Granit Xhaka in, but only two more?

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Well good morning to you all! Last game of the season day. Aston Villa at home. A team we lost to a couple of years ago at the start of the season, to the cries of ‘Wenger out’, are now a team we finish to with grumbles of ‘is this Brie sandwich soggy’ / ‘it’d be bloody nice if Wenger would leave maybe, at some point, if it feels right to everyone’…

Not sure how the atmosphere will be today. I have a feeling most Arsenal fans have lost the will to live. So dependent on weather, it’ll be a flatulent end to the season caked in depression beers and hopes for a better summer.

Good news is that Phil Wall over at the AngryOfIslington blog totally destroyed the embarrassingly incorrect summer spending fees put forward by amateur hour finance firm CSS (tacky finance lead generation farm). They’d claimed we only had £4m spare this summer. I mean, how powerfully student like and wrong can a bunch of finance specialists be? About £90m wrong. What makes it worse is someone at the Mirror published that sh*t without checking… or worse, checking and knowing that story would muddy the waters with the less informed Arsenal fans.

In more positive news, Granit Xhaka was subbed off early so he could take a standing ovation from the home fans, give a major hug to the coach and drop a big obese hint in the press conference he was off. Looks like he’ll be moving over to us shortly as we try and negotiate down that £34m fee and spread it across 27 years. A solid early start to our summer, which will no doubt lose all its steam in about 3 weeks.

Interesting to see Higuain break Serie A records yesterday with a smashing 36 goals. Think what you want of the man (I think he’s slow), but that’s outrageous. Arsenal bottled his fee a few summers ago when Perez raised the price £10m. Settling for Giroud, which wasn’t smart. We also chose to chase down Luis Suarez instead, and botched that. There’s still a lot of contention around that by fans who seem to think we handled that transfer well.

Thoughts on improving that:

1. Don’t harp on about transfers not being like buying a loaf from Tesco, then put in a £40m + £1 bid in like you’re buying a very expensive Twix from a vending machine. It doesn’t set the tone well for a player clearly worth far more than his buyout.
2. If you’re dealing with an issue where a club is deeply offended by the opening bid, regardless of the clause, work out a position they’d be happy with that would 1) interest them 2) make it not seem like they’d been bullied into a bad deal 3) might make you look the weaker party, but who cares, you’d have the best striker in the world
3. Don’t chain yourself to a moral high ground over a world class striker when there are so few in the world. It doesn’t matter how unethical it is not the abide by a break clause. The key story here is they had something we badly wanted. Something that would have won us two titles by now. And we bottled it / offended Liverpool so badly they wouldn’t play ball.

Saying they had no intention of selling a Premier League team is beyond nonsense, they’d sell to anyone who stumped up the right value. Which was, a season later, £70m! That for me was one of the prime examples of us not having the guts to go big instead accepting whatever was said, missing out under the guise of class.

UPDATE: Also worth reading this. John Henry actually played the game legally. We totally misinterpreted the clause.

Back onto transfers. Wenger already causing unrest with me as he starts to shirk around the realities of the summer. The Standard reckons he’s only in for three players with no radical overhaul.

‘We want to keep the squad stable over the summer while strengthening where possible, you want the group to be stimulated and to believe that we have improved the quality.’

You know what stimulates great players? Great players. You know what flatlines them? Lining up with the same munch bunch that bombed the year before. Players don’t care for stable if it’s stale. They read the papers and get excited about seeing new people in the office as much as you and I. They will look at three players and say…

‘Are you kidding me?’

Arsenal are way more than three players away from competing. We’ve just lost three in Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini. We should be losing players from Chambo, Theo and Gibbs. We should be thinking about our ageing backline that’s guaranteed to pick up more tweaks and strains. We should probably ask questions of Chambers and Gabriel? Are they sure to hit it off next year? We need to understand that Welbeck is dead for the season. We need to be honest about Jack Wilshere’s ability to stay fit and not play the hope card. We need to be honest about Santi Cazorla and his age and accept we do not have an internal replacement for him.

We shouldn’t be looking at the children coming into the squad as anywhere near ready for our first 11. Bar maybe Iwobi who is a back up at best. We need to be sending them out on loan, exactly where Chambers should have been this season cutting his teeth.

This cannot melt into a summer of tweaks. Because the foundations cracked in a season we should have destroyed the league based on our so called stability.

Unless Wenger is leaving next summer. And that’s a weird story. Stan letting him have his final year with severe restrictions. Which would be incredibly short sighted and potentially hampering for the best manager.

Anyway, enjoy the game today! Season is nearly done. 🍺🍺🍺

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  1. Phd007

    CloggsMay 15, 2016 17:35:02
    Wenger, in his underpants, has found the emergency exit again..

  2. Wallace


    “Yes WE you cunt. Because i want wenger gone. You daft cunt.”

    Joe, I don’t know, maybe you’re tired, but I think you’ve missed out a ‘cunt’ in that second sentence there.

    “Yes WE you cunt. Because i want ‘the cunt’ wenger gone. You daft cunt.”

    see? far better…

  3. Joe

    I hope you’re happy then WE

    Coming in second has just got wenger a new 3 year deal.

    Hope winning today makes you happy

    You small narrow minded Akb spud

  4. vicky

    Joe you behave like a cyber bully. Regurgitating the same 10 comments for fucking 3 long years, every single day, boring everyone to death and then abusing anyone who doesn’t agree with your views. Get a life ffs.

  5. loyika

    @ RJ

    We get you, but don’t blame Arsenal supporters for this, blame the media and their “Spurs Luvin”

    Secondly every footie team in the world would want to beat their City rivals!? Are Chelsea a small club for not wanting Spurs to dethrone them!? Even JT mentioned it while congratulating Leicester!? Are United a small club for getting pissed over Citeh gettting ahead of them!?

    You think Real will only be thinking of the UCL trophy when they play Atleti!? No mate they will also have the added incentive that they are their Madrid neighbours.

    Arsenal vs Spurs is steeped in history (which you know) and bad blood and nothing will change that (i doubt any other London team love Spurs? I feel they are hated across board in london)

    We have bigger fishes to fry for next season and i feel you on the rest of your comments but as sure as Morning and Night will come; “Spurs ain’t gonna do shyte next season!!” Even they know it!!

  6. Joe


    Does any one really say anything different on here? It’s the same shit from everyone everyday.

    So shut up.

    And don’t read my posts you muppet.

  7. gazzap

    Much more important indicator than league position is the points total. 71 points is only 14th best of last 20 years and our points total dropped from 79 in 13/14 to 75 in 14/15 to 71 in 15/16. that is a steady erosion and should not be masked by finishing 2nd in a poor PL season.

    Season points Rank (20)
    1996–97 68 17
    1997–98 78 6
    1998–99 78 6
    1999–00 73 11
    2000–01 70 15
    2001–02 87 2
    2002–03 78 6
    2003–04 90 1
    2004–05 83 3
    2005–06 67 20
    2006–07 68 17
    2007–08 83 3
    2008–09 72 13
    2009–10 75 9
    2010–11 68 17
    2011–12 70 15
    2012–13 73 11
    2013–14 79 5
    2014–15 75 9
    2015–16 71 14

  8. vicky

    “We are not happy by being second, but 18 other teams would be happy to be in our position.

    “You have to say Leicester have been exceptional – they lost only three games. It’s not only us who are behind them and we have beaten them twice.

    “We are second in the league and we wanted to be first, but you cannot say first is good and all the rest is rubbish. We have made over 70 pts and in the Premier League that’s not easy.”

    Wenger can’t even talk like a winner, let alone be a winner.

  9. Joe


    You muppet

    I know i say I want Arsenal to lose

    It’s because I want wenger out you muppet

    Coming in 2nd is going to Get wenger a new deal


  10. Rambo Ramsey

    Rhys Jagger, you miss the point. doubt that anyone’s verbally trashing Spuds to celebrate superiority. like Wallace said, its only a retort to all the praise that was directed towards them, rather prematurely.

    everyday it was shoved down our throats that Spurs are having much better season than us and we should be shameful how they have better manager, players, better attitude and ultimately better run club. you can’t just turn around now after, in the end they finish worse off than us, and say “you should be shameful of celebrating bettering lowly Spurs”

  11. Phd007


    WOB’s turning on each other.

    What a hilarious day..

    I guess this is the calm before the storm..

    B/w Wenger Eagle is a Wenger Out..Solid poster..
    Joe-I like you also..

    Dudes kiss and make up..

  12. WengerEagle


    Fair point RE Managers, the likes of Mourinho, Fergie, etc while not being great players were/are all tough as nails though, they command respect in that way.

    Guys like Guardiola, Ancelotti, Simeone were top class players so they don’t have to worry about that as much, it’s why I’d have more hope for Henry than Arteta.

    He may be from the Basque country but he’s a soft touch.

    I just don’t see how he could inspire a group of players if I’m honest.

  13. WrightIsGod

    “It’s happened again, it’s happen agg-aa-in, Tottenham Hotspurs it’s happened again.”

    Surely out of all St. Tottering Days this is the funniest of them all.

    Spurs lost their head when they failed to beat West Brom. That Chelsea game completely lost their discipline. Suspensions etc. It was on the cards but I didn’t actually think they’s Spurs it up this bad hahahaha.

    Wenger Out but I’m happy we finished above that Scum all day.

  14. vicky


    Other posters for a change do talk about other teams, players, tactics, other leagues, transfers. But you can’t make one comment without using Wenger or cnut in it.

  15. Joe

    Fuxk I know most football fans are the smartest but some of you lot are just taking the piss

    Narrow minded idiots

    Look at the bigger picture you wanks

    We lost the title last summer when wenger didn’t buy one outfield player

    So yes I wanted us to lose because in my heart of hearts I knew we weren’t winning the league. Mind I thought is would be to one of the big clubs never to Leicester

    Understand ???

    One step back for 1 million forward you wanks

    Now we come in second and we take a million back because wenger will get a new deal

  16. Frank Mc

    My point is that you are tedious repetitive thick cunt! A real keyboard gangster that constantly spouts shite!
    Deacon do one you bell!

  17. loyika

    @ Tits

    But we keep hearing Spur’s future is bright every season for God knows how long!? It’s as boring as AW’s “Judge me in May”

    I can place money on Spurs doing the same next season. Chelsea have a better chance of coming back up into the fold than Spurs have of staying there.

    Lets see how they cope with the UCL and the league. MP for all the love he gets on here still hasn’t won shyte as a manager!? Or has he!?

    My outlook for next season is to see how Pep and Klopp both do in their respective clubs (and depending on if The Mancs toe the Maureen line? But i think LVG is going to get one more year. I somehow see Jose at PSG!? Let’s see how the summer pans out shall we)

  18. daz

    “B/w Wenger Eagle is a Wenger Out..Solid poster..
    Joe-I like you also.”

    Ha ha ha ha I like you also

  19. Jim Lahey

    @Joe – TO be real, Wenger would have signed a new deal regardless of todays result. You have to believe that. Today was the highlight of a shit season (Yes because of Wenger). You have to be able to enjoy the small things, otherwise whats the point of following a team if its just misery 24/7?

    We’re stuck with Wenger until he decides he is done, its sad but its our reality, nothing today would have changed that.

    What did happen today was an Arsenal team who are god awful once again finished above a Spurs team which is regarded as the best they have had in a life-time. Yeah fuck Wenger and all, but you have to find that hilarious!

  20. Jim Lahey

    We all want what is best for Arsenal, we all just have differing opinions on how to go about achieving that!

    I don’t agree with Wallace’s views, but I know he wants what is best for the club as does WE, ROP, CA and other frequent posters! So at least we all have that in common!

  21. bennydevito


    You Spud fucks! The best chance to win the league or finish above us in years and you fucked it up!!!

    Lordy lordy me what a day to be a Gunner.

    Sorry, only just seen the results!

    Obviously I’m annoyed at Wenger potentially staying on longer but if it’s a choice between Wenger staying or spuds finishing above us, I choose Wenger.

  22. David Smith

    We all know Spurs are serial bottlers, they know it too, it’s in their DNA.
    Seeing their managers post match interview was a picture, it really was.
    Wenger sure has a hold over them

  23. kc

    Oh was there a game today. Sorry couldn’t be bothered like the rest of the league. Inconsequential wins are Wenger’s forte. No doubt our simple minded fans will tout this as an improvement instead of asking Who we finished second to. All hype is lost till Wenger Fucks Off.

  24. karim

    Nothing mate, I’m good friend with Cesc, it was just red and white aka Highbury 4 ever who thinks anyone with a Muslim name has to be a fucking terrorist, that’s all.
    He got vexed because I corrected his terrible English.

    That was behind the belt again from this ignorant twat. Thanks for your reaction, appreciate man.

  25. kc

    Small minded fans = small minded club. Oh thank God we beat the team across town. Nevermind the fact we just lost 3 more years to Wenger ball.

  26. steve

    “Obviously I’m annoyed at Wenger potentially staying on longer but if it’s a choice between Wenger staying or spuds finishing above us, I choose Wenger.”

    And that makes you a complete loser and big part of the problem. Cunts like you represent everything that is wrong with Arsenal today.

  27. alexanderhenry

    Nothing will change at arsenal until Kroenke sells up.

    He is the real problem at arsenal.
    The man has been taking the piss ever since he bought his initial share in 2007.
    He is not interested in winning, he is only interested in profit. He said as much here:

    He has been running the club on a shoestring and stockpiling cash. He is the one who decides how much to spend, no one else.
    The fact that arsenal fans have been paying the highest ticket prices in football is a scandal.
    Fans that think when wenger leaves the club will suddenly go out and start spending what it can and should, are living in cloud cuckoo land. Does anyone really think arsenal will invest what’s needed this summer?
    Not me that’s for sure.
    Everyone will blame wenger but they’ll be wrong to do so. Kroenke will ruin this club if he’s allowed to continue running it. The only way to get rid of him is to make arsenal unprofitable and that is something that fans can facilitate by not buying tickets. It’s the only way.

  28. Phd007

    dazMay 15, 2016 17:57:18

    Ha ha ha ha I like you also
    Oh thanks Daz..

    Geez..Can’t say the feeling is mutual though…lol

  29. Joe

    Spurs as good as they are are always the Spurs.

    Not ducking barcelona.

    So fuck celebrating or being happy finish in above them

    It’s the fucking Spurs We are bigger. Always will be. Always have been

    Our team cost double theirs. Our revenues are greater and you are celebrating finishing 1 spot above.

    They over achieved and challenged all The way to the end then collapsed.

    We all want best for Arsenal? Those who want wenger in do Not want beat for Arsenal. I’m sorry. That’s bullshit. 10 years has proven that

  30. Joe

    Obviously I’m annoyed at Wenger potentially staying on longer but if it’s a choice between Wenger staying or spuds finishing above us, I choose Wenger.



  31. Phd007

    karimMay 15, 2016 18:08:34
    Nothing mate, I’m good friend with Cesc, it was just red and white aka Highbury 4 ever who thinks anyone with a Muslim name has to be a fucking terrorist, that’s all.
    He got vexed because I corrected his terrible English.Marko
    That was behind the belt again from this ignorant twat. Thanks for your reaction, appreciate man.

    It must be hard,having to deal with such bigots..I’m fully behind you..
    Funny thing is,that Highburyfor Ever bloke,is probably an Ozil fan..
    I’m sure he was fully supporting Kolo Toure,when he used to play for us..
    The irony hey??

  32. Ces1ne

    I swear Arsenal players get a “mental strength top top qualideez” chip implanted in them upon signing for the club……the parameters of the chip involve how much pressure is on us & how well we play, along with how much of “ze qualidee mental strengthz” we show. It’s the only explanation for how often & the similarity in it no matter the situation.

    Once pressure is on we play like twats…..the EXACT moment pressure is off us we play champaign football.

    See the similarity in times today……yes we were 1-0 up, but we looked horrid at that point in the match against a Villa side that actually felt like showing up today, then Newcastle go up 3-1 on the Spuds & we instantly look like world beaters, raping Villas goal bc that pressure of finishing below that lot with the chicken logo was off thanks to Newcastle.

    This is only 1 time we have seen this implanted “mental strength top top qualideez” chip used, another would be the annual 1st leg thrashings in the Champions League where the pressure is ON………then once the 2nd leg begins the chip activates bc the chances of us progressing are impossible so the pressure is OFF & we play very well once again & go out with a “glorious failure”.

  33. bennydevito


    There’s only one cunt around here and that’s you.

    Wenger can’t go on forever and will be gone soon enough anyway. If you can’t enjoy the spuds misfortune then what sort of Arsenal fan are you?


    I’m mistaken, there’s two cunts in here, you’re the other one.

    What’s my ability or lack of at finding the stadium got to do with my sharing of the hating of Spurs?

  34. Phd007

    WallaceMay 15, 2016 18:22:27
    wonder how those two Spurs fans who were trolling le grove recently are feeling right now.
    Yeah,that’s kind of funny actually..Almost as funny as you posting the league table on here a third of the way through the season,with us a at the top..

    Not sure what your point was back then.But looking back -sure was funny..

  35. Cesc Appeal

    You just got to keep your fingers crossed Wenger doesn’t think ‘if Giroud can play like that more consistently next season, no need to buy,’ because we’ve been here before, last season in fact.

    Nice day for the fans, I mean does nothing for me, but get enjoyment where you can, but lets be real here, this side needs work, up until the stadium erupted when Spurs went 3-1 down I thought we were pretty bad today, we stepped it up after that and Villa went to pieces.

    Xhaka is a good start, but we are desperate for a ST and a wide playmaker to change our play up a bit.

    Also, if Xhaka does come in, let the man shoot outside the box, one of the reasons that box them out tactic always works against us is because teams have no reason to close us down because we want to walk the ball into the net, Elneny had a cannon, coached out of him, Xhaka has one as well, let them hit them from distance!

  36. Cesc Appeal

    I think I’ve got to say as well, we play better without Wilshere and Ramsey in the team, don’t know if anyone else agrees?

  37. Cloggs

    WrightIsGod 17:53:22

    Surely out of all St. Tottering Days this is the funniest of them all.

    hehehe, bottling it when the pressure is on, sounds familiar… too funny!

    Leicester must be pissing themselves…

  38. Arsene's Nurse

    Everytime alexanderhenry, everytime, when you post your shite I will show you up for the liar you are.

    Wenger also defended the ambition of club owner Stan Kroenke. “We can work in complete freedom,” he said. “Every club should work with the resources it generates. He’s never stopped me in the market. He’s very ambitious. We are all very ambitious.”

    And there you have it once again. Why do you lie and refuse to take your object of desire’s word? Wenger has told you what you say isn’t true so why do you continue to do it?

    Are you really that much of a fantasist that you have to make up reality to fit your fetish for Arsene?

  39. daz

    lol, I was laughing at the fact all you could say to Joe was “I like you also” after complimenting WE

  40. Ishola70


    “We have bigger fishes to fry for next season and i feel you on the rest of your comments but as sure as Morning and Night will come; “Spurs ain’t gonna do shyte next season!!” Even they know it!!”

    What big fishes? Will Wenger be frying these big fish on a Friday?

    Wenger has been frying medium cod for years = Spurs.

    And has fried that same medium cod this season as well.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    I feel as if they slow our play down so much, take three or four touches where one or two would do, decide to turn a player again, having already done it instead of releasing.

    Sanchez can be guilty of that as well, just before anyone throws that out there, by then he’s a far better player with far greater impact on the game.

    I think the time has come to sell one of them. I don’t think either would be a big loss, easily replaceable, I remember saying the same about Walcott at this point last year and someone took exception to the term ‘easily,’ but I think I’m right, they are easily replaceable, they bring hardly anything.

  42. Goldinho

    If u haven’t got a smile on your face now after finishing above them cunts on the last day of the season,after them having their best season in 40 odd years,u need to fuck off out the Arsenal.
    I want wenger gone,but being born and bred Arsenal what a fucking hilarious day.
    Mind the gap

  43. Poogs

    Of course we need to get rid of the Wilted Wilsh, he’s deadwood. He’s worse than Rosicky. He’s on about as much money too. Ramsey’s a proper premier league player than can score goals. Sanchez is wasteful and you can see why barca got rid. He too, though, can score in te premier league. Maybe all they need is time. To be fair, it is running out,

  44. Hitman

    ‘We have made over 70pts and that is not easy’

    What a dishonest Wenger.
    Judging himself by his own low standards, creating his own measure of success again.
    How does he get away with it?

    Wenger failed this season and every season for last 12 years because his teams cant accumulate 80pts.

    80pts Arsene is success, not 70!
    2nd, above Spuds is all irrelevant.

  45. Joe


    Have you posted anything worthwhile on here? Ever?

    You must of been jerking like a madman toady on the hope of your hero getting a new deal after finishing 2nd?

    Hope you lot are all happy when wenger signs a new deal next year.

  46. WengerEagle

    Joe just calls anyone who finds him a repetitive bore of a thundercunt an AKB /Spurs lover.

    It’s all he has to offer, not much in the way of brains sadly.

  47. gonsterous

    The old man has the most luck in the world. If he was a normal man, he would have won the lottery 3 times already . That’s how much luck he has. We had a crap season and still finished 2nd..

  48. Joe

    There is a picture of Henry crying because he came second with Arsenal

    You cunts are celebrating like we won the the quad

    There is the difference you wankers.

    Get a grip.

  49. steve

    ‘We have made over 70pts and that is not easy’


    Classic Wenger. Disingenuous cunt. Now he wants to make it out like it’s some big achievement to get over 70 points. Embarrassing manager.

  50. Joe

    Think Henry would be celebrating. Taking selfies after coming in second behind Leicester

    You should be ashamed of yourselves calling yourself Arsenal fans celebrating finishing second above Tottenham like its a real fucking trophy with Leicester winning the league.

  51. Joe

    10 points behind Leicester fucking city but yes let’s celebrate beating Spurs by one point to 2nd

    A small shit club from down the road

    Yes. And I’m the wanker.


  52. Goldinho

    Joe Redtruth
    Happy to finish above Spurs.
    Do u think if we had finished third wenger would have gone?
    So I will take a bit of joy where I can get it after a disappointing season

  53. Thanos

    Joe before you start cunting me off its just banter. We all want the dinosaur out but we could finish 10th and he would stay, may as well enjoy the fact we finished above the spuds.

  54. Thanos

    Lol no Joe I am not still embarrassed by getting done by Leicester but I can’t do anything about wenger apart from not going to games. This was the first time I did not go and clap my team for 25 years that was hard to do.

  55. Joe

    Gold hino

    There is no joy whatsoever in this season.

    Sorry. You can sugar coat it all you want by saying beating the Spurs is something but that’s bullshit

    We came 10 point back of Leicester. Knocked out of CL again early

  56. Phd007

    No matter how it’s dressed it up…

    It’s been a shambolic season.

    A travesty..

    But today was the height..Pure comedy gold..
    Arsene fly’s by the seat of his pants once again..Pulls out his white rabbit..
    LMAO..Still in stitches four hours later…

    That said Lazio 1-2 Fiorentina..Bernardeschi scored for Fiorentina

  57. loyika

    @ Joe

    You reslly do need to give it a rest sometimes.

    Crying more than the bereaved only makes you look like a cunt!? Jeez!! It’s not the end of the world ffs!!

    It’s like folks always posting; “That’s it!! I’m done with Arsenal” etc only to show up the next day to comment on the club once again!? Fcuking boring!!

  58. GuNZ

    Nougat boy pulls it out of the bag when it’s not needed. Oh nougat boy, nougat boy, nougat boy . . . looks like our fates are entwined for another season then

  59. Joe

    Is it an acheivement. Did we go above and beyond.

    By beating Spurs by one fucken point??

    A team who’s costs 1/2 of ours?

    This is not a celebration you mugs. It’s a shit show. We should be wiping the floor with those mugs

    They over achieved by coming 3rd. They are the ones celebrating 3rd.

    You lot are an embarrassment

    I go back to the picture of Henry. Crying in disappointment in coming 2nd.

    Fuck me

  60. Phd007

    Bit weird…

    Jeff’s gone quiet
    Bamford’s gone quiet
    Gambon’s gone quiet
    Arsene’s nurse gone quiet
    TYGN gone’s quiet

    Absolutely hilarious the WOB’s have gone quiet..

    I truly feel their angst..

    Oh well,on a different note..Fiorentina have scored again..

    Lazio 1-3 Fiorentina..

    Spoiling Klose’s leaving party

  61. loyika

    We finished 10 points behind Leicester. Check!!
    Got knocked out of all cups early. Check!!

    Now move the story fcuking along!!

    Funny that SK was at the Ems today and we didn’t get a peep of any protest!? Whether inside or outside the Stadia? Where we’re DT and the BSM and co!?

    And you all wonder why the guy doesn’t give a shit about whatever the so called WOBs do? Perfect opportunity to make some noise (no matter how small and nothing happens)

  62. Joe

    Security was kicked up a notch today and all banners big and small were to be confiscated.

    The stewards were told to be on high alert

    That’s what happened to the protests you muppet.

    It’s a dictatorship at the Emirates

  63. tunnygriffboy

    We’ve had a seriously depressing season and been bang average. However I did grin to myself when spurs lost today. Been b.gger all to smile about otherwise

    No guarentee spurs will be up there again next season. CL, negligible injuries this season and a new stadium to build. They have a very good young manager and some good young players. Be interesting to see what happens.


    Xhaka should only be the start. Striker to put Giroud as second choice. Sadly with Welbeck injury Walcott will gets stay of execution. Please a replacement for bfg as well

  64. Goldinho

    My local is a rank spud pub,the fuckin joy I had there today is what the game is about.
    I’m not celebrating 2nd,I’m celebrating finishing above them smug cunts.
    How any Arsenal fan cannot take a bit of joy out of that is a shame

  65. loyika

    Joe!? Spurs fans celebrating coming 3rd!? Show us proof mate!? Pictures or we don’t believe you!!

    And for the final time, NO ONE IS CELEBRATING US FINISHING SECOND!! We are all just amazed that it took us till the final day to put Spurs in their place.

    Season done and dusted. Happy for Leicester, now over to Pool vs Sevilla (will Klopp deliver or will Sevilla create history in the Europa) and then Real vs AM (As much as i can’t stand CR7 i want Zizou to win the UCL both as a player and manager) and then the Euros and also hoping to see my baby Serena finally equalling Steffi’s record of “Opens” at Roland Garros! (Pls Serena get this shit over and done with already ffs!!)

  66. Marko

    I think I’ve got to say as well, we play better without Wilshere and Ramsey in the team, don’t know if anyone else agrees?

    One of them needs to leave. The other no more than a squad player.

    Also no wonder this blog is going to the dogs with absolute morons like Joe and steve knocking about. I mean Red’s fine no one listens to him anyway and it’s good for him to talk to real people once in a while but the other two fuckwits add nothing to the place

  67. Wallace


    “Woke up. Saw the results. Arsenal 2nd. Nougat boy hatrick. Have I woken up?”

    yeah, tough start to the day….

    also, Wenger signed a new deal – 4yrs.

  68. Ishola70

    Only time will tell
    “I’m sure Wenger has no ambition beyond doing just enough to keep his job and his fanboys happy.
    How do I know this?
    He went without signing a single outfield player last summer. How anyone would have assessed Flamini/Arteta/Rosicky and decided that there were no reinforcements to help he team.The bar is set very low for Spuds to do better than us with Wenger in charge.”

    All I would say to that is don’t underestimate Wenger’s chances of getting top four again next season. It may bore the fans to death but it is what Wenger lives by.

    He is more likely to spend on players mid-season if his precious top four trophy is under threat than he is to bring in extra players for a title push.

    And this is all about money. Wenger doesn’t manage this club for the fans and the glory of winning the major trophies. He is working for the money men. He is a bean counter as much as Kroenke is. More than a football manager! Only one Arsene Wenger! lol.

  69. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I hear an agree with yer,

    But this season should have been so more had he strengthened when he should have?
    Also why keep the fun boy three rocicksy artet an flam for an extra year is beyond me.

  70. Wallace

    hey tunny

    good to see you again. hope you’ve done many productive things in the time saved not dicking around on here 🙂

  71. Goldinho

    Agree mate,think wenger has been making very poor decisions for the last 10 years and some a lot worse than keeping them 3 on,but can’t stop smiling after today.
    Wenger should leave now without a doubt,but we know that is a dream.

  72. Phd007


    How are you doing ?
    Sorry,how could I forget you also..

    I’m still in stitches..

    I think after today’s result & placing,it’s tipped Joe right over the edge.
    He’s gone into full blown meltdown mode…

    I dread to think what those guys on Arsenal Fan TV(Moh,TY),will be spouting today..

    Pure comedy gold today

  73. Phd007

    Cristian Tello scored for Fiorentina..

    Weren’t we linked with him sometime back..

    This Keita dude for Lazio,looks a bit of a tricky player..

  74. Ishola70

    Players on social media now “celebrating” the season.

    Ozil has tweeted a photo of himself with what looks like a victory fist sign and says 4-0 win and we finish above Spurs.

  75. Joe


    I’m not melting down. Trust me

    I’ll be the one laughing when wenger has us double digits back by December next season

    Then all cunts on here will be boiling over

    Trust me. I’ll be here to say I told you so

    So go on. Rejoice in beating the spuds. The Lowly spuds

    How our ambitions have fallen

    Fuck it. I’m
    Done with Arsenal
    Until wenger is gone.

    You muppets keep taking about who’s coming in and what formations to play etc
    When it’s all for naught with wenger in charge

    It’s happened again. It’s happened again Tottenham Hotspur it’s happened again

  76. Samesong


    I’m good mate. Hope your well? My question is how did Spurs get best 5-1 with Newcastle down to 10 men. See what happens when a couple of players are out of the team

  77. steve

    Players on social media now “celebrating” the season.Ozil has tweeted a photo of himself with what looks like a victory fist sign and says 4-0 win and we finish above Spurs.

    Lol Ozil has now been Arsenalized. Most players along with most of the fanbase are a bunch of losers.

  78. Joe


    Don’t worry. Next season will be better. Wenger is going to buy 8 wc players. He’s going to work 24/7 to
    Learn new tactics. And how to prepare his players mentally and physically.

    He is going to take pep’s managerial tutorial classes this summer.

    Next year. Beating Spurs to second place is just the stepping stone to greatness next season.

  79. Dissenter

    If Kante’s contract has a release clause of 20 million, would you pay it up?

    I know I would

  80. Phd007


    In no way,am I rejoicing in finishing above Spuds..

    My amusement comes from an entirely different place..
    I think if you’ve followed my posts today,you will certainly understand where I am coming from…

    Arsene played his “Get out of Jail” free card today& managed to put an altogether different spin on what has been a shambolic season…

    Not many people here would have envisaged how the final results panned out today..

    It’s just too funny for words..When the heat was on Arsene,he managed to quell the vitriol for now.Or at least apply some band aid,to a deep festering,infected wound…The douchebag has bought himself more time

  81. Dissenter

    News sources in France are reporting that We’ve agreed to meet the 20 million release clause for Kante.

  82. Dissenter

    The clause is reportedly 20 million. We can save the 100p to add to the fee for a striker.

  83. Redtruth

    Arsenal’s improved league positions have coincided with the decline in quality of the Premier league.

    For the trend to continue next season will require a total wipeout of biblical proportions by the top teams for Arsenal to become Champions.

  84. Phd007

    Fiorentina scored..

    Lazio 2-4 Fiorentina

    Fiorentina running riot
    Klose scored from a penalty for Lazio

  85. Dissenter

    Xhaka and Kante will definitely be a step-up for Arteta and Flamini but where dies Wenger fit in all these midfielders.

  86. Joe


    Ask yourself if you were Kante. Would you rather stay at league winning Leicester with an amazing team bond and be a hero

    Or play for wenger.

  87. Ishola70


    “If Kante’s contract has a release clause of 20 million, would you pay it up?I know I would”

    Yeah why not. Very impressive season. Guy has been a beast. So much energy and influence. But it looks like Wenger has gone for the more refined player in Xhaka. Saying that Kante is not a hack by any stretch. He can play. But looks like Wenger already has made his decision and Kante is not who the one he goes for.

  88. STV

    “Lordy lordy me what a day to be a Gunner.”

    “Obviously I’m annoyed at Wenger potentially staying on longer but if it’s a choice between Wenger staying or spuds finishing above us, I choose Wenger.”

    I liked your post about drinking but you just lost my respect with these comments

    For me this is the most disappointing day because it just highlighted above all the kind of chance we missed. Glorious opportunity to Leicester of all people (no disrespect intended)!! after 12 years without a trophy!! You may choose Wenger’s stay because he made Arsenal moved from 3rd below spuds to 2nd above spuds but don’t think you speak for most when you say gooners.

    Spurs rivalry has been great. and St Tott’s day has been fun but God is this what we reduced to? or did Wenger’s consecutive spuds trophy made you all oblivious to the fact this isnt any glory. Not it’s supposed to anyway. Not this seadon.

    Imagine Real Madrid fans celebrating their failure to win trophy because they finished above Athletico. Absurd..

  89. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m europhic we finished ahead of Spurs but let’s not kid our selves , this was a fucking shocking season that should have had a league title added to it

    One band aid cantbcover the cut

  90. Joe

    Imagine Real Madrid fans celebrating their failure to win trophy because they finished above Athletico. Absurd..

    STV. Best point made all day


  91. Joe

    And they lost the trophy to Barca on the last day. Competed. Not to Granada by 10 points

    Our fans are losers. Just like our manager