Our summer looking as shambolic as ever. Will it improve?

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Happy good morning to you, quick post today as work is WILD.

Firstly, United landed Mikki. Would love to think the club would do some sort of internal inquiry into why we keep missing out on players?

Think what you like about Mourinho, he’s been at Old Trafford next to no time, he’s identified 4 players he wants and he’s signed 3 already.

‘But look at the mess he leaves teams in’

Look, I’d take 3 years of Mourinho if it meant a Premier League trophy. People constantly raise this terrible issue of instability, like somehow, stability under Wenger has been fruitful.

Madrid lose Mourinho, gain Ancelotti… win the Decima. They sack Ancelotti, bring in Benitez because Florentino. He has a bad three months, they fire Benitez and put Zidane in… because Guardiola was a thing. He wins the Champions League and pushes his team very close to the title.

Back to my point. Rumours from good ITK people on Twitter say that we had one target for striker this summer. Yep, after 4 years of trying to buy, our scouts came back with one name… the Premier League’s top scorer. We were sure he’d join. Like I said at the time, personals were done, we were SURE. But look, we were SURE on Suarez. What happened? The deal fell through.

Where was the immediate contingency plan? Nowhere to be seen.

What happened with Mikki? A player we’d been tracking for months. A player, I was told, was absolutely interested in Arsenal?

Are we shirking agent fees, because of some sort of moral high ground?

Did United gazump us on fee?

Did United gazump us on wages?

Is Wenger the issue?

What’s the solution being provided? No noise normally means no deal.

The summer feels like it’s in a mess. Lacazette is not elite in any way. He might be, given time. But look, he couldn’t make the French squad at 25. Someone plying their trade in the Mexican league made it above him.

This summer is turning into all the summers we’ve had previous to it.

It’s staggering. What’s more, it’ll be even crazier when we drop Wenger a new deal in October.

Who is f*cking this up?

It’s just so frustrating… because Wenger is accountable to no one.

Let’s see what happens. But from where I’m sitting, it doesn’t look good. We’re being outmanoeuvred by managers in their posts less than a month. Feels like there was a vision of where we wanted the summer to go, now two plans have fallen to the floor, we’re giving up.

2 players though… I mean, does Wenger really think we’re that many bodies away from competing at the highest level?

This season could be horrible… but we’ll see. We’ll see.


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  1. loyika

    @ Charlie

    No one is saying Pogs is rubbish mate but right now he ain’t as brilliant as how he is portrayed. You could have this discussion with other rival fans if you feel most here are supporting Paddy over him due to loyalty to Arsenal, I bet a majority of footie supporters even in Italy will say Vieira at 22/23 was already the shyte.

    Pogs might get there and eventually surpass him in terms of status but remember a certain extent Hull/Newcastle French player was hailed as the new Zizou!? Still trying to find that Crown till now.

    Pogs will definately come good, but for now he is just a brilliant player like others nothing more nothing less.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    I was thinking the exact same thing whilst watching. Passing the ball around pointlessly, no cutting edge, getting caught out…why do I feel an acute sense of sympathy and understanding for Germans tonight?

  3. champagne charlie


    I didn’t mention honours until it was hilariously used against Pogba, I’m judging solely on the ability I see. Good try and being pass remarkable though, in keeping with your usual shite.

    Far too many looking back in time with the memory playing tricks on them and thinking only of the great times. How many of those suggesting Vieira was better than Pogba actually have seen both in person, or even Vieira week in week out?

  4. gonsterous


    This could be the only time I agree with you but yes, it was nice watching neuer lose and would have been better to see him wailing like a baby !!

  5. karim

    Thanks a lot everybody !

    2nd half was better from us but it’s been a weird night overall. Don’t think we would have been able to come back had they scored in the first half.

    Sissoko, Koscielny, Lloris stood out but Griezmann has stolen the show yet again !

    2nd final in a month for the magical midget !

  6. N5

    I’d agree with Eagle though Jim. Muller is having a slump but he’s usually a brilliant forward.

    He turned up to the World cup and they don’t get much bigger than that.

    To be fair to him, loads of great players have been average at this tournament. In fact the overall quality all over has been pretty bad.

  7. shad


    Griezmann has been consistent 2 seasons in a row, and playing for an Atletico side that is not littered with “knowns”. And prior to that he was very good at Sociedad though not as prolific. He does everything you want in a striker regardless of who he plays with.
    MSN is great but individually and for work rate, I’d take Measi and Suarez obviously. Lewa is great but faded off with Poland. Don’t tell me about CR7 or Bale please. They are good but they have class all around them. Benzema is good but hasn’t been consistent over the time span.
    I am behaved. Are you?

  8. WengerEagle


    Really mate?

    He was Germany’s best player when they won the WC and he was brilliant in Bayern’s season of domination.

    He had a rare shit tournament, happens.

    Before this tournament he was pretty much the quintessential big game player.

  9. N5

    Karim agree with that. Kos was his usual steady solid self, but for me it was all Sissoko. He bullied Draxler and didn’t put a foot wrong all evening.

  10. Marko

    Yeah Charlie I’m a big fan of Pogba’s too and like I said it’s ok if you forgot how good Vieira really was time can do that. But Vieira really was a better player. Pogba could end up being better but that’s not what you’re saying

  11. Jim Lahey

    “To be fair to him, loads of great players have been average at this tournament.”

    I will agree with that 100% – Its been such a poor tournament.

  12. Wallace

    with Mueller out of form losing Gomez killed Germany.

    keep going on about it, but I thought Kroos was glorious tonight. was playing a different game to Pogba.

  13. Carts


    pretty certain Wenger shunned David Villa when he spoke out too.

    Tbh, Sissoko can be forgiven being lazy. Those “managers” of Newcastle couldn’t even motivated a starving lion to kill a lamb

  14. loyika

    @ CC

    I have seen Paddy play live (not week in week out) from the time he joined Arsenal and although I have never seen Pogs play live from what is shown on the telly I can still say Paddy at that age still has more presence than Pogs. My opinion.

  15. Jim Lahey

    “Really mate?

    He was Germany’s best player when they won the WC and he was brilliant in Bayern’s season of domination.”

    Yeah but he was very poor this tournament. I’m well aware he is a great player, just didn’t do it in France.

  16. Thanos

    Charlie shhhhh now you are making yourself sound foolish now. Vieira at 23 won the world cup and the euros and 3 titles 3 fa cups. In a league that had sir Alex at his best a far more competitive league than sierie a. Go about your business there is nothing to see here.

  17. champagne charlie


    I said Pogba at 23 is better than Vieira, watched them both up close and personal several times and Pogba is different class. Vieira reached heights Pogba clearly hasn’t yet but that’s not an argument worth having as one has had his career while the other is making his.

    I haven’t forgotten what Vieira did, he was one of my favourite players I’ve seen in the flesh which is why I’m particularly vocal on it. Pogba at 23 is better than Pat at 23, and his ceiling is much much higher. Doesn’t denounce Vieira in any way at all.

  18. N5

    Loyika I was going to say the same thing. I did see Viera week in and out and I’ve never seen Pogba live. But from what I’ve seen the main factor that separates them is the consistency.

    Pogba can be a heck of a player some days and others he disappears. He’s still young though and he’ll obviously improve.

  19. raptora

    “Kind of like watching Arsenal Chelsea at the Emirates”

    I agree.

    Bad decision destroyed the game and no Gomes, Hummels, Khedira and then Boateng, was too much for the germans.

    Has to be told that Muller is the disappointment of the whole tournament. What a horrifying performance yet again from a player who is supposed to be a leader and do the job Griezmann was doing for the french. Such a bad display really. I thought it was a crime from Loew to not use Podolski who can be old and anything but he has always known how to put the ball in the net.

    I couldn’t shake up of the penalty decision of how much it changed the game in the stoppage time of the first half, and neither Germany could. Also bad luck had to be in it cause I saw more and better goal scoring opportunities for Deutschland than France had but it’s whatever. I hope the final isn’t influenced by a controversial refereeing.

  20. Thanos

    Oh and for the record I have seen paddy’s entire career at arsenal as I have been a season ticket holder since the late 80”s

  21. champagne charlie


    The season he turned 24 you pleb, Pogba was 22 this season so I’m comparing them to the point Pogba is at now… How is that a foreign concept? Why would I compare Pogba at 22/23 and Vieira at 23/24…

  22. WengerEagle


    He’s had a great tournament but we’re talking about 6 matches and tonight was his first against a truly top class team. I know how good he’s been for Atleti, said as much but Muller has been top class for club and country for years now, don’t see how it’s outrageous in the slightest to rate him over Griezmann.

    If we’re going off of this tournament, Ramsey is better than Pogba.

    I’m not saying Griezmann isn’t top class, but to say he’s the 2nd best forward in the world is nuts.

  23. N5

    “Bad decision destroyed the game and no Gomes, Hummels, Khedira and then Boateng, was too much for the germans.”

    FFS, it was a good call. It was harsh but it was right. It also is only one goal. If Germany can’t pick themselves up from a goal deficit then they didn’t deserve to win. It changed nothing. They didn’t look like scoring before it and they didn’t after.

  24. Marko

    His ceiling is higher sure but a 23 year old Pogba isn’t better than a 23 year old Patrick Vieira I’m afraid. Paddy was incredible and the dominant midfielder in his team regularly. Pogba was kind of fortunate to have played with Vidal, Pirlo and Marchisio helping him out. Imo

  25. peanuts&monkeys

    ‘Vieira was a destroyer of worlds. He made teams great.’
    Vieira this. Vieira That. Ohh! Reflected glory is what arsenalosers like to bask in.

    Accepting their club cud never buy a player like Vieira again, and that player is going to play with the AKBs’ sworn SPECIAL opponent, entire set of losers have started licking their wounds with Vieira balm.


  26. Wallace

    Pogba is the more elegant athlete and has quicker feet than Vieira, but Vieira would have eaten him up for breakfast. his hunger and desire to impose himself on the opposition were off the scale. Pogba reminds me of Lukaku in that despite his size he’s not a very aggressive player.

  27. champagne charlie


    Tournament football brings it out in fans. By tournament form we should be content with Giroud as the lead ST…. how many are happy with that?

  28. Redtruth

    Vieira won the league when it was a two horse race and he also lacked discipline picking up.a record number of red cards
    Scoring goals was also a negative for Vieira..

  29. shad


    As a no. 9 I don’t think it is far fetched. For consistency over time, he is up there. And over the past 2 or 3 seasons he has rarely been injured unlike Messi, Benzema, Bale or Lewa.
    IMO, he is definitely elite..either 2nd or 3rd.

  30. Thanos

    Pleb lol OK mate no need to get angry maybe their birthdays are in different months or something. Maybe someone is winding you up. You need to get a thicker skin it’s the Internet. Lol

  31. Relieable Sauce

    Pogba should play in a midfield two and learn the true craft. Become the player Viera couldve been.

    Two physical specimens but Pogba is clearly more gifted than Viera in offensive attributes, Viera was a defensive monster and was incredible taking/retaining the ball under pressure.

    Pogba seems inconsistant with his attacking/creative game when he should perhaps be learning the craft of the midfield general, his offensive game should develop well enough from CM with his technical ability and athleticism.

  32. Carts

    Muller is a boss. Bad tournament – yeah whatever.

    Ronaldo has had plenty of dog shit tournaments, let alone score in any meaningful ones.

    I’d hate to thinkhe’s peaked already…

  33. Goonergirl

    Pogba’s main problem is his consistency. He’ll be amazing in one game and then invisible in the next. He’s definitely a talented player but he needs to put in more consistent performances. Don’t think he’s currently worth the money that’s been quoted but he most probably will be in the future.

  34. Jim Lahey

    “Why is Muller catching all of the shit?”

    I only brought up Muller’s shit tournament as someone made a point that big players turn up in big games in reference to Ozil, obviously having a go at him.

    I’m aware Muller is a quality player, but the fact he doesn’t play for Arsenal makes him beyond reproach to some people.

  35. WengerEagle


    Messi, Benzema and Lewy are never injured mate.

    No way he’s 2nd come on, over 50 odd matches Lewy was better, you can’t judge it off of a tournament.

    Neymar is also levels above him. As is Bale IMO, you say Atleti are shit but they’re absolutely amazing compared to effing Wales!

  36. Wallace

    not sure how we’ve ended up with France and Portugal in the final, but as long as France win it and Giroud bags a hat trick i won’t care.

  37. Bamford10

    Griezmann is definitely one of the top 5-6 strikers in the world at moment. Fantastic player. Definitely upper echelon, and I wouldn’t have said that necessarily before this tournament.

    As for Pogba, some people are basing their judgment of him too much on what has been said about his potential and not enough on what one actually sees from him game to game. A very promising talent, but likely to eclipse Zidane? Let’s just hold on a moment.

    Congrats to France. A great win.

    And London, you are right: Germany would have been better with a genuine #9 like Gomez — not to mention Muller was poor all tournament.

  38. peanuts&monkeys

    ‘Vieira was a destroyer of worlds. He made teams great.’
    Vieira this. Vieira That. Ohh! Reflected glory is what arsenalosers like to bask in.

    Accepting their club cud never buy a player like Vieira again, and that player is going to play with the AKBs’ sworn SPECIAL opponent, entire set of losers have started licking their wounds with Vieira balm.

  39. N5

    Wallace I’m torn. My wife is French so I should support France being that my kids are half tadpole (get it, it’s xenophobic 😀 ) but if Portugal win I get £100.

    What do I care more about, money or sex? I think money because then I can buy sex…….good sex 😀 😀 😀

  40. N5

    “Accepting their club cud never buy a player like Vieira again, and that player is going to play with the AKBs’ sworn SPECIAL opponent, entire set of losers have started licking their wounds with Vieira balm.”

    Does anyone have a twat translator?

  41. Marko

    France to knock off Ronaldo for me. I’d hate it if that cunt won it. On getting to the final he said “I deserve it Portugal deserves it and the fans deserve it”. Says it all about the prick

  42. Bamford10


    Sorry, but to rate Muller over Griezmann at moment is indeed outrageous. On current form they’re not even close. Griezmann belongs among the top strikers at moment. No question.

  43. Thanos

    Peanuts I was at white shite lane when we won the league. The fact that we have won the league more than you have at your own ground should be reason enough for you to never come here.

    The reason you want to have a go is because if you ever do get a wc player he leaves your shitehole quicker than a dose of ducolax through a fat bird

  44. Josip Skoblar

    What a goalkeeper Lloris is! Why does he play for bloody Spurs? I don’t know how much Griezmann would cost, but if we could force a move, we’d surely win the League.

  45. Thanos

    Accepting their club cud never buy a player like Vieira again, and that player is going to play with the AKBs’ sworn SPECIAL opponent, entire set of losers have started licking their wounds with Vieira balm.”Does anyone have a twat translator?


  46. peanuts&monkeys

    If arsenal wud accidentally win the league, Wenger would QUIT next day. He lost it long back in him the balls to be competitive. Moreover, he is not paid for that. Jose is.

  47. Leedsgunner

    Sissoko was good. But the unsung hero of the French side, tonight and all throughout the competition has to be the Kos. An immense player., and one of Wenger’s best signings ever and undoubtedly his best defensive signing in the past 7 years.

    Allez les Bleus!!!

  48. Marko

    I’m assuming with regards to Griezmann we’re basing our opinions on his fantastic form the last 3/4 seasons and not just this tournament? Yeah? Definitely one of the best talents around. So too is Thomas Muller he’s been outstanding for years and years now

  49. Stuart

    This is the season it all falls apart. This is Wenger’s Cloughie season when nobody has has the bottle in the past to get rid of him and the fucking massive chickens will come home to roost. This will be the helicopter in Saigon season, the French in Algeria season, the Belgians in the Congo season. This will be the Godot season.

  50. Ishola70

    “This will bethe Belgians in the Congo season”

    Kin’ ell.

    Limbs missing and all that.

  51. karim

    Thanks Josip, I’m buzzing ! We’ve been a bit lucky but who cares now ?

    Yeah, there’s a lot of noise in the streets right now, brilliant atmosphere.

    Looking forward to Sunday !!

  52. Tomtom

    I almost hope that we don’t make any big signings, I’d hate to see Wenger given more opportunities to scupper the careers of quality players!
    Got off a plane last week and seen the headline with Cameron’s quote “for heavens sake man, go” and honestly thought he was speaking about Wenger!

  53. Goonah

    July 7, 2016 21:15:21
    not sure how we’ve ended up with France and Portugal in the final, but as long as France win it and Giroud bags a hat trick i won’t care.
    You really hate Arsenal that much? Giroud scoring will end any of the slim slim chances of Arsene signing a striker.
    Giroud showed his true colors today against a good team

  54. Relieable Sauce

    Some grovers want us to sign Sissoko !?!

    Not the right winger I wouldve liked personally…

  55. loyika

    @ Karim

    What were you expecting Mesut to say while talking to two French Nationals? (one who happens to be his gaffer) “I hope Ronaldo fcuking murders you lot!?” Lol!!

    Anyways hope you lot win it.

    Just imagine? Giroud could come back to Arsenal as a European Champion? You couldn’t make it up could you!!

    So we would have 2 WC winners and probably 2 European winners and a Copa winner to boot in our squad. Spurs would have their keeper as a winner and Harry Kane. Joking.

    @ Red

    Do you actually rate any player!? Just wondering?

  56. karim

    Lol Loyika sure, but he did stay for 10 minutes and even smiled a couple of times.
    Feel for him but c’est la vie !

    Agree it would be beneficial for Arsenal if France won it, provided Arsene doesn’t give them a month of holidays as Aaron is already suggesting…

  57. Stuart

    @ Ishola70.”Limbs Missing”
    I wouldn’t be surprised. We’ve already had the bloke with the broken back. A player with a missing limb is the next logical move in Wenger’s mind.

  58. loyika

    If CR7 wins the Euros then he would definately be FIFA player next year – 1 CL trophy and 1 European trophy will seal it for him.

  59. Goonah

    haven’t read it in a while now….way overdue

    Wenger out!!

    Won’t be fun watching next season unfold. Having a manager that thinks its more important that his players fulfill their potential than winning is mindboggling

  60. Thanos

    You can get 8 to 1 on spurs winning the title for those of you that don’t understand betting if you bet £100 you lose £100

  61. Goonah

    I wouldnt mind us replacing wonga with a training cone

    no more flapping arms and constant whining at the 4th official
    no more 67 min sub
    what a relief and fresh start…..I would rally behind that cone

    One plastic cone…there’s only one plastic cone….one plaaaaastic cooooone…….

  62. steve


    They should just have a tape recorder on the sideline repeating the words; “mental strenght”.

  63. Goonah

    Wongas “mental zztrength” mantra are putting the players in a zombie like crab football state. The slowmotion is doing my head in

  64. Relieable Sauce

    A stale baguette in a full length zip-up sleeping bag propped up in the dugout a la El Cid would serve just as well.

  65. Relieable Sauce

    Griezmann showing some nice touches of flair in his play and finishing of the highest order. Top player.

  66. STV

    Griezmann is a class player. ( Muller is not tho he was a better player overall)

    Griezmann offered to Wenger as a part of Vela deal. Wenger wanted money.

  67. WengerEagle


    You’re getting giddy over a 6 match tournament, 4 of his 6 goals have come against Ireland x2 (shite), Albania (shite) and Iceland (massive overachievers but minnows really).

    Muller scored the same amount of goals last season as Griezmann did (32), in less matches too.

    In what way is it outrageous to rate him over Griezmann?

    The guy is a proven champion, he’s won the World Cup and everything at club level, has more than proven himself as an elite player. Scored plenty of huge goals in there too in huge UCL and World Cup matches.

  68. WengerEagle

    I don’t even rate Muller as a much better player or anything, he just shades it for me.

    Messi is top, then Neymar and Suarez, then you have the next bracket with Ronaldo, Bale, Robben (fit), then the bracket with Muller and Griezmann, etc.

  69. Relieable Sauce

    Good call by the ref for the penalty, intentional handball by the old dirtmeister of Munich. Nearly got away with it.

    Muller could retire now and have had a greater career than most.
    He has a ridiculous record of only missing something like 1 or 2 dozen games for BM out of 700 plus.
    Slightly younger than Walcott as well which put it into focus, along with the fact they probably earn a similar wage.
    Obviously not fair to compare the players, however I think we can safely say BM wouldnt be making the likes of Walcott the 3rd highest payed player with such a poor record over such a long time.

    Muller could do with a holiday (and a new challenge) I reckon. Arsene-nal could be the perfect place.

  70. The Royal Arsehole

    I cannot take another summer of this:::: I cannot drink anymore, cocaine and hookers are no longer numbing the pain and distracting me anymore. I cannot fathom the arrogance this man has to think he can highjack our club from us for so long and ignore the demands and needs. To pass on much needed players to save little money in the large scheme of things is amazing. To keep Walcott and Chambo this long but to do it summer after summer after summer. GOD DAMIT I am going to go destroy something beautiful

  71. Relieable Sauce

    Would so much love to see some unadultarated genital flaunting ambition for once…for Wengers grand swansong, his final 5 year project, whatever.
    Just make a genuine effort to build a great team.

    Ozil and Sanchez type splurges shoulve been the start. A bit of a haphazard approach but it is fairly easy to move these star signings on if we operate better in the transfer market. Ozil and Sanchez were good opportunistic signings but they arent really that well suited. Same can be said of some of our other 1st team players/top earners but they werent mega money signings.

    I say sell Ozil or Sanchez (and possibly Ramsey) and sign 1/2/3 of the best players possible, most suited to fit the style of the player not sold.

    Sanchez-Ramsey-Walcott = £120+

    Thats a lot of cash to buy Ozil some friends…

    No football strategy at the club though it seems so I wouldnt be shocked if we signed Gignac and sold Sanchez.

  72. Follow the money

    If Wenger wants a war with the fans and the media we will give it to him. Arrogant fucko, thinks he can go with Girpoo and SayNoGoal as strikers. Minus Deschamps tactics and the service Girpoo gets in the France team he is crap. 2 goals in 4 years vs top four sides.

  73. WengerEagle

    Neymar is definitely a better player than Ronaldo, is that even debatable?

    Suarez for my money is better than Ronaldo too in the last 12 months for sure.

  74. DivineSherlock


    Ronaldo is many things( a massive cunt) but he is better than Neymar and Suarez.

  75. STV

    Yes It is highly debatable if anything WE. Naymar not in the league of Ronaldo even less Messi. Or Not yet.

    I don’t even know where to begin! Take last season where presumably he had his ‘dip’ ;

    53 goals 15 assists 16 of those in CL etc..

    Neymar or Suarez not in the same league as Ronaldo for sure.

    Maybe there’s something fair as they elected him top 2 players in the world 8 of the last 9 seasons ( something Naymar never achieved in his life).

    Portugal would have been eliminated first round if not his contributiion. A proper one man team.

    Suarez is in the form of his life. For the first time he touched 50 goal mark a season. It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets Ballon d’ Or if he keep up for long as Ronaldo is nearly 32 and couldn’t possibly keep up his standards. ( am not sure abt this tho).

    He’s arrogent but that’s all really. His records speaks for themselves

    Btw Id put Bale and Neymar in same bracket.

  76. Black Hei

    Whoah, I see that the house is falling apart.

    But hey, we are picking up Alvaro Morata. That’s what Newsnow is telling me.

    They are really good at click baiting hope, got to say.

  77. Black Hei

    Though I have to wonder where Peds is getting this hate for Lacazette.

    Proven goal scorer. Guy that scored goals last year without his supplier in chief. Fast, mobile with good dribbling skills.

    Don’t let reputation get in the way of the eye test.

  78. STV

    Black Hei,

    Wenger always had an eye for average players. It’s no surprise.

    Don’t worry Pedro, Mkhitaryan was a dodged bullet. He is one season wonder and ‘not a good value’ for that much money. Plus his agent was a bad person.


    I am happy Wenger ignored him..

  79. Wallace

    is Djibril Sidibe a full back and a centre back, or just the former? 15m or so for a back up to Bellerin seems quite decadent.

  80. STV

    Wallace true

    15.m !! Too much ..I’d rather have some one like Massadio Haïdara. Could play left or centre. And very cheap also.<5,m I guess.

    Not very keen on shelling out 40m for forward either. Vardy for20m was good deal. The ideal scenario would be to wait for prices to come down or sign them next summer.

  81. Black Hei

    Poor STV.

    The lack of signings has clearly roasted his brains.

    I will wheel him on a hospital bed to the Emirates pitch to make the point. We will stay there until our demands for world class signings are met.

    Wallace you got a license right? Maybe you can send us there and buy us some food and a cold tower for poor STV’s forehead.

  82. Majestic gooner

    Right now I can’t wait for next season to be over and done with, if there was anyway to fast forward , get the pain and disappointment not forgetting the humiliation over and done with quickly I would opt for it. It’s like sat in front of a car heading into a crash , you know the hits coming, just pray you survive. Arsenal football club with wenger at the helm is a lesson of how to kill fans enthusiasm of the game.

  83. Wallace


    you should read up on the Chinese league. full of teams spending fortunes on middling players. sounds like it’d be right up your street.

  84. Majestic gooner

    Yeh Jeff if I could I would. This euros just make it so obvious how past it wenger is, watching and listening to all these young coaches with their detailed analysis on team selections and tactics to match the opposition. Guess we have to wait another three or more years for that then. We can only dream for now. Lol

  85. STV

    Wallace every teams including top teams cares about money you know it. But not at the expense of success.

    Wallace, you, your mates and most importantly Wenger needs to be realistic. Is there anyty holding the club back from being competitive ( well except the obivious)??

    We are not asking to go all Chinese league over them. Just do what’s required Mr Wenger.


  86. tunnygriffboy

    If Ramsey is having a month off returning but unavailable for first game. What will we do with Kos, Giroud and Ozil ? Just as well we’ve got Hull at home first game of season for an easy start !

    Alexis to Juventus ?

    Draxler to Arsenal ?

    Is that’s what’s happening ?

  87. Emiratesstroller


    I would take the rumours about Sanchez moving to Juventus more seriously if they were offering a serious transfer fee.

    Juventus are a club who seem to think that they can pick up the world’s best players at bargain prices.

    More importantly I do not think that Arsenal can afford to offload a forward
    who is scoring double digit goals at at time when we need to increase the club’s goalscoring potential.

    We need to add goals to our team and not diminish them. Players like Morata
    and Draxler are not going to solve that problem.

  88. InsideRight

    Why would we expect any different under Wenger?

    Think of the number of times he’s come out and said about a star player “I nearly signed him”. Wenger doesn’t seal the deal. His is a record (more like a catalogue) of missed opportunities and wistful hindsight.

    The stats showed we were second best last year. The reality is we only were because other teams were so inconsistent. They are sorting their shit out. Wenger is sitting at home watching fucking videos dreaming about what it would be like to be a decent manager.

    Signing Granit was a false dawn. “I acted quickly and got the deal done.” will be Wenger’s line. But here we are approaching 2016-17 and we still haven’t even replaced Van Persie ffs.

    Top 4 finish? Without a more quality signings and greater squad depth, no.