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Wenger dropped conversation around Olivier Giroud being our first team striker next season. In the interview, he states that he’ll be the first team striker next summer, but he has strong and weak moments… I guess, like not scoring in 20 odd games.

For me, Wenger should be looking at Olivier, realise he’s now 29 years old and he should be ruthless. Is he good enough to lead our line? No. What would happen to our title challenge if a new striker was injured for 9 months? It’d falter. Wenger should be shipping him on. He’s not getting any younger, he’s unlikely to find world class form and he’s a big reason we’re not top of the league.

Our manager isn’t ruthless enough for that sort of carry on. One more season… seems to be the mantra. He should be taking a machete to that squad this summer. He doesn’t need to spend hundreds of millions to replace our failing players. He needs to look at what the forward line lacked and replace it. Is there much point in us having a lumbering striker who lacks mobility and finishing grace? I’m not so sure. Maybe we find a younger version. Someone who has power, height and potential and we sign someone who is established. But point is, if you can’t score 30 goals with Mesut in the side, there’s no point you being at Arsenal.

Arsenal lagging on the Xhaka signing. Everyone knows he’s coming, but we’re still messing around announcing it. We really do know how to spoil the party. At least there’s one name down. I’d love to know where the others are coming from?

A few asked why I’m so insistent on Santi being replaced. For me, he’s struggled with fatigue quite a bit over the last few seasons, he’s just had a major injury and he’s super integral to our team. He doesn’t need to be moved on, but surely we need to be thinking about having someone in the side who can at least replicate his importance… or grow into it. For me, our title died with his injury… it was apparent at the start of last summer we had no one who could do what he could do. So we really need to find a replacement this summer.

The Mesut Ozil panto continues to roll on…

“I still have two years contract with Arsenal, as you know, and we will be in talks with the club and we’ll see what happens in the future”

“But as I said, now I’m concentrating on Euro 2016 in France, which is very important for me and my team after the last World Cup. Then later on, I will see what I do with Arsenal.”

Seems like he and Sanchez are both either angling for mega money, or they’re desperately trying to get away from a club they know won’t compete under Arsene Wenger. When you’re super rich, cash isn’t an issue in your life, winning things is.

Playing in a super basic setup, with a lot of drossy players can’t be that exciting even if you have a huge pay cheque dropping every couple of weeks. It’d be a big blow to Wenger to lose those two players. Sanchez is electric and a crowd pleaser, Ozil is a pass master, he keeps the football hipsters involved. I wouldn’t really be that upset if they moved on… providing we brought in outstanding replacements.

Sanchez has many flaws in his game we know Wenger can’t rectify… because Pep couldn’t. Ozil tails off horrendously for at least half a season every season. He wasn’t interested during the back end of the year. Praise him all you want for his sublime passing… he didn’t do a good job in the last half of the year. He didn’t really add goals to his game. He didn’t lead.

Who is out there that could replace him? Not many. But look, if players want out, send them packing. Just make sure we’re not left with our pants down like we so often have been in the past.

Finally, a fascinating article from Sid Lowe on Monchi of Sevilla. He’s their sporting director. He turned the club into a profit making force that wins trophies, some of the stellar lines…

“No one takes a ‘what great economic results’ banner to the stadium,”

Love that. I’m sure I’ve seen that banner at Arsenal, along with ‘Substandard camembert will not be tolerated.’

He also gets into his approach to scouting players.

“Sixteen people cover a series of leagues. For the first five months we watch a lot of football but with no particular aim: we’re just accumulating data. Every month we produce an ideal XI for each league. Then in December we start watching players who appeared regularly in different contexts – home, away, international – to build the broadest possible profile.”

You wonder how the Arsenal approach works? Is it weak scouting, or is it weak activation on the reccomendations from Wenger? I think maybe a mix of both. I know that Steve Rowley isn’t exactly the man he used to be. Man of yesteryear, not exactly a data beast like so many of the younger ones are who are coming through. Perhaps he should have been moved on a few years ago.

This bit about negotiations is also interesting.

“The guy selling a Seat Leon will claim it’s a better model,” Monchi says. “Kanouté wasn’t the first option; we were going after Fred, the Brazilian. We wanted [Kevin-Prince] Boateng before Keita. And if a player says: ‘Chelsea want me,’ I say: ‘What are you talking to me for, then?’ But if Swansea or Spurs want you, let’s talk. I sell the city, the club: a serious club that pays as promised, which sounds trivial but isn’t.”

Love the bit about Spurs. Also love the idea of having back-ups. We don’t land Suarez, we have no one. We don’t land Benzema, we go with no one. So many times over the years we’ve gone for the eggs in one basket approach. Which shows you there’s something fundamentally corrupt in our approach. We never have a plan b, and look, there can’t be such thing as no plan b in a world jam packed with footballers.

This isn’t the approach of some tin pot club either, it’s the approach of a club that’s winning European competitions. We have more resource than them, better facilities in a more widely adored City. We should be finding these sort of options on a more regular basis.

You also wonder how good his relations are in the game. Is being more of a football man a benefit because you get access to better players? It’ll be very interesting to see whether Arsenal load up with a football director figure when Wenger leaves, because it makes total sense to me. A manager cannot be good at everything and the power of opinion resting in one persons hands isn’t a smart way to grow a successful business. You need to have a multitude of expertise and opinions weighing in because football is about specialists nowadays… not personalities.

Anyway, good times. Have a great day!

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  1. Ishola70

    Danish Gooner:
    “we havnt got 5 percent of the mental strength Sevilla have.”

    I thought Liverpool were mentally weak tonight tbh rather than Sevilla showing lots of it.

    They lost it after conceding that first goal so soon at the start of the second half. Credit to Sevilla for pressing on after that first goal but Liverpool were weak after conceding that first goal.

    Sevilla were not at the races at all in that first half and Liverpool could have wrapped it up after 45 mins. If they had kept out Sevilla for the first 10-15 mins of the second half then we could have seen a different game but just shows goals and when they are scored can change the face of a game completely.

    Liverpool committed a grave sin by conceding so early in the second half and melted thereafter.

  2. Relieable Sauce

    Was thinking with the CF lists being posted today – Why are we completely ruling out lots of perfectly good CFs/strikers only because they are judged not good enough to play as the lone striker??

    I hate this lone CF crap, Wenger only used it to hide the weakness in his CM (and possibly the loss of Dennis???) and tactical ineptitude.

    Modern #10s position is such an easy option for the modern players, a total kop out of a role that any player with the slightest of talent seems to be afforded.

    Fuck me, if you want to influence/dictate football matches and reap the glory, you have to be prepared to earn the right and then deliver what is expected, consistantly.

    Bergkamp. Scholes. A #10 & #8. Not fucking passengers.

    451 means you live and die by your #9 and Wenger keeps Giroud 1st choice for 4….5 years whilst placating the drones with a varyiety of crappy alternatives.

    Remember what he said after selling RvP.

  3. Joe


    It’s because Chelsea win trophies.
    Whereas we …

    Wenger the economist can’t figure out the basics.

    Winnings breeds more success. Companies like winners. Not 4th place is a trophy Crap.

    Not sanago starting up front vs Bayern

    Not getting smashed in the round of 16 every season

    Chelsea in the last decade have been one of the most successful teams I. All of Europe.

    One arsene wenger

  4. Joe

    Despite Monchengladbach qualifying for next season’s Champions League, the club’s sporting director Max Eberl has previously admitted they will struggle to keep hold of Xhaka.

    ‘There are clubs who can offer an even bigger chance of playing Champions League and competing for titles and trophies,’ he told Germany paper Kicker.

    He is not coming to Us then is he.

  5. gambon

    Embarrassing that chelsea sre gonna pull away massively from us commercially.

    Gazidis and the club spent months patting themselves on the back for new sponsorship deals that now look terrible.

    I said at the time they were crap.

    Utd, City, Chelsea, Liverpool all make more than us commercially.

    Its like were not even trying to be a big club.

    Apart from charging ridiculous ticket prices we have no other ideas for making money.

    Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool all have seperate training kit sponsors paying 10-20m pa.

    Arsenal….nope. thats way too innovative for us.

    There is so little desire to compete from the top to the bottom of the club that no-one even cares.

  6. Ishola70

    There are options there for Wenger to try to elevate this team.

    Icardi for CF has been mentioned and I would agree with anyone who would see that as a positive move. Classic no.9 will get the goals if given service and has improvement in him. Perfect time to strike with Inter not in CL next season. Club captain at Inter at 23 years old so has leadership and strong characteristics. A player if signed that could take off and Arsenal would have a top Argie striker in their ranks.

    Other option Breel Embelio. Exciting front player, good pace and good technique. Has star quality look about him. Give him a chance and people would forget that Giroud ever existed.

    Concerns about CB?

    Antonio Rüdiger from Roma. Strong, physical defender. Looks to read the game well.

    Aymeric Laporte from Bilbao. All action defender. Very decisive. Looks a very good talent at CB.

    Xhaka available for DM as we al know and would be a good buy.

    Options are there to improve this team and there are no excuses not to look to improve the team now with the money available. The stumbling block as ever if nothing of great note is done in the market in several positions not just one will be down to Wenger yet again.

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    I’d like to know what sort of high powered jobs the so called experts on here (re The Arsenal being so shit) do. Or are they just part of the Loony Left who are just never satisfied.

  8. Joe


    Why are you so happy with everything at Arsenal being done half assed

    Other than fleecing the fans for the highest tickets in Europe and probably the world

  9. Joe

    You’re happy that the chav cunts down the road get double what we get for shirt sponsorship.

    Yet I bet you spout we are the biggest club in London. The sponsors don’t seem to think so

  10. Joe

    Even though we have everything needed we to be best team in London and England but a manager with no ambition has cost us titles and millions in sponsorship deals.

    Again, Sponsors like winners. Not 4th place is a trophy quotes. Of i would take 2nf place for the next 20 years quote. Or we beat Leicester twice trophies

  11. gnarleygeorge9


    I come on here to get advice about The Arsenal from people who have forgotten more about The Club than I’ll ever know, & you aren’t one of them.

  12. Joe

    At least I know football and Arsenal.

    Don’t give a crap about shoe polish

    But , I am a fireman so we polish our boots everyday

    So wrong again son.

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    You don’t give a crap about shoe polish”, but you polish your boots everyday. What with then, shit? 🙂

  14. Black Hei


    Icardi already stated that he is staying at Inter. I think we might have better luck getting Carlos Bacca, which is a really low chance swing as well.

    Going after Morata is the correct swing since he is probably available.

    And despite his lack of stats, he is far better than 50m bucks in the bank. Let’s lay off the all-for-nothing strategy where Wenger text Benzema incessantly 24/7 until the last minute of the transfer window.

    Wonder if Shad can glue 50m notes together and turn him into a footballer. Probably a GK, I think.

  15. S Asoa

    After a series of boos
    The other senile oligarch Van Gal had the gal to thank supporters for their selfless support.
    Sep Blatter
    Arsene Wenger
    Van Gal

    these are a generation of men gone soft in the head ,but with hardened immorality. Conmen who exploit their social position to stick on to power , the money …


  16. Ishola70

    Black HeiMay 19, 20
    “IsholaIcardi already stated that he is staying at Inter. I think we might have better luck getting Carlos Bacca, which is a really low chance swing as well. Going after Morata is the correct swing since he is probably available.”

    Morata is a decent call as well but I think Icardi would be a better bet as more of a goal getter.

    Italian press are reporting the same re: Icardi. The player can say all he wants about wanting to stay at Inter previously, Inter can say they want to keep him.

    But the reality is due to economic reasons Inter could very well sell if receiving an offer they think is acceptablue due to no CL football. But if a club are too pussy to even try to force an issue then you don’t get an upgrade on Giroud. This is what Wenger will now doubt do. Icardi is linked with top clubs for a reason. He has been tracked by Atletico Madrid for a long time now for a reason and we all know how well Atletico Madrid do in picking out the right striker.

    As mentioned previously Embolo from Basle could oust Giroud from his first choice position if given a chance.

    But do fvcking something Arsenal instead of sitting on the hands and having Giroud as undisputed first choice striker next season.

  17. Ces1ne

    Neither would happen, but 2 dream & doable (if we were a NORMAL club, which we aren’t) signings for me that I would break the bank for are Nainggolan at Roma who was just made for EPL style. The other is Draxler who imho IS young RVP in the flesh waiting to be played in that free/roaming role we gave RVP in his last 1 & a half seasons of pure sexual link up & goalscoring play with us. Draxler has that same EXACT skill set, along with that bit of ganglyness & awkwardness young RVP had as well.

    These are just two of my dream signings that are possible in real world, just not Arsenal PLC world, so wanted to get it out there…….plus who fckin cares what wenger does anyway, couldn’t give a damn. Other squads/transfers & rumors around Europe get me excited. Watching other Leagues clubs, especially mid to higher mid table clubs attempt to build (GASP!!!!!) squads or revamp playing styles is fascinating…….I guess it’s down to being deprived of ALL FOOTBALLING NORMALCY at our club!!!!!!!!

  18. Ishola70

    I can understand those talking about Mkhitaryan and wanting him as a purchase and he is a good player no doubt but I think Arsenal need players with some different positive characteristics.

    Mkhitaryan looks like an Arsenal player. Arsenal already have players like Mkhitaryan’s style. He glides through games. Arsenal have plenty of gliders.

    Arsenal need to bring in players with some different characteristics. Mix it up. Not have similar style players.

  19. shad


    I’d love Mikhtaryan. I don’t think it’s about having similar players in the squad, it’s more of an attitude problem. And that’s why players glide since they are sucked into a level of mediocrity that has become acceptable under Wenger.

  20. Wallace

    on Xhaka – just made the connection that Lucien Favre, Borussia Mon’gladbach’s coach from 2011-2015, is apparently Wenger’s best mate in football.

  21. Ishola70

    “@Ishola,I’d love Mikhtaryan. I don’t think it’s about having similar players in the squad, it’s more of an attitude problem. And that’s why players glide since they are sucked into a level of mediocrity that has become acceptable under Wenger.”

    Where’s the grinta though Shad? Where’s the grinta which saw Leicester win the EPL at Arsenal? There’s not enough grinta at Arsenal. Mikhtaryan is not grinta. He’s a nice technical player. He’s like an Ozil. No grinta.

    Kante got grinta.

    Grinta. lolz.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    What is important this summer is that Arsenal[Arsene] are decisive in transfer market and do not dither when it comes to acquisitions.

    Realistically there are very few players available in market who are of genuine “world class” and most of these are already tied up with major clubs.

    When you discuss players who are readily available particularly in striker or centre back positions the options are quite limited.The situation is made
    even worse, because almost every major club on planet is looking for such

    There has been much discussion on Le Grove about the striker we should or should not buy. Frankly I am not overwhelmed by any of the options including Morata.

    He is of course younger and maybe he is a more mobile option than Giroud,
    but my question has been throughout will he score more goals or perhaps
    even more relevant will the team with him included score more goals?

    If as has been indicated by Wenger he is focussing on buying a maximum of two or three players then we are putting a lot of eggs into one basket if
    the rumoured fee for Morata is true.

    What needs to be factored into the equation is what is going on with both
    Ozil and Sanchez. My instinct tells me that Ozil will remain, but I am less
    convinced about Sanchez. His body language in the games at end of season suggested to me that all is not well there.

    If he goes the next question is who will replace the 25 and 17 goals he scored
    in last 2 seasons?

  23. Wallace

    Black Hei

    “Can someone enlighten men on Mkhitaryan? I thought he plays in the mid.”

    yeah, me too. guess he could play wide, but he’s not someone who’ll go past the full back much. the impression i got was that his strong running through the middle was his main strength.

  24. Ishola70

    Wouldn’t you go 35m for Icardi ES? Arsenal have money coming out of their ears. The only stumbling block is Wenger’s conservative nature in the transfer market and his misplaced loyalty to certain existing players.

    He would displace Giroud as first choice striker . There are no guarantees about any player but Icardi looks like he would fit the bill.

    This hesitancy looks a bit like over-rating Giroud.

    Icardi has much more about him than a Vincent Janssen,

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Every time I’ve seen Mhiktaryan play this season he’s operating at RM or LM, exactly what we need , last year of his contract as well so opportunity for a relative steal.

    He’s a good dribbler, decent pace, high work rate whilst having good technique and end product, pretty perfect, probably be around £25 Million or slightly over.

    But selling Sanchez and replacing him with Mhiktaryan, not sure on that one, you want both in your front line, brings the best balance between RM and LM, the direct, pacey, rough goal threat, and the more cultured, technical player.

    If Sanchez is unhappy at Arsenal, give him something to be happy about, make him believe that he can succeed with this team, same with Ozil.

    If you are those two, the calibre of players they are, you watched Arsenal finish third, get dumped out by Monaco in the UCL, and you then saw no new additions outfield throughout an entire summer, I doubt they’ve ever seen that before at another club they’ve been at.

    Both of them are phenomenally rich and are now in that 27 years old sort of bracket, they want success, if they don’t really think Arsenal have a chance of doing that, they will move on.

  26. Ishola70

    Black Hei:

    “Inter got rich owners. They don’t need $$.”

    Well I read today in Italian press that Inter could well sell Icardi if they get an acceptable bid due to no CL football. Economic reasons. So looks like there are different views on this.

    If not Icardi go for Embolo of Basle.

    What does ES think of Embolo? Is he ready to step up and be a star at a bigger club in a bigger league? Worth the pint I reckon.

  27. Daz

    Embolo looks a very good prospect but will likely need to develop his game abit more, I wouldn’t mind taking a punt on him but we would also need someone who can have an impact straight away

  28. Sam

    Ngolo Kante n Granit Xhaka

    Can Arsenal just buy them both?

    For a club that suffers injuries then collapses in February

    Ramsey is Sh!t, Wilshere is unreliable n Cazorla getting old

  29. Ishola70

    SamesongMay 18, 2016 21:27:29
    Any decent left backs out there?

    Nicolás Tagliafico of Independiente. Has Argentinian/Italian dual nationality.

    Ludwig Augustinsson of Copenhagen.

    Both attacking fullbacks.

    Both better than Kieran Gibbs.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    Icardi has already indicated that I does not want to leave Italy and that appears
    to be also the suggestion with Morata as well. That is why I am less enthusiastic than most in chasing a player who is reluctant to come to England.

    When we discuss Xhaka this is a player who wants to come to EPL and for that
    matter to us as well.

    The EPL and for that matter England does not suit every player on the planet.
    We saw that not so long ago with Di Maria when he moved to Man Utd.

    Yesterday I analysed the performance of all the leading goalscorers in England factoring in games in EPL, CL/EL and FAC. The result shows clearly why
    Giroud is not as bad as many posters suggest.

    Aguero – 29 goals [EPL24:CL2:FAC1]
    Kane – 28 goals [EPL25:EL2:FAC1]
    Lukaku 25 goals [EPL18:FAC3]
    Vardy – 24 goals [EPL24:CL0:FAC0]
    Giroud – 24 goals [EPL16:CL5:FAC3]

    The next best goalscorers are Ighalo,Martial and Mahrez on 18 goals followed by Sanchez on 17 goals.

    Significantly Giroud [5] and Sanchez [3] have scored more goals in Champions
    League or Europa Cup than any other player in EPL.


  31. Wallace

    if we were to drop 70-80m on Xkaka & Morata in the next few weeks it sure would make life on le grove a little easier for the more moderate among us. maybe even quieten Joe a bit.

  32. Daz

    Julian Brandt is another winger to look out for he had a great end to the season scoring in 6 of the last 7 games, can play on either side

  33. Ishola70

    Oh well that’s it then. Giroud as first choice striker next season then.

    Too many fans are as conservative as the manager.

    But let’s get in another #10 player in Mkhitaryan. He may play on the wings but he has the characteristcs of a #10.

    At least the team will look pretty eh.

  34. underrated Coq

    Emiratesstroller, I struggle to understand your pov re Giroud.

    You say he’s not as bad as some posters suggest, which is fair enough, but I add this- he’s not as good as you project him. We’ve seen four seasons of decent-but-ultimately-lacking performances from him, we’ve seen Arsenal lose points and thus the title because of the limitations in his play, most importantly we’ve seen Arsenal’s collective play come down a few notches whenever he’s the one leading the line.

    Going into a season for the the fifth time for more of the same, where is the sense in that? Surely, at this point, even taking a punt on a young and upcoming striker with different attributes is a better strategy.

    Re your analysis of those strikers, you give significance to Giroud’s goals in the CL. Why not the opposite? Surely what ought to be looked at as significant is Giroud having a vastly inferior goal tally in the PL, a competition that we realistically have a chance in?

  35. Red&White4life

    Wenger about Klopp : “he has bringing back the passion at Liverpool.”

    All other managers on earth about wenger : “He has destroyed all the passion at Arsenal.” lol

  36. bennydevito

    gnarleygeorge9May 19, 2016 02:37:02

    You don’t give a crap about shoe polish”, but you polish your boots everyday. What with then, shit? 🙂

    Hahahaha! LOL!

    I thought that was quite good gnarley!

  37. bennydevito

    What have I missed – what’s the crack with Chelsea’s shirt deal?

    I agree with gambon, at the time I too didn’t think our shirt deal was that great tbh.

  38. Louis Almeida

    Our shirt deal was two years ago so of course teams now will be able to negotiate something better. Also remember that Chelsea and United have been more successful than us in the also decade so probably have more power to negotiate huge deals.

  39. Ishola70

    Monaco are interested in signing Diego Simeone’s son Giovanni CF currently at Banfield on loan from River Plate.

  40. gonsterous

    I wouldn’t mind having toral in the squad. Flamini, arteta and rosicky are leaving. Wilshere will be back on the treatment table soon enough and we do need some squad depth.

    Ramsey ( we should replace but won’t )

    That’s a pretty good midfield

  41. underrated Coq

    Gazidis is another incompetent muppet in the Arsenal boardroom circus. If he was good at his job, he wouldn’t have allowed Wenger’s escalated power-whoring.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    underrated coq

    I have never suggested that Giroud is my ideal striker. Frankly I find him frustrating not least because he is very up and down in his performance.

    However, you cannot discount a player who scores 24 goals a season. The point I have made consistently is that when you look for an upgrade then you are looking for a 30 + goals a season player and one who scores at least 20 in EPL.

    The real issue for me is that Wenger had the opportunity to buy such a player
    3 seasons ago when both Higuain and Suarez could have been bought. Wenger dithered when Higuain came on market and his failure to increase
    bid for Suarez also cost us.

    Since then I have seen no goalscorers who have come on the market who you
    could say with confidence are 30+ goals a season players.

    Lewandowski was already signed up by Bayern and Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero and Ibrahimovic were all players who were playing for major clubs.

    When you look at market over last couple of years you are paying for either
    second tier players like Benteke or Lukaku or potential like Martial and Dybala.

    When you see that Arsenal are prepared to pay £30-50 million for Morata dependent on which newspaper you read it tells you a lot about the state of market.

  43. Phd007

    EmiratesstrollerMay 19, 2016 08:57:27
    Giroud is not as bad as many posters suggest.

    He went 15 games without a goal for crying out loud..
    Yes all strikers go through droughts..But the real decent strikers certainly pop up in the important games.The bigger the game,the bigger striker..For example..

    Raul(Ex-Real nRM)

    He’s been there almost 5 years & it’s clear he’s not the striker to enable us to win/challenge for the EPL…That much was abundant this season,,,

    Forget about CL..That’s not even happening under Arsene’s watch..

  44. Marko

    You gotta factor in how we play and everything if we can turn Giroud into a 24goal striker then you gotta be confident that someone like Icardi, Lacazette, Michy Batshauyi, Morata, Paco Alcacer would get similar or better numbers

  45. underrated Coq

    “The point I have made consistently is that when you look for an upgrade then you are looking for a 30 + goals a season player and one who scores at least 20 in EPL.”

    Not essentially, ofcourse bringing in a guaranteed 30 goal a season star would be ideal but getting stuck up on such an idea and waving away every other possibility can hardly be classified as smart. One such possibility being signing a striker who can match Giroud’s output while also bringing the best out of his teammates.

    I remember you making a point the other day on our midfielders not contributing enough goals. Could that be related to Giroud’s static style of play? If your CF is close to the opposition goal all the time, it makes it much easier for the opposition defenders to maintain their position and inhibits any opening for your midfielders to run into.

  46. Emiratesstroller


    You highlight in your list of strikers precisely the problem. Most have retired.
    The bottom three on your list are unavailable and Benzema is not a 30+ goal a
    season player.

    underrated coq

    You are right it is not essential to bring in 30+ goal a season player, but as I pointed out yesterday you still need to compensate for the goals scored by
    Giroud and that is 24 goals a season.

    Do you see Morata scoring that number of goals or more importantly other
    players in our current squad making up the difference?

  47. Dissenter

    Quick question
    Does anyone still think the £36 million United paid for Martial was too much?

    Martial is more versatile, is faster and more rounded that Morata.

    Morata for £40 million is daylight robbery. It’s redistribution of Wealth to Madrid. It’s a holy Mary pass. (A Hail Mary pass is a very long forward pass in American football, made in desperation with only a small chance of success)

  48. Emiratesstroller

    I have just extracted some interesting stats, which makes a huge difference to
    goals scored this season.

    Leicester City were awarded 13 penalties in EPL and scored 12. Vardy scored 5
    and Mahrez scored 4.

    Spurs were awarded 5 penalties . Kane scored 5.

    Man City were awarded 8 penalties. Aguero scored 5.

    Arsenal were awarded 2 penalties. Giroud scored 1 other taken by Cazorla missed.

    Only Norwich were awarded fewer penalties than Arsenal.

  49. Dissenter

    Morata scored 7 league goals in 34 appearances this season
    Last season it was 8 serie A goals in 29 appearances

    Alvaro Morata’s shooting accuracy is no better than Theo Walcott and wait for it he wins less duels than Walcott.

    I’ll rather have a Janssen, at least we can discard easily if it doesn’t go well.

  50. underrated Coq

    ES, I’m not one for suggesting names and I don’t think replacing Giroud’s contributions to the team is all that difficult. He is neither a great individual player nor a great team player. Just think its imperative we bring in a competent striker with different attributes to Giroud because for all his numbers, he hinders the team as a whole. Marginal improvement is still an improvement.

  51. Emiratesstroller


    So at last someone else understands my concern about Morata and why I would
    prefer to speculate on Janssen a proven goalscorer + invest in winger to replace

  52. Dissenter

    We don’t get penalties because we don’t force the issue and besides our head-in-the-sand sideways passing does not favour penalties.

    Leicester with Vardy and Mahrez playing on counters invited last ditch tackles th resulted in penalties.

  53. underrated Coq

    Easier to get penalties when your touch/close-control is good and movements are sharp in the opposition box. Just another case where having an Aguero or a Vardy is preferable over someone like Giroud.

  54. Emiratesstroller


    The point of interest about penalties was twofold.

    First if you deduct these from goals scored by Aguero,Kane,Vardy, Mahrez and Giroud you begin to see a different picture about goals scored from open play.

    Second Leicester won the league comfortably, but a lot of their results came
    from single goal victories. How many games were won by penalties?

    Finally I watched a lot of games this season where Arsenal could/should have
    been awarded penalties. You could ask would that have made a difference had
    some of these been awarded as generously as Leicester.

  55. Dissenter

    Underrated Coquelin.
    That’s a fair point about Giroud.
    It’s also hard to give him a penalty when he’s spending half the time on his bum complaining to the referee.
    I really do think our playing style of creating the perfect shooting chance does not favour penalties.
    How many times has Ozil held the ball back after a counter to make yet another pass when most number 10s will drive towards the goalie or shoot?

  56. Dissenter

    Regarding penalties, I’ll borrow Underrated’s point:
    “Easier to get penalties when your touch/close-control is good and movements are sharp in the opposition box. Just another case where having an Aguero or a Vardy is preferable over someone like Giroud.”

    Vardy and Mahrez were king of running at the defence or GK with the ball under just enough control. They were also very street smart in drawing contact ( which is why Underrated Coq previously called them cheats).
    Like they say. You have to but the ticket to win the lottery.
    We shirk contact in our play.
    We don’t shoot
    We don’t dribble
    We are too static
    …hence we dint get enough penalties
    The only player who tries to defy these is Sanchez.

  57. underrated Coq

    Dissenter, yeah, our style of play obviously factors in as well but once again, its for the benefit of Giroud that we are having to play this way as his weaknesses make him incapable of leading a team with a more direct style.

  58. Relieable Sauce

    So Giroud is not very good at winning penalties or scoring them, or is it the refs are conspiring against us???

  59. Steveyg87

    The penalty discussion is irrelevant really. We are not very good at playing mind games and bullying refs in to making decisions at the heat of the moment. Chelsea have one over us in that regard. IMO, they deserve the shirt deal with nike based on their achievements over the last couple of years, they are winners, we are losers, with a loser spirit.

    Whoever gets brought in does not fix what has already spread like a cancer through the club, too many cushy jobs and complacency. How is Rmasey still an Arsenal player? he has literally no passion for the badge, lets not even start with Walcott.

    Wenger for all his faults, is an excellent manager. He’s not going to change his approach now, its too late for that. He has unknowingly bred the weak mentality of the club by his decision making, heck, he doesn’t even hide the fact that he has his favourites that can be how dog shit, they know they will walk in to the team(ramsey).

    A new man at the helm is the only way forward

  60. Clive Hill

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before that hatrick against Villa would come back to haunt us as a validation for sticking with Giroud. Though I remain doubtful. We’ve spent the last few seasons chasing strikers with Giroud in the squad and this has been his worst season. And he is a year older now.

    So far as offloading Sanchez and Ozil if they don’t want to be at Arsenal. I’m sorry but bollocks! Could the reason Ozil’s interest tails off as the season progresses be because he sees the same shit-show over again? It was good fortune that he arrived at Arsenal and who exactly would we replace him with? Yeah, its not the best attitude but I wager we’d see a much more motivated Ozil if Arsenal went out and actually signed some ‘top, top quality’.

    Sanchez, for me, isn’t in the same class as Ozil but we’d sure as hell miss him. His enthusiasm, even amid this shower, is infectious and there is always a chance with him that something great will happen. In every game, not every ten or so as with Walcott and Ramsey for example. Yes, Barcelona let him go for several reasons, the biggest one simply being he wasn’t good enough. But we’re not Barcelona and we will struggle to replace the likes of Sanchez and Ozil.

    Don’t get me wrong: they’re not bigger than the club and as Sevilla have shown, a club with a plan and inspired personnel at every level, can survive a massive churn rate of playing staff. But again, this is the joke that has become Arsenal. We lucked in to two massive players but we do not have the organization to plan for or find and negotiate for replacements.

    Eventually Wenger will leave and I’d rather have Sanchez and Ozil in the squad when he does than have let them go because they didn’t want to play for us. Frankly, who would right now?

  61. Phd007

    Emirates Stroller
    Have you watched Benzema at all?

    If you had,you would know he is top striker..

    If you haven’t ,then quite clearly you know nothing about strikers,nor about football..

  62. Bamford10

    Jesus, Emirates, could your commentary get any worse?

    First you tell us we should sign Vincent Janssen, a plodding CF who may in fact have LESS pace and athleticism than Giroud, and now you’re telling us that the reason Leicester City finished ten points ahead of us is that the referees were more “generous” to them re penalties?

    Please go to Untold. You’re a joke.

  63. Bamford10

    I like Morata as a player and I think he would score plenty of goals for us — importantly, he would also create spaces and chances for others with his movement — but given his price tag I understand some of the skepticism.

    I like Batshuayi as a less expensive option. He has pace, movement, scoring and promise.

    Otherwise if you want proven scoring and the whole package, you’re going to have to spend 50m+.

  64. Phd007

    EmiratesstrollerMay 19, 2016 10:37:38
    Phd007I don’t follow your argument that Giroud does not score against top teams.He scored in both CL games against Bayern and both EPL games against Man
    Seriously Emirates Stroller

    Giroud scored in the 5-1 drubbing by Bayern Munich
    & the 2-0 win..

    We qualified for the knockout stage and got knocked out as per usual..

    In the 2-2 draw against Man City
    In the 2-1 win against Man City

    We ended up finishing second on the last day of the season by a point.10 points behind the leaders Leicester..

    & this is what you are holding up as an example of Giroud scoring against top teams…???


    Let’s forget this conversation..I’m busy with far more important things today..

  65. Bamford10

    Good points, Dissenter, at 11:22.

    We don’t draw as many penalties as others because of our style of play, not because of the referees.

    Very little dribbling in and around the box, and largely static in and around the box.

  66. peanuts&monkeys

    The leapfrogging done by Arsenal courtesy some insipid performance from Spurs (Arsenal were lucky) on the last day, (a) was by far a bad day at office for all Arsenal fans who want change (b) the last chance of protests for change, which was lost in the false sense of accomplishment of a ‘2nd’

    That day has now defined Arsenal’s next 3 years. At least three more years of lies, falsehood, blaming of fans, low ambition, 4th trophy and selling of top performers. Net-net three more years of boring boring Arsenal.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10/Phd007

    The problem with both of you is that you like scoring points against those you don’t like, disagree with or you think are fair game.

    More often than not you argue for the sake of it.

    I did not suggest that Benzema is not a good player but he is not a 30 + a season
    goalscorer. That is statistical fact.

    I have also seen plenty of games that Benzema has played as well as Giroud including those that they have played together for France. The reality is that it is
    not only Arsenal who play Giroud but he is also a regular starter for France as well.

    Bamford you describe Janssen as a plodding striker. Looking at many of your posts I doubt that you have watched more than a couple of games that he has played if that. So what do you base your analysis on?

    The guy scored a goal against England and also provided an assist as well in a
    game which Holland won. So he is not exactly a mug and at 21 has scope to improve. Also he will cost a lot less than £50 million now being touted for Morata.

  68. Ughelligunner

    If Giroud isn’t drawing enough fouls in the box, what about countless fouls that sanchez has drawn and refs bottled against us?

    Please, we know how Vardy manages to con the refs, against Arsenal it was evident that he stucked his legs into Monreal. How many times has Giroud and Kochielny been wrestled to the ground in the opponents goal area, and the refs looked away? The problem too can be said to be our fans, we don’t make our voices heard enough in the emirates, all these little moments can make refs decide to favour the home teams. Something a relegated side in Leceister, a Liverpool side with hope since the 90s and totenham fans have over us.

    People like Joe and bamford would even get angry that we were awarded penalties, and would rather want us to lose, but make same excuses for another team.

  69. underrated Coq

    Why most people want Giroud to be replaced is because he’s an anti to the team, the majority of whom are suited to play a simple,direct style.

    There’s little to no sweeper element in our defensive unit, so forget grand ideas of building from the back. We have a young RB who is literally built for running at and smoking his opposite fullback, that’s where you enjoy seeing him most, not exchanging pointless to and fro passes with the RM as is what tends to happen most of the time now.

    None of our midfielders available for selection are good in possession play-basically rendering Arsenal’s entire gameplan pointless. And while much is being said about how the impending arrival of Xhaka fixes this, I can’t help but think he’s another who would be at his best in a direct system-an expert of delivering killer long passes.

    Next up Ozil. Think back to all those moments he has produced which struck you in awe-how many of those came as an enabler of seamless, one-touch transition from defense to attack and how many came during one of our lengthy possession play? Sanchez- who loves nothing more than driving into space and unleashing one at the opposition keeper. Slow and patient build-up is not for him or indeed Ozil.

    And the focal to all this is Giroud-a player whose style and attributes are an antithesis to pace,cleverness, movement-elements of simple,effective football. It is why I don’t buy this notion that an upgrade has to be a 30+ goal scoring superstar. Any competent striker who can play direct football will improve the team.

  70. Jeff

    The other problem is that since everyone knows there is extra TV money coming in next season, they will adjust player prices in an upward direction. If you’re in the buying game, you’re going to struggle. Since Wenger always struggles anyway, he’s going to find it extremely difficult to sanction the inflated prices being asked and we may end up buying no one of note.

    Having said all of that, I agree that £50m for Morata is way too much. More like £25m in my view.

  71. Emiratesstroller

    I raised the matter of penalties not to demonstrate how hard done by Arsenal
    were this season, but to show what proportion of goals Leicester scored from
    the spot and its impact on their results.

    Also to demonstrate that many of the top goalscorers like Vardy, Aguero, Kane
    and Mahrez have relied heavily on penalties in their stats in contrast to Giroud
    who has scored only one penalty.

  72. Bamford10


    There is no referee conspiracy or bias against Arsenal. No team gets every call they deserve. Everyone instead gets a percentage of the calls they deserve, and that percentage is roughly equal for all teams by the end of the season.

    A team gets the number of penalty calls it deserves. If Arsenal get fewer than others, it’s because we deserve or create fewer.

    Some of that is having a lumbering, immobile oaf as a CF.

  73. WengerEagle

    Benzema scored 28 goals in just 35 apps this season. He played 2522 mins in all comps which adds up to just 28 full ninety minute matches.

    So he has averaged a goal a game when he’s played this season.

    Little unfair to call someone who scores at that rate not a 30 goal striker, the only thing you could criticise him for is not staying fit this season.

    Worth pointing out as well that he scored 32 goals in 2011/12 and 31 goals in 2007/08.

  74. Bamford10


    Wrong, wrong, wrong. I’m going to have some coffee, though, before I respond.

    Cheers, all.

  75. underrated Coq

    ES, the point people are trying to make is your Agueros and Vardys won their respective teams’ penalties. Whereas can you remember the last time Giroud won Arsenal a penalty?

  76. PieAFC

    I love everyone’s attempt to be positive, assumptions on who we will sign.

    History repeats itself. We will be in the same boat we was beginning of last season.

    We all know it, just need to except it.

  77. Emiratesstroller


    Benzema is a good player, but in seven seasons at Real Madrid he has only reached 30 goals in all competitions in one.

    Furthermore his goalscoring ratio is on average less than one goal in every two games.

    Arsenal’s problem over several seasons including before Giroud arrived at the
    club is that we do not have sufficient players in our team/squad who score goals.

    The season before Van Persie left the club we were overdependent on him to
    score our goals.

    Today we are over reliant on Giroud and Sanchez.

  78. Ughelligunner

    Underated, if a player elbows or pulls a player infield, he is penalized, but it doesn’t happen in the box, can you tell me why? Giroud has won a lot of free kicks from goal kicks, but hardly does so in the box and we literally play all the balls to him, why is it so?

    Then again, what about all the fouls sanchez has been denied in the box, or is he a lumbering forward too?

    Anyway, Emirates is just saying penalties have padded those goals scorers stat. So no argument here, but i gave my reasons because you decided to give reasons why we don’t accumulate penalties more.

  79. Louis Almeida

    Benzema vs Giroud? There is no comparison. Benzema plays a subservient role at Real Madrid. If he plays like did at Lyon he’d score 30 goals easily, maybe even 40 because he was the main man. Look at the season before Madrid bought him when he destroyed both them and Manchester United in the CL singlehandedly.

  80. Ughelligunner

    Our two keepers have won two golden gloves in three seasons, and we have conceded very few penalties. I can say our tippy, tappy football has made us less prone to consistent attacks, other than Cech conceding almost 8 goals from outside the box, southampton huge loss also made our goals conceded mammoth when you look at the stats. We just need an efficient goal scorer that’s all. No to Morata. Anybody else but not somebody who hasten done it with two big clubs in world football with all the arsenal of world players behind him. We don’t want another Welbeck please.

  81. Emiratesstroller

    Louis Almeida

    I accept your point. However, it does not follow that Benzema would score 30
    goals a season if he played in England.

    Actually it is exceedingly difficult to do so. The real problem for Arsenal supporters and I include a number of Le Grove posters is that we have been spoilt in past by having on our books strikers like Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Denis Bergkamp and Van Persie.

    Obviously Giroud falls well below the standard of these players.

  82. Louis Almeida

    Emiratesstroller, I disagree. You don’t remain at a club like Real Madrid for 7/8 years if you’re lacking ability. This is from a club who’d have no problem breaking the world transfer record. I’m not sure why people want to paint the PL as some sort of mythical league to thrive in. Look at all the imports from La Liga that have had success; Ozil, Silva, Aguero, Alexis, Mata, Costa etc. Benzema is easily in that bracket. Also he has scored over 30 goals a few times in his career, that’s without being the main man too. Either way it is a moot point as we do not have a prayer of acquiring someone of that standard.

  83. Bamford10

    Karim Benzema is one of the best players of his generation; Olivier Giroud is a second-rate plodder.

    The two are worlds apart.

    However Benzema is not what we need at this point as he is a coaster, not a worker. We need someone with energy, mobility, pace and something to prove.

  84. Phd007

    Louis Almeida/Emirates Stroller
    May 19, 2016 13:00:29
    Benzema vs Giroud? There is no comparison. Benzema plays a subservient role at Real Madrid. If he plays like did at Lyon he’d score 30 goals easily, maybe even 40 because he was the main man.
    Yes Louis you are right..A subservient role indeed..
    If anything, he seems to be more of a creator for Ronaldo..
    Playing an entirely selfless role…He assists,crosses,a playmaker for the team.Even though his principal role is as striker..

    I really don’t understand what some posters see when they watch football..

    If Emirates Stroller can see what Benzema brings to the team..He shouldn’t even have to mention that Benzema is not a 30+ a goals season..

    It’s totally irrelevant when you look at the bigger picture..& the bigger picture is that he is an awesome striker,who brings more than just goals to his armour..No debate,no argument…

    & Emirates Stroller,it’s a blog..If you don’t like when posters call you out on ridiculous statements..Then don’t posters..

    You seem highly sensitive to posters that call you on some of the nonsensical stuff you post here..

  85. Phd007

    Anyway this is a stupid argument questioning whether Benzema will score 30+goals in the EPL..
    Can’t believe one is having this debate..

    So what’s your logic here then Emirates stroller..

    Pass on Benzema,because you don’t think he will score 30 + goals in the EPL?
    Even though he urinates all over Giroud?

  86. Emiratesstroller

    The point I make is that Giroud scored 24 goals this season and if you are going to replace him in the team you need to find a striker who will score at least the equivalent number of goals.

    Alternatively the TEAM as a whole needs to start scoring more goals to compensate for his absence.

    My original observation when several posters suggested that Morata was a
    better striker is that his goalscoring stats both at Real Madrid and Juventus
    did not suggest that he is a prolific goalscorer.

    Thierry Henry made an important point recently during an interview that there are at the moment very few strikers in the game who are prolific goalscorers and most of these are nearer the end of rather than start of careers.

    Wenger for all his faults has more or less acknowledged this when he said
    jokingly that the club would love to buy Messi if he came on the market.

  87. ADKB

    Benzema v Giroud?

    Benzema plays for a bigger and more ambitious club. He’s been at Real for quite a while now, playing and scoring regularly. I didn’t bother to check but I’m sure Benzema didn’t fail to score in 4 months this last season which was Giroud’s record before scoring against world-beaters Aston Villa.

    Give us a break. Benzema would be an improvement if he joined us.

  88. Ishola70

    If Giroud can score 24 goals in all comps and is not really rated very high by so many and that includes ES how many goals could someone like Icardi get in a season at Arsenal?

    Icardi has lived off scraps this season and how Inter have been playing, a team that have lacked real creativity this season to really provide their striker on a regular basis.

    This is why just looking at how many goals a player scores at his present club in his present season can be flawed in relation to signing him or not or being so doubtful that he can at least equal the player he is going to replace. It’s far too clinical and doesn’t take into consideration the environment a certain player is coming from and the environment he is newly arriving it.

  89. Cesc Appeal

    Honigstein saying the official bid for Xhaka has come in much lower the Muchengladbach expected.

    Shock of all shocks.

  90. WengerEagle

    ‘Honigstein saying the official bid for Xhaka has come in much lower the Muchengladbach expected.’


    Was probably £20 million+£1.

    Hilarious how much of a cheap-skate Wenger is.

  91. London gunner


    Your attitude to the striking position is hopeless.

    It’s essentially that their aren’t better strikers on the market that are available.

    Well that hasn’t stopped lecister with vardy, Spurs with kane, Everton with lukukua, man united with rashford and martial, heck I even expect that illenachio of city to be better than giroud next year.

    To suggest there are no better players out there is laughable and do you really think persisting with giroud for the nth season will finally come good when it has failed miserably so far.

    Above and beyond goal stats, giroud ruins are counter attacking play he is to static to narrow in his approach. Yes he has his party tricks and his flicks and heel flicks but more often than not he strangled all dynamism out of the side with his lack of mobility and penetration. We need a striker to stretch the defence and that can be fed in by our sniper Ozil and dove tail with Sanchez.

    Giroud hinders are play and holds up our attacking play and he doesn’t even have the finishing skills to make amends for his obvious deficiencies.

    Look at every great team in Europe.

    Bayern lewandowski
    Real benzema
    Barca Suarez
    City aguero
    Psg ibra
    Juventus (was tevez now dybala)

    We need to find the next wc striker not just shrug our shoulder and say giroud is the only option

  92. Joe

    ‘Honigstein saying the official bid for Xhaka has come in much lower the Muchengladbach expected


    Thought it was a done deal and Arsenal were just waiting to announce it…

    When will you all learn.

    Another season. Same old wenger

  93. London gunner

    Oh and I do believe Ozil has created the most amount of goal scoring chances this season since those stats have been collected. Which is at least a decade…

    Giroud’s 24 is pathetic in light of that.

    Also 24 sounds a good number but really it’s 16 in the league including a hatrick against one of the worst teams in premier league history

  94. WengerEagle

    PSG are in an interesting predicament with Ibrahimovic leaving.

    Do they opt for Cavani at CF, finally giving him an opportunity to rediscover his Napoli form without pandering to Ibra.

    Or do they go hard for a new CF.

    And who would that be?

  95. Cesc Appeal


    All the pro-Wenger are rushing out saying ‘its called negotiating,’ and you almost want to say ‘yeah do you remember that team we negotiated hard and it ended up really well for us…no…yeah me neither.’

    We know Guardiola is interested in him and that Gundogan has suffered an injury, we know the Euros will inflate prices, so why we f**k about like this I will never know.

    We end up insulting the club and pissing them off, we look like rank amateurs and someone else ends up coming in and paying what’s required.

  96. WengerEagle

    ‘Also 24 sounds a good number but really it’s 16 in the league including a hatrick against one of the worst teams in premier league history’

    Yeah, and he smashed two past the mighty Hull City reserves in the F.A Cup replay, they were rightly focused on their league form.

    Didn’t score a BPL goal for 15 matches, tells you all you need to know about the lad.

  97. WengerEagle


    Exactly, Wenger is operating in a different market-place to the rest of the 21st century managers.

    Funnily enough the only time he has spent big on players i.e Ozil and Alexis, he spent the market value on them.

    Xhaka is clearly worth at least £30 million given his ability, age and fitness record.

    So why are we fucking about basically inviting Pep or someone else to swoop in for him.

  98. Thank you and goodnight

    So Sanchez is the rotten egg these days eh. The Arsene wenger pr protection team are in full swing trying to paint Sanchez as the bad guy, just like they did with previous star players wanting a move because they cottoned onto the fact Wenger is clueless. Sad thing is the dumb Arsenal fans fall for it every fucking team. We really do have the dumbest fans in the world, no wonder the 3 stooges continue to take piss out of the fans

  99. Joe



    RVP was made out to be the bad guy when all he did was said out loud what we all say in here

    Well most of us.

  100. vicky

    Eberl told Bild: “There is an offer, but it does not mean that we will allow Granit a transfer for that price. We really don’t need to discuss the fee proposed in the offer.”

    apparently we bid 25M euros while they are asking for 40M Euros, the gap is much more than 1.6M pounds earlier reported.

  101. grooveydaddy

    €15 mill less than the asking price??

    is our club really that stupid??

    or do they think everyone else is?

    seriously, WTF???

  102. Bamford10

    Not sure if anyone said the specifics above, but Bild is saying that Gladbach want €40m (£31m) and Wenger has offered €25m (£19m).

    Wenger is such a joke.

  103. Phd007

    Absolute pointless debate about Benzema..

    This whole argument reeks of the usual,who’s better than Giroud argument?

    I really don’t know what some posters see,when they watch football..

    I suspect Emirates Stroller doesn’t like Benzema,maybe because of him being embroiled in that saga a while back..

    That can be the only reason why he is questioning Benzema plying his trade in the EPL..Otherwise,his arguments are not only redundant,but nonsensical as always to put it politely..

  104. Louis Almeida

    I’d dispute what BILD are saying. It’s like the German version of The Sun. Kicker and RP are much more reliable German newspaper sources. Gladbach also confirmed on their website a couple days ago that they received a bid of 43m euros. As Honigstein says, Xhaka has a 30m euro clause but that doesn’t kick in until 2017. So if you want him now you’re going to have to pay over that to get him. So I’m not sure I believe the low ball bid. Maybe we did do it because we have previous but then we had no problems paying for Ozil, Alexis and an old GK in Cech. Doesn’t add up to me.

  105. Phd007

    With regards to the Granit transfer

    Why is anyone surprised..??

    A leopard never changes it’s spots…

    We’ve seen 12 years of this penny pinching…& we will continue to see many more..

  106. London gunner

    Having watched every Barcelona match this season.

    I have to say Neymar is a poverty player compared to messi. Nowhere near his level. Though Neymar is still totally one of the best players in the world.


    Some incredibly In depth stats on messi.


    This video shows how messy operates on a complete different stratosphere to the rest of his barca team mates including Neymar and Suarez. I was shocked to see how many times they fucked up after messi offered it to them on a plate. Neymar for a player with such a scintillating first touch also has a really duff touch at times. It’s w bit jekly and Hyde. Suarez though epic does fluff a lot of chances.

  107. Cesc Appeal


    We are a total joke when it comes to negotiating, we’re literally the Aston Villa of negotiating, total embarrassment, so why do we bother.

    Tell you what, if we want to try and be smart with transfers, get a DoF and some football infrastructure at the club, instead of relying on Wenger in his late 60’s still thinking about 1990’s prices so that we end up with gaping holes in our squad every season and missed opportunities.

    This is just one of the many reasons next season needs to be his last, Arsenal needs dragging into the 21st Century.

  108. Louis Almeida

    Joe, Cech is World Class IMO. That doesn’t detract from the fact that he is old though. How many GKs go for £11m at 33 years-old? That’s the same price we paid for a 25 year-old Giroud.

  109. vicky

    I just shared what was written in an article but I kind of agree with Louis. Bild is no more a reliable outlet. I always trust City newspapers more than national dailys. During Elneny transfer, local Basel newspaper was always spot on regarding Elneny’s transfer update. That’s why what RP (newspaper) says carry more weight than Bild.

  110. Joe

    Wallace talking about wenger spending 80m on xhaka and morata and maybe I’ll pipe down

    More chance of wenger signing bedtner and Diaby

  111. Joe


    Goalies can play until 40

    Strikers are redundant by 30. Especially oafs like giroud.

    Wenger took the cheapest option to buy a ‘big name’ last summer and it failed miserably

  112. Ughelligunner

    Wait, cesc et al, didn’t somebody twitted last week that the same hogsenstein said it was a done deal after the local gladbach paper announced it? You guys read to forget?

    I think that hogs guy knows nothing for him to back track again.

  113. Louis Almeida

    Joe, yes I agree, but generally speaking paying £11m for a GK in his 30s is still a bit of money. That’s not to excuse the other business he did not do though.