Wenger opting for plan B?

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Me, erry morning, after typing 'Arsenal news' into Google

Me, ‘erry morning, after typing ‘Arsenal news’ into Google

Well, well, well… still no action.

Our options slowly evaporating. Morata staying at Madrid after signing a new 5 year deal. Lacazette is too expensive and we don’t want him. Higuain is being courted by Madrid and I have my doubts we’d go 50m for a striker who will be 29 in December (My mistake, he is younger than I originally thought) / a striker we didn’t want to pay 32m for when he was, you know, young and fresh out of a great league. There’s Icardi who I think could be a special player, but I can’t help but think interest there is being stoked by an Inter desperate to sell their players.

So there we have it…

PLAN A: Buy Vardy and Mikki then think about a centre back.


PLAN B: Errr, let’s wait until the end of the summer and see who Madrid fancy flogging

It’s a very poor strategy. In fact, it’s not a strategy, it’s a luxury tactic only managers who are bullet proof would dare engage in. Most other managers would be using that monster warchest and going hardcore at some names in a bid to make sure whomever came in had a chance to adjust before the start of the season.

Quick digression: Did you read about Bielsa of Lazio. He’d agreed to move to the club this summer, he resigned after 48 hours. Why?

“After four weeks working together with you, we could not sign any of the seven additions in the work programme expressly approved by the president, Claudio Lotito,”

WHAT. Firstly, 7 players? I thought Wenger said you could only sign three or risk squad implosion? Secondly, how extensive do we think the Arsene Wenger’s list was? Feels like it had 3 names on it. The most productive midfielder in the Bundesliga and the top scorer in the Prem. Thirdly, I’d love Wenger to come out and say why these players haven’t landed… if it is the management team, call them out. Thing is, you know it’s pretty unlikely it’s them. Wenger has something of a reputation for beeing a feet dragger these days, well, in fact, all days.

Anyway, we are where we always are. Waiting on things to drop for other clubs, hoping to benefit from a domino effect. I just can’t believe that’s our plan again.

Also, while I’m having a rant. Alex worried that he was wrong for critiquing Wenger for being on a stint in France. Come on Alex and people, like Wenger being on a jolly for 6 weeks has any comparison to photocopy repairers taking a holiday.

Firstly, Wenger will have had his holiday period post season, like most managers will have. Secondly, he took SIX WEEKS off. SIX WEEKS. Working remotely, away from a management team that has as much power as the sandwich boy at Goldman Sachs does. You think that’s normal? Fucking hell, honestly, the ‘jeez, can we just be cool with everything because it’s Wenger and Arsenal’ thing really does rile me. Same with swapping shirts mid-game, ‘in some cultures it’s cool the bend over to someone you’re competing against like and beg for their shirt like a 13 year old school boy’ Do me a favour, it’s embarrassing to worship another man like that. Unless it’s Thierry, or Bobby P.

BACK TO IT. Wenger runs the Arsenal. He lost out on the league last year to Leicester. He’s away for 6 weeks… and guess what we’ve done? F*ck all again.

I mean, jeez, no point in getting too irate, it’s not like when he is in the office he’s doing that much during the summer.

I was debating online yesterday about the failings so far and the money issue came up… i.e. Man U blew us out the water with money. Again, can we stop going back to this. Arsenal had 75% of the cash reserves of the entire league at one point last year. We have Champions League football (20 consecutive years of it). We have a massive shirt sponsorship deal. We have a massive kit sponsorship deal. The Premier League has a TV deal that could solve third world poverty. Watford and West Ham are dropping £30m bids on players.

Arsenal had a wage bill last year 3m short of City’s. 10m short of United’s (for context, that’s 2/3 of a Wayne Rooney).  Don’t tell me we can’t pay Mikki 200k a week. The reason we don’t pay those wages is Wenger. He’s top dog and he won’t allow anyone to earn more than him. Then ask yourself this, how is our wage bill so close to City’s who pay a bucket load of players 150k p/w+? Must be a pretty terrible spread of cash. Also, remember, we shed 300k p/w of deadwood. Mikki on 200k should have happened, if we truly believed he was the hard working, defensively able, production dream machine of a wide man we were looking for.

Anyway. We’re here again. Starting preseason with a whole bunch of players who won’t be fit / injured. We’ve still got Theo at the club, we still have Gibbs, Chambo, JC and Debuchy there. We have no striker after 4 years, no centre back and no creative wideman who can take up that right side. It’s all looking pretty samey.

Such a shame as well. An aggressive summer with the foundations we have and we could be challenging.

There’s still time, but come on, you know we’re going to end up with a plan B no one wanted and we’re all going to be slightly disappointed when we roll into the new season, crying into our duck pate baguettes when we’re 2-0 down to a poor Liverpool side.

Even if we do get our shit together, we’ll have 3 players coming in who won’t have had a proper preseason, plus the players who will return late who won’t have had a proper preseason… the exuses ramping up already.

Still, silver lining, a bad season and this will be the last one for Wenger.

The only thing stopping me from jumping out a window.

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  1. Mick Kartun

    Even Bould is more than enough to manage this deluded dream squad:


    Bellerin KOULIBALY Koscielny Monreal

    W.CARVALHO Xhaka

    MAHREZ Ozil Sanchez


    But again with arse’ne, we must shut the fuck up and take this fucking squad.


    Bell Mert Kos Mon

    Elnino Xhaka

    Wally Asano Iwobi


    ….happy days.

  2. Angeausarsenal

    Thanks for the heads up N5, you would not believe the grief i have copped over there for my comments, someone told me to go and support stoke, lol I said maybe Iwill when they finish above us after Wenger yet again fails to sign a striker and Koscileny gets sold to Bayern.

  3. Red&White4life

    On Bein Sport during the Euro, you could see arsène shaking the hand of Pogba and wishing him a good game.

    A real “I almost signed” hand shake.

  4. BigCheese

    Kos won’t go anywhere.

    He’s been indoctrinated into Wenger’s belief that winning, ambition and bettering yourself are all make believe.

    He’s more than happy to pick up his paycheck at Arsenal knowing that there’s zero expectation of him to win anything.

    Look at Ozil and Sanchez – champions league, la liga, world cup, copa America etc winners yet they still here after that last shower of shit season we had.

    Wenger buys these talented players who are mentally weak and takes advantage of them.

    Hence we have some of the most expensive bench warmers in the league.

    They will only leave once Wenger has physically ruined them (Pires, Henry, Vieira, Gilberto, Lundberg) or once in awhile one of them grows some balls leaves on their own accord ( Cesc and RvP).

    Snake of a man.

  5. BigCheese

    Interesting stat – The invincible winning year Wenger only used 22 players all year. That’s less than Leicester last season.

    Perhaps this is why Wenger is obsessed with team chemistry and refuses to rotate?

    Can be done but not with players made of dry spaghetti…

  6. Wallace

    “Interesting stat – The invincible winning year Wenger only used 22 players all year. That’s less than Leicester last season.”

    9 times out of 10 the team that wins it is the team that keeps its best players fit the longest.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t know mate, isn’t Kozz into his last year on his deal now? No need to kick and scream if you can force the club’s hand in that way. Munich though, I’m not sure, already got Hummels in, along wit Boateng that would be pretty stiff competition, unless Munich are going 3-5-2?

    Ozil and Sanchez as well, neither have signed new deals (as far as I know), again, actions speaking louder than words.

    I have no idea what this club is doing right now. The new league season starts in four weeks, what on earth are they playing at, again?

  8. Samesong

    Hummels is injury prone so there won’t be that much competition. And I don’t think theres much between all three in terms of quality.

  9. Marko

    I probably think Koscielny is slightly better than Hummels. Honestly. Keep in mind Mats is slightly injury prone and Laurent is made of kryptonite

  10. Thank you and goodnight

    Don’t know if it’s true but with holdings signing alongside Asano,it’s put the fear of the gods into Barcelona,real Madrid,atletico and bayern who have all pulled out of this year’s CL as they fear the galactico team that wenger’s building.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Black Hei

    You may be right, and you cannot blame them, I think any of us would do the same.

    Really struggling with this club now. As a football fan you’re suppose to really be invested in your team, the ups and downs of sports, excitement, delirium and misery etc.

    As Arsenal fans do we get that? No, just feels like a duty, watching the same thing every single season, predictable, lifeless but this is our club so we watch anyway.


    Maybe, but Kozz is getting on a bit now, I understand wanting to win some big trophies and playing for a team with ambition that behaves like a football club, but that is some serious competition.

    Not disagreeing though, Kozz is right up there with the best CB’s going.

  12. Red&White4life

    “watching the same thing every single season, predictable, lifeless but this is our club so we watch anyway.”


  13. azed

    Nobody had heard of Vieira, Koscielny, Kolo Toure, Bellerin or Lauren when we bought them for modest fees.
    Ali came from MK Dons and played a whole season in the Ptemiership

    Nobody’s ever heard of Sanogo either

  14. Thank you and goodnight


    Your mistaken. Mrs Smith from 39 Brook close has heard of Sanogo and likes him very much apart from fact he keeps falling over his own feet delivering the post. She says “Sanogo is a lovely boy apart from the fact he reminds me of a camel chasing a coconut down the stairs”

  15. Thank you and goodnight


    That’s why he’s a bit pissed at wenger….weeks away from winning that award he was 😀

  16. Frank Mc

    “Sanogo is a lovely boy apart from the fact he reminds me of a camel chasing a coconut down the stairs”

    TYAG hahahaha

  17. Thank you and goodnight

    @Frank Mc

    I’d love to take credit for that comment but it was another poster on here who came up with that. Still one of the best descriptions of Sanogo I’ve ever heard.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Anyone else seen all this Bellerin to City stuff, apparently Guardiola is a big admirer and could prove the key to any potential move…that would be a big blow, Bellerin is likely to be top notch.

    I really cannot we’re over halfway through July and all I’m reading about is Kozz potentially leaving, Bellerin having his head turned, Sanchez and Ozil’s futures being uncertain, are there still people who think this club has its shit together, regardless of blame, does anybody really think we’re conducting ourselves properly, not just this summer but taking into account that this is now the standard and accepted Arsenal transfer approach over the past ten years?

  19. Cesc Appeal


    I do think at this point you need to be an ultra deluded type to think Arsenal are carrying on correctly.

    We need modernising so badly, just is not enough footballing infrastructure at this club.

  20. Thank you and goodnight


    Unfortunately mate too many ret3rds still love the man. Until we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet we’re stuck with wenger till he does

  21. N5

    I’d be surprised if Ty could tie his own shoes!

    Thank you, thank you.

    *And Kyoshi thinks I’m a cunt, that shows him!!

  22. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t know, this is going to be a very interesting year, year on year more fans have just lost patience with him, last year seeing the biggest and most apparent turn against him, this window is causing a mass of anger and frustration out there, so the keg is ready to go off essentially, we have a tough start to the season, now Wenger can try and hide behind the fact that he is missing players, but it won’t wash except for those who want desperately for it to wash.

    He’s in the last year of his deal, fans can imagine a life without him now, we’ve seen an influx of top managers in the EPL and many Arsenal fans now sort of think ‘our turn.’

    For Arsenal to sneak a new deal under the radar will require expert timing and a really long strong spell in the league, I just think a new Wenger deal in a climate of another botched window and shaky league performances causes riots.

    If ever Arsenal fans had the power, this is the season, because if Wenger does go, and properly goes, not becomes DoF or something, next year Kroenke is completely bare to wrath of the fans if he tries to continue as is, many of the fans who won’t vocalise their criticism now because of misplayed loyalty and affection toward Wenger, will not restrain themselves when he’s gone.

    Unless the nightmare scenario of Wenger as DoF and some sort of club legend as assistant manager occurs, I can only see a positive future for Arsenal, would just be a question of length of time, if Kroenke is a good owner, very quickly, if he tries to stay as is, may take longer to oust him, but, in my opinion, it would happen eventually.

  23. Emiratesstroller


    The real concern is that the club are sleep walking into a crisis as I pointed out yesterday.

    Koscielny’s contract has been allowed to run down to one more year as was the problem with Van Persie. The choice is do you sell your only top class CB at a much reduced price or hold onto him for the rest of his contract and allow him to go on freebie.

    This brings us to second problem and that is Arsenal will be faced with having
    to replace two CBs rather than one over next two summer transfer windows.

    This follows on to the Ozil and Sanchez situation. The fact is that their management must be aware that other clubs with more ambition and aggression are prepared to pay more and offer their players better prospects than at Arsenal.

    It is no longer an issue whether Arsenal have a better team or squad than many of the other top clubs, but the lack of ambition and negotiating skills of
    our management and major shareholder.

    Wenger is sadly not a major attraction for most of the top players in Europe and most of the agents,players and even the media do not look pass that fact.

    This is why I along with others like Alexander Henry blame the Kroenke family for their lack of activity. A blind man must know what the problem is and yet
    they do nothing to rectify situation.

  24. Thank you and goodnight


    I really hope your right mate. But everytime I think a new dawn is coming Teflon Wenger manages to slime his way out of it with majority of fans.

  25. Relieable Sauce

    Juve and Dortmund doing good business this summer.

    Will we even sell Walcott or Sanogo ??

    Its more like Arsene-al Financial Corporation, they are certainly not running Arsenal like a football club because, lets face it, its not that difficult.
    There are tried and tested models, methods and strategies that have been proven over many years at every level in every league.

    Are they grossly incompetent or are they con men ?

  26. Redtruth

    “that’s not the same when it comes to the above argument – Mourinho’s 500m team does impact on the ability of Wenger’s 250m team to win things, because to win things Wenger’s team has to finish ahead of Mourinho’s.”

    Leicester City..haha lol

  27. Danish Gooner

    Wenger could be gone by September if he fails to find adequate signings and his team delivers one of their increasingly likely to happen “accidents ” at one of our closest rivals like Spuds,Chavski,Manure,Citeh or Pool.

  28. Danish Gooner

    Holding is the second signing so we only have to look forward to a striker if Asano isnt promoted because wenger have seen something in pre season.

  29. Marko

    I do think at this point you need to be an ultra deluded type to think Arsenal are carrying on correctly.

    Nailed it son.

    It’s funny but I think the only real criticism you can point at Kroenke is in not appointing a DoF or not sacking Wenger.

  30. TitsMcGee

    Jesus H. Christ @ Wenger’s “three signings”.

    ASano who has average numbers in a terrible league.

    Holding….just L.O.L

    Xhaka …good signing.

    We needed multiple good signings this summer. So far (assuming Wenger was BSing about only signing three) we have 1 good player, 1 major project and 1 goddamm joke of a signing. Lol

    Jesus H Christ @ Wenger and anyone who thought he’d change.

  31. TitsMcGee

    Bayern Munich win their league.

    Sign Mats Hummels and Renato Sanches.

    Arsenal finish 10 points back of the league winners and put in a £2 million bid for a Bolton Wanderers defender.

  32. TitsMcGee

    Sign Hummels (from their bitter rival) and Sanches within days of the end of the season as well.

    The funny part is that the idiocy that is the AKB mantra will come out and say something like “we’ll how is Wenger supposed to win with Asano and Holding” forgetting that Wenger signed them in the first place 😉

  33. Cesc Appeal


    There’s blame all around, Wenger has the club exactly like he wants it, total power vested in him, no one who can veto or trump him, no one who can make moves over his head, aside from Kroenke there’s no one at the club Wenger could not have removed, including Gazidis.

    Kroenke treats sports teams as businesses, provided Wenger keeps the profit coming in and Arsenal are financially healthy, he could care less.

    That is the problem, both Wenger and Kroenke are in a nice little niche of power and control for the former and profit and financial health for the latter. The only people getting shafted are the fans, because they make the club financially healthy, and they are the ones (half of them anyway) who back Wenger giving him the power he adores…but they offer the fans nothing in return.

    I’ve said it many times, Arsenal need dragging into the 21st Century, we need a DoF, we need a footballing infrastructure, we need to move to a US style model that most big European sides have copied, where the manager is but one cog in a giant machine, albeit an important cog, with equally bit hitters in positions throughout the club.

    The problem at Arsenal is total centralisation of power, Kroenke invested in Arsenal because of Wenger, he could leave it all in Wenger’s experienced hands with a subjugated fan base ensuring financial health. Wenger was more than happy to do it, but when Wenger’s wrong (often) there is no one to challenge him, he can spout all the crap he wants about being accountable and ambition etc, actions speak louder than his words.

    The fans have a chance this year I think, the whole nasty set up is balanced precariously, they’re getting this window wrong, again, the fans are started to desert Wenger on mass and I doubt there’s many Arsenal fans who back Kroenke.

    Arsenal have become a club not worth supporting (sorry but its true) and the fans should be livid about that.

  34. Jamie

    Wellington Silva goes back to Fluminense on a permanent deal. Another 3m for the coffers, although we took a loss on him overall. That almost covers the Holding and Asano deals.

    Watch Asano, Wally, or Sanogo score a few during preseason and be rolled out as the internal solutions in an inflated and ‘top top talentless’ market.

    I’ve never been a supporter wanting Arsenal to start losing games in order to facilitate a regime change, but I’m really close to the edge right now.

    Fucking Wenger. There will be close to a quarter of a billion in cash in the bank this season. What in the actual fuck.

  35. STV

    Bring back Sczesny at goal, Emmanuel ping-pong at mid along with the added strength of Holding and Sanogoal,

    There, Wenger’s galacticos up and Running..


    Jenkinsin Gabriel Chambers Gibbs
    _____ Wishere Frimpong
    Walcott_ __________Chamberlain
    ________ __Akpom/Asano ___


    Manager: Sir Arsene Wenger

    A proper Galactico Fuck you Real This is the Real one.

  36. GoonerDave

    I cannot believe that some fans cannot see what Kroenke has done.
    His shares are now worth almost a billion more than he paid! That’s because our debt was paid down so much and we spent so little. The fans’ money has been used to make Stan’s shares more profitable instead of improving the team.
    This is not an attempt to exonerate AW – this is about ownership and is a separate issue.
    If I’m right, we won’t see much increase in spending after AW leaves. If I’m wrong and our next manager spends heavily and wins the league, I’ll come back and accept all the deserved pot-shots!
    Sadly, I think Kroenke’s actions have already proved that we are in trouble as long as he is owner.

  37. Carts

    Wenger finds himself in this position, not cos of the inflated market and Sky money, but cos of his arrogance and utter contempt for taking the previous transfer windows seriously.

    I mean, just look at what is happening…we’re trying to sign players to catch up to other teams, as opposed to signing players to maintain our position as a top club.

    Just imagine if we had went hard for Huguain, Suarez etc when we really should’ve…we’d have player in their prime going ape!!!

    Now we’re looking at players that are unjustifiably priced, but hey, no point moaning about it as there doesn’t seem to be anyway around this issue.

    Good luck, Wenger…should’ve bounced when you had the chance.

  38. Red&White4life

    “This is why I along with others like Alexander Henry blame the Kroenke family for their lack of activity. ”

    I’m sorry, but of what activity are we talking about exactly ??
    Trading money ??

  39. Emiratesstroller

    The concern is not only about the players we should or should not be buying but also the small number of high quality players on our books who are refusing to sign new contracts.

    I watched Holding during the Toulon Tournament when he played alongside Chambers. Frankly I did not see a great deal of difference between the two players in terms of performance.

    The major difference is that Arsenal paid £16 million for Chambers and just over £2 million on Holding. That suggests that those doing deals at Arsenal are clueless despite all the so-called investment in IT analysis.

    I repeat once again why are Arsenal so inept in negotiations both with players on their books and also those we are trying to buy and sell?

  40. Red&White4life

    L’oLreal up front is a plan Z.

    But like Ethan Hunt once said : “desperate times, desperate measures.”

  41. Alexanderhenry

    Well ,it’s looking like yet another shit show of a transfer window.
    There’s still plenty of time of course but I have very little faith in arsenal making any really serious financial commitments. We may make another big signing but my guess is that it will be financed through player sales. Maybe Walcott or the ox will be sacrificed.

    What’s clear is that stan’s priority is the rams move to LA
    I strongly suspect that one of the reasons why arsenal are stockpiling cash, is to help leverage that deal.

  42. Red&White4life

    “I have very little faith in arsenal ”
    “in arsène” please, that’s completely different.

  43. Alexanderhenry


    Great post.

    Kroenke has essentially ripped off arsenal fans who have been paying the highest ticket prices in football for years.

    The only way to get rid of him.is not to buy tickets to games and in particular, not to renew season tickets.
    I can’t see that happening though. Kroenke will ruin arsenal

  44. Alexanderhenry


    On the contrary, he’s managed to keep us top four despite spending a fraction of our rivals.
    Where he is at fault. is in his blind loyalty to our laughably unsuccessful owner.

  45. Bamford10

    Giroud might be our starting CF for the fifth year in a row come August. Five years of this inadequate mediocrity. Absolutely inexcusable.

  46. Frank Mc

    Blind faith in perma crocks and blind faith in players nowhere near good enough to play for Arsenal?

    That’s surely not Stan’s fault is it?

  47. Alexanderhenry


    If you don’t spend enough money that’s what you get; ‘perma crocks and players nowhere near good enough to play for arsenal’

  48. Frank Mc

    AH but our salary bill is £180m that’s surely a big enough salary pot to assemble a proper team? I mean that shower of shite up the road have done a fairly good job for a lot less, I don’t see how that’s Stan’s fault, I really don’t.

  49. Wallace


    “Lol Watching Wallace squirm is his own shiiite is amusing.”

    taking a break from telling colleagues to ‘try turning it off and on again’, tits?

  50. TitsMcGee

    taking a break from telling colleagues to ‘try turning it off and on again’, tits?”

    Yea because that is what network engineers do 😉

    It’s no wonder Wenger is still in a job and it’s no wonder you have the opinion you do about the situation 😉

  51. qna

    Alexander. Lets assume you are right in your belief that Wenger is not the problem. Its only Silent Stan.

    Play that forward. What is the solution? What should happen in the best interests of Arsenal?

    You have suggested a fan movement that hits the hip pocket of SS. How is this going to happen?

    There is only ONE way. Wenger needs to be sacked. This will give the opportunity for youbto be proven correct when the next manager also fails to be given money to spend.

    It is ONLY at this point that the fans will ever be united in opposition to SS. At this point there can and probably will be action designed to hit the hip pocket of SS.

    So in actual fact your argument that we should keep Wenger is always going to be counter productive even if your underlying beleif is true. You need to join the #WengerOut team for the good of the club. Even if that means things get worse before they get better.

  52. EN1AFC

    AlexanderHenry talking bollocks again. Wengers spent plenty of money and our wage bill isn’t far short of Chelsea and City. It’s Wenger’s socialist wage structure that’s the problem as are the piss poor players he’s recruited over the years. Stan has no say in wages or who Wenger chooses to buy, that’s Wenger and Wenger only. There’s also no evidence whatsoever to suggest Kroenke has ever denied Wenger transfer funds, an article was posted here not long ago which said it was actually quite the contrary.

    I take it your blaming Kroenke for keeping the likes of Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta, Bendtner, Chamakh on the wage bill for so long and even buying some of them in the first place? Are you also blaming kroenke for the piss poor naive tactics we employ season in season out? Pre planned substitutions? How about the injury crisis we suffer each season without fail? Or the lack of squad depth due to our poor recruitment policy. All kroenkes fault?

    He’s a huge problem at our football club no doubt about it. He clearly doesn’t give a flying fuck about winning and is letting Wenger do what he wants running the club top to bottom making huge profits while keeping a lot of fans happy. But You trying to blame him for everything just to absolve any blame whatsoever from Wenger is pathetic.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    Completely agree.

    The only way things stay the same at Arsenal is if Wenger gets a new deal or Kroenke slyly goes for another emotional play and makes Wenger DoF and puts a legend in the dugout as assistant to some stooge, that way the same people who for the same reasons insist that everything is hunky-dory will continue to do the same thing.

    If Kroenke is a good owner, Wenger gone means Arsenal modernise, if he’s a bad owner, the fan base would be near totally united against him.

  54. Bamford10

    An accounting question: how are players (as assets) listed and treated on a club’s balance sheet?

    Anyone know this or have a link to a representative balance sheet that shows this?

  55. TitsMcGee

    Play that forward. What is the solution? What should happen in the best interests of Arsenal?”

    Also believing that it is just Stan’s fault explains spending net 11 million last year how?

  56. Phd007

    Is it joke Friday today??

    Anyway doesn’t matter-I’ve got a joke..

    What do N5 & Arsene both have in common?
    Their respective wives left them both… 🙂


    Now all they have left is each other(Arsene & N5)..Misery loves company N5.. 🙂
    Even Arsene is shafting you ..Being bent over the barrel for how many years now?
    12 years a loser-N5..LOL

    Now watch N5 go into meltdown mode…lol

  57. Wallace


    “Yea because that is what network engineers do
    It’s no wonder Wenger is still in a job and it’s no wonder you have the opinion you do about the situation ”

    yeah man, Stan & Ivan keep asking me, ‘shall we send him packing?’, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m not decisive enough for this much power. breaks my heart seeing you all so disillusioned on here.

  58. Red&White4life

    Apparently manure ready to splash 125M euros for Pogba.
    As long as they have the cash, where’s the problem ?? lol

  59. Bamford10


    Alex claims Kroenke told Wenger he could only spend 11m — despite:
    – our spending anywhere from 30-70m in several previous windows
    – our possessing some £150m in cash on hand
    – the debunking of the theory that amassing cash would somehow help Kroenke in his bid to move the Rams to L.A.
    – Wenger himself saying that Kroenke has never restricted him in the market

    Personally, I think AH should get binned.

  60. TitsMcGee

    TitsAlex claims Kroenke told Wenger he could only spend 11m — despite:
    – our spending anywhere from 30-70m in several previous windows
    – our possessing some £150m in cash on hand
    – the debunking of the theory that amassing cash would somehow help Kroenke in his bid to move the Rams to L.A.
    – Wenger himself saying that Kroenke has never restricted him in the marketPersonally, I think AH should get binned.”

    LOL I mean I was wondering if it was just me. How can people love a man so much that they become blind to things staring them right in the face?

    It’s scary how people seem to want to defend Wenger. Scary.

  61. Phd007


    Mind your own business..

    It’s got nothing to do with you mate..

    Me &N5 have history going back 5 years…

    So,I suggest you back off..& you are one to talk about being childish..

    I don’t butt into your arguments on here..So,I expect the same in return..

  62. Bamford10


    Ummm, trolling other posters for personal reasons or about their personal lives has no place here, and you’ll notice that three or four other posters have also told you to stop.

    Should we ask Pedro what he thinks of your behavior?

    Or should you instead just discuss Arsenal / football?

  63. Samesong

    Should we ask Pedro what he thinks of your behavior?

    Wow Bamford like your post but your come across a bit like a teacher’s pet

    I don’t agree with PHD slating N5 for no reason but really??

  64. N5

    PHD, I’ve been respectful to ignore your little digs for over a year. I’ve not addressed you in any of my comments. You mistook a comment I made to Marko last night as serious and took exception to it. I must say I didn’t miss the irony of someone named PHD being to stupid to understand sarcasm.

    You have the biggest small man syndrome I’ve ever come across, online or real life!! You’re a pint sized Jackie Chan with a huge mouth safe by the anonymity of the internet. You would be quiet as a mouse if we met. You’d take your 4ft 11, 8 stone body and slink out of whatever respective hole you were in If I were there with you. I’d love to hear your jokes about my wife then!!

    Keep going on about my wife anyway. It just again highlights your lack of comprehension. I’ve told you I’m still very much married so not sure what you get out of this? Its words on a blog by a small loudmouth? Water of the back mate.

    From Kiyoshi, to SDE, to PHD!! You’ve changed your names more than you have made up girlfriends (which you’ve cryed to Midwest about in an attempt to look like a human, remember Norman Bates and his mother?). But you are easily identified by you fornicating moronic communications and nasty tiny tiny man complex.

    After this comment you go back into the list of people not worth replying to. But before that, if you’re SDEs warden, can I request that the hospital/prison he is in picks up the monitoring of his online behaviour.

    You have issues Ito, serious issues.

  65. Bamford10


    I disagree. It’s like when Dimitri was filling up with Le Grove with his white supremacist bullshit. Why should it be tolerated? People here will allow the blog to be dragged down by various ugly voices. Why? What is wrong with asking Pedro to assess these things? It’s his blog after all. The only reason he doesn’t referee more often is that he has a job and he spends more time on Twitter than here.

    I couldn’t care less about how I sound. Several others find PhD’s trolling inappropriate. What is the difference b/t saying ‘hey, PhD, that’s not cool’ and saying, ‘hey, PhD, should we ask Pedro if he thinks that’s cool?’. Very little, aside from the fact that the latter is more likely to have an effect.

  66. N5

    Thank you Bamford and I fully agree that people like him shouldn’t be tolerated .Pedro has banned him under numerous names but he just keeps coming back, bigger and more mental than ever.

  67. Bamford10


    Further, do we not all have an interest in, one, limiting any personal abuse that goes on here, and two, maintaining and improving the quality of the discussion here? I think we do.