Takuma has landed! Great. I guess?

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When the Plan A won’t roll, you have to bump up the Plan E and pretend it’s Plan A?

Not really. Wenger has very specifically said that Takuma is for the FUTURE.

‘Takuma is a talented young striker and very much one for the future. He has had an impressive start to his career in Japan and we look forward to him developing over the next couple of years.’

By impressive start, he means since 18 years old, he’s played 54 games and banged in 11 goals. Interesting if he were playing in a competitive league in Europe, really hard to get excited about as it stands.

I’m not going to get too into this. You have to bring in a whole assortment of players to build a squad. And look, our squad has been an issue. If this guy is fast, powerful and mobile, there’s no issue with me.

I just worry about quality. Ryo Miyachi, Inamoto and Park Chu Young didn’t exactly pull up trees for us despite mild promise. Huge investment is happening in Asia at the moment, but I don’t feel like the standard of their players is picking up. I also don’t have a huge amount of faith in the club that they’re not making signings like this because of potential marketing opportunities.

STILL, this guy is international, his name is easy to spell and he can maybe act as cover for WELBZ if he’s any good when he lands.

Talking of our plan A. Where the f*ck is it? Plenty will be on my back about not giving Takuma a chance, but look, when we sign players for the future, it often means we’ve forgotten to sign players for the present.

Arsene Wenger has been turned down by Mikki and Vardy. A plan A you really couldn’t have knocked. Chelsea have signed Batsuyahi from Marseille for a bucket load of cash. That’s the thing here… no messing around from Conte. I’m not sure what the other opportunities look like in the market, but you’ve got to admire how most managers just come in, make a decision and there it is… a striker.

Pep G signed Nolito. Mourinho signed Ibrahimovic, who, love him or hate, is going to teach their forward lines some things about being a football heroes, and super quotable kind of guys. Madrid are sniffing around £30m kid Gabriel Jesús and they already have forwards.

Where are we? Four years into the striker search and we’re still rolling out the, ‘it’s actually really tough to buy players when you have £100m to spend.’ I know there are 60 days left in the window. I know things can happen really quickly.

But let’s be fair here. Arsene Wenger has no record whatsoever of being able to deliver on a successful summer. Well, not since way back when mobile phones weren’t smart.

I compared him to Jeremy Corbyn the other day and it was pointed out that at least Wenger had led a successful team before. Right now, I’m not sure how relevant your record of 12 years ago can be to your future success. How many examples in history are there of people getting their mojo back at 67? I mean, Ranieri? But jeez, he never had a mojo in the first place!

Wenger is at the club, mandated by the people… with no idea of how to deliver upon it. Well, that’s how it looks at the moment.

You know what else is interesting? Aaron Ramsey is pulling out all the performances at the Euros. One of the best midfielders on show. He’s moving the ball around well, he contributed 4 assists and he’s dominated teams along with Gareth Bale. Where are those games for Arsenal?

Part of the story is that he’s not always given the right to do what the fuck he wants at Arsena. He struggles to adapt out of his one style of play and he doesn’t do discipline for Wenger. Part of it comes from Wenger not knowing how to get the most out of him. Part of it is shining against a bunch of teams who weren’t really that great. It’ll be really interesting to see what happens if someone drops a big bid for him off the back of this tournament.

Ozil had a good game for Germany against Italy. He popped up with the Germany’s first goal, only for that to be cancelled after Boateng inexplicably handballed in the box. The penalty shootout was completely wild. Zaza foxtrotting to the goal like a lunatic and blasting over… Mesut missed, Scheweini missed, Pelle missed. I’ve never seen so many bad penalties from players of such talent!

Germany won in the end. When do they not? A barely deserved victory. But a victory all the same. Not that many teams are deserving. Not sure the quality of football has been there for 2016.

Learnings from that game? A brilliant system can flummox even the best of teams. Arsenal should learn from their performances. They should look at how teams change things from the sidelines. We should have it top of our agenda…

‘How do you compete against teams like Bayern and Barca’

… because it’s clear we’re not going to try to do that through players purchases or upping our quality sufficiently.

Right, that’s all I have right now! Have a great day!

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  1. Ishola70

    How about Brazilian defenders? Goofy Brazilian defenders? How well do they do in the EPL?

    Chelsea laughing their heads off when they sold Luiz for all that money and now PSG want shot of him eventually not surprisingly.

  2. Ishola70

    “With Michy going to Chelsea Diego Costa will be out I imagine… I know Gabs and he will have issues but they will make up as pros do — worth a punt, if Chelsea was willing to do a deal? Am I mad even for thinking about it?”

    Yeah you’re crackers 😉

    Not in a million years Diego Costa goes to Arsenal.

    Reports that Chelsea are interested in signing Higuain and if that happens then Diego Costa returns to Atletico Madrid.

    Arsenal fans should hope that Diego Costa stays at Chelsea I would think.

  3. Mysticleaves

    Ozil could create 9 chances in a game and 7 of them would be set pieces/crosses where the striker/defender has to do a lot more.

    Its not like he’s giving all these defence splitting passes 8 out of 9 times like Fabregas (best through passer I have seen)

    I don’t know where am going with this anyway but just maybe Ozil could improve on his final ball deliveries (not crosses or set pieces)

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Incredibly easy to see through isn’t it?

    He’s having a decent tournament, I mean his tournament looks a lot better after last night, but lets face it, respect to Iceland but, come on.

    The whole black and white thing really annoys me, either you think Giroud is shit, or he’s good enough to be out starting ST…I think neither, he sits in the middle, certainly good enough to be in the squad taking Walcott’s place as a back up ST (not that Walcott even is a ST) thrown in for certain tough games, rotated in as well, two men up top sometimes etc.

    But if you keep popping up trying to make a case for Giroud after isolated games like last night, or like Villa on the last day you reek of agenda, where have you been for the past four years? Did not hear much from you when Giroud went on a 15 game barren run as well, did not hear much from you when Welbeck came into the side and despite being a weaker ST in numbers of goals made our whole front like look more threatening.

    Giroud is a decent ST and if we had a great ST as well we’d be immensely satisfied with our options, but he’s a ST that goes on long cold runs, is so slow it hurts my face, forces a team to play a certain way, cannot interchange with his forward partners the way many, many other attackers do today and when he goes through one of his long spells of being ‘off’ not only is he of little help to the side he’s actually detrimental.

    Am I saying sell him, no, am I saying he’s dog shit, of course not, he is what he is, decent, good but what not a club like Arsenal should have starting for them four years after losing RVP with the piles of money we have and the ST’s who’ve moved on been available in that time.

  5. Leedsgunner


    Giroud is more about Arsene’s ego and less about meeting the needs of the team. Sadly, Wenger has deluded himself to thinking that he is more important than the club and our recent transfers from 2008 reflect this.

  6. Black Hei

    Desperate times calls for desperate news.

    According to talksport, we are trying to lure Morata over with big $$ salary. P$G and Chelsea are interested, but unlike us, we actually have a ready made vacancy due to Welbeck’s injury.

  7. Ishola70

    Remember guys don’t talk down too much the team and club at the end of this transfer window and over-rate too highly other clubs.

    If you do that the Wenger fans/ultra loyalists and Wenger himself will see finishing inside that top four this coming season as one of the best virtual trophies ever achieved at the club.

    Don’t give them licence to do that.

  8. peanuts&monkeys

    A Mitchy Batshu is just a replacement of Loic Remy. Unlikely Costa will be unsettled by Batshuyi.

    Still, after Vardy, Costa could be the perfect CF for Arsenal now.

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    @jeff, yes..most of the Arsenal fans should be now in a stage where nothing really matters till Wenger leaves.

    Its time for Arsene fans to get frustrated with lack of ambition, and hence progress.

  10. qna

    So Chelsea unlikely to go for Morata now. He looked quite ordinary for Spain in this tournament. Can’t imagine he impressed Real Madrid too much. So looks like he might be available. Real wont get their ridiculous asking price now though. As I have said a couple of times now, he wont be an immediate improvement on Giroud, but I would be happy with him with an eye to 2 to 3 years down the track. A striker with some genuine potential to go to the next level. Something that Welbeck, Walcott and Giroud never had.

  11. STV

    “Arsenal fans should hope that Diego Costa stays at Chelsea I would think”

    For what? To see that cunt scoring 1-0s against us all the time??

    Can’t stand him dirty footballer and not so good. Always seems to do some damage in Arsenal games tho.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, that Morata salary story is an old recycled one, understandable though for fans to want to gasp onto anything, but I think I saw that one before the Euros, ‘Arsenal to make Morata best paid player at club.’

    I would imagine that would be prior to Ozil’s new deal, if he signs one, I would imagine he very much will be waiting to see what the club does.

  13. alexanderhenry


    Whether it reflects well on wenger or not isn’t the main issue.

    I’m just trying to understand why certain fans can’t get some kind of satisfaction from watching arsenal players perform well in internationals.

  14. Leedsgunner

    So Chelsea unlikely to go for Morata now…

    Not sure. I thought that when Man United signed Bastian S, that they wouldn’t also sign Schneiderlin until they signed both.

    Sadly, other so called big clubs believe in squad depth rather than just pretend to have it on paper like Arsenal.

    For what is worth we just don’t know what Morata’s ceiling is. What I like about him is that although on paper he is not as prolific as OG, he is a “big game” player. He scored some very important goals for Juve… it’s not JUST about the number of goals IMO that’s only a part of the tale. It’s also about when you score and if you can score under pressure…. in crunch games.

    Let’s be honest and say one of the reasons why our club has the rep as bottlers is because our strikes often don’t produce in those big big games.

  15. Dissenter

    It could be that Wenger was waiting for everyone else to make their moves first before going for the crumbs.
    There’s no one else of note going after Morata, not that I think he’s good enough.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    I think probably because you know where it leads, Ozil for example I don’t think anyone minds seeing play well, aside from those who really don’t like him.

    But you’re sort of ignoring the fact we have Wenger as manager, so Giroud as an example, Arsenal fans have suffered through Giroud as unquestioned, unchallenged number one for four years now, he’s decent, but his conversion rate is poor and he misses lots of chances in critical games, is slow, forces us to play a certain way and goes through long spells where not only is he not scoring but he’s weighing the side down with his ineffectual crapness.

    Yet, because we all know Wenger, a couple of goals last night, a couple of good showings in the Euros and Wenger will run with him again, because its the far easier, cheaper solution to signing another ST, to doing what we need.

    If you think that’s wrong I’d ask where you’ve been for the past ten years.

    Its the same with Ramsey, personally I like him, but Ramsey’s performances, now Wenger will ignore where on the field Ramsey gave these performances, what set up he was playing in and will just want to play him, so Ramsey will again be wheeled out at RM to give him some game time…because Wenger has the dinosaur approach of play players and let them play, don’t worry about tactics or a system.

    So, I think its frustration.

    For example, say we had a great ST already, say we had gone out early in the window and landed Higuain, or last summer had got Aubameyang or whatever, then Arsenal fans would probably be going ‘look at Giroud last night, in terms of a cover, rotation role and dropping in when he’s hot, he could be great this year, what great options we have.’

    Instead, every goal, or every decent pass and you kind of get that sinking feeling in your gut that Wenger is going to spin this isn’t he, Leeds confirmed his punditry last night say him extolling Giroud as one of Europe’s premier ST’s…that is the problem.

    Ignore the last four years of Giroud, grab a good performance and proclaim that as the ‘real Giroud…we don’t need to sign anyone,’ he did it in the season, 15 game barren run, scores a goal and gets an assist in a game ‘today we saw the real Giroud.’

  17. Leedsgunner

    I found it laughable when Wenger hailed the real Giroud only when he started scoring. So when Giroud was on his barren spell who were we playing and paying?

    An imposter?

    By lol means congratulate Giroud for fighting an coming through his barren spell but by saying things like Giroud is only the real Giroud when he scores is disingenuous and insulting to the thousands of season ticket holders who paid real money to see Giroud play badly.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    That’s what I think, when people despair it is not even about Giroud really, who is decent enough, its about knowing what is coming, its not his fault he just has to try to do whatever he can with his ability level, but we all know where this leads.

    Fair enough if Wenger goes out and lands a real top notch ST, but don’t anyone try to pretend that everyone is complaining for no reasons as if you’ve somehow had your mind wiped of the last ten years.

    If there’s an easy, cheap, safe way out of making transfers, Wenger will take it nine times out of ten.

  19. Leedsgunner


    Exactly. The only reason Wenger had to resort to playing Giroud is because we didn’t have anyone on the bench when Welbeck went down again to a long term injury.

    Oh, who chose not to sign any outfield players last year? Wasn’t it Wenger? It’s unbelievable what some people are willing to do to shield Wenger from criticism.

  20. Devon Gooner

    Looks like Janssen to Spuds so that’s another one from the list of possibles! Wenger will be creaming over L’ Oreal after last night. Jansen would have been cheap and a second string to develop – not a star striker but then
    Wenger won’t buy big anyway. Another shit season in prospect. Didn’t Pep look positive, can’t see the great Arsene motivating like that.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    I just don’t like the ‘lol’ community who come out as if anyone who is criticising Wenger’s transfer strategy is jumping the gun, lets just wait and see, as if ten years worth of seeing doesn’t make those criticisms valid.

    The Asano thing, whilst they are right there is a long way to go in the window and he could just be a punt as it were, don’t pretend that you can say ‘why are you all stressing, Wenger always delivers in the window.’

    Wenger is probably the worst manager going for transfers, any criticism or fear any Arsenal fan has is completely and totally well founded.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Janssen is a decent enough move for Spurs as they have Kane as starter, £16 Million or thereabouts it seems.

    I did think £36 Million for Icardi was a bit strong given they already have a top rate ST and Pochettino does not seem to play two ST’s.

  23. naijagunner

    Giroud had a good game against Iceland….so what ??

    Why must you guys wish he has a stinker before a new striker is bought ??

    He already had his stinker last season when he went 15 matches without a goal and that’s all that counts, not how he plays against Iceland

    Wenger at the end of last season said we did not score enough goals, if he does nothing to address that then shame on him

    Giroud’s performances at the euro’s has nothing to do with it

    @ Bamford

    Morratta is not a better striker than Giroud, strikers score goals , Moratta could not bench Mandzukic

    And you are yet to change your moniker to “dipshit”…Martial is not benching Giroud at the Euro’s , he can’t even displace Gignac who is rubbish

    So much for your great insights

  24. freddylekgunner

    lol accumulator for yesterday didn’t go so well but here’s for today:
    Petrojet u-2.5
    Ismaily win
    Sport Recife o-2.5
    stromgodset win
    Zamalek x/2
    LA galaxy o-2.5

  25. Red&White4life

    “Giroud had a good game against Iceland….so what ??”

    He will score a treble gainst Germany ??

  26. Marko

    So we’re basically down to Lacazette and Icardi I take it. Doubt we’ll move for Morata now given the supposed price. Where’s he gonna end up? Chelsea to replace Costa? PSG? Probably stay a bench warmer at Real again. Anyway… Lacazette or Icardi would do

  27. Red&White4life

    “Wenger has very specifically said that Takuma is for the FUTURE.”

    This is not a problem, we know arsène will be in charge until he dies.

  28. seg

    I doubt very much if Giroud would be stating for France if he were not the main striker at the Arsenal.

  29. Leedsgunner

    “Looks like Janssen to Spuds so that’s another one from the list of possibles”

    I imagine Wenger isn’t bothered just another reason for him to shrug his shoulders and limply protest…

    “See there just isn’t the players…”

    As far as Wenger is concerned he gets his pay packet as long as he achieves 4th place, why break a sweat trying to win the league?

    Who are we to tell him anything? In his eyes and the eyes of the Board who worship his arse we’re just means to an end. We keep them all to the lifestyle that they think they deserve.

  30. kc

    Honestly surprised Wenger hasn’t made a move for Robson Kanu yet. He’s without a club so he’s cheap, he’s a winger which we need, and he’s got experience playing with Ramsey. Seems like a match made in Wenger heaven.

  31. Leedsgunner

    “Wenger has very specifically said that Takuma is for the FUTURE”

    Wenger says lots of things he doesn’t mean, or he later changes his mind on. I personally think he says the first thing that comes into his head that will put him in the best light.

    Who said “You can’t call yourself a big club if you sell your best players?” before proceeding to sell Nasri and Cesc?

  32. kc

    I’d bite my hand off to get RVP back at this point. He’s far better than anyone we have including L’oreal. Wenger’s pride (for what it’s worth) won’t allow it.

  33. naijagunner

    “I’d bite my hand off to get RVP back at this point. He’s far better than anyone we have including L’oreal”

    Yet Fenerbache are practically begging for offers

    I think the word you are looking for is “he was” not “He is ”

    And on that basis we might as well swallow our pride and bring back Henry, Kanu, Anelka ,……..you know where i am going with this …

  34. N5

    “he can’t even displace Gignac who is rubbish”

    That is a strange one because Martial is better than Gignac by a mile, so maybe there is a bit more to it. Maybe the manager is wanting a healthy mix of quality/experience.

  35. naijagunner

    @ N5

    The fact still remains that Martial has made two appearances in this tournament and he has been rubbish both times

    I am not saying he is a bad player…just pointing out things as they have unfolded.

    Most people on here got on Xhaka’s back because he did not dominate all the matches he played in, or dribble 11 men to score, or use his hands to levitate the goal posts…..

  36. N5

    “Who said “You can’t call yourself a big club if you sell your best players?” before proceeding to sell Nasri and Cesc?”

    As I said yesterday, using the word prospect means nothing when you put that prospect as your 1st choice striker against Bayern in an importanct ECL match and bring him on in an FA cup final when the game is too tight to call.

    It can only be “for the future” if he address the much needed position. If he doesn’t then we could find ourself in a repeat situation of only having L’Oreal and this kid to chose from.

  37. naijagunner

    “I fear if we don’t strengthen our strikers Özil will be off.”

    Or he can man up and score some goals himself, Fabregas scored regularly when he was here, other top playmakers in world football score goals as well …just saying

  38. N5

    naija, I understand why you used it mate and I’m not arguing. I just don’t think Martial has been dropped for his quality. Your comments on his performances so far though are right, he hasn’t been amazing. But I don’t think many have to be fair. It’s been a drab affair.

  39. naijagunner


    You will take anyone new and shiny as far as they cost loads of cash . You are one supporter who seems very interested in how much a player costs

  40. azed

    And on that basis we might as well swallow our pride and bring back Henry, Kanu, Anelka ,……..you know where i am going with this …

    Well, we did bring back Henry, Sol, Lehman and Flamini.

  41. Relieable Sauce

    Why are the Wengerites so opposed to major signings ?

    Is it for the same reason Wenger is ???
    : /

  42. qna

    Naija. Wrong. Vant help it if the players I rate are also rated by the big clubs which push their prices up. Says a lot about you that the players you rate are not rated by good clubs.

    I have loudly opposed numerous players that we have been linked with that cost have been highly priced. Schneiderlin for example. Vardy was not chump change, nor were Welbeck or Chambers. I was against all three. Not a big fan of Lukaku either.

  43. N5

    Azed, it doesn’t end there though. We’ve also brought back old players from other teams such as Silvestre and Kallstrom.

    I’ve heard Dick Law is being quiet because he’s currently in advanced talks with Cliff Bastin.

  44. alexanderhenry


    I’m absolutely desperate for arsenal to make big signings.
    The problem is that we have an owner who wants to run the club as a profit making business. All his teams make money and win nothing,
    When wenger leaves, arsenal’s financial policy won’t change. There might be a token big signing or two to placate fans but then it will be business as usual

  45. S Asoa

    About Giroud vs Morata comparison
    ,Morata tries to and gets into position where he can receive a pass and score. The current conversion rate can be improved with coaching.
    Do watch Giroud Rs-runs .This donkey tries to hide behind defenders so he does not get a pass and therefore protects his conversion statistics. Shrewd cunt like autre francais Arsene.This immobile manoeuvre has earned Giroud the moniker of “lamppost “- every dog (akb) dream situation to piss their praises .

  46. qna

    Alrxander. That is true. But Wenger is in charge of the signings he has brought in. He has a wage bill the size of Chelsea and City recently. He has been found to be easily out manouvred in europe regularly. His football is no longer entertaining. He is an outdated manager, competing with younger, fresher managers with better ideas. He is getting paid 8.5m a year so why do you assume Stan wont pay the next manager the same. If he does we can afford better managers than Wenger. We might not get more money spent. But chances are it will be spent more wisely than 16m on Chambers, 16m on Welbeck and so many many other examples.

  47. STV

    Peeps, Euro XI before the Semis?? Mine.

    – Payet Griezmann Bale
    – Ozil
    De Sciglio. Kroos. Hector
    – Chiellini Pepe Bonucci
    – Neuer

    Subs : Buffon Kante Hazard Renato Draxler Ramsey Guroud

    Honourable Mentions: Kuba Barzagli Boateng Siggurdson Srna Perisic Moratta DeRossi Mertens Gunter Milic

  48. Relieable Sauce


    Careful what you wish for 😉

    Wenger should quit if a limited budget is stopping him from addressing the glaring holes in the squad.
    Or at the very least, stop wasting money on “token” signings that are the last thing the squad needs.

  49. N5

    Sauce hit the nail on the head. If Wenger is so financially limited, why is he wasting money on prospects when there are urgent positions in the first team that need filling.

    Alex you really have to stop with all this. Even Wenger has said he has no restrictions so why are you arguing with him? Are you under the impression he’s a puppet that says what he’s instructed to say?

  50. Redtruth

    Kroenke keeps Wenger on board because he is precisely the type of manager who won’t kick up a fuss if funds are not readily avaiilable…

  51. Leedsgunner

    Or he can man up and score some goals himself, Fabregas scored regularly when he was here, other top playmakers in world football score goals as well …just saying…


    Although how about playing to people’s strengths? Plus, we already have one midfielder in Ramsey who forgets to do the basics right because he fancies himself as some all conquering goal scoring hero… do we need another?

    Furthermore, as soon as he started to miss, you know the criticism of him would be fierce as a selfish prima donna.

    Just saying. 🙂

    It’s not like we lack the money, we have been looking for a proper goal scorer since RvP left. What are we waiting for? For RvP’s son to grow of age?

  52. Joe

    Sauce hit the nail on the head. If Wenger is so financially limited, why is he wasting money on prospects when there are urgent positions in the first team that need filling.

    Alex you really have to stop with all this. Even Wenger has said he has no restrictions so why are you arguing with him? Are you under the impression he’s a puppet that says what he’s instructed to say?


    If the man had any self pride he would walk away.

    Alex. To throw it back at you. You so badly want to believe it’s all on kronke and nothing bad on wenger its distorting your thinking

    How many times does wenger have to come out and tell you kronke doesn’t limit spending etc

    And your point about player performances making wenger look good?

    Sorry son. Exact opposite. Makes wenger look like the useless manager that he is because he can’t get his players to perform underneath him. Why can’t wenger get Alexis to play like the golden ball winner. Or Ramsey to play so well. Or get giroud scoring when we need him too.

    And if we when is limited in funds. Why is he spending 16 m on a prospect defender and not spending a little more and getting a ready made one to fill holes we need filled.

    Logic would tell you ” hey I have limited finds. I need a striker. I’ll buy a striker.

    Wenger ” no. I’ll buy a 16 m pound kid defender who will never play and by the looks of it never turn out for Arsenal ”

    Not winning may things today are you Alex.

  53. Joe

    So next aeason when giroud goes on a goalless streak and the scores two against the bottom team and cups his hands to the fans again disrespecting the fans you give him a fucken job Because we all know it’s going to happen.

    Let’s see how much your talking about his performances in France and let’s see how much you cheer him on in WC qualifiers.

    You be happy with his performances for France Alex. I’ll stick to Arsenal thanks.

  54. Joe


    I did bring up the pep interview and how he brought up all the top managers in the PL

    and didnt mention Wenger.


    Even pep knows he’s shit

    And Wallace I live in the city proper that’s been ranked the best city to live in for years. 8 blocks from the beach and picnic ocean. 1.30 from the best ski and mountain bike hills in the world.

    How’s living with you mom in council housing

  55. Relieable Sauce

    Surprised Kroos didnt take a penalty vs Italy. He looked very relieved when he didnt have to take one.

  56. Moray

    There’s a lot of similarities between hodgson and wenger. I think Hodgson was the most highly paid manager there right?

    Both seem to have blind loyalties to unfit or underperforming players, both fail to instil mental strength in their teams and both seem to pay scant regard to. Where players play or how the opposition sets up. What else do they have in common? Their age.

  57. azed

    Surprised Kroos didnt take a penalty vs Italy. He looked very relieved when he didnt have to take one.

    Kroos to the first German penalty.

  58. Moray

    Joe, guardiola’s done his research and discovered that Wenger rarely beats good managers, and pretty much never when it counts and/or when their team is stronger. He will be more concerned with Klopp and conte than our fucking dinosaur who always goes into the season with 60% of a squad.

  59. Marko

    Early September Arsenal legends vs Milan legends charity match at the Emirates managed by Wenger and Capello. Henry Pires and co against Maldini Baresi and co. Pretty cool tbh. Paolo Maldini is arguably the best defender of all time.

  60. daz

    “German publication Bild have today released details of what they claim will be Mkhitaryan’s wages at his new club – and although he will earn less than fellow new signing Zlatan Ibrahimović, he will still be one of the highest earners at Manchester United.

    The newspaper claims that when the former Shakhtar Donetsk star completes his €42m (£35m) move from the Bundesliga giants, he will earn €12.5m (£10.4m) per year at his new club.

    At £200,000 per week, that would put him on par with Bastian Schweinsteger and David de Gea, and behind only Zlatan and captain Wayne Rooney.

    The report also states that Mkhitaryan will receive a signing on fee of €8m.

    It did not mention bonuses in relation to cup or league success, but such a structure is almost certain to exist given how commonplace it is in modern contracts.”

    Well not as cheap as I first thought he would be given being in the last year of his contract, the signing on fee alone would have put wenger off

  61. Red&White4life

    “Surprised Kroos didnt take a penalty vs Italy. ”

    I was very surprised to see Ozil taking one…
    But not to see him miss lol

  62. Red&White4life

    “Paolo Maldini is arguably the best defender of all time.”

    So why isn’t he in the wenger team ?? lol