Arsenal take strong stand against online abuse | Mega bid for German on cards

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The Letter

The Letter

Well howdy to all of ya’ll, how we doing today?

Some interesting news on the Arsenal front today. A fan has been banned from the ground and had his privileges revoked after being flagged by Kick It Out as a not so productive member of the Arsenal community. No more games for said person. The club had this to say on the matter,

“We reviewed the tweets and felt there was no alternative but to take this action.

We truly live by our Arsenal for Everyone initiative and don’t tolerate discriminatory behaviour or language of any description. “
So let’s be fair here, the Tweets are going to be pretty unsavoury if a third party flagged them to the club.

‘That’s Orwellian’

Sure, maybe it is… but you know what, it’s about time someone jumped on top of the online cesspit that can be the Arsenal community. I’ve had threats, I’ve had people mock a girlfriend that was attacked by a man in Finsbury Park, I’ve seen brazen homophobia, I’ve seen disgusting racism… but hey, it’s online, so fuck it, everyone is fair game.

Well, it looks like Arsenal are stepping up to the plate Twitter should be. I don’t know the details of the messages. I’d assume the person in question was either racist, homophobic and abusive. Arsenal don’t want that associated with their club and have made a stand.


Sure, I get that freedom of speech is vital part of a functioning democracy. I understand that it’s under attack around the world. But I also think freedom of speech is sometimes misconstrued. Freedom of speech isn’t freedom to abuse. It never has been. It has never been freedom to be racist, abusive or homophobic.

I am not allowed to chant aggressively at queer folk in a football stadium.

I am not allowed to abuse someone because they are Asian.

I am not allowed to threaten to slice someone’s face open in the Armoury because they wear a ‘one Arsene Wenger’ tee.

Those things get you banned from the stadium, so why shouldn’t the same be true online? If you affiliate yourself with the club in your avatar, there’s some sort of responsibility not to act like a disgusting human being online.

Is this stage one of the takeover?

First it’s racism… then it’s criticising the club online… then it’s wiping out anyone who says mean things about Stan’s moustache?

Maybe. I have my doubts though. Those who run the club are good honest people. Many Arsenal fans.  If you’re partaking in grim behaviour online, then it’s no wonder the club don’t want you in the stadium.

Great job Arsenal. You have my backing, and judging by my Twitter feed, many other people around world agree.


Ooooooon the FOOTBALL front, let’s talk about the rumour doing the rounds. Julian Draxler, a player we passed on at £37m, is winging his way to us for £42.5m. What a damn shame we had to pay more.

I’ve no idea of the veracity of this story… but look, if we land Draxler, that’d be something special. He’s an awesome talent, he has pace, he has height, he’s great with both feet and he’ll only get more potent as he grows older.

Also, I wonder if Wenger sees him as the wideman that can play through the middle. I know he saw Reus as a potential striker. Draxler has the frame of Robin Van Persie, Wenger has the pedigree of making strikers out of nothing… and remember, Robin played out wide for Holland when he was young and a bit for Arsenal.

My big critique of Wenger over the years has been the lack of a plan B. If you can’t find a striker, can we do something makeshift? Like, really, Sanchez for me would have been great through the middle. He had one chance at that last season and he was pushed aside after 45mins (Leicester?).

Anyway, be interesting to see if Draxler (if the move is real) is a replacement for Mikki, or Wenger has other plans for the 12 year old looking German.

Talking of the Germans, they were taken down by France in a game that saw an exceptional performance from Ozil go unrewarded. He created like a demon, the German’s finished like Arsenal on a damp night in Stoke.

Olivier Giroud’s rapid pace against Iceland was exposed as fraudulent after he had two breaks on goal snuffed out because he is a slow player who is now 29 years old. Heaven help us if he’s leading our line in the Premier League next season.

Griezmann played like a hero again with two more goals, one short of Platini’s record haul at the European showpiece. Can’t imagine what his price tag is going to look like next year when he eventually leaves the dull anti-football of the Simeone regime. There will be some suitors for sure…

Worryingly, another superstar of the tournament, Toni Kroos, ruled out Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga, but did not rule out a move elsewhere… Pep G apparently in the hunt.


But chill guys, we have Kelechi Nwakali and Tukuma coming over to rock our way to GLORY!


Happy Friday x



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  1. Davey

    Is Draxler quick? I don’t think so another wide player that will come inside and so the tippy tappy bore football continues, good player but not what we need IMO and will never make a c/f.

  2. Jeff

    Feel sorry for Federer. Such a great player. He had one chance to win one more grand slam and he’s gone to pieces in the 5th set. He should probably retire now.

  3. grooveydaddy

    keeping Ozil & Alexis, landing Draxler, Xhaka, + that elusive striker would be a decent summer

    actually, that’s the bare minimum. anything less, won’t be giving us a chance to compete properly.

  4. Ishola70

    Well it seems clear now that Juve are going to receive in excess of 100m euros for Pogba.Man Utd in the driving seat at present and look most likely to sign him unless there is a last minute move from Real Madrid.This is concerning in regards to Alexis Sanchez now with Juve flush with transfer money.

    Nothing in the German press about Draxler other than them quoting The Sun newspaper.

  5. azed

    “Good post pedro, freedom of speech shouldn’t mean freedom to hate.”

    N5 is a cunt, don’t believe ask Redtruth

    There i said it
    Who’s gonna ban moi?

  6. Ishola70

    Sidibe now looks off.

    Joining Monaco as before Arsenal link.

    Not that anyone would be too gutted about that.

  7. naijagunner

    Man Utd are gonna make Raiola a very rich man

    The Pogba deal which seems to be happening unless ,Madrid really want him, which i doubt they do, will cost Man Utd 125M euros

    That’s something for a kid you gave away to bring Paul Scholes out of retirement

  8. Bamford10

    If the fan who received that letter was guilt of racist or homophobic tweets, or if he called for violence or death to Wenger, then I have no problem with his being banned. If, however, he simply criticized or abused Wenger in strong language, then I think the club is in the wrong.

    I guess we’d have to know more about his tweets.

    Note that I do not regard calls for the throwing of tomatoes or cream pies to be calls for violence. 😉

  9. STV

    I see our transfer priorities have made a 180 turn. Keeping Sanchez, would be a great achivement under this circumstance…

    You can’t call ur self a big club if..zz


  10. Bamford10


    One should be free to hate Wenger — and free to express that hatred. However one should not be free to wish violence or death on him. That’s beyond the pale.

    That’s my view at least.

  11. naijagunner


    That figure takes into account agent fees, Raiola get 20m, Sign on fees and the transfer fee

    If the appointment of Jose did not signal Man Utd’s desperation to you then u are a bit late to the party.

    To be honest though they have a winning brand to protect unlike us who are perennial bridesmaids

  12. naijagunner


    I doubt throwing of tomatoes will get Wenger out of Arsenal, he will just say the fans have passion and the tomatoes were actually meant for the opposing manager.

    You are dealing with the father of spin

  13. izzo

    I wonder why Pogba would go back to United? Didn’t they give him the boot as a teenager when they refused him a place in their first team. I don’t think he will be going back and 125 million is stupid. If he is leaving Juve then its either Real or Barca or maybe PSG. Otherwise he is staying put.

  14. Dissenter

    Your concept of free speech is rather flawed.
    The American definition of “freedom of speech” allows for freedom to abuse or to express hatred. I support this even though the content might be disagreeable.
    The right to free speech means nothing without the right to offend.

    I would help that fan to sue Arsenal if I had a million bucks to spare. I would pay for his legal fees all the way.
    The European standards can’t be that different because Charlie Hebdo was broadly accepted even thougn the used sattire to attack another faith.

  15. STV

    “If the appointment of Jose did not signal Man Utd’s desperation to you then u are a bit late to the party.”

    No I don’t agree with that bit.

    “To be honest though they have a winning brand to protect unlike us who are perennial bridesmaids”

    Arsenal are not perennial bridesmaids! Gtfo.. It’s a great club in its own right.

    The problem is for sometime managed by a perennial loser which deeply instilled the loser mentality to its fans.

  16. Alex Cutter

    “The American definition of “freedom of speech” allows for freedom to abuse or to express hatred”

    Freedom of speech applies towards the government, not private entities.

    How fucking hard is it to understand?

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Sky are saying that Pelle is moving to China!

    Nice career you had there for a while, seriously though can no one wave Walcott under their noses.

  18. Hunter

    I just hope and pray that if Wenger Dosent make the signings we need this summer and he goes into the season with just Xaka as re-inforcements the fans will tar ,feather and burn him,he should get NO respite,we should do everything that is humanly possible to topple him.I haven’t renewed my season ticket purely because of him!and I have had one for 22 years!I am disgusted with his management style,his ‘no-one can touch or criticise me’ approach.He is a money grabbing leech and the sooner he goes the better we will be.
    Rant over!!!!just fucking sign someone decent!

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Paint a picture, no more signings and Sanchez leaves by the time we kick off against Liverpool, we then lose…open revolt at that point?

  20. qna

    Hunter. If it hasnt happened already. Why do you think it would happen now. He has already done more this summer than he did last summer.

    The only chance we get rid of Wenger is if he decides to take the England job. Pray for that. Otherwise, he will be here at least another 3 years.

  21. naijagunner

    How hard is it to identify signings and get them done in good time ??

    Why must the club antagonize it’s supporters, without the fan base there is no club.

  22. tunnygriffboy

    Is my theory of

    Alexis out
    Draxler in

    as ridiculous as it sounded this morning ?

    You can’t sell Alexis for less than £60 million if looking at what some other players are going for.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Could very well happen, we’ve seen it before from Wenger. I don’t know whether he gets a thrill from having an enormous cash balance and then going with the team as is, as if he fawns over that as much as he does his players.

    Like he wants to claim he’s playing the game on ‘hard’ mode because of that by whilst being adjudged by ‘easy’ mode settings.


    I was just saying the exact same thing to a friend, it would be so Arsenal for Sanchez to be sold and Draxler to be bought, when they should have played together, we’re not moving forward still with that, at best we’re stationary, potentially regressing as Draxler is a work in progress and stats are not close to Sanchez.

    But would be so Arsenal.

    If we were a football club, you would think as of now we’re looking at a ST and a LM/RM at least, but if Sanchez was sold we’d add another wideman…of course we won’t.

    Its more likely that right now Wenger is dithering his tits off considering a move for Lacazette or Draxler, but that selling Sanchez and all that new cash coming in would make him decide to go with it.

    So poor. We’re fast becoming a club that just seeks to exist where it is, that purposefully pursues the status quo, reacts to negative impacts but does not pursue progression.

    What is the point in us as a footballing club?

  24. Mohammed aziz

    So they are planning to muzzle the fans from criticizing them to stop critics is impossible unless they spend the money we spend on the club to sign too players this time around Wenger trophy won’t be achieved by being mean on spending we are tired of seeing lousy croenk Wenger linkup to cheat the club off

  25. tunnygriffboy


    Even if Alexis stays, if we don’t buy anyone meaningful and lose v Liverpool I think the mood would be sour.

    What was Cross saying earlier ? Don’t like him. Runs with the foxes and the hounds and comes out with boring platitudes towing the usual stereo typical pundit line. Has nothing original to say.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    He was being very sarcastic about some of Guardiola’s statements about what he wants to do with City, sort of saying ‘what tactics, win the ball back and score more, great insight,’ and then tweeting ‘why is no one asking him about tactics, it’s all he talks about apparently.’

    He is chief pro-Wenger, and I think, unless mistaken, those were butthurt comments because many Arsenal fans wanted Guardiola, that Guardiola is praised for his tactics where many view Wenger as a dinosaur.

  27. Troy McClure

    I’d take Draxler in a heartbeat. He isn’t a burner, but we have one of those already (Walcott) and how’s that working out… he’s quick over short distances, strong, and skilled enough to create his own chances – from what I’ve seen he has a lot of moves to create space in tight areas. Who cares if he costs an extra 5m, that is chump change in the premier league these days.

  28. tunnygriffboy


    If Alexis was to leave, and we don’t know if he is yet, then Draxler would make sense. We’d still need that striker though.

    He could be dithering as you say. I think he’d like Morata. He’s a better all round player than Lacazette and suits our game better. Thing is how long do we play the game until it’s too late and we the whole window up

    Oh thats before a defender and the wide right man we’re not going to get.

  29. Do one gambon


    By giving up your season ticket you won’t be there to boo, deride, throw tomatoes, eggs, tar, feather, burn at stake or whatever.

    I don’t blame you though. I’ve just had a couple if seasons off. Problem is even though Wenger is there, the footballs been getting worse, the over priced ST considering we spend fuck all, I still missed it.

    I missed meeting up with mates, the pre / post game drinks, the banter, deliberating the game together in the stands, the raw emotion which TV just can’t replicate for me. *

    And that’s the problem – going to football is about so much more than just the football.

    So I’m going back this year. Que Sara, Sara.

    * before this gets picked up on I’m in no way saying people who go to games are better fans than those who dont or can’t, some total muppets in the emirates crowd. However I don’t think the buzz of a live game can ever be the same viewed on TV.

  30. N5

    Spot on Do one, there is far more to the football than Wenger. It’s the before and after with friends/family, its the banter, the food, the pubs, the songs, the laughter, the tears, the smells and so on. It’s a whole experience that Wenger is a very small part of.

    As I said before, In 20 years I’ll still be there, but Wenger won’t. Wenger Jnr will 🙁

  31. Do one gambon


    Or as I suspect the club are waiting long enough so that technology catches up and they can download Wenger’s brain into a computer and couple that with a hologram – think Rimmer from red dwarf.

    We’ll have a Wenger with a fucking H on his forehead forever waving his arms around on our touchline forever!

  32. N5

    Ha ha Do one, I can’t imagine anything worse than taking my grandkids to the Emirates in 40 years, only to look over and see Wenger still faffing with his zip and getting his 67th minute sub ready.

  33. Do one gambon

    And yes I agree completely

    Although Wenger has ruined many, many, many….. Many days I still would only rate him about 20% max of the whole match day experience really.

    If that even makes sense.

  34. N5

    “The sad thing is N5 would still be going to the Emirates if Wenger were manager 10 years from now”

    Why does it bother you so much. It’s not your money, it doesn’t effect you, it’s irrelevant to your life. So why let it niggle at you so much?

  35. tunnygriffboy

    Interesting that Cech has given 6 teams athat will challenge for the title. What struck me was that he said sides were strengthening their squads. Players know the score about bringing in new players and teams evolving.

  36. Do one gambon


    Its very much all about winning. Hence the ruined days.

    But I’m not about to let the results of isolated matches ruin what is, for me, something I overall love doing for the reasons outlined above.

  37. tunnygriffboy


    As I said yesterday I’d be in the front row with you for the next ten season. We are the Arsenal not Arsene FC or Anti Arsene FC. I’d support the players irrespective of who the manager is.

  38. Do one gambon

    Apologies, slow on the uptake.

    Point was that you’re saying only akbs go to games now.

    Not true. Though I would agree pro arsene outnumber the anti arsene.

  39. N5

    Do one, your first mistake was thinking he had a point other than to wind you up. Red never says anything about anything.

  40. jwl

    Freedom of speech is about the government not being allowed to put people in jail just for saying something the State didn’t like.

    No way to stop fan from abusing people in various ways like pedro mentions but Arsenal also has right to ban the ill mannered, both are exercising their freedom of speech.

    People, and organizations, are allowed to choose who they associate with.

  41. jwl

    tunnygriffboy – “Players know the score about bringing in new players and teams evolving.”

    I think it was Amy Lawrence book on Invincibles but I remember quote from Bergkamp about how players would gossip amongst themselves about who Wenger would buy in summer and then nothing much would happen, players were flabbergasted a few summers.

  42. Josip Skoblar

    I would go for Deschamps to replace Wenger. If France win on Sunday, he’ll probably quit – mission accomplished. The man is a born winner and has shown throughout the tournament that he can adapt, make shrewd tactical choices and has authority. What do you think guys?

  43. Marc

    Just to be pedantic and correct Tunny and N5 – You support the team no mater what, players and managers come and go, CL football, even what league you play in may change but you support your team through thick and thin.

    Far to many so called supporters on here miss that – does everyone (well except Red) want the club to win everything? Of course but does that count for shit – no it fucking doesn’t.

  44. tunnygriffboy


    Wouldn’t Deschamps fancy a crack at the WC in Russia if he wins the Euros ?

    Bearing in mind Wenger will probably get a new deal should the status quo remain. After though a possibility. Deschamps has the gravitas for a club like ours

  45. Do one gambon

    Nice try redtruth, nice try.

    You’ve just admitted that glory is the only reason to support a team. So you clearly support where the trophies are. Commonly known as a glory hunter.

  46. Redtruth

    Do one gambon

    Glory hunter …lol if i was a glory hunter i’d suppirt Chelsea, Man Utd or Man City but you won’t find me praising these teams anywhere on this blog…lol

  47. Do one gambon

    Yes you probably covertly support one of / all of those teams depending on where the trophies are at any given time.

    Probably adopted Leicester too now.

    After all glory is the only reason to support a club.

  48. Redtruth

    Leicester winning the league under normal circumstances would have damaged Arsenal’s reputation in the game and undermined Wenger’s position instead he’s being rewarded with a new contract and fans are overjoyed at finishing Runners-Up…lol

  49. Majestic gooner

    What’s the argument here ? Are we saying the Liverpool fans who wanted hodgson or Rodgers or hicks and Gillett do not support there club? Or the manc who wanted moyes or LVG out do not support Utd? Fans are allowed to be angry with their respective managers and clubs and I think judging by how we have been made fools as Arsenal fans we reserve that right, it’s pretty obvious we are going nowhere in fact I would say we are regressing , the quality of football is the worst it’s been for a long time , the whole club is just stale like our manager, yet to meet a fan that’s looking forward to the season coming.

  50. Hunter

    In response to earlier comments,what fans must realise is that when Wenger finally goes,HE will select his successor not anyone else and that means groundhog days because whom ever it is he will be a Clone of Wenger which also means total control of the playing side.You can bet your bottom dollar he won’t spend a penny either.I will always love the club but fear for its future whilst Wenger enters his old age,sitting in the directors box at 80 and still having a firm grip on us.I have enjoyed going to games for 22 years and will always support the club but now it’s from a distance Wenger has ruined my expectations,funnily enough my two mates who sit with me are also considerring selling their tickets because they too have had enough.

  51. Marko

    Any news gents? Just Draxler or did I see a Lucas Hernandez rumour thrown in somewhere on sky? He’d be a good signing.

    Also pedders good post today mate

  52. Marko

    Bamford, I agree, I imagine it was racism as it was kick it out that reported him.

    Yep nothing to do with Wenger just some racist who the club have every right to ban. Look freedom of speech doesn’t justify one being a horrible cunt.

  53. STV

    “Ah Toni Kroos, you know what I love about the guy? If he played form Arsenal, people would be calling him limited and bang average..”

    You clearly do not have much idea judging by your comments. The thing you love about Tony Kroos is that he can be called ‘limited’ and ‘avrage’by Arsenal fans wtf!

    And to say Arsenal players get ‘unfair critisisms’ is pure gold.

  54. STV

    Seems like the only problem people have with Alexis Sanchez selling here is the quoted price.. Don’t worry folks, Juve will comeback with much better price ( around 50 Id imagine) and we can have ‘our money’ !!

    AKBs can frame it as a success cause we bought him for 32m. Wenger on the course of 300m bank balance by next March, and this would help the cause.

    What about football? A good pass is better than winning titles??

  55. raptora

    Charlie Nicholas:
    “Laurent Koscielny (9) – If only I could see him lead an Arsenal defence like he has France! He seems to take more responsibility in this team because he knows they are relying on him to make the big interceptions. Between him and Lloris, they’ve carried this team defensively.”

  56. Viking gooner

    Pedro, how can a club that is taking a stand against abusive tweets accept emirates as their main sponsor? What do the owners of emirates think of gays and lesbians?… Also I want to see the letter Arsenal sent to Osama bin Laden banning him…

  57. naijagunner

    Gents let me leave u with two wonderful pieces of information

    1. Chelsea have submitted an official bid of 60m euros for Morratta which was rejected outright

    2 Spurs have placed a bid for Mario Goetze

    In case you are wondering what Arsenal are doing.. Well we are fighting off interest for Olivier Giroud from unknown sources

    Have a lovely night long suffering friends

  58. Dissenter

    Alex cutter
    Take away the ability to offend and you’re left with severe restrictions on freedom of speech
    What’s was that odd retort about it being restricted to Goverments?
    Didn’t the British government protect Salman Rushdie when he was offending Moslems around the world, ditto the Charlie Hebdo satire on the holy prophet of one billion Moslems.
    If those are acceptable expressions of free speech then Arsenal FC needs to grow a pair.

  59. Moray

    Typical Arsenal summer on le-grove.; we’ve gone from being disappointed with the quality of Vardy, who was second top scorer in the premiership, to being disappointed our offer for a player we have never heard of hasn’t gone through. And ending up with the inevitable Draxler link and threats of contract renewal for Wenger. Plus ca change…

  60. Ankit_gooner

    Draxler has pace?He hasn’t learn to use his height much.For the cf issue,we should go after morata ideally but if its not possible,sign lukaku.And then get him on an individualised training programme to improve his first touch.

  61. Leedsgunner

    “Heaven help us if he’s leading our line in the Premier League next season.”

    I doubt heaven would be interested when you have £200m plus in the bank. Wenger needs to sort it out. Wenger likes to laud Giroud as the “real Giroud” when he scores. Well, on Thursday we saw the “Everyday Giroud.”

  62. BigCheese

    Pogba will tease United until the last second. I believe Pirlo said a couple of seasons ago that Pogba doesn’t want to do back to United.

    He wants Madrid and wants to play for Zidane. Madrid will offload Morata and James and then nab him last minute. We’ll end up with Morata and James will end up at United both sales at stupidly overpriced fees.

  63. Kasule David

    Biesla the former Lazio boss was in charge for only two days. Why? The club had promised to sign his transfer targets but upon the club not doing so,he quit and said “For my style to work,we needed to have these players arrive in a timely manner to train”..(He wanted the transfer targets before 5th July)…This is a coach that realises that new signings need time to adjust to a new system instead of signing players on deadline day like Wenger and expectiing players to gel with the teammates immediatel.

  64. Josip Skoblar

    Good old Charlie Nicolas is right: Kos has been immense for France in defence (and Lloris, my fav goalkeeper, too). I know some disagree here, but our Kos is one of the 3 WC players this French team has (the 2 other being Lloris and Griezmann).

  65. Josip Skoblar

    Pogba has been critical of ManU and said he was happy to have left the club for Juve. I also doubt he’s going to sign for ManU. He wants to play with Zidane.

  66. Wallace

    classy post from Ozil after the game.

    I’d also be very surprised if Pogba returns to Utd. if Madrid want him I’m sure that’s where he’ll go.

  67. David Smith

    I fear that if Draxler is coming, Alexis is leaving, Wenger would never accommodate too many star, expensive players.
    Surprised he has not gone for Mahrez…..rumoured 25mil release clause, or perhaps in the case of Leicester players, once bitten…
    But doesn’t really matter who he signs, he is such a poor coach and tactician .

  68. freddylekgunner

    Wallace Madrid don’t seem to have the cash now, they’ll need to sell some of their players and IMO they’ll need another striker if they sell Morata. Also they are trying to bring the price down a little while Juve will want to sell to the highest bidder and Utd seems to have unlimited cash.

  69. naijagunner

    There are no top quality players in the market
    Yet you are trying to poach players moving to Boro or Monaco

    It’s hard to defend this club most times..really hard

  70. freddylekgunner

    R.S.P.C no reason why Akpom couldn’t be our own Harry Kane, but at this point we need a proven and ready goalscorer.

  71. shad

    Arsenal’s scouting team waste years travelling to different continents to unearth gems but their actual job consists of playing solitaire and minesweeper while ghost writing Wenger’s alibi for yet another failed transfer window. Season tickets have been renewed so happy days!

  72. shad

    Xhaka must be wondering what shit ahow he’s signed up for.

    Alexis wanting out is a no brainer, on fact I’m surprised Özil hasn’t thrown in the towel yet.

  73. Cesc Appeal

    Another day another whole lot of nothing, rumours are actually mainly focused on Arsenal trying to hold onto players which is utterly shocking.

    I’m consoling myself though by thinking the last ten years of misery, boredom and repetitive failure must mean that in the future we’re due some exciting times…right?

  74. Relieable Sauce

    £300m spent by PL clubs in the first week of the window and its forecast to break £1 billion before it shuts.

    Surely these insane fees and wages are unsustainable, personally I cant see how the TV deal does not break competition rules. It has been challenged but to me it seemed it was kicked into the long grass so as not to effect the new deal. Some rich people need to become very, very rich people first though I suppose before we tackle the issue of fairness.

    Expecting some bumper payrises all round for the wengerettes.

  75. Jeff


    “Arsenal have abandoned the transfer of Lacazette after an excessive sum requested”

    “West Ham have rejected the chance to sign Robin van Persie” LOL

  76. Relieable Sauce

    Hope Sanchez gets his move, he deserves to play for a club and fans with ambition. Not really an Arsene-al player at all.

    Would love to see Sanogo get plenty of 1st team action this season.

  77. shad

    “shad any credible source. for Sanchez wanting out rumours?”

    None that I know of. Just rumours so far doing the rounds on social media. But where there is smoke, there sure is fire. The fact that he hasn’t extended his contract says something. (Özil too).

  78. shad

    “Would love to see Sanogo get plenty of 1st team action this season”

    Wouldn’t put that Wenger. He did after all, start him in the last 16 against Bayern. A player who couldn’t make the bench at Ajax. Lol.

  79. shad

    Had Wenger not been so daft as to reward Walcott’s wonder half season with a stupid payrise, we’d have comfortably offloaded him. Add Wilshere to that bracket too. It’s lord Nicky B all over again. Players on stupid contracts who care more for the money than actually playing. Walcott would rather run down his contract but cash in while riding the bench.

  80. Marc


    I’m pretty sure they’ve built in some controls on how much clubs wage bills can increase with the TV deal, they did it last time at 4% if I remember rightly any increase beyond that and the club had to demonstrate an increase in income from other sources.

  81. Bamford10

    While I’m not normally a source of positivity, it’s useful to remember that there remain any number of players who could improve us who have not moved anywhere.


    Perhaps Wenger is waiting until the end of the window to see if prices come down. 😉

    Another positive, I guess, is that if he tanks this window it will be even more obvious that he needs to go.

  82. Marc


    You can add Higuain to that list as well – it’s not over yet I just think we’ve all been burnt to many times before not to be negative.

    A potential nightmare scenario could start with another piss poor summer, we don’t strengthen and fall out of the top 4 which then gives Wenger an even bigger excuse why he can’t add talent. Ozil and Sanchez both move with only a year left on their contracts and Barca start the DNA thing on Bellerin so we lose him as well, Kos is hitting 31 so CD needs a major signing. Whilst all this is happening we’re getting into the period where new shirt / sponsorship deals are being touted. Who the fuck is going to give Arsenal a major deal when we never invest the money?