Our summer looking as shambolic as ever. Will it improve?

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Happy good morning to you, quick post today as work is WILD.

Firstly, United landed Mikki. Would love to think the club would do some sort of internal inquiry into why we keep missing out on players?

Think what you like about Mourinho, he’s been at Old Trafford next to no time, he’s identified 4 players he wants and he’s signed 3 already.

‘But look at the mess he leaves teams in’

Look, I’d take 3 years of Mourinho if it meant a Premier League trophy. People constantly raise this terrible issue of instability, like somehow, stability under Wenger has been fruitful.

Madrid lose Mourinho, gain Ancelotti… win the Decima. They sack Ancelotti, bring in Benitez because Florentino. He has a bad three months, they fire Benitez and put Zidane in… because Guardiola was a thing. He wins the Champions League and pushes his team very close to the title.

Back to my point. Rumours from good ITK people on Twitter say that we had one target for striker this summer. Yep, after 4 years of trying to buy, our scouts came back with one name… the Premier League’s top scorer. We were sure he’d join. Like I said at the time, personals were done, we were SURE. But look, we were SURE on Suarez. What happened? The deal fell through.

Where was the immediate contingency plan? Nowhere to be seen.

What happened with Mikki? A player we’d been tracking for months. A player, I was told, was absolutely interested in Arsenal?

Are we shirking agent fees, because of some sort of moral high ground?

Did United gazump us on fee?

Did United gazump us on wages?

Is Wenger the issue?

What’s the solution being provided? No noise normally means no deal.

The summer feels like it’s in a mess. Lacazette is not elite in any way. He might be, given time. But look, he couldn’t make the French squad at 25. Someone plying their trade in the Mexican league made it above him.

This summer is turning into all the summers we’ve had previous to it.

It’s staggering. What’s more, it’ll be even crazier when we drop Wenger a new deal in October.

Who is f*cking this up?

It’s just so frustrating… because Wenger is accountable to no one.

Let’s see what happens. But from where I’m sitting, it doesn’t look good. We’re being outmanoeuvred by managers in their posts less than a month. Feels like there was a vision of where we wanted the summer to go, now two plans have fallen to the floor, we’re giving up.

2 players though… I mean, does Wenger really think we’re that many bodies away from competing at the highest level?

This season could be horrible… but we’ll see. We’ll see.


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  1. Thanos

    Champagne Charlie are you sure mate ? At 22 paddy scored in the world cup final and had already won the double trice with us. Pogba is no way as good as he was

  2. Wallace

    champagne Charlie

    “Stupid comment. Vieira at 23 was dross by comparison to Pogba.”

    nah, you see Vieira at 23? he was a monster.

  3. loyika

    Pogs not living up to the hype thus tourney for France. Seems Payet is stealing his thunder. Next goal is important.

    If Germany get it they will go on and steam roll the rest of the game. Eitherways won’t really want Portugal to win the Euros so either one of Germany or France would do just fine.

  4. N5

    This is the point I’ve made over and over though. Pogba is far to inconsistent to yet be considered world class.

  5. N5

    Midwest. He’s high on heroin I think. They other day he actually wrote a calm and intelligent comment and my thoughts were that someone had hacked his PC.

  6. qna

    “qna that shouldn’t be a penalty IMO in the game of thus magnitude”

    Magnitude of game doesnt matter. Pressure made Schweinie make the mistake. Under pressure the ref held his nerve and made the right call.

  7. gonsterous


    Viera was a DM right ? I thought Pogba was playing the CM or B2B role, so how can he stop the Germans dominating the middle !!

  8. peanuts&monkeys

    Pedro, won’t you be there at the AST meeting? For doing what? To take tips from Arsenal BoD on how to spin a Web of more lies and deceit upon arsenal fans about another spend-less hopeless summer?

  9. raptora

    My observations are that 99% of the referees don’t give penalties like this. If by the book you have the reasoning to call it then make it universal if its a handball you blow the whistle. Till that happens for me in a game like this or any game whatsoever this is not a penalty cause 49/50 referees would let the game play.

  10. Frost

    Sissoko would be a solid squad player to have tbh. Can be a beast when he feels like it. Shame we overloaded in that department at the club.

  11. champagne charlie


    Positive. Scoring in a final means FA, he came on as a sub while Pogba at 23 is supposed to have France on his back in his home country. Pathetic argument. Pogba has more talent than Vieira ever had, that’s a fact noted by anyone competent in football…possibly even Vieira himself if memory serves.

    So he’s not controlling games at the very top level on a consistent basis at 23, shock horror. Even Zidane didn’t manage that, let alone Vieira.

  12. raptora

    Yeah but £100m for potentially learning to control games? This could possibly happen or not. One would think for a fee like that you’d be a complete player.

  13. gonsterous


    I don’t know what I’m saying. Sorry, but the girl next door is just going around in a bikini, and I’m momentarily confused !!

  14. MidwestGun

    *sigh* Red you do get obsessed by a player don’t you… Ever try looking for good things in players .. or you focus on bad stuff your whole life? helps make yourself feel better, huh?

  15. champagne charlie


    That’s an ignorant and limited way to view a transfer fee. A players fee has no bearing on the type of player you receive, there’s a hundred factors present in each transfer from what club he’s at, their financial strength, his current contract, his potential, his current performances, his age, the market…

    Such a daft thing to say a 100mil pound player “should be complete”, that’s rubbish.

  16. Thanos

    Champagne why the rudeness ?? I disagree with you paddy was the better player imo Pogba has not been great again

  17. Goonah

    wtf is Loew waiting for? the 67th min??

    get the dinosaur Schweini of and let Kroos play in his best position with Özil in middle

  18. Marko

    Pogba has more talent than Vieira ever had, that’s a fact noted by anyone competent in football

    Are you so sure? It’s okay if you’ve never seen Vieira play

  19. champagne charlie


    Fucking rudeness? jesus christ.. I said your argument was pathetic, grow up.

    Don’t tell me Vieira was better and cite him scoring in a world cup final as measurement of that. It’s a stupid argument, so I told you as much. You need a thicker skin for the internet if you’re hurt someone thinks your opinion has no basis

  20. qna

    Have to say. The most disappointing player of the tournament has to be Muller. Look at all the flak Ozil gets. Muller is supposed to be an unsellable €100m player. Pogba has at least done some amazing things even if he has been quiet.

  21. loyika

    @ CC

    But Viera didn’t go for so much money as is being touted or hailed as the best thing since whomever.

    So if Pogs is happy to wear those shoes he has to deliver something close to what he is estimated to be worth and frankly (sadly) in relations to this tourney he hasn’t delivered. Still a good player though but WC!? Not yet in my opinion but still has a long way to go I his career so enough time to be the best there is.

    Maybe it could be compared to Messi and how he is when he puts on the Blue and white compared to the Messi in Barca colours.

  22. Goonah

    Viera was way better than Pogba is now

    Talent means fuck all if you don’t fulfil it

    Not many does

  23. Thanos

    Charles I am not upset mate get over yourself. Scoring in the world cup final is not the only thing paddy did in his career those are big shoes Pogba has to fill. At the moment he is not doing it raw talent I agree bit not in paddy’s class at the moment

  24. champagne charlie


    Cute… season ticket holder since 1995, do tell me how many games you’ve seen again?

    Stick your head out into the world of european football to see the views on Pogba by old and new faces in the game. He’s a phenom and has every chance of becoming a player in the same breath as Zidane.

    vieira was great for arsenal and then france later in his career, but Pogba will make him look like a water carrier by the time he hangs up his boots. Comparing Vieira in his peak to Pogba now is the only way you put them on a level playing field

  25. Ishola70

    Game over.

    That was an absolutely awful goal for Germany to concede.

    Riddled with German mistakes.

    Disappointing match here tbh.

  26. N5

    “Sorry but best Striker on the planet at the moment. No one better!”

    Bit reactionary isn’t it. No way is he better than Suarez.

  27. Carts

    If Utd pay £100m for Pogba, then their dumber than I thought. He’s a good player but nothing I’ve seen even says he’s worth half that.

    I though Umtiti would be another Christanval, but he looks rather assured throughout this tournament. e30m possibly well spent. Mega lulz at e35m for Mathieu and Vermaelen.

    Thought we had Mikki sown up, but seem like small club syndrome caught up with us…AGAIN. More curious to see how Mourinho’s recent languid inducing style fits with Utd.

    Rumours of Sanchez wanting out? If so, can;t say I’m surprised. Wenger give none of our players confidence!

  28. gonsterous


    Really ?? I think ozil has been one of the better players for this German side today !!

  29. champagne charlie

    “Bit reactionary isn’t it. No way is he better than Suarez.”

    Spot on, the Euros makes everyone giddy over players who play well for a half dozen games. mario gomez and Perisic are top drawer suddenyl too so can only expect griezmann to be Messi-level if he bags a brace in the final

  30. Thanos

    Charlie you are talking about the things Pogba could do to what paddy did do. There have been many players that never fulfilled their potential and to say he could be better than Zidane ??? Lol funny shit.

  31. WengerEagle

    Weird game, haven’t at all been convinced by France but it’s turning out to be a comfortable win for them in the end.

    Griezmann adding a few squid to his price tag no doubt.

  32. qna

    “Sorry but best Striker on the planet at the moment. No one better”

    Funny how having a STRIKER of this quality leads to so much success for club and country. Yet Arsene Wenger seems to value them so little. Park, Sonogo, Bendtner I am looking at you.

  33. N5

    “Where the hell is karim ?? Went out for an early party or something ??”

    I’d imagine he’s busy cleaning up all his spunk from that Pogba assist. 😛

  34. gonsterous

    If ozil scores, my prediction won’t be the only thing that’s right. I predicted griezmann 2 ozil 1

  35. Tomtom

    Ozil is having an average game, no killer passes or great tackles.
    He’s having an average game.
    Top players perform in the big games

  36. Carts

    Tell you what though, Loew has the prospect of getting the next crop ready for Russia. Some real talented chaps coming through. Although attacking MF/MF, again, seems to be the strong areas.

  37. champagne charlie


    “There have been many players that never fulfilled their potential and to say he could be better than Zidane ??? Lol funny shit.”

    Funnier still that I never said that. Also, Pogba has still achieved a teeny bit at 23 mate in case you’re unaware there’s football played outside the prem. Compare the both at 23 at Pogba wipes the floor with Vieira in accomplishments, so that’s a barnstorming argument you have there.

  38. gonsterous


    You can relax. Germany don’t look like scoring anytime soon. They could do with a klose type striker. They need to thoroughly look into their academy for a talented striker !!

  39. qna

    “Griezmann is quality but he’s not even a top 5 striker”

    He said right now. I agree Suarez is better as is Lewi. But cant see how Griezmann would not be in the top 5 at the moment. He is playing at Athletico and doesnt have many hundreds of millions of euros of help playing along side him like other strikers

  40. N5

    L’Oreal has been back to his usual self against a big team tonight. Why does he become anonymous when it really matters?

  41. Wallace


    “Compare the both at 23 at Pogba wipes the floor with Vieira in accomplishments.”

    sorry man, i usually agree with most of what you say, but you’re talking some shit tonight.

  42. Goonergirl

    Griezmann is a very good player. But given the choice between him and Suarez I’d definitely take Uruguayan.

  43. Carts


    you know I rate your posts…but that was borderline, lad

    Nah, but I see where you’re coming from though.

    Put it this way, I think The Griezz can cement himself into the upper echelons in the coming months, if he already hasn’t

  44. gonsterous

    There are loads of players who look like the real deal at 23 but fail to hit the heights or achieve that status. We had a few in the team too !!

  45. loyika

    So are the French now saying they can’t win anything major unless it’s played on home territory!?

    Hmmmm the German press are going to have a field day with Low.

  46. Carts

    Lord forgive whoever doesn’t snap up Sissoko from Newcastle this summer.

    Not just based on this tournament, but he’s a very good player. Carries that ball better than almost anyone in our team

  47. N5

    GG not a contest for me. I think Griezman is super talented, but Suarez is (to me) the best Striker in the world. He’s had another great year.

    The only positive that Griezman has over Suarez is his age. Still heck of a player though.

  48. WengerEagle


    Haha sorry to disappoint you brah.

    The Barca front 3, Lewandowski and Benzema off the bat for me are better, Ronaldo too has to be up there even if he has lost the legs.

    Griezmann is getting better and better though, belongs in the bracket just below for me.

    Has come and leaps and bounds at Atleti though, superb player.

  49. Marko

    Germany probably regret not bringing another couple attackers. Kevin Volland and Bellarabi probably could of helped out there tonight

  50. Danish Gooner

    Vieira did things Pogba can only dream of.He made absolute domination look easy and we know it isnt.

  51. shad

    @Wenger Eagle,

    Not top 5? You are having a laugh. Griezmann has been absolute mustard. Think only Suarez can be rated above him. I’d rate him alongside Lewandowski, maybe even higher given he has stood out in a disjointed France team.

  52. Thank you and goodnight

    @Champagne Charlie

    I thought you AKB’S didn’t have a clue but claiming Viera was dross at 23 shows just how little AKB’S know. Viera at 23 was a 1000 times the player pogba is at 23. Pogba is a good player nothing more

  53. Carts


    I totally see where you;re coming from, no drama lol

    You could see there was a bit about him while he and Vela ran a train on defenders that season. Obviously Wenger could’ve signed him but to stunt Sanogo development would be treasonous

  54. shad


    Don’t let your loathe for Spu*s cloud your judgement. Lloris is a world class keeper – has been for a while now.

  55. Danish Gooner

    Vieira in his prime with the inflated prices would have been the first 120 mil pounds player.

  56. Thanos

    Charles if we had a poll now you would get about 5 percent of the vote. It’s pretty easy to win 3 titles in Italy it’s a one horse race. Just like psg in France.

    Oh and my barnstorming argument is actually holding water. At the same age viera won more trophies than Pogba has st the same age. By more than double in fact including the euros and world cup .Would you like me to list them lad?

  57. champagne charlie


    Pogba at 22/23: TEAM: Serie A title x4, Coppa Italia x2, Supercoppa italiana x2, (CL runner up). INDIVIDUAL: World cup young player, Uefa team of the year, Fifa Pro world XI

    Vieira at 22/23: TEAM: Prem league, FA cup, Community shield x2, world cup INDIVIDUAL: French division 1 rookie of the year.

    Talking shit? Good one mate… Pogba probably about to win the Euros this year too. Just what part am I making up?

  58. loyika

    @ Cart

    (In relation to Sissoko) And to make it worst he has literally begged Arsene to snap him up, unfortunately we all know Arsene hates players that profess their love to play for the Arsenal. Would rather go begging the Jamie Vardy’s of this world.

    But to be fair Sis can also be a lazy c@nt on his bad days!!

  59. Thank you and goodnight

    @Champagne Charlie

    What Pogba has won is irrelevant. In terms of playing ability pogba is a million miles from being anywhere close to pv4 at 23.

  60. qna

    WE. Bale vs Greizmann I would take Bale. But its hard to judge. Bale gets a lot more help than Greizmann does.

  61. London gunner

    Guys you might shit on this comment

    But Germany sorely lacked a recognised striker in Gomez who may not be popular on here but was having a wuality tournament

  62. gonsterous


    It was a joke at the expense of the spuds. Of course lloris is a good keeper, people have been saying that even before he joined Tottenham !!

  63. Marko

    Charlie if Vieira had played for a modern Bayern or particularly Juventus he’d have a house full of honours too but yeah don’t mind that too much

  64. London gunner

    Griezmann has shown he has epic link up play, vision and intelligence as well
    As the finishing and the pace we already knew he has