Wenger lack of winning impacting our appeal? | Transfer round-up from Europe

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So still no movement on the Vardy story. Apparently he wants to wait a month until he has a better offer, or he has a blinder at the Euro’s so he can demand more money.

Part of me thinks this is fair play, part of me thinks this is a pretty sad indictment on the Arsene Wenger regime. Think about what is going on here… Jamie Vardy, one season wonder, is telling us to STFU and wait. I mean, that’s like being told you need to go home and put on a suit jacket before you can place an order at the local chippy.

I think it does level back down to conversations we’ve had over the last few years. Arsene Wenger, regardless of all the good will he created in the early years, is no longer a manager that appeals to players who have options.

He’s not a winner. He doesn’t set up with teams that demonstrate the mentality or skillset to do damage to major competitions, and players understand this. If you want to win the Champions League, Wenger hasn’t really shown he has the pedigree to prevail there. If you want to win the Premier League, and you look at the managers that have just landed, you’d be hard pushed to say Wenger is going to offer you a crack at winning.

This Vardy thing maybe an isolated incident, but it’s a reality… Wenger isn’t the pull he used to be. This whole scenario is embarrassing, but look, we have to move on from it. It’s perfectly acceptable to tell Mr Vardy we’ll wait, but in the meantime, let’s go all out to make something bigger and better happen.

Man City and United are going hard for Auba as their marquee signing…

United are apparently also going to open the bidding for Griezmann…

Morata is likely available at 40m…

Lukaku could be available at 40m…

Mauro Icardi will be available because Inter are skint…

Jackson Martinez might be worth a punt after bombing last season…

Chicarito knows where the net is…

Sturridge is pretty damn good…

Sporting striker Slimani might be worth a punt after scoring 31 in 46 this season…

Look, I don’t know the answer, but the scouting network didn’t exactly do a magnificent job of identifying Jamie Vardy as an opportunity. He’s the most basic signing we could make. Effective, sure, but kind of obvious? Who else are the data guys at Arsenal throwing out this summer?


So lots of worried Arsenal fans panicking over Manchester City and their flirtations with Auba.

‘What does this mean for Mikki?’

Well, I think it means the same as it did before Auba came up. Firstly, I think the Gabon striker is more interested in Madrid, even if Madrid are more interested in Lewa. Anyway, it’s been clear to everyone since the turn of the year that Pep was going to City. In fact, City have already negotiated a deal with Dortmund for Gundogan, so I’m struggling to see why they didn’t try and do a deal at the same time for Auba? Surely you don’t just realise you like their striker as well?

Secondly, City moving for a player who seems to be fairly happy where he is doesn’t change the issue with Mikki. He wants Arsenal, he doesn’t want to sign a new deal and if they force him to stay, they’ll lose out on £25m. Ideally, they’d sell the Armenian to us this season, then replace Auba next year. Rather than sell all their players this summer.

Thing with Auba is Dortmund don’t need to sell him. They need to sell their wideman.

In other news, counter to my earlier comment on Griezmann, he’s signed a new deal with a £100m buyout clause. Conte wants Morata to join him at Chelsea. Madrid are interested in De Gea, Pogba and Lewa. Also, Kovacic might be a bargain buy as he considers moving out of Madrid.

Finally, I watched USA USA USA in a bar last night. Amazing how badly Fox have f*cked the marketing of the Copa America. The Chicago stadium was half empty, people in the bars seemed to have little clue what was going on… I mean, considering how hard America can hype a hybrid doughnut / croissant, I’m amazed at how badly they’ve done with a brilliant tournament.


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  1. STV

    WE what do you feel about his international games then? 8 goals in 10 games for U21s and 3 in 5 senior apps. and the current Dutch team didnt even qualify for the Euros.

    I call it as I see it. Janssen looks like a very good young player. May be not so much in the future. But hes far from a finished product and I wouldnt have him at Arsenal untill he proved his worth in a better league or consistent basis.

    Martial is a good player but the hype surrounding him doesnt do justice to his actual level of play imo. May he he’ll go on to be a world beater but he not one currently. Far from it.

  2. WengerEagle


    5 games is way too small of a sample size to go off of and u21’s doesn’t count for much IMO.

    Adrian Lopez looked a beast at u21 level, so did Sweden’s Berg.

    ‘I call it as I see it. Janssen looks like a very good young player. May be not so much in the future. But hes far from a finished product and I wouldnt have him at Arsenal untill he proved his worth in a better league or consistent basis.’

    Yeah that’s fair. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. Marko

    What do you mean Louis? Also I get the trepidation from WE about players from the Dutch league but they’re not all gonna turn out shit and someone’s gonna take a chance on the likes of Zivchovic or Bazoer or Milik or Janssen or Kongolo, or Van Der Berg and end up with a good signing. Cillissen though is fucking shite