Wenger says his ego is calm | Left back change up on cards | The other Rodriguez please?

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Arsenal youth team coach Andries Jonker said everyone was surprised at the emergence of SUPER AWESOME TALENT Mr Iwobi.

“There are positive and negative surprises, but Alex is one of those boys who has continued to work hard, and kept his commitment and dedication no matter what has happened. In the end he made it and he has been a big surprise to everyone at Arsenal and we all love it. But he’s surprised us all.”

One of those happy surprises… and let’s be fair, we haven’t exactly had too many of those over the past 10 years. He’s great on the ball, he has guts and he looks to have the little bit of magic all great players in the making possess.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing more fruits of Jonker over the next few  years. I hear the Dutchman is very keen on managing the first team, so the more Iwobi’s we see, the more likely it is Arsenal will do something crazy like appoint him. Anyway, well done, now do something with Crowley, Willock, Toral and CHUBA

Talking of hot sexy young talent, how about Hector Bellerin? Valued by some weird index house for player valuations at around £43m, he’s the subject of irritating news from the Spanish capital. They might not make him their player this summer, but you can rest assured, the next three-year are going to be chocked full of unbelievably dull false stories. They’ll grind us down, they’ll grind the player down, then they’ll take him out… and we’ll all be sad.

The other interesting news on full-bacary is that we’re going after a Wolfsburg left back Ricardo Rodriguez for £20m. I’d be game for that. Someone ready to actually compete with Monreal, and we can finally ship of Kieran Gibbs who has been a major disappointment. Part of that, I feel, is that he looked a bit like a blend of Cashley and Clichy… shame he didn’t play like either of those two.


Do me a favour. He had plenty. His choice injury moments before major games were almost as weird as his lack of fight or interest in major games. I’ll never forget after making a mistake against Chelsea, he didn’t fight being sent off for something another player had done. So damn weak.

Anyway, that’ll be a nice swap and another nice addition to our squad.

On the point of Rodriguez… I’d LOVE a JAMES Rodriguez. Rumoured to be on the way out of Madrid this summer. YES YES YES.

Just wish we’d speed up our decision on a striker. Don’t give me a last week of August special disappointment. We need someone in now who gets the full preseason treatment.

Arsenal.com are running low on ideas and it’s only June. Amusing reading an interview from Wenger talking about how he gets the most out of talent.

“I would like to think that I am the guy today who helps the players to achieve all that they can achieve – to fulfil their potential. That’s where the real respect comes from – when you feel people have fulfilled their potential.”

“When you think people have used 60 or 70 per cent of their talent, even when they are very talented, there is something missing there that makes you think ‘no my friend, you are wrong.’”

Players get the most out of the talent by winning. Their whole careers are judged on that. So for Wenger to say he’s helping people fulfill their potential seems a bit rich. Sure, back in the day, he was DAT GUY, sadly these days, he’s not really fulfilled on that. Chambo, Theo, Chambers… all cut from the same cloth as Gareth Bale. Wenger was making Gareth Bales back in the day. That’s slumped off…

“I think I have a more generous and less egotistical attitude now than I was when I was [younger],” “Back then I wanted myself to be THE coach, THE guy who is successful.”

“Today of course I still want to be successful, but more for others, more to give the people who love Arsenal what they like, success.”

Again, really sad he’s not the guy back in the day who wanted to be the coach that was successful. It reads like retirement talk. I hate it. I want the fire of the nineties! I want an egotistical manager (I mean, let’s not pretend he still doesn’t have plenty of that).


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Vardy, Giroud, Sanchez…not a fan of that at all, Wenger has to sign a wide playmaker, the fact we’ve spent less than £20 Million on a ST means there is bundles of cash to splash on a wide playmaker now, even more if we (and we should) sell Walcott.

    Wenger just has to accept it, he cannot shoehorn Giroud into the team, the same way he cannot just shoehorn Ramsey and Wilshere into the side, pick a team, not players.

    England were the perfect example of that the other night, that is why Woy has it totally wrong, in Germany, England were a team, you see the difference when you select players instead.

    No more of this tiptoe, don’t be nasty business, Vardy spanked Giroud in the ST stakes last season, so he is the starter until he fails.

  2. Samir

    If I was Wenger, I’d be offering Chambers and 10M for Mane – who is only 24 remember.

    Ship out Walcott, Gibbs and the rest.
    Get in:

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Pretty much.

    Personally would like another central midfielder as I’m not convinced by ours totally (to partner Xhaka), but that wide playmaker is completely crucial.

  4. Gooner63

    Dunno why people are against Vardy – for what will probably be £18mill plus addons – hes worth the risk, plus decent replacement for Welbeck for what could be most of next season, as Vardy can play LW/RW too with his pace.

    Plus if Giroud is gonna leave then we still have the option to bring in another striker like Morata.

    Plus why cant we change our style a little to let the striker make runs for ozil to find.

    Plus for 20mill we have money for a better defender and hopefully when ox goes a decent RW

    xhaka, wilshire, ozil, alexis, carrasco, vardy looks a lot better than coquelin, ramsey, ozil, alexis, walcott, giroud

    The key is to get a few players in quick – then work on the bigger names, knowing if we fail vs big spenders like Utd, City, Pool, Chavs – we already have players in.

  5. Goondawg


    Whooop Arsenal boys doing us proud..

    Crazy how good this french attacking side is, and it’s not even our best front three

  6. tunnygriffboy


    I’d love Lewandowski, Aubameyang or Griezeman. Have they got their eyes on Madrid or Barca though ?

    Could we afford £60+ million? Bear in mind we’ve bought a much needed midfielder for £30 million and there’s rumours about more signings as well. If we make those additions then we probably couldn’t afford one of those hence the Vardy signing

    Squad would be strong enough next season to make that one off WC striker signing. We have to do better to get one of those in.

    If we get Mikhtaryan and a defender I can live with Vardy anfd Giroud for a season. A fresh Giroud is not a bad option. It’s when he’s knackered he’s dire. Rotation upfront and midfield should be easier and better than last season should Vardy and other new faces come in.

    Benzema could be in prison come Christmas.

  7. Kev

    I think Vardy is a great option I mean just because he’s not foreign he’s not good enough, personally I think he’s got a mean streak that is required to play in the PL if we get ricardo Rodriguez then I’m sure we will be fine. But at the moment I’m hearing the Manure fans saying they passed up on Vardy, when vardys release clause is a CL requirement they might get zlat but they won’t win the league with just one player Jose has got his work cut out you can’t just go out and buy the best but you have settle