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Jeez, I have a bout of the ol’ writers block this morning. I watched some basketball in what felt like a pretty epic end to the finals. The clinical nature of that game under the pressure they face is quite astonishing to watch. I mean, I’m not quite sure I can buy into best of 7 for a final… but I suppose if the FA could do that and make $100m a game, they’d probably extend it out.

We also had the pleasure of taking in the France / Switzerland game. I have a Swiss girlfriend, so it was always going to be a difficult moment when I had to break it to her that I was on the French side of the fence and that I thought her team were going to take a spanking.

I was wrong. But hey, when am I not? The French, with a heavily rested team looked sublime in the opening 45minutes. Paul Pogba waltzing through their midfield with relative ease. I think he’s an exceptional talent capable of things most players of that size are quite simply not… but as a centre midfielder, well, I don’t know how sold I’d be on him playing for Arsenal. He was pretty anonymous in the second half. In fact, I thought he’d be the perfect Arsene midfielder. I appreciate it’s one game, but I wonder if Paul can consistently impose himself on games in the way he’s going to need to if he wants to live up to that mega price tag Madrid are interested in paying.

Xhaka looked very good. Spraying the ball around like a demon. He made 94 passes, double that of the Pog. He has a great range, certainly not a Denilson, I love his aggression and I also like that he’s fairly disciplined. You can definitely see the sort of the basic system Wenger is going for next season. Two ball playing midfielders with efficient passing pinning the midfield, with the ability to feed pace on the counter accurately… then up top, building more productivity into the wide positions with Mikki and a firing Sanchez… then getting someone clinical who can bully and finish from anywhere. Great on the counter, sharp around the box.

The Vardy deal is still not dead according to the player. Wenger is either really moving his interests elsewhere, or he’s trying to smoke Vardy out by forcing him into a corner with no other club sniffing around. I’m past the point of caring. I wasn’t calling for a 29 year at the start of the summer, so I’m not going to cry about this if it doesn’t happen.

The only worry is that sort of attitude is fine if there’s something obviously great waiting in the wings. Right now, it’s Olivier Giroud and Chuba Akpom being like a new signing. That said… as long as it’s not Yaya Sanogo, I’ll be fine.FINE AND DANDY.

Right, that’s me done. SEE YOU TOMORROW. x


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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, said that for a while now, we have a lot of third men in a three man middle, Ramsey and Wilshere in particular, Caz, Coq to the extent he’s a very lopsided player in terms of offering little in possession.

    If we had the old style system when Fabregas was here, playing a deeper creative role than Ozil does, more involved in general central midfield work, along with a CDM, Ramsey or Wilshere may fit in quite well, add a wide play maker.

    But I think Ozil means we have to play a certain way, he has to be in the No.10 spot, meaning unless we really change our system to two up top we can only have two central midfielders requiring really good balance.

  2. qna

    Carts. Agree about the inconsistency of Ramsey. Moments of brilliance and madness. Its dumbfounding. But he does provide us with some very good options off the bench.

    Steveyg97. Dont agree with you on Elneny. Not sure how he has done anything of use. He passes sideways and runs around a lot. He scored one cracking goal, which he probably wont repeat for another 5 years.

  3. N5

    Wallace RE Toral, neither myself or Azed were saying he wasn’t good enough, but yesterday a poster wrote Wenger has the best eye for talent in the game and I asked who has he unearthed since the invincibles that wasn’t an already proven talent that would make him think this to be true. Henry Root quoted a few Kos and Cesc that I agreed with but then players like Toral who like Azed said, haven’t even kicked a ball for us yet so it’s not really a fair pick as we’ve no idea how he’ll look in the team. Also does Toral make Arsene the BEST in the world at knowing if a player has talent or not.

    My argument was that Wenger was no better or worse than any other top manager in this respect (at least early Arsenal Wenger).

  4. Coquelin is God


    Very little evidence of any special eye for young talent in recent years. And worse: it can no longer be said that he develops young talent. Look at this list:


    All were young talents; none have made any real progress.

  5. N5

    Agreed Bamford. I said yesterday that for every good player that he has bought in you could name 2 possibly 3 that were awful, so if anything he has one of the WORST eyes for talent out of the biggest club managers in recent years.

    The Invincible season has clouded so many peoples opinion on Wenger, but long long long gone are the days you could trust his opinion.

  6. Leedsgunner

    The reality is this.

    The English side at Euro 2016 is nowhere as good as they and the English media think they are. That’s why they were only able to get a draw against a very poor Russian side. Although talent wise the English team is probably at a higher level as a whole as compared to Wales.

    Wales has a someone that England do not have at the moment.

    A world class talisman finding his form — hence the result against Russia is more about how good Bale is rather than how good he is rather than how good Wales is as a whole imho.

    Ramsey is a decent player when he does the basics right. He works hard and is professional at all times. His form goooes downhill when he tries to be an all conquering action hero rather than playing to his strengths…

    As a Gooner, I’m pleased when our players do well as long as they don’t get injured…

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah Raiola is the agent of Mkhi, Lukaku and Pogba. I only remember Arsenal dealing with him once and that was recently with that Dutch kid Malen so maybe we’re OK with him. Mendes on the other hand…

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I’ve actually gone off Jon a bit, Sansa is the one, leadership material there…play her next to Xhaka!

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Just thinking, the papers have switched us onto Lukaku it seems, double deal potentially, Lukaku and Mhkitaryan?

    But then we all wanted that during the Sanchez transfer, same agent as Vidal…could you imagine that now, Xhaka and Vidal as a central midfield…

  10. Romford Ozil Pele

    Loooool CA I dunno if I can warm to Sansa although it’s good she’s stopped being a victim and started to incorporate a mean streak. Personally prefer Arya. Been trying to tell Louis about the show but he’s never listening!

    RE rumours, guys I speak to haven’t told me anything recently. Hope that means we’re working hard behind the scenes. Can’t see AFC playing £50m+ for Lukaku and while he’s a great goalscorer his all round game you do feel may be exposed at the highest level. Personally hoping we still go in for Morata. Mkhi is a long saga that’s gonna run I feel. Depends if we want to maintain interest. I would but there are alternatives so as long as we’re active I don’t mind.

  11. WengerEagle

    Not LeBron’a biggest fan but what he achieved with the Cavs will have to go down as the greatest comeback in NBA history.

    That block just before Kyrie won the Championship has to go down as the greatest in the history of ball.

    Was awesome to watch, have never seen a sportsman want something that badly.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Jon’s leadership ability is questionable though, you just knew he was going to f**k up at the beginning of the battle.

    Looking forward to Cersei’s trial next week, mutant mountain and I think she’s going to go all Mad King and burn it all down.

    Papers have Arsenal talking to Everton over a £31 Million deal, cannot see that, like you I think it’s closer to £50 Million.

    In all honesty I would prefer Morata, I know people will say Lukaku completely outscores him, but there’s just something about Morata, as our top ST, with Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaka and a wide playmaker, I really think he could become a top rate ST.

  13. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, Yeah it’s very true, he isn’t the most intelligent and does a lot of stuff based on emotion which is gonna get him killed again lol.

    Yeah I think Cersei may burn down Kings Landing too. Wasn’t it one of the visions Bran had in one of the earlier episodes? Hope the High Sceptre dies though, dude does my head in.

    Yeah considering Everton bought Lukaku for £30m and he has years on his deal to run with his value only rising since his move it’ll be a lot of money. I mean it probably is worth it considering his age and the fact he still has a way to go to improve. My main problem with him, like a lot of the strikers we’ve been linked to is how will they do with limited space? Teams don’t push up against AFC for obvious reasons so it’s down to us to break them down. How will their touch be in enclosed spaces? It’s all stuff I’m asking myself RE these strikers but I’d be willing to sanction the move tbh, although like you I prefer Morata.

  14. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle you missed yesterday, me and Tits we’re discussing it. Can’t believe GS choked like they did. LBJ was playing in beast mode though, an absolute demon. Klay and Curry were shackled and double marked throughout the finals. Maybe they’re just suffering from fatigue and injury though. Or maybe Curry is just thinking about that girl from game 4 lol.

  15. Romford Ozil Pele

    Could be experimenting with a few new formations next season man:

    442 diamond

    New manager needed please. We have the right personnel to make all those formations work.

  16. bnsb

    The English side at Euro 2016 is nowhere as good as they and the English media think they are.

    Well said. Probably why media finds a scape goat after every match. It was Wilshere yesterday. Media will never admit sum total of 11 english players is still zero.

  17. Leedsgunner

    There’s no reason financially why we can’t buy both Morata and Lukaku but I think for me Lukaku just edges it because of his EPL experience.

    I think if this £31m deal for Lukaku is legitimate — I would imagine there is a player swap involved with it. Perhaps Theo going the other way plus the cash? Or Calum Chambers if John Stones is on his way out?

    By that comparison I’m not saying Chambers is equal to Theo in value… btw.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly, it made you think Bran was having a flash back to the old days, but I think it was foreshadowing.

    Wondering about R + L = J as well. They hinted at it, then never mentioned it again, unless that will be a reveal next week.

    Agreed, at this point I’d be willing to sanction a move for most of the ST’s we’re linked with, if we go into the season with Giroud and Walcott again we literally might as well not bother.

    But if you sold Walcott and Campbell say, got in Morata and a wide playmaker like Mhkitaryan, our attack would be something to behold I think, particularly with Ozil pulling the strings.

    How do you feel about Jenkinson as cover for Bellerin, likely Debuchy will be sold, or do you think Wenger will leave us with no cover there, thinking Coq could do a temporary job if required for example?

    Still want a CB. RM/LM and ST out of this window.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, new manager is essential, no new deal, club will just be heading down an aimless path is Wenger gets another three year deal.

    Will be watching Tuchel and Bilic this year, obviously Simeone as well.

  20. WengerEagle


    Same, still can’t believe that Golden State didn’t manage to win a single match out of the last 3 and 2 in the Oracle at that.

    Curry has been a shadow of himself this entire series, LeBron has reminded everyone who the real MVP is.

    Dissapointed in Klay too although I think that besides game 4 he was better than Curry.

    Draymond Green was a complete monster in game 7. Didn’t deserve to be on the losing side. But it was LeBron’s day.

    Where do you rank him on the GOAT list now?

  21. Ishola70

    Lukaku’s agent is now becoming conciliatory towards Everton. He has changed his tune. Says that Everton have more money now and there is a project there.

    I think we can take that to mean that Lukaku and his agent now realise that no big club are going to pay the amount to sign him that Everton would want.

  22. Dream10

    That chase down block from LeBron was unreal. He came into the picture out of nowhere. Kyrie was excellent in the last five games of the series and outplayed Curry. Green was sensational, but the Splash Brothers were terrible on the night.

  23. WengerEagle

    Anyone else feel thast the overall quality of football in this tourney has been pretty average btw?

    Wish the CA wasn’t on at crazy hours, didn’t get a chance to see Chile humiliate the Mexicans.

  24. Coquelin is God

    It’s being reported that Madrid have officially activated their €30m buy-back option for Morata. Like ROP & Cesc, I think he is our best option, though I wouldn’t spend more than £45m on him.

    As for Lukaku, I will say again that I don’t see that top clubs are in for him, so if we were interested in him, I think we could get him for less than some of the figures bandied about. Unless I have missed something, I don’t think any of the biggest clubs — Madrid, PSG, City, Chelsea, United — are in for him. I bet you could get him for £45m. I prefer Morata, though.

  25. Coquelin is God


    That’s what I was saying yesterday re Lukaku. After all, who is really interested in him? Almost no one. Certainly not the biggest clubs.

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, yeah expect that to be the main focus for next week’s episode. Wonder if they’ll do anything on Arya or the white walkers?

    Yeah agreed it’s paramount. Wenger sees it and has wanted to do it in previous years he just needs to be ruthless and have more than one option (which I do think is the case this time round). Vardy saga isn’t finished but there’s a few others on the list including Morata so here’s hoping. Yep I agreed. You’d have to go some way to finding a better attacking trip than Alexis, Özil and Mkhi with Morata on top.

    Never been a fan of Jenkinson really but nobody is gonna take over Bellerin right now so as back up it’s fine I guess. He did ok at West Ham. You could probably play Coq there as well in emergencies. I’m a chambers fan but he needs minutes so I’m hoping we find a good loan for him.

    Yeah I really want a CB too, not convinced about Gabriel at all although I’m not sure we’ll get one. The other two more priority for me.

  27. bnsb

    Copa America has had much better game quality. Argentina, Colombia and Chile have played some mesmerising football. Still dont get it how USA has managed to be in the Semis.

  28. Dream10


    Yep. Controller, deep playmaker, box to box and advanced playmaker.
    Would be nice if we could add a couple of midfielders with decent technique and ability to cover ground over the next couple of years. Going forward, the best teams will have at least one, if not two players who are universal midfielders.

  29. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, I was shocked. Didn’t think Cavs had it in them so fair play to them. GS will be disappointed but they’ve had a great two years so shouldn’t be too downhearted. Green was very impressive it had to be said but when LBJ is on one you can’t really stop him, kind of like Yaya.

    Where does he rank? It’s a hard question to answer. I’d say definitely top 5, need to see more magic from him personally to usurp Jordan who was a freak. That whole entire Bulls team was fake though.

  30. Dream10


    Yep. Kyrie was terrific. He hit a Curry like shot right in Steph’s face to close the series. Let’s hope he stays healthy.

  31. Ishola70

    Coquelin is God:
    “That’s what I was saying yesterday re Lukaku. After all, who is really interested in him? Almost no one. Certainly not the biggest clubs.”

    I was sceptical months ago that any big club would pay real big money for him and that was the period when Lukaku, his father and his agent were linking him to big clubs in the media. When it was at it’s highest.

  32. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream, yeah we don’t really have a do-it-all type of midfielder. Ramsey is probably the closest but his touch can be erratic and his positional sense is off. That said in a 433 with Ramsey as the 3rd runner from CM he could definitely score 15 in a season ala Lampard. Also one for the big occasions.

  33. Leedsgunner

    PLEGUEZUELO and Bielik have been making good progress, is it time to give them some game time (at least in the pre-season) to to see what they can do?

    Apparently they’ve formed a solid partnership with the U21s. I know it’s a massive step up from that to first team football but if we are not going to buy a CB, they might be useful to have in the squad especially if Chambers is loaned out.

    What happened to this Rob Holden chap.. has he been signed?

  34. Dream10


    Jenkinson is not Arsenal quality. West Ham started looking for a Jenkinson replacement two months after the start of last season lol. They eventually signed young Byram from Leeds in the January window.

  35. WengerEagle


    USA have done well besides being outplayed by Colombia in the group.

    Think that the Argies will beat them emphatically though,

    Chile were insane against what is a decent Mexico side on paper, players like Layun, Hernandez, Herrera, Corona and Guardado all had impressive seasons for big European clubs in Porto, PSV and Bayer Leverkusen.

    Eduardo Vargas is such a strange player, pants at club level but dynamite in a Chile jersey.

  36. Coquelin is God


    Lebron has cemented his place among the top five or six players of all time — at least that’s the consensus view here — though there is difference of opinion re where he should be placed, 1-6.

    For me, as great as he is — and that block in Game 7 was otherworldly — the fact that he doesn’t really have a reliable shot/jumpshot weakens his case. Jordan for me is #1, and I still don’t see an argument for Lebron over Jordan. After that you have Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Kobe Bryant.

    I eliminate Chamberlain and Russell as they were before my time. Of the remaining, I place Lebron either at #2 behind Jordan or at #3 behind Jordan and Kobe Bryant (admittedly this last opinion would be controversial).

    In the long run I think he’ll be seen as #2, behind Jordan. People who grew up after Jordan will say Lebron is #1, but these young folks don’t really know what they’re talking about. Mike will always be #1.

  37. WengerEagle


    Yeah at the end of the day it was still a record breaking regular season for them and they were within a whisker of winning a Ring even with Klay and Curry playing below their best.

    Agree, he still has quite bit to do to be in the conversation with MJ for me but he’s easily top 5 if not higher.

    Pressure is finally off him, he’s accomplished what he set out to do for the City of Akron.

    He can actually enjoy his basketball a bit now.

  38. Ishola70

    Re: a new CB would love to see Arsenal go out and get Romagnoli from Milan. Nesta was singing his praises just a few days ago. Said he was the most impressive young CB in Serie A and has a great future ahead of him. Know it won’t happen though.

    For the here and now really Arsenal need an older leader type CB who can marshall the defence. Mertesacker did fit that description but he is regressing. For all Koscielny’s worth as a player he has never really been a leader of the defence. Gabriel shows no sign of leadership.

  39. Leedsgunner

    West Ham started looking for a Jenkinson replacement two months after the start of last season lol.

    Isn’t that because Jenkinson picked up a major injury?

  40. WengerEagle


    Yeah agree, MJ had more in his locker than LeBron, the latter was great in game 7 but his weakness in his 3 point shot was a little exposed, only made 1 out of lots of attempts.

    He actually shot a lot better in games 5 and 6 than he usually does.

    I think Kobe was great but he was very similar to Mike and he wasn’t quite as good, LeBron is the better all-rounder and IMO achieved something with the Cavs that even prime Kobe wouldn’t have been able to.

  41. Leedsgunner

    What is the maximum number of clubs that a player can be registered with in 12 months? Is it three? A potential problem for any club wanting to buy Morata from Real Madrid?

  42. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed, for me a CB comes after the ST and RM/LM signing, purely because we have one ST at Arsenal and he’s a bit second rate in my opinion, and we have zero wide playmakers.

    Just don’t want the window to drag and Wenger to slowly convince himself that he doesn’t need to bother because what he’s got is fine.

    Yeah, Chambers needs a loan, so does Oxlade, keep saying it but I’d like to see him under a manager like Bilic at West Ham, find out if there’s anything in there as many still think.

    Just thinking as well, Jenkinson as a purely back up player could bolster our home grown quota if we do a bit of chopping of our failed British core.

    Five would be gone if it was up to me, Chambers and Oxlade on loan, Wilshere, Walcott and Gibbs sold. But the homegrown rule might save some necks, promoting the English game as it does…yeah right, just leads to transfer premiums, inflated wages and British players getting to coast at top level clubs.

  43. WengerEagle

    Incredible stat on Vargas:

    He has scored more goals for Chile this calender year (6 goals in 6 games) than he managed in his last 2 club seasons for QPR and Hoffenheim (5 goals in 45 matches).

  44. Coquelin is God


    “He can actually enjoy his basketball a bit now.”

    A very astute observation. Aren’t you only in your early 20s, WE? How do you know so much? 😉

    No question basketball has been mostly a grind for him since returning to Cleveland, but as you say, he can now relax a little and enjoy himself.

    IMO, he needs to work on his jumpshot so that he can score without expending so much energy and effort and without beating his body up so much. He’s not getting any younger and he needs to transition his game.

  45. Dream10


    Not sure tbh


    Leicester signing their Kante replacement in Nampalys Mendy.

  46. WengerEagle


    Tbh I’m only following Basketball a few years, mainly because it’s not shown on cable over here and before the days of internet streaming I had no access to it.

    It’s by far my favourite American sport, not into the NFL or Baseball tbh but love the athleticism and finesse in Ball, reminds me of football in its intensity and excitement.

    I don’t know a lot about it but like reading up on the history of it and I watch matches whenever I can.

    Agree on LBJ, he has an extremely explosive style of play which wasn’t a problem when he was 21, he’ll be 32 halfway through the upcoming regular season so he definitely needs to work on his jumpshot and lessening the physical workload on himself.

  47. Coquelin is God


    Yeah, I basically agree with all of that. I think it would’ve been great to see Lebron square off against Kobe when they were both in their primes, but Lebron’s mammoth athleticism probably tips the scales in his favor in the discussion of who is #2.

    Kobe Bryant was a fantastic scorer, though, and a very elegant player. The image below exemplifies the young Kobe, who was just dirty.


  48. Dream10


    Haven’t watched him play. I’m sure Karim has though.

    Kante probably has the pick of PSG, Real, Chelsea and Man Utd. Not bad at all.
    Don’t think we’re interested despite AW praising him on the regular.

  49. Coquelin is God


    Well, that’s impressive for someone who has only been watching a short while. It is a fantastic sport, and you are right that the athleticism and skill and power on display is remarkable. And yes, it’s far more free-flowing than American football or baseball.

    Plus, like football., one sees a lot of the athlete’s personality in basketball. You see every facial expression, how the player carries himself, how he relates to others, how he responds emotionally to this or that, etc. It can make for great drama.

  50. Dream10

    25m pounds for Deeney. Wow. that would be something. No wonder Lyon are asking for 40m for Lacazette.

    Morata, Batshuayi and Lukaku will go for a minimum of 40m then. Some team may get Batshuayi for a little less since he has less exposure than the other two.
    Probably Arsenal.

  51. shad

    LBJ will definitely be seen as one of the GOAT, but as someone said, he can’t be ranked alongside Mike, though you can see the similarities. LBJ has Kyrie and Love, while Jordan had Pippen and Rodman.
    Yes he does need to work on his shooting though, however his numbers aren’t as bad. Anyone playing against Curry and Klay will pale in shooting.
    I’d really want Harden to get a good team though, he is one of my favourite players in the league.

  52. steve

    “LeBron is a cry baby not even close to being the GOAT.”


    Don’t be ridiculous. He’s definitely up there with the greats.

  53. S Asoa

    There’s a lot of valid opinions about the Ox, Chambers, etc needing to be loaned out to improve.
    It proves one thing that Wenger has no clue. In fact Le Imbecile has himself admitted he sends his lambs out there to improvise and win.
    On the other hand ,for this reason there’s a need to loan out also so these get playing time. With Ox favourite this is not a case. He has to go out for a sojourn to get over the Wengeritis from his system.
    So also Theo hopefully if that chicken can be cured.

  54. Coquelin is God

    If that story re Lukaku at £31m is true, that would be remarkable. I mean in today’s market, that’s not that much money. While I prefer Morata and I have my doubts about Lukaku, it would be very hard to pass him up at £31m.

  55. WengerEagle


    What are your favourite sports over there, Basketball too? NFL is crazily popular from the sounds of it.

    Yeah I like how Basketball informal feels, with the huge volumes of interviews they have to go through you get much more of a window into their personality than even footy in comparison.

    It’s also pretty cool that these huge rivals get so much face time opposite one another, in football it’s pretty rare that you’ll even see Messi and Ronaldo beside each other whereas in Basketball they sort of have to get along because they all play for Team USA in the Olympics. Durant and LeBorn are supposed to be quite friendly.

  56. Leedsgunner

    If Vardy decides to stay, fair enough. Although I would love to be a fly on the wall and see his face, if it transpired we had signed Mahrez and Kante. (Unlikely I know).

    I wonder if one of the reasons for the delay is JV wants to find out what these two are going to do…

  57. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, you’d take Lukaku at £31 Million no questions, but it won’t be £31 Million, more like £50 Million.

    I expect Everton to be a major player in the window, got Koeman now and he seems to be backed with a lot of cash from the rumours. Going after Witsel to begin with.

    The EPL is going to be incredibly competitive next year, why its crucial Wenger adds a bit and then leaves come May.

  58. N5

    ESPN top 5 player rankings:

    ll-Time #NBArank 5: Wilt Chamberlain

    All-Time #NBArank 4: Magic Johnson

    All-Time #NBArank 3: LeBron James

    All-Time #NBArank 2: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    All-Time #NBArank 1: Michael Jordan

  59. Mysticleaves


    I think Morata wouldn’t fall foul of the rule as a new season hasn’t started and Juve won’t register him anyway once they know he’s going back…

  60. steve

    “Up there with the greats is different to greatest of all time steve you plum.”.


    He “said nowhere near the GOAT”. I would think you are that if you’re up there with the greats. Plum. But of course you just needed to have a dig at me. *smh*

  61. azed

    “I think it would’ve been great to see Lebron square off against Kobe when they were both in their primes, but Lebron’s mammoth athleticism probably tips the scales in his favor in the discussion of who is #2.”

    Kobe would eat Lebron for breakfast, lunch , dinner and still have some left over for Red to chew on.

    Kobe was a winner would not go about b*tching to the NBA about some dirty play, he’ll shut you up with his game. Same for MJ.

  62. Coquelin is God


    I like your spirited support for Kobe. Great player. Complete prick, but a great player. 😉

  63. gonsteous

    why are we not raiding inter for their young striker Icardi ?? I dont know how he would do in the league but I’ve always liked watching him play !!!

  64. Coquelin is God


    I like the look of Icardi as well, but I’ve read he has no interest in leaving Inter and that Inter have no interest in selling him.

  65. Steveyg87

    “I expect Everton to be a major player in the window, got Koeman now and he seems to be backed with a lot of cash from the rumours. Going after Witsel to begin with”

    Regardless of how highly you rate Koeman, that’s not gona happen

  66. Marko

    I expect Everton to be a major player in the window, got Koeman now and he seems to be backed with a lot of cash from the rumours

    Isn’t it hilarious the guy bankrolling Everton owned shares in Arsenal but wasn’t allowed a seat on the board. Get out of here with your money and ambition in the transfer market.

  67. Marko

    I like the look of Icardi as well, but I’ve read he has no interest in leaving Inter and that Inter have no interest in selling him

    Inter are a poor imitation of a once great club these days. Anyone can be signed from them

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal now have 3 players in Sanchez,Ozil and Xhaka who will expect to play in starting lineup.

    That leaves just 2 positions in midfield and wing which are open to other members of squad in starting lineup.

    When you consider that we have 10 players in our first team squad competing
    for two positions there is frankly a surplus to our requirements. Most of these players are not good enough for starting eleven but are good enough for the bench.

    The 10 players in squad apart from those above who played last season in midfield or wing are:
    Welbeck [out injured until New Year]

    I think that it is unlikely that Arsenal would buy a new DMF, because both Coquelin and Elneny are fairly recent additions to squad and fairly low cost players who will accept sitting on bench.

    The real concern is the Right or Left Wing or Midfield. Sanchez can play on either flank, but we have played most eight players listed above on the
    right hand wing/midfield without any one securing permanently the position. Part of the problem is that they do not score enough goals.

    So the question is whether Wenger will buy yet another player for either left
    or right flank or persist with current squad players and hope that one will stand out from pack.

  69. Coquelin is God

    Looks like Luis Hernandez (Gijon) is going to Leicester. Were people talking about this above? Is Hernandez a CDM?

  70. Marko

    Luis Hernandez of Gijon shouldn’t be confused with Lucas Hernandez of Atletico Madrid who’s a big talent. Or Jose Gimenez who’s an even bigger talent

  71. Coquelin is God


    Yes, and pictorially your summary goes as follows. You think the likely XI will be something like the below:


    And thus you think the questions are two:
    1. Will Wenger use Ramsey, Jack, Ox or Theo as the WR?
    2. Will Wenger sign a CF to replace / improve upon Giroud?

    To which I would say the following:
    1. If we do not improve upon Giroud at CF, we will do noting of note, regardless of any other signings. Wenger could sign Mkitaryan at WR and Kante at CM, but as long as we still had Giroud leading the line we would be non-entities.
    2. Most here do not think Elneny is good enough to be in the XI, and very few are speaking up for Coquelin these days. I actually think Elneny is a decent little player, but he’s no world-beater. That is clear.
    3. No one here is OK with Wenger using one of the above as the WR.
    4. At the very least, we need both a better CF and a better WR to be relevant next season. And no, despite finishing 2nd, we were not relevant this season.

  72. Coquelin is God

    Just to make my point clearer, and to stir up some discussion possibly, the team below would be irrelevant both in the EPL next season and in the CL, IMO:


    Decent defensively, decent in possession, but not enough movement and dynamism in attack, not enough goals.

  73. Redtruth

    One wonders why Wenger even bothers to pluck ‘potential’ young talent from other football club academies when his own personal development of players is non existent

  74. Josip Skoblar

    To be honest, I have been quite bored with the Euros so far: no great games, few goals, no outstanding teams, England poor, France poor, Germany and Spain average, etc. Payet’s brilliance and Kante’s quality have been the only things to rejoice about.

  75. WengerEagle

    Smart from Real Madrid having a buy-back clause.

    They’ll sell him on for a decent chunk of profit now, will probably get £40 million for him in this crazy market we find ourselves in.

  76. STV


    “In the long run I think he’ll be seen as #2, behind Jordan. People who grew up after Jordan will say Lebron is #1, but these young folks don’t really know what they’re talking about. Mike will always be #1.”

    True!! Mikel Jordan is a legend, and undoubtedly the GOAT. He has to get a lot of credit for the rise in popularity of Basketball in 80s and 90s. Infact that Bulls team of Jordan Pippen and Rodman has to be the greatest team of NBA( admittedly don’t watch lot of basketball these days).

  77. seg

    Bam, I noticed you no longer have Wilshere in your starting lineup. Is this based on yesterday’s game or you finally seeing the light?

  78. STV

    Coquelin is God,

    I see a midfield pairing of Xhaka and Kante in your team. Quite good and well balanced. 🙂

    Let’s hope Wenger will sign him and remove couple of passengers from our midfield.

  79. Marko

    Yeah Pogba’s off to Madrid this summer before their transfer embargo kicks in. Noway Juve are signing Andre Gomes United or Chelsea were quoted 42 million for him cause Benfica have a 10 or 20% sell on clause. Juve will likely sign Witsel and Pjanic to replace him.

  80. Marko

    So we’re not buying Morata now. No way we pay 40-50 million euros for someone who Madrid just paid 32 million euros for. No way. Just target one of Lacazette, Icardi or Batshuayi and be done with it

  81. salparadisenyc

    Visions of Giroud being our numero uno…. AGAIN.
    Somebody please bury the sword as painlessly as possible but please bury it in me.

  82. Marko

    Raiola is gonna have the best summer of his life the absolute scumbag. Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Mkhitaryan, Lukaku and Mad Mario will all be on the move

  83. STV

    A totally hypothetical formation,

    .Mkhitaryan Higuain Sanchez
    ________ Ozil _________

    __ Xhaka. Kante __

    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel/Ch Bellerin


    Higuain £55
    Mkh £25
    Kante £20

    Total sales 60 Nett 40+/-

    Ramsey £20
    Walcott £20
    Coquelin £10
    Campbell £10

  84. N5

    “N5 is not the best person to ask for advice on creative players as he called Gnabry a world class talent …lol”

    Wow Marble, you’re so desperate for attention that you’re making up lies. What a pathetic hobby for a man in his late 50s

  85. Dissenter

    ““N5 is not the best person to ask for advice on creative players as he called Gnabry a world class talent …lol””

    Run for the hills. The red priest is after you.

  86. Dissenter

    Vincent Kompany is an extremely bright young man. Of all the European commentators doing the Euros for US tv he’s being by far the best.
    I’m not surprised he’s doing very well in business as well.

    He has a future in politics.
    He was asked whether the struggling Belgian team “misses” him?
    His answer?, “I miss them more than they miss me”