Our summer looking as shambolic as ever. Will it improve?

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Happy good morning to you, quick post today as work is WILD.

Firstly, United landed Mikki. Would love to think the club would do some sort of internal inquiry into why we keep missing out on players?

Think what you like about Mourinho, he’s been at Old Trafford next to no time, he’s identified 4 players he wants and he’s signed 3 already.

‘But look at the mess he leaves teams in’

Look, I’d take 3 years of Mourinho if it meant a Premier League trophy. People constantly raise this terrible issue of instability, like somehow, stability under Wenger has been fruitful.

Madrid lose Mourinho, gain Ancelotti… win the Decima. They sack Ancelotti, bring in Benitez because Florentino. He has a bad three months, they fire Benitez and put Zidane in… because Guardiola was a thing. He wins the Champions League and pushes his team very close to the title.

Back to my point. Rumours from good ITK people on Twitter say that we had one target for striker this summer. Yep, after 4 years of trying to buy, our scouts came back with one name… the Premier League’s top scorer. We were sure he’d join. Like I said at the time, personals were done, we were SURE. But look, we were SURE on Suarez. What happened? The deal fell through.

Where was the immediate contingency plan? Nowhere to be seen.

What happened with Mikki? A player we’d been tracking for months. A player, I was told, was absolutely interested in Arsenal?

Are we shirking agent fees, because of some sort of moral high ground?

Did United gazump us on fee?

Did United gazump us on wages?

Is Wenger the issue?

What’s the solution being provided? No noise normally means no deal.

The summer feels like it’s in a mess. Lacazette is not elite in any way. He might be, given time. But look, he couldn’t make the French squad at 25. Someone plying their trade in the Mexican league made it above him.

This summer is turning into all the summers we’ve had previous to it.

It’s staggering. What’s more, it’ll be even crazier when we drop Wenger a new deal in October.

Who is f*cking this up?

It’s just so frustrating… because Wenger is accountable to no one.

Let’s see what happens. But from where I’m sitting, it doesn’t look good. We’re being outmanoeuvred by managers in their posts less than a month. Feels like there was a vision of where we wanted the summer to go, now two plans have fallen to the floor, we’re giving up.

2 players though… I mean, does Wenger really think we’re that many bodies away from competing at the highest level?

This season could be horrible… but we’ll see. We’ll see.


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  1. tunnygriffboy


    I agree with you about Alexis. I don’t want him to leave and I don’t think as a club we should let him go. It would be a disaster for our image.

    However if Alexis kicks up a fuss then what do we do ? I was saying Draxler would be a wide player to replace him

    I think Morata would score a lot for us.

    Ps: if Lukaku is going for £60 million Alexis should be worth at least that.

    Pps: is this window turning out to be a shambles again.

  2. Black Hei


    I suspect the Draxler links to Arsenal are a hoax. Someone probably Photoshopped the news into the ESPN screen shot.

    I have no doubt that the Sanchez rumors are the work done by his agent. It is a bit of a play to see what he can get from the market but his choices are limited to PSG and Real Madrid. No one else in Europe can afford his Arsenal salary and we won’t sell him domestically either.

  3. Jeff

    Our trouble is that we do everything at snail’s pace these days. One world class player every now and again is not enough. We need a collection of them in the team to play together for years. By the time Xhaka settles in, Cech would probably be too old, Sanchez will have moved on and Ozil will start getting cold feet (if this hasn’t already happened). We never seem to build a team that can win things – we just seem to do enough to ensure we’re in the mix. This era that Arsenal have been living through shall be known as the “lean years” and they will all coincide with Wenger’s reign.

    I don’t know what will make him leave – it seems there is absolutely nothing that can dislodge the stubborn old goat. Even Leicester finishing 10 points ahead of us didn’t do it so you can see how low the bar is set. While all the other managers of the top teams are arming themselves to the teeth, Wenger is happy to fritter away the months with a slow wank.

  4. Josip Skoblar

    As Wenger would put it, Griezmann is a “top top player”, the most exciting French player I’ve seen in a long time. He’s a Jean-Pierre Papin in his pomp with more flair and technique. 😉

  5. tunnygriffboy


    This must be the first time I’ve agreed with you 🙂 🙂

    That’s why last summer was such a disaster. We need a major signing every summer and one or two very good ones. It’s why we’re involved in this scramble again. Bringing in top players not only the supporters a lift but gives players a boost as well showing we have ambition.

  6. Dream10

    – according to Le10Sport, Sidibe will join Monaco (check @afcpresswatch on twitter)

    – Andrew Gibney, a journalist who covers Lille is not a fan of Sidibe. “He is a RB who has been playing at LB. Goes forward but not the best defensively. Poor with the ball.”

    – Alexis Sanchez’s agent is doing a great job in strengthening his client’s negotiating position. He is probably trying to squeeze a few pounds more out of Arsenal. Remember his client will be 28 in the Fall. If/when he moves on in a year or two, PSG, Bayern or a Real Madrid will have to match his weekly wages. A win-win for Alexis. He will probably end up with a new contract approaching 200k a week. If Juventus were willing to pay that for him, it is unlikely a player like Pogba would have eyes for the Manchesters or Real Madrid.

    – Still feel that Wilshere and Walcott can be sold this summer for a combined 55-60m pounds. Might be the last year that the club will be able to get a decent transfer fee for the pair.

  7. Jeff


    The bottom line is the depth of ambition. The hierarchy at Arsenal (and I am specifically talking about Wenger) just don’t want it badly enough.

  8. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that Arsenal’s way of conducting transfer business is nothing short of

    It seems to me that we have a Manager who makes the valuation and sets the budget, a negotiating team whose hands appear to be tied and lawyers who are
    probably spending so much time on detail that their fees are huge.

    However, leaving aside all the media hype I do think that Arsenal are concentrating on two positions in the team and not all the others where there seems to be speculation. Number one position is the striker and then we are probably looking for a defender. Anything else depends on sales.

    The main difficulty at the moment is the dearth of genuine world class strikers who are available in the market and the ridiculous prices quoted for secondary players quoted for the likes of Lukaku, Morata and Lacazette.

    If these players are worth £40-60 million then Sanchez is certainly worth near the top end of that figure. He was top scorer in recent Ame rican Champs and is ranked in top 20 most valuable players according to Transfermarkt.

    The real problem at the moment is that Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea are
    prepared to spend ridiculous sums of money on what might be considered secondary ranked players.

    Most other clubs around Europe are not prepared to do so and are able to pick
    up similar class of players for considerably less money.

  9. Scrvaldio

    It’s not a mystery how to get rid of AW it is just that not enough fans are willing to boo AW every week. Thats what it takes every week the fans have a go and all game regardless of how the team feel. Thats how you get rid of him, other clubs manage it so if your here saying there is no way to get rid of him then convince your fellow wenger out people and consistently boo and chant him out. Other clubs have the balls to it so maybe we should as well. If this summer goes the way it looks like then even hardcore AKB’s will join you.
    Oh and we really shouldn’t buy Lacazette. I live in Lyon and watched him play many times and he is good in a very poor league. He would be like Giroud. Decent but very frutrating and in no way would be the player to score in the big games, something we desperatly need.

  10. tunnygriffboy


    It’s not just Wenger. If Kronke had any love for football and the club he could match the money spent by other clubs. He has the finances.

    It’s great that we are self sustaining. If this is the plan we are to follow I can live with it. What I can’t deal with and makes me angry is that we don’t seem to be spending all the money we create from this model. That is unforgivable.

    I had hopes for Gazidis but he’s disappointed me big time. Talks a good game but never delivers.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    To reinforce what I have just written Sanchez is valued by Transfermarkt at
    £46.75 million and Juventus have made apparently offers of between £26-30 million. Sanchez has two years left on contract.

    Mihitaryan is valued by transfermarkt at £25.5 million and Man Utd have just spent £35.70 million.Mikhataryan had one year left on contract.

    Both players are same age i.e. 27.

  12. Jeff


    I agree with your analysis of course. My point was that we are always behind the curve. Like all things in the world, price is determined by demand and supply. Ambition, however, is determined by passion and desire. If the club (and I mostly mean Wenger by this because it is he that sets the parameters) aren’t interested in going the extra mile (i.e. ahead of the curve), we will always be in the same situation every single year. This is what frustrates the fans – the fact that other clubs seem to go the extra mile – do things, change things, try things which of course doesn’t always guarantee success but it gives real hope and increases one’s chances of winning the big ones. It is a threshold that Arsene will never cross on principle and by simply extrapolation it means our fate will not change while he remains in charge.

  13. Emiratesstroller


    In fairness to Wenger I think that he is probably prepared to go NOW an extra mile for a “World Class” player. The problem is that none of the world’s top strikers are available.

    The reality is that buying Morata, Lacazette or Lukaku does not guarantee Arsenal more goals than Giroud for all his shortcomings.

  14. Jeff


    “It’s not just Wenger. If Kronke had any love for football and the club he could match the money spent by other clubs. He has the finances. ”

    It’s a debate we’ve had many times in the past but I’m afraid the evidence that it is Wenger’s policies that keep us where we are is overwhelming.
    1. Arsene was the same even before Kroenke turned up.
    2. Kroenke has sanctioned big money in the past
    3. We have heard it from Wenger that he is not restricted by the owner in any way.
    4. Gazidis has told us on many occasions that the money is there.
    5. Chips said it’s all up to Wenger with his famous “if he has a plan we listen if not we keep quiet”

    You can’t really get it any clearer than that. I’m afraid Wenger is guilty as charged.

  15. Black Hei


    Let’s not burn the house down, yet.

    Should we offer Mik more $$ than United? No, that’s impossible, so lets not beat the club up over it. We are not as rich and our owner is clearly not up for a bidding war.

    But, if we do not get in a striker in, well, go ahead and organize a protest outside the Emirates.

    I will wheel STV over and join in.

  16. tunnygriffboy


    We have money. If we want a top player we have to pay top dollar. It’s no good saying we need a striker on one hand then on the other saying they’re too expensive.

    I sincerely hope we’re not playing the ‘wait to see what happens trying to force the transfer fee down”. We’ll lose out big time.

    I think he’s waiting to see what happens in Madrid with Morata. Good player and suited to our game. However, the longer this drags on the less likely we are to get Lacazette or anyone else as clubs will need to find replacements.

    It smacks of dithering again and is so so frustrating.

  17. David Smith

    Utd gazumped us on wages for Mikki, to the tune of 100k a week.
    This is going to become an increasing problem, we have some sort of cap……and that is partly, but not completely wengers fault.
    Wenger plus our negotiating team is not a good combination.
    If we are getting frustrated by the summer, I imagine Ozil and Sanchez will be even more so

  18. Black Hei

    “The reality is that buying Morata, Lacazette or Lukaku does not guarantee Arsenal more goals than Giroud for all his shortcomings.”

    I guarantee they are at least faster. And Sanchez works best with a speedy foil ahead of him. For some reason he can’t gell with Giroud like how Grizeman does for France.

    And who is to say Morata is not going to turn out to be better than Benzema?

  19. STV

    I am waiting till Tuesday, the day Wenger will be freed from his TV commitments and our transfer seasons on a full go.

    I have high hopes of Wenger that he will sign top top quality at a very, very reasonable price ( finguredls crossed,)

    If he can get us Lacazette along with the couple of signings we already have in the form of Xhaka and Asano.. Man that’s exciting. Plus Sanogo is returning..

    Alexis, he can leave go Juve ifmoney is all he care about. I am sure Wenger can get us an able replacement. Even if he doesn’t (Market is crazy can’t fault him) Lacazette can play in the Wings too.

    All good and proper. But first, let’s wait for the Euros to finish.

  20. Jeff


    I’m not sure about that. I mean, there always seems to be some excuse every year. It’s either no players available or they are too expensive. At no point in these dreadful 12 years has Wenger ever shown real tearaway ambition. The thing that I find so difficult to take is that it wasn’t really for lack of money. Over the years, we have spent quite a lot on players even in comparison to other big clubs but we have largely spent it on too many unworthy hopefuls most of whom have turned out to be complete duds. We have them in the team even now. That and the combination of high wages to those who do not have sufficient talent to merit it, has cost us dearly and in my view has contributed to Wenger’s increased caution about spending. It’s a terrible vicious circle in my view and Wenger is not the manager to dig us out of it because it was he that put us in it.

  21. David Smith

    Wenger isnt about ambition, he puts what he sees as virtue and stability above pure ambition.
    What other manager worries about such intangibles as Brexit/ Europe?

  22. Black Hei

    David Smith

    Every club has some sort of cap. Ours are pretty high. Ozil and Sanchez aren’t paid peanuts; otherwise they wouldn’t move over. We pay them more than what they were getting at Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    Same for Cech. You think he came over for first team football and a pay cut?

    Its just some mind boggling decisions that has nothing to do with money. Case in point, last season. Flamini was clearly inadequate even as a backup. An Elneny type signing at the start of the season might have alleviated all the injuries Coquelin and Carzola suffered due to being over played.

    But nooo. We had to take the gamble. Sigh.

  23. Jeff

    Black Hei,

    “Should we offer Mik more $$ than United? No, that’s impossible, so lets not beat the club up over it. We are not as rich and our owner is clearly not up for a bidding war. ”

    But do you not see the inherent repetition of this idea year in year out. Players go to other clubs because other clubs do not live by this rigid unwritten principle that you cannot pay player X too much more than existing players because that will destroy morale. The principle at other clubs like Man U and Chelsea is that if you don’t like it there’s the door. In fact, it has the opposite effect of making the existing players try even harder to show they are also worthy.

    But Wenger has always believed in the social wage structure and in any case there is also another big obstacle which is his own salary. Wenger will not pay anyone more than he gets himself. He just will not do it because he thinks the boss has to earn more otherwise he’s not the boss any more. Among his many other flaws, he has a massive ego problem as well.

  24. tunnygriffboy


    Not disagreeing with you. As I said not spending all the money we create through the self sustaining model is unforgivable. I blame Wenger for that.

    Still think that if Kronke had drive and ambition we’d be spending a lot more money. He wouldn’t settle for fourth and may even get rid of the manager. As it is both of them don’t worry too much as long as we finish somewhere in the top four.


    You say there are no top class strikers out there and if there were Wenger would go big. That’s great. But what do we do in the mean time ? We desperately need one and the best that is available now. We have to pay top dollar for whoever we get. It’s how the market is working.

  25. Ishola70

    14m euros for Subotic.

    What a waste of time.

    He’s been linked to Koln and Middlesbrough and now reported Wenger wants him for 14m.

  26. STV

    Jeff Wenger is a connman but sadly there’s a whole group of fans refusing to believe that they are being tricked. Every year just before the ST renewal there will be signing.. After that, same old.. Same old..

    This is the last year of his fucking contact. An unprecedented amount of toxicity perhaps make them think twice about offering him another deal..

  27. Ishola70

    Fvckin joke.

    Wenger is reported to be in for an injury prone Dortmund reject for 14m as back-up in defence and Chelsea are going in for Koulibaly.

  28. tunnygriffboy


    It was bad last season ( I’m sure the players feel it when there’s moans and groans from thefirst whistle. We have to have some of the worse fans for that. I’d rather Wenger got it rather than the players ). If we don’t buy anyone else and end up being thumpedby Liverpool without Kos, Ozil, Ramsey and Giroud then there will be serious bother.

    This window is make or break time for the club and manager. People won’t have forgotten last season.

  29. Jeff


    This “Kroenke vs Wenger” debate is really not a genuine one. I agree absolutely that Kroenke does not get up every morning and think “what can I do to help Arsenal win the league”. His ambition is a function of Wenger’s ambition. The owner has always been guided by what Wenger recommends and does and he’s happy to keep that going.

    But if we had a manager who had much greater desire to win the PL or the CL, do you think Kroenke would stand in his way? While it’s convenient to blame Kroenke for everything, it is also disingenuous and as I said before there is overwhelming evidence to suggest Wenger is the force behind our lack of big trophies for 12/13 years.

  30. Ishola70

    “that definite, clickbait or Subotic agent creating interest ?Apparently we’re buying Draxler, Lukaku and Lacazette as well”

    Nothing definite is it but a German site express.de reported that Arsenal have put in a 14m bid. There are other clubs mentioned so hopefully it is not true as I think it’s a waste of time signing.

    Draxler, Lukaku and Lacazette I just can’t see because Wenger won’t pay their asking prices.

  31. STV

    That’s what surprising Tunnygriffboy. Even after the vitriol last season, a massively underwhelming ( embarrassing too) season, and given the fact that this is his last year of contract thus, essentially a make or break season , Mr. Wenger looks remarkably assured and calm. Not to say he’s coy over the transfers..

    It’s shameful. I know what it means he looks like a man assured of his future !!

    Don’t expect anything different this season. He should face the fans ire. But sadly most fans are fickle. He knows a good run at the beginning, everything else will be forgotten.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Cannot see it whilst we still have Mert, Gabriel and Kozz, people might say Subotic is coming in if Chambers is going out on loan, but Mert, Gabriel, Subotic and Kozz is just too much, particularly when Subotic is leaving for game time.

    Like Ishola though, I really like the look of Koulibaly, Mert out and Koulibaly in would be my preference.

    We could have done so much restructuring this summer, really made some big changes and arrived feeling fresh and excited for the season…such a shame, at that stage now where if we do get another players instead of feeling excitement you feel a relief that the annual ordeal that is a Wenger window has actually bore some fruit this time.

  33. Emiratesstroller


    I am fairly certain that Arsenal will buy a striker this summer, but let’s face it the options are fairly limited and none of those mentioned sofar are likely to increase significantly the team’s goalscoring potential.

    The problem at moment is that every club on planet knows that there is a shortage of decent strikers and even fairly average players are fetching silly

    At the end of the day Wenger will have to buy a striker and most probably one of the three mentioned. Its now a question of price, wages and availability.

    Reverting back to Sanchez I felt at the end of last season that he wanted to leave the club. His body language in a number of games not least the last one
    indicated that fact.

    Personally I feel that it would be a shame, because players with his ability don’t grow on trees. I thought that when Juventus started showing interest that Arsenal made it clear that he was not for sale.

    The problem at moment is that there are only 4 clubs on continent where he could move to and three do not need him. Juventus are I am sure interested,
    but they do not have the financial resources of Arsenal. The fact that they are
    offering such a low fee is probably an indication that they will need to match the wages that Arsenal pay.

    I suspect that they cannot afford to pay both market rate for transfer fee plus
    wages on offer.

  34. tunnygriffboy


    That was the folly of last season. We could have had two players in and settled and we wouldn’t be in such a panic now. Not to mention the squad would have been stronger

    Out of interest, would Alexis be as good as Lacazzette up front ? Only asking because if so could Draxler come in. Ideally though we could do with a striker and Draxler.

    Really worried about the Liverpool game. They’re intensity and pressing could catch us cold. No Kos leaving Mert and Gabriel at the back and Xhaka playing his first game not having played in a league with this intensity. It could go horribly wrong on day one. Because of the manager once again the players will get it in the neck.

  35. Jeff

    Coming back to the Vardy situation. In your hear of hearts, would Vardy have said no to Mourinho or Guardiola – even on the same terms? Contrary to misguided opinion, Wenger does not have any pulling power even when there is only slight competition. That should speak volumes but it doesn’t. We just kick it under the already bulging carpet and continue with our indignation.

    I’m not a Vardy fan boy but his turning us down is telling.

  36. Jeff


    The club will offer him a new contract and Piers Morgan was right when he floated this some months back. You have to ask yourself why they would do that. Why not just retire him and get someone else in. The reason is that the club want to keep the status quo forever. They are terrified of change – very insular, regressive, the belief that Arsenal should know its place, and that it is a small club that has to work for a living – all these things are fully in keeping with Wenger ideals and principles. How can you uproot something that epitomizes the entire club from top to bottom?

    As for football, that’s secondary. If something nice happens, great, if not we simply sound the “self-sustaining” cry and the fans will understand.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    I think that Vardy made the right decision. He is guaranteed a starting place at Leicester where he will be always considered a star.

    I don’t think that he turned us down, because of Wenger, but he probably realised that coming to us was not likely to be the right career move.

    Frankly I don’t think that Mourinho or Guardiola would have made any difference unless they were throwing silly money at transfer fee and wages.

  38. Jeff

    “Frankly I don’t think that Mourinho or Guardiola would have made any difference unless they were throwing silly money at transfer fee and wages.”

    I disagree with this. Vardy would have bit both arms off at the drop of a hat.

  39. tunnygriffboy


    Ramsey Ozil Draxler

    Giroud Alexis

    Could use that option for certain games. Bring in Elneny/Coquelin for others. This assuming we do have a genuine interest in Draxler

  40. Jeff

    I think this season will be the complete opposite of last season. Mourinho and Guardiola will be competing like dogs and the biggest crumbs that fall will be snapped up by Conte. Whatever remains will be distributed among the also-rans.

  41. Jeff

    I also believe that we will eventually acquire a striker of sorts but it won’t be anything you will compelled to write home about. He will be a backup while Welbeck recovers. The hope will be that Giroud is able to hold the fort until that time. The fact that Giroud is not a world class striker by any stretch of one’s fantasies is neither here nor there.

  42. tunnygriffboy


    Not so sure about that. The league could be a massive bunfight with sides dropping points all over the place

    Leicester, Spurs, man u, City West Ham, Everton and even teams like Palace and stoke will strengthen.

    If, and I say IF, we bring in required reinforcements and keep the majority of our players fit, even with Wenger I think we’ll be in amongst it.

  43. Jeff


    Yes, you have a very positive outlook. Anything is possible but I think the big clubs won’t be making the same mistakes they made last season. But we’ll see of course. However, one thing I am absolutely sure about and would stake my mortgage on it (and that is saying something because I am not a gambling man) is that we won’t be winning the PL or the CL this season whatever happens.

  44. ADKB

    “Our summer looking as shambolic as ever. Will it improve?”

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: Until there’s a regime change at the Arsenal, every summer’ll stay the same old story. We can check posts from previous summers on this blog to see the same scenarios playing out year after year.

  45. tunnygriffboy


    When Giroud is fresh and fit he can be a handful and not too bad. Once he becomes fatigued his form falls of a cliff and because he is a bit cumbersome he looks terrible.

    In his defence he shouldn’t be leading the line for us. For his ability his scoring stats have improved yearly. For four years he has had to play the lone striker for most games with no real support with time to rest due to other injuries.

    It is not his fault we haven’t bought anyone to compete with him. For his ability he has done remarkably well out of it. He is a very good number two and good enough to start certain games

    We desperately need another striker with different attributes. As all round strikers available the one most suitable to our game is Morata.

  46. Jeff


    I’m not saying it’s Giroud’s fault. I’m saying he’s simply not good enough for big things. He went 15 games without scoring last season – that’s not a good statistic for your primary striker.

    Sometimes people fall victim to the idea that we are “close” and that one or two good players will propel us to the top. It’s not true. Even if you injected 4 top class players into the team now nothing is guaranteed because the quality in the premier league has gone up over the last few years but what we haven’t move an inch. This season, that quality will go up a tiny bit again but we will still be treading water so I fear for us in the next 12 months.

  47. Emiratesstroller


    All the critics of Giroud keep on highlighting his lack of pace.

    Yesterday was typical when Giroud made the breakthrough on goal and then was caught by Howedes who made 5 yards to tackle him.

    However, the same posters/critics seem to forget all the good things that Giroud has done in these Championships.

    He has not only scored three goals [ two with head and one with feet] but has
    also provided Griezmann with several assists.

    Furthermore when you look at yesterday’s game Griezmann scored his second goal primarily because Giroud took out both goalkeeper and centre back.

    Giroud has a lot to offer. Apart from his goals and assists he has considerable
    nuisance value in the box as many of the leading centre backs have acknowledged.

    The issue for me is how to use his attributes to our best advantage and not whether or not he is good enough for the team.

  48. Cesc Appeal



    Remember last summer when I was saying this ‘Benzema or bust’ strategy was utter stupidity, that if we are to believe Wenger cannot find a ST better than Giroud (rubbish anyway) or better than Walcott (there’s probably one of those on the street where I live) then we should be looking at dividing up the £50-70 Million we were apparently ‘ready to spend on that top notch ST’ *cough* and look for a wide playmaker and a CDM/CM, a CB as well if we could.

    Right now we’d be sitting here feeling much better about life, potentially, controversial thing to say, but potentially having won the league with those, playing a wide man who creates more and has more end product and not playing Flamini…could well have led to the title last season.

    Alas, no. Our transfer approach is utter shit. Begrudging, that is the word. We failed yet again, for the exact same reasons yet again, you would think the club would look at transfers with real gusto, as a ways of making us better, but Wenger plays by a different set of rules to literally every single other manager in Europe.

    Personally I wouldn’t want Sanchez at ST, he seems to play well when he has a pairing up there, someone who shares similar sort of attributes to him, so he can rotate with them, play deep behind them and then slingshot past etc

    I am too, you know Liverpool will be whipped into shape by Klopp, high tempo pressing, would imagine they will have some more new faces as well, Klopp is apparently planning a clear out beforehand.

    If it happens lets make sure the manager knows, problem is half the stadium will erupt into ‘one Wenger’ if he quite rightfully gets it in the neck.

    I mean, not only am I not hearing any Arsenal transfer rumours, all I’m hearing is Arsenal are not trying to keep a hold of Sanchez…what the f**k is going on?

  49. qna

    As it stands. The best outcome I can imagine is to get Sanchez and Ozil to extend their contracts. I doubt we will manage that, let alone sign any £65m players.

  50. Josip Skoblar

    This French national team has only 3 WC players, but they’re bloody good!
    Lloris, Kos and Griezmann.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    If you’re Sanchez and Ozil why would you at this point? Seriously.

    Sanchez is turning 28 in December, he cannot waste his footballing career away under Wenger, particularly when he’s a player who relies on his physical attributes so much.

    Ozil turns 28 in October, whilst he will age better than Sanchez, likely anyway, again, why would he waste his talents trying to set Giroud up for another season, having a CM beside him instead of another creative spark to enjoy his game with?

    Juventus obviously hold real interest n Sanchez, if they are bidding £30 Million now, they will likely up that when Pogba leaves and that £80-100 Million fee drops. They already have Pjanic in for the middle, so Sanchez will be a big name to make the fans happy.

    But your f*****g arse as well we will be the only f*****g club to not sell for a ridiculously inflated price…you just know it, £40 Million or something. £60 Million would be what I’d ask for Sanchez…I mean I wouldn’t sell him because with Wenger in charge we’re likely to see Adelaide get a call up or something and proclaim him as the replacement, then Lacazette lands which is what we should have done anyway and we’re no stronger than we were.

    This club better do something, better have something in the works, they deserve everything they get otherwise.

  52. tunnygriffboy


    I agree with you to some extent re Giroud. He has several useful attributes and when fresh he is a handful. He has no pace and looks cumbersome. He has a good football brain. He has had to play nearly every game and when fatigued he looks awful and his form drops considerably ( goal drought last season )

    Two was to get the best out of Giroud. 1) keep him fresh 2) as Henry says change the system so Alexis plays alongside him meaning that defenders have to worry about Alexis going in behind while countering Giroud strength

    Of the strikers we are linked with Morata is the one most suited to our game. Technically sound, can play with back to goal, can dribble and has pace to run in behind. His all round ability is better than Lacazette’s.

  53. Bamford10


    “The issue for me is how to use his attributes to our best advantage and not whether or not he is good enough for the team.”

    Holy fucking shit. This is what I have to wake to?

    Giroud is not good enough for the XI. We have known this for four years now. He was largely invisible and useless yesterday — as he often is.

    He is a second-choice, second-rate striker — one who becomes marginally more useful when you play Antoine Griezmann beneath him.

    I have no words for this fucking Giroud bullshit.

  54. Bamford10

    Koscielny world class? Did he even play yesterday? Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve heard his name mentioned once this tournament. He is making no impression.

  55. Bamford10

    Wenger could’ve spent £60-75m last summer, and he could spend that or more this summer.

    And note that fees are paid out over two or more years.

    Wenger is not restricted by Kroenke — as he himself has said. Please stop with the nonsense.

  56. Bamford10


    Fair enough, though I must say I haven’t noticed him. All the same, “very good” doesn’t equal “world class”. Griezmann is world class.

  57. tunnygriffboy


    I’m still hoping we’ll get a striker in and maybe a defender. No wide forward though. Tbh I think I’d even swap Walcott for Sissoko but it ain’t happening

    If we don’t buy and we come a cropper v Liverpool (no Kos, Ozil, Giroud or Ramsey) the atmosphere will turn nasty. The players will receive moans, groans and dogs abuse and that is likely to conti ue throughout the season. It becomes a difficult place to play at ho e as a result.

    Thing is those fans who crucify the players are likely to be Wenger die hards who transfer their frustration onto the players rather than where it is deserved. Expect though lots of chants about spending some money.

  58. Jamie

    The Giroud debate is as tiresome for me as it seems to be for most.

    He simply isn’t good enough to win you the PL as the main man up front. For me, he’s about as good as Welbeck, Both have a different skill set, but neither will score the 25 league goals required in a season to win the league.

    If we want to challenge, we need someone significantly better than both Giroud and a fit Wellers.

    Whether we get one is another story, but there are better players out there than the pair of them.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    It doesn’t really matter though, nothing changes, all these phrases like ‘its alld own Wenger,’ ‘Wenger’s fault and no one else,’ ‘Wenger will only have himself to blame,’ ‘he will deserve everything he gets,’ they all don’t matter.

    For every one fan who shouts him down you will have one fan who out of affection and guilt chants ‘one Wenger.’

    Unless something radically changes in the coming weeks we’re in for another boring, frustrating season again with a palatable finish. Then around we go again because you can bet your backside they are waiting to sneak a new deal under the fence for Wenger, it makes their current approach all the more strange, bad window, bad start and that becomes a very hard sell.

    Unless they truly think they are untouchable, that they have enough subjugated pro-Wenger fans they can carry through whatever they want, ride out the storm and then people will just grumpily accept what is?

  60. tunnygriffboy


    Read posts rather than skim over them. You’ve appeared and been really angry 🙂 🙂

    No one has said Giroud is good enough. Discussion has been how to get the best out of him

    If Kronke was more interested in the club winning then he could release a lot òf funds and even get rid of the manager. He isn’t so he won’t so he is part of the problem

    Everyone agrees that we’re not even spending the money we make and that is disgraceful.

    Kos has had an excellent tournament. One of the best CB all tourney.

  61. Goonergirl

    “The issue for me is how to use his attributes to our best advantage and not whether or not he is good enough for the team.”

    Why should we have to change our team to accommodate an average striker? Why not bring in a better striker who can do all that Giroud does and score as well.

  62. Cesc Appeal



    Again, its sort of like letting Wenger off, that statement is exactly the same as the ‘well, we’ve got what we’ve got lets just get behind the boys’ one.

    We’ve had Giroud for four years, no one is saying he’s a bad ST, but he is not going to win you the EPL because he’s too one track, forces the team t play a certain way that negates other elements and goes through the long patches wee his doesn’t score and plays like crap to the detriment of the whole side.

    Again, if Wenger has not worked out how to get the best from him, or to reduce his weaknesses and emphaisse his strengths in that time, remembering we’ve added players of Ozil and Sanchez’s calibre in that time…I doubt its going to happen.

  63. Bamford10


    Actually, you’re the one who needs to read more carefully.

    One, Emirates IS saying that Giroud is good enough.

    Two, Kroenke has made plenty of money available to Wenger, and he does not interfere with Wenger: Wenger himself has said this. The only thing Kroenke can do more to help now is fire Wenger.

    Three, I’ve watched pretty much every game of the Euros. Kosvielny may be quietly and solidly going about his business, but he has done nothing to stand out. Indeed I haven’t heard a single commentator even mention his name. A top class dominating CB generates talk.


  64. Jeff


    ” Discussion has been how to get the best out of him [Giroud]”

    Isn’t that just a sound bite though. Imagine you’re in a formula 1 race inside a Morris Minor and your foot is on the floor. You’ve got the best out of your car, do you think it will make any difference to the race? Unless of course you get in someone’s way and they crash out. LOL.

  65. tunnygriffboy


    If Kronke wa serious about the club he would ensure that top players were coming in. He isn’t interested. If he was he would fire the manager if he refused to do so. Therefore he is partly to blame.

    I don’t understand how you don’t think Kos hasn’t been excellent. He’s had a couple of partners and hasn’t put a foot wrong. He’s done his job. I’d rather he did his jo quietly and efficiently than be in the news all the time for cock ups. Who has been better ? I’ve also watched most of the games


    Giroud is here and not moving (literally:) ). When he plays what is wrong in suggesting ways to get the best out of him ? Wouldn’t that be a good plan ? Hopefully we’ll get someone else in but Giroud will still get his quota of games whether we like it or not.

  66. Goonergirl


    Yeah Giroud is just not good enough to be our first choice striker. I’m fine with having him on the bench and using him as an impact player but that’s it. We definitely need to upgrade on him before we can even think of competing for the league.

  67. STV

    Euro Reveiws


    Ronaldo Griezmann Payet
    Matuidi _ Kroos__ Hector_
    _Chiellini Pepe Bonucci

    Subs: Lloris, Renato, Hazard, Ramsey, De Sciglio, Pogba, Ozil

    Honourable Mentions: Barzagli, Srna, Blasikowiski, Koscielny, Perisic, Milic, Buffon, Sigurdson, W.Carvahlo, Kante.

    Team Rankings:


    2. Santos

  68. Jeff


    You still don’t seem to get the point. Giroud’s best is not good enough for what we all want and desire – i.e. compete for the PL and CL. Four years in the job means his best years are in fact behind him. But by all means keep him as a secondary striker who will come on for injuries, minor games etc. As our primary striker, I’d take fourth now.

  69. tunnygriffboy


    Of course I get the point. All morning I’ve been saying he’s not good enough and we need omeone to come in

    What I have said is that it’s not his fault he’s been flogged to death week after week his form decreasing as a result. I’ve said that he’s made the most of his ability.

    Lastly I’ve said because he’s going nowhere maybe it maybe an idea to try something that might get the best out of him

    Once again I say that he is not good enough to be a regular starter forus but is good enough for certain games and to come off the bench,

  70. Jeff

    Twitter are reporting:

    “Fernando Felicevich who is the agent of Alexis Sanchez has told Arsenal he wants to leave”

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Would be such a blow, not only because Wenger won’t replace him, if all we were going to get was a £35-40 Million ST before Sanchez was sold, we wouldn’t suddenly see a £80-90 Million spend with the fee we got…not in my opinion.

    But also what it says about the club, a top talent wanting to leave, selling our best again. It cannot happen, make Sanchez happy.

  72. Cesc Appeal

    What would Ozil think as well, seeing Sanchez asking to leave…best keep our fingers crossed this is Twitter BS.

  73. Jeff

    Wenger will have a shitty season if Sanchez leaves. There’s no way we’re going to splash out anything like the money required to replace him. The Express reported yesterday that Juventus are interested in him and the fact that he wants to leave.


    Now we wait for Sanchez to tweet something to deny it all – will it come?

  74. Jim lahey

    I mean, you’ve just won the Copa America, been voted player of the tournament. Then you tun around and seen that your ambitious club has signed Takuma Asano….

    We’re a fucking joke.

  75. Jim lahey

    Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have the deluded pricks telling us all that this is Walcott’s year, that Oxlade Chamberlain or Iwobi will tear up the league his year…

    Wenger has turned the club into the laughing stock of Europe.

  76. Jeff

    I imagine when a player comes to Arsenal, half way into the season, they must think – what on earth have I let myself in for? Then of course the dust settles, it’s easy money, no pressure – certainly nothing like it is at other clubs and then they think – oh well it could be worse. But if a player wants to win things, no amount of money and non-competitiveness is going to be enough to keep them at the club. We’ve seen it happen so many times. If Sanchez goes he will not be alone – Henry, Vieira, Fabregas, Van Persie to name but a few.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    Really just upsetting is the word I’d use to hear he ‘wants to leave the club,’ you have to ask why, I’m sure a fair few will just try to waive it off as just his personal preference or having his head turned or whatever, but in keeping with the general theme of the club, obsession with finances, lack of ambition, lack of ruthlessness…this is upsetting.

    The low bids from Juventus as Eurosport say must be inspired by knowledge that Sanchez has told Arsenal he wants out. Won’t be long before there are a fair few admirers, Juventus will want to get a deal done before someone like PSG turns up.

    Sad day for the club if true, just going nowhere.

  78. WengerEagle

    Ronaldo in team of the tournament, really?

    Mad what a world class header can do for a player.

    He hasn’t even been the best forward on Portugal, Nani has been better.

  79. Ozy

    STV: “Alexis, he can leave go Juve ifmoney is all he care about. I am sure Wenger can get us an able replacement.”

    I am not sure if this is sarcasm or not. If Sanchez were sold, Wenger would be praising Oxlade and Iwobi the very next day. No way would we find a replacement for Sanchez this window. We would bring somebody in two, three windows from now.

    “Koscielny world class? Did he even play yesterday? Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve heard his name mentioned once this tournament. He is making no impression.”


  80. Sensible old man

    I hope sancheZ does leave – and we sign no one else- apart from maybe another 12 year old from the chink league. Then it’ll be pure entertainment next season watching wenger get abuse week in week out. Hopefully some Akbs will see the light too

  81. STV

    I didn’t mean any of that mate. For Wenger, selling Sanchez would be the most foolish thing simply because he’s our best player.

  82. Goonergirl

    If those Sanchez stories are true it’ll be very sad indeed because you just know that if Sanchez were to leave Wenger is definitely not going to bring in an adequate replacement for him.

  83. STV

    Fair enough WE I thought Matuidi would be a better fit than Di Sciglio at left back position. I don’t think hes been average (exept may be in opening matches).

    Kroos ahead of Ramsey. Playing him attacking full back would be a disaster.

  84. Daniel

    I still can not understand why Arsene finds it hard to sell off players performing below par, for crying out loud he doesnt owe them anything, and as an economist he should knw dat if anything doesnt bring in profit then it doesnt make sense, moreso selling would free up d wage bill for improved players n all, just wishing Wenger do read this blog…

  85. WengerEagle


    I’m never too bothered about the formations in team of the tournaments, doesn’t make sense to put in a player ahead of another who’s had a better tournament just because he fits the formation better.

    Just my two cents.

    Ramsey has easily been one of the best 11 players at the Euros so should be in the team of the tournament.

  86. STV

    WE It appears that you’re generally not very keen on Ronaldo. Each of their own I guess.

    Ronaldo wasn’t at his best tbf but he’s not just about one header. He almost single handedly pulled them in 2 of their most important matches.

    Good enough for me ahead of candidates like Ozil and Giroud.

  87. Cesc Appeal

    John Cross does come across as very bitter, feels like he’s taking shots against Guardiola on Twitter and all those Arsenal fans who admire his tactical prowess and bash Wenger for having little to none…unless I’m mistaken and there’s some in-joke or something.

  88. STV

    I agree Ramsey had a fantastic tournament. But he wasn’t that good in their opening two games I thought. Plus not played last match as well.

    But definitely one of best players..

  89. WengerEagle


    Not at all, what’s not to like about Ronaldo the player. Seems a bit of a douche but you can’t fault his work-rate and ability as a player.

    He hasn’t one of the players of the tournament though, I’m sorry. The guy is taking more shots than half of the teams in the Euros, He took his brace well against Hungary and his header was fantastic against Wales but besides that he’s been pretty poor. I’m sure if you asked most Portuguese fans they’d say that Nani has been their best attacker.

    Not denying he’s stepped up but he has looked far from the 2nd best player in the world.

  90. WengerEagle

    And Neymar kills the current Ronaldo as a player.

    In terms of ability to go past people, creating chances, linking up with the midfield, creating havoc in general it’s not even remotely close.

    Ronaldo goal hangs so of course his goal stats will look better, they’re also better than Messi’s.

  91. WengerEagle


    What do you think that Ronaldo does better than Neymar out of interest? Sure he scores much more goals but he takes twice the amount of shots.

    What Neymar did last season is close to being comparable to Messi.

  92. raptora

    Xhaka has had a very solid performance and was picked number of times as the man of the match. Limited swiss side and penalties (hope he recovers well from the miss) stood in his country’s way of reaching farther but I think we saw he most probably will be one of first names in our starting eleven for next seasons.

    Ramsey was one of the 5 best players in this tourney without a doubt and specialists everywhere keep saying that he was the standout player for Wales even more than Bale was.

    Ozil was the best german player for me this tourney alongside Kross. If Germany had a decent striker available they would have won convincingly the Euros.

    Giroud proved all critics and fans wrong that he is not a capable striker to lead the France team. Ofcorse Griezmann is the man of the moment, for the whole Euros really, but one would say he and Olivier complemented each other very, very well. Well our very own ST wasn’t destroyer of worlds but he has put on a way better performance than most ppl expected. I would say that Payet didn’t play by his standards (set by himself vs Romania where he was extraordinary and simply outstanding) in the tourney as a whole, and I reckon Pogba didn’t deliver that much either. So imo Giroud has been the second best offensive player of France. Still one game to go doe.

    Kos has been rock solid, dealt with and cleared everything, didn’t put a foot wrong and definitely has been world class so far. We will see how he does in the final.

    Fact is our players did great in this euro (minus maybe Cech). Hopefully we’ll have two European Championship winners in 3 days time.

  93. S Asoa

    About replacing Sanchez and probably Ozil , there’s no way Wenger can get an equivalent replacement. The Imbecile is mothballs in the trade and no longer can he attract any world class players.
    So he will take recourse to the usual subterfuge of the impotent.
    Voila Sanogo !

  94. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Surely more gooners will come over to the dark side if the total sum of signings is Xhaka and Takuma, bloody, Asano.

  95. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Wales afford Ramsey the luxury of doing what he wants. He is still a headless chicken.

  96. S Asoa

    Agree with Raptor
    Giroud compliments Griezeman.
    Always said he is a proper hold up player. For coup de grace one needs a proper striker .

  97. STV


    Neymar is more skilled but Ronaldo has been better in almost every department (except passing), consistatly over years. It’s not that debatable imho.

    Ronaldo like compatriot Mourinho is not much a likable character maybe but he’s earned the recognitions he got.

    I like Neymar, especially for his NT and he can probably be the best player one day. Also granted, He had fantastic 2014-15 but last season was little indifferent .

    Neymar atleast at the club level has not being in the same bracket of Ronaldo yet. I think.

  98. karim

    Is it me or both Wanyama and Janssen been praising Arsenal while being introduced as Spurs players ?
    Don’t know if Janssen has actually signed btw.

  99. raptora

    Inb4 Sissoko is the next player on the list. That would be hillarious if not sad.
    Janssen’s deal a matter of time. The player said that everything is almost ready, he’s just waiting a call to confirm the transfer.

  100. raptora

    I’d root for Suarez to win the Balon D’or. I think he overshadowed both Messi and Ronaldo this year. If Portugal wins the Euros I guess it has to go in Ronaldo’s favor. It will be a spectacular achievement even if one not that pretty to watch so far.

  101. naijagunner

    You can’t on one hand ask 60M euros for Bonnuci and on the other hand ask to be sold Alexis Sanchez for 30M pounds and expect even a dog to take you seriously……..If his agent feels his client is unhappy, which is his right to be , he should as Juventus to stop making him more unhappy by putting out stupid sums in the name of transfer fees.

  102. STV

    Tbh Raptora Suarez was phenomenal last season. He contributed heavily in their wins especially since Barca had that infamous streak towards end of the season.

    Right now I’d say 55-45 in Ronaldo favour with Messi on 3rd. Lot depends on how he performs in the first half of next season.

    It be nice to have a change though

  103. karim

    Sissoko is seriously underrated imo.
    Haven’t watched Newcastle last season but I know what he has brought before to that team.
    I know some call him a lazy player, others say he’s been mismanaged but in my eyes, he’s a lion who’d do us a world of good.

    Doesn’t seem realistic though as he’s been praising us every summer to no effect so far…

  104. Wallace


    Sissoko’s always been a player I’ve liked/feared. have a friend, a Newcastle fan, who says he only turns up on occasion, but I’d be happy with us buying him.

  105. raptora

    Yes. Actually this looks like the last year Ronaldo or Messi have really high chances of winning the prize. This season looked like their worst since they became stars, and the first year since 2007 when Kaka won it when someone else can have a real go at. We’ll see what happens but from what I’m seeing they are declining and it’s a real pitty two greats that we had the privilege to witness are slowly fading. Atleast for me there is no doubt their influence wasn’t as huge as previous seasons. Leaves it interesting who will grab the opportunity and put himself as the best player in the world. Or who knows, maybe there will be another awesome rivalry just like the one between the argentinian and the portuguese.

  106. karim


    He’s so strong it’s not even funny, have you seen his neck ?
    That run ( v Switzerland ? ) when he crossed for Payet, the latter hitting the bar !

    A typical non-Wenger signing sadly although he wouldn’t cost an arm.

    Do think he’d turn up every week if a big club finally trusted him, that’s basically what Roberto Mancini was saying yesterday and what Deschamps has finally realised as the lion never disappointed while playing for France.

  107. Ishola70

    Well it seems clear now that Juve are going to receive in excess of 100m euros for Pogba.

    Man Utd in the driving seat at present and look most likely to sign him unless there is a last minute move from Real Madrid.

    This is concerning in regards to Alexis Sanchez now with Juve flush with transfer money.

  108. Joe

    You can’t on one hand ask 60M euros for Bonnuci and on the other hand ask to be sold Alexis Sanchez for 30M pounds and expect even a dog to take you seriously

    Why not

    Its exactly what wenger does