Mourinho and Pep at work | Wenger on TV duties as summer stalls

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Well, the France / Iceland game last night felt like a jab to our transfer dreams. Olivier Giroud bagged a brace, worked really well with Griezmann and picked up an assist. He was clinical in front of goal, looked fast compared to the Icelandic players. He really stuck two fingers up at the haters and currently boasts second place in the top scorers list.

You can see Wenger’s mind scrambling away to find one of his text book quotes to deal with this…

‘You ask me to sign a top striker. Olivier is number two in the Euro’s. I say I already have a top striker’

Then he’ll be asked what the f*ck happened to his piss poor summer…

‘You complain my squad doesn’t have depth. But I see Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud and Sagna all in the semis’

‘But boss, Sagna…’


This summer feels like it’s shaping up like all those that have come before. One early signing that gets us excited about the future. One future signing you know will amount to a Wellington Silva. A few disappointments. A Wenger focused on TV duties like some sort of poverty ex-manager of Everton. A whole bunch of scrambling at the end of the window to sign Benzema again.

… a season of sadness.

Pep G dropped some early mind games by omitting Wenger from his list of top managers.

‘In England, of course… I think the most important thing in football, the people don’t come to the Etihad Stadium to see how good the manager is. They come our players, that is the thing. We are here just to help them. But that is true. I don’t think that just this year, in the past as well but this year, Jose (Mourinho), Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, Claudio Ranieri, Pochettino, Ronald Koeman, there are many, many, many good managers. But I think that in Spain as well, in Germany as well, in Italy as well. But the reason we are here is just to help. To help the players.’

Feels like you’d have to be working pretty hard to miss Wenger’s name… I mean, he’s right. Wenger isn’t a top manager anymore, and bar public respect, I’m pretty sure all the greats know Wenger is an easy game.

Looking at our summer so far, you’d be hard pushed to feel we’ll become an over night threat. We need a squad capable of dispatching world-class teams. So far, we’ve lost three old heads and added a Xhaka. No striker. No new centre back. No creative on the right to sort out the issues we’ve had with Theo and Chambo. No sales yet.

I mean, it’s quite amazing Wenger looks at that squad and sees space for just two new names. In fact, it’s absurd. Other managers are out building squads. Wenger is coining in some additional money in France. I know it’s possible to work remotely these days… but clearly, over the last 5 years, Wenger has the Blackberry on silent while he plays beach volleyball with the kids.

I’d have thought if any manager needed to be at Colney early this summer, it’d be Wenger. Trying to work out how best to improve the squad. Working on new training systems with the reserves. Going hard for players. Trying to fix whatever issues he had last summer.

… but he’s king. He does what he likes. He runs the place, so just stfu and accept whatever he’s up to.

I do wish he’d take the England job and leave it at that.

If the summer carries on like it has done… we’re in big trouble next season. It feels like Wenger is genuinely underestimating what’s about to land. He’s completely ignoring how deep his squad and system issues are. He’s totally doing the usual.

Sad times.

I mean, there are plenty of free transfers available… about 5 exArsenal players here.

I do wonder why Wenger isn’t in with the super agents? Jorge Mendes is apparently brokering a deal for James to PSG. Why aren’t we ever in for his players? Because we don’t like enriching agents? Is that not cutting off your nose to spite your face? I mean, feels like there’s a correlation between success and working with super-agents… but  we don’t do it?

I mean, is that an official stance from the club? Is that why we lost out on Mikki?

Jeez… this is too depressing. Made even more so now I’ve read Chelsea want Morata as well. We can’t find a striker in 4 years, they find two in 10 days.

Happy July 4th America. The official day we got bored of your shit and focused on new projects.



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  1. Louis Almeida

    STV, no he didn’t unfortunately. I think our manager is very bad. Our football is not cohesive and it is too Ronaldo-centric although that’s nothing new. I’ve just come back from being in my homeland for 10 days and people are coming round to the fact that Ronaldo is more of a hindrance than a help at this stage.

    Back to Andre Gomes, he’s a great player and should start alongside Renato and William in my opinion.

  2. Leedsgunner


    Like I said yesterday, if Everton is looking at Mata from Utd — we should be in there at Goodison and offer them Walcott plus £30m for Lukaku. Is he worth £50m on his own, but in this market £30m is good value for a young EPL proven striker… especially if we were willing to play £20m for a striker 6/7 years older.

  3. steve

    “I will go as far as saying 50m is good value for him”

    Lukaku is worth nowhere near 50 million pounds.

  4. Red&White4life

    “Wenger would love a player like Mkitharian in our side. ”
    Yep, but he would love to have him for free!!

  5. naijagunner


    How much did Everton pay Chelsea for him?…i think its around 28m…

    I don’t think Koeman will touch Walcott but its worth a try…the question here is will Walcott leave


    What’s your valuation?….consider the fact that the guy from Marseille just moved for 33m

  6. STV

    Louise still you are a very stable team thanks to the defense and players like Renato. No doubt Portugal will start as the favourites. All the best.

    Yes I think hes. Apparently Real and Barca in for him and Valencia is asking >50 m..

  7. Jim lahey

    “I don’t think Koeman will touch Walcott but its worth a try…the question here is will Walcott leave”

    No one will touch Walcott, and why would he ever leave?

  8. Louis Almeida

    STV, we are ok but you’d be a fool to think we haven’t been lucky this tournament. We haven’t even won a single game in 90 mins yet we have reached the semi-final. We have a good group of players in defence and midfield but lack enough quality outside of Ronaldo in the final third and it becomes too much about him. Without Ramsey (who has been the player of the tournament in my opinion), I think we’ll beat Wales but will ultimately come unstuck against Germany/France in the final.

  9. Louis Almeida

    Mourinho acknowledging that Rooney is not a good midfielder and has no plans to use him as a striker. Interesting. “You can tell me his pass is amazing but my pass is amazing too without pressure.”

  10. Red&White4life

    Correct about Rambo Louis, with him in the wales squad that would be much more difficult for CR7 and co…
    But they will won during the penalty shootout anyway lol

  11. STV


    Yeah Germany or France would bee too strong. It has to be said, the other side of the draw has been very weak and matches have been boring. Still they’ve been much better in knock outs imo.

    Portugal can count themselves very lucky. It was unbelievably tough for a team like Italy.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Pretty blunt by Mourinho there, did laugh at the DM’s ‘predicted United middle next season,’ asking ‘is this the middle to bring back the glory days to United?’

    They had a three man middle, Mkhitaryan at its tip, and Rooney and Pogba deeper…if you were the opposition I think you’d piss yourself with excitement seeing that.

    Mourinho supposedly wants Matic, so you would imagine Mkhitaryan LM/RM, Pogba in the forward midfield role, Matic and then Schniederlin/Herrera/Blind in the other slot.

    Rooney for the MLS or China maybe? That would be huge wages off the books.

  13. Louis Almeida

    STV, yes we are lucky we were on the weaker side of the draw. Had we had to play a Spain/Italy I think we would’ve gone out. It has worked well in our favour but we’re going to need to show something else if we have hopes of winning.

  14. Leedsgunner


    You’re right, it was £28m.

    Koeman was willing to do deals with us at Southampton so I reckon he would be open to negotiations as long as he felt we weren’t taking the proverbial.

    £30m would be a great price for us — and we would be offloading Walcott off the wage bill…

    In fact, if our transfers team worked hard we could easily recoup the outlay by selling our fringe players even keeping Wilshere.

    Akpom – £2.5m
    Hayden – £2.5m
    Debuchy – £5m
    Gibbs – £5m
    Sczcesney – £10m
    Gnabry – £2m
    J. Campbell – £8m
    Sanogo £1m

    Total – £31m being very conservative.

  15. Louis Almeida

    Cesc Appeal, I’m interested to see whether Jpse uses 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3. They are normally his staple formations. Most of the time he uses the former formation. But surely Rooney as United and England captain will not be happy with a bench spot? And there’s the issue of his wages too. I would be surprised to see him go to China. Maybe MLS though he’ll have to take a huge paycut.

    I think Mourinho may like Schniederlin though him and Matic would be very defensive. I heard Real Madrid are looking to make space for Pogba by selling James to PSG and Morata???

  16. Wallace


    bold on Ramsey! he’s definitely been one of the players of the tournament, not sure he’s THE player though.

    re strikers – just get the feeling Wenger doesn’t fancy Lukaku. think he’s the least likely of the 3/4 always mentioned.

  17. Leedsgunner

    “No one will touch Walcott, and why would he ever leave?”

    For international football perhaps?

    I know England’s stock is at an all time low now but I suspect Walcott will still want to be involved in 2018… after all, it might be his last tournament; if he stays at Arsenal, he won’t be picked as he’s not playing in his favoured position under Wenger.

  18. Louis Almeida

    Wallace, I think he has. I think he’s been amazing. You could argue Griezmann, Payet, Ozil and others would argue but he has been very effective in my opinion. I’m now looking forward to seeing him and Xhaka next season. He’ll need to choose his runs more carefully but he brings a lot of impetus to the midfield.

    I don’t think Wenger will pay £50m+ for Lukaku but right now I’m desperate. Need a striker with mobility and the ability to fashion chances for himself. Giroud is a very good no.2, probably not many better in the world than him. He’s a valuable striker, just not the one we should have leading our line.

  19. leon


    I would agree with most of player’s except joe Campbell I would rather sell wilcatt than him who has looked far more effective and works allot harder and I know this is very harsh but I would sell Wilshire who is too injury prone

  20. Wallace

    going on the two we have shown interest in this summer – Vardy and Asano – being smaller, quicker, instinctive finishers, I’d say Lacazette’s the favourite of the current le grove wishlist. still think it’ll be someone out of leftfield though.

  21. STV

    Naijagunner gunner No.

    Only Iccardi. You can easily do a little research why.

    I think Morata is a better player. Less goals.

    Lacazette like Lukaku is average. Batsuyi better prospect .

  22. Louis Almeida

    I had heard quite a few good things about Batshuayi. Romford had championed him quite a bit. Shame we missed out (although I don’t know if we had interest). Hopefully we pursue Morata now.

  23. Wallace


    “I’m now looking forward to seeing him and Xhaka next season. He’ll need to choose his runs more carefully but he brings a lot of impetus to the midfield.”

    if Ramsey curtails the attacking stuff it could definitely work. but we’ve been saying that for a while now. certainly of the two positions he plays for Arsenal I think the right-sided role gets closer to the role he enjoys for Wales.

  24. Jaroda

    Is it only me or does Gignac make Giroud look like Messi? I’ve never seen such a donkey on a international pitch. He’s like Obelix’s chubby little brother.

  25. tunnygriffboy

    Morata a very Wenger like footballer. Technically very good and football intelligent. He would suit the way we play.

    I hope we not holding out for him hoping that we can get him, meanwhile other options disappear.

  26. Wallace


    I think Mourinho will have been warned about his behaviour before he was offered the job at Utd. they won’t put up with the shit that Chelsea put up with.

  27. tunnygriffboy


    The right sided role gives us a bit of balance in terms of possession retention and defence. At the same time it gives Ramsey freedom to roam and the chance to make those forward runs.

  28. leon

    For this last season was criminal because I know this team has a better squad that Leicester if this team played in a more direct fashion like they did against Manchester City we all saw how effective they are they have the pace in the team hurt teams badly. When look at girude and how good he is at heading the ball and ariel attacks and you have sanchez with his pace and movement and his finishing ability and he is not even left footed and you play on the left wing instead of upfront like he plays for chilly. We also have a young hungry player in Joel Cambell being shut out and keeping overplayed players like thoe wilcatt just doesnt make sense

  29. Leedsgunner


    I would sell Wilshere too, if we did that — we could have £50m easily from the sale of Walcott and Wilshere alone to pretty much buy any striker we wanted barring Auba (because BVB won’t now sell him) and Lewandowski (because I doubt he would want to leave BM).

    Apparently Benz is on Napoli’s radar as Higuain’s replacement. Higuain interesting Liverpool if they get the money they want for Bamford’s favourite Bentenke.

    It’s all kicking off and Wenger is too busy telling people how clever he is in trying to sign this and that player after the fact.


  30. naijagunner


    I beg to differ on Batshuayi,but hr is here now and time will tell…personally he has never impressed me

    I have not watched Icardi enough to have an opinion

    Lacazette I think is average

    Lukaku is a guaranteed goal getter…you can talk about prospects all you want but Lukaku’s stats speak for themselves…i am not judging him based on a tournament were even Lewandowski looked like a 10m player and he kept Batshuayi on the bench by the way

  31. Louis Almeida

    Yes that’s true. A big part of why Mourinho didn’t get the United job initially was his behaviour. United won’t put up with a lot of the stuff he did previously as they are bigger and won’t want their name dragged through the dirt. We’ll see what happens.

    Wallace, yes he definitely prefers freedom which is why he’d be good as the 3rd man runner in a 433. However, and this is totally my opinion, Ozil is easily Arsenal’s best player. Every other piece should work around him. Ramsey only functions well in CM when he has a player like Arteta. Now he has Xhaka who is better so hopefully it’ll work.

  32. Louis Almeida

    No way Benzema is getting sold and definitely not to Napoli if that was the case. Higuain was viewed as the lesser of the two when they were both at Real Madrid.

  33. Wallace


    “However, and this is totally my opinion, Ozil is easily Arsenal’s best player.”

    yeah, of course he is. anyone who suggests otherwise is only allowed visitors at designated times.

  34. tunnygriffboy


    How much game time do you think Iwobi will get this season ? I think he’ll get some but won’t be a regular until we get the inevitable injuries. Be interesting who starts and where.

  35. reality check

    Jose clapping wenger over the head again. It’s borderline bullying now.

    He said ten years… but we all know who he’s referring to even if it has been what, 12?

  36. Red&White4life

    “Jose clapping wenger over the head again. ”
    Before, probably, clapping his team during the season lol

  37. Leedsgunner


    “How much game time do you think Iwobi will get this season ? I think he’ll get some but won’t be a regular until we get the inevitable injuries. Be interesting who starts and where.”

    This is it for me. Squad rotation a la Wenger is play the same XI until a key part breaks down with a long term injury then out of desperation and lack of options bring in a squad/fringe player and cross your fingers and hope they come up to scratch.

    I say a better way of rotating the squad is start games with our strongest eleven in the game against our rivals/title challengers and Champion League games — and use our squad and fringe players to play against midtable, relegation and cup games. This way we keep our strongest players fresh for the most important games and hopefully injury free.

    One of the major reasons why Leicester won the season was they suffered the fewest injuries. Yes, it has to be said that one of the reasons for this was the lack of CL games but even so, their strongest and key players were able to be kept fresh.

    Let’s rotate the squad so that OUR key players are fresh and to prevent injury rather than what happens now which is our squad is rotated BECAUSE our key players are injured.

    Big difference — the first approach anticipates and works to prevent problem, the latter is purely reactive.

  38. Steveyg87

    No matter how much of a prick you think Maureen is, fact is, he speaks the truth. Wenger has been bullshitting us for years now and is about to fuck us around once again.. How on earth do we allow this shit to continue? Mourinho trys to win at any cost, Wenger looks for excuses..

  39. WengerEagle

    Pep is in for Leroy Sane?

    Ffs, he’s a player Id love us to sign.

    Him and Mkhitaryan are two players now that have been picked up by our rivals that would have significantly improved us.

  40. naijagunner


    why should it be his duty to point that out??

    He has a duty at Man Utd ….if anything he should be pleased that Wenger refuses to compete yet the odious man spends every waking moment obsessing why he constantly looses jobs while Wenger keeps his

  41. WengerEagle

    Hilarious about Rooney btw.

    It’s ironic, he was probably close to the top of Mourinho’s wishlist 2-3 years ago at Chelsea and now he won’t touch him with a bargepole.

    Just shows you the steep decline that Rooney has undergone in the last couple of years.

    I can’t see him being the type to hang around on the bench and he’s not getting into that United frontline now ahead of Ibra, Mkhitaryan, Martial or even Rashford.

    Only leaves the MLS or taking his talents to China/ME really.

    Unless Crystal Palace offer him 350k a week which at this stage, you can’t rule out…

  42. Tomtom

    Mourinho has been quick to see the major problems at United and I’d bet my house on him finishing above Wenger next season.
    Arsenal are simply a profit generating asset for an American billionaire.
    I’ve lost all enthusiasm for the club and now I don’t even try to defend the club amongst my group of friends.
    Wenger and Kroenke have let us all down far to many times and only a fool can’t see that.

  43. STV

    As a gooner we’re bound to hate him for that. But Mourinho is speaking the truth. It also possible Guardiola genuinely doesn’t view him ASA top manager.

    I really hope that Euro’s will be over before the rest of the top targets move because atleast Wenger can look at signing them may be even put a bid.

    Higuain should be the top target. Pay what’s required and be done with it. No taking chances with Belgian Giroud and Lacazette.

    Sadly I know if this Euro proved anything re. Arsenal its the reinstation of Giroud as the top guy at CF.

  44. Steveyg87

    “he constantly looses jobs while Wenger keeps his”

    That’s just the thing… Wenger has no pressure to win, only to meet the bare minimum. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the big guns when it comes to salaries, yet, we continually fail when the pressure is on, the philosophy of the owner( and wenger ) has infected the players

  45. WengerEagle

    Higuain is the only world class striker not at an elite European club.

    I agree that we should be doing everything in our power to try and sign him.

    Id much sooner pay 60-70million for a guy that guarantees you 30 plus goals a season than taking a 40-50million punt on the other names we’ve been linked with.

  46. tunnygriffboy

    Im at the stage I’ll take any of the names we’re linked with. It’s desperate times.
    I think he wants Morata, a Wenger type player attribute wise. Just hope we don’t dilly dally over him while others disappear.

  47. Leedsgunner

    Maureen is a bully and a tw*t.

    Arsene is too rich to give a damn. I suspect that that there is a degree of jealousy on Maureen’s part that Arswene has the loyalty of his Board that he could only dream of.

    Ironically for Maureen, it’s this blind loyalty from the Board that keeps Arsene in situ and the club stagnant. This in turn, makes Maureen look even better.

    Can you imagine if Wenger got fired and was replaced by someone like Simeone?

    That would shut Maureen up good and proper.

    This won’t happen though.

    Our Board is afraid to spell ambition never mind display it.

  48. Wallace

    have any of the Chelsea players lifted the lid on what happened there last season? it was extraordinary.

  49. Steveyg87

    “have any of the Chelsea players lifted the lid on what happened there last season? it was extraordinary”

    Hazard completely disappeared and Matic forgot to play football

  50. peanuts&monkeys

    @tunnygriff…”Morata a very Wenger like footballer. Technically very good and football intelligent. He would suit the way we play.”

    1. Giroud is certainly a wenger-like footballer. How do you rate him technically?
    2. That Arsenal way of play is so passe, so boring, so ineffective, so stale, so 2005. The world doesn’t care that ‘style’ anymore.

  51. Steveyg87

    RVP was slap bang in the middle of his purple patch when we let him go…. He’s o n the verge of retirement and we still haven’t replaced him. This alone, should have Wengers head

  52. Steveyg87

    “1. Giroud is certainly a wenger-like footballer. How do you rate him technically?”

    Girouds first season was his most effective with us, after that, our system has out grown him. By no means is this his fault, he has played above and beyond the price tag and is one of the few players we have that has the right attitude

  53. Leedsgunner

    Mark my words, w’re not going to sign a striker until he sees how we do in the first three games or so of the new season. If we win, he will sit back, smile that very self righteous smile of his, and use the three games as the reason why he feels we have enough firepower.

    Of course when the inevitable eventually happen and our goals dry up along with our challenge, it will be conveniently forgotten by him and the club hierarchy that he CHOSE not to buy.

    Not that it matters, Wenger never suffers the consequences of his managerial decisions. He shrugs it off as an accident. He of course is NEVER to blame despite taking the paycheck with “FOR THE MANAGER” written on it.

    In fact, despite coming out of the season with nothing, he is in line for a new contract to ward off, England interest… nice work if you can get it for not delivering anything.

    I have no doubt that Giroud’s exploits in the Euros will be used as a justification for not signing someone in the meantime.

  54. peanuts&monkeys

    that alone could have had Wenger’s head in any position where there is accountability towards winning trophies or competing to win. Wenger’s resp at Arsenal is to only get certain amount of money, and to get that amount of profits to Kroenke he doesn’t have to win anything. 4th is just OK. The day ‘his’ 4th does not happen, he will be challenged by the BoD. But then again he will be replaced by someone else who can get kroenke that amount of money, not glory.

    Net-net guys, we are all barking the wrong tree. We are all supporters of the wrong club, save the AKBs.

  55. WengerEagle

    Wenger has been incredibly fortunate to be in charge for over a decade without challenging for the title or making a fist of it in Europe (Only 1 Final and 2 SF in his entire tenure, last one was 7 years ago where we were embarrassed by United).

    Since he has lifted the BPL trophy in 04′, Man United have won the league 5 times (07, 08, 09, 11, 13), Chelsea have won the league 4 times (05, 06, 10, 15), City have won the league twice (12, 14) and even Leicester City have managed to win the league.

    The only other clubs of comparable size to us (Liverpool and arguably Spurs) have both had 5 and 8 managers respectively in that time.

    That’s not to say that Wenger hasn’t had ANY success since the Invincibles, the 2006 UCL Final run was impressive and deserves to be recognised and the 2007/08 side played some of the best footy that the BPL has ever seen coming very close to winning the league with a side devoid of any of our previous superstars in Henry, Vieira, etc.

    But ultimately, we fell short on both ocassions, spectacularly so in the latter case.

    2 F.A Cups is also an achievement obviously, but it’s not like it used to be, just look at the finalists in the last few seasons: Wigan (won the fecking yoke), Hull, Aston Villa, Crystal Palace.

    But really, domestically and in Europe for the last 6-7 years we’ve been very underwhelming and at any of the other top BPL clubs (Man United, Chelsea, City), Wenger would have got the sack years ago.

  56. peanuts&monkeys

    so….to shirt Arsenal out of this status quo, the BoD has to be told they cannot carry this on anymore. whatever force is avl at the supporters’ disposal should be used to get this message straight.

    Arsenal missed a great opportunity last season-end when protests were just starting to breed. the fans who took to the posters and ones who fought (sometimes physically) the naysayers of change are the greatest os Arsenal fans. they deserve a whole lot of respect. I wonder why we do not hear from any…ANY of them on this blog. if not here, WHERE DO THEY WRITE…I WOULD LIKE TO READ THAT BLOG INSTEAD OF THIS STALE AND DOCILE ONE.

  57. TallestTiz

    Its becoming increasingly almost impossible to defend Arsenal sand Wenger during football discussions among fans from rival clubs.

    However, I do try thanks to my eloquence and seemingly deeper understanding of the game.

    But after each arguments, I feel I just escaped a suicide mission or something…. It’s worrying

  58. peanuts&monkeys

    When fans slam Wenger, it could possibly be the BoD is laughing their way home to wine and cash. they might be splitting themselves to their amusement how the fans turn their anger and frust on to Wenger, when actually the root of the mediocrity is the BoD.

    I wonder who are the assholes who go to AST and yet come back without blood on their hands

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    “Wenger would have got the sack years ago.”

    who the fuck will sack wenger???? all are in cahoots. there is no other smooth and single-most successful and dependable agent of proliferating mediocrity in Arsenal than Wenger. So, why sack him? Who kills a golden goose?

  60. peanuts&monkeys

    Why is that English fans are one of the most infamously popular concerning violence around football? Is it only when England plays international game?

    Why cant there just a portion or a strand of the violent strain of English football fans be replicated against Arsenal mngt?

  61. Wallace

    if they’d shown better chemistry I wonder if Wenger might have been tempted to move Sanchez infield a little, closer to Giroud, after watching Italy & France at this euros…

  62. Louis Almeida

    Wallace, the major difference between Alexis and Griezmann is that the latter attacks the space. Alexis is a ball hog who always wants to come to the ball rather than look to run in behind.

  63. WengerEagle

    Alexis and Griezmann are actually very different players.

    Louis basically summed it up in a concise sentence, the latter doesn’t actually like to dribble and much prefers playing off the shoulder of the defender whereas Alexis loves carrying the ball and being involved further down the pitch.

  64. STV

    Since Wenger first celebrated his top 4 trophy, Pep Guardiola retired a player. Took some years off, Came back as the manager of Barcelona, won15 trophies with them Took another year off Come back as a Bayern Manager won 7 more titles now looking to fight Wenger&Co for more honors.

    Wenger hasn’t won the league of went past Semis of CL all those years. Nothing has changed.. The AKBs are still celebrating top 4 trophies year in year out, Wenger still spouting same bullshit left right and centre.

  65. Wallace


    but isn’t that partly a result of their current starting positions? Griezmann playing centrally off Torres/Giroud looking for the knock ons and the space in behind, whereas Sanchez is a lot more restricted in what he can do from out on the left?

    not disputing what you’re saying, just wondering if Sanchez might adjust his game if he was more central…

  66. WengerEagle

    It’s why the likes of Neymar and Messi are such a level above the rest in their position.

    They’re good enough to play a deeper role and involve themselves in the intricate build-up play while picking out passes to Suarez further up the pitch but they are equally as deadly playing off the last man and running into the space left behind.

    It’s why Bale has gone from being a hugely talented lad at Spurs to one of the best players in the world at Real Madrid, he’s improved his first touch, his ability to play one-touch football through the lines and his dribbling in confined areas higher up the pitch in congested spaces.

    At Spurs he was elite if he was even given five yards of space to run into, but he could be stopped if you gave him no momentum whatsoever.

  67. Steveyg87

    “Since Wenger first celebrated his top 4 trophy, Pep Guardiola retired a player. Took some years off, Came back as the manager of Barcelona, won15 trophies with them Took another year off Come back as a Bayern Manager won 7 more titles now looking to fight Wenger&Co for more honors.

    Wenger hasn’t won the league of went past Semis of CL all those years. Nothing has changed.. The AKBs are still celebrating top 4 trophies year in year out, Wenger still spouting same bullshit left right and centre.”

    I could fucking cry when I read that

  68. WengerEagle


    He plays more centrally for Chile, he’s basically operating in a free role behind Eduardo Vargas.

    Was the same whe he was at Udinese, Di Natale was the focal point and he played off of him.

    I think like Louis was saying that it just comes more naturally to him to demand the ball from deep rather than be patient waiting for the ball to break higher up the pitch like Griezmann does.

  69. STV

    Stevey G it’s depressing no doubt. Nothing will change. The Arsenal we know or followed while growing up is not the same we see these days. Wenger is the enemy of football. Plain and simple.

  70. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Louis summed it up nicely. It’s why long term, we’ll need another alternative or replacement for Sanchez. He wants to be the main ball carrier in the team.

  71. WengerEagle

    Btw, anyone else think that this Euros is highlighting the importance of having a pure no.9 up top once again?

    Germany look much better with Gomez up top and France look more balanced with Giroud up front. And neither are even THAT good.

    I think that Spain’s Euro 2012 triumph without a no.9 was a bit of an anomaly rather than the birth of a new playing style, you can’t implement the same system as effectively given that we’re talking about a Spain side with probably the greatest midfield that the game has ever seen in Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso and Busquets.

    Even Barcelona went from looking a bit disjointed to instantly looking the best team in Europe with the addition of a 9 in Suarez.

  72. Wallace

    “Wenger is the enemy of football. Plain and simple.”


    maybe he’s the enemy of winning league & european titles, but you can never level the above at him.

  73. Louis Almeida

    I should also add that it’s probably much easier to build a relationship with a guy like Griezmann as he likes to give and go and play in combination with other teammates whereas Alexis is more of a soloist so hard to know what he’s gonna do next.

  74. Bamford10


    “Ronaldo is more of a hindrance than a help at this stage.”

    He has been poor. No doubt. One good headed goal; otherwise a whole lot of nothing.

    No question Portugal are where they are because of the other players. not because of Ronaldo.

  75. WengerEagle

    Nothing wrong with having a soloist, the problem with Sanchez however is that he’s a level below all of the other best ball-hoggers in Europe.

    The likes of Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Bale, Robben, Di Maria, Dybala/Pogba.

  76. Wallace


    wouldn’t be surprised if more teams start experimenting with 2 up top in the future. and Italy’s 3 at the back schtick as well…

  77. WengerEagle

    What’s the deal with Yaya Toure actually?

    Presume that if Pep didn’t fancy him as a 27 years old in his prime that he won’t fancy him now at 33 with a massive ego and diluted physical dynamism.

    Says he wants to play in the BPL next season, where does he move?

  78. Steveyg87

    Maybe not of football, but most certainly an enemy of Arsenal… and Maureen, never quite understood why Mourinho hates Wenger so much

  79. Joe

    So what in Jose’s comments has everyone riled?

    He said he doesn’t care about making top 4. All he cares a about is winning. True.

    Only wenger and spuddies think top 4 is an acheivement.

    And the other was some managers haven’t won a title in 10, I haven’t won on in 1 year. I have a lot to prove. Imagine the others.

    So he is putting pressure on himself. The only problem with that statement is that wenger feels he has nothing to prove to anyone and has no pressure to prove anything

    So no reason to get in a huff over what he said.

    I wish wenger felt he had something to prove. Felt Pressure to win etc

  80. Joe


    Imagine you work at an office. Get all the awards and contracts for your firm. The top employee. Meet and exceed all criteria but you get fired because you have an off year. You put pressure on yourself to always be the best.

    While this other guy never exceeds expectations. Always does bare minimum and keeps his job for 20 years with no pressure to deliver anything. And doesn’t really even make an effort to be the best And is an arrogant prick on top of all that.

  81. Leedsgunner

    Wenger pontificating about Brexit.

    Even with all the issues that we have to get sorted, Wenger is worried about Brexit.


    Ho hum, if I was Arsenal manager, I think I would be going back Chile’s games in Copa America and asking myself — why can’t I get Sanchez to play like that for me? What can I do to transport his national form into club form?

    What am I doing wrong that Chile is doing right for Alexis to play like that?

    It’s not like he is paid to figure this out, huh?

  82. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Sanchez is a quality who is frustrating. A
    Griezmann, Giroud, Reus front line would be elite. One is valued at 70mand the other one is a top injury proned player. They’re good technically and can run in behind.

    In fairness to Sanchez, he had an excellent Copa America. Gabriel and Wilshere are my favourite players to complain about. Alexis is third lol

  83. STV

    Is Arsene Wenger an enemy of football??


    He defeated the very basic purpose of football. Winning. I mean we got quite lot of teams playing at evey level. But they all have one thing in common passion dont matter weather they win ‘champions leagues’ or they win ‘sunday leagues’. Every one in football ‘wants’to be the best.

    Well,most of them.

    Wenger sucking this out of football he’s trying to redefine it. He said – quote,- July 3 2011 10:21am
    “I’m very happy at Arsenal”, he said. “One sign of intelligence in life is to not always to want what you don’t have. Appreciate what you have. ”

    See that sums him up. That’s his life and it’s not the intelligence certainly not how sports especially football is . He’s undoubtedly the enemy of football. The sheepish people will diasagree.

    Do you think we have any hopes with this man???It’s not about ‘leagues’ and ‘Champions leagues’ it’s about Not trying, not having passion, not truthful , and not doing your best. All of these are not common in football you know, like they conspire in last group game in WC to get in to next round.

    Arsene Wenger is the enemy of football..

  84. Thank you and goodnight

    Ha ha ha ha. Wenger already using Brexit as an excuse for the future. Ha ha ha ha. He really is a specialist in failure

  85. ADKB

    Wenger’s comment on Brexit shows who he’s really is – a business man who only cares about making money. Other managers are strengthening their squads, here’s our man talking about economic theory and politics.