Can Wenger revive young German creative?

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So what do we have today? Zlatan has FAILED to Zlatan so far. In fairness, he’s playing in a side that’s not built for craft. However, I do wonder what he’s expecting at United next season. They’ll be in transition under Jose, by the time he gets it right, he’ll be 36.

Falcao mark II? One would hope so.

The Mikki story looks like it’s going down the pan. The player now all about United apparently. Amazing, because he was all about Arsenal a few weeks ago. Rumour has it that we’re in for Gotze if this one doesn’t work out. Not sure about that. Good player, but I’m not sure I’ve been blown away by his career progress so far (aside from scoring the winner in a WC final)… If Pep can’t work magic into a player, you wonder what hope Wenger has?

The striker stories continue to flounder as well… Sturridge for £50m? Feel like that’d be insane. He scored a nice goal yesterday, is easily one of the best strikers in the league but look… he’s injury prone as fuck. If Klopp is moving him on… that’s a Klopp with Oli Bartlett (best fitness coach in the world) back by his side… well, that tells you he doesn’t believe in the lads ability to stay healthy.

The Vardy story is now boring as well. I think he’d be a good buy, but damn, am I start to get buyers regret before we’ve bought him. I’m sure he’ll be good, I just can’t muster that much excitement about him. Maybe it’s the brand I don’t like, maybe it’s the risk he comes with, maybe it’s going short term on someone who has one season of wonder under the belt.

Or maybe it’s the chewing tobacco and Red Bull…

Finally, before I go, my Gooner colleague / pal in London pulled together a cool blog on the social conversation around the Copa America / Euro 2016.

I’m checking out. ALL THE BEERS!

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  1. BigCheese

    Vardy not coming now?

    On the one hand I’m not sad to be honest. The chances of him replicating last year are slim at best. Plus does he fit into Wengerball?

    On the other hand what does it say about AFC and Wenger that a 29 year old would rather stay at Leicester rather than seal a once in a career move?

  2. BigCheese

    Don’t want a Morata. Haven’t got time for on the job learning. Need strikers to hit the ground running. Plus is he quick enough?

    Lukaku. Not mobile enough for a player who has all physical attributes to be a phenomenal athlete. Plus his decision making is shocking and almost Giroudesque. Again no time for apprenticeships.

    Benteke? Basically Lukaku mark 2.0.

    For me it has to be a Benzema or a Higuain. The former is possible as Real are like a spoilt trophy wife who wants the next seasons Hermes handbag so may sell if we through obscene amounts of money at them.

    Higuain – probably too pricey for Wenger and he’s already turned us down us before.

    For me the uncut gem is Icardi. Great with either feet and can use his head. Pacey enough to get in behind and play with his back to goal. Reminds me of a young Crespo. Rather spend a few bob on him that Vardy.

  3. Bamford10

    Icardi/Inter have already said he’s going nowhere. Anyone know why he’s not playing for Italy, btw?

  4. Bamford10

    Lukaku will now be the “obvious” choice for some, but I still don’t believe he is a great choice for us. Not a lot of movement off the ball, not great with the ball at his feet, not great when teams sit deep.

    Is he a better option that Giroud? Yes, but really only because he has pace and athleticism. He’s really not all that.

    I prefer Higuain, Morata, Sturridge.

  5. izzo

    What about Eduardo Vargas? Always scores for Chile and links up well with Sanchez.. Everyone harping that the best Strikers are from South America. Well there you go. Lol… its already looking like Giroud up top and no one else. my prediction still stands Arsenal will be mid table by Christmas and double digits behind whoever is topping the table.

  6. Bamford10


    I think Rashford will be a better striker in the long term, as he has dribbling and work-rate and instinctive goal-scoring. I’m not advocating for Rashford, though.

    BTW, for those who like Lukaku, I think we could actually get him for less than some think. Because who else is really in for him? Not Madrid, not PSG, not City, not Chelsea, not United. No one.

    If you like him, offer 40m. I really don’t think any of the top clubs are all that interested.

  7. Champagne charlie


    Harsh criticism of Lukaku. While accurate about his lack of movement, touch, awareness etc, he’s 22 and can surely be coached to improve these aspects. Not fair to compare him to established ST’s as he’s not yet one.

    But he does the one thing none of our players do, bulky folk and score bags full. You can’t teach that. Lukaku would be a very good investment for me.

  8. naijagunner

    Guess u have been making this mid table prediction for quite sometime now…..well we have heard u

    Wenger has said he is targeting only two more players…it remains to be seen in what positions

    What I do know is we are in for one hell of a premier league season come August

  9. Danish Gooner

    So for wenger replacing players have not got anything to do with strengthening his squad but is only a a numbers issue.I will be glad the day he realizes his penny pinching have hold back his dreams,i would like to be the fly on the wall that day.

  10. Bamford10


    Then we should sign him right away. As I say, I don’t think any of the top clubs are sincerely interested in him, and I think you could get him for less than some of the figures being thrown around.

  11. Jamie

    Bamford –

    Agreed, although both are young enough to improve under the right tutelage (not Wenger. obviously).

    Truth be told, there aren’t many strikers we have any chance of getting which excite me. We were turned down by Jamie Fucking Vardy. Fairly damning.

  12. Bamford10


    Well, there is what a player is worth and what the market values him at, and these are two different things. I’d add a third thing, actually, which is what you would need to pay to get the player, which is often different from one and two above.

    For example, in 2016 British pounds, I’d say Lukaku is worth £30m. I’m using Welbeck (£16m) and Sanchez (£32m) as my comparable there. However the market seems to think he should be valued at £45m or so. Further, though, I think you could get him with an offer of £36-40m.

    Also, like Wenger, your valuations seem to be stuck in the 80s & 90s.

  13. Ishola70

    That comparison that Pedro put up in regards to Lukaku and Drogba.

    Drogba went to war with defenders. Lukaku isn’t going to war with anyone.

    Icardi isn’t a bad shout at all but it’s irrelevant when Wenger has no intention of signing someone for the sort of price Inter would want.

    Wenger has already shown his hand with the Vardy bid. He isn’t prepared to push the boat out for a striker this summer. At least we know that he isn’t going to waste 30m on Lukaku. That’s a good thing.

  14. Bamford10


    One, it’s supply and demand. There just aren’t many quality CFs, and there is plenty of demand.

    Two, to make it an apples to apples comparison, you would need to look at what Payet or Mahrez would be valued at RIGHT NOW, not what they were signed for last summer.

  15. Bamford10


    I agree re Lukaku. Not a lot of hunger or battle, seems a bit complacent and self-enamored. I don’t see his game changing or improving all that much going forward either.

    As I say, I prefer Sturridge, Morata, Higuain, though each of those has his/its issues.

    If I have 30-40m to spend, I think I’d go with Morata.

  16. Ughelligunner

    Naija, if Lukaku is going to give us just 18-20 goals, then there is no differences with his goals to Giroud, because Giroud would be on the bench while Lukaku would start, only for Giroud to make 15mins cameo wish won’t give us up to 5 for 40m, we are getting 3 or 5 goals more? This was what people thought Cech would give us more than Ospina, but there wasn’t a difference to be honest and as far as the continental tournaments are concerned, Ospina has done more than Cech.

  17. Ishola70

    “I agree re Lukaku. Not a lot of hunger or battle, seems a bit complacent and self-enamored”

    No-one is saying he is a complete dud footballer but yes as well as his technique there are doubts about his drive and mentality as well. Enough reasons to steer clear.

    All you have to do is look at plenty of Everton fans view of him. Many of them say they would be more than happy to get 40m for him. That is not the sound of supporters mourning the loss of a top quality player. They are annoyed at Lukaku and his big talking but they are not angry at the thought of selling him especially at the price Everton want.

  18. Bamford10

    It may be time to begin thinking about signing a non-CF and playing him as a false #9s or molding him into a CF. Recall that while RVP had played some CF when he was younger, he was thought of as a wide player. Same was true, in a sense, with Henry.

    So, what if we signed two excellent players — Mahrez and Mkhitaryan — both for reasonable sums (20m each), and tried Mahrez as a false #9?

    Hear me out.

    One, I think Mahrez has the attributes — pace, movement, dribbling and scoring — to excel as a false #9. Two, our starting XI would look as follows:


    That’s a pretty nasty front three.

    Three, if Mahrez doesn’t work as a false #9 or if it takes time to come together, we can always run Sanchez through the center and Mahrez wide, like so:


    That’s pretty decent.

    You’re welcome, gents. I’ve solved our problems. Sign Mahrez and Mkhitaryan and play with a false #9.

    Now on to a CB …

  19. Ughelligunner

    Arsenal is a budget driven and calculative club. Even with the way they (board) may look stupid in our eyes with the way contracts are ditched out to the likes of Walcot and co, they would have done a lot of calculative cost on players and how much it would take to win trophys if we spend extra ordinarily. With all the American stat team they have doing their economics, i believe they have arrived at their conclusion. They wanted to luck in to a major trophy the way Leicester did, but it didn’t work last season.
    Looking at the clubs marketing department, how many of Kronke’s and Usmanov companies, use Arsenal as their advertising brand? None.. Man city, Psg, Chelsea and all other billionaire owners use their clubs to run their brands and inflate marketing deals. But there is non that i know of been owned by our owners, rather we pay Kronke for allowing us use his stat company. That’s telling us more about the Arsenal we love and support.

  20. Bamford10

    Re the option of playing Sanchez through the center, with Mahrez & Mkhitaryan wide, like so:


    note that all three players in the above front three have dribbling and scoring. It is perfectly reasonable to see all three of them scoring 15-18 goals next season in that set-up, if not more.

  21. champagne charlie

    I don’t disagree with any of the Lukaku criticisms, I just feel it’s worth considering his age and how we’re effectively talking about someone like the OX. Look at how he’s wrapped in cotton wool because he’s talented and young, yet Lukaku is younger and producing some top class elements.

    Ego, technique, movement etc all require work. But the guy scores goals and can become absolutely devastating with the right coaching, and very effective for us with none whatsoever.

  22. champagne charlie


    That formation with those forwards is fantasy. NONE have the ability to play with their back to goal, so what you’re asking for that is a complete shift in style to counter attack, which utterly negates our midfield superiority. Won’t happen.

    You can’t take their respective goal returns and merely apply it to us in a made up formation then present it as reasonable.

  23. Marko

    You know just mentioning the players attributes Bam doesn’t mean they can just slot into any position. There’s a reason why Gotze for example can’t play the false9 or pretend to be a striker cause he ain’t. Mahrez who’s literally only a right winger who loves to cut inside even more so couldn’t play that position. Besides no one plays the false9 anyway. It’s a formation made up on PlayStation

  24. Ughelligunner

    Bammy boi, shouldn’t you start attending a professional coaching school? Seeing you are way better in these aspect.

  25. Ughelligunner

    Gone are the days whereby, a team not good enough would gladly bend low and collect trashing from the opposition. Footy was way more interesting then, and then came the defensive football, which made pundits rave about sitting deep as a great tactics, these tactics has turn Europe into a strikerless weak competition, where everybody wants to defend. Like wenger always say, it is easier to defend than to attack.

    Football is becoming more boring by the day.

  26. STV


    Massive weakness in the form of Jack in that setup. Also Chech is not better than Ospina atm, imo. I wouldn’t want Mahrez and Mkh at the same time rather have Kante. In fact I’d absolutely fucking love Kante at Arsenal.

    Striker? Ideally we want a great striker. Then again we are short of a great central defender too.. and a decent manager as well.

    In short there’s quite someway to go before we can be a top team challenging for top honours.

    Thank you, Wenger.

  27. STV

    “Gone are the days whereby, a team not good enough would gladly bend low and collect trashing from the opposition. ”

    Not yet, if you know what I mean .

  28. Relieable Sauce

    I think we all know Cech isnt good enough for a CL/PL winning team anymore, not a Wenger team anyway.
    Shame QPR didnt get promoted.

    My guess is Ospina is certain to be sold and Szczesney may well be Cechs competion/understudy next season…cant see Wenger wanting to dip into the market for a 2nd choice GK and after accepting defeat by selling two of his unearthed gems.

    Ospina will want out though and Szcsesney is such a relentless ball-ache.

  29. Bamford10


    Embarrassing comment. Gotze is small and slow. Mahrez is longer and has pace. Germany should be playing with Muller through the center — that’s obvious — but that Gotze doesn’t work as a #9 doesn’t mean Mahrez wouldn’t.


    Alexis can’t play with his back to goal? Don’t get me wrong, I never loved him as a CF option, but that’s where he played for Barca. To say that he can’t play through the center for us at all is a little odd.

    Also, what do you know about whether Mahrez has hold-up play? Nothing. He’s a very skillful player. If RVP or Henry learned to play more with their back to goal, there’s nothing saying Mahrez can’t.

    Just curious: did/do you play the game?

    Two, how do you know Mahrez can’t play with his back to goal? He’s a very skillful player. How did RVP or Henry learn to play with their backs to goal? Both were more accustomed to playing wide, no?

    That would be a dangerous front three, far better than anything with Giroud in it.

  30. Ishola70

    Defensive football has always been around Ughe.

    Ughe re-writing history for the benefit of Wenger 😉

  31. Bamford10


    1. Who from our current players do you rate over Jack at CM? Ramsey? Cazorla? Elneny? Coquelin? Ok, select one of those; each has his issues, however, IMO.

    In form, Jack is a better CM than any of those. IMO at least.

    2. You seem to want us to sign Kante. I like Kante too. However that would mean that all of the above (Jack, Aaron, Cazorla, Elneny & Coquelin) would be competing to play second-fiddle to Kante & Xhaka.

    Not only do I think it unlikely that Wenger would make all of these players second-fiddle, I think it would be odd to sign two CMs in the same window, especially when we already have a boatload of them.

    Would I like Kante? Sure. But I don’t think this is plausible in the least, unless Wenger sees both Ramsey and Jack as wide options (and it would be problematic if he did see both of them as wide options).

    Wenger has apparently been praising Kante non-stop, though, so who knows? You might get your wish.

  32. STV

    Wenger gave masterclasses on ‘How to bend over before superior opposition’ over the years in the Champions league.

    Great man!

  33. Marko

    Bamford you think Mahrez can play as a false 9 who’s even more one dimensional than Gotze. You think Icardi is Italian, admitted to only seeing Sadio Mane last season and for some reason think Nabil Fekir can play as a lone striker. You’re completely dismissive of other people’s opinions. You’re an embarrassing commentator

  34. Ughelligunner

    Ishola, not as pronounced in Europe tournaments as we see now. Everything isn’t about wenger. Stv, whether we lose by a single goal margin or by fives and sixes, you would still cry wolf. It doesn’t make a difference.

  35. STV

    Bamford I’d loose Coquelin and Ramsey. Elneny should have his chance because he’s just arrived, and Wilshere can have one more year to prove his worth.

    Cazorla should deputize Ozil and with Alexis Sanchez having a propensity to drift away I wouldn’t have him at CF. He’s not a great target man either.

    In my opinion, if we aren’t getting any top striker 100%, then we should go for someone like Jansen (who I rate highly)
    He can trade places with Giroud and occasionally Sanchez depending on the opposition.

    But Kante and Mkh are a must go IMO. Those don’t cost you a fortune either..

  36. Ozy

    “Bamford you think Mahrez can play as a false 9 who’s even more one dimensional than Gotze. You think Icardi is Italian, admitted to only seeing Sadio Mane last season and for some reason think Nabil Fekir can play as a lone striker. You’re completely dismissive of other people’s opinions. You’re an embarrassing commentator”

    Wanted Fekir as a lone striker despite never actually having seen him play, let alone play that position. Wanted the “great dribbler” Benteke to replace Lukaku in the last Belgium game. Prefers Shane Long over Giroud.

    Now wants a false 9. Mahrez as our lone striker. Sanchez as another striking option. That’s worked out great..

    To spend your every waking moment trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about on an anonymous online blog and spout out shit like that..

  37. Moray

    I’ve only seen maybe half of the games, so I could be wrong, but I have the feeling the overall quality in the Euros is much lower than normal.

    I know this is a competition won by Denmark and Greece in the past, but your supposedly big players like zlatan, ronaldo, bale etc all seem to be performing poorly. And don’t get me started on that awful England team.

  38. Jamie

    I’m not expecting more than a CB and a bang-average ST.

    This is Wenger we’re talking about. 100% arrogant and quite prepared to leave holes all over the squad come September, as evidenced by the previous 10 summer transfer windows.

    He went ‘hard’ for Vardy. Queue excuses:

    “We tried to buy a top top player, but everyone has the money to keep and pay their best players now. Sanogo is back from Ajax. Akpom is ready.”

    If he wants cheap stopgaps, he might as well go for Defoe. The only two strikers worth a 50m bid, imo, are Benzema and Higs, who I think are the most likely to hit the ground running.

  39. STV

    Cesc, anything for Kante. . If I’d have to choose one player to make way for him It’d be Ramsey.

    Personally I don’t think he being or somewhere else makes no difference. If we get a top Defensive midfield to play along with Xhaka, that’d make us much stronger and partly solve the profligacy of our defenders and Chech.

    I want to lose Walcott and Chamberlain more.

  40. Ughelligunner

    Moray, teams now play with two dms, and park the bus most times. Crowding the most talented of strikers. Austria never had a clean shot at Portugal’s goal yesterday. That’s telling how team now result to playing 11 players behind the wall. I reckon only England took more number 9 than defensive midfielders in this tournament.

  41. freddylekgunner

    And ozy added more, Bamford being noticed for what he is “clueless” even more than Wenger

  42. Wallace

    “Vardy set to reject Arsenal & stay at Leicester. No final decision yet but favouring #LCFC. #AFC won’t improve offer, pursuing other options.”

    – David Ornstein on twitter

  43. Marko

    Iccardi never played for Argentina after he banged his buddy’s (Maxi) wife.

    Just seen that. He got her and Maxi Lopez children tattooed on his arm. What a piece of shit

  44. Wallace


    there is a bit more information in Ornstein’s tweet. I’d imagine we’ve been looking at other options since the England squad flying to France deadline.

  45. Bamford10

    I love when contribute-nothing, know-nothing cunts like Marko, Ozy and Freddy pile on, jump on this or that thing I’ve said in passing, distort it, etc.


    I say a good many things here, dickheads, and if you haven’t noticed, I have the respect of the posters who carry the most weight.

    It’s only the bitter, little ankle-biters I have issues with, and the things you try to “get” me on are tiny little things or misrepresentations on your part.

    You’re a rather sad lot, in truth, though I guess I’ve sown these seeds with my dismissive tone.

    Apologies for that, I guess, but I am never dismissive of those here whose opinions I respect — and you’ll note that I get along well with them.

    This will be my last reply of any kind to you three. Cheers.

  46. champagne charlie


    Alexis-Giroud-Mkhitaryan beats Mkhitaryan-Alexis-Mahrez every day of the week for cohesive structured play. Alexis is terrible with his back to goal, and he never played there successfully at Barca, who ended up selling him if you care to feature that nugget of info…. Saying he played there for Barca suggests he’s good at it, he’s not at all with the reasons I just stated evidence of that.

    Are you asking if i play/ed? That’s literally of no significance to my knowledge of football and i’d never use as such against someone when they were making a point. For the record yes I did play, professionally. Which again means diddly.

    To compare whether mahrez can learn to play a lone ST role with his back to goal citing Henry and RVP is utter jaw dropping. Henry and RVP were both 6’2, strong, athletic. Mahrez is 5’8 and weighs a 150lbs with his full kit and winter jacket on. You’re comparing apples to oranges in the most blatant fashion.

  47. Ughelligunner

    bammy boi, you would get lots of touching ban if you were a manager. You cant take critism too, like wenger can you?
    All these should make you choose your words carefully when condemning players and managers.

  48. Ozy

    Nothing was distorted, Bamford. Those were your words. And I’m actually very curious as to what these “many good things” that you have said here are, and I’d love to hear more about how you validate yourself by being supposedly respected by people on here.

    But you said that will be your last reply. Just how you said you will change your name to Dipshit if Martial doesn’t displace Giroud by the time the Euro’s started. You’re a man of your word, after all.

  49. Joe


    Stop. You’re makin a fool of yourself.

    A false 9?

    One of our problems is we don’t score enough goals.

    We need an out and out too striker. End of. Higuain. Benz.

    Sign Mahrez and Mkhitaryan and play with a false #9.

    We are not getting either of those players. what are you smokimv?

    1) wenger will not sign them

    2) they won’t to come to us with wenger in charge. We couldn’t even sign vardy.

    So please get realistic.

    This is the lineup on opening day

    Walcott/Ramsey/jack. Giroud. Sanchez.

  50. Bamford10


    “Alexis-Giroud-Mkhitaryan beats Mkhitaryan-Alexis-Mahrez”

    I disagree. The latter has more movement, more interplay, more dribbling, more dynamism. In fact I’d say the two aren’t even close — and this is all the while conceding that Sanchez is not ideal through the center.

    Further, good to know you played professionally, but I completely disagree with your view of whether playing affects how one assesses players and the game. While I am not saying a non-player cannot be an intelligent observer — look at someone like Gab Marcotti, for example — I do think there are certain questions that a non-player cannot judge as well, like what is required to go from playing wide to playing through the center.

    Further, Mahrez is 5’10”, not 5’8″.

    Not that big a deal. It was just an idea I threw out for discussion, given how limited or expensive our options are.

    As I’ve said before, I like Morata, Higuain and Sturridge. I also get why people like Lukaku, though I don’t rate him as highly as others.

  51. Bishop

    “Vardy set to reject Arsenal & stay at Leicester. No final decision yet but favouring #LCFC. #AFC won’t improve offer, pursuing other options.”– David Ornstein on twitter

    As far as Orstein is reliable when it comes to Arsenal.

    This sounds more of a guess work thought as he didn’t say anything specifically.

    Just what you and I would think after Wenger’s interview with th Chinese TV.

    Not that I am desperate for Vardy..I would have liked him sign but I won’t be sad provided that man Wenger signs a younger striker who is good.

    Wenger and Gazidiz never signs a player with release clause. They only better the players pay at his club.

    See Suarez
    See Vardy

  52. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, I want Kante, I think that pairing, Xhaka and Kante could be one of the best going, has a bit of everything, two fighters as well.

    Whether it’s Wilshere or Ramsey that had to make way, or Coq or whoever, I don’t care, never really bought into the Wilshere hype so I’m not fussed, absolute crock as well.

    Agree on Walcott, if he’s playing at Arsenal next year will leave a bad taste in the mouth in terms of thinking the club just is not moving forward, dregs still managing to cling on.

    Oxlade I would like to see go out on loan, still hold out a little on him that there’s something there.

    We should be pursuing Mhkitaryan with everything we’ve got though, I know what his agent said, I know what BvB said, but this is football, money and ambition talk…we’ve got the former, Wenger has to show the player we’ve also got the latter.

  53. Bamford10


    It would be BOTH Wilshere and Ramsey that would have to make way. Not to mention Cazorla.

    Do you really think Wenger is going to sign two new starting CMs this summer, sending Aaron, Jack and everyone else to the bench?

    I don’t. As I say, I like Kante, but I just don’t see this happening.

    Though Wenger has been raving about him …

  54. champagne charlie


    Nope, while you’re right about movement etc, It’s easy to defend against when there’s nobody occupying the CB’s and dragging players out of position. Giroud isn’t a finisher, or particularly mobile, but the rest of his game is excellent and to deny such is simply dislike overruling observation. If Giroud was more athletic and scored more each year he would literally be one of the best forwards in Europe among the Lewandowski’s.

    But he doesn’t so he gets panned by frustrated arsenal fans who end up comparing him to people he’s ultimately not in the same bracket as…falling understandably short and perpetuating a cycle of hate.

    Giroud is quality, he just shouldn’t be our #1. Compare Higuain to Alexis and there’s every argument for a genuine ST over a faux one who is “dynamic”.

    RE; Playing the game.
    You say Gab Marcotti I say Mourinho. Playing and understanding are two differing levels of intellect/skill. Messi will never be a great coach despite his skill as a player, Klopp, Tuchel, Wenger, never had a fraction of the talent but are superior to anything Messi will be off the pitch. Maradona is maybe the finest example.

  55. Marko

    I say a good many things here, dickheads, and if you haven’t noticed, I have the respect of the posters who carry the most weight.

    That’s not in the slightest bit true. Everyone knows you can’t have a discussion with you cause anyone’s opinion that’s different to yours is either embarrassing themselves or an idiot. Look you said Mahrez would be good in the false 9 position. I disagreed and you said I was embarrassing myself. You’re an absolute twat of the highest order. Terrible to get on with on this blog. The amount of times you’ve gone snarky or condescending while having a discussion with someone is ridiculous at this point. Bam I’d warrant an honest guess that you know a lot less about football than you think you do

  56. Marko

    Your opinions carry weight? On a blog that used to post daily and who’s traffic has been deteriorating for months now? Sure Bam you’re the big shot around here. It’s actually people like you that’s the reason others come around here less and less