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Ok, Ok. He didn’t exactly. But let’s be real here, he just said that his Champions League failure (x2) has made him question his future, because two finals of failure is not good enough.

“I am thinking that I have to start thinking. It’s a logical question for you to ask after a defeat like the one we’ve suffered today.

“We had the chance to become champions, we didn’t take that chance. We need to continue working, I have to think things out on my part – that’s what I’m doing now.

I love that. You know why? Because Wenger would polish two finals as a major success. I think we kind of need an antidote to that sort of rhetoric when a new manager comes in. If Simeone is available at the end of the next season, I’m kind of hoping the board doesn’t dither again and let another world-class opportunity pass them by.

Would Simeone play Wenger style football? No. Very unlikely. Does that mean it would be unappealing? I don’t think so. There’s beauty in pragmatism. I also don’t think his teams are horrible to watch. He has some incredible talent under his wings and he brings the best out of a whole range of players.

He also instills grit. He innovates. He takes the game to new levels.

I’d love him. I think he’d be mad to not want a crack at the Premier League. I think most Arsenal fans would roll through glass to have him take over. But we’ll pass on him when Wenger pens the latest chapter of his forever deal.

Papers are leaking that Callum Chambers is going to be sent on loan, like I said last week. It was a major mistake expecting him to do anything decent this season… Wenger should probably stop signing players from Southampton. Theo, Chambo and Chambers have all been pretty depressing signings. All the promise, none of the delivery. A noticeable lack of grit in all three. I’d happily let all of them chaperone my sister to see the latest Pixar movie. That’s how confident I am on their middle class ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ attributes.

Very weird story doing the rounds about Wenger making some cash from a company that is now dead. I mean, the story is… Arsene has a company, it’s a bit weird and he made some cash. But we’re not going to investigate any further.

If you’re not going to give the whole story, why drop it in the first place?

The man largely credited with the Sevilla success of the last decade, Monchi, has apparently quit Sevilla. If you want a football man at Arsenal, you’d be hard pushed to find a man better qualified. I mean, I know we won’t go for him… but that sort of expertise around the club has been lacking for a number of years. A true football man looking after things. Someone who is a planner. Someone who knows how to make a plan B happen. Someone with trophies. Trouble is, you can’t have a man like that at a club that has an Arsene…

Cheeky scouting report on Alvaro Morata? Why not…

Right, me done. OVER AND OUT.

UPDATE: Simeone is going to stay at Atletico as long as they let him sign the players he’d like… Alexis Sanchez is on the list. Dang…


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  1. vicky


    Yeah agreed. Wenger should have called the bluff instead of sticking with Stan. And for this very reason he should be held culpable. I said the same thing in my post. But yes, I can’t absolve Kroenke of his part of blame.

  2. Dream10


    Podolski would destroy RVP lol.

    Having the feeling that Wilshere and Xhaka will not get along. Despite his injury record, you can still see Jack is still considered one of the faces of the club. He’s always in the centre of ad campaigns and kit launches. Who knows how good Xhaka will be for us, but he is not the docile type Wonder if Jack will feel that his status is threatened by the new arrival and someone like Ramsey being the heirs to the CM roles now that Arteta,Flamini,Rosicky, Cazorla have been/will be phased out in the next year or so?

    We’ve lost a lot of experience over the last couple of years. Sagna, Arteta, Rosicky, (Flamini) are all in their 30’s and gone. We need to hold to the likes of Mertesacker and Cazorla for another couple of years. They don’t need to play every match, but older players are crucial. All the top clubs have this element.

  3. Wallace


    “Mkhitaryan has like 20 odd goals and how many assists 30 ish last season and you want Mahrez over him Wallace?”

    Mahrez is a lot younger, is already fully adapted, and he’s got the dribbling skills…think he’d be a far better fit for us than the Armenian.

  4. Carts

    The problem with a number of our, so called, better players is that they’re either not actually that good and/or Wenger literally doesn’t know what to do with them.

    These players have amazing raw attributes.

    I mean, how can we have players like Walcott, Ox, Wilshere and Ramsey but almost every time they play, it’s as if they’re in their debut season, ffs?

    When Ramsey hasn’t played he has hardly been missed. When he has played, he gives you 45 seconds of nice play followed by 10 minutes of total crap.

    I’d gladly let him go. Shame on Wenger if Ramsey goes to City and develops into the player Wenger couldn’t produce.

  5. S Asoa

    It is a pity Kroenky does not read Arsenal posts except for the Balance Sheet. Interesting the theories going round today about a ” shrivelled, money minded ,ghoul ” out here .
    And all because he continues with an Specialist in Failure espousing imaginary titles
    Fourth Toffee
    Max appearances in CL
    and Other such Craps decorated like French Souffles

    FO Bstrds

  6. TitsMcGee

    Marco Reus out of Euros.

    Bad luck for such a good player. Always gets injured right before these major tournaments.

  7. STV

    This Wenger/Kroenke debate will never end. People still think Wenger’s biggest crime is not voicing discomfort over Kroenke policies and not related to his on field coaching or squad management !!!

  8. TitsMcGee

    “It’s a shame,” Giroud told reporters after the game. “Playing for France, even when you miss a chance, you’re expecting applause and encouragement. They’re also there for that. I don’t understand it too much but it won’t stop me from sleeping.”

    —Giroud already pulling out the Wenger-esque excuses about expecting applause for missing a chance lol

  9. STV

    All of the team’s that have changed the stadiums, Arsenal suffered the worst ( still doing) All thanks to the inept clueless Economist.

  10. TitsMcGee

    This Wenger/Kroenke debate will never end. People still think Wenger’s biggest crime is not voicing discomfort over Kroenke policies and not related to his on field coaching or squad management !!!”

    It’s quite silly especially considering our wage bill isn’t far behind Chelsea/City etc.

    Also did Kroneke tell Wenger that we could only spend 10 million last summer?

    Despite how much people want to defend Wenger, Arsenal had WAY more than 10 million available to spend last summer or any summer. It was a personal decision by Wenger.

  11. Wallace


    they’re both excellent players. I just think Mahrez’s dribbling ability is a real weapon. if we do sell the Ox it will leave us short of players in the squad who can go past their opponent.

  12. Wallace


    “Oh I forgot, the Premier league adaptation!!”

    correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Mahrez just voted best player in the league by both the fans and the other players?

  13. Carts

    I can’t find the post, but someone mentioned the lack of acknowledgement from with in the camp about the Xhaka signing.

    If this is the case then one can only laugh.

    That crop have had it so easy in recent years. Zero competition and even then, you’d have to have the worst game in recent memory to get dropped.

    Ramsey is a perfect example of a player constantly putting in League 2 performances and still getting picked. Comical.

  14. Marko

    The previous season Wallace he scored 4 goals and another 3 when they were promoted. I’m sorry but it’s possible he’s a one season wonder

  15. STV


    Yes,but that doesn’t mean he is better than Mkhitaryan straight away. He’s been one of the best attackers for sometime now and proved consistently for club and country.

    Primier league proven is is not a benchmark. There are too many average players in pl (not suggesting Mahrez is one.)

  16. shad

    If Ramsey et al have caught feels because a genuine proper C< has come in to replace them, then fuck their acknowledgment. He thinks the one good season he had is worthy of Barca or Real? LOL, he'll probably go there and get loaned to Las Palmas or Real Sociedad, who'd probably bench him for his silly pirouettes.
    Wilshere should sod off too, a broken down luxury player is no good.
    I'd gladly welcome Mikhtaryan/Mahrez, players who know what winning a league title feels like. These overhyped pricks should simply fuck off.

  17. Romford Ozil Pele

    Either Mkhi or Mahrez for me though the former is more proven. Maybe we’d target the latter because of his age, who knows.

    England squad out. No Delph, Drinkwater or Townsend. Both Rashford and Sturridge go

  18. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah I thought it was quite bad that nobody welcomed Xhaka. Maybe some of the players are threatened. Good, it’ll cause them to up their game because he’s better than everyone of them

  19. azed

    “The rumour I hear is Sturridge which I hope isn’t true because he’s a crock despite being a fantastic striker”

    Wenger has been meaning to replace Diaby for a while now. The physios need to earn their pay.

    Romford when did you get into the ITK business? I could whip up a site in 10 mins (Romford knows best .com) and use all your info for click bait.

    We could make a killing.

  20. Romford Ozil Pele

    Haha Azed I’m not really ITK tbh. People think that because I called the Xhaka deal a few weeks before it happened. It’s because I know a couple of scouts who work in Germany for Arsenal, hence why I heard of that deal early. Haven’t heard much since but what I do hear I pass on.

    Sturridge is a great striker when fit but last thing we need is another crock so I’d avoid

  21. Leedsgunner

    So Jack Wilshere is the only Arsenal deemed player good enough for the Euros… and that’s only because Roy favours him. As I’ve said before, if Jack was fit, he should have turned down England, got himself completely fit for Arsenal with a full pre-season behind him.

    He owed the club that at the very least. After all, we pay his wages, not England. Jack seems to have forgotten that.

    For Jack’s sake I hope he doesn’t get injured in France… if he sits out injured for another season he’ll have wasted any remaining good will with the Gooner faithful.

    So much for our much feted British core — when it counts it’s all hot air. Nevertheless, good luck to Jack and Aaron — don’t get yourselves injured!

  22. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, why shouldn’t Jack go to the Euros? He’s fit. And he needs games since he hasn’t played all season. This is a win-win for me. The caveat is obviously if he gets injured again. I think that’s why wengerhss gone for many options in CM now to know that we don’t need to rely on him. Great if he’s fit but if not there are other options. Jack would’ve gone under any England manager because he’s better than all the CM options. That’s it really. Henderson and Milner are plodders and Barkley still plays like a school kid. Alli is the only other talent

  23. azed

    “Romford has predicted more right this week than Myles Palmer has in a life time.”

    That’s why we need the site Romford. All we need to call one transfer right in 10 years and we are legit.

    Arsenal in for top German player…..
    click baits man, click baits. We can’t let Wenger and co get all the money. We have to get in on the action.

  24. Leedsgunner


    We can agree to disagree but in my opinion, if he’s fit, he should be giving that time to Arsenal… as it is so rare that he’s injury free.

    Frankly, although I’m British and I wish the England team well, I find international tournaments, especially England, dull.

    Club football over internationals any day of the week.

  25. PieAFC

    Drinkwater not included.

    Feel for the bloke, wins the PL, played alongside Kante formed one hell of a partnership and gets blown off.

    What better season can you have….

  26. Carts

    Sturridge is one of the most naturally gifted players of his generation. But he’s a walking MRI scan.

    Kind of chap to dial 999 when he gets a cramp at 2am in the morning.

    He’s Liverpool’s beef; it’ll be madness if he became ours next season

  27. Romford Ozil Pele

    Haha set up the site and I’ll get to work!

    Leeds, fair enough. I don’t agree though. You should never begrudge a player from playing in an international tournament IMO. If it was a pointless friendly then that’s fine but we don’t really stand anything to gain from not allowing Wilshere to go. He could easily have the summer off and still get injured. You can’t take away the pride of someone who wants to represent their country. Yes, club football matters more to me too but the Euros is a prestigious tournament and England obviously feel their chances are enhanced by Wilshere being there because they lack technicians

  28. Leedsgunner

    Drinkwater not included.

    Feel for the bloke, wins the PL, played alongside Kante formed one hell of a partnership and gets blown off….

    …for Wilshere whose played in 2? games all season?

    Not fair is it? Definitely not based on merit.

  29. Leedsgunner


    Nothing wrong with representing your country but in Jack’s case England seems to get a good player on our expense. There should be a balance.

    As Cesc Appeal said the other day, Jack really doesn’t play for Arsenal anymore.

    Good to see you back in any case.

  30. Marko

    Untold for some reason doing aTheo puff piece today. I really don’t get those guy’s. Absolutely hoodwinked comes to mind. Strange they’re happy with someone who offers so little and yet gets paid so much. You’d think they’d wanna be successful and bring in someone better who can help achieve that more so than Walcott

  31. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, I get you and I totally understand why you’re opposed to him. His injury record is disgraceful, partly born out by his style of play although I don’t think anyone purposely goes out to miss the time he has done. If he was sold you could totally understand it but I think there’s enough room for him in the squad because of the skill set he possesses

  32. N5

    Leeds, I feel like he’s become a full time England player that gets called up for Arsenal duty every now and again but tends to say no as he really needs to concentrate on his National career.

  33. vicky

    I can’t think of any European player who doesn’t want to represent his country in Euros and WC. The only way players improve is by playing on the field than preserving themselves. Anyways injuries are always very unpredictable, one can never really perfectly plan to evade them.

  34. GoonerDave

    Arsene Wenger has no part in the Kroenke debate, or at least he shouldn’t have. They are separate issues. When Stan triggered the takeover in 2011, the club was worth around 700-750 million pounds. Now, its worth a good 4-500 million pounds more. Thats where the money has gone. Our debt was paid down by selling players and being frugal, so the owner can now post profits that size. He’s going nowhere any time soon. He’s made hundreds of millions and still doesn’t cash in, because he knows there is more to be had.
    None of the above has anything much to do with AW. I think we are lumping Kroenke’s ownership in with the AW debate and its a mistake.
    I’d love to ask Ivan Gazidis to explain the owner’s profits, while we were being sold austerity.

  35. qna

    Marco Reus being cut from the German squad for Euros must give him a massive wake up call. It would make sense that he would decide that he needs to make a move as his career is stagnating if not going down hill. I still believe he would be a great addition to our team. He would do more for the 2016/17 season than Marota – although the younger player would be more useful to us in the long run.

    I would hope we stay completely away from Benzema. Short term gain with long term pain.

  36. Leedsgunner


    I understand you’re a Jack fan. Fair enough. Respect you all the same. 🙂

    To me, he is, a luxury player in the truest sense. Due to his injuries, he has made himself an irrelevance, and we’ve managed without him.

    Interesting that you think Arsene has finally learned he can’t rely on Jack?

    LOL… took him long enough. Most of us on here knew that about Jack at least three years ago!

  37. Leedsgunner

    Leeds, I feel like he’s become a full time England player that gets called up for Arsenal duty every now and again but tends to say no as he really needs to concentrate on his National career.


    Good to see you back N5.

  38. N5

    Cheers Leeds. I never really left I was stalking but not commenting. It was the same way I behave in real life standing around outside peoples houses just watching through the window……naked…..covered in jam.

  39. Leedsgunner


    I’m the reverse. I have more patience for the Ox, who under a different manager would be a beast. I really don’t think Wenger knows what to do with him and he has completely regressed under Wenger.

  40. Marko

    Serge Aurier was a bullet dodged for sure. Been a cunt since joining PSG and I hear his in a cell somewhere for elbowing a copper. He’ll get off but lucky he didn’t pull that shit in the states. They’d of put him in jail for a few years for sure. And not least cause he’s black. Awwww systemic racism joke… I’ll go

  41. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, that’s down to the player though. I’m really a fan but he never did anything to make himself indispensable. Sometimes it’s too easy to blame the player. Bellerin hasn’t had any problem? Iwobi seemingly already fits better than Ox ever did. I do feel there’s a top player in there but he himself struggles with injury and can never build consistency when fit

  42. Relieable Sauce


    Because he is one of Englands better players.

    Not much to choose from unfortunately. I would be taking Drinkwater in place of Sturridge/Rashford or Henderson though – depending on injuries and fitness.

    Milner is experienced, consistantly decent-good, versatile, a good professional and not injury prone.

    How many England midfielders can you say that about?

  43. Phd007

    Romford Ozil PeleMay 31, 2016 13:57:47
    Leeds, I know I’m in a minority with him. Still feel he has shot talent although he’s always broken so falling on deaf ears!
    What about his off field antics…?

    Surely that plays a part in not only being mental disciplined,but also being physically conditioned?

    If you’re busy smoking,drinking,partying & giving your neighbours-what for..

    What does that say about the general attitude of the player?

    I don’t get this Wilshere love-in..
    What’s talent without dedication..?

    Get rid of him…

  44. TitsMcGee

    Reus wouldn’t want to come here. I imagine Ozil is in his ear telling him to stay far away.

    It was an injury that kept him out of the Euros btw. Bad luck as it was injuries that kept him out of WC 2014 as well.

  45. TitsMcGee

    Wilshere is a prototypical Wenger player. Glimpses of potential surrounded by long spells of injury/mediocrity.

  46. Leedsgunner


    I think players start believing in their hype too much. Walcott had a great season linking up with RvP on the wing. He should have just built on that and made himself indispenseable in that position but he started to listen to those who told him he was the Henry… where did that get him?

    Oh he’s another one who couldn’t sneeze without tearing something for six weeks…
    Very average unlucky players… fortunate enough to earn extra ordinary salaries.

  47. Romford Ozil Pele

    Phd007, you’re right. Sometimes you’re just sentimental towards certain players. I don’t think it’s a case of him not being dedicated. The lad definitely cares but the long lay offs have definitely affected him. Hard to keep coming back. Agreed that he shouldn’t be relied upon. We should build our squad with him as a bonus IMO because you can’t rely on his fitness. If he’s fit though he’ll play because his transitional game is sensational. The type that gets better the more he plays

  48. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, never been a fan of Theo mate. Milked Arsenal dry for the last decade. He’s always thought himself a striker but he doesn’t have the mentality or ability for it. Can’t play with his back to goal, poor first touch and very erratic finishing. Would be my first one out the door. Think we’ve shot ourselves in the foot with his wages though. He’s always had fantastic agents

  49. TitsMcGee

    I think players start believing in their hype too much”


    If you knew that no matter what your job was safe complacency sets in after a while no matter how gung-ho you were at the start.

  50. Trey Wilson

    If Kranky cared about Arsenal he would have fired Wenger 3 seasons ago or forced him to retire after the 2014 FA Cup final. He doesn’t care, so he lets the stubborn old narcissist egomaniac poke around with his 20th century football. Who here can’t see that? Seriously, Wenger needs to go. Wenger needed to go years ago. He and Kranky are joined at the hip and that hip is greased with £8.5m a year for Wenger. Ugh. I wish Nigel Person were here to call you people ostriches.