Our summer looking as shambolic as ever. Will it improve?

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Happy good morning to you, quick post today as work is WILD.

Firstly, United landed Mikki. Would love to think the club would do some sort of internal inquiry into why we keep missing out on players?

Think what you like about Mourinho, he’s been at Old Trafford next to no time, he’s identified 4 players he wants and he’s signed 3 already.

‘But look at the mess he leaves teams in’

Look, I’d take 3 years of Mourinho if it meant a Premier League trophy. People constantly raise this terrible issue of instability, like somehow, stability under Wenger has been fruitful.

Madrid lose Mourinho, gain Ancelotti… win the Decima. They sack Ancelotti, bring in Benitez because Florentino. He has a bad three months, they fire Benitez and put Zidane in… because Guardiola was a thing. He wins the Champions League and pushes his team very close to the title.

Back to my point. Rumours from good ITK people on Twitter say that we had one target for striker this summer. Yep, after 4 years of trying to buy, our scouts came back with one name… the Premier League’s top scorer. We were sure he’d join. Like I said at the time, personals were done, we were SURE. But look, we were SURE on Suarez. What happened? The deal fell through.

Where was the immediate contingency plan? Nowhere to be seen.

What happened with Mikki? A player we’d been tracking for months. A player, I was told, was absolutely interested in Arsenal?

Are we shirking agent fees, because of some sort of moral high ground?

Did United gazump us on fee?

Did United gazump us on wages?

Is Wenger the issue?

What’s the solution being provided? No noise normally means no deal.

The summer feels like it’s in a mess. Lacazette is not elite in any way. He might be, given time. But look, he couldn’t make the French squad at 25. Someone plying their trade in the Mexican league made it above him.

This summer is turning into all the summers we’ve had previous to it.

It’s staggering. What’s more, it’ll be even crazier when we drop Wenger a new deal in October.

Who is f*cking this up?

It’s just so frustrating… because Wenger is accountable to no one.

Let’s see what happens. But from where I’m sitting, it doesn’t look good. We’re being outmanoeuvred by managers in their posts less than a month. Feels like there was a vision of where we wanted the summer to go, now two plans have fallen to the floor, we’re giving up.

2 players though… I mean, does Wenger really think we’re that many bodies away from competing at the highest level?

This season could be horrible… but we’ll see. We’ll see.


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  1. Marc

    This season is going to crush Wenger first match of the season Liverpool will pummel us then away to Leicester who are going to be on a massive high whilst we’ll be licking our wounds. We don’t have to worry about being out of the title chase by November we’ll be out of it by the end of September.

  2. S Asoa

    Who is responsible for the mess ?
    Thousand of arseholes with middle class pretenses who sang ” One Aresne W ” on the protest day , when they should have yelled WENGER FRAUD OUT .
    Fucking shit

  3. harold hinney

    Does the inaction by AW really surprise anyone, I mean really? He has been up to these shenanigans for ages, nothing new by his standard. Anyway thank God we have Yaya back in the fold, he will be our 25 plus goal ST we need.

  4. Wallace

    Kimmich – Boateng – Howedes – Hector
    Can – Kroos – Schweini
    Ozil – Mueller – Draxler

    almost called it this morning…

  5. Spanishdave

    It gets boring talking about this old git, he just doesn’t get it.
    He would make a great England manager bugger about for years win nothing and nice retirement

  6. Cesc Appeal

    One player, can we please stop counting Asano as a transfer, first off we all know he will do next to f**k all, second Wenger has even said he’s one for the future. Either way, he equals a big fat zero.

    Kind of thought maybe after Xhaka dropped we were going to get our business done quick, knowing three elite managers were on their way in with rebuild jobs to do.

    Sort of meaning they would eye Arsenal nervously, long term manager, stable squad with 3-4 additions already and are settling in ready for the season.

    Frustrating, people can ask for patience, but its been ten years of this. Obviously we can change nothing, we’re stuck, but goodness me Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke are really trying to make Arsenal as hard to support as possible it seems.

  7. freddylekgunner

    It’s amazingly shocking that we can’t afford to sell Giroud now even with a new striker. What happens if PSG comes for him?

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Can will have a job in that middle tonight, will have to be the legs aiding the attack but also critically covering the defence.

    Muller will need to step it up.

  9. Relieable Sauce

    I wrote off this coming season a while back.
    Best not to get your hopes up if you are expecting/hoping for any kind of meaningful change from the club anytime soon.

  10. champagne charlie

    Easy to dissect and analyze our movement, or lack thereof, but the rest of the big teams haven’t done much so think it’s more a matter of the window not yet sparking into life.

    United have done the most and that consists of a Bosman, a wide player, and an expensive CB talent. We have a CM and all but had another 20mil spent, so our activity is on par given what we need and evidence suggests we are after more.

  11. Joel

    Another “Micky Mouse” Season is about to kick off.No Plan A B or C for that matter in place.Alexis will eventually move to Juve…we will be missing Ramsey,Ozil,Konscielny,and Giroud for the first few crucial.matches…But that’s OK because we’ll have some players available who will be just like “new signings”…Wilshire,Cazorla and Theo. ..not to mention Sanogo Akpom and Zelalem.Same old same old once again except this time he won’t get away with it.All of our rivals are way ahead of us in terms of their plans for the new season.It beggars belief that England would want to replace one tactically inept dinosaur with another one.

  12. champagne charlie

    A comment on Moussa Sissoko, always felt he’d be a good addition to the squad and certainly has something about him to play at this level among those players with the ease he shows. Better than any RW option we have even if he sees himself as a CM.

  13. London gunner

    Can anyone tell me why Kante isn’t played?

    Deschamps started him right? He had some very good games and then was relegated to the bench and replaced by matudi whose been kind of average?

  14. Jordan

    “We agreed a deal with Henrikh and Arsenal but Wenger changed his mind.” – Borussia Dortmund boss Hans-Joachim Watzke on Henrikh Mkhitaryan.
    Apparently Wenger pulled the plug on the deal, can’t find the source of this quote though someone who knows German may be able to.

  15. reality check

    So the saying goes.

    You can’t win major trophies with Giroud as your main striker..

    True or false?

  16. London gunner

    I actually think mullers played well
    This tournament it would be foolish just to rate him for only the goals he scores or doesn’t score

  17. MidwestGun

    You cant win major trophies with Giroud as your striker and Wenger as the manager……. True

    LOL…. I had to rephrase the question your honor.

  18. London gunner

    Griezmann can’t waste his career at a club like atletico.

    He needs a career littered with silverware

  19. gonsterous

    Great save from lloris. At least one spurs player is doing something positive for their team !!

  20. reality check

    This is the peak of Girouds career. He’s not going to be the Main CF in two years at the world cup. He’s not going to win the UCL at Arsenal.

    Hes what 29… this is the highest he’s going to reach in his career… so this is the moment he either proves himself or he doesn’t.

  21. izzo

    deschamps shouldve started Kante with Matuidi and Pogba instead of Sissoko on the right just to really enforce and cut out Germany’s control and passing in midfield.

  22. Bamford10

    I give Ozil a hard time, but he has been good so far in this game. Assertive, confident, wants the ball. Good to see.

  23. izzo

    Bamford Ozil thrives in open end to end games so this type suits him. I’m not bashing him just stating facts.

  24. Marc

    Just to change the subject I’m I right in thinking that this coming season will the the 3rd of the 5 year shirt / sponsorship deals we have going on?

  25. izzo

    France midfield not working defensively Too many box to box types. Kante needed. Against Germany you’re not going to win playing Sissoko Matuidi and Pogba.

  26. Marko

    So France are playing counter attack football with Giroud up top. Gonna be one of those days I think. Also Schweinstiger is playing really well for someone who’s nearly finished

  27. Ishola70

    Payet has to keep taking the freekicks even if his first one was tame.

    What are France thinking of.

  28. gonsterous

    With griezman in the side, there’s always a chance for a counter attack !! Remember athletico Madrid ? Torres has Duck all pace !!

  29. Ashley

    Wenger out , pleeaasseeeeee , I’m desperate for him to leave … Why isn’t he signing anyone ???? Why is he doing what he’s done for the last 10 years ?? And another thing you absolutely know , he will give the players from the euros wayyyyyy too much time off that they don’t really need because he seriously thinks he has cover that is good enough … He thinks we can go into a season opener against Liverpool without Özil , Ramsey etc , The man is too old for this game now , as out of touch as someone can possibly be , no urgency , no desire , just pure arrogance and ignorance , how the board can sit there and go along with this is outrageous , how the AKB’s can sing his name after this summer if he doesn’t seriously address our team needs is unthinkable …. Wenger fucking out , and quick

  30. Ishola70

    Did Schweni even touch that ball?

    Shouldn’t have raised him arm up like that though to allow the chance for the officials to mug off.

    France lucky boys because for a game that was billed between two top teams large parts of that first half was very one=sided.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    France started off well, but Germany were by far the better team there, their formation is so fluid.

    Seen plenty of those sort of handballs this tournament ignored, France will be ecstatic going in one nil up in a half they’ve pretty much been dominated…though it must be said they’ve had some great chances.

    Ozil is having a good game, trying to watch Draxler as well, presses the ball well which is nice to see.

  32. qna

    Its a penalty. If you lead your hand to the ball like that then its in an unantural position. If it strikes it then its a hand ball. Good refereeing.

  33. Wallace

    crazy half. for 6mins France looked excellent, but for the next 38mins I’ve not seen a more one-sided game between two ‘big’ teams.

  34. Ondgooner

    Wenger is a cow! He’s now using BREXIT as a cover for his inaction. The guy is more than a joke. I’ll now be rocked to cancel my DD. I don’t want to go to the Emirates to watch shambles dished out by mediocre players. Horrible!

  35. karim

    We should be 2 down already, I mean it’s a fucking scandal for France to be ahead right now.

    I’ll take it though.

  36. raptora

    Disgusting penalty. The referee fucked up hard. You don’t give a penalty for a rebound from 20cm after a corner with the ball going nowhere and no intention in the handball. You don’t give penalty for that especially in a semi final and a big, big game like that. I can see how this referee has made his €13m fortune. What a joke. Makes you root for Germany even if before the game I was 50/50.

  37. izzo

    thats a clear penalty he was jumping towards his marker as he wasn’t close enough and threw his hand up. Idiot

  38. qna

    How should France be 2 goals down. You cant just look good. You have to put the ball in the back of the net. Germany dont look like scoring. Best chance was Greizemann in the first few minutes.

  39. champagne charlie

    Matuidi over kante is really letting the Germans run rule over midfield. Matuidi has been all over the place this season every time i’ve seen him, shadow of the player seen a couple of years ago. Must bring kante into the game for a midfield foothold

  40. izzo

    Karim take it because France have been bad defensively . If not your the German’s lack of a striker they would be losing this.

  41. karim

    10 perfect minutes, home advantage, a passionate crowd and then we stop playing, absolutely no pressing, Lloris saved our lucky Arse several times already.

    It felt like watching Arsenal v Liverpool or Chelsea 2 years ago.

    I’ve watched football for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like that, really.

    Umtiti and Griezmann along with Lloris and Kos are the only players who did well.

    Now, we survived till half-time and Deschamps is gonna do something about it, believe me.

    Can’t believe we’re ahead.

  42. Relieable Sauce

    Get Kante on now, German CM can easily be dominated here I reckon.
    Can looking rusty and Schweinstieger should not be allowed to play without being pressured. Now both are booked as well.

    Loew will have to take Schweinsteiger off now surely.

    I thought OGs 1 on 1 was in slo-mo when I first saw it.

  43. Wallace

    is Pogba playing?

    very disappointing. no way Vieira would have let the Germans dominate the midfield like that.

  44. raptora

    If Giroud was playing for Germany, they’d been leading by two already. Deutschland do everything textbook till you the phase you need dude to put the ball in the net. Mostly physically Draxler, Muller and the rest cannot deliver what’s needed. Not impressed by Draxler this whole tourney btw. Looks like the talant is there but no consistency whatsoever. Still a raw product even if we’ve been watching him for atleast couple of years.

  45. N5

    Mid I don’t expect you were watching via BBC, but Thierry and Gary Lineker were laughing about the France counter attack that feel to L’Oreal. Gary said if you’re going to counter attack you could do with some pace. They all sniggered, Rio said if that landed to Henry that would have been a goal and Shearer mocked him for not looking up and seeing the sideward pass.

    Poor Giroud. 4 pro’s digging him out 😀

  46. qna

    “You don’t give a penalty for a rebound from 20cm after a corner with the ball going nowhere and no intention in the handball. ”

    You cant wave your hand around like an idiot. You cant make your body bigger using your arms. So if its in an unnatural position and it strikes you then you give then ref a decision to make. A good ref has the balls to call it. Look at his arms in that jump. He doesnt naturally jump like that with his arms extended forward.

    Great call by the ref.

  47. N5

    Mid on BBC, Henry and Lineker were talking about the France counter attack and he said could do with some pace couldn’t you. It then showed the replay of it landing to L’Oreal and they all laughed. Poor Girrrooooouuuddd.

    They then starting stressing about him not looking up and sidewards passing. 4 pro’s all digging him out.

    Still next season is his season….ask Wenger.

  48. champagne charlie

    “very disappointing. no way Vieira would have let the Germans dominate the midfield like that.”

    Stupid comment. Vieira at 23 was dross by comparison to Pogba

  49. Wallace

    re the Giroud chance – the angle Howedes closed him down on meant that the ball to Griezmann was never on. not unless he stopped and turned back.

  50. N5

    “If Giroud was playing for Germany, they’d been leading by two already. ”

    Take of your rose tinted spectacles. So far L’Oreal hasn’t done anything close to scoring. He’s had two shot, both blocked.

    Although you are the guy that said Wenger is the best in the world at identifying talent so you may be a little biased.

  51. raptora

    Pogba is such a raw talent too. He and the rest of the french were dominated in midfield. A transfer for the future £100m worth. You would expect him to do special things every 10 mins like Ronaldo, Messi, Bale, Suarez and Neymar. This market is pure insanity.

  52. reality check

    Pogba is no way near Vieira yet. Has time to grow though.

    Why have they moved Ozil out wide. They did this in the latter stages of the World Cup too.