Arsenal transfer windows – they only exist in your mind

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Do you hear that? It’s Arsenal’s summer passing you by. Not with a bang but a whimper.

As Pedro said yesterday, it seems a bit trite to be complaining about matters of the foot when there is so much actual horror going on in the world.

In a perverse way, for people in the UK at least, the abundance of real news means that Arsenal’s 14th consecutive summer of ‘pffft’ is getting less attention than a party popper at the fall of the Berlin Wall.

So distracted have we been by #thenews this summer, that we’ve woken up on 16th July (one month away from the start of the new season no less) to discover we’ve still only signed one senior player.

Fear not, the rationalists say. Let’s remember we finished second last year and we’ve already signed Xhaka.

Well yeah, but…

We finished on 71 points last year which, in any other season, is the bare minimum needed to secure fourth. We did nothing in the Champions League, again. We’ve lost three senior squad players and, so far, replaced them with one. We’ve been after a top striker for five seasons and are failing to identify targets beyond the criminally obvious. There was a near mutiny in the stadium against the manager last year, and there were assurances that THIS time, finally, he had learned.

The Xhaka signing was a great start. The prospect of Vardy and Mhykatarian, electrifying. However those fell by the wayside and now we are left with the square root of zilch. Asano could be a top talent, and if based on the club’s new found love of analytics, a smart signing. However he is not what the squad needs NOW. And it is unfair to expect anything from him.

The manager, who supposedly has one season left to save his legacy, has spent most of the summer doing TV spots, as he does every other year. Maybe this judgement is unfair and he’s actually on the phone to Dick Law as soon as the cameras are off; wheeling, dealing, pushing, striving to sign the players the team really needs. But given his track record since he started his second job as a football pundit, the evidence runs to the contrary.

Despite the positive start, Arsenal have approached this transfer window with all the guile of a dog on a skateboard. Watching our competitors play the game as we slowly roll into the geraniums.

I don’t hold out hope of it getting much better. Best bet is to wake up again on deadline day to see if Arsene can strike it lucky with a Cavani or a Higuaín.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more irrepressible joy. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel

Have a lovely day!

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    I’m not jumping on anyone because players aren’t rushing back. Look at my posts. I just have concerns that if we dont bring anyone in then our side will be weakened.

  2. Wallace


    “My concern is that we could be short of 5 or 6 of our best players.”

    from an Arsenal view just unfortunate that some of our most important players went so far in the Euros & Copa. but as others have said, Cazorla in for Ozil for a few games, and Gabriel for Koscielny…it’s only at striker we’re struggling, and I just refuse to believe we won’t sign one in the coming weeks.

  3. Al

    The club is an absolute joke at the moment. Top to bottom and that’s including fans at the moment because there’s a huge majority that still back this regime.

    The level of players that have already moved and we have not even moved for is a joke.

    Where’s our new striker?

    Where’s our wide player because at the moment we only have alexis. Theo, chamberlain , Campbell are not good enough and iwobi is just potential. Whose playing on the right for us this year? Are we going to force Ramsey out there our just push eilshere there because Wenger wants to put players first instead of the team and our shape.

    Where’s are CB? We know gab and mert are not elite and Kos at best is the number 2 cb, he needs a dominant vocal defender next to him.

    Why are players like Gibbs, ox, sanogo, Theo still at the club eating up wages.?

    The club is an absolute mess

  4. naijagunner


    Yes the squad is poorly planned i agree.

    But the players in question need their rest and they should get it.

    I fully expect a poor start to the season and for fans to be on the manager’s back. If you thought the back end of last season was toxic you haven’t seen anything yet

    @ CC

    If we were really interested in Lacazatte why isn’t he here yet??
    What are we waiting for?

    he wasn’t at the and most players who were have moved anyway

  5. tunnygriffboy


    Rather than £70/£80 million for 28 year old Higuain I’d rather £40 million for Lacazette and £30million for a wide player.

    If we end up with Higuain I’d be ok with it.

  6. STV

    Saying I am not a fan of Alex’s posts is completely fair I like Geoff and Pedros posts. They don’t have problems with it..

    You can’t compare them with your sorry self.. Plus I did not say it’s because he’s asking to follow him. Learn to read and write.


    That’s one thick fella and it’s funny to hear he made some sense.. Anyway no biggie

  7. Wallace

    Champagne charlie

    “Lacazette for 50mil Euro’s or Higuain for 50mil plus Giroud? Which would you do?”

    tough one. swapping Giroud for Higuain means we’ll need to buy another striker as well…say 20 goals each from the two Frenchmen, set against 30-35 from the Argentine(if he adapts smoothly)…I’d probably go reluctantly with the safer option in Lacazette,

  8. Ashley


    Agree completely with the hunger thing but I don’t think life is quite like that over here in England , yes there are the poorer communities but the backstreet stories always seem a lot worse in other countries … I’m not wishing poverty on anyone , but yeh would be great if we knew how to ingrain some hunger into our youth , not just in football but all English sport .

    Having read this blog for a few years now it seems people really do get carried away and spout some really irrational stuff , I am COMPLETELY guilty of doing the same , it’s hard when you love a club like we do and just want to see us do well and compete , there’s some guys who post on here who seem pretty intelligent and kind of calm you down and make you think a bit more clearly about this whole Wenger Arsenal situation etc obviously people are getting angry with Wenger , I am , but there are more logical ways to look at this

    Great point about Wenger giving players rest but when he runs them into the ground we jump on him , yes very true , but , it just seems like it’s either all or nothing with him , could he not find the happy medium with the rest thing after the euros ? Is a month off too long ? Would that mean it takes them even longer when they do get back into training ?

  9. David White

    Oh please…”we’ve been after a top striker for 5 seasons…”
    Only in your mind Alex. It’s not your club anymore it’s Stan’s. Sadly, he’s only interested in liming his own pockets, not your happiness.

  10. tunnygriffboy


    I think we could be after Higuain and are hoping to get him. Think Lacazette is a back up option.

    Problem is how long do we wait before we change to Lacazette. The longer we leave it someone else may come in for him or Lyon say too late, we haven’t enough time to get a replacement

    Can anyone do me a scouting report on Carlos Bacca ?

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    As much as you chastise people for talikng no spewing Wenger shit , you then in same gpbreath talk about players we or he will never sign ?

    You cannot have it both ways .

    If we are talikng new players talk realistically like holding from Bolton at the affordable price.

  12. STV


    Mourinho and Pep gives lesser time to rest. These are supreme Athlets, joining weeks after the start of the season will surely afftect their preparation..

    Our Medical staff and training is a joke really. Which other club is hampered by injuries season after season? It’s not like giving some extra holidays at Las Vegas is doing best to them but proper training and fitness management..

  13. Champagne charlie

    I don’t really want to go down that road of questioning timing of transfers etc, more interested in who might be coming if at all as the season approaches. But re:Lacazette I don’t think he’s our priority so we’re likely trying for other targets.

    I’d agree, however great it would be to get Higuain id feel it was all our eggs type of thing. Mahrez and Lacazette for the same/similar money to me represents a better deal

  14. Wallace

    Bellerin – Mert – Gabriel – Monreal
    Elneny – Xhaka
    Wilshere/Ox – Cazorla – Iwobi

    considering the above’s missing Koscielny, Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez & Giroud & hopefully 2 more incoming it’s still pretty solid.

  15. Champagne charlie


    Do me a favour. How is Wenger bashing daily the equivalent to rolling with the changing transfer landscape and talking about what could impact us for the good before close of play?

    That’s a fucking stretch and a half. You’ve no idea what we’ll do as far as our business is concerned, difference is I know for a fact Wenger is here this year so bitching about him serves nobody.

  16. tunnygriffboy


    No matter what we think of Wenger as you say he is definitely here this season. Ranting everyday about it is just unproductive and boring tbh

    Much more interested in discussing possible transfers, possible team formations and the quality of our players etc

  17. naijagunner

    @ STV

    You are a fool and an unpleasant idiot

    You said you do not read Alex’s post because he asks for a follow back on twitter so why back tracking

    I have observed you seem to get off on the name calling here so i will leave u to it. Please never address me again on here.

    You are the lowest of scums and even communicating with you anonymously is unpleasant.

    This is the last time i will say it, ignore me and i ignore you,

  18. naijagunner


    But the timing is important. We have been left looking stupid and with an inadequate squad before because we got the timing all wrong.

    That should not be overlooked.

    What if at the end of the day someone comes in with an offer Higuain can’t refuse and it is too late in the windows for Lyon to identify a replacement for Lacazette ???

    Then we enter the season with Giroud again and it’s all down to timing

  19. Champagne charlie


    Precisely. Have whatever opinion you like about Wenger but he’s here this year, coming on here with the sole purpose of bashing him is tired and annoying.

    Much rather engage in the types of discussion you mention. Basically all things Arsenal funnily enough!

  20. Marc


    Jesus you have issues. You really will divert any fault or blame from Wenger onto Kroenke.

    Firstly Usmanov has said he’d keep Wenger.

    Secondly the first thing he did when he bought his shares was complain that there was no dividend. So he actually wants to take money out of the club.

    As it stands there is no evidence that Kroenke is hindering or restricting the clubs spending.

  21. tunnygriffboy

    What’s the story aboutKos to Bayern. Read somewhere they want him as a back up option. Is it a way of him getting more money with us ?

    I genuinely feel that the longer we go without signing anyone the more players get frustrated with the situation. Even if Wenger is in his own little bubble surely the club hierarchy can see this and the exasperation of the fans.

    Gazidis himself said they made mistakes last summer and they learnt from in.

    Rob Holding may be a great prospect but why are we spending time on that deal when we should have other more important priorities.

  22. Champagne charlie


    I get that entirely, I choose to believe Wenger and the top brass learn from past windows and make the necessary adjustments. Maybe not, which would drive me insane… But I’m more in the camp of judging when the whistle goes.

    I’ll be the first to be scathing if we don’t do as required. Gazidis acknowledged last summer was a mistake so I think we’ll see a different outcome than the early promise-late fail of prior windows.

  23. STV


    I did not say like that thicko, you need to learn to read and write you idiot. I have expressed my displeasure to his writing before too that’s because of his veiws. Generally I am not fan of people asking to follow them too but I did not say the former is because of latter.

    I am plesent enough for pleasent people but not for some caveman sort like you.

    As I said because I’ll be happy not to address you because interacting with someone like you is enough to lower one’s level. So for the nth time do not reply.

    Off you go

  24. steve

    “STV“If so what’s the definition a proper fan ?

    ”being happy when we win I’d have thought should be a given.”

    Why should anyone be happy if it only serves to keep this tedious status quo going? It only keeps the senile one in a job.

  25. Wallace


    “I genuinely feel that the longer we go without signing anyone the more players get frustrated with the situation.”

    yeah, agree. if in a few weeks time we’re still looking for a striker and then one of Ozil or Sanchez agitates for a move we’ll be in real trouble. whereas a big signing now hopefully increases the likelihood of them both staying.

  26. Marc


    I guarantee that Gazidis is as frustrated with Wenger as the fans are for one very simple reason. He is responsible for the financial health of the club, anyone can see just how competitive the coming season is going to be and if we don’t add we’ll miss out on CL football – that’s £30 million plus gone and then next summer we’ll have our star players all agitating to move just when we start negotiations on new shirt / sponsorship deals.

    He’ll have to explain to Kroenke why our best players are leaving, we’ve lost a huge amount of income, new players aren’t interested in signing for us (already happening) and whilst everyone else is signing new record deals Puma / Nike are offering us half of what ManU, Chelsea etc are getting.

  27. tunnygriffboy



    This lad Holding may be promising but it’s not going to create any excitement for our big players. They need something to get excited about. Surely we can’t balls this window up again ?

    Carlos Bacca scouting report for me anyone ?

  28. Alexanderhenry

    Here is a small selection of not too favourable articles on our useless, penny pinching owner.

    Any Arsenal fan who thinks that Kroenke is a good thing for our great club is either hopelessly naive or plain stupid.
    Also, any arsenal fan who thinks that somehow Kroenke has no impact on arsenal is just ignorant.
    It’s like saying Abramovich had nothing to do with chelsea’s success or that Mike Ashley had nothing to do with Newcastle’s demise.

    For any club to realise its potential, it is absolutely crucial to have the right owner and BOD in place. What we need is a regime committed to success for arsenal football club, not a bunch of opportunists looking for a sound investment.

    Thankfully, some fans are beginning to get it

    Sign it.

  29. STV

    Oh just read this!!

    “You are the lowest of scums and even communicating with you anonymously is unpleasant.”

    You have no idea who I am.. So keep your assumptions with your self.

  30. Alexanderhenry


    ‘As it stands there is no evidence that Kroenke is hindering or restricting the clubs spending.’

    Please read the articles.

  31. Marc


    It’s going to go like this. Excuses that there are no players available, get spanked by Liverpool opening game, drop points against Leicester 2nd game already out of title race before September. Then go on panic spree (similar to a few years ago after the 8-2 debacle) to find all the best quality has gone or teams are unwilling to sell now because there’s no time to replace outgoing players.

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Absolutely. But why isn’t he or the owner doing anything about it ? As I say if nothing happens by the time the season starts chants of “Kronke out” and “sack the board” could be a better way to go than booing Wenger.

  33. Alexanderhenry

    Just a thought:

    Can anyone on here provide an article or blog or quote from anyone anywhere, that is positive in a sporting context, about Stan any of his clubs.

  34. steve

    “I get that entirely, I choose to believe Wenger and the top brass learn from past windows and make the necessary adjustments”

    Haha Wenger learning from past windows.

    “But I’m more in the camp of judging when the whistle goes.”

    Yeah the whistle has already gone and Wenger has failed countless times.

  35. Alexanderhenry


    ‘But why isn’t he or the owner doing anything about it ? ‘

    Because he isn’t interested in winning. He really isn’t.
    How can he own so many clubs in so many different sports for so many years and be so unsuccessful?

    Then he has the nerve to give interviews like the one I posted for espn.

    He is actually quite pathetic.

  36. naijagunner

    @ Alexander

    The why won’t Wenger walk away if the great devil Kroenke is here to destroy the club he loves ????

    The way i see it is simple, Kroenke likes his clubs to be self sufficient, Arsenal as a club makes more than enough money off it’s fans and other revenue streams , so why isn’t this money being invested into the squad??

    Your fixation on Kroenke makes no sense, he is part of the problem but not the only problem.

    The main problem here is a manager who has his mind set on certain ways of doing things which the fans are not entirely in agreement with. We all understood the early days of the stadium move and how we were a bit short on funds, what is our excuse now when every club in the league is loaded with money and records show we received the most of all the clubs in the league last season

  37. Marc


    I have just reread them and stand by my comment. Try reading them your self without the Wenger goggles on. You really want to tell me that Kroenke taking £3 million a year is preventing us from spending.? Everyone of those articles can be easily put into a context that says Kroenke has no issue with the club spending it’s own revenue.

    Just a couple of questions – If what you say is true why hasn’t Wenger quit? Why take all of the abuse if it’s not his fault? And don’t say it’s down to his love of the club if Kroenke is as damaging as you say Wenger would be doing the club a huge favour by exposing the truth.

  38. Alexanderhenry

    The Kroenke issue is far more important that the wenger issue.

    Whatever you think of wenger, next season will be his last. I’m almost certain of that. It won’t be Kroenke’s though. He’s in it for the ‘long haul’ apparently.
    He’s even appointed his son to the BOD, alongside the old etonians and gazidis.

    This does not make me optimistic.

  39. Rambo Ramsey

    STV, you really are special sort aren’t you?

    You think its perfectly alright to pull all sort of shit on others but when someone else gives you a taste of your medicine, you get all defensive and start whining like a b.

    Just now I noticed you call naija a ‘caveman’, thick fella who doesn’t make any sense but when he retorted, you’re all ”You have no idea who I am. Stop judging me”. Do you lack self awareness? You pulled the same shit with me the other day!

    Here’s an idea, if you don’t want people to be derogatory with you, don’t be derogatory towards them.

  40. tunnygriffboy


    It’s not necessarily Kronke putting money into the club. To say he isn’t a problem isn’t really right though.

    He makes no attempt to find out why we are not spending all the money we make. He makes no attempt to find out why we haven’t yet brought in a top class striker. He is putting no pressure on the manager. Hence he is partly responsible for what is going on.

    As for Gazidis. At one time I thought he might be good for the club but basically he’s just become a front for covering up things and trying to positively defend the indefensible

  41. Marc

    Kroenke’s has two priorities for Arsenal.

    1) The value of the club continues to increase and therefore his investment.

    2) The club is run is a responsible and sustainable way.

    He couldn’t give a fuck beyond that, the reason he has not demanded Wenger do more is because on face value Wenger is delivering his requirements. He’ll soon change his tune if any of the above are threatened, possibly already happening if the article Pedro posted the other day is anything to go by.

  42. STV

    Rambo Ramsey, I just said a ‘lol’ nothing else 😛 the rest were replies to his increasingly ‘getting personal’ comments.

    If we talk about football I can talk it all day but I lose shit when things getting personal. Sorry.

  43. naijagunner

    @ Tunny

    I did say he was part of the problem .

    Kroenke is a businessman, the more money Wenger saves him the more happier he is.

    He will only get worried when half the season tickets are left unsold, match day revenue takes a hit or something along those lines

    what does kroenke know about a top class striker???

  44. Alexanderhenry


    Wenger hasn’t quit for three reasons:

    1) He’s paid an awful lot. That’s a fair enough for a reason for him wanting to stay.

    2) He’s given free reign at arsenal. He can do what he wants as long as he accepts the fact that he has far less money- none at all for five years at lest- than his rivals. He could have gone to Madrid or Bayern but how long does any manager last at those clubs, and there is massive interference from their BODs and presidents

    He could have walked ten years ago and had plenty of other options. Personally I’m surprised he stuck with us. Working with such a huge disadvantage was always likely to be a thankless task.

    In the end he made a decision to stay at arsenal fully aware of the financial restrictions he’d be working under. Was it the right decision for him? That’s for him to decide.

  45. TitsMcGee

    we almost had another area sewn up”

    Are you giving credit to Wenger for “almost” addressing a need?

    A need that has been glaring for at least 4 years?

  46. vicky

    Joe and STV have totally ruined the comment section of Le Grove.

    The former posts like a 5 yrs old petulant kid and the latter is a complete disgrace, posts nonsensical bile 24*7 and insults anyone who has a different viewpoint from him. If any non-WOB abused others as much as STV does, he would have been called out so many times but hey I guess it’s fair as long as he is Wenger-out.

    Reading Le-grove comment section used to be fun once upon a time.

  47. Marc


    1) He could earn a lot elsewhere, he’s not on the fucking breadline.

    2) He could go to another club (not Madrid / Barca)and still have almost complete control of football matters. Remember we got him from Japan, he didn’t go there for football reasons.

    Face reality Wenger has got old and is out of touch with the modern world. His valuations of players are 1997 not 2016. You act like he’s doing us a favour.

  48. STV

    hmm maybe but that can be taken as a ‘disagreement’. We got site full of people ‘ ‘lol’ing here..

    Anyway if you both don’t come getting ‘how I am this’ ‘how I am that’ etc.. I’d not be ‘whining’ . hope you understand.

  49. Alexanderhenry


    ‘1) The value of the club continues to increase and therefore his investment.’

    That is totally irrelevant to arsenal fans. Fans do not pay to go and see arsenal in order to boost the value of Kroenke’s ‘investment’.

    2) ‘The club is run is a responsible and sustainable way.He couldn’t give a fuck beyond that, the reason he has not demanded Wenger do more is because on face value Wenger is delivering his requirements. He’ll soon change his tune if any of the above are threatened, possibly already happening if the article Pedro posted the other day is anything to go by.’

    It isn’t.
    A huge amount of the money kept in the bank came from us selling off our best players and replacing them with cheaper, inferior ones. We lag way behind the big clubs in sponsorship deals and our wage bill is too high in relation to the quality of players we have. Relying on high ticket prices and the loyalty of arsenal season holders is a risky game and in time most of our rivals will match our gate receipts.
    Spurs and liverpool are building new stadia and west ham will get a huge boost from their free new stadium.

    What Kroenke fails to realise is that the best way of generating revenue is through success on the pitch. Success in football only comes through investment in players. It’s the old ‘speculate to accumulate’ maxim.

  50. Alexanderhenry


    I’ll ask you a question.

    What do you think will happen when wenger leaves, or perhaps a better way of putting it is like this:

    As an arsenal fan what do you expect from the club when wenger leaves?

  51. Wallace

    Schalke happily handing over 25m for Breel Embolo shows you the state of the striker market at the minute. a physically-impressive 19yr old who’s scored a few goals in the Swiss league, but looked well short of top quality during the Euros.

  52. STV

    Vicky I had my detailed reply to you earlier. Comment section was great in your absence.. Do not worry.

    I knew you’d be back. So I hope you’ll be having a good time.

    Literally 3 of you are the the only people getting it against me. Good to see u form a group.

  53. Marc


    1) I never Kroenke is interested in the fans view.

    2) Who does Kroenke listen to on football matters? If Kroenke wanted the cash in the bank he wouldn’t let it build up to such a huge amount he’d be taking £15 – £25 million a year not £3.

    By the way who sanctions all transfer business at the club?

  54. Alexanderhenry

    I’m still waiting for someone on here to find me a single positive article or quote from anywhere on Kroenke.

  55. Marc


    When Wenger leaves? Well we’ll certainly find out about the amount the club is willing to spend after the initial season or two. Personally I think a new manager will look to spend the amount he’s given and Gazidas will back him if he’s performing. If in 3 – 4 season’s we’re still penny pinching I’ll hold my hands up and say you were right but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  56. Marc


    By the way who sanctions all transfer business at the club?’


    No he doesn’t he might sign off on it but all decisions are made by Wenger and then go to Kroenke. Do you think Wenger’s constantly putting transfer’s that are all but done deals and then Kroenke says no?

    No he doesn’t

  57. Alexanderhenry


    ..we will be. Kroenke’s not a total fool so I would expect a token spend to placate fans but it won’t last.
    Also, don’t expect a top coach to succeed wenger.

    Anyway, I hope you’re right Marc.

    After next season, happy days ahead for arsenal football club.

  58. tunnygriffboy


    Totally agree about striker evaluations.

    Higuain £70/£80 million
    Lacazette £40 million
    Morata £50 million
    Benteke £35 million
    Mane £35 million

    The list could go on. Ridiculous prices. It is what the market is though. If you want any sort of striker you have to pay it though. We can afford it but I’m afraid Wenger just finds it hard to equate these prices to value.

    Like Dein did, Gazidis needs to ask Wenger who he wants, takes it out of his hands and just goes and get the player. He needs to show a bit of cojones and backbone

  59. Alexanderhenry


    Wenger spends what he is given. Kroenke decides how much that is. Wenger doesn’t own the club. He is employed by the club to manage the team.

    Only Kroenke decides how much the club spends.

  60. tunnygriffboy


    Are we talking one of them or both of them ? Both of them would be pretty good. Icardi if I’m right is good in the penalty area a bit of a goal sniffer.

    Both if came in would certainly shake up some of our players who are in the comfort zone ie Walnut and the Ox

  61. Marc


    That’s me done – you are an apologist, Wenger cannot do anything wrong and you refuse to even contemplate an idea that Wenger is past his sell by date.

    Naïve doesn’t get close to a description for you.


    Mario Gomez 31
    Carlos tevaz 32

    Are two ageing strikers I would put up front before Giroud

    But then again so was ibra at 33 but no one thought that made sense?

    I would knock on the doors of these clubs and atleast ask!! This is a total shambles! As is every window! I’m sick to death of it! We are no stronger than the season just gone! And everyone around us had strengthened, an no xhaka doesn’t mean we have strengthened because we are still minus the 3 first team squad players in Flamini/rosicky/arteta

    It’s absoloute bollocks! Lies lies an lies every fuckin window, none of us on here are football experts, but we can’t all be wrong an neither can the sky sports panels an every other football pundit that says, we will never win top honours, without more goals!!


    Will not win you titles!!

    Getting boring now

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Charlie ease up ol boy….think of of the ticker ….

    You never know….a I say a very poor start …..

    As I have said before it’s an open blog and as far as my knowledge goes I don’t think you set the agenda of topics to discuss do you ,?

    Wenger out


    So after refusing when the price increased from 24 to 32
    3/4 years on he will pay almost double that for the same player ??

    Ridiculous ain’t it

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Correct. An I think it can be again,
    The infighting I feel shows the depth of divided bewteen the fans, also this must in some way be like this on the board if there was any member with passion for the game over how much they earn out of it.

    A lot of the bad mouthing will get washed away when season starts or mr Wenger purchases a player of class.

  65. Scrvaldio

    Getting a little angry as no one seems to see the pattern.

    All Arsenal fans have been conned.
    First offer to build new stadium and promise to compete at the highest level even though a vast majority wanted to renovate highbury as the spirtual home of the club. But fans are convinced by promises of investment in the team.

    Build stadium then use the cost as reason not to invest in squad. Then sell as many top players as possible and replace with some good kids but in the main over payed average players.

    Make sure there is just enough quality in the squad to hit fourth while making record profits.
    Secure a foreign owner who will secure big money.for sharholders but won’t invest in the club.

    Make sure the best players become frustrated enough so they leave on there own accord and cash in.
    Once again replace them with cheaper and more average players. Keep the profits rolling in.

    Then add just enough to get fourth place (ozil, sanchez) keep telling fans this is a new era and refuse to add enough to win but make sure the revenue comes in.

    Then buy an early decent player to get fans to renew season tickets. Look ambitious, tell stories on how we nearly signed messi and ronaldo rinse and repeat.

    So whats more likely?
    Will AW spend nearly a quarter of the stadium cost on one player?
    Or will he look like he is willing but too classy to spend that much and tell us that the postman is top quality?

    Then ozil kos and sanchez will push to leave and the whole shit show starts again. If you think that the board AW and kronke are not all singing from exaclty the same hyme sheet then you are in major denial.

    AW is one major element but you need to cut the entire tumor out if you want to survive. I think this is where liverpool where in 2001. Lets hope we can turn things around a bit quicker then they have.

  66. STV


    Arsenal’s present state might have drained people’s interests to involve too much.

    It has nothing to do with my comments as he says.. 😉

  67. STV

    It must haunt him how he passed up the opportunites to sign Higuain and later, Suarez.

    His basic instinct is to reject a signing. He paid price for it.

    I can’t see him getting Higuain, Lacazette at best Bacca more likely..

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I was once a die hard traveled home an away
    Had a season ticket since the 80s
    Gave it up 5 years should because the direction the club was going under his management
    He had too much power , can’t react to constructive crittism ,
    It’s all become a mess really.
    Oh an I gave season ticket up nor like these slag cunts who lease it out for a few seasons… If you can’t or don’t want to go give it to the waiting list nor a pension plot plan for yourself ..

  69. Marko

    Alex is back with his Wenger good Kroenke bad rhetoric. Look pal as of right now we’re sitting on so much unspent cash from over the years that we absolutely don’t need to bother our two billionaire owners. Unspent cash, most expensive match day ticket and the new TV money mean we don’t need Kroenke’s money

  70. Scrvaldio


    Nope I think the spuds have been smart as they have waited for there revenue streams to match there project and although money will be tighter they will be able to continue investing in the squad as nealry 100m in TV rev only means you can pay off a 400m mortage a lot faster. We did this move about four or five uears too early and now the pain amd suffering it toom to give is this advantage has now all but disappeared.
    The reason we are all freaking out is because this is the last seasom where we can actually take advantage of the fact that soke clubs need to build but as usual we lack the killer instinct. AW is not a buisness man.
    He would have a hard time explaining why he doean’t want to invest in the companies core buisness in the real world. But he lives in a bubble which we can all see is about to burst. I hope the spuds screw it up but I don’t think they will.

  71. WengerEagle

    ‘I’d probably go reluctantly with the safer option in Lacazette,’

    Sorry Wallace but this is mental.

    I don’t think you fully understand just how good Higuain was last season, he was literally the second most prolific striker in Europe after Suarez. 38 goals in all comps and 36 in the league is outrageous, never been done before in Serie A.

    Not that many teams have that many world class options at CF, even stacked teams like Bayern only have Lewandowski and then Muller as a false 9, Real Madrid only really have Benzema (last season they did, Morata will likely be sold), Barcelona only have Suarez, Citeh only have Aguero (Bony is turd and Pep won’t fancy him at all), Spuddies only had Kane last season and they managed well, Atletico only have one world class option in Griezmann, gets very thin after that.

    We could buy Higuain and get a decent back-up for £20 million too, just about being smart and looking in the right places.

    Lacazette is decent but isn’t that much of an upgrade on Giroud, Higuain is a massive upgrade.

  72. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Then add
    Would not go higher than 10 United did 12
    Ibra did not think he would cut it…
    Marhez , people would think him cheap paying 400,00 for a player ( the irony)

    Kante we had our eye on him…

    The man had lost his touch in the resevaoir of talent that is France…

  73. Marko

    His basic instinct is to reject a signing. He paid price for it

    It’s so so true. There’s been so many incidents and rumours over the years of his infamous dithering. Which I always find so strange considering he’s paid so much and its not his money it’s money just sitting in the bank

  74. STV

    Feel for you. But Football without passion is just not the same.. Unfortunately the increasing amount of prawn sandwich brigades at Emirates makes it easier for them to continue this way.

    Arsenal under Kroenke &Wenger is just for entertainment values.

    We can hope things will get better once he goes..

  75. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I think your right Spurs looked at doing this in 2008 pulled the plug.

    Most people hate him but levy is a fucking superb chairman .
    Always gets the best deal for the club.

    I like they way they will play NFL there as well

    Smart real smart .

  76. Marko

    Higuain 36 in like 34 games last season is absolutely ridiculous. I’m sorry but even though I’m all for Lacazette Higuain is by far the better option. He’d come in and straight away be top 2/3 strikers in the league. Plus also why is it that if we bought Higuain we couldn’t also bring in a wideman but if we bought Lacazette we could? They’re both gonna end up super expensive but besides all that we regularly spent fuck all net spend we absolutely could afford Higuain and then someone like Boufel or Mahrez. No doubt. We could afford one lavish summer cause we absolutely regularly barely spend anything

  77. STV

    Exactly there’s no place in this attitude in modern football. Because the players no longer had a desire to play for a particular club. You either sign them when you get chance or they’ll endup somewhere else.

    Part of the success of Barcelona and Real can be attributed to their ruthless efficiency in signing young talents.. Milan suffered partly because of this, Juventus thrives again..

    Wenger did a good job with earlier French generation. But he missed the trick with Spanish and German golden generations .. Unfortunately his focus was the English which had one of the worst era in football development..

  78. Marc


    Completely disagree with your comment about the Spud’s timing on building a new stadium. Firstly it’s always difficult taking on a project of this size (unless of course your being given a stadium or being subsidized etc) but when we built the Emirates we did it with CL money and there were only 3 other teams who has this so as long as we could out compete the other 16 teams we were OK.

    The Spud’s may now have a shit load of TV money but so does everyone else, you’re going to see huge inflation on transfer fees and wages, you’ve got Palace and West Ham chucking £30 million bids about at almost anything that moves. It’s like getting a million pound bonus at work – it would make you the wealthiest person on your street but everyone else has had a £2 million bonus you’re the poorest.

  79. Alexanderhenry

    Can’t believe I’m having to write this yet again, but here goes:

    Kroenke is the majority shareholder at arsenal. He is effectively the owner. Usmanov doesn’t even get a seat on the board and as a result has no say in the running of the club.
    Kroenke decides overall financial policy for arsenal. no one else, not even the other board members as they own a handful of shares between them.

    Arsene Wenger is the manager. He is employed by arsenal to manage the team. He does not own the club and I doubt he owns any shares in it. As an employee of arsenal he has to work under the owner- stan kroenke’s- decisions. He is given a budget by kroenke and that’s what he works with. He can also be fired just like any other employee.

    Arsenal fc haven’t invested enough money on players. I think we all agree on that. Instead, the club has decided to stockpile cash and even start to take money out of the club.

    This is Kroenke’s policy, no one else’s.

    Sign it.

  80. Scrvaldio


    Your right everyone hates him but he knows the buisness and thats all that matters.

    I just think Arsenal fans need to change there perspective a little and think a bit more long term.

    The discussion on here shouldn’t be about transfers or even AW as he will never change.

    The discussion should be about how Arsenal fans can pressure the board into starting the process of real fan ownership.
    A Real Madrid and Bayen model is something we should push for and how we as fans can influnce the structure of the club towards the people who pay the bills!

    If the board and AW are not willing to fulfill there duty, then it is our responsibility as fans to secure the future of our club. A genuine push for change towards a Real Madrid model but done in a more classy way (of course) would galvinise the fans towards something positive and could bring us to a place where we feel our club is once again our club and not the play thing of a bunch of old men.

    I actually know how this can be achieved and how it can be funded but it requires a momentus push from the fans which of course must be financial pressure and sensible intelligent discourse on how this is the way to actually compete and that level and stay there. They think they know better then the collective wisdom of the Arsenal fan base. They are wrong.

  81. Marc


    You are you directing your post at?

    Outside of Wallace everyone on here disagrees with your assessment. Other’s may not like Kroenke but they can see Wenger is a bigger current problem.

  82. Marc


    The Scouser’s changed the cost of about 200 tickets for half a dozen games a season. There was no massive change to club policy at Liverpool and give it a couple of years and they will slowly creep the cost of those tickets up to where they want them.

  83. Arsene's Nurse

    AlexanderHenry is a lying cock-wombling wank-spangle. He spouts his shite about Kroenke all the time even though he’s been told by none other than Arsene Wenger himself that Kroenke doesn’t restrict him at all:

    ” We can work in complete freedom. Every club should work with the resources it generates. He’s never stopped me in the market. He’s very ambitious. We are all very ambitious.”

    AH is a liar. He will never acknowledge that quote and will never say it’s true. He defends Wenger to the hilt but refuses to believe him when he says that he has complete freedom.

    AH is deluded. He has invested so much effort into believing that Wenger is restricted in spending that he now believes it like some brainwashed religious fanatic.

    The truth is right there in black and white, but AH refuses to see it.

  84. HillWood

    It has taken Spuds over 10 years and plenty of about turns to even get to this point. Remember they tried to hijack the Olympic Stadium from West Ham

  85. Scrvaldio

    Alright so this is gunna be quote long as all my posts are so bear with me.
    The issue which stops most fan share programs are the terms of share ownership and what that means within the decision making process of the club.
    The first major issue is ROI ( return on investment) for Kronke.
    So how do you convince the major shareholders to relinquish there shares? Well you actually convince them to dilute there share holding with a conditional share release or is also called a symbolic share realease. Essentially the shares go to a fan board where the owners agree to intially fund the share issue on behalf of the fan group/board whatever you call it on the payment schedule of a crowed sharing basis. Now you will say hang on why would they dilute there investment and fund that dilution at the whim of the fans?

    Well it’s a matter of perspective. A smart buisness man knows that the customer is king and Arsenal fans on mass (and I mean every last one of us) that this is the only way they can secure our future investment.
    Now the fans board seat is not precided by one person but is rotated amongst registered fans with a strict mandate from the fans. This would prevent an individual from becoming too close to the board.

    The real issue would be making sure that fans are united and have already agreed what they want and that every avenue for the club to undermine i.e. threats and bans would immediatly lead to a total boycott.

    So buy your season ticket but use that investment as a barging chip. You have my money but I can give you an empty seat.

    Then pressure famous fans to put there money where there mouth is to help fund an intial purchase and pool the remaining fans shares but allow control to be kept by the individual as part of the fans board. Crowd funding would also help as pooling resources helps show we are serious and are able to withdraw investment on mass.

    The main issue is not actually the in’s and out’s of funding and fan commities or the like it is the divisons amognst the fans.

    This could only work if every fan helps becuase it would only take the club to convince a small group to undermine it and the whole thing would fall apart as the fans are not formed into a corporate investment group. that is the plan really a softly softly investment group that demands representation for it’s massive un-ending investment.

    The club want to live in a corporate world. Lets just play the game they are playing but smarter.
    So to summarise we need one fan group and only one, no more divide and conquer.
    That fan group must be formed on a democratic basis with a clear comitment to fan representation over perks from the club.
    Then it must pool it’s resources, a lot of money and list of all season ticket holders who have signed up. Once the total annual investment has been calculated then petition the board for representation and an eventual push towards fan ownership with a strict mandate and plan.
    If they say no then a vote takes place and the season ticket holders will refuse to enter the stadium until there life long investment has been acknowleged.
    As long as the number of fans is large enough a mass recall of season tickets would mean finacial and PR disaster for the club. Its a pipe dream I know but I think it is possible. Massive post over soz.

  86. tunnygriffboy

    Re Kronke. Money or his money is not the problem. There is a pile of money there and available. Where he falls down is not ensuring that that money is spent and that quality players are brought in with it. He does not put enough pressure on Wenger to really make the team competitive. That is my bugbear.

    Ok he may not understand football but he has Gazidis who is aware of the situation. I blame Wenger for not spending the money we have and not making the best use of our financial resources. I also blame Kronke, Gazidis and the board for not making sure that the team is strengthened to it’s maximum.

    To get action rather than take their ire out on Wenger perhaps fans can get at the owner, Gazidis and the board at games. Chants of ” sack the board” etc may shake them out of their apathy and take more of an interest in what is going on.

    However having said that we may be surprised and new signings may suddenly appear 🙂 🙂

  87. kc

    Nobody with ambition wants to play for Wenger, and who could blame them. There’s absolutely zero desire to get better and/or win a title. I’ll honestly be surprised if Sanchez is still here in a month. Kante to the blue side, and now they’re talking about moving for Mahrez. A Huge gap is developing after the top 3 teams.

  88. kc

    Kroenke bought into Arsene’s Arsenal. He saw profit could be made off a team always in the top 4, but with a manager that never spent big money to make that happen. Blame who you want, but that’s the facts folks.

  89. Marc


    A very well thought out plan but completely bonkers. Arsenal as a business is worth circa £1.2 billion, no investor is going to devalue his own share holding to make someone else happy. To raise that type of money would be impossible, you’d need season ticket holder’s to put up £30,000 each (we have 40,000 ST holders) for every ST holder who can’t afford or won’t pay that you’d need 30,000 general fans to put up £1,000 each, if 5,000 ST holders don’t have the money you’d need one and a half million fans to cover it. The threat of non attending just wouldn’t work – for a match or two maybe but no ones going to fork out between £1,000 & £2,500 and then not see any games. Also with the new TV deals etc the percentage of match day revenue compared to other sources is decreasing quite rapidly.

    Nice idea but so far fetched it’s crazy.

  90. tunnygriffboy


    Fan representation on the board surely has to be the way forward. I know Swansea have fans representation on their board.

    How do you unite Arsenal fans to pull in the same direction though. Various groups are poles apart and want different things. We are currently the most divided fan base in the country.

    Ps: Re my previous post. If we actually spent all the money we have on new players and showed intent in that respect then I wouldn’t be that angry if we failed. I’d feel that we gave it a really good go giving it our best shot. However going into a season having not spent all the money at our disposal, like last summer, and then failing sends me over the edge 🙂 🙂

  91. Bamford10


    “despite the fact [Wenger] outperformed Jose by a country mile last term.”

    Mourinho won the title two years ago, at canter. Wenger hasn’t even contended for the title in ten years.

    Anyone who still defends Wenger at this point has his head up his ass.

  92. Bamford10


    Sorry, but if you find the anti-Wenger comments here tedious, why do you come to this blog? Why not go to a more Wenger-friendly blog? There are plenty out there.

  93. Marc


    Having your head up your arse is one thing, thinking Wenger (who I still maintain was brilliant in the first half of his tenure) is still cutting edge needs a whole other medical description!

  94. Scrvaldio

    Sorry didn’t explain myself correctly.
    It’s either an actual dilution which as you say is to expensive or a symbolic issue which are not actual shares but are represntative of the fans long term investment. So really a private investment agreement where the fans agree to raise cash for club aside rom there season tickets in return for representation.
    So crowed sourcing to help fund transfers that sort of thing. The fan shares would not be actual shares as that would be illegal. It would only require a change to the terms of ownership to include the recognition of fan investment which Kronkes investment actually pales in comparison. So in ordr for this to be possible the fans would form a co-operative investment group wih our own investment fund and crowed sourcing potential.

    This means the club relenquish a bit of control to be more transparent and in return they get more fan loyalty and better brand to sell.
    They actually get more money as the fans could actually help provide extra funding for projects and a united fan base fully aware and therefore happy wih the direction of the club.
    The reason we need to put even more money up is that this is the only language they understand.
    If you ask every fan from across the globe to put 3 quid a month into the fan group for a vote on the clubs direction I think you would have a very powerful and successfull co-op and a very strong club.

  95. James wood

    Protracted talks with Konch have broken down tha fact Bayern are
    showing big interest in him,leaves Arsenal in an even weaker state than
    last season.

  96. champagne charlie

    “Are you giving credit to Wenger for “almost” addressing a need?”

    If you remove the Wenger specs for just a second you might note how that was said in context of the CLUB looking to sign particular talent. You can throw a paddy all you like about time it’s taken to address needs etc, but if we land a ST then the line is drawn as far as I’m concerned and the new season is the focus (as it should be). You won’t though it’s clear, even if we sign the requisite players i’m certain the line will be as you followed this quote…by saying it’s four years late etc. I said we almost had vardy which shows we’re after a ST, nothin else.

    Ease up? What are you talking about? I’ve said people who come on here to moan about Wenger and nothing else are time wasting. I’m not setting blog topics by any stretch, simply pointing out what I and many others feel – the blog is not in any way productive in discourse when all people are doing is mudslinging a manager that is certain to be here this season.

  97. Marc


    I’m not an expert on these type of things but you’re talking about “A” and “B” shares or something similar?

    The other issue is not that we can’t afford transfers we just don’t spend the money we have. What’s the point in giving the club more money to spend when they won’t spend what they already generate? Having a fan representative on the board wouldn’t help with Wenger.

    AW – We couldn’t find any players

    Rep – Everyone else has managed to buy

    AW – Judge me in May

    Rep – You said that last year

    AW – And we finished 2nd

    And on and on and on.

  98. Marko

    So a new Untold article compares a certain type of disgruntled Arsenal fan to basically a racist/xenophobic/Trump supporter. I mean I want a striker better than Giroud and a change in management and therefore I don’t believe in climate change? That guy is absolutely deplorable and needs to drop dead. I mean what will Tony dingdong do when Wenger finally leaves or Higuain bangs in 30 goals towards winning a title for us? I mean he’d have to admit he’s a fucking dickhead who hasn’t a clue

  99. champagne charlie


    “Sorry, but if you find the anti-Wenger comments here tedious, why do you come to this blog? Why not go to a more Wenger-friendly blog? There are plenty out there.”

    There’s the classic line from bamford. Trying to dress up your usual “don’t like it fuck off” signature for something less abrasive? Not buying it.

    A blog is a space for discourse on a particular subject, this case Arsenal, and I haven’t said people can’t hold particular views I said the endless inputs slating Wenger do absolutely nothing for this blog or conversation on here.

  100. Marc

    There’s a huge difference between saying “Wenger is getting it right” or words to that effect and saying “constantly slagging off Wenger really won’t make a toss of difference we’re stuck with him for next season like it or not”

  101. Bamford10


    The notion that Le Grove is going to change its general tenor because you would like it to is absolutely laughable. If you don’t like the anti-Wenger commentary here, perhaps you should go elsewhere. Le Grove and its comment section has been doing what it does for a long time now, and it doesn’t need to adapt to your preferences.

    I do agree that Joe needs to calm down a little with all of vitriol, cursing and verbal abuse, but if people feel a particular poster is spoiling the blog, they should tweet at Pedro and ask him to assess the situation.

  102. Marc


    Going into next season having lost Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky and Kos having only brought in Xhaka and Elneny from last season’s starting squad would be suicide even for Wenger.

  103. Bamford10


    Nonsense. You’re an AKB and Wenger apologist who doesn’t like reading criticism of Wenger. If you would like the discussion here to be about something other than Wenger, please give Le Grove three or more topics or questions that might make for interesting discussion.

    We are all ears.

  104. Scrvaldio


    Agree 100% and it would pan out like that but I think it would clear all the fog around the club’s inner workings. It would also be a pretty powerful message to the fans that we can report straight from he horses mouth rather then relying on hacks like John Cross.

    Lets be generous and say 10m of the 27m global fans signed up and were willing to pay £3 a month. That’s 30m a month! Not saying we would reach that but in theory it would make us a pretty powerful co-op if we had even a tenth of that.

    The problem stems from apathy. I live the fan ownership model even i it is only symbolic but respected it could change the fans view and would bring the debate back to the facts rather than this merry go round where the same under informed arguments are repeared time and again. Which only helps the board and Kronke muddy the water until season ticket renewal time.
    If the fans were able to know what was going on rather then rely on what the clun tells us and in return we help fund and have a deeper involvment in the running of tje club then I feel that even if AW turns around and pretends that there isn’t a player alive that we can sign, we would at least be able to show our disagreement in a constructive and gactual manner and have the money to back up what we are saying.
    A reformed reinvigorated fan base could produce scouting reports and stat analysis on players. Could help create and support more local projects and fund them.
    There are so many positives it’s unreal and all it takes is a recognition by the board that we are important investors in this great club and that they must write this permently into the ownership conditions of our club.

  105. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I’m sure your reading bewteen the lines yo much , if someone on here tells anybody to duck off they don’t hang about,

    As for Wenger
    Even when we won back yo back ups , never title remember .
    The volume aging his lordship was still high.

    Unfortunately , or fortunately posters dictate when they direction of topics Ho , if u don’t like, don’t read, if you don’t agree reply?

    It may well be tedious reading same words from different posters , but wengers management is tedious…

    You seem a decent chap who don’t like to use abusive language which is good you argue your case well.


    i fucking hate Wenger, lazy boneidle French bastard, get of your pedal stall an sign the players we all know we need, Ozil an Sanchez are wasting there careers each day that goes by!

    Buy hig! What ever it costs you selfish self absorbed French cunt!!

    And then go to borrusia Dortmund give them Theo and Campbell and £40million for reus

    Sounds very football manager of me, but I’ve just had a fuckin nuff!

    At the end of the day money talks, bar messi and a handful of others, I would say you could snare any player at the end of the day..

    Aubamayang could be ours
    Higuian could be ours

    We are pathetic, and everyone knows it, we aren’t feared in Europe..
    When we get drawn olympicos an cheer because we’ve missed a big team..
    That’s what barca think when they drew us in the quarters.. They hope to get us, cause they know we are weak

  107. EN1AFC

    So 4 weeks to the day the new season starts against the scousers. Xhaka seems to be a very good player so happy with him. Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky gone, about time too they should of been shipped off last year. What about the rest of the dross that inherets the squad though?
    Namely Theo, Per and Sanogo. Why does Wenger year in year out keep players who are clearly not good enough and paying them absolute fortunes? I’m sure Kroenke has no say in that, neither will that slimey lying c**t Gazidis.
    All of them are to blame for the mess we find ourselves in, Kroenke for not investing any of his own money and allowing Wenger to do as he pleases. Wenger for using out of date tactics, trying to manage the club top to bottom and relying on valuations from 2002 when there’s clearly money available to spend thanks the souless shiny space bowl stadium.

    Get rid of the shit in the squad freeing up wages and use any funds raised to add to the already massive transfer budget and buy quality players we need at Centre Back, out wide and a striker. Hardly fucking rocket science is it?!

  108. champagne charlie


    Anyone that categorises other fans as ‘AKB’ out themselves as a special type of cretin. Crack on with your lame assertions about my beliefs, if you can’t read my posts for what they are then that says plenty about your comprehension capabilities.

    I discuss plenty of current Arsenal topics with balanced posters on here that can have a discussion without calling the manager a senile cunt etc. It’s currently a transfer period and while most fans get into a discourse about who they’d like to see and how they’d like us to lineup for the new season you have the special bunch chiming in with fuck wenger and the like as their only comments. Yawn

  109. Relieable Sauce

    I had Chelsea down as my pre-TW favourites and am liking Contes signings so far, Kante is ideal to play alongside Cesc in midfield. Sure to be in the mix for more good players as well.


    Nainggolan and Mahrez ??
    A team of specialists perhaps but they could be very efficient I think.
    If Conte gives Cesc the Pirlo role – and I cant imagine why he wouldnt – he’ll be in the running for poty and Chelsea should contend the league.

  110. Scrvaldio


    Agreed mate non of this would even be an issue if they would just run the club like they gave a flying f. I think swansea is a great club and I think that we could even try there way but I dunno because if we don’t give kroneke a carrot then I can’t see it happening.
    As for us as divided fans I actually think it’s a good thing IF and its a big one. Each group is willing to listen and respect the others opinon and that everyone would respect the result of any vote. As long as everyone is heard then they should be alright.
    A co-op investment group would act like an umbrella organisation bringing all of the fan groups together to discuss, vote and fund each project as well as discuss the board meeting and it’s findings. All groups would have an equal say and I would design it as a DAO Decentralised Autonomous Organisation with pre agreed smart contracts so everythin is transparant and no fraud or collusion could take place. Then it’s a matter of nominating and agreeing on the commitee members and there monthly mandate. I would only create the DAO for the votin process so it would be 100% transparant and reliable. So other then the voting you would have the usual forums and for the crowed funding we could make an agreement with the club that they would help handle he money so people don’t feel they are putting money into some random group.


    The scousers did get something which in this day and age is amazing but as the other guy said they also have US owners and therefore you watch those prices rise back up again. We could do so much better then them as we have some amazing fans I met a die hard gooner and he is a QC! (Not saying a Liverpool fan couldn’t be one I just haven’t met one)

  111. goonerboy

    The reason we are seeing a re-run of last year’s transfer window- is nothing has changed- nothing at all. Wenger sees plenty of players but he will buy none at the prices quoted- irrespective of the cash available. Arsenal are a business whose primary objective is to make a profit. The football rhetoric- is just that -rhetoric.

    Wenger is Kroenke’s man Friday. They are both the problem.

    When Gazidis says Wenger is ultimately answerable to the fans nothing could be further from the truth. Wenger is not answerable to anyone for performances on the field. He’s in a unique situation- an unaccountable, absent owner only interested in the value of his franchise- can trust Wenger totally about the one think that matters- not to spend his money.