Granit Xhaka in, but only two more?

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Well good morning to you all! Last game of the season day. Aston Villa at home. A team we lost to a couple of years ago at the start of the season, to the cries of ‘Wenger out’, are now a team we finish to with grumbles of ‘is this Brie sandwich soggy’ / ‘it’d be bloody nice if Wenger would leave maybe, at some point, if it feels right to everyone’…

Not sure how the atmosphere will be today. I have a feeling most Arsenal fans have lost the will to live. So dependent on weather, it’ll be a flatulent end to the season caked in depression beers and hopes for a better summer.

Good news is that Phil Wall over at the AngryOfIslington blog totally destroyed the embarrassingly incorrect summer spending fees put forward by amateur hour finance firm CSS (tacky finance lead generation farm). They’d claimed we only had £4m spare this summer. I mean, how powerfully student like and wrong can a bunch of finance specialists be? About £90m wrong. What makes it worse is someone at the Mirror published that sh*t without checking… or worse, checking and knowing that story would muddy the waters with the less informed Arsenal fans.

In more positive news, Granit Xhaka was subbed off early so he could take a standing ovation from the home fans, give a major hug to the coach and drop a big obese hint in the press conference he was off. Looks like he’ll be moving over to us shortly as we try and negotiate down that £34m fee and spread it across 27 years. A solid early start to our summer, which will no doubt lose all its steam in about 3 weeks.

Interesting to see Higuain break Serie A records yesterday with a smashing 36 goals. Think what you want of the man (I think he’s slow), but that’s outrageous. Arsenal bottled his fee a few summers ago when Perez raised the price £10m. Settling for Giroud, which wasn’t smart. We also chose to chase down Luis Suarez instead, and botched that. There’s still a lot of contention around that by fans who seem to think we handled that transfer well.

Thoughts on improving that:

1. Don’t harp on about transfers not being like buying a loaf from Tesco, then put in a £40m + £1 bid in like you’re buying a very expensive Twix from a vending machine. It doesn’t set the tone well for a player clearly worth far more than his buyout.
2. If you’re dealing with an issue where a club is deeply offended by the opening bid, regardless of the clause, work out a position they’d be happy with that would 1) interest them 2) make it not seem like they’d been bullied into a bad deal 3) might make you look the weaker party, but who cares, you’d have the best striker in the world
3. Don’t chain yourself to a moral high ground over a world class striker when there are so few in the world. It doesn’t matter how unethical it is not the abide by a break clause. The key story here is they had something we badly wanted. Something that would have won us two titles by now. And we bottled it / offended Liverpool so badly they wouldn’t play ball.

Saying they had no intention of selling a Premier League team is beyond nonsense, they’d sell to anyone who stumped up the right value. Which was, a season later, £70m! That for me was one of the prime examples of us not having the guts to go big instead accepting whatever was said, missing out under the guise of class.

UPDATE: Also worth reading this. John Henry actually played the game legally. We totally misinterpreted the clause.

Back onto transfers. Wenger already causing unrest with me as he starts to shirk around the realities of the summer. The Standard reckons he’s only in for three players with no radical overhaul.

‘We want to keep the squad stable over the summer while strengthening where possible, you want the group to be stimulated and to believe that we have improved the quality.’

You know what stimulates great players? Great players. You know what flatlines them? Lining up with the same munch bunch that bombed the year before. Players don’t care for stable if it’s stale. They read the papers and get excited about seeing new people in the office as much as you and I. They will look at three players and say…

‘Are you kidding me?’

Arsenal are way more than three players away from competing. We’ve just lost three in Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini. We should be losing players from Chambo, Theo and Gibbs. We should be thinking about our ageing backline that’s guaranteed to pick up more tweaks and strains. We should probably ask questions of Chambers and Gabriel? Are they sure to hit it off next year? We need to understand that Welbeck is dead for the season. We need to be honest about Jack Wilshere’s ability to stay fit and not play the hope card. We need to be honest about Santi Cazorla and his age and accept we do not have an internal replacement for him.

We shouldn’t be looking at the children coming into the squad as anywhere near ready for our first 11. Bar maybe Iwobi who is a back up at best. We need to be sending them out on loan, exactly where Chambers should have been this season cutting his teeth.

This cannot melt into a summer of tweaks. Because the foundations cracked in a season we should have destroyed the league based on our so called stability.

Unless Wenger is leaving next summer. And that’s a weird story. Stan letting him have his final year with severe restrictions. Which would be incredibly short sighted and potentially hampering for the best manager.

Anyway, enjoy the game today! Season is nearly done. 🍺🍺🍺

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  1. Joe

    Ha wenger really has them motivated for the match today. What an amazing manager he is.

    Has them prepared. Motivated. Tactically ready for villa.

    Sign da ting!

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    Wilshere just missed a sitter. No right foot. All the streams are crappy atm – no one streaming a decent feed and none on acestream.

  3. Johnty79

    Can’t believe Chelsea haven’t bloodied the younsters. Arguably the most domiant youth team in English history.Gus hiddink is an absolute disgrace, blooding the youngsters would of set them up for next season perfectly.

    I’d take loftus cheek, solanke , Christensen. That would be our spine for the next 10 years. Offer 20m and see what it gets us.

  4. Dissenter

    Yes it was me talking power shift in north London.
    Nothing stops us from drawing this game now that there’s pressure on us to win it.

  5. Highbury4ever

    The public of the Emirates already start to celebrate like if we have won the title… Pathetic, really.

  6. Jeff

    Give Wenger a 10 year deal. He deserves it. I mean, second!! Who’d have thought. I feel a round of selfies coming on after the match. Celebrations galore. Euphoric scenes will be abound and “one Arsene Wenger” will resound. Long live Wenger.

  7. Sam

    I told ya

    best pair of t!ts are up there in the north

    the cunt are 2 nil down


    come on newcastle

  8. Johnty79

    If spurs lose and arsenal draw I can’t wait to see wengers face. I don’t think he will mention ‘ mental strength’ if this happens and I expect a resignation in the morning.

  9. Johnty79

    Oh shit my third place prediction will go out the window….but you know what this means from wenger….I don’t need to sign anybody we have finished 2nd and have great mental strength….

  10. Jeff

    I’m about to break open the 50 year old champagne I’ve been saving. I mean second only to Leicester! It doesn’t get any better does it? No it bloody doesn’t.

  11. Ishola70


    Great stuff that Spurs collapse on the last day and Arsenal finish above them yet again but this will mean Wenger will be offered a new five year deal.

  12. izzo

    Sheep fans celebrating coming 2nd and a huge gap away from the league champions. Embarrasing! Go ahead you idiots celebrating coming 2nd with no medals no trophies. Won’t be wasting my time watching this lot next season. I’ll be watching Leicester, Man City and Chelsea games next season since they will be playing better football and of course topping the league. All have superior managers who get the best out of their teams. That’s where my excitement for the PL lays. Not wasting my time on the Arsene-nal.

  13. steve

    The problem is that cunt Wenger always manages to end every season on a positive note this giving the impression that Arsenal has had a good season which gives him more time. Shit when it matters then when no one gives a fuck at the end of the season he get some wins. Such a flat track bully. Complete loser.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Regardless of what is happening at Newcastle, we need to be careful here, shite display again and Villa have had two great chances in this game.

    Need to stop with all this tippy tappy shit and actually strike a ball from distance because even against a Villa side who look as if they’ve been playing a different sport all season, our attack still looks limp.

  15. Ishola70

    I predicted that Arsenal would end up 2nd on here but had Arsenal down as getting more points on the board.

    Shows how bang average the EPL is really.

  16. Samesong


    True but we are going to be like this again next season, no killer instint just pass pass pass pass.

  17. Carts

    Nice post overall; but as for ‘Higuain is slow’, please tell me the configuration on your Amstrad TV isn’t set to -2 whenever you’re watching Serie A.

    Higuain has almost ever CB on toast in a one-on-one.

    Anyway, Wenger comments, that you quoted, is pretty much what he’s been saying ever early summer whenever the pressure is on him. Pathetic really. Lol @ ‘stimulate’ though. Made me chuckle.

  18. Danny

    If spurs lose and arsenal draw I can’t wait to see wengers face.
    One point is all Wenger wants today, to him 2nd or 3rd is exactly the fuckin’ same.

  19. Dissenter

    Wenger is world class at doing just enough.
    Damn the three course shit meal he’s served this season will be downed with champagne if we finish ahead of Spuds.

  20. Bamford10

    If things finish as they stand now, Wenger and his dipshit supporters will call a second-place finish “success” — ‘look at all of the clubs we finished above,’ they’ll say — and will have reason not only to insist on Wenger continuing on, but to insist that the current squad (Giroud) is good enough as is (for the most part).

    Will be happy to sign Xhaka and do little else.

    As disastrous and lame as this will be, I look forward to seeing Wenger fail miserably next season, finish sixth and leave The Emirates to jeers and boos.

  21. Sam

    you’re right Joe

    I’ll take Wilshere over any Barca cunt
    as you can tell I don’t support Barcelona

    Plz jog on

  22. Danny

    The problem is that cunt Wenger always manages to end every season on a positive note this giving the impression that Arsenal has had a good season
    As he says every season – “Judge me in May”…….

  23. Dream10

    Our home performances have been so poor. Too often, we go up 1-0 and we stop being proactive. need to create more. Joel Campbell needs to come in for Jack on 60 minutes.

  24. Wallace

    “Sheep fans celebrating coming 2nd and a huge gap away from the league champions.”

    has anyone other than Jeff & Joe actually commented on the score up in Newcastle?

  25. steve

    “Finish ahead of Spurs” and “We beat Leicester twice trophy” open bus parade coming up. Wenger to give a speech about Mental Strength.

  26. Sam

    Last day of the season and we are already know we won fok all

    why do you still want to us to act miserable?
    we also know finishing second is not trophy

    we’ll win it next season

    I believe that

  27. Relieable Sauce

    Technically we will be Champions if we finish second, as Leicester werent hampered by CL football.
    They also dont have to contend with as many derbies as AFC.

  28. Joe


    Do not ignore what tits asked of you and what I called you out on

    You are liar and always wrong.

    Don’t change the subject you cunt

  29. Bamford10


    Your point about Pocchetino’s remarks re this summer is/was dumb. Whether one needs to spend depends upon the quality of one’s squad. If one has a good squad, has ample quality and depth at all positions, then one may not need to spend much. When we call for spending from Wenger, we call for spending not simply for the sake of it but because we do not have enough quality and depth at all positions.

    While Pocchetino may not have a superstar, he has a good squad. I’d still be looking for signings if I were him, but he probably does have fewer needs than we do.

  30. Ishola70

    “One point is all Wenger wants today, to him 2nd or 3rd is exactly the fuckin’ same.”

    Not when the scenario of winning and Spurs losing on the final day of the season means Arsenal finish above Spurs.

    He’s lucky he has such a pathetic rival in Spurs lol

  31. Joe


    We will be champions if we come second because we beat Leicester twice.

    That means we are the true champions

  32. steve

    The shit cunt Wenger will say something like “we only finished behind Leicester and we beat them twice so we basically won the league” . He just can’t lose can he? Even when he’s a loser he always finds some way to spin to make it look like he’s winning. Senile fucking cunt. Just die already.

  33. Rambo Ramsey

    finishing above Spuddies might not detract Arsenal’s failings, but you’d be lying through your teeth if you say you dint enjoy it for a moment. we’ll see.. still 45 to go

  34. Wallace


    i have never said we would win the league. i have posted the league table when we were top and people were trashing the team….is that what’s confusing you?

  35. Dissenter

    So you have no problem writing “cunt” buy you’ll rather spell “fuck” as “fok” to minimize offence.

  36. Highbury4ever

    “we’ll win it next season
    I believe that”

    Quote of the year so far by our dear Sam lol

  37. Wallace


    “Your point about Pocchetino’s remarks re this summer is/was dumb. Whether one needs to spend depends upon the quality of one’s squad. If one has a good squad, has ample quality and depth at all positions, then one may not need to spend much.”

    they went a whole season with one striker!

    were you not aware of this?

  38. Joe


    What about double digits ???

    You said we would win the last 7 matches and catch Leicester

    It’s all there Wallace.

    You are a liar and always wrong

  39. Sam

    Joe was born in middlessex hospital

    how many Arsenal games have you been to?

    as an away scum supporter

  40. Radio Raheem

    I did say many week ago that spuds were bigger chokers and we’ll finish above them. Finish second and Wenger’s mental strength will be off the scale culminating in a signed 10 year deal.

  41. Danny

    May 15, 2016 14:51:57
    Wenger doesn’t care about the Spurs – Arsenal rivalry, he understands it but nothing more than that.

  42. Joe


    I could give two fucks about finishing above Spurs

    This season has been a total and complete failure and no way am i taking solace in finishing above the scum.

    Pathetic unambtious supporters

  43. steve


    “we’ll win it next seasonI believe that”

    Yeah just like you knew Arsenal would win this season right? Daft cunt.

  44. Arsene's Nurse

    Commentator saying he thinks Arsenal need another goal or two to kill the game off. Kroenke at the Emirates too.

  45. Ishola70

    “Wenger doesn’t care about the Spurs – Arsenal rivalry, he understands it but nothing more than that.”

    Oh I think he does. He’s been at the club long enough. Don’t be swayed by his comments this season in pressers when questioned about Spurs finishing ahead of Arsenal. What else was he going to do ? Break down in tears.

    He knows bettering the feeble Spurs is a big plus with his fans. That’s more than enough for him to be interested in the rivalry.

  46. Wallace


    “You said we would win the last 7 matches and catch Leicester ”

    in real life, or in your head(the one with horned wengers buzzing around it)?

  47. izzo

    Great pass to Giroud and what does he do fuck up the chance! Oh but he likes free headers!!! Disgusting!!!!

  48. S Asoa

    Kroenke at last come to celebrate NOT WINNING . Another poodle. Never bothered the shit all along. But looks all clean because the muddle class fans licking Wenger bum clean .
    The song , too , sickening.

  49. Joe


    Fuck off you wanker. If i had time I would go find it

    What about the double digit comments??

    Wallace you are a straight up liar and always wrong

    Fuck off

  50. Relieable Sauce

    MC – Pep
    Leicester – Ranieri
    Chelsea -Conte
    MU – LvG/?
    Spurs – Pochettino
    Liverpool – Klopp
    West Ham – Bilic
    Southampton – Koemann
    Stoke – Hughes
    Everton – De Boer/?
    Swansea – Guidollin
    Watford – ??

    Yeah!…looking forward to Wenger taking us through next season.

  51. Joe


    More than 1 person has said you said we would win the league

    You said we would run the table
    With 7 matches to go and catch Leicester

    And just 2 weeks ago you said we wouldn’t finish double digits back

    You don’t have a clue. Always wrong. And now a liar

  52. DaleDaGooner

    joe you’re a pathetic bellend…you’re mildly entertaining though, but it’s getting dry up there for you.

  53. Bamford10

    If we win & finish 2nd, Wenger (& his dipshit supporters) will conclude that we’re basically good enough as is. Wenger won’t replace Giroud & we’ll finish 6th next season.

  54. Johnty79

    If we finish second all is forgiven arsene your the best…….not!

    We will learn nothing from this season….in 20 years of wenger we have had 2-4 productive transfer windows 1997 and 2000 and 2001. We have never gone into a season with cover in every position. Hence we have blown many titles due to lack of squad strength.

  55. Ishola70

    I would personally wait until we see what the teams are really about next season than proclaim months before hand how tough it is going to be for Wenger and he will fail.

    All that does is give ammunition to the AKBs and kicking water and finishing top four again will be seen as success and the cycle will go on and on as will Wenger himself.

  56. Sam

    We finish above the cunts then we slap them with £60M bid to grab our Harry
    He has Arsenal DNA time to bring him back, he shouldn’t stay there anymore

  57. Frank Mc

    “Come on spurs” says Joe.

    You really are a tedious repetitive thick cunt, why don’t you give it a fucking rest for once? We are all want Wenger gone but your obsession is fucking boring!

  58. izzo

    Another shite display against the worst team to get relegated after Derby. This is what they end the season with for the sheep fans and they lap it up. Can;t break them down and still wasting chance after chance. And Sam says we’re winning the league next season. Smh… I just can’t even I can’t I’m done here. See you guys during the Euros. I’m out!

  59. Bamford10

    Sorry, Ishola, it doesn’t take a genius to see the EPL will be far, far more difficult and competitive next season. And if United get rid of LVG, forget about it. Chelsea, City, Liverpool will all be correct, well-managed & strong next season. United will be also, if they replace LVG. Add Spurs & West Ham — not to mention Leicester — to that mix and it’s obvious. Without important additions, we’ll be fortunate to finish top four next season.

  60. Sam

    “Spurs deserve to finish above us”

    No they don’t

    even in our sh!ttest season ever we still have to finish above the scums

    we are Arsenal

  61. Danish Gooner

    I just cant see where this team have improved over the last Five seasons,same tippy tappy with better players,actually this game is the same AS we played 5 seasons ago,No improvement whatsoever,same stale outdated rubbish football.

  62. Joe

    We finish above the cunts then we slap them with £60M bid to grab our Harry
    He has Arsenal DNA time to bring him back, he shouldn’t stay there anymore

    Sam why you want a foking spuds player

    You a spud ?

  63. Arsene's Nurse

    Elneny on for Wilshit in ze 67th minute. He never changes that substitution time unless we are in the shit, and people think he’s gonna spend big this summer?

    A leopard never changes its spots.