Arsenal take strong stand against online abuse | Mega bid for German on cards

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The Letter

The Letter

Well howdy to all of ya’ll, how we doing today?

Some interesting news on the Arsenal front today. A fan has been banned from the ground and had his privileges revoked after being flagged by Kick It Out as a not so productive member of the Arsenal community. No more games for said person. The club had this to say on the matter,

“We reviewed the tweets and felt there was no alternative but to take this action.

We truly live by our Arsenal for Everyone initiative and don’t tolerate discriminatory behaviour or language of any description. “
So let’s be fair here, the Tweets are going to be pretty unsavoury if a third party flagged them to the club.

‘That’s Orwellian’

Sure, maybe it is… but you know what, it’s about time someone jumped on top of the online cesspit that can be the Arsenal community. I’ve had threats, I’ve had people mock a girlfriend that was attacked by a man in Finsbury Park, I’ve seen brazen homophobia, I’ve seen disgusting racism… but hey, it’s online, so fuck it, everyone is fair game.

Well, it looks like Arsenal are stepping up to the plate Twitter should be. I don’t know the details of the messages. I’d assume the person in question was either racist, homophobic and abusive. Arsenal don’t want that associated with their club and have made a stand.


Sure, I get that freedom of speech is vital part of a functioning democracy. I understand that it’s under attack around the world. But I also think freedom of speech is sometimes misconstrued. Freedom of speech isn’t freedom to abuse. It never has been. It has never been freedom to be racist, abusive or homophobic.

I am not allowed to chant aggressively at queer folk in a football stadium.

I am not allowed to abuse someone because they are Asian.

I am not allowed to threaten to slice someone’s face open in the Armoury because they wear a ‘one Arsene Wenger’ tee.

Those things get you banned from the stadium, so why shouldn’t the same be true online? If you affiliate yourself with the club in your avatar, there’s some sort of responsibility not to act like a disgusting human being online.

Is this stage one of the takeover?

First it’s racism… then it’s criticising the club online… then it’s wiping out anyone who says mean things about Stan’s moustache?

Maybe. I have my doubts though. Those who run the club are good honest people. Many Arsenal fans.  If you’re partaking in grim behaviour online, then it’s no wonder the club don’t want you in the stadium.

Great job Arsenal. You have my backing, and judging by my Twitter feed, many other people around world agree.


Ooooooon the FOOTBALL front, let’s talk about the rumour doing the rounds. Julian Draxler, a player we passed on at £37m, is winging his way to us for £42.5m. What a damn shame we had to pay more.

I’ve no idea of the veracity of this story… but look, if we land Draxler, that’d be something special. He’s an awesome talent, he has pace, he has height, he’s great with both feet and he’ll only get more potent as he grows older.

Also, I wonder if Wenger sees him as the wideman that can play through the middle. I know he saw Reus as a potential striker. Draxler has the frame of Robin Van Persie, Wenger has the pedigree of making strikers out of nothing… and remember, Robin played out wide for Holland when he was young and a bit for Arsenal.

My big critique of Wenger over the years has been the lack of a plan B. If you can’t find a striker, can we do something makeshift? Like, really, Sanchez for me would have been great through the middle. He had one chance at that last season and he was pushed aside after 45mins (Leicester?).

Anyway, be interesting to see if Draxler (if the move is real) is a replacement for Mikki, or Wenger has other plans for the 12 year old looking German.

Talking of the Germans, they were taken down by France in a game that saw an exceptional performance from Ozil go unrewarded. He created like a demon, the German’s finished like Arsenal on a damp night in Stoke.

Olivier Giroud’s rapid pace against Iceland was exposed as fraudulent after he had two breaks on goal snuffed out because he is a slow player who is now 29 years old. Heaven help us if he’s leading our line in the Premier League next season.

Griezmann played like a hero again with two more goals, one short of Platini’s record haul at the European showpiece. Can’t imagine what his price tag is going to look like next year when he eventually leaves the dull anti-football of the Simeone regime. There will be some suitors for sure…

Worryingly, another superstar of the tournament, Toni Kroos, ruled out Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga, but did not rule out a move elsewhere… Pep G apparently in the hunt.


But chill guys, we have Kelechi Nwakali and Tukuma coming over to rock our way to GLORY!


Happy Friday x



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  1. Cesc Appeal


    You raise some very good points there, it comes back to this thing of Arsenal and Wenger being perennially reactive and not proactive, we don’t seize a transfer window as a chance to really set ourselves up in the same way literally every single other big club does.

    The way we act is as if we hate the windows, as if our squad is close to perfection and we’re terrified of upsetting it with additions.

    Its why last summer I literally could not get my head around people who thought Wenger was doing the right thing with the ‘Benzema or bust strategy,’ and that other than our squad was fine…seriously?

    Sort of terrifying you painted the picture of Wenger staying on…whilst I do agree that is likely, really is sad as you just feel we’re going nowhere as a side.

    Arsenal are sort of like a boat with one oar, rowing away but only going in a circle obviously, they won’t buy another oar, but they will buy one when that oar snaps, not before then though, two oars is just extravagant and we’re quite happy in the area of the lake we’re in thanks.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Seems as if Gotze may be moving to Spurs!

    Say what you want about them, Pochettino is building a very tidy squad over there, Wanyama in, Janssen and Gotze looking likely. Starting to add a lot of depth, though I really think they are lacking a wide forward, a pacey goal threat on the flank, adding Gotze, that would be Lamela, Eriksen and Gotze for the LM/RM slots, all very playmaker, dribbler type players.

  3. Relieable Sauce


    Seems a sensible measure I guess but high wages should not really need to be controlled if the market/system is functioning naturally and not being influenced by other outside factors, should they ?

    The PL is actually being quite cautious I think, maybe a sign that they think the stock has peaked for the time being ???

  4. Bamford10

    Another thought is that Wenger does love a cast-aside. Perhaps he is waiting until a big club makes a big signing and then needs to cast someone off at a reduced valuation.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Another thought is that Wenger does love a cast-aside. Perhaps he is waiting until a big club makes a big signing and then needs to cast someone off at a reduced valuation.’

    Again though, such a dumb strategy, no initiative, no proactiveness to it, just reactive, laid back, begrudging, bargain hunting because he doesn’t really want to spend.

    In this market as well I would guess lots of teams would jump on any cast offs, so doubtful we’d land them, we don’t do competition (in any aspect of the club) and we don’t do inflated fees.

  6. STV

    For Wenger, it’s all about money end of.

    Ideally he shouldnt be coaching football. Because he’s anti-football. Should’ve started a micro financing agency for all I care.

    We are not in an ideal world.

  7. seg

    The main thing Wenger sells is that he doesn’t spend like other managers do, thus preserving the notion that he overachieves. If he spends like €150 m and it goes pear shaped comes May, how would he save face?

  8. Majestic gooner

    Or could just be a big money making racket? A lot of things will come to light when wenger leaves, in fact I think that’s why he is fearful of leaving the club. There is something going on at the club of which wenger is complicit.

  9. reality check

    Moved to the Emirates and ‘suffered’ through austerity for ten years paying the highest ticket prices, only for wenger to penny pinch over Transfer Fees wages and Agent fees..

    Big money on proven talent with no resale value. This is where you show you have balls. OZIL Sanchez and now Xhaka at 23 years old all have a minimum 3 year resale value in some capacity.

    50M for higuian or Benzy, 60M for Auba..after 3 years you will not get anywhere near that price…if you wished to sell them on.

    So why do we buy players really? To win leagues? Bah! Not really. We are shit scared to buy big, have a player flop (even though he’s being coached by OGL!!??…should be impossible)
    Then not be able to re-coup close to what we spent in the 1st place.

    This is called fear.

    With at least 150M spare for transfers…?

    Ha! You couldn’t make this up

    Dream on AKBs…dream on.

    Jamie f**king vardy i cant believe he actually tried to sign Jamie f**king vardy at what 29 jamie f**king..10 years.. challenege…Ivan..barca madrid..jame.. turns 30 in January 2017

    Fucking Vardy!??

  10. STV

    This season I think it was the case of Vardy or no one and evidently no one prevailed.

    So that’s it. No strikers..

    Funny the standard have been dropping. First it was Higuain/Suarez or none. Then Benzema or no one, now Vardy or fuck all..

    Judging by his comments in the close season about EPL money and other clubs, maybe he’s admitting the midtable mediocrity is not far off. Maybe, this is it. Selling Sanchez would be the start..

    A Mega-Rich midtable club .. Ha!!

    Hey we’ll have the bank-balance trophy after all. Let’s drool at the prospect of improved finances of the club year after year.

  11. reality check

    freddylekgunnerJuly 9, 2016 13:43:58
    Reality check yourself and calm down. It’s weekend.

    Hahah Done and done. Woosah

  12. Dissenter

    Mario Goetze’s Bayern salary is 120k GBP. There is no way he goes to Spuds to earn less.
    Spuds can’t afford his wage demands.

  13. Shaun Wilson

    I’ve come to the conclusion that we are all masochists. Otherwise how could we keep coming back to comment helplessly as we see our club inexorably being dragged into mediocrity by this monument to excrement known as Wenger? So there. I’m a masochist. I actually feel like I’ve come out of some kind of closet!

  14. S Asoa

    You are not AKB . But when you sang “One Arsene Wanker ” on protest day YOU LOOKED AS DESPICABLE.
    So the first game of the season will be within the transfer window. You owe it to the Club to help it be honourable.
    So don’t buy tickets or passes . Watch the game live on cable.(and do without the sandwich).
    If the stadium is only 1/3rd full ,you won’t see the SMIRK ON WENGER’S FACE, BUT YOU MIGHT SEE SEE A PROPER STRIKER.
    Is this not what you wish for Arsenal ?


  15. Marc

    S Asoa

    You are no where near qualified to tell other fans how to support the club and by the way watching the match on TV gives the club a huge amount of revenue.

    Maybe you should practice what you preach and not watch the match full stop, no internet sites for advertising clicks etc either.

  16. S Asoa

    Let us assume you have a better strategy to force a change at Arsenal . We are open to adopt a better course of action if indeed it is workable and worthwhile.
    On the other hand
    If you think “Arsene Knows Best “.,after 12 years of failure ,most would think that’s a lack of passion for Arsenal.

  17. Marc

    S Asoa

    If you read any of my posts you’ll see that I want Wenger out what I won’t have is people who will never go to a match tell me I should throw away my season ticket that took me 8 years to get. Easy to preach what everyone else should sacrifice when you have nothing to lose and won’t give anything up.

  18. Ughelligunner
    “Sanchez is a great player, but
    Arsenal told us he is not on the
    market,” Juventus chief Marotta
    told El Mercurio newspaper in
    “We had asked for the player’s
    price-tag and Arsenal valued him
    at €40m, a sum that we
    considered reasonable.
    “However, once we replied to
    their demand, the English club let
    us know that he was not for
    Arsene/arsenal isn’t selling anybody. Unless its a crazy offer. You dont have that kind of money in the bank, refuse to add to your squad and then sell again the left overs. Even Kronke/Gazidis won’t allow it.

  19. STV

    Signing a good striker for a top English club with ample amount if cash is an elephantine task for Wenger.

    Anynody surprised that hes failing another time?, everytime he’s pursuing anyone, you know how it’s gonna end up. Failure!!!!!

    What we see in the form of Wenger is the face of failure. A man for whome success is like a mirage.. a concept, a theory, an utopia.

    Suarez, Higuain, Benzema, Vardy(!) even Lacazette now,. How this keep happening to him? Why no inquiries?

    The American, with ‘cream cake’in his mouth has no clue what’s going on. Wenger rules this spineless bod. Shame on them.

    AKBs .. shame on you!! One Arsene Wenger? Thank God! There’s only one specimen..

  20. qna

    Ugheli. It sounds to me like Sanchez’s agent is agitating for a move. No way we would have ever quoted €40m. So either reporter/juventus is lying or Sanchez agent has suggested a price.

    Problem will come next summer (1 yrs time). It will be an RVP situation again. 100% we will sell him when he gets to a year left and he is refusing an extension. Also, dont expect a happy player or one who performs to his best for the next 12 months either.

    Frankly, if he has decided to leave already we are screwed either way because the Sanchez we love wont show up to matches next season.

  21. Spanishdave

    Ozil ans Sanchez can see Man U Man City, Chelsea all gearing up, and old dick head thinking Giroud is good enough. He’s bang average as seen in the last match, no touch, head down plonker.
    He didn’t score for 20 games last season and Wenger still thinks he’s the bollocks.,what a sad state we are in