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SO SO SO SO… what do we have tomorrow? What did I miss? What would you LIKE to read?

Ok, so hot af rumours are that the striker we’re chasing down this summer is none other than Alvaro Morata. He’s the player we were interested in a couple of seasons ago, but he ended up going to Juventus and getting them to a Champions League final. He’s a very good player, but this season, he hardly torn up the trees in Italy… and it’s mooted that he may well be off in a £50m deal… to us.

Now, I initially spat out my tea at the prospect of this because that’s a lot of cash for someone who registered less goals than Giroud. But, apparently, according to the stats blogs, he’s still an awesome player who could do a very good job for us.

I have questions over his pace, but he’s a smart player, he’ll have the technical gifts most Spanish players come with and he has target man frame. Seems an awful lot of cash to outlay for someone who isn’t prolific.

I’m not sure who I’d like to see come in. Auba over at Dortmund would be a dream, he’s fast, pretty tall and he knows where the net is. He also has wide player experience so would have that Thierry like fire power to do amazing things by playing across the front line.

Outside that, we’d have to get cute. I understand Sturridge is a consideration, but for me, if Klopp is ejecting him because of a spiky attitude and fitness issues, that’s a big fat red warning sign even if we can get him cheap. If Wenger is keeping Giroud, I don’t want to see him in the starting 11 next year. Signing Sturridge when we already have a crocked WELBZ would be beyond farcical in my opinion, regardless of how incredibly talented he is.


Love it when that noise starts… like a bunch of people got the word from his agent…

‘@FootyHero9989 Granit is on the PLANE now’

It takes 2 hours max to get here. How does it even make a story? Someone just told me he’s at Colney right now doing his medical. Word to those sort of rumours… they do the medicals at a private hospital. So if he’s at Colney, he’s likely getting his shirt shots for the press release. Expect the official announcement to happen 28th August. Standard Arsenal.

Jack Wilshere is to be rewarded with an extension to his contract. I mean, I find that amazing. Rewarded for being injured. This feels like the sort of reward we’ve been handing out to Theo Walcott when he’s been injured most of his Arsenal career. Still, what do you do, let him go to City and play under Pep?

Really hope Jack stays fit this year so we can see if he is actually the best player there ever was, or he’s just another over hyped over paid English kid who can’t behave.

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  1. WengerEagle


    It’s not like my surname is Hazard or anything, I just call it as I see it.

    I think Mahrez has had an unbelievable season and fully deserved the POTY. My main point is that I don’t think that there was much of a difference from him this season and Hazard the season before, certainly not enough to label it as an absolute truth or common sense.

    ‘ts not even as if dissed Hazard, only said Mahrez’s contributions were undoubtedly better’

    Based on what though? It’s not just a numbers game in terms of goals/assists, obviously they are very important but they aren’t the be all and end all.

    If Mahrez had scored/assisted much more goals, like a vast difference I’d agree with you but he has only scored a few more goals and even though he has more assists, Hazard has better creative stats which just means his team mates weren’t as efficient as Mahrez’s were. (Ozil has 3 assists since mid-December, he hasn’t just suddenly turned shit, it’s because of Giroud’s/Sanchez’s dry spells mainly)

    ‘So we should compare two players not based on their own contributions to the team but based on the competence/incompetence of their teammates? ‘

    Not at all as it’s out of the player’s control, but would you not agree that it makes his life tougher if Costa and Fabregas are playing poorly? It doesn’t gain him brownie points but it just shows how vital his contribution was because if he were as off the boil as his team mates, it would have been a much closer title run-in.

    ‘And you ask me whether ”only” three goals and two assist superiority for Mahrez ought to count!’

    Of course it counts but it’s a bit of a lazy conclusion to come to judging it solely on that.

    Payet has been way better than Eriksen or Tadic for example have been, goals/assists wise it’s a level playing field though.

  2. Wallace


    sorry, I just thought you’d have a better argument than ‘Mahrez has scored 3 more goals’ to back you up. a lot of people obviously thought Payet was better than Ozil this season(dickheads), despite Ozil having created about 300 more chances & assists than the West Ham man. stats can be used to back up your views, but they can’t be all you’re relying on when your making such definitive statements.

  3. HillWood

    What happened to the 8-0 Tonkings we used to regularly hand out to Turky. Hodgson is the Wenger of international football

  4. underrated Coq

    WE, we all call it as we see it. You are just arguing semantics now. Whether there was little between them or a lot, personally I think Mahrez’s season was far more entertaining than Hazard’s own. More goals, more assists, more goals from open play, better variety of goals-a few memorable ones at that. Maybe helped by the fact that Leicester were far more entertaining than Chelsea- of which Mahrez played a role, don’t forget. The one slight I have against him is his lame dive at the Emirates.

  5. WengerEagle

    ‘a lot of people obviously thought Payet was better than Ozil this season(dickheads), despite Ozil having created about 300 more chances & assists than the West Ham man.’

    Why are they dickheads?

    I think Payet had a better season personally, not by a lot but he was creating just as many chances as Ozil was (both were averaging 4 key passes per match, Ozil had him for successful through-balls but Payet had Ozil for successful long passes and crosses), again very little in it and I can see why people would side with Ozil, wouldn’t exactly call either party a dickhead mind.

    Payet’s best striker was Andy fecking Carroll, makes Giroud look prolific.

  6. alexanderhenry


    To answer your questions:

    Kroenke is the majority shareholder at arsenal. He owns 60% of the club which gives him full control . Like all owners he decides how much the club spends, no one else.
    Abramovich decides how much to spend at chelsea, the glazers at man u, fenway group at liverpool, mike ashley at newcastle etc.
    Wenger is employed by kroenke to manage the team.

    Also, on Bamford:

    ‘No need to threaten people with being binned..
    ..Surely you’re bigger than that..?’

    No, he isn’t.

    But thanks anyway.

  7. Marko

    Prefer Manolas or Mustafi but if he’s cheap as chips I say go for Benatia. Excellent defender at Roma and Udinese and the right kind of experience too.

  8. Dissenter

    Underrated Coq must be laughing loudly
    Jamie Vardy is such a diving cu*t, even in a friendly he cant stop diving.

  9. Ozy

    If we sign Xhaka, Benatia, and Morata … that would be a great summer. Add in a Mikhratyan or a Chiswell? An incredible summer but a pipe dream. No way would we spend that much in one window.

  10. Marko

    Benatia would actually be a brilliant move for us. Purely cause we’d add quality to an area without spending much so we’ve still got a lot left for that striker and attacker. Could be very shrewd

  11. STV

    Mahrez cannot be better than Hazard based on couple of more goals scored or assists. What if Costa didn’t finish those and Wardy did? Also Hazard played in left wing (under Mourinho!) while Mahrez played behind strikers.

    Hazard is undoubtedly one of the best players for sometime now (albeit this season’s dip ) while Mahrez is getting there. Not yet time to laud him as better than Hazard imo.

  12. WengerEagle

    ‘Whether there was little between them or a lot, personally I think Mahrez’s season was far more entertaining than Hazard’s own. ‘

    That’s your opinion which is fine, it’s just the way you were basically saying that it’s indisputable that Mahrez had a better season than Hazard that I found weird, a case can be made for both.

    ‘More goals, more assists, more goals from open play, better variety of goals-a few memorable ones at that. ‘

    More goals, yes. More goals from open play, yes. Not much more though, 13 to Hazard’s 11.

    Better variety of goals/more memorable goals? Again up for debate, Hazard scored some absolute crackers that season, the Hull one from outside the box off his weak foot off the top of my head and his goal vs the Spuddies.

    He had more assists but Hazard created more chances and MUCH more from open play than Mahrez did, of Hazard’s 99 chances created in 2014/15 only one was from a set-piece. Mahrez has racked up a lot of his assists though dead-balls.

    It’s one of those things where neither is necessarily wrong IMO, some people believe that Suarez has been Barcelona’s best player this season, some Messi and some (including me) think it’s been Neymar.

    I would find it strange if anyone said that any one of the three have been undoubtedly the best.

  13. vicky


    Manu LONJON ‎@ManuLonjon
    Arsenal,qui vient de débourser 43M pour Xhaka, souhaiterait conclure le transfert de Medhi Benatia (Bayern Munich) !

  14. WengerEagle


    Well one of the three is now in the bag in Xhaka.

    Can’t see how we don’t move for a striker given this season, not sure about a CB because that would mean one of the 4 we have being moved on.

    I don’t rate Chambers at all tbh, wouldn’t mind cutting our losses on him. Awful RB and average CB.

  15. shad


    Benatia would be a solid replacement for Mertesacker. Though Le Senile has a penchant for keeping deadwood for year long contracts as a reward for loyalty (or nudes, whatever flavours your tea).
    Benatia was a beast back in Roma, but somehow couldn’t displace Alaba or Boateng. And with Hummels inbound…
    Think he is still a good CB/deputy LB.
    Question is if Wenger can reignite his fire…my answer is obviously no.

  16. TallestTiz

    He’s Moroccan. ACN comes around, and we get tanked by Elneny and Benatia.
    And just in time, Wilshere(Permacrook), Ramsey, Santi and Per jump into the treatment room for five months each?
    No thanks

  17. shad


    My French is weak but is that a reliable journo? Hope that’s not another John fucking Cross. Like I said, Ornstein or Romford it is. The rest of the ITKs can sod off.

  18. Redtruth

    Aguero’s 24 league goals stats look impressive until you brealk it down and find the bulk of his goals consisted of penalties, offside goals, deflected goals, consolation goals and 5 goals against relegated Newcastle… not so impressive after all…

  19. shad


    Think Turan did himself a huge disservice by joining Barca. Doesn’t fit their system and cannot displace neither Messi nor Iniesta or Busquets. Should have stayed at Atletico. Can’t see him lasting at Barca tbh.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Only one of Vardy or Kane can play I think, Dier, Henderson and Alli looks the best middle, Sterling out wide you would think, then not sure who plays on the opposite flank, you need someone to balance Sterling out.

    Please just not Rooney in there.

  21. vicky

    Shad, I don’t understand a word he says, that’s why I don’t know how reliable he is. Only when I find him mentioning Arsenal do I bother to translate 😛

    He thinks Goetze will/may join Liverpool, if he gets it right I will start taking him more seriously.

  22. WengerEagle


    Fully agree, suppose he was looking at Iniesta’s age or at even displacing Rakitic, hasn’t worked out for him at all, hes been quite poor for them tbh.

    Was surprised that Barca forked out so much money on him as he’s 29 and while he’s quality, he’s not at THAT level IMO. Paper talk suggests they are already looking at cutting their losses.

    Could see Simeone taking him back at Atleti for a cut-price deal, maybe only half of what Barca paid them, they can afford to take the hit and will be looking at replacements this summer.

  23. shad


    Ahaa. It would be pitiful watching Götze joining Lolpool but then again why would he choose to play for our senile gaffer who would allow him to prattle about like a spoilt brat, brandishing his boner. Wenger would see that and probably captain him and put him on £140k a week.

  24. shad


    Exactly. He is talented but he simply doesn’t fit the tiki-taka system. At Atletico, they train to be more of a wrecking ball. More defensive, minimal possession and loads of aggression. They are highly technical as they are very efficient with the ball. At Barca, that smash and grab efficiency just doesn’t cut it. Turan lacks the aesthetic finesse the crowd and team are used to.

  25. underrated Coq

    ” That’s your opinion which is fine, it’s just the way you were basically saying that it’s indisputable that Mahrez had a better season than Hazard that I found weird, a case can be made for both. ”

    Yes, everything we write on here is an opinion. Do you want people to start ‘In my opinion’ after every sentence? Again, I think Mahrez did have a much better season than Hazard, as far as POTY performances go. Neither of those come close to Suarez’s, mind.

  26. WengerEagle


    Lol, no just find it a bit silly that you label Mahrez’s season as much better than Hazard’s as if it were blatantly obvious based on a couple of extra goals is all. Creatively, Hazard’s 2014/15 season was indisputably better if you’re going by stats.

    ‘as far as POTY performances go. Neither of those come close to Suarez’s, mind.’

    100% this.

    Suarez’s 2013/14 season in the BPL imo was the best ever individual season of a footballer in the Premier League, 31 goals none of which were penalties and he carried a pretty average Liverpool side to within a whisker of the title. Felt much more sorry for him than Gerrard himself when he slipped. Made Sturridge and Sterling look like world beaters (both are very good footballers in their own right but they were both something else that season).

  27. STV

    Un. Coq

    OK so you were just comparing some POTY performances but not nesseserly making any valid points. Is that about right??

  28. WengerEagle

    In a weird way I think that the 5-1 tonking at Anfield was nearly worse than the 6-0 at SB.

    We were absolutely battered at Anfield, 4-0 down after 20 odd mins and it could have been 5 or 6, Suarez had a 30 yard cannon of a volley that smashed the post and Kolo missed the open net rebound.

    They just took put their feet up after that and it was cigar time for the second half, we scored a pen out of nowhere and were lucky to finish only losing by 4.

    Chelsea match was more kind of freakish, down to 10 men early enough too.

  29. underrated Coq

    WE, 17 goals is still a better return than 14 and 11 assists is better than 9, mate.

    ” Creatively, Hazard’s 2014/15 season was indisputably better if you’re going by stats. ”

    Hazard’s 2.6 Keypasses to Mahrez’s 1.8? If you think 3 extra goals and 2 assist are not all that, shouldn’t the same be said about Keypasses? Besides, one can make a case for Mahrez’s 2015/16 season to be indisputably better, defensively.

    We can do this all day. Atleast we agree with the other thing 😉

  30. WengerEagle


    More successful take-ons/dribbles, more key passes, more chances created from open play, more involved in build up play (his pass stats are much better than Mahrez’s in terms of amount and accuracy), more accurate long passes.

    I would say that adds significant weight behind the argument that he was creatively better.

  31. underrated Coq

    WE, tbf I think you can attribute those detailed stats to the style of play their respective teams used? Kinda funny to call Chelsea as an expansive, possession based team but compared to Leicester this season, they were better at that. Leicester were mostly ‘invite pressure and counter’. Perhaps that explains why Mahrez had better defensive stats while Hazard had better offensive stats.

  32. Wallace

    Szcz, Debuchy, Ramsey, Ox, Toral, Walcott…

    we could easily make 80m+ on player sales this summer. i like the look of Toral a lot, he’s just picked a bad time to rock up as a no. 10 at Arsenal.

  33. WengerEagle


    Yeah that’s fair, it’s just why I personally thought that Hazard was more influential in the sense that he was the attacking nucleus of Chelsea that season, he was involved in virtually every good attacking sequence which goes beyond just scoring and assisting goals. Leicester’s style of play compared to Chelsea’s definitely played a part, would be interesting to see them swap roles for a season and see if they could replicate what the other has done (obviously would never happen just a hypothetical)

    Again just want to stress that there’s very little in it IMO, not saying he was way better than Mahrez or anything.

    Think we can move on from this now 😀

  34. steve

    alexanderhenryMay 22, 2016 17:44:16
    SteveIt is all Kroenke’s fault


    Whatever you say alexander. Lol

  35. underrated Coq

    ” Think we can move on from this now ”

    Haha, for sure. Think this is the fourth time we have argued about something related to Hazard.

    I’ve noticed a few here say Elneny might be the best partner for Xhaka. Do you agree? Interested to know your view on this.

  36. WengerEagle


    Probably haha, please tell me that you weren’t one of the Wally enthusiasts? 😀

    Re Elneny, it’s too early to say. I’m not a big fan of the guy in all honesty, he’s only had one exceptional match and that was away to Barcelona where he was outstanding.

    But, he was by all accounts very good for Basel, he might have even played before with Xhaka when he was there too (not sure on this?) and in that Barcelona match he showed that he is capable of producing an outstanding display.

    Maybe he just needs time to settle in, maybe he’s not good enough and never will be, as of right now I’m not sure.

    I’d like us to sign another CM rather than hope that Elneny comes good tbh, atm he just looks like Denilson mark 2 (actually worse defensively).

  37. Wallace

    there was an decent interview with Philipp Lahm a few days ago. the most interesting part for me was when he was asked the one piece of advice he would give to the Man City players and he said, ‘always hold your position’.

    watching the Bayern vs Dortmund game last night it was more like a chess match the way both teams moved around the pitch.

  38. WengerEagle


    That’s reassuring! France have it right like we do with the old footie slang.

    England are still knocking about in the 19C calling them penalty kicks, at least abbreviate it you fossils.

  39. Redtruth

    Real football played 40 years ago with no teams resting players in Cup Competitions.
    No players or managers complaining of players feeling tired or fatigued.
    No sanatised play with robust tackles the norm.
    No dodgy offside rule or debates on what constitutes an own goal.
    Games decided by replays and not by penalty shoot-outs.
    40% of the Stadium capacity allocated to away fans giving for a much better atmosphere.
    More affordable tickets for the ordinary fan.
    Games decided on the field of play rather than by rich owners hoovering up the best talent.
    No seedings to protect big name clubs from early elimination..
    Only Champions represented in Europe’s top Competition.

  40. underrated Coq


    I actually did defend Walcott a couple times, you know, though never as faithfully as London gunner . But this was around the time he was rehabilitating from the ACL, tbf he looked half decent before that injury. Its all gone wrong for him since.

    Yeah, I’m not enthused about Elneny-Xhaka combination too. Both are a bit on the slow-side which could be a problem. Besides I don’t know how it’d work? Best thing about Elneny is his passing but I think its fair to say Xhaka is levels above the former at that. And I think he is lacking in imagination offensively to take the B2B role. If only Ramsey would get his head out of the arse, he’d add the energy and the goal threat we need. Not holding my breath though.

  41. Wallace


    “That’s interesting, is basically echoing what Henry said on Sky about Pep as a manager.”

    yeah, it reminded me of the Henry story…

    ““How many times would we see a player come and ask for the ball [deep in central midfield]?

    “Not with Barcelona. Stay in your position, trust your team-mate on the ball, and wait for the ball. Look at where I am [hugging the left touchline]. That position allowed [Andres] Iniesta to get the ball [in central midfield] because I’m occupying the right-back.

    “Freedom, [in the] last third, run, you’re allowed to. You start in a high position, and wide, but after that, you can do whatever you want.

    “Basically from training to the game, up until the last third, he [Guardiola] used to call it the ‘three Ps’ – play, possession and position. And the most important one was position. You have to stay in your position, trust your team-mates and allow the ball to come to you.

    “In training, to make you understand that, especially for Xavi and Iniesta, he would put cones [down] and up until the last third, guys who were playing on the right were not allowed to cross over to the left were not allowed to cross over to the right, and on the left you were not allowed to cross over to the right. But the last third was freedom for us.”

    “He used to say to us the fist time he took the team, ‘my job is to take you up to the last third, your job is to finish it’.”

  42. vicky

    Wallace I think the Pep system will work only with great players who have got amazing ball control and passing. Imagine Ramsey, Jack, Sanchez,Theo or Ox losing possession every now and then and no Arsenal player trying to get the possession back by rushing towards the ball.

  43. Phd007

    WallaceMay 22, 2016 19:29:42
    there was an decent interview with Philipp Lahm a few days ago. the most interesting part for me was when he was asked the one piece of advice he would give to the Man City players and he said, ‘always hold your position’.
    Yeah,Ramsey take note..

    But then again,Arsene allows our player’s the freedom of roam to express themselves..

    Maybe,it should be Arsene take note!! 🙂

    Do you agree,about the last part Wallace?

  44. vicky


    Writing my CFA Level 2 exam on 4th June. On weekends I spend whole day studying but keep tracking Le grove so that it doesn’t become monotonous.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    I would imagine something like that, strikes me as a very British thing, banter, Americans online seem to struggle with the concept occasionally our level of dark humour and sarcasm.

    Never forget a post going round online about an Englishmen describing to an American what he meant about his mate being the Archbishop of Banterbury and popping in for a cheeky Nando’s.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    ‘tell me to mind my own business …. But are you a transvestite?’

    This question may have just won Le Grove.

    I really enjoyed the politeness behind it as well!

  47. Wallace

    underrated Coq

    “Wallace, why exactly are you ejaculating over Guardiola? You know he’s gonna royally embarrass one Arsene Wenger, right?”

    yeah, probably. I just admire what he does. his attacking approach, always on the front foot. the risks he takes. how much players improve when they work with him. i think he’s probably the best i’ve seen. looking forward to him in the PL next year, even if it does mean bad news for us.

  48. Wallace


    “Wallace I think the Pep system will work only with great players who have got amazing ball control and passing.”

    maybe, it would be fun to see him working with lesser players. see how good he really is.

  49. Wallace


    “Do you agree,about the last part Wallace?”

    I agree with the first bit of your post(Ramsey). every manager has his own style.

  50. Redtruth


    Every season you criticise Wenger and at the end of every season you bury your head in the sand again…lol.
    Wenger must love clowns like you…lol

  51. Marko

    CA shouldn’t be a problem we’ve got cover in that area. Just would he be an improvement in big games and you’d imagine yes

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Very true.

    But at the same time, you would want Benatia and Kozz to form a really strong partnership, so important that the two CB’s and the CDM and CM form a great bond, communicate well, fight for each other and almost know one another’s mind.

  53. Marko

    Marko is a fully paid up member of the Wenger Fan Club in where ever he lives..

    What is actually wrong with you Red?

    CA just found out apparently Benatia was born in France so communication shouldn’t be a problem

  54. HillWood

    Red- do you remember Billy Bremner, Norman Hunter, Peter Storey, Chopper Harris. Proper players !

  55. HillWood

    Red-ha. As kids you hit a good shot and shout” Lorimar” as the ball screamed into the back of the net !

  56. Red Ruth

    Come on, little Red, stop whining, and come out hiding behind your mum’s skirt. When are you going to come out into the real world and start to agitate against Wenger. True, you may need to front up the big rough boys, but if your nit a nappy wearing little boy, that won’t be a problem. So let us know what your planning to lead and when. Oh nothing but silence and another yellow puddle on the floor. Oh don’t worry diddums, mummy will change you again

  57. HillWood

    Yep. They wouldn’t make half time nowadays . Not sure if it was better back then or all th play acting now.

  58. London gunner

    Hazard’s good but not as great as many on here act.

    Robben and Ribery when fit are better, bale is better as is Neymar. I would even place di Maria as better (statistically the 4 or 5th best player in Europe this year and the season before he went to united he was unstoppable. Reus is also better (never had a bad season)

    So hazard is sixth best winger tied with Sanchez with hazard being a better creator and Sanchez with more end product.

    Yet people act like his a once in a generation player or future ballon d’or

  59. Joe

    Top 5 managers winning % in the PL
    P W D L F A Win %
    Jose Mourinho 212 140 44 28 377 152. (66)
    Alex Ferguson810. 528 168 114 1627 703 (65.2)
    Carlo Ancelotti 76 48 13 15 172 65(63.2)
    Roberto Mancini 133 82 27 24 255 111(61.7)
    Manuel Pellegrini 114 70 2123 25 116 (61.4)

  60. Dissenter

    Poor Mata
    He’s set to be sold by Mourhino for the second time when he takes over at United.
    Barca are probably waiting form to be surplus to requirements.

  61. Joe

    And just to throw a wrench to all those who say they wouldn’t want Jose at Arsenal and wenger ball is so much better than boring Jose

    And in Mourinho’s defence, it is worth stating that when Chelsea won the title in 2004-05, they did it with the youngest average age of any side in Premier League history, under 26.

    When Chelsea won the league in 2014-15 they scored 73 goals, 10 fewer than Manchester City in second but two more than Arsenal, so often held up as the romantics’ dream

    When he won his second title with Chelsea in 2005-06, they equalled the tally of runners-up Manchester United with 72 but only conceded 22 compared to United’s 34.

    When he won La Liga with Real Madrid in 2011-12, records tumbled. They scored the most league goals in a season with 121, had the best goal difference in a season of +89, and the most points in a season at 100 – 87.72% of the points they contested.

    So please let’s lose the notion that wenger ball is much more pretty to the eye than jose’s and other bollocks

    The first 6 months of last season of Chelsea’s title winning season was up there with anything that wenger has played.

    I would love Jose at Arsenal. He is a million times better manager than wenger and trust no bigger of a cunt.

    Another opportunity missed with wenger out staying his welcome

    *all taken from bbc article

    More and more it comes out that the greatness of wenger is all a myth.

  62. STV

    Un Coq.

    Lol who is this STV clown? The second time he’s butted in and made some lame ass remark.”

    Why the fuck you ‘lol’ ING every time? I just questioned your our lame, lazy and frivoulous remark and you have no answer for it! Clown.