England: The result our thinking deserved

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Oh my England, what are you like?

Men of their beliefs… true commitment to the cause of Brexit. Never has it been so amusing to New Yorkers to have an Englishman in their office.

‘Pete, I don’t get soccerball or the EU, but your country is sucking ass this week’

The players didn’t really let us down, because the way they played last night is the way they’ve played under Roy Hodgson across two tournaments. I slated the man after Brazil and I’ll slate him again. He’s completely average as a manager. He’s a dated thinker, he’s tactically weak, he was totally blown away with price tags and reputation, he didn’t understand how to make component parts work together and the players were completely uninspired.

To be honest, you should be fired for saying things like the above. It’s such an unbelievably English (circa 1996) thing to say.

Here’s the thing. England don’t have a bad squad of players. It’d be hard to argue that we didn’t have the best strikers at the Euros. I might not rate Vardy, but Wenger does enough to slap a £20m bid in for him. Daniel Sturridge is an electric player. Harry Kane is, well, good for goals. We had Rashford, who looked great when he came on. I mean, that’s a forward line that could do some damage.

… but the midfield. Erick Dier, just a man beast thug from the nineties who isn’t a midfielder by trade. No real craft to his game, very weak sideways passer. Alli, looks great in a Spurs shirt, a bombastic player, powerful and mobile, but totally awful for England. He lost the ball 84 times this tournament, the most of any player. Then you have Wayne Rooney. Nothing says more about our press than the cooing over his performances. He is a fat man who lost his edge as a brilliant forward. He doesn’t understand how to be a midfielder. Being a once ‘good’ footballer does not make you an expert in every position. His positional play was weak, his ability to transition the ball up the pitch was laughable at times and we suffered big time because of him.

I mean, Joe Hart didn’t help. A reliable keeper most of the time. But hey, this was Manchester City.

England should have had a place for Jack Wilshere. I know he was rusty, but the guy knows how to move a ball from deep, he has a great range of passing and he can dribble through the lines.

If you can’t beat Iceland, you deserve to exit the tournament. A terrible, terrible side… with a system.

The absolute joke of it all is we still have the same FA appointing the next manager. A bunch of clueless establishment old white men in suits who have no idea about how to develop the game. We should have a mass cull like the Germans did back in the day. We should send the new overlord of the FA a copy of Das Reboot by Rapha Honigstein and demand they read it. Then we start again. No Aidy Boothroyd. No Gareth fucking Southgate. No chance of Alan Shearer coming in because he used to shout a lot back in the day AND SHOWED REAL ENGLAND PASSION.

We need a better infrastructure. We need a rethink on our approach. We need to bring in people from countries that understand the modern game… or, hire people from THIS country who know what they’re talking about but might not come with a reputation for being a thug manager in the early noughties. There are so many young, super-smart coaches who have taken their badges. Why aren’t they near the setup? Why aren’t they given a chance to bring their ideas to the table? Why isn’t this a meritocracy?

Get me some vision. Find me a new football philosophy. Let’s push things forward.

Big shout out to Alexis for winning his second Copa. He didn’t get to score the winning penalty, but I think he was basically responsible for retiring the greatest of all time. The final was a spectacular feast of violence and bad reffing. Poor finishing prevented Argentina capitalizing on their possession and quality superiority.

Great thing with that tournament finishing and the Euros climaxing is we can watch anxiously as Wenger fails to build on his early summer transfer glory. Absolute banter when preseason starts and we only have a Xhaka… internal promotions for kids and a pay as you play deal for Sol Campbell and Bobby P.


… but I fear it might be. Wenger thinks three players is all it’ll take. He also thinks he can holiday for a month, which means there are unlikely to be wholesale changes to the way we think and operate.

This season is going to be great or tragic… we’ll see.

RIGHT, have a good day. BIG LOVE.


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  1. WengerEagle


    Yeah it’s becoming a numbers game to these fuckers, mass casualties at any cost.

    Most of these attacks are being commited by young men that are practically boys, not much older than myself, (if at all), in 9-11 the vast majority of the attackers were early to mid 20’s.

    Brings about some pressing questions, namely, who are the cunts behind the scenes sending out these kids to carry out their dirty work and give their own lives in the process?

    One of the Paris attackers that blew himself up was a 20 year old ffs, he should be out chasing girls (or lads) and have a laugh with his mates, he was just a kid.

    When you see pictures from the ISIS strongholds of 7-10 years olds holding semi-automatic weapons it makes you despair, what chance do these kids have?

    Being born in the wrong part of the world is their true crime.

  2. Chika

    Don’t kid yourselves, Wenger is too good for the England job.

    Please, settle for Neville or Southgate. We need more comic reliefs.

    “We have a good crop of young players” haha who exactly? Dier? Alli? Stones? Rashford? Wilshere? OX? Would these players excite guys from Spain/Germany/Italy/France/Portugal/Belgium???

    A poster was seriously lamenting the absence of Welbeck.

    Even the best coaches still need top class footballers to work with.

    The three lions are the like the Everton /Stoke city of Europe. It’s never gonna change, just accept your fate.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    That’s what I’m thinking, but big money, big stature as England boss, would be a buzz around him given his age and his modern approach.

    Very difficult job to take for anyone, personally I do like the idea of Klinsmann…obviously would much prefer Wenger, come on Pedro get behind #Wengland

  4. WengerEagle


    True I suppose, the people being killed are just your regular civilians though so they deserve just as much ink as someone in Belgium or Paris gets IMO.

    You’re right though, we’ve just largely been desensitized to this sort of thing happening unfortunately so it’s no longer a major news story as it happens every few weeks now.

  5. Relieable Sauce

    Feels kind of good to know the whole world is so concerned with the UK.

    When do we officially join the Axis of Evil???

  6. loyika

    “Political Class” i meant to type.

    @ CA

    LOL on everyone following the Ruggers!! Or probably just tuning to Cricket. As for Howe!? Unless Rooney calls time on hus Int career like Messi i doubt Eddie Howe will be able to handle him being England captain. That would be amd Ego battle which i very much doubt Howe can win (would have been worst if Terry, Gerrard, Lamps were still playing)

    My money is on Southgate as the safe option (while secretly looking for someoneelse) I doubt the FA suits would love Pardrew. Hey!! What about Big (fat) Sam!?

  7. Chika

    Honestly, I’d be surprised if any top level world class coach who has a reputation to protect/build accepts the England job. He’s definitely bound to fail woefully.

  8. WengerEagle

    Eddie Howe is as good a bet as anyone.

    – Ambitious
    – Young
    – Could use a new challenge as he’s overachieved with Bournemouth.
    – Plays postive attacking football.
    – Gets the best of and more out of poor and average players.
    -Even gets the English seal of approval.

  9. WengerEagle

    If you were to look foreign, why look beyond Bielsa?

    He’d stick a rocket up half the primadonna’s backsides and his first order of business would be binning the failed Rooney in CM experiment.

  10. loyika

    But can he handle the dressing room!? Which top player has he managed to discipline players like Alli, Kane or Rooney!? At least Southgate can claim to have managed most of them at Under 21 level.

    Why should Gary Cahil and Joe Hart follow Howe’s instructions (when they play for managers like Pep and Conte!?)

  11. WengerEagle

    With us (Ireland) it’s a simple lack of quality available in the squad, our two best footballers are Robbie Brady and Wes Hoolahan who were both just relegated with Norwich City, Wes doesn’t even start for them anymore and is 34.

    You look at the England side and the likes of Harry Kane, Daniel Strurridge, Joe Hart, Eric Dier, Delli Alli, Jamie Vardy, etc just starred for the likes of BPL champions Leicester City, Spurs, Liverpool, City, etc. All below the age of 30 too.

    Would a single Iceland player get in the England XI on paper?

    Their talisman isn’t even Swansea City’s best player.

    I just don’t get how England can fail time and time again in major tournaments, feel sorry for the supporters.

  12. loyika

    When does Wenger get back to work!? When actually does pre season begin? Hope we get a signing before they jet off orelse what we see for preseason is what we will get come 1st game of the new EPL!

    And just imagine players like Kos, Ozil and probably Alexis might be rested and we face Mane in our first game against Pool. Bliss!!

  13. Cesc Appeal


    FA have got a job on, because another Woy type appointment and the FA itself will come under attack.


    Agreed, time for an adult conversation because this current silence just is not helping anyone and is building a feeling of resentment and mistrust.

  14. WengerEagle


    It’s not about following Howe’s barking orders, it’s about buying into his belief of how the game should be played and how England can maximise their potential in an international tournament, worse sides of other nations have gotten to World Cup Semi Finals and European Championship Finals than this current England side.

    If none of the England players were impressed by the job that Howe performed with Bournemouth last season than they don’t have any sort of understanding of the nature of the modern game, Howe comfortably kept Bournemouth up in their first ever BPL season missing a few of his star players all the while he played football that was pleasant to watch for the neutral.

    When Pep Guardiola took over Barcelona’s first team why should any of their star men have given a toss about what he was saying? Sure he was a great player but so were all of them.

    Who was Jose Mourinho the first time he walked into the FC Porto dressing room? At least Pep had a top playing career to fall back onto in terms of winning the respect of his players, Mourinho didn’t have this.

  15. WengerEagle

    Boufal has had an amazing season statistically in France, I’m not going to pretend that I’ve watched him play but I’m surprised that he hasn’t really been talked about, kind of been overshadowed by Ben Arfa and Ousmane Dembele.

  16. WengerEagle


    Just seems to be human nature to want to ignore the 500 pound Elephant in the room doesn’t it?

    It’s the type of thing that we need kids to start being educated about in school, it’s not right that school leavers can have no clue about what’s going on around the world.

  17. Marko

    Yeah 13 in 29 games. Not bad at all considering he’s only been at Lille just over a year. Seems to be very Gotze/Fekir like very pacy and can play most attacking positions

  18. loyika

    Homestly if you asked me i would go for Alan Pardrew.

    Would command instant respect, (would definately not take shit from the players or anyoneelse for that matter) will be able to handle the media and can guide England while we see how Howe progresses as a club manager to take over i future. Pardrew amd Southgate as his deputy would be the way to go.

    It would be a shame for Howe to get thrown in at the deep end so early in his career me thinks (and to be analysed by divvies like Lineker (why do i hate that guy so much) and the other ex football brigade if things go pear shaped)

  19. WengerEagle


    It’s his dribbling stats that caught my eye, the guy is literally up there with Ben Arfa, Brahimi and the Barcelona elite as one of the best dribblers in Europe.

    Loses the ball more often than Ben Arfa and the other boys though, an aspect of his game he needs to improve on.

    Overall he wouldn’t suit us opposite Sanchez, would be a good shout for someone like Sours though.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Just getting this image of a politician being crushed by the elephant.

    ‘Now will you admit you see it…’


  21. WengerEagle

    ‘Would command instant respect,’

    You sure you’re talking about Alan Pardew?

    He’s been around the block fifty times over and he’s never pound for pound had a more impressive season than Howe has just had with Bournemouth.

    Maybe 2011/12 with Newcastle, he’s just another proven bang average gaffer though isn’t he?

  22. Cesc Appeal

    The Wenger bandwagon is actually starting!

    DM saying England may wait twelve months and take an interim boss whilst they wait…


  23. Dream10

    Batshuayi heading to Chelsea for 40m euros. He was rated by some analysts as the best striking prospect on the market.
    22 and a lot of time to improve.

    We need a CB as much as we need a #9.
    Teams linked to Garay, Benatia, Mustafi and Koulibaly. Looks like AW pin his hopes on Gabriel smh

  24. Josip Skoblar

    Boufal plays for Losc. I saw him play a few games this season on French TV. Quite impressed by the lad. His dribbling skills remind me of the early Hazard.

  25. Ishola70


    Yeah I’ll put up links in future. L’Equipe were the first to break it.

    All this means is if Wenger seriously wants Lacazette then he is going to have to shell out a fair pretty price.

  26. Troy McClure

    England need a manager who has just the slightest amount of courage, who will make a few changes proactively, and not be afraid of the players. Why the hell is the passenger Wayne Rooney in the lineup in a new position? He’s out of shape and not very bright to begin. Also, why play the same garbage lineup game after game when it is clearly not working? Tame, cowardly and stupid.
    Back to Arsenal – I’d like them to revisit the Draxler deal – call it the Draxler Ultimatum. He’s skiled, competitive, fast enough, and resilient from playing in the German system. He’s big enough to lead the line, over 6 foot. Miles better than that cheating bastard, one trick pony Vardy, who tried his “kick it past the defender and stick the leg in front of his” move to get a penalty. Higuain is fat and out of shape, Lukaku is ok but overpriced, and that Brazilian – who knows anything about him? It’s a big risk.

  27. Troy McClure

    In the 1st England match, Sterling and Kane totally sucked. Rooney huffed and puffed and missed a bunch of Hollywood passes. It was totally dysfunctional and they couldn’t beat a below average opponents. So what does Hodgson do? Analyze why it went wrong and make changes? No, rollout the same bunch of arrogant inderacheiving knob heads, Sterling and Kane continue to suck and Rooney runs out of energy, and what the fuck do you know, same result. Laziness, entitled arrogance, and stupidity, all because he’s afraid to make the players mad.

  28. BillikenGooner

    British teams should exit the Champions League altogether. That would show everyone. Solidarity, sovereignty, and all that.

  29. Leedsgunner

    Mark my words. The link with England’s vacant managerial crisis and Wenger will be welcomed by the club and Wenger himself.

    They will want to stroke it to a fever pitch…


    It will give the Owner and the Board as well as the manager the perfect back drop and the pretext to offer Wenger a new 3 year contract, more lucrative than before to ‘ward off’ England interest.

    Wenger will then self righteously proclaim he re-signed with the club because his love for the club and legions of his supporters will praise him for his supposed ‘loyalty’.

    This will happen — just wait.

  30. Jeff

    Please England, please. Please take him. Take him now. Today. This minute. Take him and don’t look back. He’s a great manager. You won’t be disappointed. He will win you the next world cup. No one is better than him. Bags of experience, mental strength, tactical acumen, plays attractive football and he will never let you down. Come on, what do you say? Say yes.

  31. STV

    Lacazette, a 5’9 striker with less than 40% goal scoring rate in his entire career is all we dream.. At 25 he’s supposedly entered in to his best years. Wenger lacks Ambition, consequently, Arsenal too..

    I have dreams about a vacant England post and the clamour about suitability of our manager for it.

    Come on people! Push the issue.. Make the case.. Let everyone revell in # Wengurrlaaand..!!! .

    # Wengxit

    #Wenger for England

    The greatest day in Arsenal history, may be not far off After all..

  32. STV

    Jeff 🙂

    May be you can seek the help of some of die-hard AKBs here like tom, Alexander,Keyser, Godfather,Ravving etc.. and write a heartfelt letter about Arsene Wenger, even, start a petition for #Wenger for England

    I guess we don’t need anymore reasons for #Wexit.

  33. Jeff


    I’m fully prepared to become an Arsene fan if he’s prepared to let go of Arsenal. Seriously though, international football would suit Wenger very much. No players to buy and sell (which we know he hates doing), no need to worry about wages, he can carry on talking bollocks and no expectation for the next 4 years minimum. Every England manager gets one go at Euros and one at world cup. He’d be a lot happier. But alas, reality being what it is, Arsene will play the “loyalty” card and stay – he might even boast that he turned down the England job as though that in itself is anything to shout about.

  34. peanuts&monkeys

    do you think Wenger will ever accept this role? he will never. he will lose his non-performance immunity the moment he is out of Emirates? why will he ever take up another job? lets stop the joke @jeff @leeds

  35. peanuts&monkeys

    No Mystic, that cannot happen. Even if all teams exit at Grp stage, there is going to be one team who will certainly exit in the last 16. dont bet on such a gamble. you will lose money.

  36. STV


    Sadly that’s more likely. Nevertheless we can dream.. Hell I even dreamt about winning the champions league before under this man!!

    Personally, I think Wenger will have no effect whatsoever on any team. Still helps if they want a household name and put the pressure back in to the players.

  37. Bermy boy

    I fuckin tell you we have our one big signing that’s it ,then it’s a teenager or two that won’t pan out in five years and a ten mil squad player.Rewind AFC transfer instruction video and pack it away on the shelf for next season….simple shit

  38. tunnygriffboy


    As you say a striker is a necessity and I hope its done quickly. Worried we can’t make our mind up yet again and slowly they’ll sign for other clubs. There is absolutely no excuse for not getting one. Can’t believe im getting anxious about it yet again

    If Walcott/Ox/Campbell are not moving on there’s no way we’ll get a wide forward. Instead of getting in the 3 or 4 quality additions we need to really challenge we’ll just buy enough for 4th place. Wenger will once again be blase about it saying it’s difficult to sign player

    It’s sickening and I’ve had a gutsful.

  39. STV


    Higuain, Aubemeyang and Iccardi would be Ideal especially Iccardi if you want more value for money.

    If you really want a cheap alternative and is willing to compromise performances for money, then go for Lacazette (better of the lot) Vardy, Vargas, Gignac, Arnautovic etc.. That won’t win you titles mind you.

    Morata likely overpriced and Jansen is a prospect and would be a good addition ( only along with other players who can score goals)

  40. Majestic gooner

    This is getting serious, how can a club with no champs league football( Liverpool)now have better forward/strikers than us, courtinhio, Sturridge, firminio, lallana, origi and now signed up mane, that is definitely a more exciting line up than ours. What the hell is our manager doing? The sooner England come for him the better , it’s criminal what he is doing , i just think he does not care anymore because if he thought last season was toxic the next would be even worse for him if the team has a bad spell in the league, he has no more goodwill left, the tanks dried up.

  41. gnarleygeorge9

    England has an Aussie cricket & rugby coach, now I’m hearing they want Aussie Guus to take over footie 😯

  42. tunnygriffboy

    Liverpool will come flying at us first game of the season. They’ll be fresh and press the s.it out of us. I can see it being a rude awakening. They have just signed Mane and will have ridiculous pace and poer in their team

    We’ll have Xhaka and will still be working on other deals

    Liverpool dark horse for the title. No European fixtures, Klopp will be able to work tactically for a week and his players will have time to rest between games

    We have to sttrengthen the squad and keep players fit to have any chance to win the league in what will be a hugely competitive league with teams taking points off each other all over the place

  43. Emiratesstroller


    I agree there seems to be as usual indecisiveness on the part of Wenger.

    The difficulty is I suspect that Wenger does not want to unsettle Giroud. That
    will not be acceptable to many posters on Le Grove.

    However, the problem is that Arsenal need to keep Giroud happy as he is currently the only fit striker on our books.

    My main concern at the moment is that we hold onto Bellerin, Sanchez and Ozil and that requires some ambition in the transfer market this summer.

    Xhaka is undoubtedly a good buy, but is he the star attraction to show Arsenal’s ambition?Personally I don’t think so.

    The reality is that there are very few such players available and probably even fewer who would interest Wenger.

  44. Ishola70

    “If you really want a cheap alternative and is willing to compromise performances for money, then go for Lacazette”

    Lacazette would be in your first list of more expensive purchases. No way Aulas let’s him go on the cheap. You have seen the prices that strikers are going for atm. If Marseille can get 40m euros for Batshuayi then Aulas will be looking to get at least equivalent to that and then some for Lacazette. A player under long contract as well.

  45. tunnygriffboy

    Ems. With Welbeck injured we have to buy a striker as we only have Giroud. Irrespective of whether it upsets the Frenchman he has to have competition as he can’t play every game. What happens if he gets injured ? We’re knackered

    It’s what appears to be indecision winds me up. How many of the prospective striker targets are involved in the Euro s? Not many. The fact Wenger is doing this punditry work also grinds my gears. It may not have any effect on our transfer plans but it looks bad for supporters.

    We need another coupld of big money signings of proven quality players to come in. I can only see one happening and a defender coming in. It’s soul destroying

  46. qna

    Emirates: The reality is that there are very few such players available and probably even fewer who would interest Wenger.

    Not true. They are available. But we will are not willing to pay the price.

    You make a great point. We have already failed to show the ambition and Sanchez and Ozil may have already made their minds up – which will be hard to change unless they win the league or win/almost win the champions league this season. Neither will happen.

    You seem to excuse the club for its lack of spending and willingness to pay massive wages like it is beyond us. It is not. We can afford both. We have a similar wage bill to City and had around 250m in the bank during this summer (now less Xhaka). However, the way we manage our finances and our noncompetitive approach to transfers is the very reason we are not ambitious enough to keep those players.

  47. qna

    Ivan could completely redeem himself if he takes advantage of the FA interest in Wenger. He should go and have a talk with Lauren Blanc and offer him a performance based 3 year deal and a transfer budget. If he accepts, he should bring the FA and Wenger together and shift Wenger to England.

    The AKB fans would forgive the club and we would have a better manager than we do now. I realise that Blanc is not the best option. However, most of the top managers are already committed for the upcoming season and this would be the perfect opportunity to gracefully move Wenger from Arsenal.

  48. Majestic gooner

    It’s going to be the Manchester 8-2, Aston villa, West Ham results all over again at the start of the season , then and only then will wenger decide to sign and we will end up with deeney, pelle , and re sign nasri .

  49. Biggles

    Wenger for England would be wonderful.

    I say that as an Arsenal fan and a Scotsman.

    On the flip side, national coach seems pretty much perfect for him. He doesn’t have to worry about signing people, so no pressure there. Plus he’d only be called on to do anything something like six weeks a year and for a couple of weeks every second summer – perfect for being able to do Champions League commentary for Canal+ without the hassle of standing at the touchline getting shouted at whilst he fumbles with his zip.

    And then we could get Simeone in and WIN IT ALL.

  50. STV


    Lacazette likely be cheaper than Higuain Lukaku, Benzema, Iccardi Aubemeyang..

    even Morata.

    Around 30-35m I guess. I know, it’s unbelievably inflated market) while he others rated 45+ and some even 60+

    but quality wise he’s inferior and he’s a cheaper alternative ( albeit not by a huge margin) which would explain why Wenger likely will go for him as the only possible addition in the last possible chance ( inorder to reduce price further).

    It’s all written. I am not excited by the prospect of him at all. Decent addition tho.

  51. qna

    Players that we could sign this summer that would show genuine ambition:

    Higuain (wants out and has 2 years left on his contract)
    James (likely to move, has few options)
    Verratti (New manager who knows)
    Kroos (Reports Madrid need to sell to buy Pogba)
    Benzema (If Lewendowski moves to Madrid)
    Lewendowski (We need to make an offer before we can say he wont join us)

    Whether they are willing to admit it publicly or not, Sanchez and Ozil dont want to be playing with the likes of Wilshere, Ramsey, Welbeck or Walcott. That wasnt their childhood dream.

  52. STV

    “We need to make an offer before we can say he wont join us”

    Qna this x 100. Look how Mkhitaryan slipped. Perfectly spineness attitude..

  53. Ishola70

    I’d say Arsenal would have to put in a first bid of around 50m euros STV for Aulas to even take interest.

    Don’t understand the apathy towards Lacazette tbh.

    This is a player that has scored over 50 goals for Lyon over the last two seasons and he would have likely scored as many as he did last season if it wasn’t for Fekir being out injured for so long.

    He’s certainly a better footballer than Lukaku let alone being a good goalscorer.

    It’s a crazy world when Lukaku is seen as more expensive to buy than Lacazette.

  54. STV

    Isola I am not fond of Lukaku either..

    Even Giroud scored about 50 goals in last 2 seasons despite being out for long periods last season. Plus he’s only a 5’7 !

    That being said a less efficient striker’s presence can be circumvented by having one more goal scoring midfielder, something Wenger will not be keen to do because of price I guess..

    It’s all pointless as long as he stays

  55. Leedsgunner

    The FA is reactionary and they fire managers from tournament to tournament. What is the FAs big long term plan? Not over 5 years but 10 or 15? Until they do that England won’t win anything of note. Frankly speaking this tournament will have mentally scarred the players so much that as young as the majority of the team is I can’t see them winning anything of note.

    Not everything is lost. The U21s won their European tournament didn’t they?

    Life goes on.

  56. Emiratesstroller


    I do have a slightly different perspective to many posters on Le Grove.

    Arsenal do need to buy this summer at least 2 more new players to cover obvious weaknesses in our squad/team, but the idea of making wholesale changes is frankly unrealistic.

    Everyone knows Wenger’s [Arsenal’s] mentality in the transfer market over
    past three years. I think that it is fairly obvious:

    1. To maintain stability in squad.
    2. To make expensive acquisitions only when they are “upgrades and guaranteed” to play in first team.
    3. Focus on buying players who are reaching maturity and will have resale value.

    We have moved already out of our January Squad three players in Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini. Welbeck will also be unavailable until at least next January.

    So there are at moment 4 holes to fill. Xhaka has arrived and it is possible that
    the Nigerian youngster will be also added to first team squad. That leaves two
    holes in squad to fill unless he offloads more players.

  57. Ishola70


    Giroud goals over the last two seasons = 43

    Lacazette goals over the last two seasons = 54

    Lacazette was missing his talisman Fekir season just gone. If Fekir wasn’t injured for such a long period last season Lacazette’s goal rate would have gone over 30 again like it was the season before most likely.

    Lacazette is a better striker than Giroud and he would improve upon Giroud’s poor chance conversion rate.

    He would be the striker that would get more goals than Giroud in this present Arsenal side.

    Again don’t understand the apathy towards Lacazette.

    Is it because Deschamps picks Giroud ahead of Lacazette in the French national team perhaps? That doesn’t mean Giroud is a better striker than Lacazette. All that means is that Deschamps prefers a certain type of CF to the other in the French side.

  58. Majestic gooner

    Ems I want to share your confidence but just cannot with wenger in charge, just look at the mistake he made approaching one of the Croatian bench thinking it was unai emery the new page coach and asking him about negotiations with psg , an Honest mistake some might say but how do we know it’s not something more serious like him losing it? , and it could be mistakes that is already influencing team selections and substitutions, eg him pulling off the ox a tee years back against man Utd when he was having a blinder , he may have wanted to take someone else off or worst still he may be choosing one player in the starting line up when he meant the other.

  59. STV


    Like I said not a great improvement. abeilt looking like better player . Then again. It’s not difficult to find a CF better than Giroud. Even Vardy is.

    So in all possibility we’ll be left with two average strikers un front one lacking pace the other lacking height. It will be a more refined version Giroud Walcott combo which won you fuck all last season.

    The implication is if you spend 40+m on such kind of player then that’ll be pretty much it. Well be left with a slightly improved squad from last year while our rivals already are out of sight.

    If you’re spending big on a striker why not set the bar a little higher? Why go for a above average French overpriced midget??

    Is he going to make us to challenge for titles? Is he enough for making Ozil Alexis stay? You think so.

    I’ll be happy if he signs a goal scoring wide player if we are to receive Lacazette. Otherwise it’ll be no useful imho.

    There’s no surprise Deschamps don’t pick him in Euros. He’s never been a regular and only scored a single goal so far. It’s a sensible decision.

  60. peanuts&monkeys

    in April and May when the loser UK Arsenal fans of elite London were finally a bit annoyed at Wenger, they did some handwriting practice on chart papers.

    We lost that huge opportunity to force the french twat out of the club and get back some lif e to football. Alas!

  61. MuddyGooner

    Only just saw the news now and shocked by what happened in Istanbul airport.
    My thoughts go out to the victims and the families affected.

  62. Frost

    That’s right, get Eddie Howe. Another average manager cracking it at a low table club. Swear England don’t fucking learn. And there is meant to be an inquest as to why the team failed yet again?

    Get a top class manager who has proved himself at a TOP CLUB & stop this fucking experiments with the National team. And is there a law that says the England manager must be English? Considering how uninspiring they are atm too?

    Italy got Conte ffs. Someone who went a whole season unbeaten with juve! Unbeaten with juventus! Not fucking bournemouth or west brom. Reading Southgate to take over for the mean time too. Fucking Southgate.

    You know what, i give up.

  63. MuddyGooner

    Will someone please wake Wenger up.
    Our rivals are buying players left right and centre and he’s sitting in the Paris studio doing sod all !

  64. MuddyGooner

    Get the feeling Xhaka is going to be the only signing this summer.
    He’s probably thinking, why overspend when we’re not gonna finish higher than 4th anyway.