Madrid to off-load big name | Xhaka shanks penalty

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I tell you what, now the old Brexit thing has settled in, I can’t help but think what a genius piece of political maneuvering we’ve just witnessed Boris engineer. Somehow, he’s managed to convert the working class into believers in him. The ex-mayor of London has the rest of nation thinking he’s for them. It’s quite incredible. I mean, what the hell has Jeremy Corbyn done here? All those young people who went to his conferences must feel pretty let down by his tepid remain attempt… when you can’t take advantage of political disharmony on a nuclear scale like this, well, it does make you wonder the point in his existence.

All hail a Boris led future. Unreal. Love that the remainers are asking for a new referendum. Grow up guys and accept your British Bulldog tattoo like a man.

Anyway, that’s my last bit on a week that’s seen me called left wing by my family for supporting a David Cameron and George Osborne initiative.

Arsenal new boy Granit Xhaka broke Swiss hearts when he lashed wildly at his penalty kick, slicing the ball hideously wide against Poland today. Such a shame as well, he was an absolute beast this tournament and he played his part in helping Switzerland pull the game back to even terms in a game the Polish really failed to turn up in.

The Alpine Messi, Shaqiri, was absolutely superb again. He has an incredible work ethic and his energy really notched the game up a level, especially in the second half. He scored the Swiss goal with a stunning edge of the box bicycle kick. Unreal technique and composure, especially so late in the game. I still can’t work out why he’s at Stoke. He’s the sort of player you’d expect to be plying their trade at one of the big boys…

Also, big shout out to Fabianski. He had an incredible game. Superb and strong with crosses. Great shot stopping. None of that flappy behaviour. Man of the match in my opinion.

BACK TO THE BREXIT. Apparently Bale being a non-EU player could cause problems for their quotas. I would suggest Wenger get on the damn blower right now.

Manchester United are apparently ready to blow 120m on Paul Pogba. That really would be a game-changing signing. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen and Paul remembers what a terrible place the north is.

On the ‘please sir, can I have some more’ front… James Rodriguez of Real Madrid is apparently on Zidane’s shit list. Perez wants to keep him, but the Madrid manager is peeved at his lack of commitment. In his first season he has 17 goals and 18 assists… his return this season was half. Again, what a player. I would love him at the Arsenal. Especially if we could get him at a Real Madrid special price deal.

Next to nothing from Arsenal.

So, have a great day, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Ishola70

    Carlos Bacca is on the market.

    18 league goals in his first season in Italy.

    20 league goals in Spain season before.

    The Colombian bomber!

    Same age as Vardy but doesn’t put his laces through the ball. In fact some of his finishes are quite sublime with the outside of the foot. A Colombian Eduardo.

    West Ham had put in a bid of 22m euros for him but Roma have just come in with a 30m offer from the money they got for Pjanic.

    Where are you Arsene? Le Grove calling Arsene. Come in Arsene.