Vardy says no. What is going on?

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Well, what the bloody hell can you say about Vardy? He’s away with England and all he can think about right now is England, where he’s gonna get his next Red Bull and how he can smuggle chewing tobacco into the dressing room…

He can’t think about anything else. HE CAN’T.

Anyway, Wenger reckons he’s saying NO.

Can you believe this? I mean I can to a degree. I want to bemoan his lack of ambition, but jeez, he’s with the Champions. I want to bemoan personal ambition, but he probably thinks he can win another title where he is.

The big question Arsenal need to answer is why he’s said no?

It can’t be cash, because we have plenty of that. So what is it? Does Jamie Vardy not see a bright future under Arsene Wenger? Have the years out in the wilderness not addressing key issues finally caught up with a manager who, let’s face it, is likely facing a double blow with Mikki flirting heavily with United?

Is the harsh reality that Arsenal aren’t part of the elite roster these days?

Well, we’ll have to wait and see. Banter that someone suggested we’ll now chase down the younger, far better Lewandowski. But again, why would he come to Arsenal even if we doubled his wages?

Maybe we’ll look at Sturridge? Maybe we’ll look at someone we’ve never heard of? Maybe we’ll just do what we do every summer and give up at the first failure. Wenger has rarely been the signer of super elite players, he’s more the type that fashions brilliance… he needs to get back to a bit of that if he can’t have what he wants.

I just pray the plan B people say we have is going to get powered into action.

Also, absolute double banter on toast if the rumours about giving Wenger a 3 year deal are true. We should at the very least not have a deal on the table until we’ve seen what the manager can do with the summer. From what I was told, that’s actually the case and the rumours of the deal are a nonsense… but again, we’ll see.

I think we all just need to pull our heads out of the doom bucket. Give the summer a chance. No one else is making magic happen at the moment. Conte isn’t even in London, he’s managing another team. Jose has made one signing, Pep has made one signing… I mean, a long way to go. At the very least, we can take solace that we have seen the makings of a plan and it involves signing someone who is fast and clinical.


No, calm down… it’s happening this summer. I can feel it in my bones. Kind of.


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  1. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter, Wenger has been AFC manager for over two decades and you don’t know when he’s doing his usual poker face shit? This is the same dude who claimed he didn’t know who Santi Cazorla was a day before buying him. The same day we signed Welbeck he categorically denied we were in for him. There are certain instances when you don’t take what Wenger says at face value.

    He doesn’t regret the bid. And it’s not even set in stone that Vardy has rejected it yet. Now he may well do. What I’ve been told is that Wenger is tired of waiting so he’s saying what he’s said to try and get a quicker decision so he can know whether to move onto other targets or not

  2. Dissenter

    You have a point about fatigue at Spuds.
    They have a very busy summer schedule in search of revenue.
    They will struggle to replies their form in the first third of the season

  3. Emiratesstroller

    No-one would disagree that in recent years Arsenal have failed to realise their full potential, but the idea that we are a second or third tier club in English Football is ridiculous.

    qna I am sorry, but to equate Arsenal with Spurs is frankly an insult. When was
    the last time that the Spuds finished above us? When did they win the League
    Title? How many times have Spurs actually won the League Title? Do they have the same spending power as us without having to sell their best players?

  4. STV

    Leedsgunner, right.

    After all he’s a man who signed dross like Park, Santos, Arteta, and Benayoun in the deadline day!, as a reaction to the famous 2-8.

    He needed Villa defeat and ensuing outrage o suddenly pushing hard for Ozil in final day, helped by the fact that Real Madrid essentially were pushing him out by then.

    Draws against Everton,Basiktas, Leicester and the long term injury to Giroud forced his hand to signing Welbeck, incidentally another dross, again on the deadline day.

    In last season, as the embarrassing opening day loss did not followed by more disappointing results, Wenger truthful to his form, ‘decided against’ signing any one after signing no one.

    So a lot to depend on our opening fixtures as well, because he’s reactionary. Even then it can’t be all ‘flashy’..

    I do think he’d sign replacements for Welbeck but that’d probably of very cheap quality. Another reactionary quality of his.

    All in all, he fully deserves his 3 year contract. In a world which rewards failure, he fails the best. With him we rust.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    It really is simple, we have money, lots of money, our squad is not worth protecting outside of Bellerin, Kozz, Monreal, Sanchez and Ozil, there is a massive pool of talent that could improve us…we need to add and we can add, only a handful of players are unattainable.

    Anything short of another few really good quality additions on top of Xhaka is yet another failed summer. And there is no reason for it except internal failings at Arsenal and Wenger.

  6. Dream10

    Draxler wants to leave Wolfsburg. Both Man Utd and Arsenal have been linked.

    Don’t expect us to more than a forward,a creative player and some more youth players. Moussa Dembele of Fulham and Draxler make sense from an AW point of view. Both are 18-23 and will improve. Expect Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere, Chamberlain to receive new deals, so that will count as spending.

    Interesting that before the Switzerland-France match, AW did not agree with the idea that Deschamps should not make five changes, as it will “destabilise” the team. Not more than two or three he said. He also feels there is too much expected of Pogba at 23. If he feels this way about a top talent like Pogba, the likes of Wilshere, Chamberlain and Chambers will be given ample time to become better. He will not give up them unless they want out.

    Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal
    Elneny Xhaka
    Ramsey Ozil Sanchez

    To be honest I’m not expecting more than Xhaka added to our starting XI.
    Gabriel and Elneny will be given a few months to become regulars.

  7. Unathanthium

    Wallace, good video. There are virtually no positives from a leave vote. Most of the vote for leave will be by misguided individuals who somehow think the country will become a utopia overnight. Utoria would be more correct. The whole issue is far too complex for some members of the public, and a misinformed one at that.

  8. Leedsgunner

    “Leeds, 100%. But you’re talking like AFC are about to become extinct when that isn’t the case.”

    With all respect, I think you’re overstating my position, your grace.

    All I’m saying is with the resources we have at our disposal we should be competing at the very top rather than being pleased that we are feeding off the scraps thrown away by those at the top table.

    It’s because I love AFC I have said what I’ve said.

    Wenger and his lack of ambition and overabundance of his own self importance is a huge part of the problem though. It’s completely holding us back.

    I doubt very much, had Pep or Ancelotti come calling Vardy would have said no, p*ss off, I’m in France for a month.

  9. Black Hei


    If Wenger wanted to appease folks for the sake of it, he would have bought just a big name striker.

    Example, someone like Batshuayi is attainable for say 20m, according to Ishola. Now that is still far cheaper than Granit Xhaka.

    It will also make fans happier since we like striker signings and they are more “exciting”.

  10. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, yes and I don’t disagree there. We should always be looking to do better but it stems from the fact we have a culture of bridesmaids permeating from the top. Like I said if there was real hunger for change people would be looking to do something. All that leads me to believe is that while people are unhappy, they don’t care enough to do that much for change. After all, it’s a game of football and you do wonder whether you’re just taking it all to seriously. It’s supposed to be a game of entertainment but I’m not gonna be spilling blood over something that annoys me. Life goes on.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    I find it fascinating how clubs like Besiktas and Roma expect us to sell our players for almost nothing or finance the wages when we send out players on loan.

    The owner of Besiktas is complaining that we are asking too much for Ospina and Roma seem to expect us to give them another freebie deal.

    That seems to be always the problem. We are expected to sell or loan players on the cheap, but when it is on the other foot clubs expect us to pay top dollar and inflated transfer fees.

  12. STV

    “Relieable SauceJune 20, 2016 09:38:39
    The flip-floppers are worse than the akbs in terms of holding Arsenal back.”

    Glad people recognize it! There’s a reason why we are standing still despite the oc
    outrage against standing still, and there’s a reason why Wenger keeps getting 3 year deals..

    The flip flopping and the AKBs are the one holding the club back Worse, the flip-flopping, prawn sandwitch eating, brain dead silent majority’s..

  13. Leedsgunner

    “That seems to be always the problem. We are expected to sell or loan players on the cheap, but when it is on the other foot clubs expect us to pay top dollar and inflated transfer fees.”


    it might be partly because we’re always bragging to anyone who will listen about how big our cash pile is. From a negotiating point of view, I’ve never understood why we did this. Surely it is commercially sensitive information that invariably weakens our hand when going into any transfer negotiation.

  14. Black Hei

    BTW, Benayoun ain’t dross.

    He is class. Just because he does not play for a big club does not mean he is rubbish.

    Will always remember fondly his partnership with Rosicky that drag us pass Spurs (lol) in the post-Cesc area; especially when RVP starts fading in the end.

    His up front pressing with Rosicky was very good. Plus that long shot finish.

  15. Leedsgunner

    If Wenger wanted to appease folks for the sake of it, he would have bought just a big name striker.

    Black Hei

    You might be right there — although there is a clear pattern of Wenger always buying a badly needed player a season or two late…

  16. Cesc Appeal


    Strange signing for them, I thought their central midfield was probably the best going last year, Dier, Dembele and Alli, though a bit weak in terms of cover with Mason etc.

    Unless Wanyama is going to be happy to sit and wait for his chance?

  17. Black Hei


    Let’s hope we get the players. Last season’s transfer was so depressing even AKBs like myself am stunned.

    On the bright side, Ornstein has stated we are off to other striking targets.

  18. Ishola70

    “If Wenger wanted to appease folks for the sake of it, he would have bought just a big name striker. Example, someone like Batshuayi is attainable for say 20m, according to Ishola.”

    20m minimum was stated. Between 20m-30m. Even with problems at Marseille they could hold out for 30. That would be enough to scare off Wenger anyway.

  19. Steveyg87

    IMO, the Vardy saga ( can we call it that yet? ) isn’t done and dusted. Wenger suggests that nothing is official from his point of view. the longer this drags on, the more I feel like this deal is gonna happen, but, as we know, we are the Arsenal, and we don’t do things the normal way. Vardy and a wide forward and that’s it. I reckon Jenkinson will play 2nd fiddle to bellerin and have monreal as 4th choice cb. will be interesting tosee what happens to Chambers, they boy needs to play, Hull city anybody?

  20. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    Alli is listed as a midfielder, but at this point in his career, he has the profile of a forward. You can get away with playing him in central midfield in the PL, but in Europe, continental teams are smarter than the ones in our league.

  21. Leedsgunner


    “Arteta joining Pep :(”

    Don’t despair… with his injury record he’ll probably get lockjaw or lose his voice and so won’t be able to lead the training sessions….

    In all seriousness a decent chap… although to be truthful I was never a fan.

    I think he was officially the most expensive 29 year old bought by Arsenal after we take account of his contract Mindblowing if true…

  22. Paulinho

    Think Wanyama is very underrated. Much better than Schneiderlin despite all the hype the Frenchman received during that season.

    Excellent under pressure. Similar to Kante in terms of not being afraid to receive the ball under pressure and nonchalently deal with it. Doesn’t just pass it backwards the moment someone comes within ear shot of him.

  23. Dream10


    Rooney hits a few diagonal balls and all of a sudden he’s a midfield general. ffs man
    Iniesta started a sequence of play on the edge of his area and laid on the key pass for arguably the goal of the tournament so far.

  24. GoonerDave

    This Vardy thing is becoming ridiculous. I read somewhere that we are offering him 20k a week more than Leicester. If true, the delay/uncertainty is easily explained. We are simply not making a good enough offer to Vardy and there is a standoff. Even AW’s wording on the subject was far from certain.
    I know Vardy is not a superstar signing, but he brings things to the team that we lack. He is relatively cheap and we should be making him a proper offer in my opinion.
    Far more frustrating is the fact that Aubameyang appears available and we don’t seem remotely interested.

  25. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tunny, from what I understand Arteta is already quite far ahead in terms of getting his badges. Will be interested to see how he gets on. Also had an offer to join Poch at Spurs so we’ll see how he gets on. Defo highly rated

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream, just shows how far behind we are that we’re lauding Rooney at CM for running about a bit and hitting diagonals. There’s been no penetrative passes and he hasn’t broken the lines with any quick passes.

    Iniesta alongside Payet have been the best players for me this far. Iniesta is still a genius. The way he orchestrated that whole Spain move for Morata’s second was elite. Definitely the goal of the tournament thus far IMO

  27. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol £120k percent is not good enough for Vardy?! To quote Sam if he doesn’t wanna join he can fok off! For what’s it’s worth I don’t think this story has run its course yet btw

  28. Dream10


    You hearing any noise on Mkhitaryan?
    Read that AW will sign two more first teamers. Forward and Creative midfielder make sense. Who do you think are the targets (besides Vardy, Mkhi)?

  29. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream – yeah those are the positions he’s looking at. For wide playmaker there are a lot (Mkhi, Draxler, James, Mahrez, Gotze, Isco). Also been linked with Boufal from Lille who I don’t know much about although he’s been heavily linked with Barca so the talent must be there. RE striker I have no idea. Morata was always my hope but after Wenger bid got Vardy I have no clue where he’s looking. There are other options but I think he’ll go for something left field.

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    Also what I heard about Mhki was that he’s very interested in Arsenal. Wenger has spoken with him a few times, first in 2013. His agent Raiola is trying to push United because he knows he’ll get a massive agent fee. It’s the same thing he’s trying to do with Zlatan right now.

  31. Ishola70

    Didn’t United put a failed bid in for Mhiki? Lower than want Dortmund want? That’s why the agent said United is a once time opportunity. Where’s Arsenal’s bid? Nowhere, nothing.

    Dortmund will not be low-balled on an offer for Mhiki regardless of him being in the last year of his contract. That is the crux of the matter.

  32. Romford Ozil Pele

    BVB are doing a lot of posturing right now. You don’t take everything they say at face value. There’s a lot of lying behind the scenes to keep face. BVB don’t wanna sell him because they know it’ll get a backlash after already selling Hummels and Gundogan. But ultimately teams can offer better money which is why players will always leave Dortmund.

  33. GoonerDave

    Wasn’t trying to push a view on whether or not we should sign Vardy – I could take it or leave it personally, though it does represent good value.
    I was just giving my opinion that our contract offer wasn’t great and I believe this is the reason he hasn’t joined.

  34. Ishola70

    Romford Ozil:
    “BVB are doing a lot of posturing right now. You don’t take everything they say at face value. There’s a lot of lying behind the scenes to keep face. BVB don’t wanna sell him because they know it’ll get a backlash after already selling Hummels and Gundogan. But ultimately teams can offer better money which is why players will always leave Dortmund.”

    Yes the other players they sold is a reason as well. They sold Hummels for 28.5m and he was on the last year of his contract as well. That’s not a bad price for a player in his last year at the club.

    What is the prediction ROP? Will Arsenal get Mhiki? I think not. What do you think?

  35. Cesc Appeal


    I said in the middle of last season a Xhaka, Wanyama central midfield would literally look like an impenetrable wall to the opposition.

    Not many people were a fan of it, I’d rather have Kante, but Wanyama at £11 Million, if Wenger is not looking at Kante I would be in for him, I really do not like our other central midfield options, says a lot when most seem to have Elneny starting alongside Xhaka!

    Sums up what total failures Ramsey and Wilshere have been, from being the big prospects for our future middle to not making the line up in a lot of people’s eyes.

    Thing is as well, if you add a wide playmaker, like Mhkitaryan, you can afford to go more strong slightly less creative in the CDM and CM slot and not feel any ill effects, I actually think you look better.

    Xhaka, Caz
    Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez


    Xhaka, Wanyama/Kante (that sort)
    Mhkitaryan, Ozil, Sanchez

    The difference of course being the second requires us to get stuck into the market, the first means we can sit on our arses now which is always more likely to be favoured by Wenger.

  36. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ishola, I think Mkhi will leave bro. Whether it’s to us is another thing. Think BVB are going to try and drag this saga out all summer. Not 100% sure we’ll get him, especially if United are going to pay the crazy agent fee to Raiola. We’ll see

  37. Cesc Appeal

    If not Mhkitaryan we need to have something else lined up in the wide playmaker slot, the crucial positions were central midfield, ST and LM/RM for me when the season ended, I would like a CB as well honestly.

    We got Xhaka in, though obviously I would like another there, but we need to have a host of targets identified.

    We only have one ST at the club, and no wide playmaker. Kind of shocking and shoddy when you think about it.

  38. Ishola70

    There are different options to Mhiki CA. Boufal is a good little player and very good technically. He can play all across the line.

    Players are there. The question as always is has Wenger the real will to sign them and show a ruthless streak to the players already in the squad.

  39. Paulinho

    Cesc – Wanyama at £11 million is an absolute snip, and I agree him and Xhaka would be a very good combination.

    Wanyama more comfortable and talented in tighter areas (contrary to his caveman reputation), so can stay higher up the pitch and boss it up there without impinging too much on the forward players, receiving the ball under pressure and moving it on to the likes of Ozil and Sanchez. Xhaka could sit deep and ping balls and just be a metronome in terms of constantly being on the move in that deep midfield area. He never seems to tire of picking up the ball in ‘unglamorous’ areas and building from there.

    As you said though, need that craft and graft on the wings as well to balance that out. This is where Wenger constantly trips himself up with this “three players” nonsense. Such a clueless tit. It’s that self-imposed restriction on new players that limits our cohesion, not improves it. Xhaka – Wanyama – Walcott would be horrible, and yet, it wouldn’t even be the two central midfielder’s fault.

    I do think Elneny – Xhaka could be quite good, although I’m disappointed with Elneny in that he seems to get weaker as the game goes rather than stronger, which is what you would expect, and what that partnership would need to really work long term.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly, players are there, just whether Wenger prefers to give Walcott, Oxlade, Ramsey etc yet another chance, or whether he really wants to take a crack at it.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    Not worried about our midfield options now tbh. It’s the striker/forward area that needs addressing

    Would love a CB but I’m hoping now that with Xhaka in certaingames we could beef up that centre midfield area to afford our back four a bit more protection.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, completely agree.

    For a long time our wide slot has let us down, you have a wide goal scorer in Sanchez, you need to balance that out with a more technical, playmaker type, also means you can have a more solid central midfield as well.

    Wenger just never seems to get the balance right, only times he does are when we’re right up against it and pressure on him is incredible, suddenly he starts delivering a balanced lie up with players playing where they are suppose to.


    Not sure, as I say I think Elneny is the best option to partner Xhaka, that is both praise for Elneny and a criticism of our squad, Ramsey and Wilshere have been total failures, the first is totally self interested and lacks any form of positional discipline or maturity, the second doesn’t play football.

    Caz whilst technically incredible is far too physically lightweight, and Coq is rather a blunt instrument player, though extremely useful in certain conditions.

    I would see one or two go and a Kante type brought in, just think its time for us to stop messing around and just get stuck in.

    As discussed above, you add a Kante, Wanyama type and then a wide playmaker, you have totally changed our side, made it stronger, but also added more direct craft if you get me.

    You’d be a ST away from a really great side in my opinion.

  43. A.Madness

    us going for that jansen guy would excite me more than getting vardy … ive seen him a bit from last season and i think he would come in and make a name for himself pretty quickly …. on a vardy note , its nothing to do with Arsenal not having pulling power , youre at the champions , they are matching any wages offered outside , youre the main man at 29 , finally a legend , well in those parts anyway , look at le tiss , didnt budge from soton , shearer stayed true and went to newcastle not man u , sometimes comfort and happiness outweighs evertything else … i think he would have turned down pep and conte aswel , no amount of football snobbery can change the fact that leicester are champions and they will play champions league football and pay him 120k a week and he will start every week , if they keep that team together which at times played amazing football , why cant they do well in the cl ? why cant they do well in the prem ? maybe not retain it but they know how to win so they will be hungry for more .. the collective attitude in that team would make anyone thats part of it feel like its the best place on earth , regardless of who comes calling … Arsenal are a huge club , a club that one of the brightest young midfield talents in the german league jumped at the chance to sign for , its not doom and gloom ! the window isnt even officially open …im by no means an akb , i think he is catastrophically deluded but players will come because he is here …. just my thoughts ….

  44. Leedsgunner

    If we offered £30m to BVB Mhkitaryan right off the bat, I can’t see them refusing it, especially with 1 year left.

    We can easily recoup that money by selling off our surplus players… and then some.

    £10m – Gibbs
    £25m – Walcott
    £2.5m – Hayden
    £2.5m – Akpom
    £0.5m – Gnabry
    £0.5m – Wellington Silva
    £0.5m- Sanogo

    If Mhkitaryan is really unavailable we should go for Mahrez and be done with it. Just because Vardy turned us down, it doesn’t mean he will.

    Who we get rid off is just as important as who we bring in.

  45. Ishola70

    Talking of ruthless managers great in-depth interview week just gone with Gordon Strachan on youtube.

    He told the story of how Ferguson got rid of him. He knocked on Strachan’s door early on a Sunday morning and simply said to him there are three clubs that are interested in signing you. Choose one of them because you will not be playing for Man Utd again. And with that he just turned around and walked away without giving Strachan a second glance.

    Thing is although it may seem absolute bastardry from Ferguson Strachan did say that Ferguson looked absolutely beat, tired through lack of sleep when he knocked on his door. He was deliberating overnight about his decision to axe Strachan. But when he came to his decision absolutely ruthless in acting it out.

  46. Ishola70

    “If we offered £30m to BVB Mhkitaryan right off the bat, I can’t see them refusing it, especially with 1 year left.”

    That would get it done most probably but Arsenal won’t even put a bid in for him let alone 30m. You watch.

  47. doctore

    Well would love Wenger to sign the Albanian defender Ajeti, he looks solid,strong,fast,composed and reads the game quite well,can’t believe he’s only 22. Don’t think he would be too expensive either,see a lot of kolscieny in him,would love to see them play together.
    Kante,Mahrez/Goetze, Ajeti, Mandzukic/Benteke,Xhaka; wouldn’t be a bad summer for me. Just my opinion.

  48. S Asoa

    Is a real Gunner.

    Always look out for your “spade is a spade ” posts. Apparently you were a playing footballer.
    No apologies to the pansies A-B . (basic guys )

  49. tunnygriffboy


    I probably have a bit more faith in our midfield than you. I see your point though. I just think that Coquelin/Elneny can do a job in certain games while in others we have attacking options there. Obviously Kante would be great but for me a striker/forward are needed before another midfielder

    From Wenger’s viewpoint he isn’t buying another midfielder this window.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    You did last year as well, look how that worked out 😉

    I really dislike our minimalist transfer approach, just do not understand what Wenger is thinking a lot of the time, must be that he does idealise the squad he has and looks at them as a parent would, highlighting their strengths and ignoring their weaknesses.

  51. Leedsgunner


    “That would get it done most probably but Arsenal won’t even put a bid in for him let alone 30m. You watch.”

    Then if Mhkitaryan becomes a monster for another side Wenger will say ruefully and with a wistful knowing look — “I tried to sign him.” You watch.

  52. tunnygriffboy


    Just think with Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky out and Xhaka and Elneny in our midfield options are better than last season. I know it’s probably sacrilege but I think as a group and in terms of variety we’re as blessed as any team in that department

    We need more goals. Certainly more need to come from those midfielders but we need much more from our forward line. If we get new faces in it will not only enthuse the fans but also give a boost to the players. They need it

    Am I holding my breath though 🙂 🙂

  53. Cesc Appeal


    Again though, its all balance for me, Xhaka and Elneny is probably the most balanced line up we could field there, and that worries me a bit.

    Its the same as its always been with Arsenal, Xhaka, Elneny, Coq, Caz, Ramsey and Wilshere…impressive to look at, but go beyond the names to contribution and balance, you start to realise, not all that.

    Its doubtful we get another central midfielder, but that is a mistake in my book.

  54. UDA

    wanyama going to spurs is exactly the right fit in terms of level for both club and player. he adds nothing that a xhaka-coq/xhaka-elneny base wouldn’t provide. kante is a different story….combines the best of coq and elneny.

  55. Leedsgunner

    “Also what I heard about Mhki was that he’s very interested in Arsenal. Wenger has spoken with him a few times, first in 2013. His agent Raiola is trying to push United because he knows he’ll get a massive agent fee. ”

    If Arsenal wanted to be ruthless about it offer to give an equivalent amount of that fee direct to the player as a signing fee and take the agent out of the loop. If indeed this is what is going on, if I was the player I would be tempted to fire the agent because he’s not acting in my best interest but his.

  56. Ishola70

    “Well would love Wenger to sign the Albanian defender Ajeti, he looks solid,strong,fast,composed and reads the game quite well,can’t believe he’s only 22. Don’t think he would be too expensive either”

    Well that would be a left field signing. As for expense his transfer fee would be the exact price of £0. He is available on a free. His contract with Frosinone who were relegated from Serie A was run down. Lazio were linked with him a while ago but now it looks like Pescara who have just been promoted to Serie A are favourites to sign him. He left Basle on a free transfer just a year ago to join Frosinone.

  57. TheBayingMob

    Transfer season is soboring now. Utter turn off. There was a time I was into it. I can’t be arsed with any of it now. Partly the press, partly Wenger and his stingy egotistical ways.

  58. Marko

    Didn’t United put a failed bid in for Mhiki? Lower than want Dortmund want? That’s why the agent said United is a once time opportunity. Where’s Arsenal’s bid? Nowhere, nothing.

    Apparently we were the only team to officially do anything. The United stuff seems to be agent talk who by the way is arguably the biggest cunt agent in football. He’s been making millions of Ibrahimovic and Mad Mario for years andlooks set to make a fortune with Pogba moving this summer.

    Anyway seemingly it’s an area we’re looking to improve on thankfully. Mkhitaryan, Mahrez, Gotze, Boufal and now Promes have been linked.

    Also just in case people are forgetting in case they slip it in. No new deal for Wenger please. Finish his final year then leave

  59. Steveyg87

    Wanyama off to spurs, seems as if another saints exodus summer awaits us. Good deal for the spuds,another one of those bastard players we could have done with

  60. Ishola70

    “Apparently we were the only team to officially do anything. The United stuff seems to be agent talk who by the way is arguably the biggest cunt agent in football. He’s been making millions of Ibrahimovic and Mad Mario for years andlooks set to make a fortune with Pogba moving this summer.”

    I don’t disagree with you Marko that the agent is a prat but where’s the proof that Arsenal were the only team to officially do anything? Where do you get that from? Because it looks like atm Man Utd are the team that is looking to push to sign him not Arsenal.

    I know it will be a popular choice to blame the agent if Mikki doesn’t materialise but that shouldn’t be the case if Arsenal didn’t even go in for him. That’s just convenient excuse making.

    Where did you hear Marko that Arsenal were the only team to officially do anything in trying to sign Mhiki?

  61. TitsMcGee

    “Tits did you catch game 7 last night?! Crazy! Can’t believe GS choked though have to say LeBron has been ridiculous these last 3 games!”

    That shocked the hell outta me. I actually feel bad for GS. At the same time happy for LBJ. He exorcised some demons last night and will go down as a legend in the city of Cleveland.

    I really think however that Green being suspended for game 5 was the turning point. I know GS had three chances to put them away and couldn’t but gam 5 really breathed life back into the Cavs.

  62. Ishola70

    This idiot agent of Mhiki’s can only get his way if Man Utd want the player and stump up the cash Dortmund want.

    It takes more than the agent and the player to seal the deal. Or are you suggesting that Man Utd will do the agent a favour and line his pockets? Come on now let’s be real. Mhiki will sign for Man Utd because Man Utd want the player regardless of the silly agent. If he lines his pockets as well on the deal so be it.

    All this sort of talk does is absolve Wenger and his lack of action in the transfer market.

  63. Romford Ozil Pele

    Honestly I wish jovetic could stay fit. Like Sturridge he’s the type of modern forward who’s tailor-made for the way Arsenal could play ball. Worth a punt because he’s cheap. Him and Draxler would do me nicely if we can’t get Mkhi.

  64. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tits, true, plus Klay and Curry really didn’t perform to their usual level. Curry especially was double marked a lot of the time though I’m wondering if he is still feeling effects of the injury he suffered earlier.

    LBJ was definitely in one and will now go down as one of the greats. I really didn’t see this happening, especially at 3-1 to GS. Thought that OKC were actually the best equipped team to deal with GS but Cavs proved me wrong. The momentum was definitely with them thoug. Fair play it’s a great win and a fantastic way to end the season. Already looking forward to next term.

  65. Marko

    Ishola pretty sure the same reports that have his agent pushing for United have us being the only team to do anything official with Dortmund. There were quotes too but I honestly can’t remember if it was Espn or whoever

  66. Ishola70

    Well I haven’t seen anything like that Marko. I did read from a goon ITK on twitter that Mhiki had already agreed personal terms with Arsenal but that doesn’t count does it considering there are so many fake ITKs on twitter.

    Draxler would cost an arm and a leg. Wolfsburg only signed him last year for 27m on a five year contract. Alloffs has denied he has a release clause. If Wenger wanted him he should have gone in at the time when Wolfsburg signed him. Now he would cost so much money. Didn’t have a good season for Wolfsburg.

  67. Leedsgunner

    What about El-Shaarawy? Isn’t Inter Milan broke? Still only 23 and I suspect available for around £20m I reckon.

    If not I would look at Domenico Berardi — cracking young player who Inter Milan is looking at to replace Jovetic with.

  68. Marko

    What about El-Shaarawy? Isn’t Inter Milan broke? Still only 23 and I suspect available for around £20m I reckon.

    Agree about Berardi but not Milan’s El-Shaarawy

  69. Cesc Appeal


    I remember when Jovetic first moved to City, that summer I was desperate for us to get him and Aubameyang, £32 Million in total they would have cost.

    As you say Jovetic has fitness issues, but think about how much better we could have done with this two, eventually adding Sanchez as well instead of Giroud and Walcott.

    I remember thinking we could have another RVP in Jovetic, his all round game just seemed so good, technically was very gifted as well.

  70. Cesc Appeal

    £12 Million for Jovetic? Absolutely worth a punt there I would say, as Leeds says, get someone else in as well to cover.

    Maybe Jovetic and Sturridge with Walcott going the other way, finally give Wilshere the competition he needs to kick on.

  71. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, yeah I remember that summer. We were heavily linked with him almost to the point where some were saying it’s a done deal. He’s still at a decent age so well worth a punt for the mooted fee IMO. Possesses bundles of technique, mobile and can free for himself. Only caveat is that he does seem injury prone and can lack consistency at times but the talent is there to work with. Would definitely be up for going for him and Draxler. Both are 6ft+ too. Give us a different dynamic. Options are paramount.

  72. Bamford10

    I’ve always rated Jovetic. Skillful, intelligent, elegant player. I would love to have him at Arsenal, though whether (i) he is as mobile as he once was and whether (ii) he can stay injury-free are open questions.

    At 12m, though? Absolutely.

  73. Bamford10

    El Shaarawy is a good shout as well, esp. at 10m or so. He has pace, technique and scoring, and he can play wide or through the center. We could spend less than 25m combined and get BOTH El Shaarawy and Jovetic. For me that would be worth it.

    Plus it would make Wenger happy, as these are value signings and not inflated valuations.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    Xhaka, Elneny
    Sanchez, Ozil, Draxler

    Interesting, has the potential to be special, obvious concerns though. If Jovetic and Draxler did arrive it would be like a couple of ‘better late than never’ transfers.

    Might be Wenger goes for the cheap gamble on Jovetic and then that Dembele youngster from Fulham, thinking Jovetic, Giroud as main options with Dembele the back up role and understudy type.

    Sell Walcott, then have Welbeck as general utility player when he’s back fit.

    Seem to be getting strongly linked to Blind as well last few days. Might take Flamini’s role as a utility player, CDM, CB and full back cover or starter.

  75. Bamford10

    ROP & Tits

    A great NBA Finals. Tits is right that Game 5 (w/ Green’s absence) was a turning point, but the big components of the turnaround were:

    – James shooting and playing better in games 5-7 than in 1-4
    – Kyrie Irving playing MASSIVE in games 5-7
    – Steph Curry shooting & playing poorly when it mattered most

    In support of the above, note that Draymond Green was massive last night, but it wasn’t enough in the end because:
    – James and Irving were fantastic
    – and Steph Curry was poor

    Much respect to Lebron and the Cavs for digging deep when everyone counted them out.

    For me, Steph Curry has some questions to answer and some soul-searching to do.

  76. Bamford10


    I prefer Mkhit or Mahrez to Draxler. I like the look of:




    What’s interesting is we could sign BOTH Jovetic and El Sharaawy for HALF of what Lukaku would run us.

  77. Bamford10

    Anyone I’ve Been a Dick To

    Apologies for being a dick previously. I will try to be a nicer person going forward. Sincerely. 😉

  78. Mysticleaves

    I really love Jovetic but if we are looking at strikers cos we can’t score, Jovetic isn’t your name. IMO. Doesn’t have history/record of being among the goals

    As for Mikki, I know we all love a new player in our team, esp one that performed the previous season. But just maybe Mikki will hinder us more than he would elevate us.

    Sanchez is a creative spark in the wing who especially cuts inside when played LW (which will be dominant should Mikki come). If we get Mikki the other wing won’t we be too narrow? and predictable?

    He likes going centrally from the wing too. Just a thought.

    I think we need a more direct winger who goes to the byline (more than cut in) on the other wing to complement sanchez. A bit like Robben and Douglas Costa

  79. gonsterous


    Congrats yourself. I went to bed straight after the game so I dint get to congratulate and thank you then 🙂
    Also guess whats the main topic of conversation in Switzerland today ?? You guessed it. The whole jersey and puma debacle !!

  80. Wallace

    re Wanyama – Poch sure does like his physically imposing central midfielders. good price, but don’t really see why they need another big lump.

  81. Mysticleaves


    Pogba going for world record fee would be the worst world record fee ever

    All world record fees should atleast have the ability to decide games single handedly, Pogba can’t do that!


  82. Marko

    MarkoApologies for being a dick previously. I will try to be nicer going forward

    Don’t worry Bam. Bound to meet people and argue with them from time to time. It happens

  83. Wallace


    “All world record fees should atleast have the ability to decide games single handedly, Pogba can’t do that!”

    he is unusual, I don’t watch Juve unless they’re playing CL so not keeping a close eye on his progress, but was disappointed with his early performances at the euros where he didn’t seem to have progressed at all from the world cup in Brazil. but last night for 20mins or so he was glorious. I’d say he’s probably worth a world record fee purely on the size of his talent, but still has a lot to work on to become the player he should be.

  84. Cesc Appeal


    I prefer Mhkitaryan to Draxler completely, but we all know Wenger will pussy out of it if United have genuine interest.

  85. Mysticleaves


    Difference of opinions though but Pogba shouldn’t be worth more than 40m. Inflation might push it to 50 but that’s it!

    He still needs to learn. His coaches at Juve and France has alluded so in times past.

    He is glorious though….in patches

  86. Samesong

    Like Pogba has named his fee lol

    Too many one game judges on le grove.

    Pogba has alot to learn I’m sure he knows that.

  87. Cesc Appeal

    Kroos, very Guardiola type player, can see that, Kroos and Gundogan (once fit) will be a nice middle, though a little shy on the defensive side of things.

  88. Cesc Appeal

    No weaker in terms of physicality than Coq and Caz, yet many seemed to think that was a fantastic middle.

  89. Joe

    So posters on here say Spurs will find it hard to deal with pl and CL and yet when they buy reinforcements posters mock them

    So what do you expect ? Not buy more players ? Go into all that competitions with not a big enough of a squad that most posters on here say will be there biggest downfall next season

    Now poch buys a mf enforcer and people mock him.

    Too funny.

    Wish wenger would actually prepare for a season properly and have the problem
    Of too many quality players.

    Not just quantity.