Wenger refuses to admit he is in for OK striker

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Oh shut up Arsene, stop being a tease on Lacazette…

“I neither confirm or deny interest, if I say that I like the player it starts speculation”

I vaguely seem to remember him making some nice passes when we spanked Lyon in The Emirates Cup. Didn’t Sanogo score a hattrick? Phillipe Auclair has said before he doesn’t feel the Frenchman has what it takes to be an elite.

What he does have is pace and MORE goals in Ligue One than Chamakh had before coming over to sensationalise the Arsenal vision.

23 goals in Ligue One though. Isn’t that, like, getting 4 goals in season of Premier League warm-ups? Even the 34 year old Zlatan managed 900 goals last year. That said, he plays with far better players and against people who are scared of confronting him through fear of becoming a Zlatan ‘no way he did that’ Ibrahimovic meme.

The GUNNERS are confident Wenger will refuse the overtures of ENGURLAND. Apparently, Gareth Southgate refused the job. Thank the lord. I still think it’d be a smart move for Wenger. He could stay in London. He’d still be able to pick up a table at sweet AF restaurants around London. I mean, I’m not sure how a loss in a major tournament would go down… but at least we’d finish a steady top four. Can’t argue that, can you?

Chelsea are offering Hazard for Morata. Quite crazy anyone would use Hazard as a make-weight. That’s one of the best players around, being swapped out for a kid? Crazy…

Madrid are considering Alaba for 65m euros! Incredible fees.

The summer is starting to get exciting… and also sad. We’re the poor kid at Christmas, looking through our rich neighbours window wishing that Occulus Rift was under our tree. Then we look back, and realise, shit, dad is way rich, where the f*ck is my Occulus Rift?

‘The market is crazy son, no way I was shelling out for that.’

‘But Dad’

‘Shhhhh… enjoy your Sega Megadrive’

Jeez… so upsetting.

It is what it is. Pray some movement is going on behind the scenes. We’ve lost out on two players, that usually means we’ve lost out on our summer.

So depressing.




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  1. Ishola70

    Hiroshima executives admit there has been a formal application from Arsenal to sign Takuma Asano.

    700 million yen


    Expected he will be signed and then go on loan straight away.

  2. Frost


    “Hiroshima executives admit there has been a formal application from Arsenal to sign Takuma Asano.700 million yenYipee!Expected he will be signed and then go on loan straight away.”

    And you guys said Wenger didn’t have a plan b. Shame on you

  3. Ishola70

    Pep is going all Takuma Asano as well.

    Signing a Ukrainian kid who plays in Russia for Ufa on the cheap and then throwing him to the Dutch League on loan.

    Zinchenko for 3.5m

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Tacuma Asano may be signed by Arsenal, but I doubt that he will meet the current regulations, which allow him to play for us in EPL and CL.

    If he is signed he will land up being loaned out in Europe

    What does concern me is that this is yet another low budget Far East Signing, which will never play for us. We have already two precedents with players from Korea and Japan.

    I am all for speculating to accumulate, but why is the club constantly investing money in this way?

  5. STV

    Junichi Inamoto…Ryo Miachi…. Park Cho Young…

    Tacumaaa Asaano!!!!!!!!!….

    And they say Wenger has no eye for a talent.. Look at the long line of Asian Messis he uncovered.. In your face moaners!!!

  6. Wallace


    “I am all for speculating to accumulate, but why is the club constantly investing money in this way?”

    everyone does it. Chelsea have about 40 players out on loan in various parts of the world. the fact Asano’s 21 means we’ll know quite quickly if he’s up to it. he’s certainly the kind of striker we’re in need of – a quick, instinctive finisher.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    Yes other clubs do it including Chelsea, but most of the players they recruit have at least the prospect of playing for them.

    They originate from countries in Europe or South America, which at least qualify them to play in EPL or CL if they make the grade.

    Japan is so far down the FIFA ranking list that it is highly unlikely to qualify even if he continues to play in National Team.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Incidentally the latest Transfermarkt listings have been published with Xhaka now included. The squad’s valuation has risen by almost £40 million!

    Only Man City and Chelsea are valued above us, but in case of latter they have a
    larger number of players listed.

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    T-shirt signing, if at all. this Jap chap. Puma would have disagreed to pay up because in Far East Arsenal shirts are not selling anymore. But 700 million yen (read 5.0 mill pounds) is far too high if its for T-shirts.

    anyway, about money…AAKB. about money, Arsene Always Knows Best.

  10. Wallace

    Mickey G

    “With Brexit , a fall in value for Sterling, financial uncertainty etc… no way economist Wenger is going to do anything exciting now.”

    the worry was that with all the money from the new tv deals that the English league would pull even further away from the leagues of Spain, Germany, Italy & France. Brexit’s going to dilute the effects of that, my worry for Arsenal/English football is will foreign players still be as keen to come here now.

  11. Red&White4life

    “Wenger refuses to admit he is in for OK striker”

    Classic wenger : there is not many TOP QUALIDY players available…

  12. Ishola70

    Arsenal have put a bid of 5m euros for the Jap kid.

    Augsburg put in a bid of 3m euros.

    Wenger wins out!

    Apparently Arsenal became really interested in this kid when they scouted him at the last Toulon tournament just gone and decided then that they would go in for him.

    No chance at all that he plays in the first team straight away. He will be loaned out most probably to the Dutch League.

    Hiroshima fans are concerned about his future because they see what happened to the other Japs that joined Arsenal.

    Welcome to Arsenal Takuma!

    The “Jaguar”!

    That’s his nickname innit.

  13. Black Hei

    I think we are after Riyad Mahrez to play on the right.

    The silence, the Kante smoke screen by Wenger all points in this direction.

    We will probably sign a striker as a replacement for Campbell, but I have no idea who. And I don’t mean Asano, who is more of a Campbell-like punt.

  14. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal has three players as choices to buy from ManU: Rashford, Lindegaard, Martial (in the order). After Zlatan has come around, anyone of these will certainly get loaned out. Unlesss of course, ManU is bent upon spending more than what Arsenal has spent in last 7 summers.

  15. Dream10


    One of our major issues, is we don’t sell very well. Take Wilshere for example. He isn’t a regular XI for us. I am sure clubs like West Ham, Liverpool and Man City (interest in consecutive summers) are willing to pay 35-40m pounds for him. Walcott is a similar case, although he is on high wages. Perhaps reduce the fee for him. It’s important to try to move on the middle class players (7/10) who are on very high wages (if Wilshere signs a deall till 2021) and get in more productive. We complain on here when Arsenal are routinely outbid in terms of wages to make additions, but overpay average/decent players and hamstring ourselves.

    Do you see Wilshere starting 35-40 matches this season?

  16. Dream10

    According to Dan Cutts of the Sun, Crystal Palace offered Batshuayi 110k pounds per week and Chelsea blew them out of the water. Michy is probably on 150k pounds per week now. Teams trying to sign Lukaku and Morata will have to match that.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah who really cares about this Takuma, no idea what the thought process is behind that, whether its commercially inspired or what have you, but its relatively small money we’re talking. Likely will get loaned out and then might get a few FA Cup appearances or something, then forgotten.

    One of those buys big clubs occasionally make, but he should not be counted as transfer business ‘proper’ this summer, not at all.

  18. Ishola70

    “Friday transfer rumors”

    Rumors? Rumours?

    Jap kid is done.

    No reason for Hiroshima to turn down 5m and the kid will be pissing his pants at the thought of turning out for Arsenal one sunny day.

    In the bag.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Palace sign Townsend and Gayle goes the other way, Townsend was brilliant at the end of the season, if he can keep that up then that’s a decent signing for what is essentially £3 Million.

    Everton and Liverpool to fight over Witsel apparently.

  20. Wallace


    my feeling is we’ll buy another couple first and then look to offload some of the players on the fringes. might be wrong, but if teams are bidding 30m for Troy Deeney, I don’t think we’ll have any trouble shifting the likes of Walcott, the Ox, (maybe) Ramsey…I’d keep Wilshere though.

  21. Jim lahey

    @KC – “Wenger’s already playing to half empty stadiums and you want him to dump all the English players?”

    Don’t think the stadium is anywhere near half empty… Also… hate to even say this, peanuts is right. The English players are dross, none of them are good enough to play for Arsenal.


    Apart from being horrendously injury prone, not one of these players is good enough for a staring position in any of the “Top 4”.

  22. seg

    Jack Wilshere will be my first cull all day long. At least all others contributed something how ever small last few years. Which is more than could be said for him.

  23. Red&White4life

    @STV : you’re comment there : GFY.

    The fact that we’ve signed another unknown kid tells you a lot about wenger’s ambition…

  24. Red&White4life

    For your defence STV, I think I (really) should stop putting all those “lol” in every phrase I type.

    It’s like a fucking addiction lol (f*********ck!!)

  25. freddylekgunner

    Chelsea has officially released Falcao and Pato today lol. Won’t be surprised now if we are linked with Pato now

  26. Red&White4life

    Bamford, I though it was a joke but apparently it’s very serious!!

    Freddy : why not linked with Falvao ?? lol

  27. Bamford10

    Apparently Claude’s daughter is less worried than others are. Says her father sometimes doesn’t answer his phone.

  28. Bamford10

    Don’t get me excited like that, Freddy.

    And you want the past tense there, i.e., “wanted”. Not sure that’s an accurate description of my view, but I think I did say he wouldn’t be a bad punt. And actually if you watched him play, he looked pretty good.

    Why you’re taking empty shots at me for no reason, however, I haven’t the foggiest. Duly noted, though.

  29. freddylekgunner

    Bamford sorry if you see it that way, but when I saw the news I remembered your January posts.

  30. Bamford10

    If I see it what way? What a lame reply. Get a life, Freddy. A healthy Pato was better than anyone at Arsenal bar Ozil and Alexis. That you think it would be damning for me to say we should take a look at Pato only reveals your lack of football knowledge.

  31. freddylekgunner

    There you go again Bamford, only in your deluded mind is Pato better than anyone else at Arsenal bar Ozil and Sanchez. And you talk about football knowledge, that’s an irony.

  32. naijagunner

    Pato better than everybody at Arsenal bar Ozil and Sanchez

    The same way Aston Vila midfielder Sanches was better than Coquelin after watching him a full 3 minutes

    God you do hate Arsenal Players

  33. STV

    Pato was showing signs of old self in Brazilian league after his downward spiral. Tbh I too would have told the same then seeing how bad our attackers were apart from Giroud.(in Jan)

  34. naijagunner

    “There’s already an emblematic player [at Manchester United] who’s starting to drag his weight around the pitch a little bit – Wayne Rooney – in a very physical league, where it’s often box-to-box and where you really ask your forwards to have a physical dimension,” he told French radio station RMC.

    “Maybe Ibra can bring a different touch, but he’s not the player that I was expecting at Manchester United, to be honest. Maybe I’m mistaken – I don’t know. I think it’s a bit of a gamble.”

    – Emmanuel Petite

  35. Ishola70

    naija why drag up copy and pastes from an ex Arsenal player about Ibra.

    If he is going to be a failure then you should be relaxed about it . Shouldn’t be a talking point.

    Are you secretly worried that he will turn out pretty good for United?

  36. naijagunner

    @ Ishola

    I have no worries over unit, even when they were average they still managed to get points off us so i don’t see what difference their being good makes

    Just pointing out that not every one things its such a cut and dry conclusion he is going to set the league on fire

    Petite is known for being very objective in his views no matter what club he speaks about

  37. Ishola70


    “Just pointing out that not every one things its such a cut and dry conclusion he is going to set the league on fire”

    Ah right. All I have read on here about him is that he is a geriatric that will struggle with the infamous physicality of the EPL and he will get into a strop and fail.

    Great signing for the EPL as a whole though. Big character.

  38. N5

    It amazes me that people call Wenger tight. He’s just about to spend 700 million on a single player!! Tight, my ass!!

    What, 700 million yen? that’s 1 for 1 isn’t it?

  39. Peter12

    If you ask me (nobody is), the management look like the petrified rabbit in the headlights, not knowing which way to turn. I can we’ll see NO NEW RECRUITS come the end of the window except for a freebies or similar. Totally unable to fathom out how to operate in this inflated market. Given on top that they (seem to) operate in a serial fashion rather that chasing all the leads and progressing them – ala ” Vardy …. wait … wait, oh no he turned us down, who next “, we have chance the season to keep up with the others, as we’ll hardly have enough to put out a decent team; we have ONE SINGLE reliable central-defender and ONE SINGLE erratic striker. What have the management being doing since the last season ended? And, why oh why are Wallcott, the Ox, Chambers, Gibbs, even Willshire still around? I cannot believe these people (the management) have been given the responsibility to look after the 5th richest club on earth. Where is the management? Have they abdicated?

  40. Marko

    MarkoHe had a bad injury, no? How did he “piss” his career away?

    Bad injury sure definitely attitude problems too. For every Ronaldinho there’s like 15 Adriano’s who do not give a shit. I would say having a decent season and a half with Milan years ago counts as a wasted career

  41. Peter12

    Sorry about the typing error(s) by the way. I meant to type “We have NO chance to keep up with the others”. My apologies for that an a few other typos. Cheers.

  42. Ishola70

    Spurs still trying for that striker.

    AZ have turned down an offer from Spurs of around 17m euros. Want more for him.

    AZ being advised by money-ball creator Billy Beane on this.

    Janssen meanwhile is getting pissed off with it all. Wants his move to Spurs to sit on their bench.

  43. STV

    “Bad injury sure definitely attitude problems too. For every Ronaldinho there’s like 15 Adriano’s who do not give a shit. I would say having a decent season and a half with Milan years ago counts as a wasted career”

    Marko sorry to say that’s almost an idiotic analysis ..

  44. Dream10

    It seems Chelsea are chasing Morata in addition to signing Batshuayi.
    Atletico are looking to bring back Diego Costa.
    A Morata + cash deal for Hazard is also making the rounds.

    Don’t think we’ll sign Lacazette because of the 40-45m pound price tag.
    Good but not great.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Costa back to Ateltico would be interesting.

    Rumours are Madrid will offer Morata and £35 Million for Hazard, though I’m not sure how much Conte will want to completely level that side, lets be honest when Costa and Hazard are focused they are top rate talent.

    But then equally, maybe he will, new ethos in the club, making sure the players are really his, Morata and Batshuayi will certainly bring a youthful, energetic excitement to Chelsea.

    Looks as if Nainggolan or Kante may be heading to Chelsea and I would expect some defenders, maybe some from the Italian national team?

  46. N5

    Wenger heard the boo’s at the end of the season. He is seeing the tide change and although he is more than aware it’s currently the minority he must be aware that it’ll just get worse.

    If he goes in under prepared this season then he isn’t just deluded, he’s arrogant, disrespectful and a f-ing lunatic.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    I really think they will have to cordon off the Emirates Stadium in that case, the toxicity levels will be enough to get the government involved.

  48. N5

    Cesc, he surely couldn’t go in this season repeating the same shit he has for so many years, surely!! not even Wenger can be that arrogant? surely!

    If I keep saying surely will it make a difference?


  49. grooveydaddy

    the 2007-2010 Pato was probably better than anybody at Arsenal bar Sanchez or Ozil

    recurring injuries and apparent lack of motivation has totally killed him off

    shame, really…

  50. Cesc Appeal


    He can, totally he can, I guarantee there would be people saying ‘he bought Xhaka so he clearly is not afraid to spend so clearly there was nothing available worth us spending on.’

    This is again why I’m so looking forward to a new manager, so that we can have full, honest debates about Arsenal, not batting from any particular side, half the crap the pro-Wenger lot spout I really think they don’t even believe, and then the other side can often be way too critical of Wenger or too quick to jump on him, myself included.

    This year is interesting, because the league is going to be ultra competitive and Arsenal fans can now see the end of the road with Wenger, and by the AST’s end of season surveys more than half of people don’t want him here for the 2017/18 season. So he has to do something, you would think, for me it doesn’t matter what he does, I want him gone, but for others a really successful transfer window and decent campaign may mean they can accept another 1-2 years.

  51. Marko

    STV how so?

    How idiotic is it to say Pato is more Adriano than Ronaldinho. Also WE I disagree about Ronaldinho not giving a shit. The guy was still playing professionally in top flight football till recently and he’s what 38 ish? Definitely still keeps in shape. Has he even retired

  52. Micheal


    I really think they will have to cordon off the Emirates Stadium in that case, the toxicity levels will be enough to get the government involved.

    What government ? The same bunch of xenophobic, racists who engineered the break up of the UK, withdrawal from the EU and endangered our security, economy and welfare for their own grubby personal glory ?

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Okay everyone, from now on no mentions, references or anything to government, Europe or anything else that can be remotely tied into a political rant.

    Seriously, just get off and over it now, at this point its tedious looking for the slightest opening to go off on one, plenty of places you can waste your time bitching about the result and the government. Think everyone is pretty sick of it on here…being an Arsenal blog and everything.

  54. Samesong

    Wenger will wait until after the euros and say there is no one better than my players

    Wenger will wait until after transfer window and say no one out there to improve our squad

  55. STV


    Basically Ronaldindho and Pato had similar problems imo. They took the foot of the pedel. In the case of Pato injury didn’t help. It’s fair to say Chelsea was bad move to him. Should have stayed in Brazil and focussed on getting his career back on track. But I think Pato at Milan was a fantaatic player and beautiful to watch. He didn’t have attitude problems at all..

    Ronaldindho, as WE said didn’t give a shit for some time and by the time he got his head back he wàs too old and a shadow of old self. Too much drinking and partying be 2006 and 2010 sadly blocked what would’ve been the greatest career we have ever seen.. The prime Ronaldindho was absolute thing of beauty. There’s nothing quite like it. That’s an attitude issue imo.

    I would give a lot of credit to Adriano who at his day was abeast of striker. Being so limited technically he punched above his weight for years and by the time he hit his late 20s he was a spend force. (Like Nadal in tennis if you ask me although nothing spectacular abt him) Theres was no surprise about his career.

    This is my take hope it helps

  56. WengerEagle


    He’s just been picking up a paycheck for the last 10 years mate, he used to be caught sleeping in the Barcelona training complex empty rooms because he was usually shitfaced from the night before.

    His prime lasted from 2002-2006 and after that his performances fell off a cliff.

    His last decent season in Europe came in 2009/10 for AC Milan and even then he was a shadow of the player that humiliated the Galacticos.

    If he had even half of Cristiano Ronaldo’s work ethic and unquenchable desire to be the best in the world, we’d be talking about him in the same breath as Maradona, Pele and Messi.

  57. WengerEagle

    ‘Being so limited technically he punched above his weight for years and by the time he hit his late 20s he was a spend force. ‘

    Disagree, Adriano was actually a wonderful technical footballer but because he was 6 foot 3 and weighed 200 odd pounds he was used more as a battering ram of a CF.

    The guy could definitely play though, he had an incredible football brain and very good skill on the ball.

    With him it was almost completely an attitude problem, he never got the ghetto kid out of his system and it ruined him in the end, the partying, shagging, drinking and binge-eating caught up with him as did the missed training sessions which infuriated every manager he ever had.

    Was a great story about him being locked in a room before he was transferred in Brazil being forced to lose weight in order to sign a contract for some club.

  58. Marko

    Granted he could of stayed at the top a little longer but I don’t think Ronaldinho will look back on his career and think about what if certainly not like Adriano and Pato. I mean he won league titles, champions league and a couple balon dor’s if I’m not mistaken’

  59. WengerEagle

    A little longer? He was 26 when he basically semi-retired from footy!

    Messi is 29 and Ronaldo is 31 to put it into perspective, both are still at their peak (Ronaldo arguably is just starting to wane in the last 6-12 months).

    Of course he won’t have any regrets in terms of he completed the game at age 26 by winning the World Cup, the Copa America, the Champions League, League titles and 2 Ballon D’ors.

    But there will always be the what if given that from a natural ability perspective, he was better than Messi, Maradona and Pele.

    As great as he was he was a flash in the pan compared to Messi/Ronaldo.

  60. N5

    “With him it was almost completely an attitude problem, he never got the ghetto kid out of his system and it ruined him in the end, the partying, shagging, drinking and binge-eating caught up with him as did the missed training sessions which infuriated every manager he ever had.”

    If I’d not know any better I’d have thought you were talking about me. Well apart from the shagging!!

  61. STV


    I didn’t say he didn’t have attitude problems I said it’s not surprising how his career went. By the time he went to his late 20s he was overweight, injury prone and hit with lack of form. Bug unlike other 2 that had been coming for him.

    I think he was one of the least technical players in that Brazil team. Im not saying he didn’t have any technique. But he was more of a juggernaut as compared to their other strikers. I wouldnt put him in the same bracket as Ronaldo, Ronaldindho, Pato Robinho, or Kaka.

    His physical style of play helped him in his prime and his loss of fitness meant he was never the same player.

  62. Ishola70

    Ronaldinho was a very influential signing for Atletico Mineiro just a few years back, played some great football for them and was an important aspect in them winning their first and only Copa Libertadores.

    So he wasn’t really “retired” as long as some may think.

  63. STV

    In my personal opinion, if the continues injuries didn’t hurt his footballing career, Ronaldo would have bettered every other players ever played the game.

  64. WengerEagle


    Yeah fair point but the guys you are talking about were all elite ballers, Adriano in the modern game IMO would have just as good technique as any CF barring possibly Suarez, Benzema and Ibrahimovic.

    I’d exclude Pato in that btw, he had good technique too but his game was more based around his electric pace and killer finishing ability than his dribbling ability.

  65. N5

    “Mate you’ve banged Gareth Barry’s sister!”

    Have you seen her? she looks like Gareth with long Ginger hair so it’s not as big a win as you’d think 😀

  66. WengerEagle


    True but Bernard looked a beast in the same team as Jo actually scored plenty of goals.

    Gives you an indication of the quality that we’re talking about.

    This is the guy who was embarrassing Sergio Ramos and Ilker Casillas not too long before.

  67. WengerEagle


    Have to ask you a question I’ve always wondered about particular BPL footballers that aren’t fast or that good going forward:

    Was he any good at ‘World Cup’ as a whippersnapper?

  68. N5

    Eagle, we used to play specials a lot. I’m not sure what you call that in Ireland but it’s bascially you could only score with headers or volleys and if it bounced you lost a life. Barry was the master at it, he would batter us. We called World Cup, Wembley and most the time he’d go in goal and he’d come out and batter us all so never needed to make a save.

    Honestly. I know he doesn’t tear up trees, but in comparison to us he was Maradona.

  69. WengerEagle


    Haha that’s mad, the guy is an extremely gifted footballer alright but I just find it hard to envisage him battering people around the place even as a kid. He was obviously way ahead of the rest of the pack though.

    Yeah we call that ‘Red-ass’ over here, similar rules but whoever was the keeper at the end (usually 10 goals) has to turn around and bend over on the line while the others mercilessly take 5-10 yard shots on him.

    Great game. 😀 Improved our shooting accuracy to no end.

  70. St. Mark's Place

    That’s right Pete. I think that Arsenal’s behavior in the summer transfer window gets weirder every year. We will not get a top striker, not even a top prospect. Arsene will promote Chuba or the new Nigerian kid thinking he will buy himself some media stories with the angle, “is X the new Thierry Henry?”. Only this year the press is not biting, they are finished with the new dawn at Arsenal stories. The press and the blogosphere are now the same as us, rolling their eyes at AFC execs, saying, “don’t the boys in the exec box know that everybody knows that the emperor is stark naked and has a small dick with an identifying birth mark.”