Arsene Wenger: Correct on Thierry, but an outrageous hypocrite

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Amazing news coming from the club that Arsene Wenger has moved Thierry Henry on after he refused to give up his role as a Sky Sports news pundit.

On the face of it, I totally understand. You’re either serious about becoming a football manager, or you’re not. Working all over the country to give your views on the Premier League is lucrative work, but it’s going to mean you’re unable to dedicate your mind to the job in hand.

What is absolutely f*cking crazy is that Wenger has once again spent his whole summer as a pundit in France.

You can say what you want about having a blackberry and the ability to remotely work, but it doesn’t stack up for me.

If you’re pissing around on French TV, you’re not focused on the absolutely huge job you’re supposed to be doing at home. After our initial failings in the transfer window, namely, ballsing up the Mikki deal and being silly enough to put all our eggs in the Jamie Vardy basket, you’d think Wenger’s time would be better spent hanging out with his scouts who struggle at the best times. He should be sifting through videos with them, he should be taking calls from agents, he should be plotting what our season looks like with all this competition coming into the league.

He should have a presence. Working remotely never really caught on because presence is king. You need to be there to hear what’s going on. You need to motivate your staff. You need to show commitment to the cause, especially if you’ve consistently delivered shocking summers for the past ten years. You need to be focused.

Instead, he’s sticking a middle finger up to the fans. He’s showing us who the boss is. Quite frankly, I find it embarrassing that our elite manager is doing punditry. You don’t see Mourinho, Pep, Poch or Klopp doing TV gigs. Why? Because they’re focused. All the reasons Wenger has for asking Thierry to leave Sky are all the reasons Wenger shouldn’t be at Euros.

Our summer isn’t looking good is it? Limited rumours generally mean limited movement. All the evidence suggests that not being at the club impacts our ability to do anything.

Gonzalo Higuain? At 29 years old? Really? I mean, great scouting there guys… the old, ‘who scored the most goals in a good league’ strategy paying dividends again. Especially banterful if we’re going to pay more than the £32m Madrid wanted for him 3 years ago when we still needed a striker.

Currently, as things stand, we’re heading into the season with Chuba Akpom as our only fit striker. I mean, I’d say it’s unbelievable, but come on, it’s 100% an Arsene Wenger issue to be having.

… and look, we need to be really smart about players here. We have a tremendously tough opening with a whole bunch of players who aren’t fit because of superb performances at the Euro’s. Liverpool, Leicester and Watford will be tough opponents. We could have a car crash of an opener!

But look, the good thing about a shite summer is Wenger probably won’t get away with it this year. If we are finally punished, there’s no better year to have it happen. A summer where Wenger has saved money, so plenty of cash for the new man. Wenger’s contract is up. Next year we’ll renegotiate the new kit deal. So even more money in the pot.

I also think if Wenger screws this summer, he will get crucified by the fans. We were pretty bad last year, if he fu*ks this summer, he’ll get annihilated and there’s very little chance he’ll want to put pen to paper on a new deal. Then he can retire to the England job and become a Sir and we’ll be done and able to move onto the next chapter.

We know how the story normally ends, this year, it’s different… so at least there might be a win in a loss this time around.

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  1. Bamford10

    Pirlo is / was a genuine great. A level above in terms of intelligence, poise and quality. Great player.

  2. Akilan

    Thank you WE. Never seen him play at his best but what a guy… watching him in the tube was once my favorite hobby once. An Italian journalist saying we cooled interest in higuain because the news was leaked. How insane is that? Just hope it’s his last year with us and he goes all out and leaves with dignity. Wouldn’t be nice to see him kicked out but if he does get sacked, he’ll deserve everything.

  3. WengerEagle

    Iniesta’s resume (only 32 years old):

    4 Champions Leagues.
    8 La Liga titles.
    4 Spanish Cups. (Copa del Rey)
    3 FIFA Club World Cups
    3 UEFA Super Cups

    And a clean sweep at international level from 2008-2012 winning the World Cup and 2 European Championships.

  4. STV

    Welcome Akhilan. Sweet intro, I hope you’ll not to be put off by some Wenger bashing here which is going to be stronger the coming season. We are all good group of gooners after all..

    Pirlo is a football God. Great player. Classy person as well.

  5. Mysticleaves

    Agree with the Pirlo praise. Great player. Who actually had to change his game to become a legend.

    Seedorf though, rarely wasted possesion and could pick any kind of pass to perfection. PR (or lack of it) did him in unfiarly IMO

  6. Sancho Monzorla

    It’s refreshing to hear someone who seems quite unsullied in the ways football fandom on Le-grove for a change. And it makes me suspicious! Bunch of cynical bastards around here, whether they are on one end of the spectrum or the other.

    To introduce yourself as a rather new football fan without neither guise nor shame, with no pedantic declarations of being a Gooner for X amount of years and how often he went to a match or anything….I mean, who does that? I got my eye on you Akilan.

  7. tom


    Just wanted to agree with those who recognize that being on the coaching staff at AFC is incompatible with TV punditry.
    Clearly a conflict of interest that would compromise him on both fronts.
    No hypocrisy from Wenger. His off-season work for foreign telly is totally different due to his position and the fact he seldom, if ever, discusses Arsenal.

    As for strikers, I hope Wenger has a trick up his sleeve.
    As important is that the midfield gets it’s shooting boots on. Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey…, all need to contribute more.
    I think Wenger had counted on a decent return from them and they were disappointing.
    Fix that problem and the striker burden is lightened.
    Not saying we don’t need a signing though.

  8. salparadisenyc

    I’ve been to several NYFC games this season, as a whole that side is pretty flawed but one things very certain.

    Pirlo still has massive class.

    Literally threads the needle on many occasions and the only player even aware of the potential for a pass is Villa. Whom i’d wager would score 20+ for us next season. He’s still a fantastic striker. Comedy when Pirlo puts a ball through and the recipient goes missing, dude goes mental gesticulating like only a proper Italian can.

    Glad my lil one got to sit on the corner flag and watch him play. Dreamy player.

  9. STV

    Mystic actually pirlo was quite ineffective attacking midfielder. His former coach Mircea Lucescu was the first to deploy him in deep lying playmaker role a role he thrived and almost redefined that position.

  10. WengerEagle


    Would have given my left nut in 2008 for prime David Villa when he was flashing his eyes at us and Cesc was talking about a potential move and how well they’d work together.

  11. Akilan

    Bam, I love the guy to bits. I know he’s frustrating sometimes especially in front of goal but what a player and a person too. N5, yes I live in a village. It’s cricket crazy here( understatement) and my family watch every game including my mom. I have watched a lot of games but not as much as you guys do. Thanks everyone, it’s way too much a welcome party here. Thanks…

  12. WengerEagle

    Seedorf was filthy good, Ajax first team player at 16 years old back when the Dutch League actually was decent.

    Won the UCL playing a big part at just 18 years old.

    People are blown away by Renato Sanches, how much would an 18 year old Seedorf be snapped up for now?

  13. salparadisenyc


    He’s such a great striker, clearly not at the 08 level but still mad game.
    When he made the Barca to Atletico switch thought it was possible but again Wenger went missing.

    He’s such a pussy when it comes to CF options.

  14. Marko

    Seedorf has to go down as one of the very best midfielders. Guy was the first player to win the champions league with3 different teams.

  15. WengerEagle


    I found it quite strange how he wanted to move to the MLS at 32. Suppose he did win everything in the game after his 2010/11 season with Barcelona.

    With all respect to the league, he was still more than good enough for a top European club. Scored like 15 goals playing as a supporting CF in 2013/14 and he didn’t always get the minutes.

    By all accounts he’s doing brilliantly over there. Hard to separate the class from the dross though when you also have strikers such as Bradley Wright-Phillips, Kei Kamara, a 50 year old Drogba and a long past it Robbie Keane scoring prolificly.

    But I’d like to think that Villa could still score 15-20 goals in the right set up in Europe.

  16. WengerEagle

    Wenger is definitely a gaping vag when it comes to pursuing top class strikers.

    He used to be great at moulding them, practically a lifetime ago now mind when the last one of these he moulded was RVP/Adebayor.

  17. tom

    Seerdorf, Guillet , Rijkard, van Baston, the De Boers, Bergkamp….
    Omg. That was the golden generation.
    Is there another to compare?
    Brazil in the early seventies, maybe .

  18. Mysticleaves


    Gotta say this your knowledge of players is top notch. You do watch a lot of football.

    The media form so many people’s opinion on players these days, glad there are still few naturals

  19. DivineSherlock


    Pirlo wasn’t just a terrific footballer, he’s also as sexy as they come.

    We had Pires , that guy had some serious looks !

  20. DivineSherlock


    A fellow Indian gooner !? Rare as ever . I only ever meet gloryhunters supporting Chelsea or Manutd.