless, yet post after post you blame Stan for everything.’

    I’ve never said he is blameless. Wenger is in fact complicit. He has shown more loyalty to Kroenke than to arsenal fans. He should have threatened to quit when the club sold cesc, nasri and rvp.
    Instead he meekly accepted it.

  40. Alexanderhenry

    Cesc appeal

    ‘Further, Wenger needs to go before any change can arrive. Kroenke is pretty much bullet proof whilst Wenger is here because you have a mass of fans who will not say a word against anything whilst Wenger is here. Once he is gone, the shield for Kroenke and divisive figure amongst fans that he is, Kroenke is exposed.’

    I actually agree with that assessment. We will be worse off without wenger because the club will not replace him with a top coach and no top coach would take working under such financial restrictions. Watch Kroenke and co go into a panic at the mere possibility of wenger leaving.

    You are right though. Wenger does need to go if Kronke is ever to be ‘exposed’.

  41. STV

    No one is absolving Kroenke from his share of blame. However to say Wenger works according to Kroenke regulations is not backed by facts. If a proper manager came out and work in his ways theres a huge probability Kroenke would comply.

    Wenger needs Kroenke more than Kroenke needs him. I can see the traits of an obsequious employee in Wenger who is actively trying to please his master..

    It is not 50-50 because the club is basically run by the board and manager and theres no evidences Kroenke’s muddling with clubs internal matters.

    Wenger needs to go in account of his failures spanning over a decade regardless of the club’s ownership during that period..

    Then we can clearly assess how much of a problem Kroenke is …

  42. Marc

    Has anyone ever see a player about to make a big move line up in a pre season friendly? I can’t remember that ever happening.

    Mahrez has just walked onto the pitch for the Leicester – Celtic match. Another red herring.

  43. vicky

    “Has anyone ever see a player about to make a big move line up in a pre season friendly? I can’t remember that ever happening.”

    Nasri even played a league game for us, let alone friendlies, before he moved to Citeh.

  44. Marc

    Does anyone really think Kroenke gives a fuck what the fans really think? It would take 25,000 empty seats every week for this to even get on his radar.

  45. Barking Arsene


    Some will always back him no matter what. I appreciate what he has done for the club and the trophies he has delivered etc but I wouldn’t (and don’t) allow it to cloud my judgement on what is happening in the here and now.

    I was supportive through the stadium move but the last few years have not been good enough or lived up to what we were sold as fans.

    Many won’t take that view though and I think it would take something quite disasterous to alter that. Kronke would take the brunt of it first I think.

  46. Champagne charlie

    Yea I’d love Icardi I have to say, really like his game and think he’d flourish in our setup. But they’re settled there and he’s captain, just looking for extra money while the climate is nutty it seems. Smart really.

    I’m well aware we can agree/disagree on football matters, that’s of no relevance though as there’s almost nobody on here who I agree entirely with. It’s the nature of opinions. What I dislike about you is your tone, manner of entitlement, and arrogant demeanour whereby you instruct/moderate how and what people ‘should’ say.

    I’ll go back and forth all day on my convictions, I’ll also call someone’s rationale stupid if I think it such. But the difference is anyone on here is entitled to their point of view, stupid or otherwise according to me. They won’t get told to leave this space or talked about in segregated fashion like you do time and again to people with different points of view. You then have the audacity to call me unpleasant? Hilarious. I can be a terrible person to those who’ve earned it, but that’s in stark defence of my right to have whatever opinion I want to have on here without being told or insinuated that it’s lesser because it goes against a more favoured narrative.

    I don’t give a shit if this blog is not in favour of Wenger, if I’m in favour of him then frankly you’ve no place to tell me to go to a more sympathetic blog – I decide where I comment and its here. I’ll say what I like thanks and you’ve two choices: debate me with sound reason to where one of us reconsiders or it’s a stalemate (WE will attest Re:Turan just lately, it’s ok to disagree), or alternatively you can keep your mouth shut and address the countless other posters. This character assassination (call me Taylor swift) people undertake on here is petty as fuck and NOT in any way what the blog was started for.

    There’s been plenty of times I couldn’t ever get on board with what you’ve stated. Not once have I interjected to call you a stupid cunt who needs to leave this place with such views, not fit to be a fan etc. Just haven’t. I’ve ignored, scrolled, and answered/commented at someone I can debate with or converse with. I’m plenty guilty of being stubborn in my views, and N5 will attest to how phrasing can be misinterpreted time and again. But I apologise when misunderstood, and debate with anyone about football end of. That’s the point, it’s about football and nothing here is personal for me. I take exception to those who make it as such which is why I have a problem with you lately and why Joe gets my unfiltered bs.

  47. Marc


    Yeah I was there however the bid came in pretty late and we were in the middle of an injury crises – sort of what we’re going to see in 3 weeks.

  48. Daz

    Apparently juve were in for barbosa now they have higuain the only links I can find are us and Chelsea, I would go all out to sign him ahead of lacazette or lukaku should be cheaper and I would just find it a more exciting signing

  49. Joe

    I actually agree with that assessment. We will be worse off without wenger

    This sooooo wrong it’s not even funny

    We will win the league within 2 seasons of wenger leaving

    We will be infinitely better once wenger goes.

    I’ll even put money on that Alexander. Bet me

  50. Redtruth

    The problem isn’t Kroenke but the club itself which has always been thrifty by nature, however Wenger doesn’t help matters with his encouraging and fostering of thriftiness…

  51. Danish Gooner

    Would really love for wenger to pull of a surprise like Griezmann or Auba but then again it is Wenger,he doesnt do surprises and especially not expensive ones.I have this believe that Wenger and Gazidis share some sort of bonus from <Kroenke when they dont spend any money.

  52. Joe

    CC actually believes his own bullshit and thinks he is some sort of Saint on this blog

    I don’t give two shits about you mate. Or your ‘unfiltered bs’

    Get over yourself mate. I’ve been talking football all day and you are the one defending yourself mate innit

    You sure do love to pitch but sure as hell cant catch

    Please don’t mention my name again please and no
    Need to reply to this

    I don’t need your ‘unfiltered bs’

  53. Daz

    “I’ll even put money on that Alexander. Bet me”

    You have already lost one bet today joe, by the way was there money on that? You can paypal it over if you like

  54. Joe


    You made the bet and no you didn’t mention money and quit being an idiot. And I didn’t take the bet anyway.

    99.9 % of the posts involve Wenger today

    Have you posted anything of substance today Daz?

  55. Crawley nutter

    Changing the subject I forgot what nutters millwall fans were all in a pub next door to where I live they had pre season friendly with Crawley today. 🙂

  56. Daz


    Well I kind of started the whole mahrez conversation, and don’t lie Joe you took the bet don’t make me go back and prove it

  57. PessimisticPat


    I was like you. I backed him during the stadium move. But the constant “we will sign quality if it is out there” crap year after year got tiresome. I flat out dont believe in him anymore, or anything he espouses.

    Some fans claim he is being held back by Kroenke when he himself has said repeatedly that is not the case. Our wage bill says as as much also.

    So do they think Wenger is a liar then? Covering for Stan. Bullshit. The mind boggles at the lengths people go to defend him.

    If we sign no one he’s finished. If he sees the light and spends big where everyone can see it is needed and we fail still he is finished.

    But i fear we may sign one player and we will hear the market value shit we hear every year all over again. Its at that point we will be expected to be happy with 4th and cash in the bank! Such as it is to be an Arsenal fan.

  58. Redtruth

    “I’ve never said he is blameless. Wenger is in fact complicit. He has shown more loyalty to Kroenke than to arsenal fans. He should have threatened to quit when the club sold cesc, nasri and rvp.
    Instead he meekly accepted it.”

    Just like Wenger meekly accepted the sales of Petit, Overmars and Anelka….lol

  59. Joe

    So i talked about wenger. It’s what all conversations wind up being about on here anyway.

    You’re an idiot.

    Yes go find it. See if there was money involved so I can send It to you so you’ll
    Go away.

    Wenger out.

  60. Champagne charlie


    Can’t help yourself can you. Keyboard warrior supreme at it again. We’ve been here before mate, you promised you were done talking my way but 24 hours later back you came.

    Keep your word Joe, I think Daz is calling you on that too just now….

  61. Marc


    I think your view reflects a lot of fans. I can seriously see us doing no more business before the start of the season, the Mahrez rumour is bullshit if there was anything in it he wouldn’t be playing as we speak for Leicester. We’ll get stuffed by Liverpool 4 or 5 goal margin, drop points against Leicester and then go into panic mode. By then either the quality will be off the market or clubs will refuse to sell as there’s no time to get replacements.

    It’s going to be a car crash of a season.

  62. Joe

    And Daz.

    Good job bringing marhez up. Real insight bringing up a random news article made up because an agent was at the Arsenal

    And marhez is playing today. Hope he doesn’t get hurt.

    Oh wait. Players usually don’t play on the brink of signing for someone else.

  63. Bamford10


    “Not once have I interjected to call you a stupid cunt who needs to leave this place”

    Right, but I’ve never done the above either. You say you don’t tell other people what to say or not say here, except that the time I suggested you read a different blog you were busy telling Le Grove that you were tired of reading all of the anti-Wenger commentary.

    So actually that is precisely what you were doing: telling Le Grove what it should be despite your having been here for only a short time and despite the blog having been around a good long time and having been critical of Wenger from its inception.

    Let’s just call a truce and try to be more amicable going forward. Not a big deal.

  64. Daz


    The money was a joke obviously, but the point is you took the bet to not go on about Wenger, you managed a couple of hours but couldn’t help yourself which is fine just don’t try to make out like you can

  65. Marc

    Petit for Gilberto
    Overmars for Pires
    Anelka for Henry

    They were really terrible times – what a complete fucking moron you really are.

  66. Bamford10


    That may be so, but it doesn’t change the fact that I was right about Coquelin and got absolutely pilloried for it.

    (And by the way, during those arguments, I always conceded that he was working hard and doing a job for us. I never contested that.)

  67. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Never has there been more evidence that it is Wenger, not Kroenke, who keeps us from spending.’

    I assume you’re referring to this quote from wenger:

    “Stan Kroenke is completely behind myself and the board investing as much money as we want. It has to be in respect of a balanced budget’

    The key words here are ‘It has to be in respect of a balanced budget’.

    Here are some articles that contradict your theory that wenger has had money all along but chosen not to spend it, and the idea that Kroenke has no influence on his clubs.








    It’s really very hard to find anything positive from anyone, anywhere, concerning our owner.
    His record is laughable and on the rare occasions he speaks, it’s never about success or ambition. He would rather drone on about expanding markets and revenue streams.
    When wenger leaves, he will do nothing to improve arsenal’s prospects. The dead hand of Kroenke sports enterprises guarantees only one thing:


  68. PessimisticPat


    The thing is he either sees we need to improve and refuses and so is happy with mediocrity, or scarier still he believes what he’s doing now can win the league. Frustrating as fuck. Thats why I didnt even go to one game last year for the first time since 2002.

  69. Marc

    Would all the people who don’t want to talk to each other please stop making posts to each other. It’ll save everyone a lot of time.

  70. Daz


    It was just a rumour I thought was interesting apparently others thought so to no big deal you carry on dreaming of Wenger

  71. Joe


    Almost every post on here is about wenger. No one can go on without talking about wenger

    So yeah I will keep talking about wenger because everything about this club is about wenger

    And that is the sad part.

    I bring up lukaku and some says we will never sign him because wenger won’t pay it.

    Same as higuain

    Bring up selling Walcott and someone says will never happen because wenger won’t sell him

    Tactics. Wenger

    Subs. Wenger

    Spending money. Wenger

    Euros. Wenger is there when he should be making Arsenal better.

    It goes on and on.

    He has way to much of his old decrepit hand in all
    Things Arsenal.

  72. Redtruth


    Forget the articles just answer the question…was Kroenke to blame when Vieira criticised Arsenal’s for it’s lack of spending in 2001

  73. Alexanderhenry


    Wenger bitterly opposed the Anelka sale. In the end he reluctantly accepted it, just like ferguson accepted ronaldo going to real madrid. If a player really wants to leave there’s not much a club can do.
    As it turned out, the £25 million we received was a great deal. Wenger got Henry in and the rest is history.
    He was right to sell Petit and Overmars. Petit was passed it and Overmars had one more season left in him..just. Again, the deal we got, especially for overmars, was

  74. Joe


    Answer me. Was Kronke
    To blame for our season last season and not beating Leicester to the title?

    And what about my comment about Kronke not needing Arsenal to back his stadium in LA. That his wife is heir to the richest family fortune in the world. The Waltons. He doesn’t need Arsenal money to back anything. All he needs is his father in laws signature

  75. Marc


    It’s very simple Wenger has always been a bit tight with money, when he first came Dein used to do the deals. Wenger would say I like this guy and he’s worth £5 million, the selling club would want £7 and Dein would do the deal at £6 and tell Wenger he only paid £5.

    Wenger is now in complete control of transfers and has got old, I’ve said it before but it’s like talking to elderly grand parents – £100 per a pair of shoes in my day you could buy a house for £100 etc etc. You can try and point out that you earn £50k a year and can afford it but it just doesn’t get through.

    Wenger is stuck in the past – circa 2003.

  76. Bamford10


    Sure, I’d love to have Huguain in the team — I’d love to have lots of players in the team. But the price is a relevant question, and given we need both a WR and a CF, I’d prefer to spend 80m on two quality players rather than 80m on one player who really is only worth 60m.

    To each his own, but that would be my approach if I were running the club.

    And by the way, above where you call someone an “idiot,” this is how you get into trouble here. Insulting other people. Believe me, I am tempted to insult people here at times as well, but inevitably it just gets one into heated and pointless disputes.

    What is that old golden rule? Oh yes, speak to others as you would like to be spoken to. If you speak rudely to others, you’re likely to get rude speech in return.

    Hilarious that I am the one doling out this advice, but it remains true nonetheless.

  77. Marko

    Despite all of their quality, that would make five signings this summer. That’s what ambitious clubs do. Sadly, not Arsenal.

    Just don’t mention it to the guys over at Untold. In their mind not signing players can also be interpreted as ambitious

  78. Bamford10


    Your lame attempt at Wenger criticism above doesn’t even come close to hitting the mark. You’re still a million miles away from a reasonable position.

    Keep trying, though.

  79. Marc


    There seems to be a major issue on here with people thinking Kroenke is hoarding cash so he can borrow against it. It’s complete bollocks Kroenke does not own the club (he’s majority shareholder but Usmanov owns enough to have a blocking vote) and even if he did it’s still the clubs money, legally the club is it’s own entity. Kroenke can borrow against his shareholding’s value but that’s all.

  80. Alexanderhenry


    Arsenal has always been a tight fisted club I’m afraid. It will continue to be tight fisted after wenger.

    Currently we have more available cash than any other club. That’s over £200 million in the bank. Do you seriously believe that this money has been available to wenger all along and he has refused to spend it?

    If you do, when wenger leaves arsenal will spend it…. let’s see what happens

  81. Alexanderhenry


    Your nutty idea that wenger refuses to spend on principle is what it is: a nutty idea.

    You keep arguing for it..there’ a good chap.

    Still, he’ll be off after next season. then it’s happy days..

    Can’t wait to see arsenal ‘improve a bit’.

  82. Daz


    You have been pulled up numerous times even hardcore Wenger out posters have told you to give it a rest enough said

  83. Marko

    Leicester apparently interested in signing that Polish lad Kapustka for like 6/7 million. Him and Grey have just fantastic potential. I’m assuming when Ivan talked about copying what Leicester done with the likes of Kante etc I guess he meant the next window or the window after that.

    Also Mahrez isn’t playing like a man on the verge of a 50 million pound move to Arsenal

  84. Champagne charlie


    You’ve called for me to leave the blog, same with others like Wallace, and AlexHenry, all because we had opinions you strongly disagree with. Yep I put my two cents in on the fact the blog was unnecessarily Wenger-centric to the point no discussion was being made about football or daily topics regarding Arsenal.

    Didn’t tell anyone to leave or what have you, said it’s pathetic to focus on someone who is unquestionably in charge for this coming season and time would be better spent talking about what can be done to the team before the window is shut to make us compete. That’s expressing an opinion in the hope of encouraging discourse re:Arsenal vs the unproductive “Wengers a senile cunt” comments that I don’t think elevate the blog any.

    Fine, truce it is. I’ll proceed with you as I do anyone else (except Joe, yes you’re still a dick 🙂 )with each new day – clean slate.

  85. Redtruth

    “Wenger bitterly opposed the Anelka sale. In the end he reluctantly accepted it, just like ferguson accepted ronaldo going to real madrid. If a player really wants to leave there’s not much a club can do.”

    Same could be said of Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie as all three wers desperate to leave Arsenal too…

  86. Joe

    Exactly Marc.

    And he’s a billionaire who probably owns all
    The land that the walmarts sit on.

    Plus the Waltons.

    The last thing he needs is wenger to hoard 200m pounds so he can get a loan against

    200m to Kronke is a $100 to the rest of us

    Laughable that people actually think Kronke needs the 200m to back his loan. Haha

    Fuck me
    Avalanche worth 360m
    Nuggets worth 855m
    The Rams themselves are worth 1.4 billion hahahahah

    He doesn’t need wenger to hoard 200m

    It’s too funny

  87. Alexanderhenry


    If he’d allowed wenger to spend more than £10 million in the summer we would have won it.

  88. Joe

    Kronke himself is worth 7.7 billion

    But yes wenger. Please don’t spend 200m. I need to get a loan to build a stadium so I need to use Arsenal
    As leverage

    He could use the Rams themselves as leverage.

    Haha. Alexander.

    Keep trying

  89. Redtruth

    Arsenal has always been a tight fisted club I’m afraid. It will continue to be tight fisted after wenger.”

    So STOP blaming Kroenke..!!

  90. Joe

    If he’d allowed wenger to spend more than £10 million in the summer we would have won it.

    Hahahah oh Alex

    Please comment on all the Kronke financials I’ve just given

  91. Barking Arsene


    Most on here are aware that Kronke is a businessman who wants to protect the value of his asset by not overspending.

    However what is your own view on Wenger not spending heavily prior to his (Kronkes) arrival?

    As we are all aware, Wengers spending hasn’t suddenly diminished so what is the basis for your argument that a restriction on spending is to blame for the current difficulties of the club?

  92. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Same could be said of Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie as all three wers desperate to leave Arsenal too…’

    That’s right, because they knew they were at a club run by an owner who refuses to spend. They were aware of how unsuccessful his other clubs were,what a miserable, leech of an owner he was and put two and two together.

    As you mentioned Nasri, this is what he had to say on wenger:

    “Wenger is the best coach I’ve worked with. I only regret not having more discussions with Arsène Wenger when I left,” Nasri said. “He’s the one who understood me the most and made me the player I am. I’m thankful.”


  93. izzo

    From Vardy to Mahrez. Well he would be more effective for Arsenal but whats the use if we still have the donkey up front? We would have to rely heavily on both mahrez and sanchez for goals when Giroud goes on another 15 game goaless run and we’ll still come up short. I honestly don’t believe our defense is good enough which will still be our undoing this season along with the buffon Wenger in charge.

  94. PessimisticPat


    Tried to reply but it didnt work for some reason? Jist of it being wenger is deluded and past his best and I cant wait for him to leave.

    Also im watching the Leicester game vs Celtic Mahrez is pure class. Just effortless ball control, crossing and shooting. I would happily pay 50m if they wanted it. We have Walcott instead.

  95. Joe


    Kronke does not need Arsenal’s 200
    M to do anything. Wenger can spend it. It’s wenger who doesn’t.

    Kronke likes the value of a team. 200m makes no difference on the value of the team.

    You know what does. Buying top players and winning trophies. Success.

    Which we will have once wenger is gone.

    You wait and see Alex

    You do understand that players are assets Alex. So buying a player does not de value Arsenal at all

    Balance sheet stays the same. The value of the club stays the same.

    Cash is an asset and a player is an asset.

    And players transfer is Amortized and fees are expenses so actually help
    Pay less tax.

  96. Alexanderhenry

    Ok chaps

    I think all of us with the exception of Bamford and a few others actually grasp the importance of having an ambitious, competent owner.

    For those of you who don;t understand this..I give up. You’re on your own.


    Can anyone provide me with an example of something good that Kroenke has brought to the club. Also can anyone find anything positive about him from anyone, anywhere.
    An article, quote, anything?

  97. Joe


    Please respond to
    My financials and the balance sheet stuff I wrote about.

    Or do those truths hurt that your whole
    Theory is Bollocks

    Kronke doesn’t need not care about the 200m pounds. It’s irrelevant to him
    And his almost 8b dollar fortune

  98. Barking Arsene


    Depends – if playing devils advocate we could say the Kronke has increased the net worth of the club by a substantial amount.

    However, with that aside and without being disrespectful I think that you are maybe misreading how people perceive Kronke. I don’t recall anyone supporting him, however to seemingly apportion blame on him for Wengers shortcomings is also not constructive.

  99. Marc


    Who gives a shit if Kroenke is nice or popular. He’s a business man whose main interest is seeing the club appreciate in value. What is going to happen to the clubs value when we drop out of the top 4 next season (£30 million off bottom line)? What’s going to happen when Sanchez, Ozil, Kos and Bellerin move or agitate for moves next summer and we are starting to renegotiate shirt / sponsorship deals with no “star players” to sell the brand? Another £30 million a season compared to our rivals. What happens when players don’t want to join us because we’ve no CL football (it’s already happening with CL football) and we’re seen as a club where any quality is jumping ship?

    You honestly think Kroenke got where he is by not being able to see the wood for the trees. If Wenger and Gazidis (I think he’s given up on trying to encourage Wenger to spend and is now going through the motions) went to Kroenke and said we’re going to spend £80 million on this player, he’ll give us an excellent chance of winning the league and will sell thousands of shirts, make us the most watched team on tv, increase shirt / sponsorship deals and generally bring in a shit load of cash he wouldn’t say “guys I pay you to run the club” fucking go for it?

  100. Marc


    Who gives a shit if Kroenke is nice or popular. He’s a business man whose main interest is seeing the club appreciate in value. What is going to happen to the clubs value when we drop out of the top 4 next season (£30 million off bottom line)? What’s going to happen when Sanchez, Ozil, Kos and Bellerin move or agitate for moves next summer and we are starting to renegotiate shirt / sponsorship deals with no “star players” to sell the brand? Another £30 million a season compared to our rivals. What happens when players don’t want to join us because we’ve no CL football (it’s already happening with CL football) and we’re seen as a club where any quality is jumping ship?

    You honestly think Kroenke got where he is by not being able to see the wood for the trees. If Wenger and Gazidis (I think he’s given up on trying to encourage Wenger to spend and is now going through the motions) went to Kroenke and said we’re going to spend £80 million on this player, he’ll give us an excellent chance of winning the league and will sell thousands of shirts, make us the most watched team on tv, increase shirt / sponsorship deals and generally bring in a shit load of cash he wouldn’t say “guys I pay you to run the club” fucking go for it?

  101. tunnygriffboy

    Just heard a french “football expert” on talksport wax lyrical about Lacazette. He reckons the people at Lyon, where Martial started, couldn’t understand why Martial went to Euros instead of Lacazette. He reckons Lacazette is versatile, can play anywhere upfront and has and will score bucket loads of goals.

    Rumours he has asked to leave but wouldn’t kick up a major fuss as he is a Lyon boy. Club would sell at the right price.

    C’mon Wenger, splash the cash

    Ps: Mario Gomes available