Vardy mutterings not positive | Mkhitaryan support revealed

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Man, transfer windows are almost as draining as an Arsenal February!

So, the news emanating out of the England camp is that Jamie Vardy is 80% likely to stay with Leicester. Fairplay if that’s the case. He’s in for a rotten season next year and he’ll have scuppered any chance of moving to a major club. That, I have no doubt about.

I find it quite staggering that he’d go to such extraordinary lengths, just to say no. Because I have no doubt there was a deal agreed. Arsenal wouldn’t embarrass themselves if they thought there was a chance he’d say no. So I don’t really understand the game. He signed a deal with Leicester in February, he’s not earning any more money out of this, it just seems super odd?

He’s a very good player, but look, I won’t cry about it. If there’s someone younger and more cultured out there, hopefully we’ll look to them instead. One thing though… Arsene, do NOT go for an injury prone player, regardless of how good they are.

Also, in other slightly worrying news. Mkhitaryan is now attracting the interest of Jose Mourinho, who landed Eric Bailly yesterday. The only concerning part is that Mikki shares the same agent as Zlatan. I don’t know why this should be an issue. Unless his agent has a logistics issue and needs all his clients in one place?

I’d imagine that Zlatan would have opted to move to Arsenal if he had an offer. I’d imagine that Mikki supporting Arsenal in his youth is playing a big part in his push to come to us.


I’d also imagine the thought of London is pretty darn appealing after spending a number of years in Dortmund. I’d also imagine the thought of playing under Mourinho is about as appealing as wedging paper clips under your nails.

The only thing that might sway him is cash… United are like the rich kid buying friends, whatever we offer, I’m sure they’ll have a spare £250k to offer on top.

That is life… what ya gonna do?

Good news is that Rapha Honigstein said if Dortmund do sell Mikki, it’s unlikely Auba will go to Manchester City. Excellent news.

Rob Holding from Bolton? I mean, I’ve never seen him play and there are no Youtube compilations that will allow me to become an expert. So not sure, hopefully he’s great and can fill the banter boots of Jenkinson!

Right, that’s me done!


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  1. qna

    Vicky – Ramsey is still better than Elneny, Flamini (who may still be on our books). I agree that Wilshere has more upside, but up until now Ramsey is by far the better CM. Cazorla is 32 later this year and just had a serious knee injury which we dont know if he will be the same again. We have also just released Rosicky and Arteta. If we bring in Kante then we could also let Coquelin go as we would have cover. Personally, unless Ramsey wants a massive pay rise on his next contract, I would be keeping him as a home grown squad player.

    Walcott MUST be sold. We also need to get rid of both Giroud and Welbeck in 12 months time. If we dont sell Walcott now, that will be difficult. The same issue we now face by not getting rid of Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky 12 months ago.

  2. Bamford10

    By the way, both Copa America games last night were great entertainment. Venezuela look like the Atleti of South America and beat a Suarez-less Uruguay convincingly. Mexico beat Jamaica 2-0 in an end-to-end thriller.

    One note on Uruguay: so glad we did not look at Cavani. Guy missed two golden chances last night, something I feel he does every time I watch him.

    On the other hand, Chicharito scored a fantastic header to put Mexico up 1-0. And Jamaica are much improved. Much, much better team than they have been in the past.

  3. Bamford10

    I can’t find the story, but apparently some England supporters have gotten up to some ugly hooliganism in France.

  4. Relieable Sauce


    Argies seemed obsessed with getting Mascherano on the ball to play out from the back, thought it was a terrible tactic and it bored the hell out of me.

    Not surprising Messi struggles in that setup.

  5. vicky

    “I don’t know what game you watched but Argentina did nothing all game but sit back and park the bus”

    Really ? I remember Lavezzi, Zabaleta and occasionally Messi creating good chances in the first half, Lavezzi was replaced by Aguero in the 2nd half and then Higuain had 2 great chances just a few minutes in to the 2nd half. This Argentina team has always had problems in transitioning from defense to attack but I don’t think they parked the bus. If you look at real goal scoring chances created, Argentina had an edge in first 55 minutes. Yes but their game was anything but smooth. They were solid for most parts with a few great chances created by Messi and Lavezzi.

  6. qna

    Bamford. On the youth transfer issue you posted.

    Its not as easy as that. There are no free lunches in football now. You cant get top quality players without spending. Your basically saying rather than spend 40m on Sane now, we should have bought him in 2015 when he was a kid and first signed for Shalke – which was his last opening. I actually think he might have been an academy product which means that he would not have even been possible. So you cant sign these real genuine talents. We only know that they are really good quality players when they are worth that 30m or 40m mark.

    Arsenal has a truly woeful, atrocious recruiting department. We just wont be signing these top top players that win you leagues before other top clubs recognise them.

    We are also not poor. We have probably the 6th largest cash available every year. So while Madrid, City, United and PSG buy players like Aubamayang for 70m we compete for the 20/21 year olds that have already demonstrated they are the real deal.

    So rather than spending our money on Xhaka and Vardy and Mkhitarian, we should be spending that on Weigl, Sane and Rugani for example. Then the next season we might add another 2 or 3.

    We really fucked up by not going hard for Dybala. We had the financial muscle to beat Juventus to him but lacked the nous.

  7. Louis Almeida

    Argentina don’t really have any good technical midfielders like Germany or Spain so they struggle in transition. They’re just a team with awesome forwards but you’d expect a Germany/Spain/France to beat them.

  8. Ishola70

    “I can’t find the story, but apparently some England supporters have gotten up to some ugly hooliganism in France.”

    Heh. Not the best idea was it to have England play in Marseille after what happened there in the World Cup in the past.

    England got boisterous last night or maybe more than that, there are videos of English fans beating up a few locals and smashing some windows. Word gets round very quickly in Marseille and their ultras came out looking for the England fans and threw bottles at them. Will probably be more trouble to come.

    It’s been reported that England fans were singing “Where are ISIS?”. England fans need to careful because in Marseille it’s quite conceivable that some nutter appears with a shooter. It is also embarrassing. After what France has been through recently with terrorism to have England loons asking where ISIS is is just pathetic.

  9. Bamford10

    Anyone know how Germany are going to line up? I haven’t seen them recently and I have no idea who is out injured.

  10. Bamford10


    “We only know that they are really good quality players when they are worth that 30m or 40m mark.”

    Nonsense. There are scores of talented players who were signed for reasonable fees by others in their early 20s. No, it can’t be done for each and every player, but I just gave you two examples — PEA and Morata — which you studiously ignored.

    Many more examples where those come from.

    I am not saying that we may not occasionally have to spend 30-40m, but to have us spending that money two and three times a window — as you often have us doing — is silly and unrealistic.

  11. qna

    Bamford: Nonsense. There are scores of talented players who were signed for reasonable fees by others in their early 20s. No, it can’t be done for each and every player, but I just gave you two examples — PEA and Morata — which you studiously ignored.

    Like I said. Arsenal dont have that ability. Its not enough to say we should do this. The facts on the ground are that we dont. We buy Elneny and Gabriel not to mention Podolski, Gervinho, etc etc.

    Nope. We dont have it in us. We need to get those players that demonstrate that really high level. Like Fekir and Dybala last season and Fekir and Weigl this season. It wont be cheap, but these are players that will join bigger clubs than us if we dont take them early enough after they break out.

  12. Relieable Sauce


    Hypothetically speaking, if AFC were to use that strategy, who from the current ranks do you think would/should be retained?

    GK and CB would be needed asap,and will need to be purchased as we dont seem to produce any.
    Chambers, Bielik and Holding(?) are they what Wenger is pinning his hopes on???

    Bit depressing tbh.

  13. qna

    Reliable. Like you say its seriously too depressing to think about it. But I think things would change with a new modern energetic manager. It would still be a rebuild, but it probably would mean that we get more use out of certain players that we would currently write off. Look at the rebuild jobs handed to Klopp, and now to Pep and Mourinho. Its going to be pretty similar for our next manager. But I think that if the new manager at least had these young guns his job would be more about updating thinking and strategy to the current day rather than having to completely rebuild the squad from scratch as well.

  14. Ughelligunner

    Vardy has everything to gain by coming to arsenal, and everything to lose staying at Leicester. Whether Wenger get the best out of him or not, its left for him to stake his place as an Arsenal forward and lay claim to the starting line up for England. Rejecting Arsenal would mean, staying loyal to the Leicester faithful (wonder how loyal he was to Fleetwood), but he would be accuse of refusing to move up the ladder of success with the only chance he had, and also he would make pundits who say he cannot play into Arsenal style be happy, that they were right and that he only plays the Leicester way. Great players are known for their flexibility among different systems. Also, if Leicester goes down next season or next, his name would go with them. Nobody remembers the winner of a trophy for only one particular year, you have to constantly be in the game to be recognised, remembered and respected. Porto won the Champions league, but nobody is talking about them anymore, but people still talk about the Milan teams, Psg, Madrid, Barca, Man utd, Bayern, Juventus. Etc

  15. Ishola70

    Love that quote from the canny Irish bar owner in Marseille from that Independent article.

    It’s not the English fans fault and it’s not the locals fault either.

    He wants the continuing custom of England fans while they are still in Marseille and he doesn’t want his pub burned down by locals after the show has left town.

    Canny lad.

  16. Red&White4life

    “Anyone know how Germany are going to line up? I haven’t seen them recently and I have no idea who is out injured.”

    They have many injuries, probably the team which is the most hurt among the favotites. And they are already without Hummels and Reus…

  17. S Asoa

    Arsenal never won the Champions League for 20 years , close to a generation. Never progressed beyond the initial 16 for 6 years running. So by recent memory AFC are forgettable ?
    Only thing to always rankle would be Arsene Wenger who refuses to go away even when totally detested – all for the love of £8.5million. Mercenary .

  18. vicky

    Parlour, who won nine major trophies at Arsenal, claims that the Leicester striker changed his mind on the move when with the international set up.

    “It looks like it isn’t happening now,” Parlour told talkSPORT

    “I was at the Arsenal the other day and there were big reports flying around, and the club’s cameramen and digital staff had to get down to the training ground.

    “So it looked like it was going to happen – there was a medical being done.

    “But it seems Vardy thought about it while on England duty, and suddenly there was a U-turn.”

  19. Bamford10

    Still waiting for someone to show us the starting German XI. I need to decide who is going to win this tourney. 😉

  20. Joe


    People don’t remember one yea Trophy winneRs?

    It’s one of the best sporting stories in historr you muppet.

    It was talked about , analysed all over the world. No one will forget about the time Leicester won the league.

    Vardy is losing nothing by staying at Leicester city.

    What if he leads them to the round of 16 next season??

    You talk so much shit

  21. Wallace

    Howedes – Boateng – Hummels – Hector
    Khedira – Kroos
    Draxler – Ozil – Goetze

    Boateng & Hummels are doubts for the first game, and not sure about the wide players, but that can’t be far off…

  22. STV


    May be this way


    Boateng Howdes Hummels/Mustafi Jonas Hector

    ________-_____Khedira Kroos____________________-

    _______Ozil __________Muller ______ Draxler/Gotze


    Still a pretty strong line up I think. esp, the Kroos Khedira Muller midfield

  23. Wallace

    doubt all three will get a lot of game time, but would love to see how Weigl, Draxler, & Sane handle the big stage.

  24. WengerEagle

    Ballague just wrote 10 mins ago that he’s not being sent home and that a court case is on the way.

    Still is not exactly ideal for the Spanish preparations.

  25. Bamford10

    Wallace & STV

    Thanks, gents. I like everyone in that XI aside from Ozil. Think my money will be on Germany, but I need to give it a little more thought.

  26. Rhys Jaggar


    ‘Being loyal to Fleetwood’ is about as nonsensical as it comes. How much would he get paid there? Less in a year than he now gets at Leicester in a week.

    Now he has the choice between £60k a week at Leicester (maybe more if they reward him for his loyalty) or £120k at Arsenal. For someone like Vardy who spent years in amateur non-league football working in factories, £60k a week for 4 years is a pension. I”m telling you now: £60k a week in Leicester is more money than £120k a week in London, once house prices are taken into consideration. So it’s not a pay rise in real terms. It’s probably pretty level. Remember Arshavin was worse off coming to London….

    If he comes to Arsenal, it’s because Arsenal think he can add value to their team, not signing him to weaken Leicester and make him kiss Giroud’s ass. You don’t buy a 29 year old to ‘develop his talent’. You either buy a 29 year old to play to their strengths or you don’t buy them at all. Wenger has to be clear about that. So Vardy must be sure Arsenal can play to his strengths. Or if they want him to develop wing play, he needs to be darn sure he gets incisive coaching from day 1 to ensure he can do a good job within 6 months of a 4 year contract.

    Let me tell you why he might remain loyal to Leicester: he was a bit of a Ray Parlour/Tony Adams where the booze was concerned and they didn’t fire him, they stayed loyal to him.

    One way to be certain not to make the signing is to make out how superior Arsenal are to Leicester and how Vardy’s career will be useless unless he joins. You make yourselves out to be lying bullying ignorant pricks of the first order.

    I’ve yet to know any sane person who signs freely for a bunch of lying, bullying, ignorant pricks. In football or any other sphere of business.

    Now if you can make a case of how much Arsenal will benefit from signing Vardy, how well Vardy will fit into Arsenal and how the team will be set up when he plays to ensure he scores as many goals for Arsenal as he has for Leicester, then you have the basis of a serious offer.

    But until you do, you’re an abusive husband expecting his wife to suck his dick after calling her a fat slag.

    Aren’t you??

  27. Bamford10

    No one here will like this, but I’d leave Ozil out and go with this:

    Howedes – Boateng – Hummels – Hector
    Khedira – Kroos
    Bellarabi – Goetze – Draxler

    Let Goetze be the #10, have lots of pace, movement, energy and dribbling up front.

    Leave “Sleepy” on the bench.

  28. WengerEagle

    ‘But until you do, you’re an abusive husband expecting his wife to suck his dick after calling her a fat slag.Aren’t you??’


    Gotta love Rhys.

  29. Bamford10


    Jut because one is a fan of a club does not mean one has to love each and every player at that club or prefer each and every player at the club to his counterparts elsewhere.

    This is an obvious truism but you have difficulty with it — except where you don’t (as I’m sure there are Arsenal players you don’t rate or like less that their counterparts elsewhere).

  30. WengerEagle

    Bellerabi is ideal in matches where they are playing teams that will press higher up the pitch, so in the big matches against France, Spain, etc I’d play him wide right every time. Lightening quick and he’s a supremely gifted dribbler, good crosser of the ball too.

    In matches where the opposition will sit very deep and invite them on your Gotze’s/Draxler’s are much better suited than Bellerabi, not the cleverest baller and lacks the guile and vision of the other two.

  31. WengerEagle


    I’d still play Ozil in my line-up but I can see where Bamford is coming from.

    It’s not exactly like Gotze is a big downgrade. Top notch player that IMO would thrive in the 10 role with the freedom afforded to Ozil.

  32. Ishola70

    The Austrians always let down don’t they but I see some on here have them as going far in the competition.

    I’d go with Spain. France next best.

    Khedira? Still going is he? Best the Germans can do? Yesterdays man.

    As for England’s first match Woy has to get his team to be direct and put in balls behind. No trying to play nice pretty football. Russia will have a chance if Woy is stupid enough to play many passes build-up play. Russians have always been better technically than English players and still are. Their massive weakness though is their defence. Old slow players. Get the ball in behind with quick delivery and England can score a few goals. I’d start Vardy ahead of Kane for the Russian match. Think he would cause the old slow Russian defenders plenty of problems.

  33. Ishola70

    Whatever happens in the England-Russia game just remember that the Russians love their children too as Sting once told us.

  34. WengerEagle

    Like a lot of other teams, I’d worry about Austria scoring goals.

    They have a world class player in Alaba and decent players in Dragovic, Arantautovic, Fuchs and Junuzovic but they lack a quality goalscorer.

    Don’t rate Janko.

  35. Goondawg

    No wonder the news yesterday were all about how Madrid wants nothing to do with De Gea now, they probably knew about this.

  36. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone has their favourite player(s). Gotze definitely isn’t a big downgrade. Germany have such a vast array of attacking midfielders. Shame about the strikers.

  37. Louis Almeida

    I’d also agree that Khedira is a bit washed up now. And he was never good enough on the ball to start with. If you want someone more dynamic bring in Emre Can, although he’s been playing RB for the NT. Shame Gundogan isn’t fit. I can imagine him and Kroos working very well.

  38. WengerEagle

    I don’t know what it is about him but I don’t really like Emre Can.

    Bit of a jack of all trades, decent at most things but not exceptional at anything.

    Reminds me of Milner.

  39. Louis Almeida

    Wow I’m shocked, I rate Emre Can very high. Strong tall physical player that drives forward very well with the ball and has a cannon shot. Considering his age I think he’ll grow well. Klopp loves him.

  40. WengerEagle


    I could well be very wrong on him but nothing about his game particularly excites me.

    He will probably go on to be a very good player and possibly even a Germany NT mainstay, just don’t think that he’ll ever be elite like the likes of Pogba, Verratti, Thiago, Casemiro, Saul Niguez, etc.

  41. Relieable Sauce


    They are reported to be trying to offload Isco to Juve as part of a deal to get Pogba.
    Might be a bit tricky now this news has broken.

    Benzema possibly off as well…

  42. Louis Almeida

    The Xhaka deal almost seems to have been forgotten about. But it’s a great signing in a necessary position. We need to reinforce more though. Hopefully we can do it.

  43. champagne charlie


    Your Ozil bias is becoming petulant now. Drop him for Gotze? The same Gotze who was a non-event this season and is about to be sold vs our best player for the year?

    As alluded to you don’t have to rate players of the team you support in the manner some do, but it would help legitimise your opinions when you don’t come out with utter nonsense like that.

  44. Do one gambon

    We should buy mahrez and kante. Then tell vardy to go fuck himself and watch his career and team nosedive into oblivion.

    We could use both players anyway so its a win win with additional win of fucking vardy for fucking us.

    Then his money grabber used up wife will leave him and take what’s left.

  45. Ishola70

    Philip Harmeling accredited AIPS Journalist Fußball-Football has tweeted that Watzke and Tuchel have confirmed that Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan are going absolutely nowhere. Will play at Dortmund next season. Don’t know how credible Herr Harmeling is.

    In other news Moechengladbach have signed Vestergaard from Bremen. Good signing for them. Had a good season for Bremen and Red Bull want to extend their footballing empire by gobbling up Udinese. Offer is on the table for the Pozzo family.

  46. Rambo Ramsey

    “I’d take Benz in a heartbeat, sorry Valbuena. We need another c**t, Xhaka was a great start. Finally eradicate our son-in-law tag once and for all.”

    you seem to have mixed up the word c**t with criminal.

  47. Rambo Ramsey

    “Your Ozil bias is becoming petulant now. Drop him for Gotze? The same Gotze who was a non-event this season and is about to be sold vs our best player for the year?”

    its quite embarrassing innit. how many times has Ozil swept up the German POTY again?

  48. Conner Peden

    Vicky I’m not sure we’re you’ve got your belief that rambo is better then elneny when his only played about 5 games since joining us. If you watch games he as played his all over the park collecting intersecting and passing the ball. Unlike rambo who runs at players only to lose the ball before the vital pass. So good idea is to wait an whole season before making such shit responses to the questions about who’s the better player aye

  49. Uwot

    Do one gambon-spot on.would piss myself laughing at vardy so reaction to that.perfect.except the ditherer will dither zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  50. Thom

    I really don’t think the Vardy deal is as dead as is being reported…
    Leicester sniffing around Berahino apparently, but even if not, if Watford have dropped a bid surely that implies Deeney is going elsewhere – and who else have been linked with him?
    And I don’t think Arsenal would have been too gung-ho with the bid and the news being released if they weren’t pretty sure it’s happening.
    And where is this ‘80% staying’ ACTUALLY coming from?

  51. STV

    “But until you do, you’re an abusive husband expecting his wife to suck his dick after calling her a fat slag.

    Aren’t you??”

    Man! that was really funny.. also true, in a way.

  52. Rambo Ramsey

    after all the initial excitement of Xhaka its gone a bit quite on the transfer front. man I hope this isn’t gonna be a repeat of last summer with the solitary signing. how depressing would that be!

  53. STV

    I mean, some people thinks Arsenal have a divine right to attract top players that if they dont come, they’d have made the wrong choice.

    Utter bollocks..

  54. Do one gambon

    Maybe Leicester only want deeney or berahino to strengthen their team… They, as everyone has extra cash to burn and are in the champions league next season after all.

    I don’t think them bidding for them means vatdys definitely coming to us.

    It can be read either way

  55. champagne charlie


    “I mean, some people thinks Arsenal have a divine right to attract top players that if they dont come, they’d have made the wrong choice.”

    If this is related to Vardy I think it’s a more than fair assertion he’s making the wrong choice. Romantic nonsense aside, he would be financially better off at Arsenal, garner more prestige, look to achieve more feats on wider fronts, and experience true top level football. By contrast he’s not achieving anything he’s already done at Leicester again, so how is it anything but a foolish move to stay?

  56. Do one gambon


    It’d not about whether its the wrong choice or not.

    He either wants to come or he don’t, instead he’s keeping us in limbo and Leicester too really. What if whilst prince vardy is deliberating over his decision our alternative targets (if we have any, lol) are snapped up by other clubs?

    Longer it goes on, if he stays its harder for us to get innsoneone else.

  57. Leedsgunner

    “We should buy mahrez and kante. Then tell vardy to go fuck himself and watch his career and team nosedive into oblivion.”

    A little petty and vindictive, but effective.

    If he complains tell him we’ll get back to him in a month… 🙂

  58. Leedsgunner

    If Vardy wanted to show true loyalty to Leicester he should have told us to go away when the approach was first made.

    No, he waited to see how good the deal was, and then used that deal to get a new one from Leicester EVEN though he had signed a new contract in February.

    A true loyal club wouldn’t need to do that would they?

    He’s a glorified mercenary, nothing more and nothing less.

    In acting the way he has disrespected two clubs and not just one.

  59. STV

    champagne charlie

    True, but there’s another side of that argument,

    First up all I think Vardy is not the footballer that Arsenal needs. I am not making a case for him but..

    Its safe to say he will not be the first choice under Wenger and almost never repeat the feat he achieved last season.

    The contract offered is not the drastic improvement to one he is currently in

    His direct style of play may not be as effective at Arsenal. At 29 there’s not enough time to adapt and consolidate his position in this team.

    Some how I think he played his best and his career could only can go downwards once he joined Arsenal. whereas its will not be a worry if he stayed at Leicester as hes already a legendary figure there.

    My original point was Arsenal needs to attract top players with its success on the field, with the right people operating , with proper offers and proper commitment. Look at the way they handled Vardy situation still did’nt pull out of it nor actively pursuing other strikers. Proper ineptitude

  60. STV

    Do one gambon

    Agree with you completely. If Wenger have balls He should tell him to f**k off.. and should be seriously (very) looking for top strikers elsewhere.

  61. Bamford10

    As good as a number of the French players are, I think the Germans are still going to be too strong. My money is on Germany.

    Will be interesting to see how the French look today, but I don’t see a lot of chemistry in the midfield and attack of that XI. Pieces and parts that don’t totally fit together that well, IMO.

    We will see.

  62. Bamford10

    To whomever above was saying I am silly to prefer Goetze as the #10 to Ozil, I’d just like to say that I’m fairly confident Goetze will have a better tourney than Ozil. I could be wrong, but I think he is going to make more of an impression and have more of an impact than Ozil.

    We will see.

  63. karim


    Not gonna argue with Germany’s status obviously.

    But midfield and attack are supposed to be France’s strongest points.
    More worried about the defence personally.

  64. Bamford10

    How could a person — certain folks here — not love international football? This is fabulous.

    Giroud is pointless, btw. I’d play Martial or Gignac — and not just because I have a wager riding on it.

  65. Bamford10


    I agree that the French defense is its weakness, but my point is that, as assembled, the French midfield has more talent than chemistry. IMO.

    They need to get rid of Giroud also.

  66. Bamford10

    15 minutes in and Giroud has done nothing but put a header wide of the frame. Literally no other contribution.

  67. Joe

    Lost all respect for giroud after he cupped his hands to the supporters two weeks in a row at the end of the season.

    Including the away supporters

    Ungrateful prick. After he doesn’t score for 15 matches he has the balls to do that

    Fok giroud

  68. Bamford10

    Kante, Payet & Griezmann all playing well. Giroud ineffectual. Pogba a mixed bag: a couple of really nice things, a couple of iffy things. Matuidi was decent but maybe a little invisible.

    0-0, end of 1st half.