Wenger invites you all to the #VardyParty | Two more big names to follow

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That’s what your kids will ask, because yesterday, something must have snapped in Wenger’s head because he dropped a £20m bid for none other than Leicester City superstar… Jame ‘Chat shit, get banged’ Vardy.

Take a moment there. Please. Let it soak in.

This isn’t a joke either. If we’re publicising this, it means details have been discussed and agreed with the player. Same thing happened with Suarez, except we got the release clause wrong. This time, Ranieri has admitted we’re on this one.

This signing has so many interesting ramifications.

The Manager

Wenger is all up in the short-terms face. No messing around. He’s in a hurry to win the league for once. I haven’t seen a signing this short-term since… well, Sir Alex dropped £24m for the ageing, yet supremely talented Robin Van Persie. The greatest and most short-term signing of his career.

Make no mistake, this signing is selfish. This is Arsene thinking about himself. This is him telling the fans… ‘I’ve had enough of myself’, you want the winner back, here he is. I love that. What’s the point in having cash if you don’t spend it!

Wenger is thinking about earning a new contract. He wants to stay on. He knows the club can only let him stay on if the fans are in love with him. 2 rounds of Wenger loving songs at the end of a season didn’t make up for the empty seats in the ground and disappointing the sponsors who aren’t dropping mega money with us like they are or were with United.

The Player

Would I like a better striker? Sure. Wouldn’t we all. Am I 100% sure Vardy is going to make us party? No, not at all. But look, he was a football terrorist this year. He has hustle, he has composure, he works and works and works. The quality of his goals was both varied and spectacular. He’s a machine and I love his attitude. If Ramsey is middle class, this guy is as working class as the come.

The Team

OMG, what the hell are we doing here? Addressing all our problems, early. THIS IS AMAZING.

We’re baking flexibility into our starting 11. Vardy brings the power and pace PLUS the clinical finishing. We have a very powerful midfield that can be pinned by Xhaka, Elneney and Coquelin. The if you have three behind the forward, you have incredible amounts of flexibility.

I understand that Arsenal are going hard for Mkhitaryan of Dortmund, he apparently wants us and we want him. He’s a spectacular player, and an incredibly hard worker, plus, he can play right across the front three and he scores and contributes with big numbers. Then you look at Iwobi, Ozil, Sanchez, Theo… well, it’s looking like a pretty devastating forward line with the protection and smarts we’ve lacked at the back.

We’ll also be signing a centre back as well.

The Outs

I think we’ll be losing Gibbs, Debuchy, Chambo and Joel Campbell. All kind of unneccessary, the two English boys lacking the right mentality to make it at Arsenal at this stage of their careers.

In Conclusion

Wenger finally doing what he’s supposed to be. He’s taking risks, he’s thinking about the now and he’s desperately trying to prove to the fans that he has what it takes to make us great again.

I’ll take on the Gazidis comments a little bit later on!

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  1. mohap99

    Slow Internet made you get that Mark S

    Vardy…. Xhaka… Something must be wrong with Wenger… Just a CB and RW

    A quick one Koulibaly or Manolas, who would you prefer?

  2. Mark S

    I know I’m just a “random guy on the internet” responding to this, but I am a proud Gunner and I like to stir the pot as well. 20 million for a guy who scored 24 goals last year in the EPL is a bargain. He’s fast, tenacious, some say spiky, and don’t forget he’s a winner. (We did finish 2nd to his squad if I remember correctly.) He’s an England International on top of that, and how many England International strikers do you know that go for 20 million? (English talent is always overrated/overvalued anyways.) I think we paid close to 20 million for Welbeck, and even though I’m a big fan of Danny, he hasn’t had the same return as Vardy has. Some people would say that this is a “panic” buy, and I can see where they are coming from. He’s only had one season where he’s produced at the top level, and he’s 29 years old on top of that…pretty much an anti-Wenger signing. There have been a lot of comparisons of Vardy to Ian Wright. Both burst onto the scene later on in their footballing careers, and they both have similar attributes. This is a team that’s striking options consist of Giroud, Sanogo, and Walcott going into the new season. You honestly can’t tell me that Vardy is better than any of them? When it comes to him not fitting our system, you mean the system where we pass…pass…pass…pass….pass…pass…pass some more…and maybe try to take a shot? The Arsenal I fell in love with in the late 90s was a team that played on the break. We’ve wanted someone with an edge, someone fast, and someone who can take a chance. The guy I would like is Aubameyang, but I can’t seen Wenger spending that kind of money. In some ways this isn’t the typical Wenger signing ie he has no re-sale value, but in others it is ie he’s a bit of a “bargain” at only 20 million. The beauty of being an Arsenal supporter is that part of the fan base is thrilled with this signing, while the other part would rather have some 22 year old forward from the Austrian League that scored 9 goals last year….but has the “potential” to be special. COYG!

  3. Do one gambon

    Interesting stuff… From what I’ve heard about xhaka he likes to release it early, ozil has some of best vision for a pass in football and vardy being the run in behind whippet that he is…. Could we finally see us become more of a direct arsenal again?!

    Sure hope so!
    When we were direct we were successful.

  4. bacaryisgod

    Pedro-be prepared for disappointment. You’re assuming too many additions when Arsene has said 2-3 total. If Vardy comes, we’ll have one more spot. I think we’ll stay put with what we have upfront (maybe lose Theo or Joel) and send Chambers out on loan. We may get another CB and then possibly let Chambers out on loan. No Rodriguez at LB, for example.

    With Vardy we’ll be close to a 50 million net spend this summer. A couple are going out before anyone comes in….

  5. gonsterous

    What a coincidence, Wenger returns to his old self and Pedro returns to his old self with a post every day. Wenger and Pedro may be closer than we think. Bring on other conspiracy theories lads !!

  6. Danny

    All I give a fuck about is whether Alexis is staying or not. We must pay him anything he wants to make him stay.

  7. Kane

    Hi pedro.

    I just moved to NYC if you know a decent Arsenal pub or fancy catching a game sometime, be good to see ya.

    if not, then no worries… I’ll just find a tall building to throw myself off, there’s plenty of those here!

  8. Cork

    Wenger did not get the Suarez release clause wrong. The £40 million pound figure was correct. However the Liverpool owners put there put down, and refused to sell and honour the contract.

    Suarez agent was not very smart, and backed down on the move. It was Suarez agent who had originally advised Arsenal of the clause. Gerrard then also persuaded Suarez to stay another season.

    Rather like the Vardy clause Arsenal would not be aware of the contract conditions, unless advised by the players agent. This time it looks like the deal will happen, Leicester are not blocking it so far, although legally they cannot. Vardy obviously wants more money, and wishes to cash in on a great season. COYG

  9. kake h

    Lets not get too excited. Only 50% done. Still need a minimum winger and a defender for another 50million quid to be competitive. Who here thinks that’s likely, especially since Wenger said we’d sign three? I would have rather gotten Morata. Wenger invests in the team when he feels like it, when it suits him. Despicable.

  10. Sam

    Vardy needs Theo to show him around n tell him we don’t cheat or dive at Arsenal
    We don’t party like Rooney, Wilshere is the only exception coz the club mouthpiece. We also speak French

    Bienvenue at Arsenal

  11. Marko

    Vardy’s definitely gonna be a marmite signing. Love it or hate it though it’ll make for some good viewing. Very unwenger like

  12. Honest Bill

    Don’t wanna piss on everyone’s parade, but high-profile, expensive signings early in the summer means only one thing.

    They are trying to buy some goodwill with the fans in order to lessen the backlash they will receive when they announce the departure of Sanchez or Özil later in the window.

    Let’s not forget what Arsenal are all about these days.

  13. Sam

    Haters already celebrating the end of Walcott
    Vardy is actually replacing Welbeck who’s out for 9months
    Signing him won’t affect Theo whatsoever
    I am thinking Wenger will unleash his VW next season to run over opposition defenders. Vardy n Walcott.
    Unless we sign another frontman as I hope if not Theo will be here next season

    and Giroud

  14. Sam

    “They are trying to buy some goodwill with the fans in order to lessen the backlash they will receive when they announce the departure of Sanchez or Özil later in the window.”

    1st: they are not leaving
    2nd: they’re not Henry n Vieira
    3: What backlash? surely players left us in the past now we have money to replace them

  15. Sam


    I am not hooked on anyone or anything,
    you people are the ones hooked on fantaisies
    you want me to start saying Theo will be sold which is not true n you know it

  16. Honest Bill


    1st: How would you know?
    2nd: What’s your point?
    3rd: We never adequately replace them. They will have noticed the growing discontent in the fanbase even if you haven’t.

  17. Sam

    Reality: Theodore Walcott is an Arsenal player
    Fantasy: Theo will be sold n replaced with Mahrez

    hmmm I never watched or read fictions
    I love reality

    and santa claus can fok off

  18. Marc

    Season ticket renewal’s had to be in by the 1st June, other memberships i.e. Red Junior Gunners had to be done by yesterday.

    If people are going to accuse the club of trying to appease the fans with a signing at least be consistent, previously it’s always been to get fans to renew – that’s done now. I’m with Pedro I don’t know if Wenger has decided fuck it and go out with one last hurrah, want’s to extend his contract or has really lost the last couple of marbles but I’m not going to complain. If we do sign Vardy we’d still be able to sell him on in 3 years for 10 odd million to a promoted club who would take the gamble on him getting 10 goals a season.

    If we get Mkhitaryan I’ll run round with my pants on my head!

  19. Marc


    Think you’re talking out of your arse. You’re stating that Arsenal currently about making a profit – true but we can do that and still spend big. What you’re insinuating is that it’s all about making a profit in the transfer market – which was true for a few years after the stadium move but that’s not your point you genuinely believe that Kroenke wants us to sell more than we spend. Utter bollocks that makes no sense.

  20. karim

    N’golo Kante starts for France tonight v Scotland instead of Cabaye, good news !

    He said in the presser he’d take a decision after the Euros, so those who want him here will have to be patient…

    Thousands of Scots in Metz ( where I live ), great atmosphere, hope it will be the same during the actual competition.

    I am usually able to hear the noise in the stadium from my flat, no doubt I’ll hear a few ” Aaww ” once Giroud misses a sitter.

  21. izzo

    Pedro calm down. If Wenger decides to play the same way all season these signings will be meaningless. We’ll have to see during preseason and the first few games into the season how the team plays to know if things have truly changed. Not holding my breath.

  22. Marc


    I think everyone (mostly everyone anyway) agrees Wenger has got stale but if we do sign Vardy along with Xhaka it’s a return to signing players with a bit of presence and personality. Having a little bit more attitude and even spite could do us the world of good – remember when everyone slagged us off for the number of red cards we used to get?

  23. Joe

    So people really think signing vardy is going to get wenger to challenge for the title and CL.

    It doesn’t even begin to compensate for the difference in talent of the managers being brought in with pep, Jose, Klopp and conte and now koeman at Everton (with money) and wenger still being here

    And the level of players city, United and Chelsea and Liverpool will bring in.

    We are behind in the level of manager by a lot and by the quality of player.

    The manager is the biggest issue for me. And that will be evident by 1 Dec.

    I’d rather have Jose and Ibra than wenger and vardy.

  24. izzo

    @ marko true but this is Wenger we’re talking about here. Would not be surprised if Vardy ends up playing right wing and Giroud still getting more games. Or Wenger playing Ramsey in cm and leaving Xhaka on the bench. The man is mental and very capable of doing that during the season. Alternatively he could just overplay them and get them injured then we’re back to square one with possibly Walcott or Giroud starting while Xhaka, Vardy, Sanchez, and maybe Ozil are injured for chunks of the season. I can’t be excited until I have seen drastic changes in our gameplay and tactics being applied to opposition. Id rather stay guarded. 12 years has done this to me so its gonna take more than signings to convince me.

  25. Insomnia

    I know why some are doubtful that this is the turn the corner moment – I am too.

    But you deal with facts as they are:
    – xhaka already in
    – Vardy seems very likely too
    – we also seem to be going hard for left back and attacking winger
    – possibly CB too

    Better than a kick in the head

  26. Peter Benovsky

    This must become true. Vardi in Arsenal. Finally Wenger will take a complete scorer. All teams buying stars, only Arsenal was raising stars and saving money. We do not need Morata, he is sluggish and will be worse than Giroud. We do not need Benzema. he will not adapt to English football and will be weaker than Giroud. We need exactly Vardy – rapid, ambitious, imperative. Vardy no need for adaptation, he played against all clubs from the Premier League and they score many goals. It will continue to do so but for Arsenal. Watch carefully how Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool will buy a lot of players from the continent and from South America and how most of them will not adapt to football in the Premier League. Bravo Wenger, this is your best move for Arsenal. Now we need a strong rock defender to replace Gabriel. Someone like Koulibaly from Napoli. This is the truth.

  27. Marko

    Exactly insomnia. Wait till August before writing off the summer. Still should be sceptical though. It is Arsenal under Wenger afterall.

    Also United are in talks with Villarreal for Eric Bailly. Good player

  28. Johnty79

    I give you 2001-2002. We sign Jeffers who i didn’t actually call at the time. He flopped but we won the league.

    I could see something similar happening. Hard working players come to arsenal and then stop working( sances) . Wenger doesn’t get Sanchez or English players and I feel he will flop. Also we don’t play long ball which vardy loves. It just won’t work.

  29. Johnty79

    Forgot to mention, we could sign messi and Suarez but still wouldn’t win it as our centre backs are shit. Wenger will never get this. He signed Campbell from spurs and those actually remember wasn’t that great for us but he was big and strong.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Some of the classic ‘player tells friends he’s moving to Arsenal’ stories coming out about Mhkitaryan, would be tight between him and Xhaka as to who was the more essential signing of the window.

  31. David Smith

    Amazing what pressure from a couple of star players with two years on their contract can do.
    I know times are now different, but Alexis and Ozil are achieving what RVP and Cecs failed, and I salute them for it.

  32. JJ

    I will get excited when we sign the players we are being linked with. Until then I prep for usual – all talk no action – transfer window.

  33. Marko

    CA I’d honestly go Mkhitaryan. His signing would be fantastic. It kind of frees up Ozil and Sanchez a bit more cause there’ll be less pressure for everything to go through them two. You sometimes get the feeling they’re well aware that it has to go through them to work so adding another quality attacker it goes without saying would improve us immensely.

  34. Ishola70

    “I give you 2001-2002. We sign Jeffers who i didn’t actually call at the time.”

    Jeffers was green compared to Vardy. He was just 20yrs old when Wenger first signed him.

    Vardy is the first what could be called mature English English player Wenger has signed since Sol Campbell 15 years ago,

  35. Marc


    Let’s have that conversation when we’ve signed him as well! Can’t see either of us being upset by the signings if they come off.

  36. Sam

    Liverpool n Man Utd dropped out coz Vardy clause only applies to club in the Champions league

    it excludes Tottenham too coz they are scums

  37. Ishola70

    “Forgot to mention, we could sign messi and Suarez but still wouldn’t win it as our centre backs are shit. Wenger will never get this. He signed Campbell from spurs and those actually remember wasn’t that great for us but he was big and strong.”

    Johnty most on here don’t care that much about a good CB coming in. Most of them are pining for another attacking player.

    Campbell was good. Massive presence. Reach CL final when he was on the team conceding few goals in the rounds leading up to the final. No coincidence.

  38. Romford Ozil Pele

    Imagine thinking Sol Campbell wasn’t a good player for Arsenal. Dude was elite, shame we didn’t have him for more than 5 seasons. Lost count of the amount of times he held the back four together. Went a bit crazy towards the end but we’ll let him off for that 😉

  39. JJ

    Frankly, it doesn’t matter who we buy. Until our fullbacks learn discipline not to bomb forward every time and they get consistent protection from the wing, we will always be weak defensively. You can’t win championships playing the way we do.

  40. Cesc Appeal



    Ozil really is the only player in the side with craft, Caz is obviously technically outstanding, but I don’t like him at CM at all.

    Mhiktaryan has fantastic end product, he’s a worker as well, gets stuck in, can play all across the attacking midfield and means opponents have to carefully guard against all three of our attacking midfielders, as opposed to now where its just Ozil and you know even Sanchez will be off if Giroud is playing.

    Also means we can play Coq next to Xhaka, have a really solid central midfield and not lose any creativity.

    It was The Sun really reporting it and a few others, as I say, nothing reputable and the classic ‘friend of player says’ stories, but sometimes there can be smoke there, saw it with Sanchez, saw it with Xhaka and in the social media age you do see it more and more.

    I always like hearing those stories, doubtless many will think they are rubbish and they may well be utterly false, but sometimes…


    Both would be exactly what we needed, character, steel and distribution in the centre in Xhaka, then a RM/LM to balance our Sanchez, provide assists and goals and be a second playmaker along with Ozil.

    Potentially £50 Million for the pair, not bad business at all. Add on Vardy for under £20 Million, sell Walcott and bring in a CB and you’ve probably spent around £70 Million which is about right…shrewd purchases as well, though Vardy is a gamble.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Even if we didn’t add another central midfielder, and didn’t get Rodriguez, a £70 Million spend with Walcott being sold and a team of:

    Bellerin, Koulibaly, Kozz, Monreal
    Xhaka, Coq
    Sanchez, Ozil, Mhkitaryan

    That would be a very interesting team to watch, regardless of Wenger’s failings that would still be present, give me those players and Wenger still being here over the same bunch of duds and Wenger still being here, because honestly, short of nature intervening, Wenger is going to be here, so I would rather see a spend and some exciting players over watching the tongue, the wannabe ST, I Am Legend and butter ankles for another season.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Lets just keep our fingers crossed someone, who shall remain nameless, somewhere has not started dithering.

  43. Goondawg


    Whooop Arsenal boys doing me proud..

    Crazy how good this french attacking side is, and it’s not even our best front three

  44. karim

    Exactly, mate, looks perfectly balanced the way it is and you’ve got Martial and Griezmann warming up for the 2nd half …

    Good times

  45. STV

    I know who Wenger is going to sign.. Ricardo Rodriguez. That’s it! and no one else.

    Couple of Swiss players and Vardy, and it’s the transfer window of our lives!!!..

  46. Wallace

    “The Jocks playing in pink. Shocking”

    seriously? christ, there’ll be guys in Glasgow bottling themselves…

  47. Cesc Appeal

    United close to signing Villarreal defender Bailly for £30 Million.

    I think this is going to be a big window, that’s why we have to keep going, we don’t want to end up having done well ‘for Arsenal,’ but poorly in the context of the window as a whole.

  48. daz

    People are worried about how vardy will fit in at arsenal but I feel if we do see vardy (which is looking odds on) and Mhkitaryan we will see a change in system and look to use a pressing game and good counters when we are pinned back as xhaka is capable of picking out runners with his long range passing

  49. Cesc Appeal



    Wasn’t there a stat that we were more successful with less possession last season?

    Xhaka, Coq
    Sanchez, Ozil, Mhkitaryan

    Sort of set up for high tempo, pressing and counters.

  50. Marko

    We’re a counter attacking team when we don’t play Giroud. When we turn into a possession based team at home against teams that sit back we look dire. Probably why we generally look better away than at

  51. Cesc Appeal


    I think its going to be a hectic window, so we need to make sure our spending is still good in the context of the window as a whole come August.

    We definitely need a CB, Mert is spent really, Gabriel is very dodgy and Kozz needs a steady partner.

  52. Daz


    Yeah I think there was, its going to be busy I have read pep wants at least 6 new signings and one of them being wilshere

  53. Cesc Appeal


    He can have him!

    Gundogan and Wilshere, City’s midfield will be like an episode of casualty.

  54. ADKB

    Vardy isn’t a done deal yet, so we shouldn’t get carried away. It’d be good though to have a proven PL striker who actually knows where the goal posts are – for 2 seasons at least.

  55. Joe


    Wallace was happy last summer when wenger bought no outfield player.

    He’s happy no matter what wenger does.

    It’s beyond pathetic.

    Wallace was happy we were 1st in Jan gloating that we had won the league and still in CL and FA Cup

    He was also happily saying we wouldn’t come 10’points behind Leicester

    Wrong person to ask

  56. Cesc Appeal


    Completely agree, as soon as we start our tippy tappy, sideways, possession shit we turn to crap, far better when we’re direct and willing to give up a bit of possession.

    Feel as if we’re less likely to get a dick slap defensive wise as well, because we’re so focussed as it is with the opposition having more of the ball.

  57. STV

    ___Sanchez Giroud Walcott
    ___Ramsey Ozil Xhaka_
    Rodriguez Monreal Koscielny Bellerin

    Subs: Wilshere Vardy Campbell
    Wengers probable best XI , assuming he’d sign one more player as he said.
    Can’t see much change in this team.

    Bang average if we are honest.

  58. Wallace

    RSPC Arsenal

    “U cannot be seriously happy with vardy?”

    he’s growing on me. there are some obvious parallels with Ian Wright. he doesn’t excite me like Wright did, but you can’t deny his hunger and speed and finishing ability. he might prove not to be a good fit, or he might be exactly what we need.

  59. Joe


    The thought that wenger won’t be here much longer. That makes me estatic

    Tell me Ugh. Where will we finish next season?

    How many points behind do you think we will be?

  60. Marko

    Some seriously miserable gits on here I swear. Not mentioning names but fucks sake I bet some here are great at parties or their family probably love being around them I tell you

  61. Joe

    he’s growing on me. there are some obvious parallels with Ian Wright


    Vardy is 29 and has scored 29 PL goals.

    Ian wright scored 231.

    You don’t have to go any further in comparing them

    There is no comparison.

    First RvP and now wrighty.

    My god, you wenger apologists will stop at nothing to make wenger sound good

  62. Daz

    “You that thick that you can’t seperate people’s real lives from a football blog persona?”

    Joe so you’re not a twat in real life cool

  63. Marko

    Hey fuckface I didn’t mention you. If you think that I’m referring to you then that’s should speak volumes about how you see yourself. I’m sure you can separate from real life. I bet you’re able to switch it on and off at a notice

  64. Joe


    Back to comparing vardy to rvp and wright

    You’ve got be kidding me.

    I’ll bet vardy scores 15 goals for us max next season as wenger will not be able to motivate and get the best out of him.

    He can’t keep jack under control who grew up under wenger and you think he will keep a 30 year coke head/alcoholic under wraps ha

  65. Joe

    Vardy needs to be at a team with great chemistry who work their balls off for each other.

    We don’t fit that bill.

    He would be great under Klopp.

  66. Marko

    Joe what age are you pal? Honest question cause every time someone disagrees with you or seems positive you call them an akb cunt. Seems like a full grown man would be able to have a constructive conversation without just going straight to akb cunt all the time. Also honest question again what makes you happy?Cause I don’t think it’s arsenal or being on this blog everyday

  67. Joe


    Answer me this.

    Where do you think we will finish next season with vardy in the lineup?

    And Daz and Wallace are Akbs.

  68. Marko

    Joe he’s not going to be managing forever pal. You’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that in the next year (hopefully) or couple (noooo) he’s gonna be gone and then you’re gonna have to be happy. I mean real happiness none of that real world fake shite

  69. Joe


    Been following Arsenal a lot longer than you. Trust me

    So please don’t tell me what Arsenal makes me

    Wenger does not make me happy and he is not included in my Arsenal. He’s holding Arsenal hostage.

    Why aren’t I happy with vardy?
    Because I know no matter who we sign, as long as wenger in charge we will not challenge for league or CL

    And if you are happy coming miles behind the league leaders including teams like Leicester city with a team as big as Arsenal

    Then all the power to you.

    So if you tell me now, that with vardy we will finish top 4 but double digits back probably and. Not challenge again.

    Does that thought make you happy?

  70. Joe


    Trust me I will be happy. The day wenger walks is the day we get our Arsenal back.

    And I don’t even care if we finish 10th(which we won’t because I’ve called numerous times me that we win the league either first or second year after wenger leaves).

  71. Marko

    Joe ask me that question in Sept. No point asking where we’ll finish next season now cause we are still in with a chance of signing players and so is everyone else for that matter. As is now without anybody making signings top4 as per usual. By the end of the window we’ll see

  72. Ces1ne

    “he’s growing on me.”
    “he might prove not to be a good fit, or he might be exactly what we need”
    “Obvious parallels to Ian Wright signing…”

    –Saying the (KEYWORD—>) possible signing of Vardy is just like the Ian Wright signing is some of the most delusional drivel that clown Wallace has come up with on here……….and that’s some accomplishment!! Bravo, good sir…..keep waving that wenger flag!!
    –Plus, the reason you’ll love/rate the Vardy signing IS ONLY bc your deity wenger MIGHT sign him……..you’d be laughing at it if it was the dirty Tots down the lane looking at him.
    — “he might prove not to be a good fit, or he might be exactly what we need.”
    So he might be a complete bust or a great signing….WOW, I must say…….the insight is unparalleled from these minions.

    Like many others on here tho, I gotta commend you for not hiding like most of wengers other cheerleaders do when things go (predictably) tits up during our seasons…….still doesn’t make up for your blindness towards grandpa wenger & his/your rubbish spewed daily 😉

  73. Joe


    It’s the same answer as every sept for the last 12 seasons and the same judgment Every may.

    You really in your hearts of hearts believe it will be different this season

    He couldn’t even beat a Leicester city to the league title and now with pep, Jose, conte, Klopp, koeman he’s going to win or even compete for the league.


  74. Ces1ne

    Once we finally sort out our own PATHETIC & consistent injury issues (which would mean bye bye wenger 🙂 ) only then can we degrade other clubs possible injury issues…….until then, every quip about Citeh, the Chavs, etc signing an injury prone player should be forbidden. Glass houses, rocks…..u know the rest.

  75. Marko

    I’m not happy with the current regime no Joe. But I also don’t see the reason everyday to tediously call people who don’t share in my disappointment or unhappiness akb’s or cunts or whatever. I also fail to understand how some people cry out for signings and then when we seemingly are get signings still find something to complain about. Now if or when we sign Vardy I won’t be over the moon and that’s being honest I’m sceptical about him for sure. But some of the others we’re being linked to like Mkhitaryan, Rodriguez and a defender that’d make me happier. But we’ve been here before so I wait to the end of the window before giving up on the world again

  76. Joe


    Wenger could sign messi and Ronaldo and we still wouldn’t win the league

    I didn’t want wenger to spend a dime of Arsenal’s money because I know it will my make a difference. We will not challenge for the league with him in charge.

    Sure it’s fun getting some new players but he. Couldn’t even challenge Leicester city with ozil and Sanchez in the squad

    So why when he adds players like vardy who is not in that class and who I believe won’t be the same under wenger people think it’s going to be different and wenger is going to change his playing style

  77. PieAFC

    Look I’m gonna say something slightly positive.

    We’ve asked or ages to be in early sign players send a statement of intent.

    Vardy, destroyed teams last year, talk how an average team can win the league, yet he in an average team become one the top scorers in the league.

    Got Xhaka early. Going for vardy early.

    The club have listened to the moans from the fans, be it selfish reasons Wenger new contract etc.

    Put it this way, let’s be positive for once. I’m on the fence if this signing works, 29 yo, 3 year contract. Look on last season is an upgrade.

    Window isn’t over. I will judge the club by the start of the Season. We carry on this way, then come on. I’m one the biggest pessimistic cunts who read this board

    But we are doing some thigs right this window. We are sending a message with intent….

  78. Insomnia

    Hey Joe have to say you seem familiar – did you used to stand in Highbury shouting “fucking useless Brady”? Just wondering…

    Can we please not sign MikhatarRatarayaatataran I don’t know how to stop writing his name

  79. Joe

    The signings of pep and Jose are waaaay bigger messages of intent than signing James vardy.

    would you rather have matrial with Jose and pep and Aguero or vardy and wenger

  80. goonerboy

    Vardy is like for like with Welbeck and a better finisher- got a bit more power in midfield and a player who can pass- yes good- but more critically we need a centre back- and I agree a left back but would like one who can also defend so that we are not so vulnerable to crosses.
    One of the biggest frustrations about Wenger- even when he has 100m sitting there-he has never spend whats needed to buy the defenders we need. I am cynical about his attitude towards buying defenders- because in 20 years he has brought one really good defender- Sol Campbell- and he was a free transfer.

  81. Marko

    You really in your hearts of hearts believe it will be different this seaso

    Right now no but that’s only cause we’ve signed one player. Fact is though we’ve never signed a significant player like Xhaka this early in a transfer window. Never this early seemingly on the verge of others (Vardy, possibly Rodriguez and Mkhitaryan). While I’m still sceptical hence saying wait till September. It doesn’t seem like a normal window. I say Joe wait. Wait till Sept and if we’ve signed up a few more decent players that improve the starting 11 be less miserable mate

  82. Joe

    Spot on Hillwood

    Vardy had a manager last year that worked a charm and got the best out of his players

    When is the last time you can say that about wenger ?

  83. Insomnia

    Pie afc,

    Don’t come on here with your reasonableness – call Wenger a cunt and tell everybody you were there when H Chapman esq was boss – works better for most…

  84. Marko

    Oh Joe. Can’t really have a meaningful conversation. It keeps getting back to Wenger. Like bringing in players matters not one iota cause Wenger will just make it like their talent don’t exist. Please someone tell Jose and Pep then they don’t need to sign anybody for their respective teams cause their managerial talents will be sufficient

  85. Joe


    But they will bring in players. That’s the point

    But just being there gives them a huge Advantage over wenger. And then add the players they will bring in. Their systems. Their prep and motivation

    Wenger won’t stand a chance.

    He is out of his league

  86. PieAFC

    What you talking about insomnia?

    Fuck off. Btw im 28 pal. Live in south London use to go home and away. Not no social media fan cunt.

    I’m just saying, opinions are opinions. But fucking hell, how can anyone say for once the club and Wengwr are not doing what we’ve all asked.

    Go through many posts I’ve said months. Back as called Wenger all sorts.

    He needs to go, he won’t change. Tactics, game plan. Motivation I could go on.

    But fucking hell. Negativity breeds negativity.

    And yeah, before you ask. First game 93, against Norwich. I ain’t no no it all. Not claim to be. This blog has been some fucking moan cnwtral for months now.

  87. Marko

    You see the thing is as well is people like Joe are exactly like akb’s. They can never distinguish between Arsene and Arsenal in conversation or otherwise. It always gets back to Wenger. I personally hate talking about the manager but would much prefer to talk about the club and its needs

  88. Joe


    Man city and United finished 5 points back of us

    You don’t think pep and Jose are worth at least 5 points to those clubs? Even without new players


  89. Marko

    Can’t remember Podolski being signed but Nasri took an age Joe. Remember the whole shite about waiting to register for the following tax year or some nonsense

  90. Insomnia


    I miss Highbury too – still the world turns I hear

    You know that feeling when you order a pizza and get the wrong one and the toppings look weird- but if you send it back it’ll take ages to sort
    ? Did that recently and asked what it was called – bloke delivering it, whose name was Mesut said “it’s called a fucking Walcott”. Very strange

  91. Insomnia

    Pie it was tongue in cheek – but no offence cos your ranting reply was honest and close to my own actual views.

  92. Marko

    Joe so you complain when we don’t sign players but also complain when we do? Then what’s the point? What is the actual point in any of this. It must get tiring to “love” and “support” something that brings you so much despair and anger all the time