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Ok, Ok. He didn’t exactly. But let’s be real here, he just said that his Champions League failure (x2) has made him question his future, because two finals of failure is not good enough.

“I am thinking that I have to start thinking. It’s a logical question for you to ask after a defeat like the one we’ve suffered today.

“We had the chance to become champions, we didn’t take that chance. We need to continue working, I have to think things out on my part – that’s what I’m doing now.

I love that. You know why? Because Wenger would polish two finals as a major success. I think we kind of need an antidote to that sort of rhetoric when a new manager comes in. If Simeone is available at the end of the next season, I’m kind of hoping the board doesn’t dither again and let another world-class opportunity pass them by.

Would Simeone play Wenger style football? No. Very unlikely. Does that mean it would be unappealing? I don’t think so. There’s beauty in pragmatism. I also don’t think his teams are horrible to watch. He has some incredible talent under his wings and he brings the best out of a whole range of players.

He also instills grit. He innovates. He takes the game to new levels.

I’d love him. I think he’d be mad to not want a crack at the Premier League. I think most Arsenal fans would roll through glass to have him take over. But we’ll pass on him when Wenger pens the latest chapter of his forever deal.

Papers are leaking that Callum Chambers is going to be sent on loan, like I said last week. It was a major mistake expecting him to do anything decent this season… Wenger should probably stop signing players from Southampton. Theo, Chambo and Chambers have all been pretty depressing signings. All the promise, none of the delivery. A noticeable lack of grit in all three. I’d happily let all of them chaperone my sister to see the latest Pixar movie. That’s how confident I am on their middle class ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ attributes.

Very weird story doing the rounds about Wenger making some cash from a company that is now dead. I mean, the story is… Arsene has a company, it’s a bit weird and he made some cash. But we’re not going to investigate any further.

If you’re not going to give the whole story, why drop it in the first place?

The man largely credited with the Sevilla success of the last decade, Monchi, has apparently quit Sevilla. If you want a football man at Arsenal, you’d be hard pushed to find a man better qualified. I mean, I know we won’t go for him… but that sort of expertise around the club has been lacking for a number of years. A true football man looking after things. Someone who is a planner. Someone who knows how to make a plan B happen. Someone with trophies. Trouble is, you can’t have a man like that at a club that has an Arsene…

Cheeky scouting report on Alvaro Morata? Why not…

Right, me done. OVER AND OUT.

UPDATE: Simeone is going to stay at Atletico as long as they let him sign the players he’d like… Alexis Sanchez is on the list. Dang…


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  1. MrT

    Simone to Arsenal would be fantastic. I really do hope Mourinho makes a mess of Manu though. Then he’d say he has a 20 year project. Id love to laugh so hard. His failure at Chelsea was no one off I guess. He doesn’t know how to build.

  2. MrT

    Hi Jonraid. Were you having withdrawal symptoms like me when you didn’t see a new post? Now I have finally gotten my fix albeit a short one 🙂

  3. Phd007

    alexanderhenryMay 30, 2016 22:36:15
    Because he wants to stay and always sees out his contracts.
    This is an absolute fallacy….

    Let’s put the truth to bed,once and for all..

    Wenger managed Nancy 1984-1987,they were relegated under him in his last season to Ligue 2.

    Wenger was sacked by Monaco in 1994,with the team languishing in 17th spot(having managed them between 1987-1994).

    So he didn’t honour his contract,he was sacked/fired/dismissed..

    Wenger was at Grampus Eight for one year-1995-1996,leaving to join Arsenal in 1996.

    Since then,the only real contract he’s being honouring is his £8.5 million contract at Arsenal for 20 years..

    Pure and simple..

    Take some seats A.Henry along with Wallace..

  4. David Smith

    Simeone ….no chance, he would demand far too much of a board of a club not geared for success. And, like one of our defenders, he doesn’t speak English.
    I can honestly see the board going for some dud like Martinez IF Wenger were to leave next summer.
    Arsenals Southampton signings……just watch how they do under a decent coach……all of them. They are, to varying degrees, decent players. Could you imagine what Klopp could get from ox……or Jose from chambers? Chambers started off well, until,Wenger did his best to ruin him… so many others.
    Arsenals manager, board, coaching staff….indeed it’s whole structure is set up for failure.

  5. Wolfgang

    The name of the game is winning. Fans don’t care how you win.
    Wenger has beena failure as far as winning is concerned.He puts beautiful
    soccer ahead of winning, Hence the constant failure to win the epl.
    I say get rid of him next season if he continues to fail

  6. alexanderhenry


    No it is not.
    If a manager is fired then he can’t honour his contract. He’s been fired.
    Honouring your contract means not walking out on it.

    My turn to ‘put the truth to bed’. Your description of wenger’s time at monaco rather conveniently only mentions his last season.
    He won the french league and the french cup and got to the European cup semi final losing to the awesome ac milan side. He left quite rightly partly in protest over the marseilles match fixing scandal. Overall he was very successful there

    .Phd, I understand and respect your opinion that wenger should go. You clearly don’t rate him as a manager which is fair enough, but whether you like it or not he is in fact arsenal’s most successful manager. His successes are legitimate and real and surely as an arsenal fan you should be able to appreciate them.
    He’s not perfect, far from it but much of your criticism is unreasonable, opportunistic and far fetched. Your’re one of those fans who if arsenal win a game decide that that it must have been because steve bould took training or because the players organised themselves. Part of your last post even finds things to complain about during his and arsenal’s most successful period. Yes, we lost the cup final in 2001 but we won the double (wenger’s second) the following season.
    It’s almost as if you want to trash his reputation. This doesn’t reflect well on the club or on you as a fan.

  7. Dissenter

    You are a myth buster.

    AlexanderH is yet to explain how ne came about the 10 million transfer budget for last summer.

  8. Phd007

    DissenterMay 31, 2016 00:35:00
    You are a myth buster.
    Sorry you lost me there..?

    Care to explain…Honestly a bit lost by that statement..

  9. Phd007

    Phd007May 31, 2016 00:26:25
    He left quite rightly partly in protest over the marseilles match fixing scandal. Overall he was very successful there .
    He never left..He was sacked/dismissed/fired..

    Only after he was fired/sacked/dismissed/ he moaned about the match fixing scandal..

    Get your facts straight..

  10. Phd007

    Alexander Henry

    Arsene’s first managerial position at Nancy:

    “Despite an encouraging first season where he guided his side to a 12th place finish, his first venture into management was generally unsuccessful and Nancy were relegated in his third and final season in charge”

  11. colin decoteau

    yes its true that arsene is your most successful manager, but how many managers get 20 years to get it wright .

  12. Bamford10

    Anyone else think the timing of Pedro’s posts is just kind of all over the place?

    Also, I’ve said this before, but if you’re on Twitter, definitely follow Dan Ahern (@topical_storm). Guy is really funny.

  13. Phd007

    Alexander Henry
    but whether you like it or not he is in fact arsenal’s most successful manager.
    Is he really?

    Let’s look at relative records..

    Herbert Chapman(1925-1934)-9 years Tenure

    FA Cup (1): 1929-30
    First Division (2): 1930-31, 1932-33

    George Graham(1986-1995)-9 years Tenure/6 Trophies
    First Division (2): 1988–89, 1990–91
    League Cup (2): 1986–87, 1992–93
    FA Cup (1): 1992–93
    UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1): 1994

    League Cup (1): 1987–88
    FA Charity Shield (2): 1989, 1993
    UEFA Super Cup (1): 1994

    Arsene Wenger(1996-Present)-20 years Tenure/9 Trophies

    FA Premier League (3): 1997–98, 2001–02, 2003–04
    FA Cup (6): 1997–98, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2004–05, 2013–14, 2014–15

    Alexander Henry-You do the maths & let me guess a European trophy doesn’t count for much either??!! 🙂

  14. Phd007

    alexanderhenryMay 31, 2016 00:21:01
    but we won the double (wenger’s second) the following season.
    With the invincible team we had,we should have won the CL,the year we got knocked out by Chelsea in 2003..Porto went on to win it that year..

    We should have won back-2-back titles with that invincible’s team we had.The best team we ever had..Bottled the EPL in 2003,2008,(won’t talk about the 2013/14&15/16 campaign).

    This was all before Kroenke’s time,or him amassing majority control(2011)…

    So I level the blame at Arsene,not fulfilling the full potential of the team at that time,especially when it was just a duopoly between us & Man Ure in the league & well before the Oligarchs(Man City in particular) came riding along & establishing themselves as a dominant threat…

    Write it ,as it was..
    Let’s do without the revisionism,or the permanent blind googles solidly attached.

  15. Joe


    Well done with Alexander today.

    You’ve broken every myth of wenger he threw at you and then just changed the parameters of his argument.

    The myth about wenger not having money to spend was squashed by DD last month when he said wenger has had min 30m a season since the move.

    The myth about him being a developer has been blown right out of the water as most of the players who were great for us were already internationals. And the young guys we bought from
    Other academies were players were always going to great. Cesc, rvp etc

    More recently young players have not improved at all under wenger. Ramsey. Walcott chambers ox wilshere Czez etc

    He never breaks contract. Every job he’s had has led to a broken contract. Either fired or he left (Japan).

    He’s not our greatest manager. Not our most successful.

    The longer he stays the further he falls down the list.

    Why has wenger never successfully defended the league title? Won a CL

    I would break the bank to get Diego

  16. GoonerInNY


    You are right, of course, but the problem is that in order to defend Wenger, one has to ignore facts and logic. So it is impossible to persuade someone who rejects facts and logic.

    AKBs have an emotional, irrational attachment to Wenger.

    It is, of course, fun for the rest of us to watch you unmask the AKBs. So while you will never convince them, it is fun for the rest of us.

  17. Leedsgunner

    Wenger has experienced some success in the past with Arsenal that is an historical fact.

    The real Q is does Arsene have enough in him to compete AND win at the top level going forward?

    The continual regurgitation of Wenger’s past record only clouds the club from answering the latter, more important Q correctly.

    Neither has he “earned the right to decide when he goes”. This is emotional blackmail pure and simple.

    The premise behind this assumption is that we “owe” him Wenger in some way but I don’t get this.

    During the periods of so called austerity Wenger didn’t manage the club for free — he was duly and handsomely paid. In return kept us in qualifying for the Champion’s League… which kept the money flowing in but for what purpose? Where has all this money gone? Where is the success we were promised in 2011? 2012? We are no closer to winning the champion’s league today then we were the first year.

    During 20 years the truth is Arsene has been given unparalleled freedom to choose and build a team in his own image. The reason why he hasn’t left is not because of honour on Wenger’s part but because he knows he won’t get such freedom and unquestioned authority elsewhere.

    Wenger is an employee. We don’t owe him anything.

    The important Q is can we compete and win the biggest prizes with Wenger?

    No knows the future but for me under Wenger complacency has set in and innovation has stopped.

    So in the words of the famous banner, “Thanks for the memories Arsene but it’s time to say goodbye.”

  18. PieAFC

    It’s hard not to be pessimistic next season. We will probably start the season well, while all the others get used to a new league, once Pep, Conte, Jose all hit their stride we will be left picking up the pieces…

    Exscuses at the ready, as it will be just after dickheads been given another 3 year deal under the noses of the fans.

  19. Dissenter

    West Ham are more desperate than Arsenal in seeking top center forward.
    They’ve enquired about Batsuiayi and Carlos Bacca in this window already.

  20. PieAFC

    What I want to know and see just one season when Wenger leaves. How would all the players play or develop under someone else?

    Just one season. Ramsey, Ox, Bellerin. Coq – players given proper instructions, real game plan. tactics to follow for 90mins.

    Then finally put the nail in the coffin re Wengers andhis ability to develop and coach a team.

  21. STV

    As great developer of talents and world class players allegedly, Wenger have never won a Champions league dispite trying for two decades.

    Wenger priorities it above everything else sadly ended up as a joke everytime.

    Akbs have the balls to mock managers such as LVG Mourinho Zidane Simeone etc. each one of them had big success in this competition.

    Respecting his contract is the last one in the list of a quality manager.

  22. Dissenter

    Giroud’s abuse last night was disgraceful.
    Booing your own player during a friendly game is beneath contempt.
    Shame on the French fans whonput their Algerian-French ancestry ahead of the overall good.
    It’s not Giroud’s fault that Benzema’s buffoonery cost him his place in the squad.

  23. Ishola70

    DissenterMay 31, 2016 08:18:59
    “Giroud’s abuse last night was disgraceful.
    Booing your own player during a friendly game is beneath contempt.
    Shame on the French fans whonput their Algerian-French ancestry ahead of the overall good.
    It’s not Giroud’s fault that Benzema’s buffoonery cost him his place in the squad.”

    Really. That’s out of order.

    Not good news for Arsenal fans though re: Giroud. Scored a goal last night and is enough in the spotlight for the French national team to see Wenger not displace him as first choice striker next season.

    Giroud will be ranked no.1 striker next season at Arsenal as before.

  24. Ishola70

    Cruel post by Pedro for those that would like to see Simeone as manager.

    Headlines the post with a suggestive question then in small print right at the end says it’s not going to happen,

    Everyone knows Simeone to Arsenal is a non-starter so a bit naughty to headline posts in such a way.

  25. PieAFC

    Arsenal fans too many sentimental people follow us. If we go into the season with Giroud as our number one striker how can anyone think that the season will be any different than the previous 4? But they will lap it up and think this season will finally be the season….

    Rinse repeat. Cannot see Wenger or the club going for it at all…

  26. STV

    “So in the words of the famous banner, “Thanks for the memories Arsene but it’s time to say goodbye.””

    Leedsgunner, that banner wouldn’t look out of place 7 or 8 hears ago.

  27. PieAFC

    Funny Wengers contract offer is on the table till supposedly October? (is that right) Just enough games into the season if we start well and say only lose one game he will get it and sign it. But not too far in everyone can really kick up a face if it doesn’t go to well.


  28. Red&White4life

    “he just said that his Champions League failure (x2) has made him question his future”
    And so, in all logic, he should consider ZE club which have the most chances to win this competition : Arsenal.

    (lol ?)

  29. Red&White4life

    “how can anyone think that the season will be any different than the previous 4?”

    What’s wrong with the previous ones ??
    (lol ?)

  30. qna

    Dissenter: Booing your own player during a friendly game is beneath contempt.

    A bit rich. Arsenal fans do it all the time. You (and I) spend a lot of our time on LG doing far worse than booing our players. It is completely true that it is not at all Giroud’s fault. But this is how they get the message across that they believe the dropping of Benzema is racially motivated. Now you can’t possibly deny that they have a case. Of course the reason given by Deschamps can be supported due to the black mail case. However, his claim that he was defamed by Cantona and others for suggesting this is completely unfounded. The question is completely legitimate. Imagine if Charlie Hedbo had suggested this, either in print or through caricature. It would be protected – and rightly so.

    Benzema is by far a better striker than Giroud. Benzema is not banned from the national team. So the decision to leave a player who is at present the main striker at the world’s top club and who is without question far superior to Giroud has been left out of his national team’s second most important competition.

    The fans have every right not to wonder, if he was a decedent of French royalty beloved by the French people (I don’t know the blue eyed, blond haired analogy for the French) then would his indiscretions be overlooked – as they are famously often done for Sports stars. They also have every right to voice their discontent, even if they do not do it in an efficient or logical way. The same could be said to how I support Arsenal fan’s putting up Wenger out and Kroenke out banners during and after matches – even though it might upset the team. Because I think it is for the greater good of Arsenal.

    From a purely sporting point of view, I believe France has made a mistake. The same way England chose John Terry over Wayne Bridge. France should have picked Benzema over Valubena and the players – who are all very well paid professionals, should do their job and win the tournament for their country.

  31. TallestTiz

    It’s becoming boring reading and discussing Wenger.
    Wenger stays, Wenger goes. I dont give a rat’s ass anymore
    All I care is I’m having a cold tea in a hot morning here in Uyo, south-south Nigeria

  32. Trey Wilson

    Anyone else notice that 2 of the club-sponsored bloggers have each put out “Look how great Giroud is” posts this morning? If you think this an accident, you’re high. Mr. Boring Yank Stats Man and Mr. Funny Irish Guy have both put out spin about Giroud’s greatness, the former saying he’s just as good as Lukaku, the latter reminding us again that Giroud “scored 24 goals” last season. I want to vomit every time I hear this. GIROUD SCORED 15 GOALS IN THE LEAGUE FROM OPEN PLAY, AND ONLY 12 GOALS IN THE FIRST 37 GAMES OF THE SEASON!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with these people? I know the club pays them, but how can they lie like this? I guarantee you, you’re gonna see this rubbish all summer and it’s more proof that Wenger has no intention of spending money on a striker.

  33. TallestTiz

    Maybe Wenger has plans of cloning himsef and his AKB’s 60,000 times to fill the stadium in due course.
    Awful shit

  34. Romford Ozil Pele

    Morning gents, bit of info to pass on. Ramsey might be leaving. We have strong interest in Mkhi and Mahrez. Former doesn’t wanna sign a new deal but BVB would be happy to keep him even if they could lose him on a free next season. Mahrez we’re just generally interested in. Whether we get either is another thing but just passing on what I hear.

    P.S – Simeone is going to Italy. Wants to manage all his old clubs before doing anything else. So it’s Inter or Lazio

  35. alexanderhenry

    Phd 0007

    Arsene wenger is arenal’s most successful manager. He’s won more trophies than any other. You know, those silver shiny things.

    ‘So I level the blame at Arsene,not fulfilling the full potential of the team at that time,especially when it was just a duopoly between us & Man Ure in the league & well before the Oligarchs(Man City in particular) came riding along & establishing themselves as a dominant threat…Write it ,as it was..

    You do do you Phd0007.?
    The fact that you are incapable of appreciating one of arsenal’s most successful periods and would rather see that period as some kind failure is totally irrelevant and pretty irrational.

    You are committed to trying to prove that Wenger is a poor manager. You may not like him but he is certainly capable.
    The fact that he has been successful at monaco as well as being the most successful manager of the club you claim to support, makes that point impossible to prove and a pretty stupid one
    It also makes you look ridiculous.

  36. Marko

    Bild reporting Mkhitaryan refused a new Dortmund deal his heads been turned towards England. Morata has tempting offers from the premier league… hopefully we have some momentum

  37. alexanderhenry


    ‘So he didn’t honour his contract,he was sacked/fired/dismissed.’

    You can’t honour a contract if you’ve been fired

    Clearly, you don’t know what ‘honouring a contract ‘ means. Maybe you should stick to talking about arsenal’s reserve goalkeepers

  38. Marko

    Rom you’re on fire lately bruv. Also Simeone my guess is will go to any big club who make an effort for him. He’d definitely go to us we are a supremely attractive prospect for managers don’t let the stagnation and Wenger convince you otherwise. And while he could end up going to Inter some day not now with Mancini and definitely not Lazio. He’s a top class manager with a growing reputation and like most top class manager with a growing reputation he’ll pick a job that’ll make it easier to succeed at. Lazio are dog shit have no chance of winning serie a so why would he take a chance of being sacked by someone like them? Kind of like Mourinho going from Madrid to Sampdoria or Pep going from Bayern to Bordeaux. Just why

  39. alexanderhenry


    There is only one way we’ll find out what the real problem is at arsenal and that’s when wenger leaves.

    What all arsenal fans will expect is this:

    1) A top replacement

    2) A significant period of investment in the squad.

    I don’t think we’ll get either.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Mhkitaryan and Morata would be great signings, really top rate, I think with Ozil, Sanchez, Mhkitaryan and Morata we would be as deadly as anyone in the EPL, doubtful many teams would look forward to playing that, completely interchangeable front line, you just cannot plan for it.

    To top it all off, sending Chambers out on loan an getting in Koulibaly would be just be the icing on the cake, sell Walcott and a few others who are clinging on to the squad.

    Xhaka, Mhkitaryan, Morata and Koulibaly, now that would be some summer, slightly reminiscent of Mourinho spinal transformation at Chelsea before their title success.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    Ramsey, after taking the No.8 shirt, that surprises me.

    Have to say, I would much rather it was Wilshere going.

    Who would be interested in Ramsey though?

  42. Marko

    Alex number one would be debatable no matter who comes in. And for number two well all you need is someone to come in and finally address the striker issue or spend more than say 20 million and you’d have someone who generally speaking does better than Wenger 90% of the time during transfer periods. I get that every now and again here you get people defending him and that’s fine sometimes some of the nonsense people bring up here against him can actually be argued against. But him signing and negotiating for players his general (seemingly) distaste for the transfer market is indefensible. He has for so many years particularly the last say 4/5 years been holding us back in this regard for some reason. Going into a season with just two centre backs, with just one fit striker, not going for a striker or someone with pace in a winter window after Walcott does his acl in December, going a whole summer not signing a striker then two days after the window closes Welbeck goes down. So many incidents over the years that baffle the mind.

  43. Marko

    Xhaka, Mhkitaryan, Morata and Koulibaly, now that would be some summer.

    That would be arguably the greatest summer window in Arsenal’s history. And in one window he’d do what really he should of been doing the past number of years. But let’s wait to see if it happens we’ve been here before only for it to end in disappointment. But it does seem there’s been a fire lit under us this summer (hopefully). Maybe the thought of being left behind is working in our favour

  44. alexanderhenry


    What Phd and others don’t get is this:
    We will never win the league or champions league with Kroenke in charge at arsenal.
    I’m not overly concerned with wenger. He is not the main issue and I think next season will be his last.
    Many on here seem hell bent on trashing wenger’s reputation and even disparage his achievements during the good times. What they don’t understand is that those good times aren’t coming back.

    Not while the club is being run like it is currently.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    I always think Wenger looks at the league and adjudges whether he can get top four with the current side, if he can, he’s happy to roll the dice on our chances of success to give the current players a go.

    This season, there really is no guarantee, City, Chelsea, United, Liverpool and Spurs all have strong cases for being in the top four, including us, that is six teams for four places and this current crop have shown they have no bottle and will let you down when it matters.

    Might be that forces Wenger’s hand.

  46. Marko

    First off alex please explain why kroenke is the villain in your mind honestly I’m interested before I can truly argue. Also worth noting that Wenger was on board in the beginning with Dein and Lady what’s her face selling their shares to bring about Kroenke

  47. PieAFC

    Alexander can you not take constructive criticism on Wenger?

    PHD, just layed out facts, as well as opinion to everything you have said.

    Love him or hate him. He is accountable for everything on the pitch, along with the players. That is not SK nor the board.

    AKBs need to really need to grasp this.

  48. Marko

    Not while the club is being run like it is currently.

    Also let’s be honest the club bar actual sponsorship deals is absolutely is being run by Wenger not Kroenke. Especially recruitment and wages and whatnot

  49. Marko

    CA I think you might of just hit the nail on the head right there. Not about finally competing but more about maintaining the current stagnating status of the club is more likely. It’s a real shame.

  50. Marko

    We’re apparently being linked with Weigl of Dortmund. Made over 30 league appearances, was young player of the year in the Bundesliga and is going to the euros with Germany. Looks an absolute star in the making. Absolutely doubt he’ll leave Dortmund though.

  51. Trey Wilson

    Stanley Kranky’s record speaks for itself. He buys sports teams to develop real estate around their grounds. Full stop, you don’t need to look beyond that statement. He married an heiress to the Walmart fortune because he wanted to develop shopping centres around their stores. That is a fact.

    Kranky doesn’t have a toss in his shriveled old body to give about Arsenal. He doesn’t care about winning at any of his sports enterprises and you can look at their records to see that fact as well. He buys attractive “brands” so that he can develop real estate. He is a soulless, greedy old man who loves money. If you think he’s not the biggest part of the problem, again, you might be high.

  52. Bamford10


    Please leave it. His argument is very simple and one made by many people (AKBs). The only thing that makes Alexander unique is his insistence on sticking to this POV regardless of how much evidence there is to contradict it.

    Alexander has looked at Kroenke’s middling / underperforming teams in the US and concluded: this is what Kroenke does; buys sports franchises, runs them on the cheap, wins nothing. The rest is supposition, denial of facts and confirmation bias. Alexander’s problem is that he is so committed to this narrative that he cannot let it go no matter how many facts there are to the contrary.

    No one is arguing that Kroenke is a terribly ambitious owner. However, he has given Wenger ample money to spend and ample resources to compete. It is on account of Wenger and his various cherished but counterproductive “principles” (frugality, loyalty, etc.) that Arsenal have under-achieved.

  53. Bamford10


    “If you think he’s not the biggest part of the problem, again, you might be high.”

    Oh boy, another one. Wenger has had 30m a year to spend on signings since 2007 and much more than that since 2011 or so. He has also had complete and total freedom and power to do whatever he sees fit at the club.

    Wenger himself said recently that the owner has “never” interfered with his spending. Never.

    You see what I mean, though, all, by the simplicity of this narrative.

  54. Romford Ozil Pele

    Marko, can’t pretend to know what Simeone is thinking. But he is on record saying numerous times that post-Atletico he wants to manage Inter or Lazio. Don’t think he’s overly fussed by big clubs because a lot of them may not even like his style. As long as he can do his job well I’m not sure he’s particularly too fussed.

  55. Steveyg87

    “Morning gents, bit of info to pass on. Ramsey might be leaving. ”

    If he leaves and we don’t do any further business, this, will be a successful window

    Don’t see who would be mad enough to buy him

  56. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, what I found interesting is that none of the midfielders have welcomed Xhaka to the club. They normally always do when we make a new signings so who knows, they may feel threatened. Ramsey hasn’t even acknowledged his shirt change yet and after his talk about a La Liga move the other day who knows. Wenger is still a massive fan but as it stands now there’s gonna be a midfielder next season who isn’t happy. Man City hold an interest as do United. Don’t know about the Spanish clubs

  57. Trey Wilson

    You don’t know me. Another one? I have been writing for years on my blog that I want WENGER GONE. Simpleton. You make blanket statements without knowing anything!

    The REASON that Kranky is the problem is BECAUSE HE HAS NO AMBITION! A real owner who CARES about Arsenal would have ALREADY fired Old Mother Wenger! Shut your smart mouth, child. I’ve been following Arsenal since Bruce Rioch, I don’t think you have a platform to stand on to criticise me. I want Wenger gone and the reason he’s there now is because Kranky DOESN’T CARE!!!!!!!!

  58. gonsterous

    Another reason, Wenger did well with arsenal Is because he had the money and the players , and a board that backed him. Monaco wasn’t a rich club nor were nice or guinyamp ( or how its spelt ).
    Wenger got lucky. The way the club was organized at that time was very good and any average manager could have won at least one title !!

  59. Leedsgunner

    Both Kronke and Wenger are to blame. They can make grandiose sounding statement of intent — knowing that they won’t be held accountable.

    So through Gazidas as his mouthpiece Kronke talks about “escalation of financial firepower” etc… all the while applauding Wenger for his financial restraint.

    Wenger in the meantime says repeatedly that he’s not afraid to spend if the quality is there.

    Don’t you believe it.

    The truth is Kronke wants to spend the minimum to get maximum return. Wenger wants to say he’s achieved top 4 football by spending the least possible… so he can hail himself as some brilliant contrian mastermind.

    They are made for each other.

    The funny thing is, last season, Claudio R. achieved in glorious technicolour what Wenger has tried to do for 20 years! How galling do you think it was for him!?!

    Wenger is a midtable manager punching above his weight. Kronke is a disinterested billionaire that wants a safe investment.

    Like I said they are made for each other.

  60. Bamford10

    Oh and another thing: I cannot wait until all of the tell-all insider accounts of Wenger’s reign are published, including Wenger’s own tell-all account.

    People like Alexander will be hoping that said accounts will reveal that Wenger was functioning under a dictatorial and miserly Kroenke.

    The exact opposite will occur, though: Wenger will make it clear — indeed he will BOAST — that he was the one who determined that Arsenal would not do as the rest of the world was doing (i.e., spend,) that he vowed to preserve certain principles (frugality, value, loyalty, free play,) that he sought to define the club in accordance with certain principles, results be damned.

    Wenger is proud of this, is proud of his views, his philosophy. Far from trying to cover up his role/responsibility or trying to attribute responsibility to others (Kroenke), Wenger will make it clear that he and he alone is responsible for Arsenal’s failure to compete with the best over the past ten years. But he will regard this failure as a grand success, because he will point to the principles he abided by, the values he instilled, and he will say that these are what really matter.

    Far from vindicating himself (or an Alex), Wenger will make it crystal clear that is/was all on Wenger.

    By the way, this won’t change the views of an Alex; his ilk will find some way to turn Wenger’s clear account of things on its head. These people are like fundamentalist Christians: no amount of evidence can change their view, and there is no evidence they cannot twist so as to fit their view.

  61. gonsterous

    All is forgiven, bring sanogoal back.. while we are at it, lets bring in chamakh for that extra firepower we might need come December !!

  62. Marko

    Thing is we don’t need Kroenke or Usmanov’s (sp?) money. We’re sitting on stacks of unspent cash thanks to Wenger. Again the idea that it’s Kroenke’s fault we went into a season with two fit centre backs or one fit striker or for some reason signed Park from Monaco or for some reason last season kept on Arteta and Flamini and Rosicky while never using them. Not Kroenke’s fault we are a holiday home for injured players and the useless. Doubt Kroenke even knows who Arteta is

  63. STV

    Wenger certainly had mode titles (2more) courtesy of his longer tenure. Graham managed less than half of the time Wenger did and won Cup Winners cup which was a prestigious European trophy, and 6 others.

    Wenger is not the greatest Arsenal manager.

  64. gonsterous

    If we had to move on any midfielder , the first person on the list has to be Wilshire !! At least Ramsey does something to earn his money. What does wilshere do ?? Spit on his neighbors and be found outside night clubs !!

  65. Bamford10


    “You make blanket statements without knowing anything!”

    That you are also Wenger-Out changes nothing, Trey.

    You make it clear in your first post — “if you think he’s not the biggest part of the problem, again, you might be high” — that you regard Kroenke as the bigger problem, the central problem, the main problem.

    And everything you’ve said in your second post simply repeats this. Angrily, in capitalized letters.

    No offense, but I don’t think anyone is going to be hurrying over to read this blog of yours.

    That you are Wenger-out (sort of) is irrelevant; that you think Kroenke is the “real” problem is the point. This view is nonsense.

    Kroenke may not be ambitious, but he has given Wenger ample resources to compete. Wenger, for reasons of his own, has chosen not to.

  66. Marko

    Wenger got lucky. The way the club was organized at that time was very good and any average manager could have won at least one title !!

    Stuff like this doesn’t help. I mean you didn’t even have to bring this up. I mean credit where credits dues.

  67. Adam

    But regardless of whether Simeone classes them as successful, he still did’t win them? So you cannot say that just because you have an agenda with AW.

  68. gonsterous


    I think Wenger gets more than enough credit. Oh, he’s kept us in the top 4. Be careful what you wish for. This is Wenger getting credit for being a great manager ( which he clearly isn’t )

  69. Bamford10

    I love this new ITK role that Romford is playing. Ramsey’s comments about playing in Spain, Romford, certainly support your tid-bit.

    I had guessed that his comments revealed that he isn’t so pleased about the competition for a central role at Arsenal now that Xhaka has signed.

    But there may be even more to it than that, i.e., discussions may have already begun re where he could be playing next season, whether he should move, etc.

  70. STV

    “We will never win the league or champions league with Kroenke in charge at arsenal.”

    Seems like you lined up your excuse for eternity.

    Kroenke is not in charge of Arsenal. He’s the owner but there’s absolutely no evidence that he muddles with Arsenal matters.

    Wenger is in charge of Arsenal. He will probably never win a league title and definitely not the Champions legue. He needs to go ASAP.

  71. STV

    Bamford he will play second fiddle to Juanfran. Should get a chance to play sometime. Still great to see he made his debut.

  72. Bamford10

    Amusing that Giroud was booed/jeered by French supporters both before and during the game. They know a mediocrity when they see one.

    And of course he scored, which allows his sad charade to continue. ‘You see? I am a quality striker,’ he says.

    No, Olivier; you are a second-rate striker who imagines he’s a first-rate one.

  73. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bamford, there’s definitely a bit up in the air about Ramsey. Wenger certainly values him as he always starts when fit. If he’s worried about competition then he shouldn’t really be at Arsenal. It should help him to raise his game more than anything. This isn’t the first time he’s spoken about Spain tbh so if he doesn’t wanna be here he can go. Won’t start for Barca or Madrid so not sure what he’s holding out for.

  74. Marko

    Worth pointing out you can’t compare American sports to sports over here and how they’re run either. For one thing the money over there is much better especially sponsors and another thing it’s more dependent on the guy who runs the day to day “front office” than say the guy who own the franchise. With lack of salary and spending caps over here it’s not really comparable especially owners and their apparent lack of ambition. I mean in America even if your owner lacks ambition the following season you’re still gonna get the top draft pick and should improve yourself slowly. Jacksonville Jags are a good example of this. Seemed like a team lacking ambition for years but have gradually built a good roster and are now expected to be in the play off picture this coming season

  75. Leedsgunner

    I think Wenger gets more than enough credit..

    Isn’t this the truth? In fact I would say he ran out his credit a long time ago (on the sporting front anyways). When asked to justify Wenger why do you think they always point to the stadium and made up trophies like:

    1. The top 4 trophy
    2. The most days at the top of the league trophy
    3. We beat the eventual winners at home and away trophy
    4. The balance sheet trophy
    5. We hit the woodwork the most trophy
    6. I’ve tried to sign… trophy
    7. The most European games won in a calendar year trophy…

    Whilst the real top trophies like the EPL title and the Champion’s League trophy remain out of our grasp.

  76. Marko

    Gonsterous I don’t think anyone’s giving him credit for making top4 anymore. And that’s kind of the problem the stagnation is incredible. I mean we finished second last season and nobody bar maybe spurs fans gave a shit

  77. Dissenter

    “Looks like Bellerin is going to the Euros. Good to see.”

    I’m not so sure it’s good because it only hastens his departure from Arsenal. Barca need to fill Dani Alves’ position.

    It will be a summer of tapping up.

  78. alexanderhenry


    ‘Wenger has had 30m a year to spend on signings since 2007 and much more than that since 2011 or so’.

    So, what you are suggesting is this: There was no austerity period.
    The period when we were actually posting profits in transfers while our rivals were spending hundreds of millions was entirely down to wenger’s refusal to spend despite kroenke actually providing him with £30 million every season.

    All this, because wenger disapproved of spending and wanted to prove he could win the league with kids and mediocre players.

    You actually believe that. Doesn’t it seem a bit far fetched Bamford?

  79. Dissenter

    Ramsey moving on makes perfect sense.
    Wenger surely must know that he’s surplus to requirements requirement since he’s not good enough for the center of the team when Cazorla and Ozil are fit.
    He ought to move on Jack as well for his recent stupid comments away on England duty.

  80. Dissenter

    Give it up.
    You went what too far with those assertions about Wenger’s budget being limited to £10 million last summer.
    We are giving you a way out. Take it and jog unto the next conspiracy theory in defense of Wenger.

  81. STV

    Lukas podolski is a favourite in Germany no matter what we think of him. Germany is not very good at in CF position might justify Gomez selection. Besides he wasn’t bad at Basiktas this season. Always plays well with Germany too.

  82. vicky

    Ask yourselves 3 simple questions

    1. City, United and Chelsea managers were sacked/relieved of their duties for finishing behind Leicester. Why not Wenger ? Will he be sacked if he fails to win the league in the next 3-4 years but finishes top 4 every season ? If your answer is NO, then you should be smart enough to figure out whether Kroenke is a problem or not ?

    2. If Arsene was indeed provided £ 30M every season to spend , should we not have had more than £150M lying in our bank account by summer 2010 , the summer next to which we sold our best 2 players in Cesc and Nasri. The last I checked we didn’t have £150M in our account in 2010. So, does the much touted £30M per year to spend figure add up mathematically ?

    3. If Kroenke indeed cares only about our success, why did Wenger have to sell Cesc and Nasri just a few weeks after claiming in a press conference that “we wouldn’t be a big club if we sold our big players” ? Do you think Wenger loves having egg on his face ? Popular perception on Le Grove is Wenger is arrogant and full of pride. Why would a person full of pride be exposing himself by making such a grandeur claim and then backtracking ? Do you really think Wenger would have loved selling players like Cesc and Nasri whom he nurtured for many years ? Who do you think would have forced Wenger’s hand unless you think it was Wenger who gleefully sold them.

    People think saying Kroenke is a major problem would tantamount to being an AKB, No that’s not true, These are two different issues. Wenger’s issues are his own issues which relate to footballing matters like showing too much trust in his kids,shoody defense, lack of tactics at times and having failed in instilling winners’ mentality in our players etc. He could have and should have won the league this season despite kroenke, That’s true but the way some of the people here loud kroenke as if he was their dream owner but surely that’s not the case, They think it will deflect attention from their non-stop mocking of Wenger but again I reiterate Wenger and Kroenke are two different issues. You could argue why does Wenger not walk out if Kroenke is such a big problem or why did he work under his tight-fisted regime for so long while himself taking £8.5 M a year, well that’s a solid argument and there I am with you. he shouldn’t have been accommodating of Kroenke but that again is a different debate. But don’t try to pretend we would be operating in the same manner if we had one of the Sheiks or Usmanov or Abrahmovic as our owner for having kroenke is not an issue at all. For me all of them are to be blamed, Wenger loves the power, authority that he has here at Arsenal and for it he has compromised, at least that’s what i believe. Nobody knows the whole game in entirety, we all speculate or base our arguments on certain cues that we get but that’s how I see it.

  83. Marko

    Isco and Vasquez will likely missout Rom. Koke has a slight issue after the champions league final. Saul is a fantastic player. Apparently we missed an opportunity to sign him last summer. Wenger probably felt Flamini and Arteta’s cameo in the last game of the season was more worthwhile.

  84. Dissenter

    Everything is assuming that Flamini is moving on but there’s no official announcement to that effect.
    Could it be that we’ve done a Rosicky-extension on him already i.e. activated some dumb clause in his contract.

  85. Romford Ozil Pele

    Marko, don’t rate Vasquez all that highly. Isco still an elite talent for me. Saul too is sensational, so versatile as well. Compare that to England’s level of talent. First world problems

  86. Dream10


    Interesting news on Ramsey. Perhaps to do with the fact that he is not an undisputed first choice CM. Same with Jack as well, backed up with his comments that Roy plays him where he likes. Xhaka has a friendship with Elneny as well. German speaking trio of Xhaka, Elneny, big Mesut.
    It seems AW is moving on from the British boys in CM. He’s deliberately avoided buying new CMs who would block their path in the XI.

    The golden child #10 still in line to get a new five year deal on higher wages?
    Hilarious when I see a headline on Newsnow “Arsenal to keep three superstars
    Ozil, Sanchez and Wilshere”.

  87. PieAFC

    Totally agree Romford, checking Spains squad couldn’t grasp what he was thinking.

    Very Woy in his approach, the tried and tested loyalty selection of games in the past.

  88. Relieable Sauce

    The Bellerin tapping-up saga begins.

    Thats the problem with luring Barca boys instead of developing the kids at Arsenals academy.
    They will always choose Barca over Arsenal given the option and its no wonder Wenger cant build a title challenging team with this short term strategy.

  89. Marko

    For what it’s worth Vicky I agree Kroenke isn’t ideal but he’s not to blame for Wenger and the lack of spending money and playing side of things. And also I absolutely don’t believe that shit about 30 million per year since 2007 I understand the penny pinching back then but for the last number of years there’s been absolutely no excuse for us going into seasons with one fit striker, not replacing injured players who we knew were out for long periods, going into a season with two fit centre backs and converting our left back to a centre back and not to mention not addressing the goalkeeper issue for years, the DM issue for years and yet to address the striker issue. No excuse for Wenger for about 5/6 years for me I’m sorry.

  90. STV


    true there are questionable selections in the squad. But in defense there arent many to select from might justify inclusion of Batra. However the selection of Sarino ahead of Isco or Niguez is very strange. Pedro’s inclusion too is a not very good imo. Lucas Vasquez is clearly better player than him.

    I guess Koke would make in to the team and likely partners with Sergio

    Over all that team is not looking better than France or Germany.

  91. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream, who knows. He’s 25 now so Ramsey really should be at the peak of his powers but blows too hot and cold for me. Probably would be better under a more positionally astute manager. Xhaka is also a greater version of Arteta and Ramsey’s best form for Arsenal came next to the Spainard so it’s a partnership we may see. But Wenger has bought two defensive CMs in the last two transfer windows which could indicate that he’s looking for a more solid base which is what I’ve been praying for. Could also indicate that he wants to go a new way, I’m just speculating really.

    Wilshere will get a new contract though. Only way he leaves is if he is deemed surplus but Wenger loves him and there are certain Arsenal fans who’d revolt of Wilshere was sold.

  92. Romford Ozil Pele

    Pie, he’s one two international tournaments so kind of has license to do what he wants but certain moves are questionable.

    STV, Bartra is functional at best. San Jose is really nothing special either. Pedro has had a shambolic decision. Certain managers do always have their favourites though

  93. Dream10

    Podolski going to another major tournament despite being past his prime. He will probably wear the #10 as well. A strong chance of him making three substitute appearances for a combined 59 minutes and ending up with another winner’s medal. Quality social media game and enjoys banter as well.
    What a guy. Unbelivable man

  94. vicky


    I am in agreement with you as I said Wenger own failings are also quite obvious. There is no denying that. I am just trying to counter all those who say “we had 30M every year to spend” and “kroenke have always given us ample resources to comepete”. That’s bunkum. I have always said Wenger had more money to spend post 2011 and he should have won at least 1 league title since then but kroenke is an absolute liabiliy for our club.

  95. Relieable Sauce

    Sack Wenger and Wilshire will fuck off with him, so he said.

    Hopefully the akb mentalists do one as well.

  96. Romford Ozil Pele

    Haha Poldi is definitely a character. You see how he tried to fight RVP in the Turkish Cup final? His social media game is A1. Fantastic finisher, shame his game was so limited otherwise.

  97. vicky

    ITK Romford

    Morata says he has “tempting” offer from England ? Do you think it could be us or you stand by your earlier info that we are not in for him ? Apparently Abumeyang is also switching clubs.

  98. Romford Ozil Pele

    Vicky, I was told it wasn’t Morata which upset me as he’s the one I wanted. The rumour I hear is Sturridge which I hope isn’t true because he’s a crock despite being a fantastic striker. That said he’s an Arsenal fan, Henry is his idol and all his best mates are here.

    Aubameyang I would also love although I’ve heard it’s Spain for him. His mum is Spanish and his grandmother always wanted him to play for Madrid

  99. Wallace


    “Morning gents, bit of info to pass on. Ramsey might be leaving. We have strong interest in Mkhi and Mahrez.”

    nice! thought signing Xhaka might be the end for Ramsey. should be a lot of interest in him. Mahrez over Mkhi for me.

  100. Marko

    If we ended up selling Ramsey but kept Wilshere and Walcott and then signed up Sturridge I will literally kill someone. That is a fucking joke. Probably Stan’s fault definitely can’t blame Arsene.

    Also doubt Real is moving for Aubameyang. More likely is Lewandowski but besides they’d need to recoup some of the money so unless Benzema is leaving then it ain’t happening

  101. Phd007


    I have always said Wenger had more money to spend post 2011 and he should have won at least 1 league title since then but kroenke is an absolute liabiliy for our club.
    Before Kroenke was on the scene.We should have one back -2back titles with Arsene.

    Certainly in 2003,we should have got to a CL Final with that invincible team and possibly made it our own.Stamped our presence on the European stage.

    We failed to do that in 2000 UEFA Cup Final.
    Probably one of the best teams,the EPL has been blessed with..

    My argument is Arsene is just as culpable as the BoD.

    Post 2011 is another argument..
    Nasri ,spoke in the EPL celebrations,and pretty much said,he left Arsenal to win trophies..
    To paraphrase him:”A lot of players at Arsenal are happy to sit back & pick up their wages,with no ambition.I want to win trophies”

    & Nasri,doesn’t hold back…

    RVP came out in mid-season post a CL match& said “The club must spend money,to compete at the highest level”

    Whether that’s aimed at the BoD,or Arsene is another matter..
    But you can’t be at a club,taking £8.5 million for 20 odd years & keep quiet,if you feel you are being constrained..

    Arsene,has said as much-“He could have gone to Real Madrid”

    I ask myself this question…What stopped him?

  102. vicky


    Ramsey wants to play in only one position that is CM and I guess he hasn’t been assured a starting role in the middle if Romford’s info is correct. If we got a winger and another CM to replace Theo and Ramsey I won’t complain at all. Yes, If Theo stays and the likes of Ox and Ramsey depart it will be a real travesty.

  103. Phd007

    Romford Pele

    Actually that should be is Wilshire,Ramsey& Walcott being offloaded?

    That would be fantastic news..

  104. Wallace

    “Aubameyang I would also love although I’ve heard it’s Spain for him.”

    can’t see him breaking into either of the Barca or Madrid forward lines…maybe Atletico will break the bank for him.

    Sturridge is a big talent. could be worth a gamble…

  105. S Asoa

    You left an important point from Phd’s magnum opus. That the only contract Wenger has not walked out from / been sacked- kicked out from is the £8.5 million heist that AFC is paying the Fraud for 11 years of Failure except for 2 Very Shinny Thingamies called Accidental FA cups – so shiny like the village fair goods they dazzle some AKB species so they can’t see the objective for the bright reflection.
    Over to you Sir