Granit Xhaka in, but only two more?

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Well good morning to you all! Last game of the season day. Aston Villa at home. A team we lost to a couple of years ago at the start of the season, to the cries of ‘Wenger out’, are now a team we finish to with grumbles of ‘is this Brie sandwich soggy’ / ‘it’d be bloody nice if Wenger would leave maybe, at some point, if it feels right to everyone’…

Not sure how the atmosphere will be today. I have a feeling most Arsenal fans have lost the will to live. So dependent on weather, it’ll be a flatulent end to the season caked in depression beers and hopes for a better summer.

Good news is that Phil Wall over at the AngryOfIslington blog totally destroyed the embarrassingly incorrect summer spending fees put forward by amateur hour finance firm CSS (tacky finance lead generation farm). They’d claimed we only had £4m spare this summer. I mean, how powerfully student like and wrong can a bunch of finance specialists be? About £90m wrong. What makes it worse is someone at the Mirror published that sh*t without checking… or worse, checking and knowing that story would muddy the waters with the less informed Arsenal fans.

In more positive news, Granit Xhaka was subbed off early so he could take a standing ovation from the home fans, give a major hug to the coach and drop a big obese hint in the press conference he was off. Looks like he’ll be moving over to us shortly as we try and negotiate down that £34m fee and spread it across 27 years. A solid early start to our summer, which will no doubt lose all its steam in about 3 weeks.

Interesting to see Higuain break Serie A records yesterday with a smashing 36 goals. Think what you want of the man (I think he’s slow), but that’s outrageous. Arsenal bottled his fee a few summers ago when Perez raised the price £10m. Settling for Giroud, which wasn’t smart. We also chose to chase down Luis Suarez instead, and botched that. There’s still a lot of contention around that by fans who seem to think we handled that transfer well.

Thoughts on improving that:

1. Don’t harp on about transfers not being like buying a loaf from Tesco, then put in a £40m + £1 bid in like you’re buying a very expensive Twix from a vending machine. It doesn’t set the tone well for a player clearly worth far more than his buyout.
2. If you’re dealing with an issue where a club is deeply offended by the opening bid, regardless of the clause, work out a position they’d be happy with that would 1) interest them 2) make it not seem like they’d been bullied into a bad deal 3) might make you look the weaker party, but who cares, you’d have the best striker in the world
3. Don’t chain yourself to a moral high ground over a world class striker when there are so few in the world. It doesn’t matter how unethical it is not the abide by a break clause. The key story here is they had something we badly wanted. Something that would have won us two titles by now. And we bottled it / offended Liverpool so badly they wouldn’t play ball.

Saying they had no intention of selling a Premier League team is beyond nonsense, they’d sell to anyone who stumped up the right value. Which was, a season later, £70m! That for me was one of the prime examples of us not having the guts to go big instead accepting whatever was said, missing out under the guise of class.

UPDATE: Also worth reading this. John Henry actually played the game legally. We totally misinterpreted the clause.

Back onto transfers. Wenger already causing unrest with me as he starts to shirk around the realities of the summer. The Standard reckons he’s only in for three players with no radical overhaul.

‘We want to keep the squad stable over the summer while strengthening where possible, you want the group to be stimulated and to believe that we have improved the quality.’

You know what stimulates great players? Great players. You know what flatlines them? Lining up with the same munch bunch that bombed the year before. Players don’t care for stable if it’s stale. They read the papers and get excited about seeing new people in the office as much as you and I. They will look at three players and say…

‘Are you kidding me?’

Arsenal are way more than three players away from competing. We’ve just lost three in Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini. We should be losing players from Chambo, Theo and Gibbs. We should be thinking about our ageing backline that’s guaranteed to pick up more tweaks and strains. We should probably ask questions of Chambers and Gabriel? Are they sure to hit it off next year? We need to understand that Welbeck is dead for the season. We need to be honest about Jack Wilshere’s ability to stay fit and not play the hope card. We need to be honest about Santi Cazorla and his age and accept we do not have an internal replacement for him.

We shouldn’t be looking at the children coming into the squad as anywhere near ready for our first 11. Bar maybe Iwobi who is a back up at best. We need to be sending them out on loan, exactly where Chambers should have been this season cutting his teeth.

This cannot melt into a summer of tweaks. Because the foundations cracked in a season we should have destroyed the league based on our so called stability.

Unless Wenger is leaving next summer. And that’s a weird story. Stan letting him have his final year with severe restrictions. Which would be incredibly short sighted and potentially hampering for the best manager.

Anyway, enjoy the game today! Season is nearly done. 🍺🍺🍺

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  1. Relieable Sauce


    When you say giving the AKBs ammunition, are we talking potatoes, or chewed-up bits of paper?

  2. Joe

    You idiots just don’t get it

    Coming second only gets wenger thinking he was successful this season and will probably get him a new deal and probably make him think we don’t need big signings

    You lot are so thick and narrow minded that all you see is finishing above Spurs and not realizing what it does to Arsenal in the big picture with a smug happy wenger

    Fucking idiots

  3. Danish Gooner

    If Wenger were AS ruthless a manager AS sir fergie he would get rid of these posing underperforming english twats like wilshire,wally,gubbs,oxlade and replace Them with proper footballers.

  4. Dissenter

    Someone needs top ask Wenger about these 678th minute substitutions.
    Is that specific time borne out of sports science ?

  5. Ishola70


    If he could just get his head sorted out he would be a world beater lol.

    btw anyone who thinks Wenger will get in a top striker are way off the mark. He is loathe to “kill” his players. Do you really think he is going to “kill” two of his present boys in Giroud and Welbeck with one signing? Never.

  6. Dissenter

    I really think it’s time to move on Cazorla.
    He has his attributes but is way too predictable and is easily bullied. out of big games.

  7. leftsidesanch

    we’re so shit we cant even wrap this game up and give our “legend” Arteta his final swansong

  8. Bamford10


    If you see that truth, then you should be equally pessimistic about next season. Welbeck is out until next March. That means Giroud is our starting CF for August through February. Not only is that a recipe for dull, unwatchable football, it’s a recipe for 6th place.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Hey Joe, your team is fucking up!!! CHOCKERS! To all you idiots who wanted them to finish ahead of us because you’re too blinded and obsessed, you’re as bad as the AKB folks you talk about…disease the lot of you, ruining our club, both sets of fans

  10. Dissenter

    is that the best line you have, Spuddies fanboys ?
    Gooners are being more entertained by the spuds game that the shitfest we are serving at the Emirates.

  11. Frank Mc

    Pathetic cunts…. do ever look back at the bollocks you constantly spout on here?

    Thought not you ESN cunt!

  12. Bamford10


    Fuck off. The most important thing is getting rid of Wenger. If finishing 3rd — or 4th or 5th — helped us to do that, then that’s the best thing, even if it meant finishing below Spurs.

    Finishing behind Spurs matters far less than getting rid of Wenger. Sorry.

  13. Phd007


    “i have posted the league table when we were top ”

    Why post the league table half way through the season?

    The season finishes in May-As in today..

    So what was your point back then?

    And want is your position on Arsene?
    Should he still stay,or see out his contract and go?

  14. DaleDaGooner


  15. Bamford10

    God, I hate Olivier Giroud. Fucking garbage player. Go on Wenger and Giroud supporters: keep both of them. We’ll finish sixth next season.

  16. steve

    Are the morons at the stadium aware that Leicester won the league. Expect no new striker now. Typical. Just like last season. The unless Walcott gets a hattrick just to save his ass. *smh*

  17. Phd007


    We finish second..


    10 year contract on the table..

    Arsene where do you sign…?

  18. Arsene's Nurse

    Like buses – you wait 15 games for a Giroud goal and the cock gets 3 in a meaningless game. Fans singing the hair model’s name.

    And you know what that means – Giroud will be first choice next year.

  19. China

    So xhaka presumably meaning means he’s probably coming to us based on what apart from tabloid speculation?

    It might happen, probably won’t. Zero meaningful evidence that Arsenal are going to pay for him. Why is this story still getting peddled without any meaningful updates?

    If he said he’s joining Arsenal, if the club say they’ve received an offer from us or if Wenger said he’s in for him then we actually have a reason to pay attention.

    Until then it’s total speculation based on what they inaccurate 95% of the time media are gossiping about

    Meanwhile looking like spurs are actually throwing second place away. If we do take it I can’t bring myself to celebrate such a crap victory over Spurs but their disappointment would at least be a warming consolation for our own failures

  20. Howard

    Rosicky should have gone last season. He’s been all injuries since joining Arsenal

    Free money for him and Diaby.
    All Arsene’s fault. Favoring careers of players to the progress of Arsenal.

  21. Ishola70

    “If you see that truth, then you should be equally pessimistic about next season. Welbeck is out until next March. That means Giroud is our starting CF for August through February. Not only is that a recipe for dull, unwatchable football, it’s a recipe for 6th place.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arsenal just kicking the same water again next season 3rd or 4th something like that. We can all talk about this manager coming in and how tough it is going to be but until we see the proof with games on the board next season then that all it is talk. It’s not a case of pessimism or optimism.

    Wenger will get someone in to understudy Giroud. As said no way he kills two of his babies with one signing. It is too much for him to kill one player in the past let alone two.

  22. DaleDaGooner

    BAmford you fool, how many times will you be told it’s not gonna happen? You aren’t Kroenke, and you can’t do shit, you’re only annoying the rest of us who want to enjoy what ever is left of the club…go support the spuds already…you seem to have thought they’d be finishing above us. The senile manager isn’t leaving get with the program or watch another sports you fool

  23. DaveB666

    Possibly the worst season I have experienced as a Gooner – but we aren’t the biggest bottlers in North London (or Greenwich as my Spud mate keeps reminding me)

    Wenger In (I’m joking FFS)

  24. steve

    Aston Villa is Girshits level. Awful against proper teams. Give him Aston Villa to pad his stats. Cunt.

  25. daz

    We already know he ain’t going, so why with this knowledge would any of you still want to finish below spuds?

  26. S Asoa

    Someone so rightly said
    The devil looks after his own , eh Wenger
    The devil has the luck. Rest just plain imbecile

  27. Do one gambon

    Why shouldn’t they cheer finishing above spurs?

    Yeah we’re shit, yeah we have massive problems at all of recruitment, coaching and board level. Yeah we totally fucked the league.

    But despite all that, we’re looking like finishing above spurs who apparently had a good season.

    Hilarious really.

  28. Dissenter

    2nd place trophy, first since 2005
    St Totty’s day
    We beat Leicester twice trophy
    Giroud’s first hat-trick trophy

    Relax people, there’s something to celebrate.

  29. Bamford10


    Sorry, do you enjoy seeing Giroud score three, knowing this may mean no new CF at Arsenal? Knowing this may mean ANOTHER FUCKING YEAR of the complete mediocrity that is Olivier Giroud?

    Please explain.

  30. Ishola70

    And Bamford how can you put Spurs down as a massive threat next season? lol after their pathetic finish to the season.

    They are Spurs simple as that.

    I am also not totally convinced that Klopp is going to do these massive great things so soon as many seem to expect.

  31. steve

    How shit are Tottenham though? Finishing above then is not even something to celebrate? Lol this is the happiest day for those fans. How pathetic is that?

  32. Dissenter

    I must admit that I am delirious at the Spuds collapse.
    Brings a warm glow to my soul

    I think Arsenal should use thus rare moment of joyous delirium to announce Wenger’s new contract.

  33. Phd007

    I’m laughing my fornicating ass off..

    Arsene does the quadruple..

    We finished above the Spurs Trophy
    We beat the Leicester Twice Trophy
    We qualify for the CL Trophy for the 20th time in succession
    We finish 2nd trophy for the first time in almost 12 years..

    All on an outlay of £15 million..

    SK:Take a bow AW
    AW:Thank you..Don’t know,what those pesky fans were moaning about..

    SK:Me neither..They don’t know football,like me & you Arsene..
    AW:I know..Dumb fans..

  34. steve

    Like I said Tottenham are shit. So that says something about the celebrations for finishing above them.

  35. DaleDaGooner

    lmao…anyone for a second, not laughing at seeing the spuds, who thought they had a better season than us, must be a spuds….the cunts have totally chocked the fuck out! 1 with a player down….i love the Geordies!!

  36. Dissenter

    Everything Pochetinno has achieved this season has been undone

    Collapsing against a 10-man relegated side

  37. shad

    Spurs really just went to pot. Lol. The night will be lit tonight. Losing to a 10 man relegated team.
    Think we should pick Wijnaldum from Newcastle. Good player in there.

  38. Bamford10


    I know more about this sport than you do, you fucking cunt. And it was never down to Kroenke, dipshit. It was a question of whether Wenger would leave on his own on account of the negativity around the stadium.

    You fucking morons simply do not get it.

  39. Danish Gooner

    Spuds getting tonked,Wenger over the Moon second Place trophy Secure,season is a super qualidee success.No need for new players,cohesion is there and Santi and wilshire are like new signings.

  40. DaleDaGooner

    We suck, we are poor and wenger needs to fucking go….but the spuds are pathetic team…lol

  41. leftsidesanch

    Just to highlight how poor the league is. Evertons tally of 72 points would have bought you a 5th place finish 2 or so years ago.

    This season that is a comfortable 2nd! What garbage.

    However, Spurs being spurs will always make my day. Who to be..

  42. Bamford10


    Who said anything about “massive threat”? I’m saying they’ll challenge for a top four finish. What, now that they’ve collapsed in their final game and FINISHED ONE POINT BEHIND US we’re now somehow worlds better than them?

    What a joke.

    Point is without additions we’ll be lucky to finish top four next season.

  43. karim

    What about Sissoko who’s desperate to join us, have you seen his run that led to the penalty ( although he did dive a little ) ?

    Woohoo Arteta !

  44. Joe

    Dale. Gary. Frank

    See who’s laughing next season when giroud is our leading striker and wenger has signed a new 3 year deal

    Daft Akb wankers.

  45. Phd007

    Every season,this douchebag of a manager -Arsene pulls a rabbit out of the hat..

    I was trying to see,what fornicating rabbit he would pull out of the hat,after being dumped out of the CL,FAC,CC and bottling the EPL..

    How could I be blindsided..He snuck up,and grabbed second on the last day of the season.Better still,he overtook Spuds..

    I’ve never laughed so much in my life..I’m in tears..

    You couldn’t make this stuff up..

    Teflon Arsene..

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Spurs must have absolutely collapsed!

    Thought we were pretty poor until the 75th minute when we stepped it up and Villa collapsed.

    Need some major investment though. No more fucking excuses.

  47. Ishola70

    Giroud scoring a hat-trick has just sealed his place as first choice striker next season.

    Add in the sympathy vote Welbeck has with his injury and Wenger not wanting to kill him.

    A top class striker playing at Arsenal is further away then ever.

  48. Arsene's Nurse

    That league was there for the taking this year and we fucked it up. 9 points behind Leicester on 71 is hardly an improvement.

  49. steve

    How shit has the PL been this season though? Arsenal 2nd on 71 points. Lol. 2014: 79 points
    2015: 75 points
    2016: 71 points.

    Joke of a club.

    Selfies and open bus parade coming up.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Haha. I’m not saying anything mate, don’t feel I have much room to shout, just be dignified and silent.

  51. Johnty79

    He it’s great now the challenge for arsenal is to finish in the top four next season but don’t win the league…..

    If wenger mentions mental strength…….

  52. DaleDaGooner

    I’d say Arsenal players celebrating and fans was pathetic, but i forgive everyone, finishing above those fuckers is worth celebrating, especially in this fashion. Every chance to humiliate Arsenal, and they choke….even with men sent off….lol,

  53. Phd007

    Douchebag Arsene and his cronies here for another 10 years..

    This season has been a total comedy..

    Arsene finishes second on an outlay of £15 million pounds..


    You have to laugh….Or you’ll end up slitting your wrists..

  54. Samesong

    The only plus is at least we don’t need to hear any spurs bullshit round the office for awhile.

  55. Rambo Ramsey

    DissenterMay 3, 2016 14:00:43
    Many people thinking with their dicks and not their heads.
    Yes, it’s dick-thinking to assume that Pochettino will suddenly falter next season.My money is one Wenger continue his downward drift while the supporters turn on one another.
    Spuds will sign 3-4 players including another striker and will solidify their north London superiority. They have younger and hungrier players. ”


  56. Frank Mc

    Joe calling me an AKB, you really don’t have a fucking clue do you?

    There’s a village looking for you, off you trot you moron.