Ok, so the plan B… or the plan A+?

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Happy good morning my non-EU friends!

How are we doing today? Me? Not so good. Why? I’m sad. Real sad.

Is it the Brexit thing? No. Is it the 2 red cards in the Copa final? No. Well, what is it?

It’s our summer so far. I was chastised by part-time Le Grove writer James the other day for lamenting the summer. Well, he caved yesterday. He’s in the same fear zone we all are.

Mikki looks like he’s now close to moving the United along with Zlatan. Raiola is doing some sort of special agent fee deal for his two players… he also owns Pogba and his future, so it could be three players heading to United. Zlatan isn’t a game changer. Mikki and Pogba would be.

Throw in the failure to lure Vardy… and, well, we’re not in a good place.

I have no news at all. I don’t know what the plan is now. I do know we thought Mikki was coming to Arsenal.

Now we have to see what the plan b is. The plan A was Vardy and Mikki. I really am very upset about Mikki, but Vardy… meh… not too fussed. However, if the replacement for him is Lacazette… well, I’m not sure I’d be bouncing around the room. Again, hardly a ‘oooooh, that’s a smart signing I didn’t expect’… and way off being the elite one I’d quite like.

Wenger has to think like the marketing man we know he can be. He cannot go in with a shitty plan b. If anything, Wenger needs to restore a bit of faith. He needs to make a splash for his squad, to restore their faith in him. He also needs to do it to restore faith in the club. We need a plan A+. Because our rep has taken a hit…

That’s why I’d be going big to make a statement signing. Bring someone in who is going to wow the footballing world. I mean, make sure they’re good… and they fit. But make it special. Pay a premium. Make us more attractive than we are right now.

I just hope we don’t get to the end of the summer and wonder what the f*ck Wenger was doing hanging out in France for a month? It still baffles me that he does the commentary thing. Especially when he’s won fu*k all in 12 years.

Shouldn’t he be keeping a low profile? Shouldn’t he be working on a mega plan for his team when they return? I feel like we have this conversation every two years. At least he’s not on the beach playing volleyball in his speedos.

Football games continue to come thick and fast. The Chile / Argentina game was pretty dire. The ref was awful and far too free with the cards. The game went to penalties after a serious lack of attacking prowess from both sides. Leo missed, blazing over the bar and that set the tone for Chile to win their second penalty shootout in a row. Poor Leo.

The European games were a bit more interesting. Ozil missed a penalty. Bad times for him. Belgium finally started looking interesting. They dominated their game whilst also looking the way any defence would look with Vermaelen at the back. The French beat out the Irish… so that means it’s us or Iceland in the quarters. A tantalising prospect!

Right, that’s me done. OVER AND OUT. x

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  1. Frank Mc

    “Oh well, at least we have another mediocre season at Arsenal to look forward to.”

    Negative fucker…. there’s plenty to look forward to! 😉

  2. gonsterous


    Giroud is better than him I think. I liked the sound of him too but after coming to my senses I think giroud just edges him !!

  3. Emiratesstroller


    This is not arrogance.

    England has over 100 professional clubs in this country. Iceland has apparently not one.

    Our EPL are recipients of almost certainly the largest financial budget of any league in the World and the FA has probably more money to invest in the grassroots game than elsewhere.

    In reality we should be able to put out a dozen England Teams capable of beating Iceland.

    The fact that we did not manage it yesterday and in some style highlights that
    there is something wrong with how we plan and develop our game and perhaps the lack of national pride and passion of our professional footballers. They seem to earn too much money to care

  4. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Dear Mr Wenger,

    I feel you are the ideal candidate for the vacant England managers job. You get paid a truck load of money, and, best of all, you won’t have to purchase any players.



  5. qna

    Reports saying that Sanchez will try to force through a move to Juventus this summer. Not surprising if true. I dont think he will succeed. But he will not sign an extension. So in the next two transfer windows, we basically have to rebuild our ENTIRE forward line.

    I expect Ozil to be similar. He will not sign an extension either. So next summer we will have to buy two players, to replace our existing two players. How is that going to be for your stability and cohesion.

  6. Jim lahey

    “Game of thrones definitely has a feminist agenda . It’s subtle but apparent”

    It does indeed, it is very clear in the books. George RR Martin is a self proclaimed feminist and tries to elements of it into most of his work. The three main take ome points from A Song of Ice & Fire (and Game of Thrones) are;

    1. Feminism is good. (cough… )
    2. Monarchy is bad/
    3. War is bad.

    All these points can be seen throughout GoT.

    I d find it funny that people look at the show and see Daenerys as the hero of the show (or books for that matter). When you stop to think about it she is one of the stories main antagonists.

    She is about to invade a country and bring unspeakable death to its people with 1. The Dothraki, whose custom is to sack and r@pe as they conqueror and also the Iron Born whose way of life is reiving.

    She also has an incredible entitlement complex, constantly claiming that the Iron Throne is hers by right… I’m afraid it isn’t. Your father lost it to the Baratheons you have no right to it.

    She is clearly turning into her father the “Mad King”. Evermore willing to burn cities to the ground not caring that those cities are made up of slaves and normal people who she claims to be doing all this for. Her reasons for invading Westeros are for power and revenge, not some noble cause. She once spoke of “breaking the wheel” by destroying the other noble houses in Westeros but still marches under the Targaryen banner, she has no interest of breaking the wheel, she just wants to be the only spoke left in the wheel.

    We have also seen over and over that she is a fantastic conqueror but a terrible ruler. Unable to rule 3 cities in Slavers Bay so how she expects to rule 7 kingdoms is beyond me.

    So for someone who is so opposed to the needless slaughter and r@pe of small folk she is about to become the main instigator to feed her need for power.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    No, I just cannot believe that, losing Sanchez will be an enormous blow, he is the only star quality we have in our forward line, even having had a poor (by his standards) season he was still only three goals behind our main ST for the season. Considering he’s been playing non stop football for years now as well.

    That would be so Arsenal though, sell Sanchez for £40-50 Million, then make a big ST signing and proclaim to the world Wenger has finally done it, what we all wanted, but actually ending up no better off really because now we have no wingers of any quality.

    Wenger has got to get out there and convince his star players we want to move forward and be elite.

  8. Coquelin is God

    Crystal Palace have made a bid of around £31.5m for Marseille striker Michy Batshuayi, according to Sky sources.

  9. qna

    Cesc. Yes. For me that is the problem. I dont have any particular need for us to keep Ozil and Sachez at all costs. However, these are our only two genuinely high quality players. And I feel that we almost tricked them into it, at a time when they were both vulnerable. We could sell them at whatever price we like, but we arent likely to be able to replace them easily. 1) We wont spend the money. 2) Those types of players are not interested in joining us anymore.

  10. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Geez but Englad were weak and meagre in their performances. Then again, what do you honestly expect when you have that much youthful talent and exuberance, and have an old fool coaching them? England football is a mess and it goes way beyond those on the pitch.

  11. Bamford10

    The English FA needs to sit down and do a real assessment/re-think, just as the Germans did in 2004. A couple of observations: one, this squad fared poorly less because of the technical level of the players — though that always can be improved — and more because of:

    (i) a poor/nonexistent tactical plan
    (ii) limited understanding and combination play between players
    (iii) limited ideas in the attacking third
    (iv) limited team spirit, love, desire, joy, passion, emotion

    As for raising the technical level of the players — esp. the midfielders — I’d say: study the Germans. Whatever plan/program the Germans began implementing in 2004 has clearly worked.

  12. bnsb

    I’d say: study the Germans. Whatever plan/program the Germans began implementing in 2004 has clearly worked.

    How ironic, in the context of Brexit

  13. Ishola70

    I don’t really think the fourth part rings true Bam.

    Take Joe Hart. The man is over-hyperactive to the point of being an imbecile. Screaming and shouting and showing this passion that you say is missing from the team.

    The trouble with Joe Hart is underneath all this big character that he wants to portray lies a very insecure person. It’s the classic bravado to hide insecurities.

    Ian Wright made comments along similar lines. Now Wright was a big character himself but even he recognises that Hart goes over the top. He said last night that Hart needs to calm down.

    Truth is Hart as said before is very insecure.

  14. Bamford10


    Joe Hart yelling and screaming does not really touch my point. I’m talking about the collective spirit of the team. How much unity is there? How much talk/conversation in game? How much spirit, desire? How many smiles, pats on the back, pats on the butt?

    When I think back to yesterday and the previous England games, I see a team totally devoid of these things.

    That is a problem.

  15. STV

    Isola I don’t agree with you, Joe Hart is an exemption and his antics are of no use because

    1. He’s a goal keeper
    2. He’s not a player who inspires confidence

    Overall, I think the England team lacked Character, Spirit and Passion. Bamford made some valid points imo.

  16. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Can’t help but find amusement in some of the commentary from the so-called pundits who were just as shit, if not shittier, in an England shirt than the current squad. Bottom line, there is something clearly wrong in the upper echelons of Team England. An injection of smart youthful management would be a good starting point.

    Could be a whole lot worse, they have some very good talent coming up, but old school management that never worked. This is fixable.

  17. Bamford10

    WhoScored’s best XI of the Round of 16:

    De Bruyne

    An interesting list, but it also highlights the limitations of a purely stats-based approach to these types of things.

  18. Ishola70

    I really don’t think passion or desire is an issue.

    It’s a much more simpler issue that the players are not as good as they think they are and this has been said for years.

    What needs to happen is that a foreign coach should be brought in and to ground these players. Tell them that tactics and a sound game plan is the only way for England at present to make a serious mark in top tournaments.

    That’s why suggestions like Gareth Southgate are a bad idea. You need an outsider to come in and look at the situation coldly and assess the situation.

  19. Bamford10

    Three questions:
    1. Who are the best footballing minds in England (present company excluded)?
    2. If you could have any English manager as manager of the national team, whom would you select & why?
    3. What should the England first XI have looked like?

  20. Ishola70

    Capello looked like he was going to do something along those lines but it seems the English brat player mentality rebelled against him somewhat. They didn’t like his view of them and his straight talking.

    So these little angels and prima donnas need someone to manage them along the lines of Capello but not as brash as Capello was. We don’t want to hurt these little darlings feelings do we.

  21. STV

    My made-up euro 11 based on no stats or wisdom 🙂

    . Buffon
    Srna Bazagli Chiellini Rodrgz
    Payet Kroos DeRossi Hazard
    . Griezmann

  22. Bamford10

    A fourth question — highlighted by Ishola’s comment — would be: does England need to hire a foreign manager?

    (And by the way, if the answer to that question is ‘yes,’ then that would be a clear and massive problem, IMO. That England — the country that invented the game — should have to go somewhere else to find a man to lead their team tactically …. that would be a problem.)

  23. Ishola70

    Happens Bam.

    Brazil a much better footballing country than England have been talking about hiring a foreign coach for a few years now and that would have been unthinkable in the past.

  24. Marko

    Not that I care in the slightest but I’d say Hughes (Welsh I know), Pardew or long term wise Howe might be decent. Absolute worst thing they could do is give it to Redknapp, Pulis or Bruce. To be honest either way you don’t see anyone dealing with the issue of how they play anyway. Marginally better than a few years back sure but their problem for me is they need to be coached by a foreign manager at under 16’s-21’s and more and more youngsters for me need to be loaned not to the championship but rather teams in a foreign league. That’s my opinion

  25. Marko

    To be fair to England there’s no need for a major upheaval in the senior set up. I mean all they really need is someone to come in and not be afraid to realise that Joe Hart isn’t the number one keeper, Sterling isn’t worth a call up till his form massively improves and instead of trying to fit in this player and that player just for the sake of it and instead pick a team based on form and that functions better then they’ll be better off. No more Rooney, no more Hart, no more Sterling, no more Alli playing deep, no more Sturridge on the wings and if Kane obviously is having a mare then stop picking him

  26. Marko

    Truth is the second Roy talked up bringing Wilshere over Drinkwater you just knew here was someone afraid to make the tough but smart logical decisions that would benefit the team. Bringing Sterling over the in form Townsend was a mistake. I mean Raheem has shown zero form really since the season he broke out with Suarez

  27. Bamford10


    Agree that Drinkwater should’ve been selected over Wilshere. What, then, would you XI have looked like?

  28. Bamford10

    Grovers will be relieved to hear reports that Wenger is “prepared to give Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain one more year to prove himself” at Arsenal.

    Sad thing is that Oxlade, with proper training & instruction, could’ve been a very good footballer. IMO.

  29. ozrus

    gna says ‘Reports saying that Sanchez will try to force through a move to Juventus this summer. Not surprising if true. ‘

    give us a link to the ‘reports’ gna before you start with you hyperbolic conclusions why don’t ya

    haha reports saying … will try to force through a move hahaha reliable sauce you are

  30. ozrus

    that’s all it takes though for another hysteric on le grove to chime in:

    ‘No, I just cannot believe that, losing Sanchez will be an enormous blow, he is the only star quality we have in our forward line, even having had a poor (by his standards) season’.

    ‘reports’ have found a kindred spirit hahaha le-grove at its best

  31. Marko

    You know what Bam maybe instead of trying to play like Spain or Germany England might be better implementing a formation similar to Italy. Vardy and Kane/Sturridge up top, Alli/Barkley behind, Wilshere/Henderson/Dier as your base and Clyne and Rose wingbacks. At the very least you’d be playing the likes of Alli and the strikers in their natural positions

  32. PaddyV91

    Every England player should light a candle before going to sleep at night because some of them are stealing a living. The fact is that if any of these players were playing in any of the other leagues in Europe they would be on half of what they currently earn due to the over hyped premier league which is quality wise bang average. England fans need to wake up and realise that just because they have a team of premier league ‘stars’ doesn’t mean they are any good as the premier league has a serious lack of quality. There is a reason the worlds top players ply their trade elsewhere. The quality of player in the Spanish, German and Italian leagues is far superior. Just look at Italy’s defenders of Bonucci and Chielinni, proper players schooled in the art of defending. Compare this to Smalling and Cahill…please! Worlds apart. And yet the English fans/media expect them to seriously compete and win against these nations!

  33. ozrus

    picking Drinkwater over Wilshere would have been stupid even in hindsight. Wilshere is a lot more creative, something England lacked throughout the tournament.

  34. Bamford10


    Yeah, I was not suggesting that England adopt either of those two countries tactical approaches — my point about Germany is about how they went about re-assessing their development and national team program.

    My other point re Germany is that they clearly have identified a good program for developing highly technical players.

    These are the things I think the English should look at.

    As for tactical approach, sure a defend and counter quickly strategy would probably fit their current personnel better.

  35. ozrus

    ‘natural position’ in football must be like being typecast in the movie industry. If you’ve got a pretty face and are playing a villain you must be ‘played out of position’. Better start playing Ken again mother fucker or else!!.

  36. TitsMcGee

    England needs to go back to the drawing board as has been alluded to above. Similar to what Spain/Germany did.

    There is no philosophy for English football. If a goal doesn’t come from a set piece it’s very obvious they are out of ideas.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    There’s no need for massive change in the England set up, it isn’t a youth problem, look at the team, Dier, Alli, Sterling, Kane, Stones to name a few, it isn’t to do with too many imports in the EPL, because all quotas do is allow average (at best) talent like Walcott and others to demand top level wages as they are in demand themselves.

    For me, it was simply the manager, Woy was an uninspired, safe option who really should have lost his job after the World Cup debacle, he didn’t, we looked rudderless at the Euros, no plan, no inspiration, no desire…no surprise.

    For me three things hurt England:

    1) Primarily the weak manager.
    2) Trying to fit Rooney into the line up, had a decent tournament individually, but he’s an ST who is too old and inferior to others to play ST so we made him a CAM/CM. Unbalanced us, less of a ‘name’ more of an actual CM playing that position would have been better.
    3) Losing Welbeck, I know people might laugh, but his physical stature, his pace, directness, willing and work rate were sorely missed. Welbeck, Kane, Lallana worked brilliantly in Germany with a Dier, Henderson, Alli middle, so that is both 2) and 3) at play there.

    Just my opinion, no need for the FA to shit itself and throw millions at youth development or to insist on another, higher, barmy quota or something.

  38. ozrus

    bob, Wilshere is an exceptional talent, contrary to what you and some other ‘experts’ on here might think. His fitness has been his problem.

  39. TT

    Where Austria shit at football? where Portugal and Hungary shit too? When is it going to dawn on people that it may not be that Iceland’s opposition was that bad but that they where that good.

    When a country of 330 thousands people has over 800 b licence coaches that are spread all over the country, where kids in even the smallest villages have access to top training facility’s and top notch coaching from the age of 4 or 5 years.

    Football has not been about individual geniuses winning tournaments for a long time, single games maybe but not tournaments. When a kid learns from an early age how to mark, how to kick, how to tackle and how to play in a system it will stay with them for the rest of their life and this is how Iceland has done it.

    I think France is in for a far tougher game than they would have if they where to play England.

  40. Redtruth

    Argentina contested several Finals which proves they are not a bad side yet Messi failed to shine which must question his status as a top notch player

  41. Redtruth


    That’s obvious as they just knocked out England…plus England are notorious for folding in Tournaments due to lack of technique and bottle .

  42. Ishola70

    CA you’re not bringing up that friendly match against Germany are you?

    Why do people never learn that friendlies mean absolutely diddly squat.

    Germany lost to Slovakia at home in a friendly just last month 1-3 and then tonked them a few days ago 3-0 when it matters in the Euros.

    We were being told that Giroud maybe is good after all because he was scoring in friendly internationals.

    Really people have got to stop taking any significance from friendly matches because there is no significance at all.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    You sort of missed the point though. Yeah it was a friendly, but the performances in terms of balance were night and day between that and the Euros, the team in Germany was perfectly balanced, the Euros side was not, of course players played way below their standard, but if you play players over a team you set up to struggle.

  44. TheBayingMob

    I’m not sure the manager or coach is the biggest issue although it is part of it; there are two main issues. The press who seem to have a massive influence on squad and team selection (I really don’t understand why, but that can be the only reason for Rooney’s inclusion and for the Lampard / Gerrard axis that never worked but was pounded to death until the last possible moment) and, basically, the players themselves.

    They are over paid and over hyped yet they believe it themselves. It’s an ingrained mentality and until you can change that this is doomed to happen over and over again; but we need a realization also that even with a better and more committed attitude the players are good enough to progress, what, one more round?

    We should have beaten Iceland, and we can play them again tomorrow and win 4-0 … but even after that would we have beaten France or anyone else? No, quite simply even with a 50% improvement we are still well below the likes of Germany, Italy and Belgium.

    We are a very poor technical team, what surprised me most about the Iceland game was not that they were hard to break down, but the players technical level was so poor that Iceland barely had to work for it.

    Kane was beyond poor and that’s a problem; all the international teams that do well have someone that can finish at that level. It’s no surprise that we haven’t had a decent striker at international level for over 20 years now and how long has it been since we did anything at a major tourney? Like, about … 20 years …

    I thought Sturridge would be better, and Vardy looks incredibly limited unless he is in a counter attacking set up. Bullet dodged there for the hapless Wenger.

  45. Redtruth

    Players should not be receiving International caps for friendlies as they are taken less serious than a Sunday league game with six substitutions allowed by both sides being a prime example.

  46. loyika

    Why are folks wasting time over analysing Engurland and their footie team!? It’s like Brazilians discussing their team or Nigerian discussing the Super Eagles!?

    The first thing you all need to do is stop over analysing the team. Football is quite simple reslly.

    Conte is doing this quite fine with Italy. The problem with England is pride full stop. Once they are ready to be humble and get back to basics they could then manage expectations and concentrate on enjoying their footie. Look at Wales as an example.

  47. Joe

    A fourth question — highlighted by Ishola’s comment — would be: does England need to hire a foreign manager? (And by the way, if the answer to that question is ‘yes,’ then that would be a clear and massive problem, IMO. That England — the country that invented the game — should have to go somewhere else to find a man to lead their team tactically …. that would be a problem.)


    It’s obvious they do. When none of the top teams in the the PL have English managers, why should the NT.

    You’re basically tying one hand behind your back by selecting an English manager

    There isn’t one good enough

  48. TheBayingMob

    Really people have got to stop taking any significance from friendly matches because there is no significance at all.”

    I remember when Australia beat us at Upton Park about 10 years ago (maybe a bit more!?), I was in Oz at the time and they went fucking mental about it. It was daubed on walls in graffiti, I couldn’t get across to them it meant fuck all and Eriksson had made like 10 changes at half time … they didn’t get it at all …

  49. TheBayingMob

    The worst part for me is that England’s exits from these competitions is usually so ignominious that it ruins the whole tournament for me. I can’t watch the rest of it now as we were so shameful in our pride, passion and technique. I will never understand why we let the players get away with it, we should unite and pelt them with rotten fruit and dog sh1t when they arrive back in the country … because that’s what their performances looked like to me …

  50. TheBayingMob

    There isn’t one good enough”

    I would disagree, but we’ve got to go back to basics. I’d be looking to something like the Bournemouth manager for e.g., or look down the league. Basically you should pick a manager from a lower league who knows how to manage lower league technically inept players … paying a foreign manager 6m a year isn’t going to change anything …

  51. Samesong

    Shoe horning Rooney back into team spelt the end of the experiment.

    Man like Drinkwater would of had a better tournament as a natural midfielder too many Yes Men in the FA.

    Theres some ridiculous stat since 1966 England have only won like 6 games in tournaments i may be wrong but England are a joke.

  52. Samesong

    LOL because everyone is talking about Eddie Howe he is now the answer


    Me personally would let Hoddle loose again.

  53. ArseneWengerNose

    It’s the circle of life. One day Kane or Sterling will be sitting in a studio talking shit about another English underperformance, and no one will think to remind them of their own horror show.

  54. STV

    People it could be worse! Imagine Gary Neville as the head coach!!

    What’s needed is less hype and influence from the press, a decent manager and a team not filled with primmadonnas and ready to fight.

    I actually thought the last Euro team played very well which was the team constructed by Capello. Woys been found out since then and not good enough for managing a National team.

    Overall we shouldn’t say this team could Spank Iceland as teams like Portugal Austria, Turkey, Czech and Netherlands found them extremely tough to beat.Its not too surprising and in knockouts, anything can happen.

    Frankly this team is not good enough for the Semis. Earlier teams, however were massive underachivers.

  55. salparadisenyc

    The Howe thing is based on a ‘potential’ younger fresher approach. I’m not sure he can offer that but i’d hazard a guess he would of gotten more out of the squad the Roy.

    Would he of gone with Drinkwater over Wilshire, maybe dropped Rooney whom isn’t a midfielder and put Barkley in there? Roy had a decent pool to select from but missed the mark in several areas. What was really telling was his ineptitude to adjust as the game unfolded. His erratic team selection and subs were appalling.

  56. STV

    Arsene Fraudster Wenger as the English coach!! Is it a joke? The FA has lost the plot then.

    The good thing is it will the greatest moment in Arsenal history if it happens..

  57. ArseneWengerNose

    I just don’t understand this mindset. England should’ve beaten Iceland, and thinking so doesn’t make you arrogant. Just because they are in the Euros (the biggest in history, which means the competition is watered down), and have qualified to the knock out stages that somehow makes them on the same level as every other team? Thats madness! So if North Ireland played and defeated Germany or Italy we are not allowed to be shocked, and it’s all just big nations being arrogant.

    The point is even though nobody expected England to win the tournament. I don’t know how can you follow the premier league, and think that a team led by Kane, Delli Alli, Rooney… is not even expected to hammer Iceland. They’ve underperformed spectacularly. Saying that isn’t arrogance at all.

    Did you watch Iceland play in the group stages? Because I did, and they had no business getting a point against Portugal who carved them open time after time, and played like shit against Hungary. Against England they played their best game, but go back and watch the second half, they couldn’t keep the ball for 20 seconds straight and England had as much possession as they wanted, but without ideas or creativity. As toothless a performance as I have seen and Roy and his players deserve to get torched for it.

  58. ArseneWengerNose

    Wenger would never manage England. Somehow I don’t think that consistently failing, and fabricating imaginary trophies would fly on the international stage. No balance sheet trophy, and ‘ 4th place champions ‘ just doesn’t sound that appealing.

  59. TT

    ArseneWengerNoseJune 28, 2016 14:18:49

    Yes I watched all of them and also saw most of their qualification matches, did you? And “carved them open” please tell me how many clear cut chances did that “carving open” create? And as for possession how many points will 70% possession give?

    I also suppose according to your logic their win over Turkey in Reykjavik and their double win over Holland and 2 – 1 win over the Check republic in Reykjavik saw them “carved open” again and again? I think you need to look at their games again and learn how to appreciate what organisation, knowing your tactics and being prepared do give it all for your team mates will bring to a team, even when its being “carved open” again and again 😛

  60. jwl

    I dont know why but England dont cohere when it comes time for tournaments and are continually disjointed. When I first started paying attention to football in mid 90s, Eng had decent teams that did alright in tournaments but they seem to have completely lost the plot the past 10 or 15 years. Maybe the rot started with Eriksson, I am not certain, but England teams since 2000 have been dire, they not playing for one another or pride in country.

  61. Joe

    So all the Akbs like Wallace.

    Please explain to me in that you justify wenger’s exsistence Arsenal that he gets top 4 each year so we can attract the best players etc.

    Vardy said no

    Mkht and Ibra going to Man U with no CL

    Snd please don’t say money.

    I await your excus… Sorry reasoning

  62. STV

    Carved open lol

    Wenger’ s Legacy has been carved open,..

    Spains tiki taka game’s been carved open..

    The EU have been carved open..

    What else?

  63. Joe


    Could be “qualified for euros/wc through playoffs trophy”

    Of course he would probably ask for both tourneys to be expanded so when he comes 4th in the group he can still qualify

  64. STV

    He will be suspicious Sturridge is a great player with great ability but will conceded injuries are hampering his career..

  65. ArseneWengerNose

    Portugal should’ve been up by 3 goals at halftime. Nani alone should have had a hat trick. What game were you watching? If you think that sitting back and hoping the other team has a bad night is indicative of sound tactical planning then you are reaching my friend.

    No I didn’t follow them in the qualifiers, but I followed the entire tournament and they are the worse team to go through next to North Ireland. Remember that this is the biggest Euros in history (more teams= diluted groups), and only 8 teams out of 24 were eliminated in the group stages because of the four best third teams rule. England are far from elite but I don’t understand why expecting them to beat Iceland is rattling so many cages.

    Smallest nation ever to play in the Euros, with little to no history… I’ve been hearing people on the Icelandic side saying that this the biggest win in their history. But I guess they don’t know what they are talking about, and according to some le-grovers it was predictable. Football hipsters I tell ya.

  66. STV

    Arsene Nose,

    Portugal beat Croatia, England drew with Russia so whats ur point. You might have expected England to roll over Iceland, but that’ll not happen always.

    Considering how they played in this tournament and considering Iceland’s recent results against the top teams they faced, this not a huge surprise imo..

  67. TT

    ArseneWengerNoseJune 28, 2016 15:16:35

    your problem is that you feel privileged and expected to win, it’s a guss of course but I think I’m close to the truth there.

    Explain should have been 3 up at half time a bit better. Where where those chances? Because the only clea rcut chance that I can recall in the Portugal game was Ronaldos header straight at the keeper.

    I think the Arsenal,’s Arsene mentality is coming through in your comments a bit, blame the other team that they would not play the way you wanted, did not open their own defense to allow us to walk the ball in the net etc etc 😛

  68. ArseneWengerNose

    You’re missing the point.

    Actually I’m a ‘anyone but England ‘ in international football, and I’m not taking anything away from Iceland’s heroic effort, it’s just that England absolutely should have done way better. They didn’t even create a single clear cut chance in the second half, and that’s simply unacceptable. Not sure why it’s hard to understand or comprehend that they’ve under performed.

    As for the Portugal game, according to the BBC website the Iceland gk had more touches in the first half than any other player on his team. Portugal had 26 shots, 9 on target, 70% percent possession. And according to Chris Waddle ” Portugal gave Iceland a lesson in football, but to their credit they didn’t unravel ” which is what I was saying, the game could and should have been over at halftime, but Portugal were wasteful. You seem to have your own perception on how that game went, I’m sorry that reality doesn’t match that perception.