Neymar just took the salary game next level | Sanchez busts ankle | Arsenal are quiet

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Worrying news this morning. AFTV fan personality Claude has gone missing, no one has heard from him. He suffers from depression. The police are involved. His friends and the Arsenal online community are obviously concerned about his wellbeing.

What I find really disgusting about the whole scenario is that people know he has problems, yet still troll him. That’s the issue with sad men (it’s almost always men) who sit behind computer screens. They don’t understand they’re talking to people. Real people, with real human emotions.

It’s just a sorry state of affairs that there are so many people online who take kicks from getting a reaction from someone they perceive as celebrity. If your existence online is built on hate, maybe you need to reconsider your existence?

Be nice to people on the internet, because you never know what’s going on with the person on the other side.

Keeping them all crossed for Claude.

In other news, Neymar has just renewed for… £571,000 a week! WHAT A DEAL MY LORD THAT IS CRAZY.

Football really is going totally mental at the moment. That salary is so far beyond the realms of anything. It’s interesting that in a world where the gap between rich and poor is growing so fast, we’re still clapping these sorts of salaries. Fair play to him for earning all that cash… it just feels pretty vulgar in a space that’s turning pretty nasty because of this sort of disparity.

Alexis put up this on the Twitter.

Pretty grotty. I did the same in similar conditions in December.



No shit, I still have issues off the back of it. It took about 2 months for the fluid to clear. The bruising took an age. I can run on it, but I’m probably not as fast as Sanchez was right now.

I appreciate he’ll get more than a special shoe and free HIV test to cure it, but jeez, that looks pretty damn serious for a pro-athlete. Total banter if we lose him before the start of the season.

Still not rumours on the transfer front. Kante apparently wants to go to Chelsea, Barcelona and Madrid all at the same time. United are looking at Pogba for £65m. I mean, things are shaping up over there. Mikk, Ibra and THE POG would be pretty exceptional summer biz. Rashford, Martial in the forward line… Schneiderlin. I mean, they have a pretty energetic team there.

I hate Jose so much for just doing things right. Even if it is only for three seasons.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see what Conte manages to do. He’s been super smart in France this summer so far. I like the cut of his JIB. No idea how that translates into club football. No idea what he’ll mean for the Premier League. What I do know is England is about to get pretty fucking good at football. We now have coaches that will be able to compete tactically with the best in the world. No more peasant football for us.

Right my little beauties, I’ll see you tomorrow. It’s July 4th weekend… when American’s celebrate us gifting them a country because we wanted to share the world.

Looking at you America…

P.S. If you’re looking for a pair of season tickets in block 96 (upper tier, sweet view if you’re a tactics genius like me) this year, drop me a mail. I have a man who has a dog, if you get what I mean. £1,350 each.

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  1. WengerEagle

    Kagawa was top class for Dortmund for 2 seasons and he’s literally it, you make it sound like there’s a wealth of talent to be had in Asia when there isn’t.

  2. champagne charlie


    “Sorry if it leaves everyone a bit pissed off that we’re signing some crusty Japanese player while the likes of Mkhitaryan, Nolito and prospects such as Dembele and Renato Sanches are being signed left right and centre.”

    But there we go, why is he being measured against those signings? Also dembele went to celtic so behaveeee. Is there an order we’re supposed to do our business to please the fans? If we go on and buy Lacazette and Mahrez will that make signing Asano OK? or do you need to buy those players first and then get the prospects in?

    The whole argument is mental. I didn’t drag up decade old examples because I was struggling, they’re the two most glaring examples of a nobody becoming something for us I could think of. You look through our team and there’s examples of obscure becoming a fixture or asset to us. Bellerin, Kos, Campbell, Iwobi have all performed in some sense for us and every one of them hit the first team or joined the squad to a resounding “who the fuck”, “oh here we go with the bargain BS”.

  3. Mysticleaves

    Did Wenger say “we looked at Higuain but Sanogo was the better fit” but that’s what he did.

    I defended Wenger at all cost not too long ago but men, its pointless.

    He just trolling us now. Proper trolling. Deep down you know Asano won’t play. We have prospects in the academy better than Asano that he doesn’t give chances so why waste 3m?

    We complain when stan takes 3m out of the club but what has Wenger done?

  4. seg

    Would you put it beyond Wenger trying to bring Van Persie back? I wouldn’t. Him being free and all.

  5. qna

    Charlie. You proved my point. Kagawa failed at a big club. Found himself at a club that is a rung off elite. Just because Dortmund > Arsenal last few years only shows that we are not elite. Not that Dortmund are. You have failed completely to prove you have basis for your outerage/disgust at my comment. What I said is harsh but fair. It extends to other nations like US, Canada etc. As well as some nations within the big confederations too. As in my original post I did not say a player would never emerge from Asia. I asked what are the chances that Wenger had found the first player that will excel.

    Jason. Ned Zelic a great player for us. But he did have his shot in Germany. Did well too. But not elite.

  6. Marko

    The issue shouldn’t be why get worked up about signing some kid prospect but instead about why do we generally sign the wrong prospects. I mean Bellerin and potentially Adelaide aside we generally sign up the wrong kind of prospects while the likes of Dortmund and Sevilla and Schalke and Juve sign up the legitimate obvious ones. We sign Asano alright but what was stopping us from signing Ousmane Dembele? Gabriel Jesus? El Ghazi? Bazoer? Embolo? Or do we just prefer the cheapest prospects?

  7. champagne charlie


    Behave mate, we have prospects better than Asano? When did your knowledge of the lad come to pass? I’m suspecting you’ve developed that scouting profile overnight so not really about to engage in fantasy arguments of who’s better in our academy when you can barely name anyone from it who’s come into the first team and done a thing. Please say bellerin so I can point to the glaring flaw….

    I’ve no idea Asano’s quality. The scouting team are doing what they’re paid for for once, which is to find talent across the globe and bring it here in the hopes it can be nurtured. I can’t hate that by any stretch because I’ve been asking where the next quality youngster is and why don’t we ever have a young player worth rooting for.

    Yes, I will be pissed if we aren’t doing that ALONGSIDE taking care of current squad deficiencies, however that question is up for answering until the window closes – so I’m quiet on it. We had Vardy in the bag until the last so I’d be stunned if we didn’t get an alternative, let’s wait and see.

  8. Mysticleaves


    Kos became a player for us after 2 and half seasons while he could have signed someone that could hit the ground and run.

    Others haven’t really done anything of not for us.

    Bellerin was an accident that wouldn’t have happened otherwise

  9. champagne charlie


    Yes mate, Kagawa failed at the massive Man United but does well at that tin pot Dortmund place. Your nonsense is impressive, twist and turn reality in all types of ways to make your point seem valid. Di Maria failed at United, lets chalk that up to him being shit too. What a pathetic argument.

    Ji-sung Park was one of Sir Alex Fergusons favourite and most dependable players during the big successes at United… another Asian who made it at a big club. But we’ll ignore him and you’ll probably say he was a squad player at best or something hilariously ignorant.

  10. Marko

    Also if it turns out as is being reported that Wenger will see out the final year of his contract and then take the English job and does fuck all again the whole summer that truly would be deplorable. Either go now and let someone have a go next season or try go out in a blaze of glory. Imo he should of fucked off the summer Ancellotti and Klopp were available

  11. Mysticleaves


    What Bellerin, Iwobi, Vela, Frimpong, Coq, Wilshere, Gibbs (at some point) etc did when there were given opportunities show that Arsenal have talented youngsters in their academy.

    However whenger doesn’t give them opportunities unless its to prove a point or 2 of his(Wilshere) or plain accident (bellerin, Coq)

  12. champagne charlie


    Yes Kos took time, he was someone we bought on potential rather than immediate impact. Exactly the same as this Asano kid but people are talking like he’s actually a Vardy alternative so how is that a fair appraisal?

    “Takuma is a talented young striker and very much one for the future. He has had an impressive start to his career in Japan and we look forward to him developing over the next couple of years.”

    Cut and paste straight from the Arsenal website, so why is this being judged as a transfer for right now where he inevitably doesn’t measure up? Surely fans have to recognise this as half the transfer strategy being taken care of, in that we’re identifying players from far and wide to come in and hopefully be something.

    I don’t get (well I do) the pessimism and vitriol.

  13. champagne charlie


    Lol frimpong? Mate that comment is dench. He was evidence in the extreme of our piss poor academy options, letting some genetic freak at 18 be considered quality when his football ability was close to that of a paraplegic

  14. Ishola70

    The decision to sign Asano was made two months ago when Arsenal scouts looked at him in the annual Toulon tournament.

    Now the Toulon tournament is known to be the annual european scout gathering for young talent with all the scouts from europe’s top club in attendance.

    The only competitors to Arsenal in signing Asano were Augsburg and I think Stuttgart were mentioned as well.

    Doesn’t shout top prospect signing really.

    His stock could raise with him being on show in the upcoming Olympics and if he does well in that tourney.

    Think Feyenoord was mentioned as a possible club to loan him to.

  15. Wallace

    at least none of the people losing their shit today over the Asano signing spent Jan through May bleating about our inability to unearth players like the Algerian Mahrez.

  16. WengerEagle


    Was taking about Ousmane Dembele not Moussa.

    You’re missing the point, he’s not a prospect he’s just a cheap signing that will never regularly play for the first team, how many examples do you want?

    Sanogo, Miyaichi, Park Chu Young, Bielik.

    And yeah, that would be nice if we actually went out and got th proper striker business done first before signing the Asano’s of this world.

    Bellerin was a top prospect in Barcelona’s academy, Campbell has done very little for us if we’rebeing honest and same goes for Iwobi, he’s done nothing much of note.

    Koscielny was the last bargain that Wenger pulled out the bag and that was 6 years ago. He came from France too, hardly that obscure.

    I’ll ask you again cause you didn’t answer, when has a top prospect ever been bought from Japan to England?

    There’s 100’s of Usami’s for every Kagawa.

    And that’s being very generous.

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Joe sounds good…
    Went there last year lovely country went to Toronto when the Panama games were on family really enjoyed will Deffo go back .

    People do polite an helpful ..

    Weird booze laws tho.?

    Fire fighting your only job or like many Brit fire fighters you have a second job?