Vardy, Mkhitaryan and Ivan Gazidis

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I could love this bastard

I could love this bastard

Morning all, Alex here. Let me tell you how this post is going to work. After a highly rhetorical introduction, the first half is mainly whinging, which seems strange given current news. But I promise if you make it through this part I will talk about transfers. So bear with me.
These are strange days we are living in.

As things stand, Jamie Vardy – hot-headed Englishman, clinical, thuggish, brash and direct – is having his medical at the home of mellifluous, philosophical football.

According to many sources, Henrikh Mkhitaryan is next. He would be Arsenal’s third superstar signing of the summer window, and we are still eight full moons away from deadline day.

All very un-Arsenal but absolutely gorgeous.


I spent most of my Friday raging over Ivan Gazidis’s quotes in the Telegraph. A kaleidoscope of nonsense, Gazidis twisted himself into a Gordian knot explaining how Arsene Wenger was the right man to bring success to Arsenal while simultaneously wanting to understand why a club under the complete authority of its manager has not been successful to date.

He talked of progress. Yes we have won two FA cups which is fantastic, and we finished second last year. But peel back the banana skin and this claim looks very dubious.

Arsenal’s “progress” in PL over last 5 years:

• 11/12: 70 pts
• 12/13: 73 pts
• 13/14: 79 pts
• 14/15: 75 pts
• 15/16: 71 pts

Arsenal’s “progress” in CL over last 5 years:

• 11/12: Last 16
• 12/13: Last 16
• 13/14: Last 16
• 14/15: Last 16
• 15/16: Last 16

At the Q&A later on – the second part of his charm offensive – he praised Leicester City’s scouting, fitness, psychology, stability and continuity adding that there was a lot Arsenal could learn from them.

Didn’t Leicester sack their manager and take a gamble on a new one? There are many, many things we can learn from Leicester, but the idea that continuity brings success is not one of them.

His interview included lots of praise for Arsene Wenger.

“He has always put the long-term health of the club first. He wants to hand over a football club, whenever that it is, that is in great shape. He views that as a massively important part of his legacy. But we are just not in that mode. I know Arsène wouldn’t stay on if he thought the club wasn’t heading in a good direction and thought he wouldn’t be able to deliver what the fans want.”

With the greatest of respect Ivan, it’s not Arsene’s call to decide if the club is heading in the right direction or what his legacy will be, it’s yours.

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. At Arsenal, the chef is letting the Turkey vote for Christmas, prepare Boxing Day leftovers and plan the menus for Easter and Whitsuntide.

I used to be #GazidisIn but it sounds like he’s spent too much time with the inmates and I worry he is no longer the person to challenge the manager’s dominance. Until about 11.20am on Friday morning I had been planning my IMPEACH GAZIDIS campaign.


Then the Vardy bomb dropped.

From left of field and completely unexpected. The whole business will be concluded before anyone has had a chance to process it. His signing is so un-Arsenal like, most fans don’t know what to make of it. My initial concern was that he does not suit our style of play, at all. He comes across as a pretty unpleasant character, he’s 29, had one hot season and is somewhat short on technique.

However, there is no doubting his tenacity, finishing, pace and utter bastardry. Maybe we need to stop having players we like and sign some killers; people you’d be scared to leave with your grandma. Let’s pack the team full of them. I want to hate my team, I want the world to hate them as long as we start winning again. Anything to win.


The strong rumour is that copy editor’s nightmare, Mkhitaryan, is next. A technically proficient footballer, and Dortmund’s outstanding player last season he would be an excellent signing. While arriving to an area of the pitch where we are always overstocked with talent, this is the kind of aggressive transfer strategy many fans have been crying out for.


I don’t know who else is next but I’d say we need a defender. I’d be quite happy to never see Gibbs in an Arsenal shirt again but losing Chambers seems unfair, especially as Gabriel has spent most of the season playing like he’s been huffing raw ether every time the ball goes out for a throw.

So there’s the positivity folks. One very good signing completed. And two very good ones potentially on their way. Arsenal and Arsene have listened. If these three signings go through, I’m prepared to give him and Ivan one more season.

Sure my frontal lobe is screaming at me not to fall for this trick again and that Arsene Wenger could still orchestrate an end of season collapse with the 1995 AC Milan squad, but on the other hand, signings, lovely signings.

Like peanut butter smeared over a court summons or a hidden bonus track by Prince at the end of a Kaiser Chiefs’ album, signings dull the senses and get rid of the awful pain of being an Arsenal fan.

Let’s see how the next few days pan out.

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  1. Bamford10


    “This doesn’t mean that it is worthless.”

    I never said it was; indeed I explicitly said the opposite. My point was only that I don’t believe it makes up for ten years of failure. And I believe many here agree with that.

    That is all.

  2. vicky

    By the way, more players have snubbed Man United in last 3 years than Arsenal. One of the United’s negotiators travelled to South America to sign a player (I forget his name), only for the player to not even bother turning up for the scheduled meeting.

  3. GS88

    The thing about Vardy is that I’d worry about when we play against the very best teams in Europe – does he have that clinical finishing ability? I know he scored against many top teams in the PL last season, but what about if and when we play against a Atletico, Bayern, RM, Barca? I have my doubts.

    We should go after someone more elite and proven. Anyway lets see.

  4. naijagunner

    And where is the proof that Vardy would have jumped at signing for Man City, Chelsea or United ?

    Is there a statement to this effect from the player or his representative ? NO

    So what exactly are you arguing about Bamford , One minute you talk like an adult the next you talk like a child.

    Your whole argument is based on an assumption u just made sitting on your sofa.

  5. N5

    GS88, if it’s a choice of chancing Vardy in Europe or stick with what we’ve got then we’d be mad to not at least see.

    We all know Wenger will not have a plan B up his sleeve. He is Mr. Reaction.

  6. Bamford10

    Xhaka played for Monchengladbach in the Bundesliga. His finding something attractive in a move to Arsenal and the EPL would not prove that our stock has not fallen relative to City, United or Chelsea.

    Bad argument.

    And both Ozil and Sanchez were cast-offs from bigger clubs. They don’t make for great arguments either.

  7. WengerEagle


    Yeah true, I was referring more to the Suarez debacle tbh, I hated Slippy G at the time for basically mugging us off by telling Suarez that he was too good to be signing for us but he was pretty spot on in what he was saying.

    With Vardy it wouldn’t be so much a snub as it would be the desire to write himself into Leicester folklore IMO. He already has of course but if he leaves straight after winning the title joining us it would poison his legacy and tbf, he has a decent contract at Leicester already with UCL football.

    It’s our inaction in the last few years that has ruined us as we’re now in need searching in a market where the likes of Lukaku and Morata are being valued at £50 million.

    I’m interested to see what PSG do in regards to signing a striker, can’t see them opting to play Cavani there as he’s a downgrade on Ibra.

  8. vicky

    “And both Ozil and Sanchez were cast-offs from bigger clubs”

    Vardy wouldn’t make in to Real madrid squad in the first place.

  9. GS88

    According to the Guardian Chelsea have dramatically stepped up their effects to sign Alvaro Morata.

    We all know that Chelsea, unlike Arsenal, don’t dilly dally on transfers.

  10. Bamford10


    I actually just asked Le Grove a question. Not a single person here responded with, ‘I think he would’ve hesitated just as much if one of them came calling.’

    I think that’s revealing.

    What do you think, Naija? If City wanted to make him their starting CF, do you think he would be hesitating right now? If United wanted to make him their starting CF — despite the fact that they don’t have CL football — do you think he would be hesitating?

    If you don’t think he would hesitate to join the above, then I think that says something about our “stock” (relative to these others) in England.

  11. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, yes our handling of Higuain and Suarez was poor in 2013. We should’ve pushed for more even though we did meet Suarez’s release clause. You live and learn I guess. I also think Liverpool hate us because they didn’t see Suarez moving to us as a step up.

    I agree on Vardy. If he chooses to stay it’s because he wants to be a legend there even though he is already one. But he’s 29 now, he knows this is his last big contract as a professional footballer. He can double his wages by moving to Arsenal. He has to safeguard his career as he hasn’t earned the money some of his peers would’ve had.

    Yes I totally agree on there not being value for money RE strikers. Morata isn’t worth £50m although I do think he has potential. Lukaku is more proven but you still feel his all round game is lacking for a top level side.

    I actually think PSG may go with Cavani there. Who on the market is more proven that would want to play in Ligue 1? They may try to offset Ibra’s departure by going for a wide forward who scores a lot of goals.

  12. naijagunner

    “And both Ozil and Sanchez were cast-offs from bigger clubs. They don’t make for great arguments either.”

    What does this even mean in the context of the argument you put forward ?
    You are just unbelievable

  13. Bamford10


    What does that have to do with anything? That has nothing to do with the point being made.

  14. Chika

    Consistency is a big issue on here.

    Vardy, a player you never really wanted/rated/desired reportedly turned us down and you believe it’s because our stock has fallen. Wow

  15. Louis Almeida

    Bamford, I think you are making up things to suit your agenda. Man United and PSG both wanted Ozil but he chose Arsenal. Liverpool wanted Alexis but he chose Arsenal (well-documented). I think you are just trying to do anything to undermine the manager and the club. Each to their own, of course. But I don’t think that’s fair and anybody can see that coming from a mile away.

  16. loyika

    So what have i been saying then on why Vardy would not even want to go to either United or Chelsea next season!?

    I also explained why Citeh would not even consider making a move for him.

    Guess you didn’t read those!?

    Where our stock has fallens is in the fact that we are spending an hour plus in arguing over where Jamie Fuvking Vardy will chose to go or pllay at next season!?

    Beggars belief.

  17. naijagunner

    @ Bamford

    What i think is irrelevant because the fact is top players have joined us before, and Vardy’s transfer is not a yardstick for measuring the “stock” of the club.

    I do not presume to know what Vardy would have done if those clubs came calling instead of Arsenal, so i cannot answer that question for you, nor can you by the way.

    What i do know is that many sources where reporting the Morgan S last season held out on Man Utd for a while to see if Arsenal follow up their interest with a bid

  18. vicky


    It’s simple really. if a madrid reject and a Barca reject can join Arsenal, certainly a player nowhere close to Real or barca level can join Arsenal. And that’s my point. It has got nothing to do with our stature.

  19. GS88


    Yeah take your point. I suppose having Vardy is better than sticking with Giroud.

    Its just that I want us to have the best possible CF that we can.

    And as Arsenal fans we certainly deserve it. We have Ozil the assist king, it would be criminal to not nab a top notch frontman.

  20. Bamford10

    Naija, Vicky

    Let me help you. Some people above are arguing that Ozil and Sanchez signing for us is evidence that our “stock” has not fallen.

    I am saying, no, not so much, because in both cases their clubs were looking to downgrade and offload them. That they regarded Arsenal as an acceptable destination does not disprove the claim that Arsenal’s stock has fallen.

    In order to do that, you’d have to be able to say that Ozil and Sanchez would not have preferred moves to City, United or Chelsea, if they had the choice.

  21. WengerEagle


    Interesting, who would you say they’ll sign?

    Could see that happening but for such an ambitious club I’d be surprised to see Cavani leading the line as they haven’t had the desired success in Europe with Cavani-Ibrahimovic.

    They do need a Lavezzi replacement/upgrade to play opposite of Di Maria, Lucas Moura hasn’t come on as hoped and Pastore has always been a bit hit and miss.

  22. daz

    Fuck me all this over a newspaper claiming vardy hasn’t decided yet? Reports state vardy has agreed personal terms with us already so clearly he would be happy to come here. Leicester have apparently made a counter offer he wants to look over don’t forget this is the same agent who got Walcott 140k a week smells of bullshit to me

  23. naijagunner

    “In order to do that, you’d have to be able to say that Ozil and Sanchez would not have preferred moves to City, United or Chelsea, if they had the choice.”

    Bamford the fact you obviously rate these clubs above Arsenal does not mean players also do the same.

    It’s your opinion, stop repeating it as if it is a statement of fact pls.

  24. loyika

    See Bam your “Stick has fallen” comment was meant as a slught on the club (and Manager) pure and simple so no need to dress it up as something else (just lije the Tomato throwing fiasco and the “they are taking away our banners!” cryfest)

    Are Arsenal where they are meant to be in the football sphere? HELL NO!! But to link Jamie Vardy’s decision to join the club to status is just bull and you know it.

    Stop trying to be like Redmutt (it’s bad enough having 1 looney on here without your need to go all “Doppelganger” on us)

  25. Bamford10


    Of course he “can” join Arsenal. No one is suggesting that he thinks it would somehow be “beneath” him.

    The question is whether he WANTS to join Arsenal. The question is whether he would be MORE EXCITED by the prospect of playing for City, United or Chelsea than he is by the prospect of playing for Arsenal.

    Given that not a single person here has yet to make this argument, I feel like most people are conceding he would probably be more excited to play for those clubs (despite the fact that two of them don’t even have CL football).

  26. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, I don’t know. We come back to the issue of who is available. Lukaku/Morata/Lacazette/Batshuayi… They’re all a downgrade on Ibra and Cavani can score just as much, if not more than them. So maybe going for a wide forward would be good. I doubt Griezmann wants to go back to Ligue 1. Alexis is staying and probably doesn’t like the competition there. No chance they get a talent like Martial so who?

  27. vicky


    merely repeating a wrong claim 100 times doesn’t make it true. As many have pointed out, Vardy situation has got nothing to do with our stature. I see you putting your dream teams very often having Mikhtarian, Mahrez, Goetze etc. I wonder why do you put those line-ups if you feel our stock is too low to for them to agree to come here. Anyways enough has been said on this, i don’t think it requires any further attention.

  28. WengerEagle

    ‘Welbeck’s injury robbed us of 10-15 goals minimum.’

    I like Welbeck but this is disingenuous.

    He scored 8 goals in total last season and he did make 15 apps this season, scoring 5.

    So really if he played as much as last season, he most likely would have scored another 5-6 goals if he scored at the same rate.

    And even that doesn’t take into account Theo/Campbell playing in his place and scoring the odd goal, as crap as they are.

  29. Bamford10


    “I wonder why do you put those line-ups if you feel our stock is too low to for them to agree to come here.”

    Because I am not making this claim. But obviously this is lost on you.

  30. Leedsgunner

    If Vardy turns us down and then proceeds to have a second electrifying season — I will forgive Wenger, just this once when he says his usual… “I tried to sign…”

    Like I said previously, if the JV deal falls through we have plenty of time to arrange an alternative. The key has to be to arrange an alternative and not just give up.

    If I was Wenger if this happened, I would bid £70m for Aubumyeng… and work the rest of the summer to sell Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere, Debuchy Hayden and Akpom for a combined total of £70m —

    (£25m each for Walcott and Wilshere, £12m for Gibbs, £3m for Debuchy and £5m for both Hayden and Akpom together)

    Job done.:)

  31. Bamford10

    Alright, all, please forget that I even raised the question. Some of you are clearly so sensitive about Arsenal that you cannot even consider the possibility that Arsenal are not regarded as highly in England or in Europe as they once were.

    Not a big deal.

    Believe what you like. (Many of you do this, anyways, reason and evidence be damned.)

  32. naijagunner

    “That really is not what I’m doing. I’m just trying to be objective. Cheers.”

    Gentlemen i give you MR OBJECTIVITY

    I wonder why u are never this objective when u go down on Man City, Chelsea and Utd.

    Let me guess…their manager is not called Wenger

  33. loyika

    In other news … why is CC off to Watford and Gabriel still here!? Am i missing something? Was CC that bad? Unless we are bringing another CB to take Per’s place then i don’t see how this makes sense.

    Seems Debuchy wants to fight for his place (i really feel the injury knocked his confidence. Also the fact that Bellerin took his chance when given the opportunity)

    Might have to wait till after the Euros for any more signings to emerge.

  34. Bamford10

    A different Q, then: if we sign Vardy, what is our greater need at moment — CB or RW? If we were only to sign one, which would you sign and why?

    I have said before and will say again that as much as I’d enjoy watching a sleek new RW — say, a Mkhi or Mahrez — we probably need a CB more. While Ramsey or Cazorla or even Jack make for passable RW’s, Gabriel is a liability, and a liability in a far more important position.


  35. vicky


    No, I get what are you saying. Your simple point is Vardy would have been more excited to join United, City than Arsenal, well that may or may not be true. I can’t get inside the heads of players and state something like that as a fact but you are pretty sure that’s the case. I don’t agree with that though. Barca, Real and Bayern are in a league of their own but for me United, Arsenal,City,Chelsea are more or less in the same position as far as attracting big talents.

  36. GS88

    I’d like to see us next season like this:


    Bel Koz KK Mon

    Xhaka Kante

    Myk Özil Sanchez


    Now thats an awesome team, goals, movement, pace and power.

    Thats around £150m – £180m, but we have to do it with the likes of Pep, Jose, Klöpp, Conte, etc etc in the PL next season.

    And we would have to sell a few ‘dead wood’ players too to recoup some money.

    Its time.

  37. Red&White4life

    “Why Vardy and not Mahrez ??”
    “Why Mahrez and not Vardy?”

    I personaly thinks that Mahrez is much better than Vardy.

  38. Relieable Sauce

    So Leicester in pot 1 for the CL then.

    Pull Leverkusen, Ajax and Celtic out and youd have to fancy them to qualify if they can keep hold of their best players.

    New seeding change should make for some interesting groups at least.

  39. Bamford10


    “By the way, more players have snubbed Man United in last 3 years than Arsenal.”

    Yes, and there is no question that their stock is falling. The question is where it stands — in England, in Europe — relative to ours.

    But I vowed to drop this discussion, so I will just leave it there.

  40. loyika

    From the look of things seems Maureen won’t be using the phrase “Puta” anytime soon at Carrington.

  41. WengerEagle


    Yeah they’re in the same boat as us basically which is why it was a mistake IMO to shunt Cavani out onto the wing to accommodate Ibra given Ibrahimovic’s age.

    Ousmane Dembele would have been the no-brainer signing I would have thought, maybe Ben Arfa on a free?

  42. Leedsgunner

    If Vardy does come in — I would be sorely tempted to put in a cheeky bid for a cash player deal to Liverpool for Sturridge.

    Wasn’t it Alex F who said to win all four trophies at the end of the season who had to have 4 good strikers you can rotate as necessary?

    At the moment including Vardy we have 2. Giroud and Vardy. With Vardy Giroud and covering, Sturridge should be able to cope even with HIS injuries record.

    Both Vardy and Sturiddge are in their own wayare full of resists., but sometimes you have to take a calculated risk to win something exceptional.

  43. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, Dembele would’ve been good although I don’t think PSG treat youngsters that well. Look at Coman and also Rabiot right now.Ben Arfa would be good although his temperament would be questionable. I could see them actually going for someone like James Rodriguez. Zidane doesn’t like him by the looks of things/has prioritised Isco.

  44. naijagunner

    Personally I can’t see a club like Arsenal, who actually dislike buying players , activate the release clause of a player if they haven’t spoken to his representative to ascertain if he wants to come or not.

    I think the club just didn’t like all the publicity and are waiting for things to cool off…either that or Vardy is about to make a fool of them.

  45. Bamford10


    With you on a cheeky bid for Sturridge. While his injury issues make him a bit of a risk, they also make him potentially under-valued by Liverpool. His upside is so great that if we were able to get him at a reasonable price, I would go for him.

    I would swap him for Walcott or Giroud, for example, in a heartbeat.

  46. Ozy

    I’m not sure I’d be too thrilled with us signing Mahrez & Vardy – it seems too reactionary. As if we have no scouting network and want to emulate the success of Leicester fucking City. I’d take one, possibly Vardy, if I had to pick but both? And talk of Kante as well (PSG bound but there was genuine interest from us)?

  47. Louis Almeida

    Okazaki on Vardy: “He has that sudden burst of speed and there are a lot of players at Arsenal who will notice that right away.”

    Okazaki on Vardy: “He can quicken instantly, go from zero to full speed. He can adjust to any style.”

  48. Louis Almeida

    I think Vardy would come. It wouldn’t make sense to activate the RC of a player if you didn’t have indication that he would want to join you. Apparently it was Wilshere who spoke with him about the move.

  49. Leedsgunner

    Gibbs + Walcott +£10m for Sturridge seems like a fair deal to me.

    Apparently Liverpool value Gibbs at £12m (!) (LOL) and if they paid £25m for Lallana they should be ok to pay the same for Theo.

    Remember they were willing to give Vardy a reported £140k a week… I’m sure Theo would be more than willing to take that wage packet off their hands.

    To give them not one but two lumps of coal in Gibbs and Walcott would go some way in getting them back for humiliating us over Suarez. 🙂

  50. Louis Almeida

    The full Okazaki quotes: “I think he has the potential to adapt to any style of football. At Leicester, we just happened to play the way we did and he fit fine.

    “But even in a team that plays possession soccer, he has that sudden burst of speed and there are a lot of players at Arsenal who will notice that right away and play to that strength of his, like the way they did with (Danny) Welbeck.

    “He’s not someone who only tries to get behind the defense, though. He picks his spots. Someone like me, I have to really get set up and then go but he can quicken instantly, go from zero to full speed. He can adjust to any style.

    “It’s not a decision that’s up to me, but he was very encouraging to have as a teammate and I am sure he would do a fantastic job if he stayed with us this year too.

    “But this is a life choice and every footballer has to make his own choices. If he goes, then hopefully other players will come in. If several players end up leaving it’s going to be a tough season for us, but I think Leicester understand that.

    “We still don’t have the resources to stand toe-to-toe against the big clubs — yet. But if we can keep the squad together and ‘endure,’ as the manager always says, then we can move on from being surprise packages to legitimate contenders in England.

    “It is difficult to say what I would do if I were in his position.

    “Arsenal have not won the league for a long time and that is maybe a dream (Vardy) has. He has won the league with Leicester and if he led Arsenal to the title rather than try and help Leicester defend it, then his stock would rise even further.”

  51. Red&White4life

    “Apparently it was Wilshere who spoke with him about the move.”

    Mate, come with me, we will spend some fabulous weekends in Vegas!!

  52. peanuts&monkeys

    Oh! The Jap has completely ripped it apart now. First Giroud, Then Rebekka. Now Okazaki. Why not close this deal ASAP, Arsenal mngt. Why keep us agonisingly anxious next three weeks. Fuck !

  53. steve

    Lol at Girshit blaming Ozil for not getting assists when he himself can’t finish off the chances created for Ozil to get the assists. What an idiot.

  54. GS88

    Lukaku is the guy I want. Forget his crap first touch. Look at his pace and power.

    He can finish as we all know and is PL ready.

    Would offer £45m then would be prepared to go to £55m.

    If unseccessful, then we should try for Michy.

  55. STV

    Jamie Vardy’s football career had nothing to warrent him to be judged based on a single stellar season that Leicester City had. A bellow average striker who played most of his career at 5th or 6th tier football had a season of his life at peak age of 29?? I wouldn’t go all gaga on him just yet!.

    Kante is one of those talented players who had a breakthrough season in his career. Even Mahrez too. Them and Vardy can’t be measured with same stick imo.

    Robert Huth and Kasper Shmeikel are seasoned players at top plight football. They don’t have to prove their worth unlike Vardy.


    Luca Toni, and Aritz Aduriz, are late bloomers (not de Natale) but you can also say they are rather lately recognized.

    Tevez had the best season of his career had nothing to do with Vardy discussion as it’s normal for strikers to have their best years near to 30.

    If Vardy have one more season of 20+ goals, Then it’s convincing beyond doubt but it would be unlikely for a player like him imo.

  56. Alexanderhenry

    Well done Eva carneiro.

    Turns out she refused a £1.2 million pay off from Chelsea to keep her mouth shut.
    What a horrible club chelsea is.

  57. WengerEagle


    Why can’t they? Mahrez scored 4 goals in the BPL last season and only 3 in the Championship the year before, he’s not exactly a kid, he’s 25.

    Same goes for Kante, 2 seasons ago he was playing in Ligue 2. He’s also 25.

    Di Natale most certainly WAS a late bloomer, he enjoyed the best seasons of his career between the age of 32-37. He never got close to scoring 20+ Serie A goals before he turned 32.

    Maybe Toni was lately recognised as he was prolific at Fiorentina and Bayern Munich before raising eyebrows at Hellas Verona but Aduriz had very average goalscoring numbers until the last couple of years and he’s 35.

    ‘Tevez had the best season of his career had nothing to do with Vardy discussion as it’s normal for strikers to have their best years near to 30.’


    Well then it has everything to do with the conversation as Vardy is 29 doesn’t it?

  58. Joe

    As I said when the Vardy news came out, why would he leave Leicester where he has everything he needs. A manager can get the best out of him as proven last season. one of wenger’s biggest flaws is he doesn’t get the best of out his squad. Ranieri just proved he is smarter and better manager than wenger is. So why leave?

    The team has a perfect chemistry and suits his skills to a T. They have true cohesion that winning a league title like they did can only bring. They kill for each other and the manager. Us? Well. We all know the answer to that.

    They’ve just won the PL and are in the CL and with wenger in charge of us still, Leicester will
    Probably do better.

    So if Leicester can get get close to
    Matching our wages we offered, what footballing reasons does he have to come?

    Leicester just gave the world one of THE best footballing stories in the history of football.

    He is a legend there.

    Sure he may still well come as we will
    Probably still offer more than 20-40k
    Week that Leicester can or will and we are definitely a ‘bigger team’ than Leicester but I’m
    Sure he is having a lot of doubts.

    Would those doubts be there if Diego , pep, Klopp, Jose were our managers?

    Hell no

  59. WengerEagle


    Like I say I have time for Welbeck, have always rated him over Walcott, etc but I think that even 15 goals is beyond his reach unless he played a full season of literally 40-50 matches.

    For me he’s a great utility player to have and every squad needs these types. Fergie used to love his versatility.

    As a starter I’m not as keen on him.

  60. HillWood

    Bamford- you originaly stated reaching the C/L Semis would be better than Winning the FA cup. It was only later you bought the 10 year thing in. I would rather Win FA cup than exit the C/L at Semi -Final stage.

  61. STV


    “Why can’t they? Mahrez scored 4 goals in the BPL last season and only 3 in the Championship the year before, he’s not exactly a kid, he’s 25.”

    So what! Fabregas scored under 3 pl goals in his first 6 years at Arsenal before breaking in 2009-10. He’s been a good player for Leicester last season unlike Vardy especially final 10 games. (Played only half season the season before)

    Kante still young for a DM. and a top player too hands down.

    Sure Antonio Natale was unbelievable for a player of 32 and since. But scoring 20 league goals is not a norm for a top striker and he’s been a very good striker for his club and country throughout his career. And others in that list too.

    Unlike Vardy whose been closer to shit untill this very season( he’s scored under 25 in >100 for in first or second division (his only time in top 2 divisions in his career).

    He was very good last season all credit to him and one season of 20+ goals might not be enough for me to completely change my perception about him.( Just a personal opinion)

    I won’t mind having Vardy but just don’t think he’s that helpful to our squad, nor excited a bit about it.

    I will be happy if he does no doubt. And I would be hoping for the best if he signs.

  62. boy dio

    vardy moving to any of the big clubs would simply be a pay day for him

    its anyone’s guess as to how he’ll perform next season, let alone in Europe, though it isn’t wrong to assume he will fall short on quality in Europe

    that aside there are young striker options who could do what he did last season for years instead of just the odd two or three we might get from vardy

    regardless, i like the news, at least something is happening this summer