New Premier League ace linked to Arsenal

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OMG, it’s my birthday. They get sadder as you get older. Right now, I’m at that age where I’d be struggling to get another contract. The only way Arsenal are indulging me with a new deal is if they’ve just been spanked 8-0 by Spurs on August 31st.

That, or they read my blog and understand my managerial vision of how to MAKE ARSENAL GREAT AGAIN.

Anyway, fuck it, I have hair. That is all that matters to me right now. Many fallen comrades in that department. Oh, and health. I’m grateful for both.

So what do we have today?

JACK WILSHERE PLAYED. I thought he looked like a player who had not played for the best part of a year. His passing and touch seemed rusty, but I still think he gave our midfield more of an edge. We created 26 average opportunities. The team moving forward looked pretty pedestrian. I hate to moan about a player before we sign him, but Vardy looked great when balls were flying over the top… but with a deep lying defence, he struggles.

Morata might not have the goals yet, but he has 7 years to get them if he’s catching up to Vardy’s* age. The Leicester man was playing Sunday league 7 years ago. I’d much rather a player with experience in the Champions League, incredible technique… and a record in BIG games.

*Troy Deeney to Leicester is a worry

But hey, just me. I think Wenger is great a making strikers exceptional. Well, he used to be. I just think he could do something special with Moratta. Not sure there’s much left you can do for Vardy, bar stopping his Red Bull love in.

Also, look, imma throw it out there… I’d take Lukaku over Vardy. The guy is a powerhouse, he’s young, he’s scored a bunch of goals, played a bunch of games… sure, he’s not perfect. Sure he can work on his touch. But look, the guy is a kid. Again, I’ll reiterate it… whatever you think about Adebayor, he was a f*cking donkey of embarrassing proportions when he joined Arsenal. Shit touch, couldn’t run the line, awful in almost every aspect of his game. Wenger made him one of the fiercest strikers in the league. Look at some of the goals he scored in his last good season for us… that one against Spurs was ELECTRIC.

Imagine what Wenger could do with Drogba MKII. He’d be more than worth it. I’d be so much more excited about him compared to Vardy.

There are stories about Jovetic. To my knowledge, we were never interested in him back in the day. We just let the papers roll with it because it took attention away from what we were really doing. Anyway, talented, pacey and 6ft1. Also not having a great year. BUT, injury prone… so a no go for me.

Arteta moved to City, as I told you he would. He was never going to Spurs because he wants to be loved by our fans for the impending move back when he has sponged all the greatness from Pep and he comes to takeover from an Arsene Wenger so old, he carries a dialysis machine around with him on the touchline.

Right, that’s me done. Have a banging day!


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  1. STV

    Position me thinks. Kroos plays the exact same position as Pogba and he can be ( he surely can) a great improvement. Modric and Casemiero former in particular is an indispensable part of this Real team.

    James as much as he going thru a bad patch is a supremely talented mid. Perez is a huge fan of his and he’s a fan favourite. There arent many players better than in him in his position. Isco Vasquez Jese? no.

    Benzema is great in link up play but pretty average goal scoring for a striker at that level. Real evidently interested in Lewa.

    However in the event he will not come, I think Morata +Benz will carry their striking duties.

    These are my observations. Could be wrong.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Madrid seem to do this though, remind Europe they swing the biggest financial dick as it were.

    Don’t think they especially need Pogba.