WARNING TELEGRAM: Stan sends Wenger strong message

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Feels almost embarrassing to be writing about my issues with Arsenal when such a horrendous incident has happened over in France. I don’t even know what to say. Orlando, Baghdad, Paris, Dhaka and now Nice. The world is not a nice place to be at the moment and no one has any answers. I just hope we don’t succumb to hate… prayers, thoughts, love go out to all the people of France going through this.


Sometimes I think I overuse the word banter. But jeez, when we’re talking about Arsenal, it’s so apt so much of the time.

There’s an interesting story being run by ESPN, when Stan wasn’t bragging about TV revenue like a sophisticated white billionaire rapper, he had this to say…

“I’ve always loved sports and you have to make it make sense financially. But you learn over the years that it’s no fun if you don’t win”

Ok, that’s a WOW moment. After however many years of watching us bounce around like a kipper on a car bonnet, he’s finally sussed it… winning might actually be the sole focus of a football club.

If you’re not amassing trophies in sport, what’s the f*cking point? If you’re not making indelible stains on silverware, who is going to remember who you were and what you stood for?

Having great financials isn’t even an issue in Premier League football these days. When West Ham and Watford are dropping £30m bids for players, you know things are probably going to be ok for you in the long-term.

So what does that sort of comment mean for Arsenal fans? Maybe it’s a shift in vision for Stan. Maybe he’s realised that if he wants to kick the club onto higher financial plains, he’s going to have to put some trophies in the cupboard. He’s going to have to find a manager who can make his life as a majority owner easier than it is now? Pretty sure he doesn’t like being booed in his billion dollar home (not the ranch in Missouri).

I mean, bold conclusions here… Stan is letting Wenger preside over yet another shambolic summer. I mean, you can easily predict this sort of thing because it happens every single summer. But I actually can’t believe the audacity of this one.

… but maybe this is Wenger’s final hurrah. Maybe this is the ‘cheerio, I’m done’ lap of honour.

Again, maybe I’m being ambitious. But look, everyone will be sick of Wenger at the club. Gazidis must be tearing out his assistants hair. Dick Law must spend 90% of his summer, face buried in palms, hoping for brighter days. Mark Gonnella must dread having to call up his press buddies to tell them that Real Madrid have expressed interest in Giroud.

Our summer has been a disgrace so far. The striking options have dried up. We’ve discovered that we’re not appealing as a top-tier club, because any player worth his salt knows Wenger is absolutely past it and incapable of delivering a team that can win elite trophies… we’re just a stagnant bag of mega potential.

We have a pretty damn good squad, we just don’t seem to have a manager that can push it over the line. He’d rather spend the summer doing a second job than focusing on building out our club as the best on the planet. Whatever you think about Arsene, as a sane person, you cannot possibly look at Wenger running two jobs as acceptable on any level.


Also, for the people comparing our summer to our rivals… give it up man. Jose Mourinho is straight down to business after having a much later start. He’s going for the Premier League, no excuses. Pep is straight down to business despite a late start. Spurs are Spurs, who cares what they’re up to, but they have landed a striker (when they already have one who tore the league apart last year) and Wanyama.  Conte has been in 5mins and as if by magic, he’s found a striker (BUT WHERE ARE THEY IT IS SO HARD) and he’s going hard for a second. Also seriously worrying that they’ve likely landed the brute that is Kante.

Not too fussed about Klopp… I have doubts about what he’ll be capable of at Liverpool.

Anyway, Wenger had a head start on our main rivals and he’s let it slide again.

If Stan truly is in this game for winning, what is he thinking when he looks at Wenger? What does Ivan tell him about the competition that’s coming our way next year? How is Stan going to feel when, at the end of this season, we’re further away than ever before?

Hopefully he feels terrible and pushes for the next chapter…

Right, over and out.


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