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It’s Wednesday and it’s hot AF in New York. I might not have ‘soccer’ in my back yard, but I have a suntan lotion as part of my morning routine.

ALSO, this summer’s Euro’s are going to be pretty damn excellent. Namely, because my afternoons at work will be pitted with the European action, then in the evenings, I’ll be treated to COPA AMERICA action. Also, the final is in New York, which is bloody excellent.

My summer orgie of football is going to be wild. I also get to watch the Olympics on a normal timescale, WITHOUT the risk of Zika.

100 words in and all I’ve spoken about is me? How damn f*cking rude.

What do we have for you this morning!

Well, Carrasco of Atleti is being linked to us. I mean, it’s a bit of a push if you ask me. He cost the Spaniards £18m last summer, he hasn’t majorly popped this season, but he’s been better in the second half and he obviously scored in the Champions League final…

He’d be great for Arsenal, for the record, I actually scouted him 2 seasons ago, therefore I own the right to talk about him. He’s sublimely skilled, has 140 competitive games under his belt, and likely would render Chambo or Theo surplus for sure. He’s only 22 as well, I’d imagine he has plenty of room to grow into a bit of a monster of a player. The sort Wenger might turn into a striker.

We’re being linked with Jeison Murillo of Inter Milan. He’s Colombian. I have no idea if he’s any good. Inter are basically purging their players this summer because of their fair play deficit… so I expect this to just be a leaked agent story.

There isn’t a whole lot of other things out there, so I’m cutting it short, I’ll catch ya’ll tomorrow!


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  1. Relieable Sauce

    PL has the most players going to the Euros by some margin with 103. Bundesliga in 2nd with 57 and already losing 2 internationals to the PL before the summer has started.

    Juventus and Liverpool with the most players at 12.
    Spurs – 11
    MU – 10
    Arsenal – 8

    Doesnt make great reading going through our list of players at all.

    Szczesney, Rosicky….then the top-end players…Cech, Koz, Wilshire, Giroud : /
    Not much of a future with that lot!

    Bellerin gives us something to look forward to I guess. Just not too far forward.

  2. qna

    shad. I dont mind the end of Ozil if it were the beginning of somebody else who can contribute just as much – or possibly more. But I could see James working with Ozil. Both players with great movement and skill.

    But our number 1 requirement is still to bring in a CF that can score goals. James doesnt meet that does he. It would be depressing to go into another season with this group of centre forwards.

  3. Ishola70

    Arsene Wenger has made an appearance in The Times Literary Supplement.

    He puts his signature to a “love-letter” to England wanting them to stay in the european union.

    Brexit = vote out.

  4. TitsMcGee

    It’s a sentiment shared by most straight thinking people. Anyone who thinks Giroud is suddenly going to clock 30 goals in the next season needs their head examined. We won’t fair any better next season than we did this one if nothing of note is done in that department. Everyone knows that. Just like everyone knew that signing no outfield players last summer was the mistake of the century and so it turned out to be.”

    It’s amazing isn’t it?

    I happen to be of the belief that despite rumors to the contrary that there is a fair chance Wenger is done spending for the summer(major spending that is). I think there is still a better than 50/50 chance Wenger packs up shop and says “job done” after Xhaka’s signing.

    He’s that delusional/calculating. I use the word calculating because I don’t think HE thinks that Xhaka alone is enough. He knows he isn’t. “Calculating” to mean that he knew a 30 million signing right after the ashes of finishing the season 10 points behind a club that has a fraction of our budget was what the doctor ordered to get the vultures off his back. Hey it worked.

    He won’t spend much more. He’ll say “hey we spent 30 million, hey we’ve spent on a big player every season last 4 years”. If we spunked 80 million this summer the cross-hairs would be firmly on his back should he not win. By tinkering he buys himself an “out” come the end of the season while pointing to Xhaka as “evidence” that he indeed cares about winning when it’s all just calculated to buy himself more time.

  5. Jim Lahey

    Ozil should have easily had 30 assists this season if he wasn’t surrounded cut-price Aldi brand strikers.

    The guy created 144 chances, its not much to expect 30 goals from that. Ozil did his job last season, the rest didn’t.

  6. shad


    Ozil + James is tricky. They both love a free role, though Ozil will drift to the touchlines if need be. James likes to slink through the centre. That would be extremely offensive and we’d need a Ngolo Kante or now we have Xhaka to cover a lot of ground box to box, given the spaces the former will leave.

    We definitely need that versatile CF, wish we had a clear sight of who we can get before the Euros because once the Euros start,silly season will be i full force. Every goal scored will be magnified by greedy agents and clubs looking to cash in. Not looking forward to that, especially with Wenger’s penchant for playing hard ball.

  7. Uwot?

    You nailed it tits.that’s exactly what he’ll do.but is he stubborn enough or stupid enough to realise that most have seen through the usual strokes he pulls pre season?because this season ,especially after last seasons dismal showing,the SHIT will hit the fan a lot earlier.come end of August he’ll be forced into the super market trolley dash & forced to pay over odds.whether this will get him out of jail again remains to be seen…..

  8. tunnygriffboy

    We’ll buy a CF. Not sure we would have had Welbeck not got injured

    Am excited about Xhaka. The player we’ve needed for a long time.

    I was hoping we’d get our signings done by the euro’s. The Moratta situation is a mess and seems awfully complicated. I’m sure the kid doesn’t know what’s goingon so Dick Law’s head must be spinning like a top.

  9. HillWood

    Arsenal became over reliant on Henry to get the goals in the end. Nowhere near enough goals came from the rest of the team. Can’t see Wenger changing his obsession with not shooting outside the box.Does it matter who we get with him still here ?

  10. gonsterous

    If we play xhaka and elneny, we may just have place to field both James and ozil as well as Sanchez !!

  11. shad

    “Does it matter who we get with him still here ?”

    Obviously, no. But a team with hungry players who take winning at all cost (like the invincibles) will win in spite of him, not because of him, We just hope they morph and gel. But with no RW and no CF, the goal drought and predictably cumbersome and mostrly fruitless build up play will continue

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Lots of clubs starting to circle around Mhiktaryan now, Chelsea and Juventus strongly linked today.

    If he moves to another club and we don’t do our utmost to sign him, that will be an incredibly big miss. Just as Xhaka was exactly what we were crying out for in central midfield, Mhiktaryan is exactly what we need in the wide playmaker slot to balance out Sanchez and take the creative burden off of Ozil, adds goals as well as assists also to a flank that struggles.

  13. gonsterous

    We all know the next objective for Wenger after the stadium build was to win the league on the cheap. Which has failed massively.. even the die hard AKBs know Wenger has to spend. I think he may just buy another striker !!

  14. Relieable Sauce


    Not sure, Spain, and Italy (maybe Portugal) would have the highest numbers I guess, similar with a WC.

    Being a continental competition obviously skews it a bit and the fact all but one of the home nations qualified helps beef up the numbers.

  15. emiratesstroller


    Arsenal need to prioritise their transfer requirements, which for me would be
    in order of need are:
    1. Striker [first string]
    2.Centre Back [first string]
    3.Left Back [first/second string]

    Mikhataryan is an excellent player, but somehow I do not think that Arsenal
    will spend £20 MILLION + on a 27 year old. Also I have my doubts that that
    Borussia Dortmund will sell him now that both Hummels and Gundogan have

  16. shad


    He definitely will buy another striker,primarily because of Welbeck’s injury and his grown distrust of Walcott, who really should be off. The quality of who he gets is the question; we could end up with Sanogo Mk II

  17. shad


    Dortmund will sell if the right money shows up. Like Atletico, they have a brilliant scouting network and a very good coach, they are prepared to lose Mikhtaryan and Aubumeyang.
    Don’t think we need a marquee LB, Monreal has done very well and has been I think our most consistent performer of the back 4. I’d let him keep his place. We definitely need a starting CF and CB. I’d also love a world class RW but as I’ve said in other posts, I think we don’t have to break bank for this. I’d love Mahrez, Mikhtaryan there but if all fails, a Wijnaldum/Bakambu mould of a player will be great.

  18. Dissenter

    City are going to be ditching a lot of their high profile signings this season because Guardiola will bring in at least 8 players.
    I can see Wenger going for Iheanacho. The gist is Guardiola does not rate him and wants him gone.

  19. Dissenter

    “Mikhataryan is an excellent player, but somehow I do not think that Arsenal
    will spend £20 MILLION + on a 27 year old. Also I have my doubts that that
    Borussia Dortmund will sell him now that both Hummels and Gundogan have

    Why do you have a this undying obsession with the age of the player.
    Who cares about his age if he’s at the top of his game. It’s not like we don’t have the money.

    Myhktarian [costing 20 million] at 27 years old is better than wasting 250k weekly salary on Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini who hardly play. It’s also better than risking 16 million on an untested defender from Southampton.

    Why are you always yapping on and on about age?
    The 27 year old is at the top of his game. You seem to be satisfied with mediocrity.

  20. emiratesstroller


    Borussia Dortmund have lost already two of their best players. Somehow I think that they will resist selling a third if at all possible.

    I agree with what you say about LB but Monreal is 30+ and Gibbs is clearly not
    seen as a regular starting X1 player.Based on regularity of rumours I think that
    it is likely we are looking for LB.

    Arsenal have at moment plenty of players on books who can play RW/RMF. This would be my fourth priority unless we are offloading players in those positions.

  21. Dissenter

    I would have a 27 year old Myhktarian anyday over the 25 year old perennial crock that is Wilshere.

  22. Steveyg87

    Wont say I’m optimistic about this window, we all know Wenger by now. Going in to the new season with Giroud as our number 1 then we might as well pack it in already. I sincerely hope that the targets have been identified and back ups if the initial deals don’t pull through, we cant afford another Suarez situation

    We could do the league regardless of which manager comes in if we can just get someone to bury the chances we are creating. While we’re at it, let that mofo be mobile as well so we can involve more of our players during build up play instead of flogging it to Giroud

  23. Cesc Appeal


    I disagree really, Mhiktaryan is an opportunistic buy, they don’t come around that often, top class player in a difficult contract situation making the selling clubs position weaker.

    If Arsenal arrive with a £25-30 Million offer BvB will find it hard to turn down, they are not a cash rich club and could use the funds to rebuild.

    I sort of disagree as well with this whole prioritising thing, we make it sound as if transfers are the most difficult thing on the face of the planet, that you cannot do more than one at once, if true for Arsenal, then that is Arsenal’s fault that needs to be addressed.

    I completely disagree with a LB being a priority over LM/RM as well.

    Really, sell Walcott, gain Mhiktaryan for hardly any expense. Not even a choice in that.

  24. emiratesstroller


    Most of Arsenal’s recent acquisitions costing £10 million+ over last 3 seasons
    apart from Cech and Debuchy were aged 20-25.

    I think that most of the major English Clubs are moving in that direction when
    buying players particularly if they are costing £20 million+.

  25. Bamford10

    Morata says he is “tired” of all the transfer talk surrounding him.

    Apologies, Alvaro; we will try to keep this talk to a minimum here.

  26. naijagunner

    Manchester United, Chelsea, Man city, Liverpool……all these clubs are going to be in the market for better players than they already have…so the market is not open for Arsenal alone.

    I miss the days when Wenger was able to surprise us with buys like Eduardo, Sagna, Hleb,,,,,at least then we were actually scouting.

    We went from that to waiting a whole season for Chamack, a player whose stats was so underwhelming I was convinced he would flop, then somehow Sanogo turns up, I still haven’t figured out what happened there .

    I personally don’t have high hopes for the summer, I think we are going to stand around again hoping to feed off the scraps left by the top teams and going home hungry.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Need to make a choice on Morata, scored a brace yesterday, albeit against South Korea (with respect), but if that is the one Wenger wants, buy him now, if he bangs in a handful of goals at the Euro we will probably refuse to meet the inflated price.

  28. emiratesstroller


    We have on books at moment 4 right wings in Sanchez, Walcott,Ox and Campbell plus Wilshire and Ramsey who will expect to play possibly as RMF.

    Frankly I don’t see Wenger selling more than one of these players this summer
    and we still have too many options on books.

  29. Hectors Dust


    ‘But a team with hungry players who take winning at all cost (like the invincibles) will win in spite of him, not because of him, ‘

    If you honestly believe this then I feel sorry for you. Who would of put these players together in the team? Who would of bought these players?

    lol I suppose they identify themselves and arrive at Colney for their own medical and PR shoots?

    The manager isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for fucks sake let’s not pretend we have Joe Kinnear or Steve Mclaren managing the team.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    But those are just names, out of all of them outside of Sanchez, Campbell is probably the best option after last season…that tells you everything.

    As I said all last summer, Arsenal squad is simply illusory depth. There’s no substance past the names.

    Say you sell Oxlade, Walcott and Wilshere for example, what do you lose? Honestly, where does any imbalance come in or loss of on-field performance?

    I agree that Wenger is not ruthless, that Walcott will likely still be here nest year for unfathomable reasons, but then that is still a fault, it is not justificatory.

    I said yesterday, our in the know RP is saying Ramsey is unhappy with the situation right now, sell him then, Walcott as well, in this market that is likely £55-60 Million right there, Kante and Mhkitaryan would cost about £45-50 Million…you’ve made a profit and improved your squad. Just as an example.

  31. PieAFC

    We want the players buy the fucking players.

    This dithering is a fucking joke. Get them in early. Why do this club make it so fucking hard….

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Even if a team of new players did still fail because of Wenger, at least it would be exciting, at last you would have a reason to tune in every week outside of a feeling of duty, at least you could imagine life with that team after Wenger.

  33. Hectors Dust


    ‘Why do you have a this undying obsession with the age of the player.
    Who cares about his age if he’s at the top of his game. It’s not like we don’t have the money.’

    Don’t know what you do for a living mate but what ES is trying to get across is that we still have to be prudent with our money and have a recruitment strategy in place now focusing on ready made talents with scope for improvement.

    I actually think £20-25m is fair value for Miky and don’t thin he’s too old.

    The point is we still have to be prudent. We still can’t spunk £100m + on 3 players and hope they work out (like CIty, Chelsea and United) and if not do the same again the next window or season.

  34. emiratesstroller


    I am not suggesting that we should not replace most of the players which I listed, but somehow I don’t think that Wenger will.

    Also you have to factor into equation the Home Grown rule.

    Wenger indicated not so long ago that he was looking to buy 2-3 new players. Somehow I don’t see him buying 5 or 6.

  35. S Asoa

    Hey guys , Pedro
    Rightly said “Wenger won’t change ”
    or as Louis would have put it
    “O rabo do cao metido me vao nao fica sao ”
    Wenger is a bitch. The ecstasy over Xakha is giving wrong signals.. Remember ALL the positions we needed and only after the deficiencies are filled be happy.
    Until then don’t take off your foot off

  36. Hectors Dust

    S Asoa

    Open the top, step back inside your box and remember to take your meds.

    There’s a good boy

  37. BacaryisGod

    Arsene has a four-part test to show us if we have any chance of winning the Premier League next season.

    1. Sign a central midfield general. Xhaka might be that player
    2. Sign a CB better than Mert/Gabriel .
    3. Sign a CF upgrade to Giroud.
    4. Renew deals for Alexis and Ozil.

    By the end of the window, we’ll know if we have a serious chance.

  38. Redtruth

    Everybody could see before Wenger bought these very good players that they were very good players…

    Players not on the radar that blossomed are few and far between and the majority turned out duds

  39. shad


    Monreal just turned 30 in Feb and he is those that seem to get better with age a la Juanfran, Alves, Evra, etc. Plus he hasn’t suffered any major injuries and isn’t easily injured so he looks like he still has a couple of years left in him.

    As for Dortmund, they seem to always be in a rebuilding cycle like Ajax. They can lose their best players and still remain quite competitive owing to the quality of the league and their own scouting network and coaching systems. a feeder club.

    And the club doesn’t have a quality RM, not a quality one, no. Bar campbell, I haven’t seen anyone who has done that right flank justice this season. Feo, Ox and Ramsey have all flopped there and all drift inwards with no end product nor defensive discipline to help out Bellerin.

  40. shad


    Yes Wenger put the invincibles together but my point was they were leaders in themselves on and off the pitch and played for each other. You could say the in game tactics and mentality was down to the players IMO. All Wenger could do was sit and admire the quality of what was out there. Players in their prime strutting their stuff about with swagger and with no fear. They could play dirty and they could play sexy; and this was down to the players feeding off of each other mentally as there were so many world class players.

    That is what I meant by the team winning in spite of Wenger being there. To me, that team was complete. They’d have gone on regardless of who was manager.

  41. naijagunner

    Yes Red

    Everyone saw that Patrick Viera was a very good player hence he was rotting on the Milan bench

    The whole world also identified Kolo Toure as a top center back in Ivory Coast

    Adebayor was playing in the Monaco reserves but somehow became a player city were willing to pay 24M for

    But no…Wenger is useless, he is only a well respected figure worldwide because his players won even though he tried all his best to make sure they didn’t .

  42. naijagunner

    “That is what I meant by the team winning in spite of Wenger being there. To me, that team was complete. They’d have gone on regardless of who was manager.”

    I guess this complete team came about as a result of evolution, there weren’t signed and put together by a manager.

  43. Dissenter

    What are you yapping about?
    So you believe that “20-25m is fair value for Miky and don’t thin he’s too old”
    Welcome to the club because that’s the same point I made…you know the one you were critiquing.
    What has that got to do with what I do in life?

    If you care about financial prudence then you would be against wasting 250k weekly on three midfielders [Flamini, Rosicky and Arteta]
    If you care about financial prudence you would be wondering why we are paying Walcott 140k weekly to score 5 league goals a season when he would be worth a mars chocolate bar when his contract expires in 4 years.
    If you care about financial prudence then you would wonder why we pay 192 million to a squad full of average players.
    Dortmund are prepared to let him stay the last year of his contract and leave for free next season. How much more Arsenal to let him leave for free after his contract is over, when he ‘s 31 years old.

  44. qna

    Bacary. Your 4 point plan gets 10/10. Very important to secure those players if we are going to build towards anything. Losing either would be like starting from the whiteboard from scratch.

    If I were to add a 5th point, I would say that we need to firmly clear out deadwood and move on players that are no longer part of our plans – Flamini for one, but loan players also and any squad players that are not going to cut it. I like Campbell, but if Wenger doesnt then bring somebody else in. I would also agree that Campbell is only squad player quality. Oxlaide could easily go and Walcott really needs to get the boot – however we would need to bring in a top level replacement in addition to point 3 of 4 if we were to do that.

  45. Sam

    We’re linked with Gabigol thats good news I like him
    We’ll still need additional striker n play him on the right



    goals goals goals goals

  46. qna

    Gabigol??? For that price no way. He is not the new Neymar that is for sure. My guess is that he might be Firmino level. We should be able to secure Mahrez for less than Gibigol is likely to cost.

    Lukaku will be too expensive. But he or Auba would be ideal. More likely is Morata. If not Morata then I would be happy with Batshuayi, who looks like he would be every bit as good as Lukaku.

  47. shad

    “That is what I meant by the team winning in spite of Wenger being there. To me, that team was complete. They’d have gone on regardless of who was manager.”

    I guess this complete team came about as a result of evolution, there weren’t signed and put together by a manager.

    Please at least exercise your literacy before commenting. Read my first sentence on that very post.

  48. Sam

    Cunt like RedCunt doesn’t know He feeds Wenger with attentions he craves
    Tyrants are foking narcissists, they love all publicities even negatives as it keeps them in news.

    Fool please try n talk about something else once in your life

  49. naijagunner


    I am not a fan of Batshuayi ….watched a bit of ligue 1 last season, he is pretty average and extremely selfish. His finishing is pretty erratic too.

    He won’t create for others. The only thing going for him is youth.

    Moratta is a more refined player. Lukaku knows the league.

    Personally Lukaku is my number one choice.

  50. shad

    “Maybe its time for Arsenal to sign a proper brazilian”

    Weirdly, my older brother put out a theory that all good teams, the ones that win major trophies have a serious Brazilian in their lineup.

    Barca – Alves, Neymar
    RM – Marcelo
    Bayern – Thiago, D. Costa
    PSG – T. Silva, D. Silva, Lucas Moura

    Give me a Gilberto or Edu please.

  51. naijagunner

    “Please at least exercise your literacy before commenting. Read my first sentence on that very post.”

    Yes…it’s just like me saying what a nice top you are wearing but I bet the shop assistant picked it out for you.

    Great compliment indeed .

    Leave the invincible team alone, they are still Wenger’s greatest achievement, at least have the good grace to admit it without any buts

  52. Sam


    Arsenal just earned £100M after being sh!t all season and you are scared of spending
    plus we have many players we don’t really need, We could get rid of them to clear our wage bills then buy 3 quality players.

    Forget Mahrez, he just won the league why should he leave Leicester?

  53. Sam

    Arsenal fans are delusional,

    Kante and the rest of Leicester star players won’t leave
    they’re all wrapped up on Ranieri fingers, He’s probably telling them they are going for the Champions league next season n try to win it.

    Hmmmmm I wonder what Wenger is telling his players right now
    just enjoy yourselves when Barca or Bayern come to town. Spread your legs n get penetrated n don’t even bother to fight them off

  54. STV

    Mkhitaryan +Kante + Higuain could hardly cost 100m and part of it can be recouped on Theo+ Campbell+ Chamberlain. A net spend of 60-70m is hardly a huge sum in today’s market. Some of the good players out thrre there are not the toughest to get as well.

    But we know Wenger simply cannot do any good transfers. We can have a transfer kitty of 500m and an office full of people working on transfers 24/7 and Wenger would still struggle hard with the simplest of dealings.

    Who are we kidding! Forget all that players..

  55. karim


    Agree with what you’re saying but Ade wasn’t a Wenger find, he had already been very good in France, particularly for Monaco.

  56. STV

    .”But he or Auba would be ideal. More likely is Morata. If not Morata then I would be happy with Batshuayi, “…

    ..If not him let’s go with Giroud and save some money lol!!!!

  57. qna

    Sam. I am all for spending 100m. I would have us spend 200m. There are two problems a) Wenger simply wont do it and b) The top players dont want to join us – Lewendowski for example wouldn’t sign for us even if we met his asking and Bayern’s.

  58. naijagunner


    Yes..I remember the Ade and Saviola combo at one time, fearsome strike force .

    But I believe he fell out with people at Monaco, started training with the reserves and arrived at Arsenal with on very low fee. Although that turned out to be the story of his life in pretty much all his subsequent clubs bar Arsenal

    I also know not many Arsenal fans were giddy with excitement when he signed.

  59. loyika

    @ Shad

    To follow your logic then we shouldn’t prsise Pep for his Barca achievements!? As that Barca team won most times on auto pilot!!

    Funny how the Manager gets the blame when the team fucks up and then the player get the glory when the team does well!! Revisionist BS if you ask me.

    Anyways can the Euros start already!? All this Euro stuff (non) news on SS and BBC is just frankly getting boring.

    On another note, Pep has a lot of work to do on that Citeh team. Also would love to see what Jose does with that United squad.

  60. mysticleaves

    “We went from that to waiting a whole season for Chamack, a player whose stats was so underwhelming I was convinced he would flop,”

    replace Chamack with Morata and you wouldnt be wrong. statistically anyway

  61. shad


    And I did give credit to him for putting them together. And despite the Invincibles being arguably the greatest gunners side, they still flopped in Europe and bowed out of the FA in one week. Now, I hand it to Wenger for the run and that swashbuckling style of football was out of this world. My point was however, that the characters in the dressing room were headstrong and all exercised leadership. The ethos of the play transcended what the manager had built, and to some extent Wenger knows that was his greatest achievement, and thus, the teams that he has perennially under-equipped since then is a travesty to football and to anyone who watched the Invincibles. Hence why he can afford to sit and forget to manage in game but would rather sit on his hands and struggle with his zipper.


    My point was Wenger built a great machine, but he didn’t comprehend how great the machine was to the point that the machine would function with or without him. Think Autobots.

    I don’t know how else to put it across. Anyway, just my opinion.

  62. mysticleaves

    “Agree with what you’re saying but Ade wasn’t a Wenger find, he had already been very good in France, particularly for Monaco”

    idk these days what definition of “very good” mean, especially when it concerns strikers. but then Adebayo scored a total of 18 goals in 78 games for monaco (wiki). he outscored that total in 1 single pl season with us.

  63. shad


    I call a spade a spade. It’s the same way as I would say Juup Heynckes Bayern team were so glorious, that they trounced teams in the same way the invincibles did. He assembled them (credit to him), and they went on to achieve heights that I think were in spite of him (credit to the team in itself).
    As I explained before, the Invincibles ethos superceded that of just what the manager input. They were mostly at their prime and the chemistry and synergy and leadership was beyond what Wenger could possibly coach in them – not belittling Wenger’s genius of putting them together and playing entertaining football.
    If that’s not clear, then I don’t know what else to say.

  64. Hectors Dust


    ‘It’s not like we don’t have the money.’

    Was the statement you made. So my point is we can’t repeatedly make major mistakes in the market like City, United and Chelsea, brush it off and do it over and over again.

    ‘If you care about financial prudence then you would be against wasting 250k weekly on three midfielders [Flamini, Rosicky and Arteta]’

    2 of those have now left the club. One is a squad player, and forgive me if I’m wrong but non of them cost £20-25m did they?

    It’s not just about prudence its about been smart and not getting ripped off and sticking to your strategy.

    ‘If you care about financial prudence then you would wonder why we pay 192 million to a squad full of average players.’

    lol and you wonder why people don’t take you seriously. Using Walcott as example, like we’re the only team that have squad wage bill inefficiencies.

    ‘What has that got to do with what I do in life?’

    Your point was bollocks and I’d be worried if you were responsible for making any important decisions.
    Paying over the odds for an old car but it’s ok ‘it’s not like we don’t have the money’
    Paying over the odds for unsuitable office space but it’s ok ‘its not like we don’t have the money’
    Paying over the odds for an under qualified and unsuitable candidate but it’s ok ‘its not like we don’t have the money’

  65. Hectors Dust


    ‘That is what I meant by the team winning in spite of Wenger being there. To me, that team was complete. They’d have gone on regardless of who was manager.’

    Not doing yourself any favours here pal.

    He made it complete, he signed and put those players together, he gave them the confidence to go and play with the freedom they did.

    Sure they’d of thrived under another manager. Fuck me.

    You can want the manager out that’s up to you but to make out that we’ve got Steve Mclaren or Steve Kean managing the team is laughable.

  66. PieAFC

    Take the specs off.

    Adebayor on his day was a handful for many defences, exactly type of player, physique, pace etc, better finishing we’d love to have up top now with Ozil behind.

    The man was a cunt. But wasn’t a bad striker when he was on form for us. Not in RVP level of course.

  67. Louis Almeida

    Adebayor was trouble but in 2007/8 he was an absolute beast. The ideal type of striker we’re missing. Has all Giroud’s strengths but had pace and could create for himself too.

  68. Uwot?

    Listen up everyone!tits has it nailed.why all this talking b*****ks about this player & that player.fantasy waffle.afc closed for summer after xhaka.that’s yourself a lot of anguish..wengers now giving out his usual bullshit opinion on anything but’s the annual bullshit summer roadshow…enjoy.

  69. naijagunner

    @ Shad

    You are simply beating about the bush .

    Why not call out all the other managers who assembled great teams. and tell them the teams would have won without them.

    You might as well call out Pep for failing to win the treble at Bayern like Henykces did.

    Or Jose for watching the same players he assembled play like Sunday league players the next season.

    Everyday on this blog must not be dedicated to bashing Wenger in one form or the other. The man has earned some respect

  70. Jeff

    Uwot, I think you’re right. It’s Giroud and that’s your lot. I don’t think Wenger will go for a super dooper striker.

  71. Dissenter

    Stop meandering through your inane talking points.
    “Paying over the odds for an old car but it’s ok ‘it’s not like we don’t have the money”
    Your points were meaningless because you actually agreed with previous statement about Myktarian.
    I never advocated that we waste money away. I merely stated that 20 million was a good bargain on the player regardless of his age.
    No advocated spending money on an old car, besides 27 year old isn’t old. It’s like 12 million pounds on a 31 year old goal keeper.

    You’re lurching from silly to making up stuff as you go along. I never suggested that we waste money.

  72. Mr J

    @ Karim

    I have to admit… that Adebayor volley is my favourate goal against Tottenham!! (I actually rate it higher then Henry’s goal – but that may be just me alone)

    Actually it’s one of my favourate goals of all time, Arsenal or otherwise

    The BANG nature of it… especially as denilson royally messed up the change immediately before it.

    Shaped the flick-up as if he was going the other way… then BANG.

    Keeper didn’t have even half a chance!

    Love it.

  73. Uwot?

    Thanks Jeff but “tits” takes the credit.this player that player blah ,blah,blah.are you all masochists?

  74. STV

    Adebayour was great in 2007-08 season and part of 09-10 season. The rest of time he was Giroud like. He’s not ‘exactly’ the kind of striker we want imo.

  75. loyika

    So Shad do we guve Pep credit for the Barca team’s achievements or not!? Did he have any special input in coaching Messi or Xavi!?

    And as someone asked, how come Pep couldn’t win the UCL with that same Bayern team (give or take 2 or 3 players)

    Anyways like you said, it’s your opinion and you are very much entitled to it.

  76. Redtruth

    Pep is tactically aware whereas Wenger is tactically credit in small doses is given to Pep for that Barcelona side he managed

  77. Uwot?

    The club,Arsenal,don’t even do press conferences anymore to announce a shiny new player.instead they sneak him in the back door.suck all the life & joy out of it.we used to be a class & it’s run by a ditherer,snake oil salesman & a syrup!sad so so sad….

  78. loyika

    Ade is a good striker, just that he allows his other priorities – family, feeling like a fcuking Rap Star, issues with the Togo FA – tske precedence over his footballing career.

    Waste of a great talent imho.

  79. Redtruth

    Current flops Wenger has signed and played:

    Elneny, Bielik, Bennacer, Iwobi, Kamara, Cech, Gabriel, O’Connor, Maitland, Welbeck, Debuchy, Chambers, Gobbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott, Campbell, Kallstrom, Zelalem, Hayden, Olsson, Akpom, Sanogo, Meade, Eisfeld, Martinez, Gnabry, Angha, Podolski, Giroud, Boateng, Yamnaris, Chu Young Park, Ozyakup, Miyaichi, Aneke, Santos, Gervinho, Mertesacker, Arteta, The Ox, Jenkinson, Frimpong, Henderson, Miguel, Thomas, Squillaci, Szczesny, Almunia, Fabianski and Chamakh.

  80. HillWood

    Shad – which other club would keep a manager where the players have to play inspite of his instructions. Madness . Lol

  81. STV

    “He assembled them (credit to him), and they went on to achieve heights that I think were in spite of him (credit to the team in itself).”

    Heynckes gets all the credit. His influence was clearly evident as Bayern won the Champions league.He improved the team that was partly put together by him and Van Gaal before. They went on and achieved great things. He won Champions league with a Real team too which weren’t as great as it put out. They didn’t won it for 32 years before. Thus he’s a great manager.

    Now Wenger and invincible don’t exactly compare the same way. Wenger gets part of the credit. But being a limited manager he didn’t exactly improve the team nor made them play according to their full potential. Invincibles team were underachivers. He made them play beautiful thats for sure.

    Anyway it’s was 13 years ago. Its too late to say ‘Thanks for the memories Time to say goodbye”

    I say fuck the memories Get The Fuck Out..

  82. Redtruth

    More failures and duds Wenger signed:

    Vermaelen, Arshavin, Silvestre, Vela, Bishoff, Hoyte, Merida, Eastmond, Mannone, Lansbury, Watt, Eduardo, Barazite, Diarra, Poom, Traore, Denilson, Gallas, Adebayor, Bendtner, Baptista, Diaby and Song

  83. tunnygriffboy


    The b.stard lego pop up is totally frying my brain. I’ll end up with hair like Ramsy

    This Moratta situation looks really complicated. Poor lad doesn’t know what is going on. Madrid making things tough for him.

    Was hoping we’d get our deals done pre euros but it appears bar one or two things appear slow everywhere

  84. STV


    The youth developed by the famous youth developer.

    Fabregas (Thanks to Barca academy) Van Persie (Credit to Wenger), Bellerin (Thanks to Barca academy).,Ashley Cole, ..In 20 years.

  85. Redtruth

    I’ve named thus far 75 players who have flopped under Wenger and their are at least 80 more players that are not at the required level for a club like Arsenal that Wenger has signed..

  86. Redtruth

    Van Persie was a protege at Feyernord who was constently played out of position by Wenger before eventually finding his niche as a marksman..

  87. HillWood

    If next season we carry on trying to score all our goals from in and around the box ,there is no point signing Usain Bolt. Might as well stick with Giroud

  88. Redtruth

    Ashley Cole was a Striker who ended up playing at left back.

    Wenger saw no worth in Cole and was only halted from selling him to Crystal Palace because of the Silvinho Passport debacle..

  89. Ishola70

    Van Persie had already played two seasons with Feyenoord first team and had been named Dutch youngplayer of the year in one of them and was part of the Feyenoord team that won the UEFA Cup. As Redtruth says he was a Feyenoordprotégée and highly regarded before he signed for Arsenal. Hardly a Wenger discovery I’m afraid.

  90. BacaryisGod


    It’s easy to highlight transfer problems with a manager who has been at the club 20 years.

    The facts are that for a club of Arsenal’s size and financial strength, Wenger exceeded expectations from 1997-2006, was below expectations from 2007-2013 (no trophies and rarely in title chase), performed to expectations from 2014-2016 (2 domestic trophies, 2nd place finish).

    Assuming that he’s not a genius tactician (which I don’t think he is), then the transfer performance fairly accurately reflects the team performance.

    Most of his best signings came in the first 7 years, and then it took a heavy downturn until the arrival of players like Ozil and Alexis when we started winning again.

    It also explains why fans of the club are quite divided on Wenger.

  91. BacaryisGod

    Also, if you view the transfer market like the stock market, I think Wenger is way up over his 20 years. He bought some low priced stocks Henry, Fabregas, Adebayor, Van Persie, Nasri, Toure etc) and watched them soar until he sold (or had to sell) at a high price.

    He bought a lot of penny stocks that didn’t work out but his risk was minimal.

    Recently, he’s picked up some blue chip stocks (Ozil and Alexis) and they’ve both performed mostly to expectations.

  92. STV


    I am aware of that. But he did have role in his development as a striker and solving his behavioral issues. Dont know much about young Ashly cole. The same can’t be said about Fabregas Bellerin and every other youth players he developed I try think.

    It’s apparent that those players Wenger said to have developed were supremely talented. Its not evident how much influence Wenger had on their development. I think they’d have devolped under any Manager regardless. (Much like Varane and Mourinho).

    There are no hidden gems Wenger found like Fergie did in the 90s.

  93. Redtruth

    George Graham exceeded expectations not Wenger with Graham overachieving in 8 seasons by winning 2 League Titles, I Fa Cup, 2 League Cups and 1 Cup Winners Cup….not to mention 6 top 4 finishes and reaching Cup Finals..

  94. karim


    I know we are living in an era of statistics, but a player can be very good for his team without it being necessarily reflected in the stats bar.

    He scored goals, was a pain for every defence because of his height, pace and power.

    Others players benefited from him and as a whole, the team was better.

    Hence the quote : ” he had been very good… “

  95. Hunter

    I honestly don’t think any of the five or six marquee strikers that are talked about this summer will come to AFC.Morata is likely to stay at Juventus or return to RM.Cavani to Athletico Madrid is a possibility,Lukaku to Chelsea a probability,what’s his face from Napoli has said he wants to play for Klopp ,Dortmund guy to RM or United,Vardy stays at Leicester,PSG bloke to United so who’S left?oh yeh I forgot Levendowski to Madrid also!Benzema dosen’t want to move either.So the line up could be RM-Levendowski,Benzema,Aubangamang,Rnaldo and Bale!!!!Cavani and Costa -Athletico Madrid,Lukaku-Chelsea and Arsenal-Giroud!!!!

  96. HillWood

    Bacary- we are supposed to be a football club not an investment bank. Shit players are a waste of wages and Wenger has had plenty

  97. STV

    “Also, if you view the transfer market like the stock market, I think Wenger is way up over his 20 years. He bought some low priced stocks Henry, Fabregas, Adebayor, Van Persie, Nasri, Toure etc) and watched them soar until he sold (or had to sell) at a high price.”


    Sadly Transfer Market cannot be veiwed as a stock market as and net money generated can’t be seen as a success. None of those players bar Henry helped the team to achieve success.

    If 10 years of bellow expected performances are not enough to get a manager sacked, I don’t know what does!

  98. Hector

    Lol dissenter.

    Dry your eyes. You want us to throw money at the problem, what ever it takes to be like Chelsea, City and United.

    Sorry to break it to you but we can’t do what they do. Isn’t that obvious to suck an intellect like yourself?

  99. Cesc Appeal

    Not sure about the England line up, must be a 4-1-2-1-2, have to see how it works out, only real way you can cram Rooney in.

    Midfield is pretty much okay, choice for me is between Milner or Henderson to go with Dier and Alli, but that front three is what needs to work, personally think Welbeck is a miss, Kane, Welbeck and then even someone like Lallana looked pretty good in Germany.

    Kanr and Vardy means it has to be two up top with Rooney in behind, cannot have Vardy wide just feels unbalanced.

  100. Cesc Appeal

    Right, but the idea of a transfer market for big clubs is to acquire assets to help you on the field, not to make money.

  101. Redtruth


    Notable players Wenger signed during his first 7 years as Manager:

    Remi Garde
    Gilles Grimandi
    Luis Boa Morte
    Christopher Wreh
    Paolo Vernazza
    Alberto Mendez
    Kaba Diawara
    Nelson Vivas
    David Grondin
    Oleg Luznhy
    Stefan Matz
    Davor Suker
    Sylvain Wiltord
    Jernaine Pennant
    Stuart Taylor
    Morirz Volz
    Igors Stepanovs
    Giovani Van Bronkhurst
    Francis Jeffers
    Junichi Inamoto
    Richard Wright
    Stathis Tavlaridis
    Rohan Rickets
    Jeremie Aliadiere
    Sebastian Svard
    Gilberto Silva
    Kolo Toure
    Pascal Cygan
    Rami Shaaban
    Graham Stack
    Gael Clichy
    Frankie Simek
    Michal Papadopolous
    Seb Larsson
    Johan Djourou
    Manuel Almunia
    Arturo Lupoli
    Phillippe Senderos
    Emmanuel Eboue
    Alex Song
    Mathieu Flamini

  102. Hector


    442 diamond like Milan used to play. Width coming from the full backs. The spuds 2full backs are the best we’ve got and have looked decent.

    Wouldn’t play Rooney behind vardy and kane.

    Would of gone for alli behind and Wilshere next to Milner.

    See how it goes though, glad he’s gone for the 2 on form up front

  103. Cesc Appeal


    I like the midfield, personally I would have liked a 4-3-3, Henderson, Dier and Alli middle, just do not rate Wilshere at all, honestly cannot see what others see in him. But preferences and all that.

    Obviously some injuries and what have you might force selection a bit for Woy, would have liked to have seen Henderson, Dier, Alli, Sterling, Kane, Welbeck…alas.

  104. Hector

    Even Sterling behind the front two would be worth a shout if he’s going with the diamond going forward.

    Be more attacking than if alli was there but against teams we should be beating it would make sense.

  105. Cesc Appeal

    Thought this might happen, really struggling to accommodate Rooney and Vardy.

    Woy has got to make a big call about selection, if you play Rooney, you have to play a certain formation, one of my arguments with Ozil as well, his name forces you to play a certain shape, so he has to make it worth it in his contribution.

    Kane, Rooney and Vardy is too unbalanced, Rooney was essentially playing false nine for most of the half with Vardy and Kane wide, we looked more balanced when Alli came into the centre behind a ST.

    Danilo is having a good game for Portugal, very impressive, both England fullbacks are playing well also.

  106. Relieable Sauce


    Thats the best way of getting Vardy, Kane & Rooney in the team. No way should Vardy be playing on the left.

  107. Relieable Sauce



  108. karim


    Agree, wasn’t impressed either. Vardy hasn’t seen the ball much, Kane looked like he was trying too hard to impress the manager.
    I liked Alli’s technical finesse and Milner’s energy and activity.

    Bruno Alves deserved to get sent off while Carvalho’s still decent in spite of his age and heavy legs.

  109. Relieable Sauce

    Wheres Andros Townsend when you need him???

    Crying out for Wilshire/Stirling/Sturridge.