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Well, well, well… the good times keep rolling. Conte of Italy taking many plaudits for an exceptional tactical display against a disappointingly underprepared Belgium.

ARSENE LOOK WHAT’S COMING TO THE PREM, he says after seeing one game.

Belgium once again failed to impress. Lukaku missed some crisply golden chances, so obviously all Arsenal fans are crowing that he’s shi*e. I’d not take him at £60m, but nor would any club. The guy is still a kid, he’ll get better and he’ll likely be a pain in our asses at some point, just like Drogba was… and remember, Didier was one of the most embarrassing players in the league when he first joined… at what, 26? I remember him saying he’d be as good as Thierry… I laughed, then spent the next 8 years having nightmares about him.

Same with Morata, he didn’t look great, so everyone is assuming after 1 poor game, he is useless. You need to watch a player at least twice before you come to sweeping conclusions in my opinion.

One thing is for sure about this tournament so far, nations have invested too much in creative talent, not enough in those that can finish the production off…

Nice that Jack Wilshere has been putting his brains to good use… stating Wayne Rooney is like Pirlo.

“It hurts me to say but he plays the position unbelievably”

“I’ve said it before: he’s our best player. He’s got that range of passing, he understands the game. He can still play up front in my opinion. He can be a striker”

Pretty embarrassing commentary to be honest. It reads like he’s just come up in DC10 at 10 in the morning and he’s determined to have a deep and meaningful about anything. Comparing him to Pirlo? Saying he’s the best player in our squad? Sad indictment of his own skills and those of others in our line up. A bit of a toe curler was that interview.

Good to see Jamie Vardy prepping hard for England.



Chewing tobacco and a Red Bull. What a man. As a side note, who the hell gets involved in chewing tobacco these days? That wasn’t even on the roster of bad things to get involved in as a kid.

Mkhitaryan’s sister just followed Arsenal on LinkedIn. A powerful indicator that he’s heading our way everyone. What a moment. I knew as soon as she did that it was happening.

‘YO SIS, need you to do something for my fans. Follow The Arsenal, for corporate updates and media meddling’

You can just see that conversation can’t you?

MICROSOFT BUYING LINKEDIN FOR £26b. My word. What were they thinking?

In delicious scandalous news, the blood bags that a Spanish court ordered to be destroyed in 2013 are being handed over to WADA for inspection. Cyclists, tennis players and FOOTBALL players could be implicated in a pretty mega PED scandal. Imagine if the Barca side of Pep was on the PEDs? Would explain a lot, eh?

Hopefully not. I don’t want doping to be a football issue. Unless it’s Spurs. That’d be banterous.

Unai Emery, the Europa League winner at Sevilla is leaving. No idea where he’s off to, but interestingly, Sevilla are looking to sign Jorge Sampaoli… the exChile coach. A very exciting appointment if that happens.

Right, final piece, my pal wrote a piece on Wenger, so read it here!


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  1. Wallace

    “We have discussed the question of an early separation intensively, and have come to the conclusion that Mkhitaryan will remain in Dortmund next season.”

    – Hans-Joachim Watzke(via Kicker)

  2. Dream10

    Wonder if Dortmund are just posturing for the press. They may looking to sign before they sell. 30 million euros will allow them to re-sign Gotze without having to dip into their allocated transfer funds.
    Remember that little Mario is on 12m euros per season.

  3. Ughelligunner

    black, Honigstein, fucked up there big time. Even legrove were having aims at wenger because they didn’t even remember his first report about the Xhaka deal been a done deal. Just have to relax and expect any possibility of the outcomes in the Vardy and Mikk’s case

  4. Leedsgunner

    Yeah the quotes of him saying it are everywhere in German press and Dortmund sites.

    It might be posturing. Although if he does go to Man United — another pillar of Wenger’s argument regarding the importance of Uefa Champion’s League Football goes down the drain doesn’t it? For years he has been telling us that Top 4 is necessary to attract the best players… but it looks like this player is interested more in the manager he’ll be playing for than the team.

    We need to more pro-active and aggressive when chasing players. We’re so meek when our rivals appear on the scene. It’s as if he we are happy to concede rather than to fight our ground.

    Wenger needs to stop saying he tried and actually get some of these deals done.

  5. Ughelligunner

    I thought dortmund has signed two creative players? Maybe, they are looking for who will bid the highest to force their hands. Money talks now.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Exactly, what BvB are saying is you are going to have to give us over the odds, which is perfectly reasonable for them to do, they don’t totally need to sell him, but it will make financial sense for them to do it if the right offer comes along.

  7. Ishola70

    Black Hei:
    “Yup, they did! Apparently the sporting director gave an interview. That was the silly part. To the point that Raphael Honigstein had to backtrack on statements that we WERE going to sign Granit.”

    Ah ok.

    Tbh though Moechengladbach are a small club really in comparison to Dortmund so if I heard from a Moechengladbach executive or director that a player would not be sold I would take that with a pinch of salt and see it as bravado in comparison to a Dortmund CEO coming out and saying the same. Also have history of doing the same with Lewandowski.

    I don’t think Mhiki joins Arsenal this summer. That’s my view

    Do we have any ITKs here on Le Grove?

    Maybe they can clarify 😉

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be realistic the Summer Transfer Window is the “silly season” with the
    Media scraping the barrel for a story and agents and players touting their services to the highest bidder.

    For me the right wing was never a priority, but if Mkhitaryan or Mahrez were to move to us it would be an upgrade on what we have got at the club and a bonus.

    Arsenal’s priorities in this transfer window were always bringing in players along the spine. We need an additional striker and if possible an upgrade on
    right centre back position.

    Frankly I don’t see Arsenal buying more than three new first team players unless a] we are forced to bring in a new goalkeeper and/or b] we secure upgrades on right wing or left full back positions and sell either Walcott or Ox
    and replace Gibbs.

  9. Leedsgunner

    If Mkhitaryan is indeed off — let’s push hard for Mahrez. It might p*ss LCFC off royally but hey… if it makes them feel any better we could swap Walcott for him? 🙂

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Exactly, we badly need a LM/RM, if one is off the agenda then move on to another, we cannot keep doing this minimalist approach to transfers.

    Our side is not worth protecting and consistently lets us down, sure the 4 or 5, even 6 players we need should have been spread out over multiple windows, but of course, we’re Arsenal, we don’t do sense and logic in the window.

  11. Ughelligunner

    Leeds, i dont think Mikki would like to work under Mourhino, he hated it under Klopp, because he was told to do a positional job. He wants to be free. Mourhino would always give Rooney the free role at United, and any other person would do a tactical defensive role. It is the agent that is trying to force arsenal to pay more, by bringing Man utd into the equation, because his client is tired and want to leave. Left alone for Wenger, he would wait for him to be free next season.

  12. Wallace

    Mkhi’s agent, Mino Raiola, is not happy. apparently BVB were saying if they got a good offer this summer he could go, but have now changed their minds because they fear the fans will react badly to them losing Hummels, Gundogan & Mkhitaryan in the same summer.

  13. Dream10


    Yep. The only scenario a club like Dortmund will let Mkhitaryan go for free is if another player is bring sold for big money. In most cases, every player has a price.

  14. Dream10

    Apparently PSG pushing very hard for Weigl. 40m euros the touted fee.


    Very harsh on both. Pogba wasn’t special the first match, but Kanté-Pogba duo allowed Payet to forget about tracking back. Griezmann was very good in the first half.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Really like Weigl, looks like he’s going to be a top player, for his own good he should not go to PSG.

  16. qna

    For me I hope we do go for Goetze. I think he will be the best buy over the long term. He didnt work out at Bayern, but is still a great player. I would take him over Mkhitariyan or Mahrez. But I wouldnt say no to any of them to be honest. If we dont go for these three, then a cheeky low bid for Fekir would be nice. He might force his way out if we turn his head. I accept the ACL risks, but with his young age and the massive upside, I think he would be a brilliant buy and most likely cheap which is what Arsene likes best.

    But the best buy of the summer will be City’s purchase of Leroy Sane. It will be this seasons KDB. Most of the time you get what you pay for.

  17. Louis Almeida

    Dream10, yes I would’ve kept both in. I do agree with the formation change though. Matuidi would be the one I drop. Play Pogba in the pivot with Kante, Griezmann right, Payet #10 and Martial left.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    French line up for me would be:

    Matuidi, Kante, Pogba
    Payet, Martial, Greizmann

    I think that would be a decent team to watch.

  19. Leedsgunner

    The BvB scouting sand coaching staff are incredibly skilled or incredibly lucky. Whatever it is, we should poach them.

    I mean to lose a striker of Lewandowski’s calibre and then to replace him with Auba is truly truly excellent. Bravo…

    What did Wenger do when he faced a similar situation? Let Henry go and replaced him with Eduardo. A decent player but hardly like for like is it?

  20. Cesc Appeal


    I think Aubameyang was already there, they tried to replace Lewandowski with Immobile and Ramos, which didn’t work out but, with Immobile, you could see the logic and he just was a bit of a disappointment.

    But Aubameyang’s scoring record has always been great, no brainer really I was gutted when they picked him up from St Etienne, his transformation into one of Europe’s deadliest ST’s has been great.

    Let us remember as well, a fair few on here where saying he ‘was not worth it’ last summer when his name was brought up, that ‘Walcott could do what he had with an extended run,’ lets just remember that.

  21. Ughelligunner

    I see a sense in France line up. It would be easier to do a little formation tweaking against Albania, than against Switzerland.

  22. Leedsgunner


    “I think Aubameyang was already there, they tried to replace Lewandowski with Immobile and Ramos, which didn’t work out but, with Immobile, you could see the logic and he just was a bit of a disappointment.”

    I think you’re right, thanks for the correction. The key though is that that they discovered and nurtured him to where he is today.

    Of course we’ve done this too for our youngsters but recently at the club, we’ve nurtured midfielders (Coquelin) and defenders (Koscelny and Bellerin) more than attackers.

    I would say RvP is the last attacker that AFC really developed and nurtured through our ranks. Iwobi is too raw and early to tell — the signs are good though.

    Hindsight is always 20/20 young Cesc… don’t rub it in 🙂

  23. Cesc Appeal


    I was thinking the same thing the other night, what young ST do we really have coming through you’re excited about?

    Couldn’t think of any.

    Its not even like we have that, keeping your fingers crossed for a Kane style rise to prominence.

    Our ST choices are pretty dire, in my opinion actually we only have one ST with Welbeck crocked long term, though no doubt Wenger would say Walcott is a ST…he isn’t.

  24. Dream10


    Not that big on Martial to be honest. Like you, I would drop Matuidi as well. I don’t think Pogba skills are fully utilized when he plays in the double pivot. Play him as the #10 or on the left of three CMs, so he can be a creative CM and make an impact in the final third. Kanté, Schneiderlin, Pogba right to left. Griezmann and Payet supporting the main man big OliG

  25. Ughelligunner

    Leeds, its not as easy as the way you see it. Most players move to a team that they know, they would have a chance of starting, especially when they are younger. You have to listen to Pires latest interview to hear why he chose Arsenal ahead of Madrid at the time. Most players we approach, might want playing time which we cant give them, seeing they are still growing in that position, and they tend to go to another bigger club where the opportunity would be better for them to start. Aubameyang, for instance, would’nt have started as much as he did when he first got to dortmund, if he had signed for us. It is an easing in climate for these young stars, but the wiser ones, want to start day in, day out for a club. When they have gotten the acolade, like in the case of dortmund and Arsenal of 2000s, they jump ship.

  26. Emiratesstroller

    We need to take a lot of the transfer rumours with a pinch of salt.

    Let’s take the story that Arsenal were after Hysaj a right full back. Arsenal are
    unlikely to buy a second expensive player in that position when we have Bellerin on the books. Frankly we don’t need him even if Debuchy leaves.

    We have been also linked with Rodriguez. This may be a more realistic project
    since Monreal is 30 and Gibbs may move to pastures new. However, somehow
    I don’t see Arsenal spending this summer £19/20 million on a left full back.

    The only real concrete transfer offer made by Arsenal apart from Xhaka and Nkwalu is Vardy. That story has been confirmed by Arsenal insiders and also
    by the Leicester Manager.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Transfer stories to a large extent don’t matter, only concerned with what Arsenal should be doing, minor changes this summer just won’t do it.

  28. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “Let us remember as well, a fair few on here where saying he ‘was not worth it’ last summer when his name was brought up, that ‘Walcott could do what he had with an extended run,’ lets just remember that.”

    I’m sorry for not really being a fan of Aubameyang. his scoring record recently has been exceptional, I just don’t think much of him as a footballer. last I checked it was still okay to have a differing opinion on a player.

  29. Leedsgunner


    I think the next young player to break through will be Jon Toral.

    He had a great loan season last year at Birmingham and he’ll want to make his mark after Bellerin, the player he came to Arsenal with, made a break through.

    Can play central midfield and on the wing apparently with an great eye for goal. 21… he needs game time to prove what he can do.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah it is, but remember that next time you start completely writing off an entire list of targets before then saying some dud like Kokorin would be ‘interesting’ purely because its more Wenger like than some big time investment.


    Not sure on Toral, have to see, we’ve got Willock, Malen and Nelson who look decent in the little highlights reels knocking about on them. Might be a while though.

  31. Louis Almeida

    Dream10, I’m surprised you don’t like Martial. He has close dribbling to open up packed defences and can exploit teams who play high line with his pace. I think he’ll be a great striker one day. That said, as much as I don’t like Giroud he is on a hot streak at the moment and you never interrupt a striker who is scoring loads. Let them play their streak out.

  32. Bamford10

    “Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s agent has revealed the Borussia Dortmund midfielder would welcome a move to Manchester United, although the German club are unwilling to allow him to leave.” – The Guardian

    Apparently United are a more attractive option than Arsenal, despite their not having CL football. Arsene knows!

  33. sam

    I am looking after my son at the hospital he hurt himself with hot tea. he’s getting better now
    But wow! Nurses used to be good looking with them uniforms, nice shapely bum with nice chest now they kinda….. Yawnnnn!!!!
    The service still great but my eyes not being served properly

  34. Danny

    Our fixture list for what hopefully will be Wenger’s last season looks tough. The best patch is from 26.11 – 04.02 – eleven games where the only “hard” one is Man C away.
    I’d like to think that Wenger has looked at it and realizes that we need to buy at least 2 top players to have even a chance of top 4.

  35. Dream10


    Martial is talented, but I don’t see him & Giroud being compatible. A more mobile #9 would suit him better. We’ll see later on

  36. Bamford10


    If Griezmann is dropped from the French XI, Deschamps should be removed immediately. That would be the silliest, most inane decision ever. Aside from Payet he is the most in form French attacking player.

    Clearly Matuidi should make way. Giroud could be asked to make way. Maybe Pogba makes way.

    Griezmann does not make way. That would be crazy.

  37. Louis Almeida

    Dream10, Yes I think most prefer to play with a more mobile #9! I’ll be interested to see when Martial makes the full transition to #9. He isn’t a typical Mourinho #9 ala Ibra, Milito, Drogba, Costa who are all physically intimidating.

    Bamford10, Deschamps has always been quite a defensive manager so it wouldn’t surprise me to see this change. Matuidi was the worst player on the first game so should make way. Giroud is in good form and is a good pivot for France despite his limitations so will continue there.

  38. Bamford10

    Ronaldo complaining about Iceland players’ celebrations. What a petty, self-absorbed loser. Looking forward to this narcissist’s retirement. Good riddance.

  39. Louis Almeida

    Ronaldo is such a baby. Iceland should just rollover and let him pad his stats? I hate the fact our whole NT has to pander to him. His petulance is a big reason why he’s not loved in Portugal.

  40. Leedsgunner


    I’m so glad you feel the same way as I do. A good player, but he’s so full of himself. For all his talent he lets your country down when he has a tantrum when he doesn’t get his own way. He needs to grow up.

  41. karim

    If Griezmann doesn’t start, it’s because he’s had a crazy season and has dropped a bit in terms of energy.

    Better rest him for when it’s worth, Coman and Martial will be fine.

  42. Bamford10


    I guess that might make a little sense. But surely he starts if his energy levels are correct later in the tournament, yes?

  43. Emiratesstroller

    Louis Almeida

    Yes I did see Arsenal spending £30 million on Xhaka, because he was the best
    midfielder in Bundesliga last season and WANTED TO COME to Arsenal.He was also someone we need in midfield

    The other two priorities are a Striker and Centre Back. If the right player is available and costs that sort of money the I think that Arsenal will be prepared
    to spend it there as well, but will probably have to offload players to cover some of cost.

    Rodriguez may be a fantastic left back, but can you honestly say that he is a

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Slightly different topic, but who is on your manager watch list next season, fingers crossed this is our last season with Wenger, so who will everyone be watching?

    Simeone for me in terms of his whole situation at Atletico, his quality in unquestionable.

    But Tuchel and Bilic in their second seasons as well, Tuchel now has UCL, has lost some players, Bilic has the new stadium and higher expectations.

    Simeone and Tuchel so far are my favourites for the job.

  45. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “Yeah it is, but remember that next time you start completely writing off an entire list of targets before then saying some dud like Kokorin would be ‘interesting’”

    well, you are quite prolific with your lists of targets, there are always going to be a few i’m not going to like.

  46. Bamford10

    I still like the idea of a cheeky bid for Sturridge. If he remains healthy, the sky is the limit for him and for Arsenal in the PL. If he gets another injury, there are still clubs b/t 5th and 10th that will pay good money for him.

    I also like the idea of Fekir. Great player.

  47. Dissenter

    Your Euro rankings means nothing at the moment.
    It’s been only ONE game.
    Spain lost their first game in 2010 and still won the WC. It’s meaningless to even rank teams at this point.

  48. Marko

    Dortmund who I think are a great fantastically run club would be absolutely dumb to let another high profile player go for free instead of getting something for him. I mean they made pittance really on Gotze and nothing on Lewandowski. Really really stupid I mean put your pride to one side take 25-30 million for Mkhitaryan and reinvest. I still think he’ll go purely cause they got burned before with Lewandowski and they’d be stupid to allow it to happen again

  49. Cesc Appeal


    I like Tuchel too, going to be watching to see how he gets on next year, certainly seems a more likely fit than Simeone, but I think Simeone is almost what we need at Arsenal, sweep out the frailty and patheticness.


    The shit finger could become a thing to be fair, if you play crap, you will get the shit finger.

  50. Wallace

    the image for the bbc’s PL fixtures story has five premier league managers on it – Ranieri, Guardiola, Klopp, Cunt & Conte…bit harsh on Wenger.

  51. Bamford10


    They mean as much as one can gather from every team having played one game. I’ve watched pretty much every game and already have my own sense of where things stand. This could change obviously. This is a blog where we discuss football. This seems as ripe a topic for discussion as anything else.

    (I also think one can gather a lot more from 8 games than you suggest. But things will change of course.)

    Thanks for your input, though.

  52. Leedsgunner

    the image for the bbc’s PL fixtures story has five premier league managers on it – Ranieri, Guardiola, Klopp, Cunt & Conte…bit harsh on Wenger.

    Well if he wants his picture up in lights… he knows what to do… win the title.

    Buy a proven ST, CB and a winger worthy enough to wear the shirt and let’s see where we end up! That way we can have a proper go at the title.

  53. naijagunner

    @ Bamford

    The Miki situation might have something to do with his agent Raiola…or have u never stopped to think about that .

    Arsenal as a club and Wenger as a person tend to avoid these larger than life agents who are all talk, and Raiola just finished a deal with Man Utd for Ibra.

    Somethings actually go beyond attractiveness or stuffs like that. Once i found out who his agent was, i had my doubts about the deal.

    Besides Miki before his move to dortmund called Arsenal his dream club, so Arsenal will always be an attractive proposition, it’s just that different other things come into play and unfortunately Arsenal as a club don’t do bidding wars

  54. S Asoa

    Wenger will sign

    You’ll put your hearts in Arsenal instead of putting your apologetic AKB faces in Arsene ass .

    I know both sound similar but are different .
    One is a KABOOM. GUN
    Other is FUSS-FUSS

    Wenger Out

  55. naijagunner

    @ Leeds

    I guess i was in hibernation when Conte and Klopp won the EPL.

    The explanation is simple , Conte, Pep and Klopp are new managers to the league, u tend to advertise new things instead of one u have had for 20 years.

    Not everything is about winning the EPL or Liverpool would have been expelled from the competition

  56. Ishola70

    No Mhiki.

    Someone on here told us that Mhiki had agreed terms with Arsenal. It was just a case of waiting.

    Who was it? Champagne Charlie?

    Chaarlie explain yourself!

  57. Leedsgunner


    You are deliberately misunderstanding me :).

    The point is, whether we like it or not, Klopp, Conte, Mourinho and Guardiola are more of a draw than Wenger, at least to TV companies.

    If Wenger wants to have plaudits… he needs to earn it by earning an important trophy, rather than just making up pretend ones.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger is not an exciting manager anymore, look at the managers in the league right now, its exciting, its unpredictable…except for Wenger.

    I think people can see he’s sort of a fading light now, on his way out, whereas a lot of those managers are the future of the league.

  59. Wallace

    “Don’t worry guys Wenger’s face will be on the FA Cup advertising.”

    fingers crossed it’s real. if it’s not i’ve had some banging hallucinations down the years.

  60. N5

    Leeds. Wenger attracts the media when he’s on the beach playing vollyball with bikini clad babes, falling over or talking crazy stuff about Sanogo. So he is still a draw for TV companies.

    It’s just a shame that none of those are for football but more like ‘You’ve been framed’.

  61. naijagunner

    I do not think anyone found Ranieri exciting when he signed, now we are all acting like we knew he was gonna win the league.

    Wenger has been in this league 20 years now, I doubt he is worried his face is not on the advertising. If i were to pick a line up for the advert i would not pick him either cos everyone knows he is here, there is nothing to advertise.

    @ Leeds

    He is not making up pretend trophies, all, he said was that finishing in the top four was the next best thing if you failed to win the league and also that it might actually be more valuable than the FA cup, a view which has been supported by all the top clubs in the league. No one sets his manager the target of winning the FA cup but they all demand a top four finish.

  62. STV

    “knowing Arsenal we’ve not even spoken to Dortmund and Dick Law is in Russia somewhere chatting up some young ladies in a brothel”..

    N5 lol..you would think “Dick law” is his Nick name!?

    Speaking of names, once I made a mistake of typing ‘Fanny’ instead of ‘Fanni'( email recipient’s first name).

    Terrible 😮

  63. Leedsgunner


    I have no desire to get into a tit for tat argument.

    Wenger has done very well for achieving top 4 for the past 20 years. I think it is widely agreed that silverware wise he did much better than in the first 8 years than in the past 12.

    Wenger always says “Judge me in May” but what happened last May? When he came up trophyless he had the cheek to blame the home fans for the negative atmosphere as the reason why they lost games they should have won.

    Give me a break.

    We all know what pretend trophies that gets wielded out in the press conferences when he is questioned…

    top 4 trophy
    128 days at the top trophy
    We beat Leicester away and at home trophy etc. 🙂

  64. Jamie

    naijagunner –

    I think owners/boards set the target of a top 4 finish over an FA cup win for financial reasons, not footballing reasons. I used to rate CL qualification, but years of abject failure in Europe and burying the ‘participation money’ in the coffers instead of investing in players/coaches has reduced its significance to me as a supporter.

    It seems to me like all the owner is interested in is the group stage payments every season to add to the pile of cash in the bank. Progression beyond the groups is a bonus.

    Genuine question:

    Would you take finishing 4th for the next 5 seasons (with no cup wins and last 16 of the CL)
    Would you take winning the FA Cup for the next 5 seasons (with no CL)?

    My issue with CL participation under Wenger is that we won’t progress beyond the last 16 (maybe a cheeky QF cameo).

    If we miss out on Mikki and Vardy (and we’re unlikely to sign Kante, because Wenger..), I can see this transfer window ending like all previous ones.

  65. Red&White4life

    “Iceland was celebrated as if she had won the Euro … this is a low mentality”
    Ronaldo. lol

  66. naijagunner

    @ Jamie

    Are we discussing the same FA cup most of you on here went out of your way to belittle once we won it twice in a row ????

    Or has a new FA cup been introduced ??

    @ Leeds

    If u don’t want to be called up for saying something a bit silly then maybe don’t say it at all. Wenger is a football manager, football managers are spin doctors, or are you expecting the man to call a press conference and say ” i have failed” ??

    Ridiculous really some of the stuffs you guys come out with here .

    Champions league qualification is first and foremost for money, you cannot be named the world’s fifth most valuable football club if you are run by a bunch of morons.

  67. Leedsgunner


    I don’t have to say anything — the fact that we haven’t won the title for over a decade, EVEN though we are the 5th most valuable club in the world says plenty.

    The mere fact that Vardy, a little known, former non-league player, feels comfortable to keep us waiting when we come calling… says even more.

    As for admitting that he has failed, why not admit it once in a while? Especially when you have?

    I don’t know about you but I personally found it a bit embarrassing when Wenger tried to put a brave face on after losing to Barcelona 5-1 over two legs by saying we troubled them for 20 minutes in the second half at the Nou Camp.

    Who cares? We lost.

    Better to say he failed than to blame bad luck or accidents don’t you think? How many accidents and bad luck can one person have in 10 months? If he doesn’t want to assume responsibility why does he says continually “Judge me in May?”

    Contrast that with what Diego Simeone said after he lost the Champion’s League Final two weeks ago –“This is my fault. I have to consider my position after this.”

    Whose is more credible? Wenger who seems to give excuse after excuse or Simeone who admits to failures?

  68. Dissenter

    The French government better deploy the foreign legion on the streets of Lille because the Russians are going top ransack the town after they lose badly tonight.

  69. Bamford10


    “If Wenger wants to have plaudits… he needs to earn it by earning an important trophy, rather than just making up pretend ones.”


  70. Louis Almeida

    The scoreline is making the England result look even worse by the minute. Wilshere is 100% needed tomorrow. No transitional players in the England team. Too dysfunctional.

  71. Chika

    A lot of posters are just persistently angry Wenger still pulls so much respect and honour from people who have actually participated in the game.
    If it annoys you, go slam your head against the wall!

  72. Leedsgunner

    Hamsik bossing the game.

    Slovakia’s danger man coming to play. Credit where credit is due. If Slovakia plays like this versus England — Roy is going to get embarrassed.

    Bamford — 🙂

  73. Champagne charlie


    Wishing Ronaldos retirement to come sooner? Not a football fan then you absolute mong, one of the greatest you’ll ever get to witness in the flesh and you’re put out because he can be petulant. What a cretin you really are. Hope Messi retires from football asap, the tax dodging cunt… Moron

  74. Bamford10


    You really are a pleasant one, aren’t you? Ronaldo’s best days are well behind him. He’s not much to watch these days. And there’s nothing I love more than beautiful football, thanks.

    Ronaldo’s pettiness and narcissism will be missed by no one. And his remarks re Iceland have earned him well-deserved contempt around the football world. His remarks contradict the spirit of the game, the spirit of sport and the spirit of international competition.

    Your analogy to Messi is silly and dumb.

    I understand that you do not like me, but you should try not to let your antipathy for this or that commenter here lead you to say silly or stupid things. And what you have said is both silly and stupid.


  75. Joe

    Lukaku being offered 100k a week to stay at Everton.

    Wenger is signing no one

    He put all this faith in FFP and it failed and now everyone has Money and will spend as much as Arsenal. Not spend as much as we can because we won’t spend to our possible max because of wenger.

  76. Ashley

    Don’t worry everyone , I bet that every one is working hard at Arsenal to sign top top top top top top top top top quality better than we already have players , and not sitting there knowing deep down that xhaka is as far as it will go (crying face )

  77. gonsterous

    The papers here report that Ricardo rodriguez of quitting wolfsburg. They are bit sure where he will end up but 100% won’t be playing in the bundles liga next season !!

  78. raptora

    Dortmund’s chief executive:

    “We have been negotiating a new deal with Henrikh Mkhitaryan for four months. We now know he won’t sign an extension. There was never a promise that he can leave us prematurely.

    “We have intensely discussed the question of an early transfer in all club bodies and came to the conclusion that Mkhitaryan will stay in Dortmund next season.”

    Should this mean he stays 100%? What in the world Borussia?

  79. Louis Almeida

    It will interesting to see what BVB do because after the Lewandowski situation they did not want to allow any player to leave on a free transfer. Also Mhki cost a lot of money so they will want to recoup it back.

  80. Cesc Appeal


    Will be a case of the right offer I think, no way do they hold onto him if someone puts in a £25 Million plus offer.

    If we want him, we would be smart to do it soon whilst BvB still have a fair few options to replace him. If they were to bring back Gotze with the money, might well cause the fans to overlook the departure.

  81. Jamie

    naijagunner –

    You made a direct comparison between a top 4 finish and the FA cup. Given the choice, with no other criteria, I would take the FA Cup.

    Finishing 4th for the money and not progressing beyond the last 16 means little to most supporters, I would hope.

    The FA Cup is a little irrelevant, but less so than 4th/3rd most years to me. All Wenger is capable of delivering is either a top 4 finish, or a cup. Not the PL, not the CL.

  82. Louis Almeida

    Cesc Appeal, Romford told me that we’re very interested in him and vice versa. Apparently he’s spoken to Wenger a couple of times already. There are other clubs interested but hopefully like Xhaka, the personal touch will work in our favour. The money isn’t really an issue.

  83. Joe

    Liverpool and Leicester are the first two games of the season

    Interesting start to the season.

    Wenger’s excuses at the ready.

    ”We were tired from the euros ”
    “Short preseason”
    “I’m a useless wanker”

  84. Louis Almeida

    Xhaka is so positionally good. Difference between a natural controller and converting a CAM/CM into one, superb signing. Always available to make the 1st pass and supports the 2nd phase. Arsenal have needed this for a very long time.

  85. Cesc Appeal


    Would be a great signing for sure, yeah money is no object to us, then sell Walcott and take a punt on a ST, whether less money in a player like Vardy, or having to stump up a bit for someone like Morata, we need something there, might not work out, equally it might work a treat.

  86. Joe

    Apparently he’s spoken to Wenger a couple of times already

    Isn’t that called tapping up?
    Xhaka said the same thing