WARNING TELEGRAM: Stan sends Wenger strong message

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Feels almost embarrassing to be writing about my issues with Arsenal when such a horrendous incident has happened over in France. I don’t even know what to say. Orlando, Baghdad, Paris, Dhaka and now Nice. The world is not a nice place to be at the moment and no one has any answers. I just hope we don’t succumb to hate… prayers, thoughts, love go out to all the people of France going through this.


Sometimes I think I overuse the word banter. But jeez, when we’re talking about Arsenal, it’s so apt so much of the time.

There’s an interesting story being run by ESPN, when Stan wasn’t bragging about TV revenue like a sophisticated white billionaire rapper, he had this to say…

“I’ve always loved sports and you have to make it make sense financially. But you learn over the years that it’s no fun if you don’t win”

Ok, that’s a WOW moment. After however many years of watching us bounce around like a kipper on a car bonnet, he’s finally sussed it… winning might actually be the sole focus of a football club.

If you’re not amassing trophies in sport, what’s the f*cking point? If you’re not making indelible stains on silverware, who is going to remember who you were and what you stood for?

Having great financials isn’t even an issue in Premier League football these days. When West Ham and Watford are dropping £30m bids for players, you know things are probably going to be ok for you in the long-term.

So what does that sort of comment mean for Arsenal fans? Maybe it’s a shift in vision for Stan. Maybe he’s realised that if he wants to kick the club onto higher financial plains, he’s going to have to put some trophies in the cupboard. He’s going to have to find a manager who can make his life as a majority owner easier than it is now? Pretty sure he doesn’t like being booed in his billion dollar home (not the ranch in Missouri).

I mean, bold conclusions here… Stan is letting Wenger preside over yet another shambolic summer. I mean, you can easily predict this sort of thing because it happens every single summer. But I actually can’t believe the audacity of this one.

… but maybe this is Wenger’s final hurrah. Maybe this is the ‘cheerio, I’m done’ lap of honour.

Again, maybe I’m being ambitious. But look, everyone will be sick of Wenger at the club. Gazidis must be tearing out his assistants hair. Dick Law must spend 90% of his summer, face buried in palms, hoping for brighter days. Mark Gonnella must dread having to call up his press buddies to tell them that Real Madrid have expressed interest in Giroud.

Our summer has been a disgrace so far. The striking options have dried up. We’ve discovered that we’re not appealing as a top-tier club, because any player worth his salt knows Wenger is absolutely past it and incapable of delivering a team that can win elite trophies… we’re just a stagnant bag of mega potential.

We have a pretty damn good squad, we just don’t seem to have a manager that can push it over the line. He’d rather spend the summer doing a second job than focusing on building out our club as the best on the planet. Whatever you think about Arsene, as a sane person, you cannot possibly look at Wenger running two jobs as acceptable on any level.


Also, for the people comparing our summer to our rivals… give it up man. Jose Mourinho is straight down to business after having a much later start. He’s going for the Premier League, no excuses. Pep is straight down to business despite a late start. Spurs are Spurs, who cares what they’re up to, but they have landed a striker (when they already have one who tore the league apart last year) and Wanyama.  Conte has been in 5mins and as if by magic, he’s found a striker (BUT WHERE ARE THEY IT IS SO HARD) and he’s going hard for a second. Also seriously worrying that they’ve likely landed the brute that is Kante.

Not too fussed about Klopp… I have doubts about what he’ll be capable of at Liverpool.

Anyway, Wenger had a head start on our main rivals and he’s let it slide again.

If Stan truly is in this game for winning, what is he thinking when he looks at Wenger? What does Ivan tell him about the competition that’s coming our way next year? How is Stan going to feel when, at the end of this season, we’re further away than ever before?

Hopefully he feels terrible and pushes for the next chapter…

Right, over and out.


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  1. Tomtom

    At the risk of stating the obvious Erdogan is popular with working class Turks and Anatolian peasants. He is also a former mayor of Istanbul so there isn’t anywhere that he can’t raise an impressive band of loyalists. This could turn very nasty.

  2. Joe

    OK… sack Wenger tomorrow, who’s coming in?

    Yeah so let’s just stick with a loser manager who’s best before date is 12 Seasons ago.

    There are a 100 managers that could do what wenger does with his resources.

    It’s not like he has over achieved ever

  3. mysticleaves

    naijagunner: “I have given up trying to understand the thinking which goes into our squad planning.”

    no you have not. you still defend wenger and his methods, the one in charge of our squad planning

  4. STV


    Have a feeling that it could. After all a bad leader is all it takes to throw in a country to flames.

    Erdogan saying it’s the works of of a minority in the army. Could turn ugly if army itself split in to two groups and starts fighting, and people joining in..

  5. naijagunner


    It’s not my fault you have problems comprehending posts ….so you can call me a Wenger lover all you like…it’s one name that doesn’t faze me unlike most of you.

    Some on here look at things dispassionately when it comes to issues around Arsenal unlike you Wenger out keyboard militants who seem to believe you are pushing him out by commenting on le grove

  6. Ashley

    Champagne naijagunner

    Seems like we’re falling into that toxic atmosphere I was talking about earlier , lets not do that …. I probably shouldn’t post while I’m waiting an age to board a flight and I probably shouldn’t label people dicks for having their opinion , all this Arsenal stuff gets me a tad irate at times , apologies to the folks I may have offended

  7. Mysticleaves

    Those turks would be all stupid to die for their president who wouldn’t die for them. You don’t pity these kind of things.

    The only time citizens are useful is when govt want to use them to either prolong their stay or get into power. Smh

  8. naijagunner


    Believe you me I am as frustrated as you are

    They are rumours that Mahrez wants out, now sit back and watch him join another Epl club while the club releases training pics of Sanogo on a daily basis while pretending the transfer window has closed

    I just pray there is a method to this madness because we are desperately short on quality right now…..extended breaks for most of our players

  9. STV

    WE I think Erdogan the president is fairly popular among people ( he has a very bad reputation outside Turkey) It appeares that the military coup is orchestrated by forces loyal to his former ally Gülen..

    It is a conflict of interest between power hungry people. No surprises

  10. Tomtom

    Wenger eagle
    Looks like a military coup against Erdogan, not sure yet if pro Islam faction or pro secular faction of the military.
    Not a lot of information available.
    Erdogan claims it’s a small minority of the military but he would say that as he has removed a lot of top ranking anti Islam generals in the past and would claim to control the military.
    Basically nobody knows what’s going on!

  11. Alex Cutter

    For WE:

    Turkey is considered to be a very valuable ally to the west, since it is a NATO member, a relatively stable country, located on the border of the Middle East, is currently hosting a million+ refugees (mostly Syrian) that the rest of Europe doesn’t want to deal with, and has a decent relationship with Israel.

    The current president was democratically elected. He was a former staunch Islamist, but changed his stripes for political reasons, and has taken a slight secular (non-religious) stance. His supporters are overwhelming working class and religious.

    Although democratically elected, in recent years he has been trying to institute changes to make the government more authoritarian, and this included taking power away from the military. They don’t like that, and apparently the president forgot that the military had overthrown previously elected governments something like six times in the past fifty years.

    Turkey has been recently hit by terrorist attacks, which may or may not be related to the influx of refugees. People are getting worried.

    Read on twitter that the president was prepping the military for an invasion of Syria, but I can’t figure out what that has to do with the attempted coup.

    That’s all I got. It’s Friday night and those hos aint going to fuck themselves!

  12. WrightIsGod

    Anyone who is still supporting Wenger is deluded, dated and has no idea about the modern game, much like Wenger himself.

    His fans and team are made in his image. Losers.

  13. Champagne charlie

    Hmm did I use a bad word….sure I just commented…

    No worries mate we can all say things when hot under the collar that are not exactly intended. Big of you to own it, I take back what I said to you. Have a safe flight!

    Standard twat response from yourself. AKB comment? It was a question you sped, one you didn’t answer. Instead you try your belittle routine which is spectacularly boring at this point because clearly you lack brains/sense. Your patter is garbage

  14. Barking Arsene

    Turkey has a history of this.

    Ataturk, who was and is considered the greatest leader Turkey shaped the country on a western model. He believed that Islam/religion had no place in politics and switched from an Islamic calendar to a gregorian one.

    He also installed the army and gave them the mandate of protecting the state from autocratic leadership. This is essentially the rhetoric behind the coup.

    He has been accused of leading the country down a conservative route and has made great efforts to strip the military of power.

    Other problems are that he has altered rules to enable him to stay in power and is reducing the ability for the media to report freely.

    It’s almost a 50/50 split in terms of support and will make it difficult to maintain a coup IF his supporters come out in force.

    Bomb in parliament, shots being fired and a scramble to get control of the media. It’s gone nuts.

  15. Marko

    That’s all I got. It’s Friday night and those hos aint going to fuck themselves!


    Charlie move heaven and earth for Tuchel at Dortmund.

  16. TitsMcGee

    Higuain close to a deal with Juventus. Every big team except for us year in and year out seem willing to put their necks on the line for glory/the fans. So Juventus can spend 80 million on Higuain but we can’t?

  17. Joe



    Your fuckin nan

    Don’t care as long as it’s not wenger

    Barca #2.

    Grab peps # 2

    There are plenty of managers out there who can out perform wenger.

    Not my million
    Pound job to find them.

    Wouldn’t be hard if it was my job though.

    And offer enough money and Diego and tuchwl would come

    Diego is the one I want.

    We are the arsenal. Why wouldn’t they come

    Dortmund or Madrid. Couldn’t atop them

  18. Champagne charlie


    First off, sacking Wenger tomorrow would end us this season and god knows where we’d finish and what sort of project we’d leave for the following summer where a proper candidate could come in.

    I’d like to see Simeone take over from Wenger, but I doubt it. It’s not our style. I expect we’ll look for someone like Rudi Garcia

  19. Bamford10

    “That’s all I got. It’s Friday night and those hos aint going to fuck themselves!”

    Brilliant work, Alex, and an excellent account of Turkish politics.

  20. Bamford10


    Yes, but there are signs that the coup forces are continuing to fight for control. For example, coup soldiers have just entered and shut down CNN Turk. And there are apparently bombs going off still in Ankara.

  21. Barking Arsene

    More explosions at Parliament and apparently one at Ataturk Airport. Also a TV station has been raided. Not sure if it’s 100% over – hard to tell really as not much info coming out from reliable sources.

  22. Marko

    Charlie don’t be afraid of change. He’s not immortal there will come a time sooner rather than later where we’ll have to move forward without him. People do eventually retire and die. It’s just gonna happen

  23. HillWood

    Charlie- Arsenal have been sleepwalking while All the major players have been changing clubs. Any other club would have sacked him years ago

  24. Carts

    Don’t agree with any attempts of over throwing democratically elected government , but if rumours that he’s getting above his station are found to be true, then one can’t blame the military for flexing

  25. Mysticleaves


    Anybody still actively supporting Wenger = talking gash

    That its gash doesn’t mean I can’t read it. I just can’t comprehend it. Comprehend?


    You have to ask would their president be called upon in times of danger and he would answer like the citizens did?

  26. Leedsgunner

    ” Wenger has confirmed that key duo Laurent Koscielny and Olivier Giroud will be given an extended break after their exertions in Euro 2016 – which will see the French pair potentially miss the start of the new Premier League season.”

    The only thing Arsene seems to prepare in good time are his own contract negotiations and the excuse despite having all summer to buy and bring in players. Don’t complain about it then do something now!!!

  27. Emiratesstroller

    Interesting development at Leicester City. Mahrez has apparently turned down a
    new contract.

    This would certainly be the one player in their team that Arsenal should be interested in buying. He is an upgrade on anything that we have got on wing apart
    from Sanchez and would add fire power to team.

  28. Akilan

    ES, agreed mate. Would take mahrez in a heartbeat. Our attack then will resemble robbery of jupp’s Bayern. Agreed, not as good but can work wonders in the pl especially with ozil. Do it Wenger.

  29. Ughelligunner

    “Everyone expects big names but if there is no chance of getting
    them then there is no point. Look for players you can have and make the best of it. I’m 100 percent happy with the guys we have brought in until now.” Klopp has
    – insisting he can get the best out of his players by creating a
    ‘special bond’. He said: “If you want to have proof of the different ways that klopp.
    This man has been wengerised, isn’t “bond” a synonym for “cohesion”. Well it is not everybody’s dream to win at all cost.

    N5, howdy, what do you think of the above? Wenger won’t even bother again to bring in a super star, when he hears a top manager like Klopp rejecting the outrageous transfer market for over expensive top class. We will just get any middle average striker that can run and pass the ball in any of the lesser European league teams, if we are lucky.

  30. naijagunner


    Whatever dude….”actively supprting Wenger”..silly phrase…..like I said you need to contact your English tutor for comprehension lessons if all you can deduce from my posts is Wenger support.

    The people who took to the streets in Turkey yesterday should count themselves lucky the soldiers didn’t want any bloodshed…..i won’t take to the streets for any politician.

    While we are on that I was listening to a political commentator yesterday who suggested this might all be a ploy for the president to seize the absolute control he has been craving

  31. Emiratesstroller

    When you analyse the transfer market to date most of the top teams have completed only one or two major signings.

    The most expensive Transfer this summer according to transfermarkt is Xhaka. So Arsenal fans should not get over stressed quite yet.

    Having said that it is vital that we secure a striker in this window. We need someone who can at least rotate with Giroud even if he is not an upgrade.
    Walcott, Sanogo and Akpom are not a solution.

  32. STV

    Ah right the conspiracy theorists, never too far away from them,..

    Moon landing- fake, 9/11 – ploy… This world is a big drama for them wtf..

  33. naijagunner


    The manager has already made it quite clear that we are short of bodies but I am worried at the pace he is going about identifying targets and doing his business.

    I know the prices are crazy but he caused the present situation due to his inactivity last summer

    He made his bed now he should lie on it.

  34. naijagunner

    Not everything is black and white

    Certain aspects of the coup last night are curious to say the least. Just passing on the views of a man whose profession is to comment on Turkish politics ……or are you also an expert in that field considering your unbelievable IQ

  35. STV

    The sad thing is over 100 killed and around 1000 injured in yet another tragedy. Idiotic politicians and fanatics needs to wake up and have look at their pathetic selves..

  36. gonsterous

    I won’t be worried about Wengers inactivity till the end of August. If he says he needs bodies, then I’m sure he will get it. Just won’t trust the quality since the likes of sanogoal, brokeback Kim, park and co have all worn the arsenal shirt under Wenger !!

  37. STV


    Sorry I am not interested in playing games. It is true I commented on conspiracy theory because none of them ever proved to be correct as far as I know. I fairly certain not in this case too, a sane politician would never attempt a fake military coup operation in an attempt gain full control risking thousands of lives in the process..

    There has been reports this is carried out by forces loyal to Gülen, a rival politician, this could also be carried independentll attempt by military to seize control. It’s not uncommon if you consider the political history of Turkey and middle East in general..

    Now, every conspiracy theories are put out by famous analysts, political commetators, even scientists etc.. That’s one of the reasons why they got that much coverage.. And they all were proven wrong..

    I am going for an educated prediction it is false. You can do yours or believe what your commentator said..a

    No need to ju

  38. Alexanderhenry


    “I’ve always loved sports and you have to make it make sense financially. But you learn over the years that it’s no fun if you don’t win”

    Well, he can’t have been having too much fun over the past twenty years if you look at his record. Listening to him waffle on in that interview about expanding markets and revenue, says to me that the above quote is completely disingenuous.

    As an owner, he has no ambition to succeed whatsoever.

  39. Emiratesstroller


    The only position where there is a need for URGENT attention is a striker. What
    is very clear is there is an acute shortage of decent goalscoring players who are available and even if they become available the prices are grossly inflated.

    Apart from this position we are discussing upgrades on what we have already got.

    The second priority would be a centre back followed by a winger. However,
    I don’t think that there is the same urgency there albeit that it is always best
    to complete business as early as possible in transfer window.

  40. DivineSherlock

    I’ll be really pissed if Mahrez goes to any other club than Arsenal . He rejected the terms at Leicester , its a big indication he wants a move out. Unlike Vardy.

  41. gonsterous

    Traffic seems to be slow here today. Everyone working on a Saturday or something ?? Or do people only comment here when working 🙂

  42. Bamford10

    Yes please to Mahrez. He would be an excellent signing.

    Also, bravo again to the Turkish people for collectively repelling the coup attempt last night. A tragedy that scores of people were killed, but a brave and significant defense of democratic principle nonetheless.

  43. Scrvaldio

    @Pedro sorry mate but Stans words mean nothing. After all these years hasn’t it become clear to everyone that AW is payed NOT to spend money.

    Why do we beleive the board when they say they are backing him and AW says there are no spending restrictions?

    I do not beleive them because there behaviour shows the complete opposite.
    I can’t remember the name of the consultancy that they hired to tell us that their is only 4m quid to spend when in fact an independent accountant just looked at the annual accounts and calculated closer to 100m. But doesn’t just that tell you all you need to know.

    IF this truly is AW’s final year then he won’t spend as he would view this as irresponsible.
    IF he is planning to stay and he approaches top talent, then the first question will be ‘how long are you sticking around?’ and if he can’t answer then they won’t sign.

    Add the fact’s you’ve stated above about how he has the tactical aptitude of a first world war general and a transfer policy from the same period, then you start you realise that no matter what happens, (unless the gods of football come down from the heavens and decree that Arsenal fans have suffered enough and give us the players we need) then you can safely say that spending big is not going to happen.

  44. Mysticleaves


    On Mahrez rejecting leicester new contract, I think Vardy would now understand the mistake he made when he starts the season wthout Mahrez and Kante beside him. Lol. Would be pure comedy.


    Klopp can say all those and it would make sense as over the last 10 years he has consistently over achieved with his team showing greater tactical awareness, man management and motivational skills then Wenger has done in same period.

    More so, liverpool is not a top draw for players anymore, somewhere Wenger will lead us to if he outlasts this season.

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I disagree
    Our derence needs to be strengthened an tidied up ,
    Per is not a worry to stop any striker scoring,
    Gab ? What’s happened there ?

    Chambers started well then had his confidence kicked in by Wenger .

    We have a CB playing left back .
    We have a 12m right back that is useless an still on the payroll

    No we need strikers but defence more urgent I feel.

  46. peanuts&monkeys

    Hey Losers Arsenal….long time huh! that anaemic and benign statement from Stan Le Ruiner has been blown out of fucking proportions by pedro to draw eyeballs. What a desperate bid to get some hits on his blog…tsk tsk Pedro.

    You know where the disease of lack of traffic to your blog site originates? From the boring and mediocre mind of Stan the ruiner.

  47. STV

    We need defender winger striker and a defensive midfielder, unless we strengthen these areas were not going to win anything big.. Not even in contention

  48. DivineSherlock


    Our problem is goal scoring , I dont care how it is addressed . Maybe a goal scoring winger in Mahrez ? 17 goals and 11 assists . Alexis and Mahrez can score 30- 35 between them , Giroud the usual 15-20.

  49. Mysticleaves


    Even if we buy all these I doubt Wenger can engineer a premier league winning team. He could stumble on it though.

    PS: I don’t think we need more bodies in midfield though

  50. DivineSherlock

    Rumors if James Rodriguez wanting to leave . Great player. Loved him in 2014 WC. Should we be interested ?

  51. Mysticleaves


    Hmmm. Monreal a CB by trade? He tried CB for us for 4 months. He’s been a LB all the time mate.

    Re Debuchy, he wasn’t pointless when he signed. Was really good. He didn’t give himself two successive long term injuries either. Hard luck is a bitch you know.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I personally would give akpom a start for first few games …
    Why not?

    On his last chance lad just trying to hard.

    Let him know he is playing first five games …be more relaxed
    He gets into the postition psg
    Would rather him than yaya whilst we await the return of pet Giround

  53. STV

    Mystic I think we desperately need to offload some dross from midfield and put in some good players..

    None of those I’ll happen though

  54. GoonerInNY

    Given Stan’s terrible record as an owner (not just Arsenal, but the consistent underperformance of the Rams, Nuggets, Avalanche and Rapids), Stan talking about how to own a team is like listening to Boris Johnson’s expertise on hairstyling. No thanks.

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger doing exactly the same as previous summers , early signing then nothing
    Read him like a penguin book.
    He really is taking the rise out of the club.

    Don’t expect anymore

    Vardy was an even bet he knew he wouldn’t come but looks like he is trying to recurit

  56. DivineSherlock


    Akpom is due a chance deservedly. No doubt better than Sanogo. I liked his movement off the ball too. Pre season is important for him , maybe a few eyecatching performance there and we could see him soon.

  57. freddylekgunner

    Monreal has been a left back throughout his career ( except Arsenal playing him as CB during crises) and one of the best last season. LB is hardly the area we need improvement now.

  58. Mysticleaves

    Lb could be addressed next season. Am happy with Monreal and Gibbs this season. Same as Bellerin and Chambers. Also think Mert/Kos/Gab/Chambers will pull through.

    Gab MIGHT be immense next season. Wasn’t he signed in january? Is my mind playing tricks on me?

  59. GoonerDave

    No conspiracy theory ever turned out to be true?
    MK Ultra.
    Innumerable financial conspiracies well documented.
    Iran Contra.
    Saddam and countless others put in power by USA.
    The Gulf of Tonkin Incident.
    Bloody Sunday.
    Child sexual abuse hidden by Vatican.
    Bohemian Grove.
    Bilderberg Group.
    The above is only a tiny example of conspiracies which turned out to be true and are now documented. Believing everything you are told by the powers that be is just as insane as wearing a tinfoil hat.

  60. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Stans words mean nothing. After all these years hasn’t it become clear to everyone that AW is payed NOT to spend money.
    Why do we beleive the board when they say they are backing him and AW says there are no spending restrictions?
    I do not beleive them because there behaviour shows the complete opposite.’

    Absolutely right.

    Kroenke is the main issue at arsenal fc, not wenger. Whatever anyone thinks about wenger’s ability as a coach, he spends what he is given, like all managers.
    Overall financial policy at arsenal is decided by the owner, not the manager. This is how it works at all clubs.
    The idea that he had hundreds of millions at his disposal all these years, but chose not to spend is absurd.

    As arsenal fans, the problem we face is how to remove an owner who has shown no ambition, no commitment and no love for the club. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to arsenal. Not only has he been fleecing fans with the highest ticket prices in football and an unnecessary, counterproductive austerity period, but he has also started taking money out of the club; something he promised he would not do.

    When wenger leaves, my guess is that there will be a token cash splash and then a return to business as usual.
    This summer I think we will be one of the lowest nett spenders in the premiership once again.

    With Kroenke in charge the club will drift into mediocrity. The only way to get rid of him is for fans to give up their season tickets. Will that happen?
    It’s unlikely.

  61. DivineSherlock

    Pedro why not an analysis of our new midfield ? We have upgraded our midfield with Elneny , Coq , Xhaka & Ramsey. Two ball players and Two ball winners . This should enable us to deal with the high pressing teams well enough. With park the bus teams we could go with Cazorla or Wilshere to break their lines . Remember that Norwich Goal ? So now we wont lose possession as much as we did last season.

  62. Relieable Sauce

    Mahrez will not maximise his potential at Arsene-al and at 24/25 yo he should be weighing up his options carefully.
    Needs a good manager to take him to the next level – Conte, Guardiola and Pochettino being the best options of the PL clubs – and of course Ranieri, who he achieved so much under last season in a formation and style of play that helped him win a POTY award.

    Financial gain and big club/city lifestyle and profile, no pressure working enviroment, style over substance footballing philosophy, stepping stone for a move to a big club.
    These will be the main motives for anyone considering joining AFC, I cant believe there are many players and agents naive enough to still think Wenger will challenge for top honours.

  63. STV


    Some of them were criminal conspiracies and war crimes, rather than conspiracy theories. but you are right I shouldn’t have made such definitive statement.

    Conspiracies do exist in all fronts but so are the bogus conspiracy theories (several times higher) almost all of them haven’t been proved whatsoever,

    Someone like David Icke, made a career out of it even arguing the US president is an alien !! They got tons of followers too..

    Anyway your point well taken.

  64. Akilan

    Mate, obviously your mind is playing games on you. We signed him 2 Januaries back. So, he’s been with us for 18 months. I actually think our shite midfield made our defense worse than it actually is and Wenger’s tactics or the lack of didn’t help either. IMO, our priorities are a striker, a CB, and a winger in that order. But I think our defense with xhaka will be better this season. TBH, I will be very happy with mahrez and a striker of giroud’s quality as an alternative plus a CB like koulibaly.

  65. naijagunner

    A new defensive midfielder???

    Last thing we need is another body in midfield. Guess its the Kante effect though….once another team signs a player we must sign one in the same positions ourself. Ignore the fact they are replacing Matic who was dreadful last season

    Give me a goal scoring midfielder and a striker with different attributes to Giroud and I am fine. Throw in a defender who can cover at full back positions and I will consider it a great summer.

  66. STV

    If you’re talking about my comment it’s no. Always said we have been lacking a very good defensive midfielder (like Kante, obiviosly). I ve been saying similar thing last season too. I am not reactionary like you’d like to believe.

    Another thing you got wrong is that a defensive midfielder is not the last thing we need. It’s Wenger managing another season and his bunch of AKB mugs. unfortunately the first thing we’ll get!!..

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Your missing the point
    It’s the centre we need
    Don’t want him covering there,
    Him an Gibbs ok for lb
    Bro an Deb for rb ? Not good enough

    Per gab an chambers an Kos ?


  68. STV

    That’s been said it’s not priority as we have ( though less than ideal) cover in abundance. Striker & Winger is the absoulute priority.

  69. STV

    We can’t compete for top honors with Xhaka pertaining dross like Wilshere, Coquelin and Ramsey. Jury’s out on Elneny and Cazorla is physically weak for DM in big games..

    I would offload two of Ramsey Coq Wilshere though the Euro performance gives a little positivity in case of Ramsey.

    Obiviosly for top 4 trophy this team is almost good enough..

  70. Akilan

    Mate just now I read that it was not what they told. A long working employee in that station told that Napoli doesn’t want to sell him to juventus and the reported juventus interest is true. But still he expects him to go abroad with PSG and us as likely destinations. So back to square one. You are one of my favs here. Cheers

  71. karim

    Hey Akilan, how are you doing mate ? Welcome on board !
    Thanks for the very nice words, by the way !

    Juve have been doing some great business these last seasons but I can’t see De Laurentis doing them any favour on the Higuain deal, so I doubt they’ll be able to fork out the kind of money Napoli are after.

    Giroud’s agent did say OG may consider a switch in Italy, so here’s hoping because there’s no way Arsene is gonna pay close to 100 million euros lol.

    We’ll see.

  72. naijagunner

    I repeat the last thing Arsenal need is another defensive midfielder

    You can piss in our present options all you want.

    All of a sudden not a single player is good enough to play alongside Xhaka……

    Elneny is an excellent passer of the ball with good movement in midfield so I don’t know what jury you are waiting for

    Ramsey dross?…….keep telling yourself that

    Coquelin is more than capable of doing a job when called upon as hr has shown

    Cazorla is an excellent condition play maker…..lets all just pretend we didn’t miss him when he was injured last season and he is not a DM so don’t know what his name is doing there

    Last thing we need is a midfield signing I repeat again for emphasis.

  73. Nigel Tufnel


    all of the tragic “incidents” you listed… Nice, Bataclan, all of the others…..
    do you see the pattern?

  74. Akilan

    Thanks mate, been posting here for just 2,3 days but reading for years. Already a buddy of N5 . Keep hitting us with top news on French football. I’m from India and a very new fan. Testing times for the French and the Turks. The world has become a worse place.
    Back to football, it’s clear higuain is up for grabs. Napoli doesn’t want to sell him to juventus. So if we’re interested, we should do it asap. Even Olly wants to move. If Wenger has any interest, he should’ve completed it already. But we know who he is, an elite ditherer.

  75. BacaryisGod

    A few fans are calling for a Higuain for Giroud plus cash deal.

    Not sure why we would sell Giroud, although after the Euros his value will never be higher. He’s an excellent squad player and it would be a mistake to sell him.

    My dream scenario would be selling Theo and bringing in Higuain and Mahrez.

    I front line of Alexis, Hig and Mahrez with Ozil behind and Ramsey and Xhaka running the midfield would be a tough line-up for any team to beat. Throw in another CB alongside Kozzer and we’ll be a very good bet for the title.

  76. naijagunner


    If Wenger does not buy the players you believe he should and somehow still finishes were he usually finishes isn’t that an achievement in it’s own right?

    You do understand that if Klopp finishes in the top four this season we will all be lining up to say what a great manager he is don’t you ?

  77. STV

    “If Wenger does not buy the players you believe he should and somehow still finishes were he usually finishes isn’t that an achievement in it’s own right?”

    Sure it is .. The great top 4 trophy!

  78. karim

    Barking A
    Agree, Kos must stay here, no question.

    Yeah, N5’s a top bloke I’m not surprised at all, he did the same with me a couple of years ago..

    Thanks again for the Pirlo analogy ha ha !

    Sad times indeed… but let’s keep on living ( and moaning about the Arsenal. )

  79. STV

    Elnenny-excellent, Ramsey- suddenly world beater after some games at Euro, Wilshere- world class etc.. You couldn’t make this up..

    Shame we can’t win anything with them. But hey a good pass is better than a good squad and top4 is like winning a cup.

  80. reality check

    A long time ago. Geezer called keyser said, you need ucl to sign the best players. He’s not the only one. Robbie fron FANTV, Wenger himself…

    Well. What defines ‘The best’.

    Kante. Key player, Premier League Champion, French International.

    Not one of our CM/DM have Kantes achievements already. Yet he chooses Chelsea. We get Xhaka. Xhaka may be great. But its a gamble.

    Kante is winner, a champion right now!

    If Kante was available. Which he was because
    1) He rejected Leicesters offer,
    2) Chavs just bought him.

    Then why wasn’t we in for him? We can offer him more than what Chelsea can. No?

    How is Chelsea more attractive than Arsenal as of right now?

  81. Barking Arsene

    Mahrez, Icardi, Draxler and Hig.

    Any two out of those four would make a big difference to how we approach the season.

    All four seem attainable

    Would obviously still need a CB of some sort as well.

  82. STV

    Reality Check you need to look no further than some of the comments here to know the Arsenal attitude obviously bourne out of Wenger attitude. It’s not wanting what we dont have and overestimating what we have.

    They can’t quite appreciate Kante is a great player and he was instrumental in winning the league for them. Some here calls him a water carrier.

    Wenger does, but insists we are filled with midfield players an attitude leads to missing out another player who would readily improve us..

  83. naijagunner

    Love the “premier league champion,French international” bit

    One might think they were honours conferred by the Queen.

    We weren’t in for Kante because we have options in midfield. End of story.

  84. naijagunner

    Why weren’t City in for him if his signing would decide the title race ?

    United ?….or won’t he improve them?

    Liverpool?…they finished higher than Chelsea and have a great manager….where were they in this fight ?

  85. Barking Arsene


    I wouldn’t mind £30m coming in if there was a remote possibility that we would sign a suitable replacement. But we wouldn’t.

    Would end up with an internal solution (Monreal at CB with Gibbs LB!)

  86. STV

    Every team are loaded in their midfield cause there is a 25 player rule in EPL. So naturally there’ll be 4-5 central midfielders..

    The question is whether you can improve over your available options. Wenger said no. Cause he’s not competing for title just making up numbers. Top4 is a bonus.

  87. Mysticleaves

    Reality check

    We weren’t in for Kante. And anyother midfielder. You can cry all you want it doesn’t change the fact that our midfield options are suitable. This one is not on the transfer team!


    Well, for what its worth, if we finish top4, it wouldn’t be an achievement. We have being top 4 for 18 straight years? No biggie! We could actually go on and try win the league you know…that’s an achievement.

    We have the resources and appeal to be doing sooooooooo much better. I just marvel at how mediocre Wenger has reduced our expectations as fans.

    I do agree with you though that we don’t need anymore players in midfield.

  88. Joe


    Naija truly is a cunt. His opinion
    Or nothing.

    A manager who does nothing when his team failed last season in not a success you muppet. It’s called stupidity

    It’s a manager who can’t see what he needs to do to improve and an arrogant prick who thinks he is a lot greater than he is.

  89. naijagunner


    No one would be happier than myself if we balls up this window and finish tenth. Top four means nothing to me.

    I was just replying your klopp comment with a bit of perspective

  90. Mysticleaves

    Kante wouldn’t be the reason Chelsea win the league. That’s if they do. What he does in their team is subjective to how they might set up.

    He didn’t even start in the final for France. And they looked good. Easy to replace/manage.

    The irony is this; if we had signed Kante and now Chelsea signed Xhaka you would see the same moans. Lol. “We needed a midfield general, a man with albanian blood, hard as nail, leader” bla bla bla

  91. Joe

    So naija

    Was it an achievement last season when
    Wenger bought no one and finished 10 points behind Leicester.

    and KAnte is better than all of our MF

    Why didn’t anyone else try to sign xhaka??

  92. naijagunner

    Man city did actually try to sign Xhaka….same also Simeone at Athletico…..it was a case of a player already making up his mind where he was going regardless

  93. Mysticleaves


    Klopp and Liverpool would be happy with top 4. Different club, different fan expectations, different appeal, different goals. They haven’t made top 4 (more than once) since 09 right?

  94. naijagunner


    Our board don’t share your ambition…so top four it is

    Our manager wants to win in a certain way and has actually lost track of what that way is…..his not spending much and finishing top four is his only selling point right now and kroenke is buying it