Vardy, there’s nothing to decide | Dortmund eyeing Mkhitaryan replacement

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Rumours hot off the press suggest Jamie Vardy is having second thoughts about his move to Arsenal this summer. He’s reportedly going to decide today.

Now, I don’t want to go all elitist here, but I’m going to. When you look back on your career, winning a Premier League sure is an ace thing to tell the kids. Going from non-league to Premier League champion is almost beyond the pale. But, at 29 years old, what makes that story better is saying you moved to Arsenal, played with world cup winners, in front of 60,000 fans every week and maybe led them to their first title in their new stadium.

Imagine, you’re Jamie Vardy and you look at the Arsenal side and see that it’s missing a beastly striker who can finish the dinner it’s generously being provided by Mesut Ozil. How could you turn that down? 3 year deal, £120,000 a week and a dream move to North London where you can eat rotisserie sutton hoo chicken and crispy shallots at Le Coq every damn day.

I’d be very surprised if firstly, the deal wasn’t already agreed. Arsenal and Ivan wouldn’t go live with this story if they weren’t sure, especially after the humiliating £40m + £1 deal with Liverpool. Secondly, it just doesn’t make sense to stay at Leicester at 29 years old.

Anyway, crazier things have happened, but I reckon we’ve done our due diligence here.

Next up, lots of people asking about Henrikh Mkhitaryan who I’m pretty sure is next on our hit list. He has one year left on his deal, he wants a piece of Arsenal and Arsenal are in with a big bid. Dortmund are digging their 6 inch stilettoss in, because they’ve already lost Hummels to Bayern and Gundogan to Manchester City. They also have the cloud of Madrid hovering over Auba. However, I struggle to see them making another stand like they did with Lewandowski. Their CEO has already mentioned in the press they can’t yet compete with Bayern for fees, so you’d be hard pushed to imagine they’ll be able to say goodbye to £25m that could go into signing someone who actually wants to be at the club.

We’ll see how this pans out, I’d imagine they’ll try and whip up interest from other clubs before they let us have him, but if he wants London, German’s and #VardyParties erry damn day, he’ll make it happen. He’s a monster of a player, hard working, aggressive and extremely productive (19 goals / 24 assists last season). I feel like he’s a secret elite player, he’s Armenian, so not exactly trendy… in the same way Lewa took a while to be mentioned in the same trendy breath as Aguerro.

Anyway, it’s being mooted that Dortmund are looking for replacements already with Saponara being mentioned.

Exciting times.

I guess we’ll then be looking at centre backs to help us out. I have no idea where we’re looking here, but I don’t understand why we never venture into Italy. Tactically smart players who work in leagues that pride themselves on defence. Koulibaly looks like the sort of player we might be interested in. Benatia at Bayern would make sense if he weren’t always injured. Maybe we could look closer to home?

I think the rest of the summers signings will be dictated by those that leave. Chamberlain, Joel Campbell, Gibbs and Ospina will all likely move on in search of first-team football. I think Theo will stay unless someone loses their mind… even West Ham have ruled themselves out.

Anyway, the summer so far would be:

Vardy 20m

Mikki 25m

Xhaka 25m

Centre Back 20m

Near enough Wenger’s first £100m summer. A pretty big statement. But what he’ll have done is excite the fanbase, excite the players and likely bought himself another 2 year deal if he does something exciting in the league.

I still have doubts about our ability to out think the best. Hopefully the club are aware that you need to be smarter and you need to have more ways of playing. Next year, we won’t be able to plan against City, because they’ll have 8 different ways of playing that they’ll change in-game. We need a counter for that. We need to make use of all the players.

But look, the basics are, great players, great system… if we had that this season, we’d be Premier League winners.

One step at a time… but so far, Ivan and Wenger and doing great.

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  1. sam

    Even Madrid mob want Vardy to reject Arsenal
    So they can twist Wenger’s arm to pay up £40M for Morata

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    ” Giroud scored more goals in competitive games than Vardy although the latter scored more in EPL. However, the difference is very small when you discount penalties.”

    Not this again. why do you discount penalties? as far as I remember, every penalty Vardy converted were won by him- using his speed and trickery. having a slow,limited striker in Giroud is one of the main reasons why Arsenal were near bottom in list of penalties received by PL clubs.

  3. Ishola70

    Janssen is a very conservative suggestion and underwhelming.

    Sorry but scoring goals in Eredivisie doesn’t mean a lot.

    Youth players on loan at Dutch clubs from bigger overseas sides still learning their trade have scored plenty of goals in Eredivisie.

  4. gonsterous

    I personally wouldn’t pay 50 mill for morata. Kid isn’t worth that much yet !! Maybe see if iwobi comes good first. Giroud, welbz, vardy, iwobi is a pretty decent team. I would have loved to see giroud get sold and higuian come in, but I will be happy with the striking line if we sort out our other problems. For once in a couple of years I feel we can finally do something good. Not going to be buying a season ticket though ( as if I own a season ticket or live on the island )

  5. bishop

    I want Vardy
    but I dont want this bullshit coming through.

    What do you really have to think about when the ARSENAL come for yot..

    shows 2 things — A club like Leicester city can now offer 100k/week
    We/Wenger might/doesnt have that huge pull like before

  6. qna

    Notice how it is only Okazaki who is making positive statements about Vardy leaving?

    The Jap finally gets his chance to tell Vardy to “Walk On”?

  7. Red&White4life

    Zlatan to sign at manure… for just one season ??
    WTF ?? Does he really believe that he will win the PL the next season ?? lol

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Rambo Ramsey

    Leicester were given 12 penalties in EPL last season and from memory we were allocated just two.

    I think that Arsenal should have had more, but that was down to referees and not Giroud’s shortcomings.

    In last two seasons there has been a general decline in goalscoring in EPL.
    Chelsea won league title in 2014/5 with 71 goals and last season Leicester won
    it with just 68 goals including scoring 11 penalties!

    Arsenal scored just 65 goals [incl 1 penalty scored] in EPL [down from 71 goals in previous season]. However, Giroud scored more goals last season than previously despite his dry spell.

    Our shortcomings were down to Sanchez scoring fewer and goalscoring limitations in our midfield and other flank.

    If Vardy were to replace Giroud in starting lineup I am doubtful that he will
    increase our goalscoring potential from striker position.

    What we need is to increase our goalscoring from wings and midfield and aim
    for 75 goals next season.

  9. Louis Almeida

    Vardy scored in a team that averaged such low possession and low success pass completion. Giroud had Ozil behind him who created 140+ chances and Giroud was the main striker most of the season so to score only 16 PL despite playing ALL 38 games is a terrible return. I’m convinced Vardy could score more.

  10. N5

    L’Oreal went 10+ hours without scoring which I think is probably the worst record any striker playing at a top club has achieved. Factor into that whom he has behind him and how many chances he had created and it’s shocking to say the least.

    Scoring against the lesser clubs and the final day hat trick and his end of year tally really does flatter to deceive.

  11. qna

    Emirates – I agree with you that Vardy will not score more goals than Giroud. But ideally we buy a CF that will score more goals than Giroud. Aubamayang for example. But I agree with your point – if we can’t get those types of CFs then adding another mediocre CF to our list which already has Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott – is not the answer. People have short memories of how long we had to wait to get off our books guys like Bendtner, Chamack, Park, Podolski, Gervinho and so on. Lets not forget we still have Sonogo on our books.

    This also highlights perhaps an even bigger problem at Arsenal than our unwillingness to spend big money on good players. Our Recruiting is pound for pound THE WORST in world football. There have been plenty of opportunities for us to go and find strikers better than Giroud but we simply do not have the ability as a club to do it. It has been atrocious. After Adebayor and RVP, we have missed every decent CF on the market, at every stage of their development.

  12. Ishola70

    “Zlatan to sign at manure… for just one season ??
    WTF ?? Does he really believe that he will win the PL the next season ?? lol”

    However shite Man United have been recently compared to the past the EPL is up for grabs again next season. Just ask Leicester season just gone.

    Who are Man United’s competitors for the title?

    Leicester – Everyone says they best enjoy their time in the limelight because it ain’t gonna happen again.

    Arsenal – A club that have trodden the same water over and over again for what seems like eternity and have a board and manager that do not push for an EPL title. More interested in money profit. Will always be one club that finishes above Arsenal while the current set-up is still in place.

    Spurs – Improving but Spurs are Spurs as they proved yet again at the end of the season fluffing their lines near the end.

    Man City – A club that needs a big overhaul. However good the manager is will probably need time .

    Liverpool – Klopp factor or not plenty for them to do to be able to win the EPL.

    Chelsea – Melt down last season. Need to re-build with a new manager.

    Several of those clubs mentioned could win it. Others mentioned will not win it but the EPL doesn’t have a definite winner of the EPL next season.

  13. Leedsgunner

    Apparently the reason why Vardy is wavering is because Wenger has told himnot a guaranteed starter.

    The longer this drags on, the greater probability that he’s not coming. If it was up to me I would get him on the phone and ask for an answer by 12 noon today.

    We’re going to mocked mercilessly if he turns us down aren’t we?

  14. qna

    Ishola – Next season will be a three way race between the clubs of Manchester and Chelsea. With a different mindset, these same group of players of this season (with 100 to 150m of additions in each side) will be enough to take them well above the pack.

    The real question is will Spurs be able to build upon last season and move above us, or will they fall behind. If they can keep Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris I think that they are in a good position to overcome us. If they add Lacazette for example, as well as a good quality number 10 then they will be in excellent shape. I think we will know by the end of this year if we are going to be in the top 4 or not – I dont think January transfer additions to rectify this summers mistakes will be enough. If Spurs have a better summer than Arsenal then I think we have cause to worry.

    The other thing is if we do buy Mhiktarian ourself I think there is a very good chance that Ozil will be sold and if that happens I think we will finish outside the top 6.

  15. N5

    The Manchester clubs and Chelsea have new managers which will require adjustment time. Two of those managers have never managed in the premiership. I think next year is anyone’s once again.

    So expect us to come 2nd or 3rd 😀

  16. Ishola70

    “Next season will be a three way race between the clubs of Manchester and Chelsea”

    Was thinking along those lines as well. The more powerful stronger clubs of past recent seasons to sort themselves out a bit. Arsenal in there at some stage perhaps only to flatter to deceive again. Perhaps one of the three clubs mentioned the two Manchester’s and Chelsea to disappoint again for their aims. There is usually a story of this kind in EPL.

  17. qna

    N5. You mean as opposed to a manager with 20 years experience that couldnt win a PL if it was handed to him on a silver platter. These managers are working with seasoned PL players. Yes, its true that if one manager had a season with his players more than the other two, it may provide an advantage. But between the three teams, it is anybody’s to win.

  18. Black Hei

    “Recruiting is pound for pound THE WORST in world football”

    I think there is a joke hidden in this phrase somewhere that has something to do with Arsenal not qualifying because we don’t spend any pounds in the first place.

  19. Black Hei

    Anyway back to reality.

    If we miss out on Vardy, it is going to bite us. As mentioned yesterday, we have 2 non-HG slots open for 3 positions, CB, Striker and Wide Mid.

    It also means that unless we forgo one of the 3 above, we are not going to get Kante in since we will still exceed our non-HG quota despite selling Campbell.

  20. qna

    Inshola – yes. All this talk of the EPL being a new open league where anybody can win is complete rubbish. The reason I say this is because this years Champions didnt play especially well. They just played with a mental strength that was strong enough to get them over the line. They rode their luck with plenty of 1-0s with fortunate refereeing decisions and penalties. That happened to Arsenal as well. It was the invincible season and we havent won the league for a dozen years since.

    The league will be tougher next year than ever – West Hams, Spurs and others will take some big scalps. But a tactically astute manager with technically superior players should be able to navigate that. These older managers like Wenger, LVG and Pellegrini just lack the edge that this younger generation now have. Not to say they dont have their uses – look at what Ranieri did. But if you put Raneiri in charge of City, United or Chelsea – he wouldnt be able to deliver what he did. He had LC players that were jumping on grenades for him – and they managed to keep it up for a full season. Its a different ball game to manage prima donnas.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be honest for a change.

    There is a dearth of top quality strikers around Europe at the moment.

    When I look at EPL there are only 3 strikers that I would be personally interested and they are unavailable. These are Aguero, Kane and Martial. Martial has yet to fulfil his potential but is clearly a major talent.

    All the other strikers are as far as I am concerned mediocre and in some cases
    either same standard or only marginally better than Giroud. For me that includes Vardy.

    Looking around Europe the same is the case. Yes there are players like the
    forwards at Barcelona and Real Madrid, but they are not for sale.

    When such a situation exists you have two choices.

    1. You go out and buy a striker to cover or compete with Giroud or
    2. You go out and buy proven world class players in other positions who can
    add to your goalscoring potential.

    When it comes to first option I would rather spend my money on a player like
    Janssen who may not be pretty, but is a “proven” goalscorer and at 21 has room
    for improvement.

    Otherwise I agree with some of other posters and look at players like Griezmann, Mihitaryan or even Mahrez who are world class AND can add another
    10-15 goals to our team in the positions they play.

  22. Black Hei


    I won’t say Vardy is better than Giroud as players exist in a system, not as individuals.

    But Vardy will suit us better since he stretches defence like Walcott before his injury. Well, I think he is staying on at Leceister, which I am ok with as long as we sign Morata.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Black Hei

    He may or may not suit us better.

    What I do know is that if Vardy comes to Arsenal we would/should not be guaranteeing him a starting place.

    As far as I am concerned there is little difference between him and Giroud
    when it comes to goal scoring and “FUTURE” potential.

  24. qna

    Emirates – I agree with your list of three. But I dont agree with you on Janssen. I also dont know how you can come to the conclusion that Janssen is better than all of the other strikers in the PL (other than the three that I agree with you on). I think you are mixing categories here. Jansenn is in the category of “one for the future” that we buy now before his price inflates to a price where we cannot afford him. You may or may not be right about that – nobody can actually say that at this point in time. But he will not contribute enough goals next season to be a Giroud replacement and so even if you do buy Janssen you still have to resolve the goal scoring problem.

    Your second point – I agree with this entirely. Ultimatley we need to build a team of 11 of the best possible players and have as good cover in the squad as possible for these. Now if we cant add an Auba, then I agree entirely if the choice is between Vardy and “Griezmann, Mihitaryan or even Mahrez”, then absolutely. I would add that Greizmann is streaks ahead of the other two and I would put him in the category of genuine A-grader of which we currently have only Ozil and Sanchez. In fact Greizmann is to me as ungettable and unlikely as Aubamayang and Co.

  25. Ishola70

    Hectors Dust:
    “Didn’t do any harm for Romario, Ronaldo, Bergkamp and RVN did it?”

    You missed out Suarez as well.

    The Eredivisie has got worse in terms of quality as a whole for several seasons now. As mentioned before which you didn’t quote is that Eredivisie has become a playground for youth players to cut their teeth on from bigger overseas clubs on loan. Many of these youth players are seen as some of the better players in the league despite them still learning their trade.

    Apart from the league itself those players you mentioned and the omitted Suarez had star quality about them which is the more pertinent point . Janssen doesn’t have star quality.

    If you want to sign a player that doesn’t have star quality from a weak league then that seems a bit strange.

  26. Emiratesstroller


    The point I am making about Janssen is that he is 21 and a “goalscorer”. He will
    also cost less than most EPL strikers both in transfer fee and wages.

    Sometimes you have to accept that rather like ‘master paintings’ or ‘rare stamps’ you cannot fill a particular position.

    If that situation arises then perhaps you look for a different solution such as
    recruiting a world class winger or midfielder who can score double digit goals.

  27. gonsterous

    Everyone here talking about systems. But how exactly is giroud fitting in the system at the moment . He would be more suited to play for stoke than for us. Sanchez doesn’t like passing to him. Ozil hates that he s so slow and can’t finish no matter how much ozil creates for him. Does the occasional flick and shows us his tongue when he misses another chance. It’s been a nightmare having him in the club !! And then there’s his ego..

  28. N5

    qna, I don’t think Wenger could win it if only he was in the league alone but I’m not really sure why you mentioned Wenger when I said about the three clubs you chose to win the league? I don’t for a minute think we’d win it.

  29. Leedsgunner

    For those of you counting out Vardy, just for a moment consider this… when Giroud came to us from Montpellier he did what Vardy did for Montpellier. In 2011-12 in 36 games he scored 21 goals in 36 games (leading scorer for Ligue 1 for that season I believe) and took an unfashionable team to the title… although he was few years younger then than Vardy is now.

    For the money we paid for him he has been excellent value. Having said that that title winning season in Ligue 1 made Giroud look better than he really is.

    Now, Vardy is a natural finisher… someone we don’t have at the moment and I would still welcome him in if he wanted to come BUT could it be that there’s a lesson here to learn?

    Is last year making Vardy look better than he really is?

  30. Red&White4life

    “If we miss out on Vardy, it is going to bite us.”

    No problemo, as Arsenal fans, we are vaccinated since a while…

    And it’s not like if it was Suarez lol

  31. Ishola70

    Some stats from The Telegraph today re: Vardy and Arsenal.

    Chance conversion rates: Vardy had a chance conversion rate of 25.8%. season just gone. Equal to that of Aguero, better than Kane.

    Arsenal goalscorers chance conversion rates in comparison to Vardy:

    Welbeck – 25%
    Giroud – 20%
    Sanchez – 18.3%
    Walcott – 13.5%

    Arsenal missed more goalscoring chances that the football statisticians termed “clear cut” than any other team in the EPL 2015/16. 69 the number. Higher than any other club.

  32. Leedsgunner

    I really hope that Wenger doesn’t allow this Vardy episode turn into another saga. Having given the strong impression that he wanted to wrap this up before EURO 2016, the noises coming out of the club is now that we are willing to wait.

    If we are waiting on Aubumeyang or Griezemann I could understand but Vardy!?!? Why the change? It just invites people to not take our club seriously. It makes us look weak…

    The Q is simple — does he want to come or not?! Give him a deadline, stick to it, if we get nothing, remove the offer and move on.

  33. ADKB

    Did someone say Vardy is only marginally better than Giroud? Really? Is there any comparison between a striker who didn’t score in 15 successive games and one who scored in 11 successive ones?

  34. Leedsgunner

    Chance conversion rates: Vardy had a chance conversion rate of 25.8%. season just gone. Equal to that of Aguero, better than Kane.

    plus combined that with Özil who created more scoring chances than anyone last year?

    We don’t need a world beater just someone better than Giroud.

  35. Leedsgunner

    Anyone know JV’s email address? He should listen to the words of Paul Parker who faced a similar situation in his career.

    “Jamie Vardy’s whole career has been about proving people wrong: the people who said he wasn’t good enough for professional football; the people who said Leicester City couldn’t win the league.

    If he doesn’t now try and prove wrong the people who say he isn’t the right fit for a huge club like Arsenal, I think he will regret it for the rest of his life. If in a parallel universe I had stayed at QPR in 1991 and was looking back at my career today, wondering what could have happened if I’d joined Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, it would be with a deep, deep sense of regret.

    Will Vardy want to look back on his own time in football and wonder what it could have been like to work with Arsene Wenger at Arsenal?”

    Times a-ticking Jamie… do you want to play for one of England’s top clubs or not?

  36. STV

    Jamie Vardy holding the club to ransom?!!!!1 What a joke!

    Mr Wenger get out and sign some quality players.. not some pig headed cheapos!!

  37. STV


    Vardy could still be a one season wonder (may be Mahrez too although hes much younger and more skilled). Id rather we sign Kante or Robert Huth from Leicester.

    I am ok with signing Mahrez but there are better players available in this window. Gotze Mkhitaryan and even James.

  38. Peter Benovsky

    Arsenal should not be worried. No one really understands what happened with Vardy and Arsenal. I’ll tell you – Vardy already signed his contract with Arsenal but is now going negotiations with his partner Mahrez… Wenger already specified the conditions with his agents. Vardy does not want his contract with Arsenal to be announced before Mahrez also sign with Arsenal. So go the rumors and intrigue, suspicion and assumptions. Bravo Mr.Wenger!!! With Mahrez, Vardy, Sanchez and Ozil you can win everything. Not to mention the midline – Cazorla, Xhaka, Coquelin and Elneny. It remains to buy two strong rock defenders as Kulibaly from Napoli and Murillo /Inter/ . This is the truth. Mr.Wenger, you are on the right track. Finally …