Football and a Brexit? | Doomed Vardy bid still no clearer

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Well, there’s not much news doing the rounds on Jamie Vardy. Have my doubts as to whether Ray Parlour has any inside line on what’s going on with the Leicester striker. I guess we just have to hold strong and hope Arsenal have a clue what’s going on and if it’s looking bad, we’d best hope we have another ace up our sleeve. I mean, let’s not kid ourselves Vardy was an ‘ace’. That was the lazy man signing. Hopefully we have something more interesting.

Today sees the kick off for Euro 2016. Really looking forward to this. France face Romania, which will be exciting because they’re one of the tournament favourites… what makes it even more interesting is that Olivier Giroud seems to have perked up recently finding the sort of goalscoring form that’ll attract a PSG to make a horrible mistake later in the summer!

Fingers crossed people!

I’ve no idea who is going to win this one. Belgium has a pretty incredible team, but they often flatline like England. Their golden generation has failed pretty miserably so far, no reason to think they’ll not do the same again. Spain are always going to be there, even though they lost to Georgia. Germany and Italy would be my favourites for the win, but let’s be fair here, it’s never that simple.

All I pray for is a Championships without an Arsenal player broken bone or pinged Achilles!

In slighlty grubby news, De Gea has been accused of sexual abuse in a pretty gross human trafficking trial in Spain. I have no idea why footballers get themselves into these things. If you’re a footballer, surely you know there can be no secrets? Sports stars and female entitlement is a global thing. Look not further than the case of Brock Turner in the states, not only a rapist, but completely unable to take responsibility for being a hideous human being… and to make things worse being sentenced leniently because damaging his promising life would be unfair. No wonder sex crimes are so underreported.

However, what I will say, is I think the shame of things like this is that their names get dragged through the mud before justice is delivered one way or the other. Surely names should be protected both ways before a trial? I know it’s hard to keep celebs under the radar, but De Gea will now be chanted at as a pedo from the stands forever more… fair if true, horrendous if not.

I landed my papers for the EU Vote coming up. I have to make my mum a proxy, because there’s no way I could trust my old man to vote remain on my behalf. It’s an interesting debate that’s going off, if we elect to remove ourselves from the EU, what are the benefits from a football perspective? Are there any?

I mean, first of all, the pound is likely to crash (YAY FOR MY U.S. SALARY), so it could make players more expensive for us. We’ll also suffer the issue of permits for our players. Also, a big part of the leave campaign focuses on those pesky immigrants stealing jobs of hardworking Brits. Will an immigration freeze impact our football teams? Will it be jobs for the Brits? An exodus of European players?

OR, will it enhance the game. Because we’ll be able to make our own rules, will that mean we can lobby the government to relax the rules on South American players? That’d be fancy. No more waiting for the kids to grow up before we can buy them… we can steal a march on the Barca’s and Madrid’s!

Feels like there’s a bit of a contradiction going on with the leave campaign… because cutting our own trade deals, whilst cutting off businesses ability to bring in the best staff seems counter intuitive. So the likelihood is our football will suffer team Boris win out.

This feels like the sort of topic I should enlist and expert in… could be interesting.

Hopefully Britain will make the right choice, part of me is kind of glad I’m not in the UK for the fallout if the worst happens and the Tory old boys and the Labour establishment win out here.

We’ll see, make sure you register to vote either way. They all count!

Right, see you later!


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  1. WengerEagle

    Im always impressed by Perisic in a Croatia shirt.

    Weird that he’s so average at club level, reminds me a little of Portugal’s Maniche back in the day.

  2. WengerEagle

    Have to agree with Jimbo, you’re basically pissing all over the motto of the blog by banning people with opinions.

    For the record I don’t agree with Dimitri.

  3. WengerEagle


    Lol nope that’s Cesc Appeal.

    What’s terrible about my argument?

    Rambo Ramsey put up the quote and its clear as day you meant BY the Euros and not after them.

    Take the punishment in good spirit, you lost.

  4. Bamford10

    Thank you, Rambo Ramsey!

    Here is the language, gents:

    “if Martial replaces Giroud as the #2 by next summer,”

    Nice. The language of the wager is/was even more open-ended than I had remembered. Not only can I argue that Martial has until the end of the tournament to displace Giroud, I might reasonably argue that he has until the end of THE SUMMER.

    Now, I’m probably not going to argue that, but the language is quite open-ended.

    As I say, if my opponents in the wager want to “lawyer up,” I welcome them to do so.

  5. Jim Lahey

    @WE – Also saw a great quote on one of the new blogs here about the riots in Marseille.

    “Dave, I swear I saw a few lads on the sky news report throwing, to my horror, almost full pints. It beggars belief”

  6. Bamford10


    Now I really hope you’re not the one studying law. Very bad argument making. It is the language of the contract that matters. Yes, you can obviously argue that the language of the contract means/meant “x,” but I can argue that it means/meant “y”. That’s what I’m doing.

  7. Bamford10

    Jim & WE

    You guys should look for the video of the guy who calmly goes back to a table — amidst much violence — to grab his near-full pint of beer. Cigarette in mouth, cool as a cucumber, chairs flying everywhere, this dude simply grabs his beer and continues on walking about.

    It’s great. If he is English, the English have reason to be proud (despite yesterday’s terrible 1-1 letdown). This man is a hero of sorts. 😉

  8. Marko

    Jim the shite Dimitri was posting was hardly an opinion.

    WE I didn’t see her apparently her name is Emma Byrne. I tend to switch off for all the talking in the middle. But Martin Tyler and Alan Smith is nice

  9. Romford Ozil Pele

    Good from UEFA, official warnings to Russia and England that both teams will be sent home of violence continues. Tbh apart from the first night there nothing has been instigated by England

  10. Bamford10

    Croatia do look quite good at the moment. Anyone catch that little Perisic flick there? Jumped and flicked a 1-2 between his legs, mid-air. That was pretty sweet.

    Did anyone have Croatia in the semi or the final? They look quite good.

  11. WengerEagle


    Well whoever she is she’s fucking dreadful, painful to listen to her as she’s clueless about footy.

    We know where 90pc of Tv3’s budget went now, 1st class commentary team and Graeme Souness.

  12. Marko

    Nice. The language of the wager is/was even more open-ended than I had remembered. Not only can I argue that Martial has until the end of the tournament to displace Giroud, I might reasonably argue that he has until the end of THE SUMMER.

    Look if you wanna back out of a silly internet wager just do it no one really cares. You’ll get a bit of stick but you already get that for saying shit like lawyer up. And there’s no more international football till September after the euros. I’m pretty sure.

  13. Bamford10

    Perisic is a man afire. Heads that off the post, then sprints to chase down the Turkish defender in the corner. This 72 minutes in. Impressive .

  14. Bamford10

    “BREAKING: UEFA warns England & Russia they could be disqualified from European Championship if there is further violence.” – Rob Harris

  15. karim


    ” Have to agree with Jimbo, you’re basically pissing all over the motto of the blog by banning people with opinions. ”

    Next, Dimwit will send a link to Mein Kampf, is that what you want ?

    ” For the record I don’t agree with Dimitri. ”

    Glad to hear you’re not a Neo-Nazi mate !

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    Jim, probably the most dominant performance by a team so far. They look good but can’t afford this profligacy. Turks are quite clinical too. Also Croats have Czech and Spain to come so GD might become an issue. This is definitely the group of death

  17. Marko

    Yeah Dimitri’s posts were usually opinions laced with words like f@ggots calling people animals. Racism and bigotry isn’t really an opinion it’s complete idiocy

  18. STV

    Dimitri racially abused karim and basically pissed on anybody who disagreed with him.

    Its ok to have discussions about religion and race with rational people but when it become an argument with extremists its exhausting and defeats the purpose of blogs like this.


    Did you say that was Emma Byrne? Former Arsenal ladies goalie? Man she really is beautiful.

  19. Samesong

    Oh and way to stick your tongue up phd’s arse. Your like a school girl in a playground.

    How do you know what school girls is like in the playground unless your hanging round them? very disturbing comment.

  20. WengerEagle


    He’s said the same shit for years now, I just don’t get banning him today is all. Apologies if he said some personal shit to you yesterday, wasn’t on here yesterday evening.

    He’s not the first person to say some pretty outrageous things on here, there have been posters wishing death on others on the blog before and personally insulting people’s families.

  21. Jeff

    I have this niggly feeling that the same might happen to Croatia as did to England where Russia scored to draw in the dying seconds. Croatia have been very wasteful although dominant, just like England was.

  22. Marko

    To think Russia with all its bollox was given (bought) the world cup in 2022. I’m telling you there’ll be fucking murder over there with those cunts

  23. Bamford10

    “Russian hooligans were organised, disguised in English club shirts and carrying truncheons, say England fans.” – The Guardian

  24. WengerEagle


    That’s making the same generalisations as people do with terrorists, etc.

    I personally know a few Russians, most Russians are decent human beings, you’ll get the runt of the litter/thugs wherever you go.

  25. karim

    That’s ok, mate, I can see where you’re coming from.

    In my opinion, wishing death on a footie blog because of Arsene Wenger is just immaturity.

    Dimwit means business, never too early to ban him.

    Anyway, back to football as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Rambo Ramsey


    “To think Russia with all its bollox was given (bought) the world cup in 2022. I’m telling you there’ll be fucking murder over there with those cunts”

    really you displayed moral,political,social outrage re the ‘discussion’ involving a certain banned person but then you go on to make a statement like this?

  27. Romford Ozil Pele

    Marko, unfortunately not mate. I know we’re still interested in Mkhi and Rodriguez then the Vardy deal which is still done from what I’m hearing but let’s see. A lot of the players will obviously wanna focus on the tournament now. Hopefully we can push through Mkhi ASAP. Heard he definitely fancies Arsenal

  28. WengerEagle


    Actually meant death wishes on other posters, that lunatic who used to rant here at the witching hour wished harm on Middy and N5 from memory. He was banned eventually tbf but it went on for a while.

    Sounds good mate, always gets messy on here when the conversation veers towards politics, etc.

  29. STV

    ha ha WE ,dont really follow Women’s football. I paid bit attention to Arsenal when they were winning a lot during 2009, 10,11. and she was the star Goalie 😉

    My favorite goal keeper remains Hope solo 😛

  30. grooveydaddy


    needed a draw there…

    my predictions have all gone to pot.

    getting smashed in my pool…

  31. Marko

    That’s making the same generalisations as people do with terrorists, etc.I personally know a few Russians, most Russians are decent human beings, you’ll get the runt of the litter/thugs wherever you go.

    Those are the Cunts that I’m talking about though. I’m not talking about the men women and children who are good human beings. I’m talking about the cunts of the world who ruin it for everyone else.

  32. STV

    Romford pele

    I know, they were abysmal during the qualifiers and dont deserves to be here finishing forth in their group.

    Just wishing.. Their team and their fans are always a treat for the Euro.

  33. Champagne charlie


    Was told Mkhitaryan is top priority and he wants to join so I’m hopeful on that one, although nothing been agreed.

    Was also told a move for Rodriguez is on pause for the Euro’s but everything is agreed in principle and they expect him to be an Arsenal man when the Swiss get booted.

  34. WengerEagle


    You get that in literally every country though, plenty of scum to go around.

    If South Africa and Brazil can both successfully host a World Cup then Russia can.

  35. Romford Ozil Pele

    Charlie, yeah Wenger has liked him a lot. Wanted to buy Mkhi pre-BVB but was preoccupied with Higuain and Suarez sagas. He knows that at 27 he’s only got one if contract left. Arsenal have always been attractive to him, likes the London factor and spoke very highly of Özil a couple years back. BVB obviously still wanna keep him but he won’t sign so I think they’ll sell later in the window as they already have replacements signed (Dembele and Mor).

    RE Rodriguez, he’s Xhaka’s best friend. We’re trying to sell off Gibbs from what o hear to make room for him. Harsh on Monreal as he’s better defensively than Rodriguez.

  36. Marko

    If South Africa and Brazil can both successfully host a World Cup then Russia can.

    That’s true the south Africa one went off without a hitch even though you always get the feeling with regards to the Brazilian they probably removed people or enforced marshal law in certain areas. One thing is absolutely certain hosting the world cup did absolutely fuck all for those countries except leave them with stadiums that’ll never be used much. It changed nothing.

  37. WengerEagle



    I’m biased but I’d still spend £30+ million on Draxler tomorrow.

    Physically reminds me of Bale/Ronaldo even if he’s not as robust but he’s got the flair and guile of the likes of Gotze and Ozil.

    Needs to improve his efficiency though, still young at 22 but the years slip away quickly.

  38. WengerEagle


    Agreed, wasn’t the argument though.

    Mad that nearly all of the stadia built became white elephants after the World Cup, the one in Manaus cost 300 million to make and there isn’t even a team there to play in it.

  39. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, yeah I’ve always loved Draxler.marries good physique with flair as you’ve alluded to. With Reus’ injury it’s a big chance for him. Low is gonna keep the same formation so he gets to play with his best mate.

    Now’s the time for him to remain fit and build from here. He’s been pretty inconsistent at Wolfsburg too. Best performances have come in the CL.

  40. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bamford, according to BILD Germany team: Neuer – Höwedes, Boateng, Mustafi, Hector – Khedira, Kroos, Müller, Özil, Draxler – Götze.

    Götze false 9 with Draxler starting Reus’ position. BILD are pretty clueless for transfers but quite on top of NT stuff

  41. Marko

    Bam you seem a sensible fella for the most part and I hope I don’t sound condescending or anything but will anything change over there? I mean you seemingly can’t even go to a nightclub now without trouble. It’s such a shame

  42. Unathanthium

    Yes there are too many Sensible Old Men in my area spouting racist nonsense and I wish they would just go.

    Remain all the way. Rather have Brussels running this country than those Tory liars.

  43. London gunner

    Draxlers nothing like bale or Ronaldo neither the speed or explosiveness.

    Not seeing he is bad, but I don’t see him as top top quality. Good enough for our current team though.