More transfer rumours… Mauro Icardi’s having a party

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Lock up your daughters (and wives)

Lock up your daughters (and wives)

Hello everyone and happy Sunday.

So some people didn’t like me bagging on big Weng yesterday for moonlighting as a football pundit over the summer. I can see that. The self-righteousness of some fans and journalists towards the lifestyles of footballers (and managers) can be hard to stomach at times. Articles that criticised England’s footballers for going on holiday after their shocking performance at the Euros were as misguided as they were pithy.

What were they supposed to do? Hole themselves up in their back room until August, Jimmy Stewart style, with only some binoculars and Grace Kelly for company. Sod that.

Has your response to a lousy review at work ever been to say, “Fuck it kids. Holiday is cancelled. We’re going to knuckle down over the summer so I can figure out why I’m so garbage at repairing photocopiers”. I expect not.

Having said all that, I do think Weng’s commentary role is a bit of a PR problem for him. The fanbase was nearly torn asunder last season. Ardent defenders of one of the club’s greatest ever managers versus those who are desperate for any kind of change. Whatever the merits of either argument, something had to give. The expectation was that the manager would redouble his efforts, ensure his legacy is secure and do everything he can to make us title contenders.

He’s perfectly entitled to a holiday, and to earning some extra money on the side if he wants. But as and when it becomes clear that this transfer window is panning out like every other half arsed one that came before it, are we not entitled to ask whether the commentary gig is a bit of a distraction?


In other news Laurent Koscielny has rejected a contract, though apparently he hasn’t. Higuaín is definitely on his way, although actually maybe now he isn’t. We are in a race to sign Manolas from Roma… hang on, aren’t these all rumours from 2013? Is this summer so barren that its caved in on itself and we are sitting on the theoretical lip of our own transfer rumour black hole witnessing past, present and future Arsenal transfer windows at the same time?!

NO. And stop using time travelling analogies.

I genuinely don’t know how much truth there is in any of these rumours. The only known known is that any new signings will not have much time to bed in before the start of the new season. It all points to bad planning again.


News just in… Apparently we have made contact with Mauro Icardi’s reps about bringing him to London.

Here are his stats for the last three seasons:

Goals 47
Mins/goal 145
Conversion (excl pens) 24%
Assists 12
Mins/chance created 81

Pretty similar to Giroud so not quite the level we need but, hey, at least we are trying something. The important thing to know about Icardi is that he stole his teammates missus then got tattoos of their kids’ names. The guy is an ice cold killer. Elite mentality that is sorely needed at Arsenal.

Joking aside, the guy doesn’t look like a world beater but at this stage I’d take almost anyone. The alternative of course is that we move to two up front. Walcott or Alexis playing alongside Giroud. It worked well for France during the Euros and actually played to the handsome bastard’s strengths. Griezmann is obviously another level, but I think Sanchez could thrive in a partnership like this.

What are your thoughts? Are there any decent number 9s out there that we could actually sign? Would you take Icardi? How about two up top? Let me know.

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  1. Wenker-wanger

    If there is any justice in the football world it has to be that this disaster-manager wankger gets found out by the media and football fans nationwide. Rather like a shite and tyranical husband, we , the long suffering wife have complained about this fraud’s psthetic. And self-centred performance but no- ones really listening. This season with a formidable competition it will finally dawn on people that this useless tosser is way out of. Peps and co. S league and will take arsenal out of the top 4.
    There will be no major squad improvement. This clown finished 2nd… In his world we are good enough.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    Ah yes….Wenger the martyr.

    If he could only donate his modest earnings of 8 million pounds a year to charity, he would really stamp his place in the history books alongside the likes of Mother Theresa and kids all round the World would grow up with ‘One Arsene Wenger’ on their lips.

  3. Marko

    Not that I really believe it but Higuain and Gabriel in Giroud and Campbell (boo) out would be a great bit of business. And you still have the chance to be rid of Walcott and replace him too. Never gonna happen though Arsene is happy to wait and see what scraps are left late August

  4. shad

    “In pure footballing terms, given the resources at his disposal, or lack of them, I’m not sure any manager could have done better. Also, other top coaches would not have put up with working under those kind of financial restrictions.”

    It was confirmed that during the period after the stadium move, Wenger indeed was limited but not exactly financially cuffed to the point he couldn’t afford world class players. The reality of the truth is that the board and hierarchy secured long term deals on debt repayment and kit deals that looked good in the short term but in the long term we have seen better deals thrashed out for others. Notwithstanding, Arsenal generates crazy money from ticket sales, and the sales of the Highbury apartments.

    From 2011 Arsenal has always maintained a transfer budget of £50m going up, which we should have been able to get at least 2 top class talents each year, not factoring in dross disposal. Wenger has been piss poor managerially and financially and there is no salvaging how often he has short changed the team.

    So please do not use finances as a blanket to cover Wenger’s failings.
    Read this article and be more informed.

    We can be respectful to him for his first 8 yrs in charge but he has been a shadow of himself, wallowing in abject managerial decisions and foolish arrogance. Thankfully for him, Kroenke and Gazidis are a ball-less pair and allow him to get away with it.

  5. Red&White4life

    Whaaaaat ?? Kos has finally relized that he won’t be champ under wenger ??
    It’s about fucking time Laurent!!

  6. Marko

    Alex I think you’ve confused modern Arsenal to that of the Arsenal back in the early days of the stadium move. But those days are over for a few years now. And besides Kroenke doesn’t explain why we went into a season with one fit striker or two fit centre backs or no DM for years and still no striker. Doesn’t explain all the years wasted on Diaby or Wilshere or Almunia or the signings of Kallstrom or Andre Santos etc. I mean that’s all Wenger. Also hasn’t it only been established Kroenke’s taken out 3 million from the club twice the last two years? And it hasn’t been reported he’s borrowed on behalf of the club as he could easily do it with the franchises he has in America. So what exactly is he to blame for? That he doesn’t put pressure on Wenger to be more competitive? Do other managers need someone in their ear telling them to do this and do that? Can’t he be competitive himself

  7. STV

    “If Dien was such a trophy winner I wonder why other teams are spending so much on managers when all they need is Dien.”

    Not interested in mudslinging nor interested in a reply. Just trying to correct a little ignorance.

    Teams cannot buy Deins. He was an owner with 42% shares (which he progressivelyvsold to Frizzman ), also vice chairman of the club apart from his role in FA.

    Wenger was a low grade coach in Japan. It was Dein who brought him here in a second attempt (first promptly rejected by other board members) mostly because of his personal connection.

    A proper manager can do a lot of things Wenger being a improper manager needed all sort of help he could get.. Still do.

  8. Rambo Ramsey

    The Invincibles milestone was probably the worst thing that could have happened to Wenger. The golden PL title, an achievement that could never be topped…you can see why he might have thought like that. Since then he’s clearly been more interested in achieving excellence in variety of other matters, everything but title-winning football.

  9. Relieable Sauce

    “it does not satisfy the expectations of supporters”

    They seem to have been perfectly satisfied with the status quo for over a decade.

    Whats changed ? Their perception, or your definitions?

  10. Ughelligunner

    Since we are all pessimistic about this window, is it not high time the BSM and AST organised a protest, or a one on one meeting with Wenger rather than Gazidis to hear his plan and give him an ultimatum? This should be done now rather than during the season. I hate that our “average” football be spoilt with any kind of protest.

    I hope most anti wenger legrovers, would be involved this time, only a few have ever participated on here. The rest are wishy wishy.

  11. N5

    Sauce surely you’re not that ignorant to think that all ground going supporters’ are there for Wenger!! FFS loads are unhappy and have been for years but support the team regardless.

    You don’t attend, well you’re the problem then because no one can hear your protest from your home!!!

  12. Marko

    Wenger apologists in this day and age after so many failed transfer windows really baffles me. I mean there’s so much evidence to show its him and no one else’s fault. I mean granted their was financial restrictions but that was years ago. No more excuses

  13. Bigwilly

    Let the shit hit the fan if we lose to the scousers opening’s no more than the manager(laugh)& club deserve.every transfer window they shove our noses in it.if they can’t see or fief use to accept they have run out of good grace from the fans then so be it.end of last season ought to have told them that.if this window continues in the same vain as others I predict wenger will be out b4 Christmas.we’ve had enough………..

  14. Bamford10

    At this point I’m thinking the absolute best case scenario — though highly unlikely — is that we sign both Icardi and Mahrez and look like this next season:


    That would actually be a fairly interesting and competitive side.

    * I have lost faith in Cech, and Ospina was excellent in the Copa America. Plus I want to stay on Marble’s good side. 😉

  15. TitsMcGee

    Not impressed with Icardi. Funny we’re always looking to sign some ok player and hope the stars align and ge turns into a good player rather than signing the finished article.

    Perhaps this is due to lack of ambition an unwillingness to pay for top talent and perhaps the rest is everyone in the world knows we’re gash.

  16. Relieable Sauce


    I was generalising, as was E Stroller. Neither of us are correct but his statement is just more incorrect.
    Semantics really but I’m not seeing too much disatisfaction ie. numbers, duration. Therefore, I would say most fans are satisfied, just about.
    The same way a pint of stale piss would satisfy a man dying of thirst.

  17. Bamford10

    Because Pedro has floated the idea of playing Alexis through the center again on Twitter, I will float a related thought / solution, which would be to go to 4-4-2 as follows:


    While neither Walcott nor Alexis is quite right as a lone striker, they might form an interesting pairing up top. Both are only adequate with their backs to goal, but they would be very dangerous on diagonal runs and runs in behind.

    And that central midfield could keep a lot of possession while also possession the ability to counter. Worth at least thinking about.

  18. Bamford10

    OK, Tits, for you I will amend my remark above and say that the best scenarios at the moment are that we somehow sign either Mahrez and Morata or Mahrez and Lukaku. And we then look like one of the following:




  19. N5

    Sauce, Fair enough.

    I wish more of the less tolerant Arsenal fans were at the ground though as it was embarassing them all singing one Arsene Wenger to the minority. A lot of the angrier fans are saying they’ll never go again whilst he’s there, but if none of them are there then that less people making their voices heard and Wenger goes on.

    He’d fill the ground with business men and tourists before he was booed out.

  20. Marko

    So start Wilshere and Walcott? No a million times no both should be sold one especially. Besides those types of formations don’t really exist anymore for a reason. Zero width. And yes you could argue well the full backs provide width but if they’re being asked to provide width further up the pitch it stands to make sense that if they got caught there’s a shit load of space for the opposition to exploit. Also that formation is just begging for crab football and everything played in front of defences which is a big problem already for us. If anything we need more width not less

  21. Bamford10

    Arsenal have bid £2.5m for Bolton defender Rob Holding and could complete a deal this week. – The Sun

  22. BigCheese

    The author of the blog has no idea what he’s talking about regarding Mr. Icardi.

    He plays in a team set up by Mancini to primarily defend and not lose first. The service Icardi has is next to nothing compared to Giroud who has possibly the best chance creator in Europe on his day.

    I watch a lot of Serie A and a lot of his goals are a result of his own hardwork. His movement off the ball is brilliant and unlike Giroud he is equally adept with both feet. The thing I like most about him is the variation of his goals and the shots he will take. The kid literally will shoot from any angle.

    He’s similar to Crespo with his all round play and finishing and he’s only 23! Personally would take him over Higuain as he will only get better.

    I’ll be jizzing in my Cks if we get him. Pisses all over Lukaku, Benteke, Vardy et al.

  23. Bamford10


    You are honestly one of the most trying commenters here.

    One, that’s a 4-4-2 diamond, still quite common in today’s game. The width comes from overlapping outside backs, and both of ours provide that quite well.

    Two, if you don’t like Jack there, replace him with Elneny.

    Three, it was simply a proposal for discussion given that Pedro is floating the idea of Sanchez through the center and Wenger is likely to sign no one else.

    If Wenger signs no one else, how would you set up next season? Please tell us.

  24. Relieable Sauce


    Its the hope that kills you.
    : /

  25. Wallace


    “Wenger was a low grade coach in Japan.”

    you know he was very highly regarded while at Monaco? made George Weah into the best striker in world football, and ran Tapie’s Marseille close while operating a smaller budget? from wiki…

    “As a result of his work at Monaco, Wenger was sought after by German club Bayern Munich, who wanted him to be their next manager. Monaco refused to let him leave and Wenger chose to stay, but a poor start to the 1994–95 season meant he was dismissed on 17 September 1994, with the team in 17th spot in the table. In 2001, Wenger said that the impact of bribery and corruption had influenced his decision to leave France, as Marseille were found guilty of match fixing in 1994.

  26. Bamford10


    One, he had Monaco in 17th place and was dismissed as a result. Those who give a Klopp or Mourinho a hard time for a poor season here or there should remember that.

    Two, that last bit is classic Wenger. One team in the league is guilty of bribery but he is leaving France on account of his offended principles. First, this was obviously a rationalization. I imagine no one in France wanted him; he was in 17th place. Second, for Wenger it is always about a principle that has little or nothing to do with success on the field. As I’ve said before, he’s an ideologist.

  27. steve

    “In 2001, Wenger said that the impact of bribery and corruption had influenced his decision to leave France, as Marseille were found guilty of match fixing in 1994.”

    No Wenger. You had to leave because you were fucking shit. Typical Wenger blaming something else to shift focus from him being a shit manager.

  28. Red&White4life

    “Let’s keep our fingers crossed.”
    It’s still works after all those summers of failure ??

  29. Wallace


    “One team in the league is guilty of bribery but he is leaving France on account of his offended principles.”

    one team…the dominant team in the league at that time. it would be like finding out Man Utd were bribing the refs during the period 1997-2005. it was a big thing in France. ask karim.

  30. Red&White4life

    Forget it Freddy, this is what le specialist in good excuses would say :
    “diego costa is not the kind of player, by his behavior on the pitch, that deserves to wear the Arsenal shirt.” (lol)

  31. Red&White4life

    One step at a time fellas.
    Last summer : Cech.
    This summer : Xhaka.

    There’s not many top qualidy players available.

  32. S Asoa

    Alexander Henry

    Both are right . Kroenke has been a bad owner for Arsenal and is to blame for the mess and reducing Arsenal to a laughing stock.
    A good and proper owner would have prevented this ridiculous state of affairs ,as AH says. A good Owner WOULD HAVE KICKED THE FRAUD AND SMOOTH TALKING CONMAN Wenger OUT MAYBE 8 YEARS BACK.

    Now both of you are happy ?

  33. S Asoa

    “Two, I have called Wenger many things — “fraud”, “dipshit”, “twat,” senile” (all deserved, btw) — but I have never called him a “cunt”. Please don’t misrepresent others’ words and opinions here. Thanks.”
    Bamford you are an honourable man . A cunt can give so much pleasure and serotonin after use.
    On the other hand
    Wenger has given angst and dismay . So you could have rightly called the creep a HERPES Bamford

  34. kingHenry

    What we know for sure:

    1. We have one of the largest reserves of any club in the world.

    2. We make a shipload of money every year.

    3. A part of that shitload is used to service our debts.

    4. We had an advantage over a lot of clubs because we make incredible sums on matchdays.

    5. We make a lot less commercial revenue than other clubs that should be our rivals. Even clubs like Liverpool are making more commercial revenue than we are.

    6. We have an owner who doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t have to put any of his own money into the club.

    7. We have a manager who has an outdated idea of how the transfer market works

    All these lead to large sums being left in the bank, that’s losing value by the minute (Brexit, etc… ). 60 million could buy you the world’s best players 7 years ago. Now those prices are being quoted for players like Morata who haven’t done anything of note in their careers.

    Point is, Wenger is a cunt who happens to be the only person that knows anything about football on the board.
    Kroenke doesn’t want to be bothered and doesn’t want to spend any of his own money on the club.
    Usmanov may not be much better either.
    Winger was much better when he had Dein to deal with the business aspect of transfers.

    A good example would be the situation at the clippers with Doc Rivers being coach and GM. he was much better when he had Ainge to sign the Boston big three, but now that he’s all alone, he’s done nothing to make the team any better than a 3/4th seed in the west and a playoff team that never goes past the second round. Sound familiar?