Jose back in town?

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So the Premier League just took a sharp turn of interest. Jose Mourinho will shortly takeover as the manager of FA cup winner Manchester United.

A pretty desperate move if you ask me. LVG and Jose are cut from the same cloth. Jose learned his tricks from LVG. It’s surprising United would go with a nasty brand of manager. He has little respect for people, he cares almost zero for developing young players and he has to spend all his money on his super agents players.

I mean, he wins, but do we expect him to bring United back to the top after what he did to Chelsea? Maybe. You spend enough money anywhere you can win things. I just no one thing for sure, it’ll end in a mess in 3 years time.

Does ramp up the need for Arsenal to move fast this summer. Lots of players, lots of cash everywhere and a Euro Championships / Copa America underway.

Granit Xhaka is in. That’s great news. We have a solid midfield shaping up there. The big on is the striker move and also with rumours of Chambers being loaned to Everton, also a centre back. Striker chat is quiet. I have no idea what we’re thinking. People are speaking about Sturridge, who is a super talent… but are we really going to entertain a player who is being shipped on by a manager who complains he’s a bit of a wimp when it comes to his body?

We want fighters. I don’t see many of those floating about in the striker role. I guess that’s what scouts are for. Morata is a classy player, but there’s a reason Juve are shifting on someone so young and gifted and I’d guess looking at his goal haul might indicate why. You need goals. He’s been passed up by Madrid and he’s a Spaniard and he’s lasted two years in Italy.

Give me the next Hig… not a striker you have to have a seminar on to get what he does.

Very limited today. SEE YOU TOMORROW!

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  1. Paulinho

    “Ozil is A+ class all day long but he’s not the type of player to carry a team om his back.”

    Not about carrying a team. Just want him to attempt to stay in the inside channels when the game gets frenetic and congested, instead of staying too wide or too high.

  2. Sam

    Jon Toral is our top loanee of the season

    Would Wenger push Ramsey out n give him a place?

    on the bench at least

    no to Mata and Morata
    Morata is just slightly better than Giroud n he’s tied to Madrid mob dodgy deal
    If we scout around the world with 50M in the pocket we’ll find someone

  3. Louis Almeida

    Paulinho, they played with Podolski and Trochowski either side of Mesut and then Khedira in the pivot next to Schweini. You have three players there who are not good on the ball so it becomes very easy to mark the ball player out of the game. The others were far too limited. If Ozil was the problem he would’ve been removed. Germany have been more successful recently because they have moved towards more domination of the ball. Reus and Kroos are now prominent so they aren’t reliant on one player to do it all. That is how it should be otherwise it becomes too predictable and easy to stop. Again I’m not saying he’s perfect, he isn’t But he definitely isn’t the problem.

  4. PieAFC

    This the thing, constant guessing who we should buy.

    We are Arsenal Football Club.

    We should be sending out a statement of intent. If we are going to play this poxy formation then we need a striker that can play up top on his own, pace and directness to his game, especially goals at a high level. Auhbamyang* (yes probbbably wrong spelling) from Dortmund.

    If we are going with a new idea and shape to our set up get another striker to play up alongside Giroud, Lukaku, give everton a swap deal with Theo and some money. Hig from Napoli. Then switch to a 4-4-2 diamond, Bellerin can bomb forward as much as he wants. Xhaka, wilshere, Ozil can still play behind the striker. Get a deep lying or an aggressive pressing type like Kante or even push for Wanyama. If not that system, we definitely need a wide player you’ve all mentioned but it won’t happen under Wenger he has his favourites and he will disappoint as per fucking usual.

    Predictability is as good as it gets. Wenger will not shock any of us by season starts….

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Amazes me the amount of people out there still talking about Walcott needing to move ‘for his own good,’ as if the reason he’s shit is Arsenal.

    Incredible. Is it because he’s English, or fast, or because after a decade of unfulfilled hype people can’t really criticise?

  6. Sam


    Zelalem will make it but need another year loan n surely Rangers will be happy to keep him
    Ainsley n Chuba might be sold
    Jenkinson n Wellington might join senior squad, Maybe Hayden also if we fail to sign new CB
    Not sure about Gnabry but he did well in reserves after his failed loan

  7. Sam

    Walcott won’t be sold
    Some people think We only need 16players
    He’ll obviously lose his place in the starting line-up but won’t be sold

    unless he asks for it himself

  8. Paulinho

    Louis- Yeah, Germany were full of flat track bullies that wilted once they had to use their brains. Podolski was a prime example.

    It’s not about Ozil being the absolute problem, it’s just that coming up against compact sides shined a rather bright light on his deficiencies, and when he’s come up against them since, he’s showed them again and again.

    Can’t be having him classed as elite when he’s reduced to being a dead ball merchant against top sides.

  9. Globalgunner

    There is no way we will get Benzema unless Girud leaves. Benzema will not be able to hanle being on the bench while an inferior player is in his spot. We know Wenger cant handle conflict, If we are dealing with Madrid it must be for Morata,

  10. Louis Almeida

    Paulinho, yes I agree he isn’t perfect. The other week I was saying that he should take the initiative more in games, especially in relation to shooting. He has the technique so I don’t know hy he doesn’t.

    Against compact teams you need more technical players though for good combination stuff. We used to have Cesc, Rosicky and Hleb all combining in one team. I think we could do with more technicians on Mesut’s wavelength to improve the combination play. I’m thinking of a prime Rosicky here.

  11. Sam


    Football is a game of passion not hatred
    not sure where you losers come from

    Theo Walcott is not the only one who had bad season surely there is always next time
    But you hypocrite will never talk about Sanchez who actually started every game n was poor
    Only picking on Theo who spent most of his time on the bench

  12. reality check


    Feo hasn’t had a bad season.. he’s had a bad career. Football wise. Financially he’s exceeded all expectations.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Bleacher Report reporting that Tancredi Palmeri is saying Arsenal have made an official €50 Million bid for Morata to Madrid.

    I lose track in all honesty of who out there are the more reputable sources and who are not.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    If true, what is that, about £38 Million?

    That wouldn’t be a terrible price in this market.

  15. WengerEagle

    As far as wide playmakers go, top of my list would be any of Mkhitaryan, James Rodriguez/Isco or Mahrez.

    James is the best footballer there but he’d cost the most by far, Miki would probably represent the best deal for us.

  16. Bamford10

    “Ozil is A+ class all day …”

    No, he’s more like an A-, on account of his limitations.

    I’m with Paulinho on Ozil.

    Not enough power, not enough scoring, not enough presence. An A+ for intelligence and a certain kind of passing, but lacking in other important categories.

    Doesn’t make the world XXII, IMO.

  17. GS88

    Mourinho is going to have to change his style of management and persona, now that he is at Man Utd. So how he handles the players, staff, Utd fans even and how he shows respect for the club as a whole will be very important. He can’t lambast the Utd players as he did the Chelsea players, that won’t be tolerated at such a club. He would soon find that his tenure would be up ASAP, regardless of his high standing in the game, as he found out with Chelsea, a much smaller club.

    For me though, this is good move for Utd. They have on board a manager with a winners mentality and a proven track record that cannot be argued against. I don’t think that he will last more than maybe 3 years (as per usual with him), but one never knows. Jose always wanted to manage Man Utd and now that he has gotten that chance, he should cherish it and blow it. I feel that this could be bad news for Arsenal. As Mourinho as Wenger’s number and will most proberbly trump him again.

    If after next season Wenger gets replaced with a better manager, then we are talking a whole new ball game, as Arsenal would not be mere pushovers anymore.

    I hope for Simeone or Thomas Tuchel after the end of next season.

    It would be very interesting to see how it all unfolds and pans out next season though.


    And even with the likes of – Koeman and
    Bilic – it should make for quite an interesting PL next season.

    No mension of Wenger Lol.