UK, get out and VOTE | Wenger defends superstar | Worrying superstar rumours won’t go away

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To remain, or not to remain. That is the question.

To remain, or not to remain. That is the question.

It’s a big day in the UK today. We vote on whether we want to be part of the European Union. Massive on so many levels. The decision will impact everything if it goes the way of leave. I’m remain. This utopic view of rebuilding the empire by isolating ourselves and shutting down freedom of movement feels absurd to me. Handing the keys to the country to a guy riding around on big red bus with a big fat lie plastered on the side doesn’t sit well with me. Britain is stronger in.

Richer culturally. Better skilled. Equipped to lead as a top table voice on the global stage.

But hey, it’s up to you. Just make sure you get your back-side out there and vote. Especially the politically charged youth. We need your contribution, because you’re where the win is at.

Anyway, other things. Like football. What we talking about today?


“We forget that he is only 23 and at that age it is difficult to be the leader of the French team. Players like Platini and Zidane were also questioned at that age. Pogba is learning the game. I have never known a player to have led the France team at the age of 23, ever.

“Pogba is going through a maturing phase and he is starting to be questioned. It’s a test of character in the career of a big player. He will either lose the aura that he had, or show that he is player we were waiting for. It is a normal part of the development from being a very good player to a great player.”

“If we want to have a chance at winning the Euros, we must have confidence in Pogba.”

Not sure about you guys, but I read that as Wenger saying he’d really like the Frenchman?

Part of me agrees with what he’s saying, part of me thinks a 23 year old mooted for a e140m this summer should be doing a bit better. But hey, he has the chance to shine against the plucky Irish who made it through the knockout stages with a stunning victory over Italy.

It’s looking good for England, -ish. They face Iceland. If they win, it’s Ireland or France in the next round. I mean, there’s no point in getting excited. My English friends think we’ll be better against good teams… because like Arsenal, we’re just struggling to break down average teams. Nothing to do with us just having pretty average ideas and a pretty average manager.

I should shut up, I’m jinxing Roy into winning this and it’s going well…

On the England issue. I find it very odd that Raheem Sterling is taking so much abuse at this tournament for his shitty performances, you know, compared to the great white hope that is Harry Kane. I don’t quite understand why we’re bagging on Sterling, a player who dropped a really average season / is really young… versus Harry Kane, who had a blinder and has gone missing in a major way.

In other news, Neymar might go on trial for the quite crazy transfer deal that was done between Santos, his dad, Rossell, DIS. He’s being accused of hiding the true cost of the transfer fee… he could go to jail. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I mean, he’s a famous person, so he’ll be fine… Just like when popstar PR teams spin that their man is just a misunderstood 50 year old who likes sharing the bed with kids, then the police find child nudes and grooming manuals at his theme park.

The power of fame people. OH, Neymar is apparently going to PSG in a double your money deal in 2017. WOW.

Pep G looks like he’s made his second signing. According to AS, he’ll be heading over to City. I mean, the guy is very good, but jeez, he’s 29 years old coming over from Spain. Can’t help but think City do this a lot… sign players like that and they amount to very little. It’s Pep of course, but I wonder if he’s taken into account how fierce the league is? He’s had it easy in Germany and Spain. Wonder if he’s in for a shock?

Copa finalist (I mean, it was looking that way before I tapped out after the delay), Alexis Sanchez, is rumoured to be a target of Juve. They’re losing Morata, they want to take the Chilean back to Italy. It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out. Sanchez wants titles. He’s not getting them with us. Not sure he’s signed a deal yet. Not sure I’d be contemplating suicide if he did go. Love him to bits, but he plays for himself and he does seem to believe he’s above defending for the team and he leaves us exposed… not to mention how many times he loses the ball.

Ozil had a 98.5% pass completion rate against NIR. Amazing work. I am literally chubbed up at my desk. What a guy.

I think that’s about all I have today?



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  1. Unathanthium

    Do One Gambon, didn’t say you were racist but plenty are. No doubt take away the racist vote and it would be different.

    Yes people should have researched more but they’re too lazy or indifferent. Sad to say that they will all be sorely disillusioned when the great paradise they think they’ve voted doesn’t emerge.

    Already the Welsh MPs are shouting for the money they have now lost through no further EU investment. Wait till all the EU funding in science and education ceases. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  2. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Maybe the politicians should have dealt with the migrant issue and then there wouldn’t be a problem with racists, if there is one.

  3. S Asoa

    Kroenke decision to stick with Specialist in Failure Mons Arsene Wenger is giving the Scrooge financial bite. A top flight manager Pep Guardiola could sign Gundogain for 21MIL and Nolito for 14.
    We can’t get even a misfit to Arsenal for 20 mil plus double his wages. A top notch Manager attracts top talent who force the hand of the parent Club. Arsene Wenger is considered Top Botch and can only get broken backs at exorbitant fees.
    Kroenke is a Loser persisting with Wenger

  4. Coquelin is God


    “All they’ve done is swap one elite for another one.”


    The two opposed political factions here are simply two different sections of the British ruling elite.

    The Leave political leadership no more represents ordinary working Brits than does the Remain political leadership. Both represent the interests of the wealthy and of the largest corporations and banks. The difference is they represent different sections of these interests and go about representing them in a slightly different manner, with different posturing, different rhetoric.

    In time the British working class will see that this is no solution either.

  5. naijagunner

    Sky reporting Vardy was put off by Arsenal’s possession style of play, wasn’t sure it was going to fit his style.

    Makes sense, but that rules him out of playing for most of the top four clubs, with the exception of chelsea maybe, because all top clubs tend to hold the higher percentage of possession in most games

  6. Coquelin is God

    If you have an issue with Syrian refugees, perhaps you should ask the US government and its allies to stop arming and funding the Islamist rebels in Syria. The “civil war” there is really a US-backed war for regime change, and all of Washington’s claims regarding “human rights” and “democracy” in Syria are as bogus as the claims re WMDs in Iraq were.

  7. Micheal


    A vote for small-minded, exonphohic and racist cunts who seriously believe that pulling up the draw-bridge from the rest of the world will make Britain stronger.

    it is a vote that means Scotland will vote to break up the United Kingdom. I also predict bombs returning to the streets of Northern Ireland as the strains of a United Ireland return.

    Cameron’s resignation opens the way for that unspeakable cunt Boris Johnson to be the next PM – Boris, the British version of Donald Trump.

    Thank you, Cameron, you despicable cunt and the worst British prime minister since Lord North in the 18th century – the man who lost America.

  8. Ishola70

    AZ Alkmaar have rejected Spurs bid of 14m euros for Janssen. Reported that they are looking nearer to 20m for him.

    Janssen would be brought by Spurs as back-up to Kane with Spurs looking to bolster their squad with the CL football next season.

    This is what Janssen is seen as. A back-up striker.

    Anyone wishing for Janssen to join Arsenal must therefore be happy enough with Giroud as first choice again next season.

  9. Ishola70

    The latest bid for Janssen by Spurs is their third btw.

    They have already had offers of 10 and 12.5m turned down by AZ.

    Spurs wanted him on the cheap. Doesn’t say that much about Janssen tbh.

    Definite 2nd string striker signing by Spurs it would be.

  10. Do one gambon


    Fair comments.

    For me peraonally immigration control was a small part of it. The two things for me which were just as big were
    A. The lack of control on making our own laws
    B. Worried for future if NHS.

    I’m sure there was a slight racist element from some. However looking at the results its clear the remain camp only really won over the Scots ?always going to happen) and London and uni towns I.e. where the richer populations live and why would they want out when the EU works for them

    The rest of the country pretty much all went with brexit.

    So for the racist element, I see it as counteracted by the self serving money grabbers who don’t really care about the majority of the population as long as they remain minted.

    While I’m sure some people did vote on xenophobic grounds, I don’t think its as much as some are making out. As I previously stated, there’s nothing wrong with wanting controlled immigration to protect your country from over population.

    Anyway, time will tell if brexit was the correct decision.

  11. Red&White4life

    LOL when a journalist asked him about the subject, Nolito said “I think that Brexit is a dance”…

  12. hunter

    NOT only does Vary turn us down he also do sent like our style!Just who the he’ll can we attract?We seem to have the ‘UGLY STICK’ over us or is it that no-ones loves WENGER anymore?I don’t fancy our chances in this windows at all,In fact when the Euros finish I can see a long line at WENGER door led by Ozil ,San chef and Ramsey wanting out!

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Some predicting that our result could lead to collapse of the EU with many countries in the EU completely disenchanted by it.

    As much as people are focusing on the UK, this is a huge moment for the EU, they cannot afford to be petty and isolate us, we’re the second largest economy in Europe and import hugely from the EU, however, if these states where the balance between leave and remain is very fine see the UK doing well, trading with the EU as normal but not having to follow its laws, that could lead to a total collapse in support for it.

    This is such a seismic political moment. Some MEP’s and what have you are even warning ‘Brexit’ may have just begun the downfall of the EU.

  14. Dissenter

    “I guess now is as good a time as any to take a little vacation.”

    The streets of London are about to get jam packed with American tourists.
    Brexit will help the British tourism industry bigtime.

  15. nigel tufnel

    Pedro, no early post today?
    Your title get out and vote was taken as vote to get out lol.
    You block politics, but spew your own.

    Go cry into your burqa.

  16. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “…trading with the EU as normal but not having to follow its laws,”

    not going to happen. they’ll have to make an example of us to keep others in line, and if we did remain in the single market(German Finance Minister has said we won’t have the option) we’d have to abide by all the rules – free movement of people etc – that the brexiters found so objectionable in the first place.

  17. Wallace

    I posted this the other day. an academic from Liverpool Uni who specialises in EU law. probably the best thing on the referendum…

  18. Cesc Appeal


    I think we’re going to have to watch what happens over the coming months carefully, the EU needs us, anyone who thinks otherwise is a dope, of course the UK needed the EU, but the EU needs the UK, make no mistake about it and Eurosceptic parties across Europe have seized on our decision and are pushing for referendums, the EU is staring down the barrel at the moment.

    Many nations in the EU are finely balanced between wanting to leave and wanting to stay, not surprisingly those countries who are maybe slightly worse off than others are the biggest supporters of the EU.

    I think Greece may be next, then France will want a referendum.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Surprised that Germany is so finely balanced on wanting out, they are sort of the bedrock of the EU, would have thought they’d be very much behind the EU.

  20. STV

    Playing under Wenger these days would be a massive step down for any top player. Wenger probably wouldn’t get top players if he tried.

    Need another coach..

  21. Marc

    Cesc is dead right on this. The EU need to make this go smoothly all of the rhetoric from EU leaders was to try and secure a remain vote.

    Personally I’m expecting an offer from the EU to remain with a “new deal” something along the lines of EU lite!

  22. Cesc Appeal



    Kept hearing phrases like now is not the time for rash action etc, clearly fearing a surge of pressure for referendums all over Europe.

    I think we will enter into a purely economic, trade deal with the EU, as was originally envisaged with the economic area, of course it won’t be one way traffic, I would imagine the UK will have to accept some EU demands in terms of migration, but obviously in our very own, carefully tailored agreement.

    Will just mean we sit outside the political and social policy and laws the EU pass.

    Really is annoying to see people comparing the UK to some pauper with a begging bowl, we’re a massive economic power with a huge market that the EU wants to get at, we import shedloads of EU goods…there just going to turn their back on that are they out of political spite and fear?

    When the EU is on a knife edge politically and economically…yeah, okay.

  23. Relieable Sauce

    As Jacob Reece Mogg said this morning – If the EU are threatening to kneecap the UK for leaving, is that really the kind of organisation you want to be part of?

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Not to mention in ‘kneecapping’ the UK they will cripple themselves.

    Its a really difficult one for them, they cannot afford to give us too good a deal, equally they cannot afford to try and be clever and spiteful.

    Too good and other nations will wonder why they are staying in, too nasty and they lose a huge market in the UK and potentially still turn off other members on the fence right now.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah that is exactly right, it may well be more difficult as they are saying, but it will be almost the same as business now in terms of trade.

    Both the UK and the EU will want to get this sorted as quickly as is possible, both sides will want to save face and be seen to be the victors, but it doesn’t really matter, there will be political posturing by I really do not think the economics will be vastly different.

  26. Goondawg

    I enjoyed how most of the regions that voted Leave are the ones who if I recall correctly don’t really contribute to our economy.

    Ironically the north gets the bulk of EU subsidies.

    Lol Wales benefit the most from EU funding but they voted leave.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Cameron gone, looks like Corbyn may be gone in the next few days.

    Not sure who Labours front runners are, but they made two bad choices in Miliband and Corbyn, need to get it right this time.

  28. Relieable Sauce


    French and German general elections next year are a big concern for those who are pro EU.Cant see how they resolve it, I think the break up is inevitable. The EU is fundamentally flawed in many peoples eyes and this may be their one chance to make a difference.

  29. Wallace

    “So in one hour by voting leave Britain lost more money than they paid to the EU since they joined in 1975…Take a while to digest that one.”