AFC on verge of mega money striker deal | New signing LOVES a fight. I mean, seriously, loves it

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Gazetta dello Sport and TuttoSport (this article is hilarious bemoaning the money of the modern football world, it’s peppered with pics of his GF, but the message is clear, they don’t want him to go), the two Turin papers are both reporting that Arsenal are going to buy Moratta e60m, in what would be an Arsenal record. Juventus have already identified a replacement. I’m pretty sure Madrid are going to sign Auba from Dortmund. Benzema will go somewhere like United.

Pretty exciting stuff eh?

Moratta is 23 years old. The reason we’re able to buy him is because Madrid have a buyback clause they’re going to activate, then flip him over to us for more cash. Pretty smart and ruthless move, you have to say.

Is he a better player than Giroud? Yes seems to be the resounding answer. He’s faster, rumoured to be at a Welbeck type pace. He’s 6ft 1. He can play deep, off the last man, he assists and he scores goals. Why did he drop such a turd numbers this year? Well, I guess he didn’t on the face of it. He played 22 games, bagged 9 goals and 9 assists. Not terrible when you consider the stop-start nature of his season.

Apparently he didn’t land much game time because the coach preferred to play him in behind Dybala, whilst also thinking Manzukic and Dybala had better on pitch chemistry. The season before he scored 13 with 5 assists in a 23 start season.

I think it’s worth noting that he contributes in big games scoring against Barca, Madrid and Dortmund in last years CL.. None of that Giroud nonsense of making up your tallies with hattricks against dog sh*te teams at the end of the season when it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, is he Luis Suarez? No. Not really. But is he a very good young player, who given the starts, could become something very special? Hopefully. For e60m, you’d like to hope we’ve done our homework here. I’d take him over an ageing Benzema for the same price and I’d take him over Ibrahimovic. Also worth noting that Suarez was being questioned over his finishing ability when he was 23 years old. He’d bagged 17 goals in 39 appearances and had just moved to Liverpool. So plenty of space to grow for Moratta.

It’s a bold move, but jeez, we need to be making bold moves and we need to be making them early this summer. Bring in the Dortmund wideman who is a creative and a goal scorer from outwide, weigh in with a centre back like John Stones and we’re in a really good shape going into next season.

Could be a fun summer. If the rumours are true. We’ve been here plenty of times before and we manage to screw it up. But a powerhouse midfielder and a very good striker is a great way to start the summer.

Jack Wilshere has been chirping off in the press about not playing in his favoured position.

‘With Arsenal I’ve been playing out wide, which is not me,’

‘I’m not a wide man, but Roy seems to have faith in me in the middle, so I’m happy with that.’

You gotta love that sort of carry on from the young Englishman. He’s put about 13minutes on the clock in 2 seasons and he’s taking time out to complain about where he gets started for Arsenal. He’s a very good player, but he’s hardly delivered for us over the past few years. The fact that every Arsenal fans still refers to that Barca performance he made when Pep was there is testament to how little he’s done in the last 5 years. He should really just accept anywhere he’s played, because he certainly hasn’t delivered the sort of centre midfield performances for us that’ll keep him there.

Granit Xhaka has landed. Arsene Wenger had little to say about him outside ‘we’ve watched him 278 times this year’…

When Arsneal asked Xhaka what he liked about the league he said…

‘I like so much. I like the style of football in the Premier League. It’s aggressive and I like the way Arsenal play football. It’s not like other countries but it’s very nice here.

Asked about the aggressive bit, he said…

‘It’s a fight. I like that but Arsenal can also play football and that’s very good.’

Then asked if it’s like the Bundesliga, he again referenced his sadness about the lack of fight he was allowed to get away with.

‘I don’t think it’s the same. In Germany you can play aggressively but the referee will always blow his whistle, but in England that’s not the case. That’s better for me.’

Asked about his style… he errr… well…

‘I like to play football. I’m an aggressive player and also a leader. I’m only 23 but I captained a good team in Germany.’

Ok, did we just sign a cage fighter or a footballer? Either way, I’m happy. He sounds like the sort of footballer who is going to stand up and be counted. He likes a fight and you have to say, Wenger hasn’t signed players that like to fight. He hasn’t really signed big personalities. So this feels like a shift change. His side lacked bottle last year. They were fairies who couldn’t hack it when the going got tough.

That’s partly why I find it interesting we’re looking to Laurent K to be our captain. I know there was a vibe at the club last year that he was mailing it in to land a move to a Bayern or Barcelona. He certainly hasn’t ever shown any real signs of leadership outside playing hard. Where was he when the season went down the proverbial? Where was he when our young right back bombed forward in the last ten minutes against Crystal Palace?

I’d just jump for Xhaka. That’d make a statement.

INTERESTING FACT. Did you know Fernando Torres captained Diego Simeone when he was at Atletico? Amazing huh? Totally forgot about that.

Finally, Arsenal raked in £100m in prize money this year, we are Champions of TV cash. Total heroes. Hopefully we go out and spunk that, hopefully we don’t moan that the cash isn’t available. We have big TV cash, CL money and massive kit money. We’ve lost £300k off our wage bill in outgoing players. We could still shift on Theo and Chamberlain.

WE ARE CASH RICH. Please, dear god, let this Wenger money train thing be real… make a solid impact and pray the club are going to do something about their shoddy approach to tactical flexibility.

Anyway, that’s me done. What a day?!

P.S. Did you read about LVG sending player feedback via e-mail then wondering why it wasn’t received very well? Talk about not knowing your audience. I’ve read people saying that this approach is modern… which clearly comes from people that don’t have to give feedback. You never explain mistakes over an e-mail and you certainly don’t when it’s footballers who are basically big children who have virtually zero grasp of office like approaches. Incredible how out of touch LVG was! What ever happened to a good old fashioned sit down with a cup of sh*t coffee and someone from HR taking notes?

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  1. Louis Almeida

    What happens with Iwobi next season? Does he go on loan? Stay with the fjrst team squad? Has he reached his level or is there more to come? He looked good to me. Another one who looked like he prefers playing with a mobile forward rather than Giroud.

  2. qna

    Louis. My 2 cents. Iwobi should stay with the team. He will get some opportunities early on in the season – even if we are at full strength. If he takes them then he should be fine. But if he falls out of favour of Wenger like Campbell did for some reason late in the season then his year will be wasted.

    Naija – yes I seem to remember Bamfords statement that United became title contenders with the signing of MS.

  3. Louis Almeida

    QNA, I like him, he came in and performed at a high level straight away. Showed good composure with his finishing and is a good dribbler. Must’ve learnt it all from his uncle Jay-Jay! But if the rumours are true that we are getting another playmaker, it may be hard for him to get minutes. Maybe we’ll sell Ox and Theo so he becomes first back-up? He seems a humble boy and willing to learn so I hope he does well. He has been at Arsenal since he was 6 I was told.

  4. Ughelligunner

    Talking about people commenting on players before watching them, benteke, anyone?

    Somebody once said he would prefer Arsenal to sign Fekir, to start on the wings even though he has never saw him play.

  5. qna

    Lous. Yes. But this is heow a good manager uses a squad. Its a 60+ game season for the squad. There will be plenty of opportunities for the squad player to get a chance – especially with our injury record.

    This is where I believe we need to be more decisive. Now have we decided on Campbell yet or not? If so, sell him or loan him. How about Oxlaide? Is he good enough or not? This season is the season for Iwobi. If he doesnt quite make it this season. Then send him on loan. If he underwhelms sell him.

    Next season might be the chance for Reine-Adelaide for example. How many seasons now has Oxlaide been not quite good enough. He might still become a very good player,but we can be fairly confident he wont be Bale good. It might hurt to let him go early, but I doubt we will truly regret it.

    We need to have a plan for these guys development and stick to it rather than be indecisive and fly by the seat of Arsene Wenger’s pants. He is not a young man anymore. Not as sharp as he once was. Yet he has so many hats to juggle and he is simply not doing a good enough job of it.

  6. qna

    Ughli: Somebody once said he would prefer Arsenal to sign Fekir, to start on the wings even though he has never saw him play.

    Well that person is a kind of genius then, because I have seen Fekir play and he would have been brilliant to buy and put him on the wings (he would not have been injured at that time if he was for sale as his injury came after the window closed).

    I would still be interested in us signing Fekir under two conditions 1) His transfer fee reflected his possibly career ending injury, 2) His wage reflected his current post injury level, rather than his potential level.

  7. Cesc Appeal



    I think the front line worked better without Giroud when it had more mobility and interchangeability, again, that is why I think Morata would work well at Arsenal, he can easily move across the front line, I think he’d pair up well with Sanchez swapping around.

  8. Wallace


    You asked me how much the papers were reporting we played for xhaka. It’s 47 million euros, I dont know how much that is I’m pounds though.”

    cheers! quite a bit higher than most sites are reporting it over here…

  9. qna

    So now the Sun are saying we have bid £28m for Morata. Perhaps they missed the +£1, but a typical low ball offer. Would be great business if we can close for that much. But it will be pretty fucking annoying of somebody comes in over the top and we end up sticking with T

  10. Bermy boy

    First off we aren’t cash rich the Yankee Doodle Dandy is and he can give a flying fuck about the game.For shit sake they don’t even call it by its proper name.That money is going back to the good ol’ US of A to fund his real projects.Asswipe will get the word in the near future that Welbeck will return a few months early so you know what that means.We will hate Wenger in the up coming season as much as we hated him in all previous, or until he leaves or dies.

  11. Ughelligunner

    After going 6 games without scoring after the season started, Kane scored 3 against Bournemouth, and scored about 6 penalties. Remove 9 from 24, it gives you 15goals.
    Suarez scored about 8 goals against Norwich and scored only against Man utd, after united went a man down of all the top 5 sides in the Epl, in his last two seasons. Any striker who cannot pad his stats against a bad team, isn’t worth a striker.

    Giroud stats, 26(12), total mins played, 2431mins, goals scored 16, assist 6 goals. He rarely finishes games and he came in as substitute for a whooping 12times, considering most were just 70mins and above. When we use stat to say he went 15games without scoring, we should add objective reasoning.
    We know Giroud isn’t good enough, but all this propaganda against him should be well thought out before concluding.

  12. leon

    My stance on winger has not changed I still feel it’s time for a change a manager with some tactical no use even though he made this new signing until I not only see more signings but a change in tactical approach and style in play because they have become slow and boring I won’t change my stance on wenger

  13. Ughelligunner

    Morata can come and hit the ground running, or he can be another Welbeck, who most here, also saw greatness in. If morata, who struggles to start in a two man attack for a great side like Juventus, and ahead of Madzukic, another Giroud clone, we shouldn’t make excuses for him. He can become better here, but it’s all ifs and buts.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    £38 Million seems the agreed price out there now between the papers, that is reasonable I think.

  15. shad


    I don’t think anyone has changed their stance on Wenger. This could simply be his last hoorah and given the competitive levels that will be brought in by the incoming managers, his beloved Top 4 Trophy is really under threat. Other clubs will play hard ball and overprice their players given the money levels exposed in the EPL.
    Don’t think Wenger will change his set up or overnight become tactically astute. IF we do get the right personnel, the team may end up like the Invincibles – a team so good, it won in spite of him, not because of him.

  16. shad


    Morata can certainly thrive in our set up as our no.10 is one who offers to assist as opposed to Juventus where Pogba does run with the ball and mostly looks to score. You have to look at the chances created and style of play. Also Dybala while at Palermo started as a LF but prior to his transfer was deployed as the lone CF where they played a high line.

  17. Marko

    Bellerin links to Barca. No chance bruv he knows who butters his bread and he appreciates it. Also seems like Ozil and Sanchez are going to stay. Ozil to talk after the euros his camps says he’s not looking to leave and Sanchez is expected to sign on. Maybe they’ve been given assurances?

  18. Leedsgunner

    Before we yearn for this and that superstar signing, the aspect we must improve on for next season is playing as a team.

    When we attack we need to attack as a unit. When we defend we need to defend as a unit. When the wheels started to come of the train mid February, there was too much finger pointing and no one wanted to step up and take responsibility.

    That’s where, Leicester excelled last season despite the lack of star players. They played for each other, and when one star player experienced a dip in form another in the squad stepped up and filled the void.

    Yes, if we want to win the title, for sure, our star players like Sanchez, Özil and Cech needs to raise their game to their world class standards but the truth is they cannot do it on their own. The other players need to stand up and be counted.

    Football, at the end of the day is a team game but far too often, we look like a group of individuals trying to impress rather than a team trying to get a result at the end of the season that we all can be proud of.

  19. Marko

    Seems to be reports out there that we are interested or bidding for a striker but it’s not Morata. Could be Vincent Janssen. I mean as a direct replace for Giroud fair enough but as a starting striker hell no.

  20. Cesc Appeal



    But I do think Xhaka will improve that massively, he’s a leader, and we don’t have one in the centre of the field Caz is quiet as a mouse, Coq is quiet, Ramsey is not a leader, Wilshere does not play for Arsenal, Flamini is just shouting and pointing.

    Xhaka is a leader and a captain, we’ve missed that in the middle.

    Now we need a CB in the same sort of mould, as good as Kozz can be, he isn’t a leader either, like WE said, we have a group of son-in-laws essentially.

    We know the instructions and tactics won’t come from Wenger, so we need to by players who can do that n the field.

  21. shad


    Too true. Part of the reason why I like Xhaka. He is vocal and won’t mind bollocking players for slacking on the pitch. Le Coq had that fire about him and it fired up the defence but pity he got injured for a spell.
    We need leaders on the pitch and especially those that lead by example. Bad workrate is just as infectious as good workrate. Re: Sanchez.

  22. Leedsgunner

    Apparently big Robbie (of Arsenal Fan TV) says he bumped into Gazidas who said to him that AFC will more signings… don’t hold your breath!

    Switching tack, Steve Mandanda — Marseille’s GK is available on a free, worth a punt? Experienced and would provide suitable competitor to Cech?

    If we can get £4m for Ospina and £5m for Szcesney why not? It’s £9m we can put toward a star CF and/or CB! 🙂

  23. Dissenter

    i like the way you put in this paragraph that “Wilshere does not play for Arsenal”
    That’s so true. He’s a peripheral player at best, the one who shows up for England press conferences and fights in front of night clubs while recuperating from yet another injury.

    – ‘But I do think Xhaka will improve that massively, he’s a leader, and we don’t have one in the centre of the field Caz is quiet as a mouse, Coq is quiet, Ramsey is not a leader, Wilshere does not play for Arsenal, Flamini is just shouting and pointing “

  24. raptora

    God damn.. Wenger might have sucked hard for the last 10 years, but before that he was one of the most exciting and amazing managers in the world. He might declined over the years but atleast give him that he was an integral part of one of the best achievements in the modern football – “The Invincibles”. Anything else is just plain blindness and stupidity.

    As for strikers, I don’t think we can land any of Auba or Benzema, and I’m not quite convinced in Lukaku being good vs ‘park the bus’ type of teams we gonna be playing against, so what’s left? – Morata and Higuain. If I can choose I would go for Auba, but given the circumstances I’d just go balls deep for a cheaper Morata + Reus or Kante, depending which one we can snatch.

    Xhaka, Morata, Reus/Kante + a solid CB and we sell either Theo/Ox or Ramsey and we have ourselves a beast of a team. Just imagine the goal threat of Reus on the left, Alexis on the right, Morata on front, and Ozil supplying all of them. Or the other option with Xhaka and Kante partnering in the middle of the pitch destroying the enemy midfield with their power.

  25. Cesc Appeal



    Even when he does play for Arsenal he doesn’t really play for Arsenal, he plays for himself, I think he has such a distorting effect on the rest of the side, there was that stat wasn’t there in the 2014/15 season, where Arsenal kept coming back from losing positions as soon as Wilshere left the field, and that our win rate was far higher with him out of the team.

    For all the talk of Wilshere being some amazing talent, I don’t know exactly what he does well, aside from talking.

  26. Leedsgunner

    What happened to Alexandre Lacazette? I see he’s not on the French team bus for the Euros… great… I say, a fresh player who will be injury free!

    It might seem a little counter intuitive but I think he offers something very different to Giroud (pace and finishing) and since his stock has fallen a bit, I suspect we could get him at a decent price too.

    I suspect a change of scenery would do the boy good and missing out on the national team will provide plenty of hunger for him to prove himself…

    More than anything we need hungry players, players who want to improve and make their mark for themselves and Arsenal. Too often we have players in our team who seem completely disinterested and afraid of the fight.

    Ironically, despite Wenger hearlding the team’s mental strength when they win, the aspect of the team that disappoints me again and again recently is how easily our heads go down when things go against us. Mental strength is the willingness to get a result even though it might be unlikely. To make something happen.

    For me, that’s why we need a new striker and Giroud is not enough. When we need a goal, I don’t see Giroud facing up to the challenge and making HIS business to get a goal for the team. It’s like he doesn’t even believe he will score.

    In fact, say what you will about RvP — he excelled in this. He wanted to change games and he took the game to the opposition.

  27. gonsterous

    I wouldn’t pay a cent over 30 million for morata. Ya I think he’s class and an upgrade on Giroud but if we are going to splash out 50 mill, might as well go for the elite strikers with that kind of money !!

  28. Dissenter

    I really think that the myth of Wilshere being a special talent will be ended once and for all after this summer.
    He plays half his game on his bum whining loudly to the referee.

    Wilshere, Oxlade, Walcott and to a small extent, Ramsey are Wenger’s legacy of making Arsenal the place where potential becomes set in stone never to actualize into real substance.

  29. Dissenter

    I don’t think Morata is worth any where what is being reported. I din’t even think he’s that good…


    ……but we have under-invested and made poor judgement calls on the central striker position for such a long time 4-5 years that I really don’t care any more.
    There’s a reason why Madrid inserted a return clause in his Juve contract and there’s a reason why Juve went along with it.
    His anyone still saying that Martial is too expensive.
    Morata just needs a home. He has more experience that anyone his age.

  30. shad


    And which elite striker would that be for that fee? Higuain? Griezmann? Ibra?

    Tell me that elite £50m striker. Unless you are talking Sanogo’s spawn in 2036.

  31. qna

    Interesting situation with Mario Goetze. He has said he wants to stay and fight for his plac. With 12 months left on his contract Bayern have actually asked him to reconsider and basically are asking him to leave.

    This offers an incredible opportunity. It may well be that Goetze doesnt want to play at Liverpool – who offered €25 million and wages to €12m. I know its incredibly arrogant to think this, but he may well re-consider if Arsenal came and offered him the same wages. We offer UCL and lets be honest Liverpool are considerably further away than us right now and have been for 2 decades.

    If he would be willing to come to us, we would have a really strong bargaining hand and could probably get him for a drastically reduced fee, much less than what Bayern were prepared to sell him to Liverpool. I am saying this if Bayern really do want to move him on and bring in somebody else on his wages.

    If this were the case, then Arsenal should definitely be going in for him – even if he is not what we need right now. He is 10 times better than Wilshere. He is the type of player that we should bring in even if it means selling a Wilshere, a Ramsey, an Oxlaide and so on.

    Having said this, I would hope it would not alter our existing plans to bring in a CF and a CB (if this is our current plan).

  32. Leedsgunner

    Goodness me I can just imagine the fury if we don’t get a another striker to complement and provide competition to Giroud…

    Honestly, for Özil’s sake we need another striker. Can you imagine how annoyed he is in getting so close to breaking the most assists in a season record?

    The truth is if we get a striker who has pace and finishing we bring out the best in Özil. If he managed to get 19 assists with Giroud in front of him can you imagine how many he could get with someone who could finish? 30? 40? If Özil did that just think about what we could possibly win.

    I’m not necessarily saying we need to spend BIG for the sake of it but we need to think BIG.

  33. Joe


    I bring up Michael Thomas’s goal on here daily

    It was one of the greatest’s nights in Arsenal’s history. I would say the greatest.

    Too bad so many on here have no idea who Thomas is or what happened that night

  34. Joe

    Dissenter I agree re: your statement about wilshere etc.

    The injuries have made him into some sort it god like player

    While the others haven’t improved one bit

  35. shad


    i wouldn’t bother with Lacazette. He is a very one dimensional CF (right boot or burst). Think of a more clinical Theo, with slightly less pace. But over the games I’ve watched him, he didn’t impress me, especially not in his link up play and movement. His play got magnified by Fekir’s industry and intelligence.

  36. Joe


    Strange article as Goetze just said the other day he was staying to fight for his spot under Ancelotti.

    Guess Ancelotti said nope


    I would take Mario in a heartbeat. Our RW problems are solved.

    Sell theo and Ramsey and buy another cm and a striker

    Not that any of that will happen under wenger unfortunately

  37. Wallace

    good article on Xhaka…

    “It was Xhaka’s sixth league game and his third booking. By the 17th league game of the season he had been sent off three times. He simply could not help himself.

    But slowly he grew into the role as captain, maturing on the pitch, managing to “be more balanced in his game”, and becoming “cooler and calmer” according to Schubert. The manager was right. After that third red card, which came as early as 31 October, Xhaka only picked up one more yellow until the end of the season. Die Fohlen, under Xhaka’s leadership, recovered from their dreadful start and finished fourth.”

  38. Leedsgunner


    If the past is any indication Wilshere and Cazorla will get injured. Cazorla is brilliant but he isn’t getting any older and will need to be replaced.

    Goetze would be a great player to have in our side. Yes he’s small and a bit light weight but he has bags and bags of first team and international experience for someone so young.

    It would also encourage Özil to sign another contract with us — and demonstrate to him our intent to build for the future with class players. Plus it might cause Wilshere to get over himself and actually “up” his game with genuine competition for his place.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack thought he was untouchable. Signing Goetze might shake him out of his hubris and complacency.

  39. Wallace

    Xhaka turned down Atletico & Simeone last summer. that’s not gonna go down well with some on here…

  40. Dissenter

    Stan Kroneke sticks up his middle finger to Alexanderhenry

    Guardian: “Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke increases shareholding to 67%”

    There’s no way he wont give Wenger another contract extension. They are joined at the hip.

  41. TitsMcGee

    Xhaka turned down Atletico & Simeone last summer. that’s not gonna go down well with some on here…”

    Simeone in the UCL final for the 2nd time in 3 years.

    Think the Simeone fans are fine.

  42. Dissenter

    Wenger is such a flawed manager…an very feeble too it seems.

    I’m yet to see an England player publicly diss his manager while on international duty like Wilshere did.
    He really has a chip on his shoulders. A manager has stuck by you through repeated injuries and PR mis-steps and then you pay him back with stupid comments when you don’t even have a full game under your belt in 10 months!
    He is Wenger’s creation; all the hype, misguided overlooking of his misdeeds and mollycoddling of his average talent has created an egoistic buffoon.

  43. Sam

    If we buy Morata n Giroud staying then we’ll have 2 second rates strikers with poor goal records

    And Madrid want 40M
    if it gets that desperate i will even pick Ighalo as short term solution instead
    40Millions will get you better striker than Madrid reject

  44. Sam

    Spending 40Millions on De Bruyne type goalscoring winger is better
    Madrid should take what we are offering or we’ll look elsewhere

  45. Joe


    Let’s see how simoene fans feel about him after Saturday 🙂

    me being a huge fan , I think I will be very happy for him

  46. shad


    You raise an interesting point. Spain actually has an abundance of talent at the moment but an out and out world class CF is hard to find, not unless you are bidding £60m+.

    Morata would be a welcome addition BUT on the contingency we sign another winger/forward to be able to play a 4-3-3, which can easily revert to a 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1.
    On the Spain front, I’d splurge some cash for either Inaki Williams or Cedric Bakambu to go along with Morata.

  47. shad


    No to Ighalo. Industrious but, no. Faded badly in the 2nd stage of the season and we’d always be suckered whenever African Cup of Nations is due.

  48. raptora

    I also think that goalscoring winger > amazing, hands down world class CF for us. I’d prefer Morata for ~40 mil pounds + 30 mil for Mahrez/Reus/Gotze than only Aubameang for 70 mil and that with Auba even considering moving with us, while the other players would have a high chance to like to.

  49. Joe

    Götze is capable of playing as either a left or right winger, attacking midfielder and also as a false 9.[74] Götze is considered to be one of the best young players in the world, possessing speed, technique, dribbling skills and play-making capabilities. At Dortmund under former manager Jürgen Klopp, Götze often played different roles in the team’s 4–2–3–1 formation.

  50. Louis Almeida

    “Gotze is not a winger he is a #10. I thought we were sick of Wenger playing #10s wide?”

    Pires was a #10 who played wide. Wenger has always played with wide playmakers rather than actual hug the touchline wingers who can drift in and out of play too much. Gotze also played on the right at BVB. Would prefer Mahrez but Gotze for that price can not be ignored. Still very young.

  51. Louis Almeida

    I think we’re definitely going back to 4-1-4-1/4-3-3 next season. Wenger never benches Ramsey or Wilshere if they’re fit. Both will play ahead of Xhaka I think.

  52. luke

    Gotze is clearly a talented player, but he just seems like the exact type of player we don’t need. Another small, weak, technically minded attacking midfielder. He’s not exactly going to give us anything we don’t already have with Ozil, Santi, Jack etc. One could argue Santi is over 30 and Jack is Jack, but surely there are more important positions to strengthen this summer namely CB, CF, and RW.

  53. shad

    No to Goetze. Brilliant talent but feather weight. I’d rather bid on Mahrez, Bakambu, Inaki Williams or dice on Fekir.

  54. Louis Almeida

    Gozte is actually very fast.

    Shad, yes Xhaka will be at the base and Wilshere and Ramsey infront. I would prefer a diamond if that was the way we wanted to go.

  55. WengerEagle

    I find it incredible that some people would turn their noses up at a world class talent in Gotze and be all for spending twice as much on an unproven player in Morata tbh.

    They are the same age!

    Gotze is a world cup winner (literally scored the winning goal too), he’s already torn up trees at Dortmund winning the league and getting to the UCL Final being their star man, he’s gone to Bayern and contributed heavily to 2 Bundesliga titles in his three seasons there.

    Granted this season he hasn’t been as good but the guy has such unbelievable pedigree.

    He’s already won a half century of caps for a team as good as Germany, think he’s scored like 17 goals too.

    Morata has done nothing in comparison.

  56. London gunner

    Only seen xhaka on youtube, but he looks quality…

    Don’t no why people say he lacks pace… He looked average speed for a cm like Ramsey except he looks like he has a little burst of acceleration in him… Deffo looks faster than the plodding Elneny

  57. luke

    @Wenger Eagle,

    I largely agree with you, but if Gotze is world class why are Bayern literally forcing him out and why is no one else in for him except liverpool. Bayern don’t even have a natural #10 and they are still forcing him out. I listened to Rapha Honengstein say as much (Guardian journalist who is in the know on all things Germany/Bundesliga).

    Also – everyone on here used the ‘he has a lot of caps for Germany’ argument for Podolski. That one didn’t turn out so well.

  58. luke

    Comparing Gotze and Morata is really misleading as we actually need a CF whereas we don’t need another small technical attacking midfielder.

  59. Leedsgunner

    We have to stop this cycle of our biggest stars leaving elsewhere to win trophies.

    Gotze is worth the transfer fee if it stops Alexis and Mesut going elsewhere. Losing them and gaining Granit is like going forward a step but falling two steps back.

  60. WengerEagle


    Podolski played in a much weaker generation of German players, he has been fortunate to win as many caps as he has. Same goes for Mert, Frings, etc.

    It’s like Joaquin and Reyes being Spain regulars before the golden generation, if Santi played for Spain between 2000-2007 he would have won well over 100 caps.

    Re why Bayern are forcing him out, it’s because they don’t need him. Like Real didn’t need Ozil and Barca didn’t need Alexis, doesn’t make him any less of a player Imo.

    Bayern still have Ribery, Robben, Muller, Costa, Coman, versatile players like Alaba and Bernat which renders Gotze expendable.

    Bayern don’t play with a traditional 10, Muller plays off of Lewy.

    Re only Liverpool being in for him, how do you know that?

  61. Sam

    Lukaku still the main man in my shopping

    Btw, Ramsey’s taking number 8 means he will be here next season to annoy us again, he wont be sold

    So we wont sign that many players coz Welbeck will come back as new signing

    Xhaka siging is only to calm the WOB’s. Wenger has no intention to throw away his lame ducks n rebuild the team to compete next season

  62. Sam

    Next season when We meet Bayern n Barca its gonna be the same. We roll over n get shagged again

    So depressing

    Wenger Out

  63. STV

    ” we actually need a CF whereas we don’t need another small technical attacking midfielde”

    Anyone who watches him knows he can play as a winger equally well and that’s one position where clowns like Walcott Chamberlain even Ramsey play their trade. The most important position that needs recruitment.

  64. gonsterous

    Get rid of wally, put Sanchez on the right and bring in draxler for the left side !! Xhaka needs to play along side coq and the front three of sanchez ozil and drax behind a new striker ( preferably lukaku or ibra or morata or benzema or lewandowski or lacazette) basically any striker better than giroud !!

  65. luke

    Fair enough @WengerEagle. I would just prefer we go for an actual winger. I don’t see what Gotze would do out wide that Santi wouldnt.

  66. HillWood

    I was in my local drinking Lowenbrau. Couldn’t believe what happened. No one did that to Liverpool back then