Ramsey desperately flirting with a La Liga that’s probably not interested

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I hope you’re good. I’m in the Hamptons this weekend with rowdy English friends. This is what you do in America to showcase your middle-class credentials. Real shame of it is I’m with two AKBs. The worst type, the ‘Wenger outs’ during the season, but now the dust has settled, it’s…

‘I think I can make a sound argument for every decision Wenger has made’

This is going to be a long weekend.

Anyway, who is excited about more signings? ME!

Xhaka has really lifted my spirits. I also think it’s interesting how hard Arsenal are going in the press with the ‘WE HAVE A LEADER’… I don’t really get it. Are they doing it because they want to tell the world that Wenger has finally owned up to a glaring error? Maybe.

I also like how the media are really focusing in on the comment that Xhaka said the manager was a legend. It seems to be a standard question with a new player…

‘Did the manager influence your decisions to move here?’

The player then says…

‘Yes, he has been like the father I always knew existed but legalese prevented me from being with him. Now I’m with him, and it feels right’

The media then say…

‘It’s amazing that players still move for his legend, maybe those Wenger out boys are fu*king stupid?’

… and look, he’s a pull. But come on, so is £100k a week. London. THE CLUB.

Also, when has a player ever said…

‘Actually, I’m not even sure who the manager is? I’m here for the red light district’

How about this for BANTER. Aaron Ramsey won’t rule out a move to La Liga.

“I’ve said it before – I would love to play in La Liga one day, at one of the big clubs.

“I watch the league every week. It suits my style. Maybe I will (move) someday, who knows what will happen in the future?”

I’ve said it before, I reckon if someone drops a bid for him, he’ll be moved on. Arguably one of the biggest disappointments of the last two seasons. A man playing for a move in my opinion. Not a very clever footballer. I’d not be sad if he left.

BUT, who would take him? Hardly playing like a man with any intentions of pushing his game to the standard he’d need to be at to win in Spain.

I’d be sad if Ozil left. The club are concerned that Bayern Munich are showing interest in our creative genius. That would be a worry. The temptation of a modern set up and trophies must be a big one. We’ll see though, we’ll see.

Ferguson dropped a big old praise piece for Wenger.

“Now he gets a lot of criticism, but I admire that you’re not going to bend to the will of the critics. He stays with what he believes in. And I think people who do that are outstanding coaches.

“When you talk about consistency, Arsene’s never changed the way that his side has played.

Not sure about that last comment. That’s kind of alarming in 20 years that he’s never changed his style. Especially when Ferguson knows full well the reason he succeeeded is because it was imperative he changed his style to keep up with the times.

Talking of managers I dislike, Mourinho has landed.

‘I prefer to focus on the giant club I have in my hands now, and I think what the fans are expecting me to say is that I want to win. I think what the players need to listen to is: “I want to win”.

Really not looking forward to him being back in the league. That’s 6 points we won’t see.

Lewandowski is apparently a target of Madrid this summer.

Someone told me that there is a Head of Sidebar at The Daily Mail.

Man, I’m trailing here… I need a beer. Have a good day!


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  1. Redtruth

    Ranieri has proved his worth as a manager unlike Ancelotti, Mourinho and Guardiola who have all worked with expensive quality players throughout their careers..

  2. Bankz


    Had a lot on my plate and after last season’s failure to win the EPL, I think I had to find other things to redirect my head/mind from Arsenal related issues.
    Wenger has successfully switched off something inside of me…..doubt if I’d find it this season…even if he signs the entire Barca and Madrid first team.

  3. Joe

    Ramsey. Ox. Walcott. Even jack should all go.

    Won’t matter who we bring in until wenger goes though

  4. PieAFC

    We’re too predictable in our approach to every game, especially against the bigger teams.

    Wenger would be more than a fool to suggest with the managers coming to the PL next year he can go toe to toe with the squad we have…

  5. STV

    “Ranieri has proved his worth as a manager unlike Ancelotti, Mourinho and Guardiola who have all worked with expensive quality players throughout their careers..”

    Sadly it took him 64 years and the others you said probably be gone having never proved their worth. If any.

  6. Globalgunner

    Every player claims that his new club is his “dream club” except Aaron Lennon of course who looked like he`d just been transferred to the Chinese league and yaken a pay cut to do so.
    Forget the press football writers most of them support other team and want Wenger to stay forever.

    Ramsey, Wilshere Walcott all can do one. Gibbs too, we desperately need a bnew LB to support Monreal. Gnabry?ox have promise, can be moved to the right wing, they just need a better manager, as do all our other players.

  7. STV

    Wenger is a great manager who lead Monacco to league championship during his 8 year stinct at league1.

    He also lead Nayoga Eight to league championship and Emperor’s cup in Japan..

    Great man 🙂 🙂

  8. Bamford10

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ramsey is talking this way b/c he sees the increasing competition for a central role. I mean, Xhaka will start. That’s a certainty. As for his partner, all of the following will compete for that role: Wilshere, Cazorla, Elneny, Coquelin … and Ramsey.

    He’s probably not interested in that, not is he interested in playing wide.

  9. jwl

    ‘If wishes were horses, beggars would ride’ comes to mind when I think of Ramsey angling for move to madrid or barca.

    Head of Sidebar at Daily Mail deserves a nobel peace price or somesuch, all those boob bait photos are lovely.

  10. Bamford10

    Glad people are pointing out the meaninglessness of Xhaka’s praise for Wenger.

    ‘Yeah, I used to play a video game with him on it’ is not really a strong case.

    He certainly couldn’t have mentioned any great recent sides or any great recent moments; we haven’t had any of those.

    Cannot wait until Wenger fucks off.

  11. PieAFC

    Yeah definitely agree Bamford.

    Problem is, Wenger is never been ruthless enough. He will either rotate every game to keep everyone happy.

    Or still play all his favorites to keep them all happy. In turn unbalancing the team on every turn….

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Is interesting the whole forwarding of Xhaka’s leadership abilities when only a couple of months ago Wenger was saying he had a team full of leaders.

    Not that I really care, if a man can own up to his mistake and look to remedy it, fair enough, as long as he is doing that and continues to this summer, the big one being Giroud as a starting ST.

  13. Drey

    Predictions for tonight anyone?
    I’m going for Athletico Madrid to win the trophy..
    Ronaldo anytime goalscorer – NO also looks tempting

  14. Romford Ozil Pele

    Hull’s support is pathetic for a team aiming to get back to the PL, not even close to filling out their allocation. And they’ve had enough chances in the PL anyway, proper yoyo club like Norwich. Come on Sheffield Wednesday, proper club

  15. Redtruth

    “Not that I really care, if a man can own up to his mistake and look to remedy it, fair enough, as long as he is doing that and continues to this summer, the big one being Giroud as a starting ST.”

    Dream on, you really are the Wenger of bloggers..

  16. Marc

    Go to agree with Bamford’s earlier comment about Ramsey not liking the look of the competition in midfield now. He had a period a couple of years ago where he looked as if he was about to become a midfield great but it’s all gone sour. He had a chance in the latter part of the season to nail a CM spot as his own but he hardly grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Maybe the competition will do him good and he’ll step up but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  17. Marko

    Yeah how many years since Wednesday were in the big time? Anyway yeah I’m gonna go with Atletico tonight. Griezmann to score. Destiny is on their side

  18. Marko

    Dream on, you really are the Wenger of bloggers..

    Red I’d say you’re the Ian Holloway of bloggers. Been around the block don’t know what you’ve ever really been doing and now come across as a nut

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Fingers crossed for an Atletico win tonight, they’ve got the tools to do it, just Madrid have that quality that means one moment at any moment could do it for them.

  20. Romford Ozil Pele

    Marc, I’m talking about the play-off final right now though. Would rather see Sheffield Wednesday than Hull who contribute nothing to the league when they’re up. Tired of seeing the same dry teams come up. Norwich are another shit club who do nothing.

  21. Marc


    Wasn’t arguing with you more a case of what’s happened to Leeds, Sheffield Utd, Forest etc etc. All clubs with real history who have just disappeared from the top flight.

  22. STV

    It’s not surprising Real have been good when they have Managers with no ego. Delbosque Schuster Ancelotti etc were very successful Where as Camicho Mourinho and Rafa had hard time.

    Zidane commands respect with his mere presence and ofcourse, very inspiring but his ability as a coach is still under question. Simeone is undoubtedly the best manager currently. It’d be a fascinating match up between 2 footballing greats.

    Last match Zidane 0-1 Simeone. I think having defeated Athletico in past 2 cls and being relatively less under pressure, Real have advantage.

  23. Joe

    A few reasons as to why I hope Atletico win, the biggest being it’ll make wenger look more and more like the fraud he is.

    To have Leicester win the Pl and Atletico win the CL in the same season would blow up every excuse ever made by an Akb and wenger himself

  24. STV

    Real Madrid had a really bad spell between 2003-2007 even with all their players. Barcelona had too,From early 2000s untill the arrival of Reijkard.

    Granted their work is much easier especially with Barcelona but when you aim at the top it’s always difficult.

  25. STV

    I hope Wenger finds his TV bullshitter job more interesting. Must be nice to be in a place where people actually believe you.

  26. Joe


    I’m sure wenger is taking his chequebook to France.

    Probably scouting Pogba, Griezmann, Gotze, Lukaku, etc etc

    Don’t stress.

  27. Phd007

    Romford Ozil PeleMay 28, 2016 16:35:54
    Yeah Wednesday haven’t been in the PL since ’93. Huge club with a huge following though. Be good to see then back, however, Hull are in the ascendancy now
    Romford Ozil PeleMay 28, 2016 16:17:32
    Hull’s support is pathetic for a team aiming to get back to the PL, not even close to filling out their allocation. And they’ve had enough chances in the PL anyway, proper yoyo club like Norwich. Come on Sheffield Wednesday, proper club

    Aargh Romford Ozil Pele,I think you’re being a tad bit harsh on Hull..

    I think you’ve overlooked the fact that Hull is principally a Rugby League City..
    The footballing element is merely a side show..Fundamentally most Hull fans are rugby league supporters first and foremost..

    Just saying..

  28. Romford Ozil Pele

    Marc, yeah that’s true. I miss traditional big clubs like Leeds and Forest though. Sheffield Wednesday are another.

    PhD, fair enough. But this is a game worth £170m. Your team is playing for a spot in the PL. Must admit that even though I quite like Bruce I’ve never liked Hull. Better clubs in the Championship IMO.

  29. Phd007


    I get your point..The city doesn’t give a toss about the £170m..
    It’s a traditional rugby league city …They’re rugby mad,not football mad.

  30. STV

    Man Xhaka was real badass when he was a kid. When a thief broke in go his house and started searching for money. Xhaka searched with him..

  31. STV

    Man Xhaka was real badass when he was a kid. When a thief broke in to his house and started searching for money, Xhaka searched with him!.

  32. Bamford10

    Gabon coach has told the press that Aubameyang asked not to be selected as he is “changing clubs”. According to Francois David, Spanish journalist.

    If Madrid, this means movement of other players obviously.

  33. Spanishdave

    Ramsey is deluded like Wenger, he thinks that La Liga wants a player who runs around like a headless chicken scoring the occasional goal is desirable in Spain , what a dick.

  34. Samesong

    Reykjavik, Iceland
    2 Mexico City
    3 Seoul, South Korea
    4 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    5 Wroclaw, Poland
    6 Nashville, US
    7 Amsterdam, Netherlands
    8 Hull, England
    9 Vancouver, Canada
    10 Agra, India

    Hull Top ten places to live in the world apparently…….and the rest

  35. Marc


    If he’s off to Madrid what about Lewandowski? We really should chuck a mega bid at either just in case the highly unlikely did happen.

  36. Phd007



    Hull is a shit hole..Actually Yorkshire & Humberside is a shit hole..

    Sorry to all those from there..

    Had to say it….

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Apparently Lewandowski is Madrid bound, hard to say who where Aubameyang would go…surely not Munich as well!

    Anyone of Lewandowski, Morata, Aubameyang or Benzema seems available at the moment.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Just imagine Aubameyang for a second 40 goals in 47 appearances this season, now think of him with the world’s most creative No.10 behind him.

  39. Phd007

    HillWoodMay 28, 2016 18:01:46
    PhD- you ever visited York. Or the Yorkshire Dales?
    In answer to your question-yes I have visited York..Was there for a bit..In fact studied at York University..At the that time ranked in the top 6..I think it’s still ranked in the top 10 of universities in the country.

    Anyway i digress..York is beautiful,but the people are neanderthals..
    Actually they are inbreds..Hence why you have the wall around the city..It was designed to keep out invaders and foreigners,back in the days..

    Till this day,they are still a territorial lot…Inbreds is what they call them..
    I could regale you with stories of my time in York..Some funny,some sad..

    As for the Yorkshire dales…Isn’t the Yorkshire Ripper from there?Or was that where he buried the bodies?Or was it the Yorkshire Moors?

    Just wondering have you been to Bradford?Leeds?Sheffield?

    On the whole as I said Yorkshire is a shit hole..

    Feel bad about saying this..But I”ve kept inside me for a long time..

    Yorkshire people,don’t like Londoner’s by the way..

    It’s that whole North/South divide thing

    Anyway blame Romford Pele,for starting this whole northern thing.. 🙂

  40. MidwestGun

    What up peeps? been taking a break from Redtruth… well and more Wenger all the time, everyday…. so fucking disappointing of a season… Xhaka doesn’t fix…motivation, tactics, substitutions and injuries and training and Giroud. lol

    Whole host of things Wenger will screw up next sesason too…. So Xhaka signing isn’t as exciting it should be.

    Anyhow…. CL…. final…Going with 2-1 RM…. Ronaldo will rip off shirt and cry for the cameras as they win.

  41. MidwestGun

    I say Zidane vs Simeone one on one to see who wins …. like a breakaway shootout contest… after extra time. Id pay to see that… they have to wear their suits tho… lol

  42. Cooper

    I say let Ramsey go, he’s been shite since that one good season he had that feels like an eternity ago.

    We need a new right back as jenkinson isn’t quite there yet to be covering for bellerin. That lanky German needs to fuck off too as he looks like he’s wearing concrete boots in his old age. And I like Little Pea as our new striker, shame we didn’t get him instead that sick-note wellbeck I will never know why, maybe the Germans will consider a good offer for him.

    And Walcott needs to do one, ship him out and get anyone else who doesn’t just stay around for the pay check. Why not show some bollocks and make a big money bid for mahrez, he rocks!

  43. Ishola70

    Clattenberg looks like he is shitting himself.

    Is the occasion too much for him?

    I can see him fvcking up here.

  44. Romford Ozil Pele

    Mid, I’m all good bro, how’s things? Glad to see you on here! Just trying to enjoy life outside of Arsenal. We are quite active in this market though, heard a lot of stuff already. Haha the missus is good, what’s new with you?

  45. MidwestGun

    I’m good man… Taking a break from Le Grove for a bit… season killed me off….. well Wenger mostly.. but ya I got a new gf too….. doesn’t know a thing about football… lol…. Kind of nice actually… but she completely doesn’t understand my Arsenal addiction.
    Good to hear all is well in the Ramford household.

  46. Romford Ozil Pele

    Be interesting to see how Atletico respond. Their tactics are based on them scoring first. They have to open up now which will leave space for strong and fast Real countera

  47. Joe

    Wallace seems to forget during wenger’s most successful days his teams were setting records(exaggeration) for cards.

  48. Romford Ozil Pele

    Mid, I get you. Sometimes it can get too much. Occupy yourself with other stuff. Unfortunately the manager is still gonna be here for another season so have to make do. Ah check you out Middy, hope she’s treating you well 😉

  49. Ishola70

    Real Madrid bossing the game so far.

    Atletico need to step up a few yards in midfield instead of funnelling back and retreating all the time.

  50. Joe

    111 red cards under the watchful eye of wenger playing the “beautiful wenger ball”

    By comparison, Sir Alex Ferguson, who was in charge of Man United for 1500 games, only saw 49 players get red carded on his watch.

  51. MidwestGun

    Torres is the only CF about as useless as Giroud. Might as well not even be playing … he’s so anonymous. …. lol… maybe if I jinx him, he will score.

  52. Wallace

    unlike the tiny folk at Barca Madrid, especially the forwards – Bale, Ronaldo & Benzema – are pretty ripped physically. harder for Atletico to push them around.

  53. Joe


    Every since the injuries , Torres has yet to be the same. Think being swayed by Chelsea didn’t help his form and never got it back.

  54. Joe

    It’s Amans game Wallace. With a lot on the line.

    You want pussy footing about, go watch figure skating

  55. Ishola70

    Real Madrid set up perfectly when they don’t have the ball and are defending in their own half in front of their own penalty area.

    They form a perfect arch shape protection. Textbook.

  56. izzo

    Augusto’s skills are being wasted and he needs to be further up the pitch creating for griezmann. Koke should come deeper. Torres is playing like a donkey and won’t be getting a goal anytime soon. Thats the tweak Simeone needs to do to win this game.

  57. HillWood

    PhD -The Yorkshire Dales are a National Park. Yorkshire is the largest County in the Uk. Of course it’s not all picturesque

  58. karim

    Overall, Real have been better and deserve their lead imo.
    Just a ( big ) shame Ramos was offside when he pushed the ball in…

    Too many players have been sup-par for Atletico ( Koke, Saul ), Griezmann had a few opportunities but didn’t make much with them apart from infuriating Torres who litterally hasn’t touched the ball yet.

    Thought Clattenburgh was doing ok so far too.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Madrid bossed early on, Atletico came back into a bit late in the half.

    I think Simeone needs to change it as he did at Munich, bring on Carrasco and lose a holding player but revert to 4-3-3 and stick Koke and Saul into the centre.

    Torres has been a spectator for most of the game, needs to get into it.

  60. izzo

    Bottle job! How the fuck don’t you capitalize. That might be all the luck they get off this match.

  61. Phd007

    HillWoodMay 28, 2016 19:32:25
    PhD -The Yorkshire Dales are a National Park. Yorkshire is the largest County in the Uk. Of course it’s not all picturesque

    Hmmm…you’ve lost me here..
    I do know of the Yorkshire Dales..Not sure why you need to inform me that Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK..??!!

    Still doesn’t escape the fact that Yorkshire as a county is a shit hole..& the various cities that form/make up the county are shit holes..

    I’m not sure if you are trying to sell me Yorkshire?Or whether you are from there?

    Either way,I was a resident there for a few years & detested it with a passion.I’ve travelled around the world and some..And I must admit,if I had to list a few places that featured in my top 3 worst places of all time..Then certainly Yorkshire(the largest county in the UK),would feature in the top 2..

    Anyway,hope no offense is taken..

    Just saying Yorkshire as a county (& the various cities that form the county) is a shit hole..