Granit Xhaka in, but only two more?

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Well good morning to you all! Last game of the season day. Aston Villa at home. A team we lost to a couple of years ago at the start of the season, to the cries of ‘Wenger out’, are now a team we finish to with grumbles of ‘is this Brie sandwich soggy’ / ‘it’d be bloody nice if Wenger would leave maybe, at some point, if it feels right to everyone’…

Not sure how the atmosphere will be today. I have a feeling most Arsenal fans have lost the will to live. So dependent on weather, it’ll be a flatulent end to the season caked in depression beers and hopes for a better summer.

Good news is that Phil Wall over at the AngryOfIslington blog totally destroyed the embarrassingly incorrect summer spending fees put forward by amateur hour finance firm CSS (tacky finance lead generation farm). They’d claimed we only had £4m spare this summer. I mean, how powerfully student like and wrong can a bunch of finance specialists be? About £90m wrong. What makes it worse is someone at the Mirror published that sh*t without checking… or worse, checking and knowing that story would muddy the waters with the less informed Arsenal fans.

In more positive news, Granit Xhaka was subbed off early so he could take a standing ovation from the home fans, give a major hug to the coach and drop a big obese hint in the press conference he was off. Looks like he’ll be moving over to us shortly as we try and negotiate down that £34m fee and spread it across 27 years. A solid early start to our summer, which will no doubt lose all its steam in about 3 weeks.

Interesting to see Higuain break Serie A records yesterday with a smashing 36 goals. Think what you want of the man (I think he’s slow), but that’s outrageous. Arsenal bottled his fee a few summers ago when Perez raised the price £10m. Settling for Giroud, which wasn’t smart. We also chose to chase down Luis Suarez instead, and botched that. There’s still a lot of contention around that by fans who seem to think we handled that transfer well.

Thoughts on improving that:

1. Don’t harp on about transfers not being like buying a loaf from Tesco, then put in a £40m + £1 bid in like you’re buying a very expensive Twix from a vending machine. It doesn’t set the tone well for a player clearly worth far more than his buyout.
2. If you’re dealing with an issue where a club is deeply offended by the opening bid, regardless of the clause, work out a position they’d be happy with that would 1) interest them 2) make it not seem like they’d been bullied into a bad deal 3) might make you look the weaker party, but who cares, you’d have the best striker in the world
3. Don’t chain yourself to a moral high ground over a world class striker when there are so few in the world. It doesn’t matter how unethical it is not the abide by a break clause. The key story here is they had something we badly wanted. Something that would have won us two titles by now. And we bottled it / offended Liverpool so badly they wouldn’t play ball.

Saying they had no intention of selling a Premier League team is beyond nonsense, they’d sell to anyone who stumped up the right value. Which was, a season later, £70m! That for me was one of the prime examples of us not having the guts to go big instead accepting whatever was said, missing out under the guise of class.

UPDATE: Also worth reading this. John Henry actually played the game legally. We totally misinterpreted the clause.

Back onto transfers. Wenger already causing unrest with me as he starts to shirk around the realities of the summer. The Standard reckons he’s only in for three players with no radical overhaul.

‘We want to keep the squad stable over the summer while strengthening where possible, you want the group to be stimulated and to believe that we have improved the quality.’

You know what stimulates great players? Great players. You know what flatlines them? Lining up with the same munch bunch that bombed the year before. Players don’t care for stable if it’s stale. They read the papers and get excited about seeing new people in the office as much as you and I. They will look at three players and say…

‘Are you kidding me?’

Arsenal are way more than three players away from competing. We’ve just lost three in Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini. We should be losing players from Chambo, Theo and Gibbs. We should be thinking about our ageing backline that’s guaranteed to pick up more tweaks and strains. We should probably ask questions of Chambers and Gabriel? Are they sure to hit it off next year? We need to understand that Welbeck is dead for the season. We need to be honest about Jack Wilshere’s ability to stay fit and not play the hope card. We need to be honest about Santi Cazorla and his age and accept we do not have an internal replacement for him.

We shouldn’t be looking at the children coming into the squad as anywhere near ready for our first 11. Bar maybe Iwobi who is a back up at best. We need to be sending them out on loan, exactly where Chambers should have been this season cutting his teeth.

This cannot melt into a summer of tweaks. Because the foundations cracked in a season we should have destroyed the league based on our so called stability.

Unless Wenger is leaving next summer. And that’s a weird story. Stan letting him have his final year with severe restrictions. Which would be incredibly short sighted and potentially hampering for the best manager.

Anyway, enjoy the game today! Season is nearly done. 🍺🍺🍺

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  1. Wallace


    “But the amount of chances he creates are out of this world, we just need a fcuking ST that knows what he is doing.”

    yeah, as a creator he’s top 3. selling him would be lunacy.

    it’s a nothing game against an already relegated team, but would like to see a Coquelin/Wilshere CM today. may well be the back up pairing next season if we sign Xhaka.

  2. STV

    That pundit who said not Signing Suarez was Wenger’s biggest mistake is probably right. The way he’s banging goals this year, he could well be the winner.

  3. ADKB

    Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn! Last game of the season. Not Wenger’s last game which is bit of a shame really,

    Not looking forward to the summer or pre-season which has always been shambolic in recent years. We don’t shop for players when we should. Wenger only cares about financial profit. No passion for the game.

    It’s insane to think we might be getting 3 more years of the Wengerisation of Arsenal FC.

  4. steve

    “Would make us look a bunch of idiots if he moved to another club and started showing his true class.”

    Wouldn’t have to worry about that. He would actually have to you know get fit first. And also lol at he should be given another chance. Like he hasn’t already. He can’t stay fit to save his life. Get rid!

    Re: Rosicky. Absolutely laughable to call him a “legend”. Has done nothing of note and he’s been at the club for a decade now. “Legend” lololol.

  5. Little mozart

    Injuries are cruel, and with Rosicky I always wonder what could have been. So so sad for could have felt better if we had won the league this term and give him a proper sending off. If you love football you love TR7.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, I’d be careful with the whole mocking of Spurs thing, there a littler side who are looking at finishing above us because they are smarter with a better manager.

    Financially in every sense we totally dwarf them, and supposedly had the trump card of ‘cohesion’ over them. Yet, here we are.

    They have the EPL’s top scorer and the best back line in the league as well as a collection of extremely talented youngsters with a great manager who’s just on for another five years.

    We have the plank in charge. I wouldn’t laugh, breathe a sigh of relief, sure, but it would not be ‘hilarious’ at all, it is pathetic.

  7. shad

    End of season with absolutely nothing to look forward to, not even in the transfer window – so long as Wenger is there it’ll be shit.
    I’d rather stare at porridge coming to a boil.

  8. Little mozart

    Steve i think with TR7 its kinda frustrating I know but the dude is a true genius, no doubt about his class. My only regret is the injuries he accumulated. With him it will always be be what if. Those no-look passes and some memorable top drawer goals, champions league 2006 in germany comes to mind. When Reus picks him up as his idol then truly he had something!

  9. Wallace

    “They have the EPL’s top scorer and the best back line in the league as well as a collection of extremely talented youngsters with a great manager who’s just on for another five years.”

    and our manager doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, and it’s common knowledge that 9 of our starting 11 wouldn’t get in a decent pub side. while the mighty Spurs have been utterly tremendous for months and months now.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I mean kept waiting for them to ‘puff out’ didn’t we? With a lesser squad than ours, £70 Million less in wages spent, a manager who has only been there for a couple of seasons, and yet, here we are.

    As always, you take things to the extreme to try and add validity to what is a quite pathetic agenda.

    If you want to cuddle up to finishing above them as some sort of hilarious achievement, go for it, but I think you are pathetic.

  11. Romford Ozil Pele

    On my way to the game. Sad to see Rosicky leaving. One of my favourite AFC players ever. Could’ve been a legend if not for the injuries. Such a ‘what IF’ player. Him and Hleb in ’08 was footballing porn to me.

    Like I said Xhaka is done, will be announced shortly. Kante apparently desperately wants to join us, doubt the validity of that. Loads of papers in France reporting it though. Would mean a few more players in addition to Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky leaving. Striker essential

  12. Wallace

    if you listen to Pochettino’s press conferences a lot of the stuff he comes out with sounds distinctly Wenger-ish. he’s currently playing down the idea of big signings this summer and talking up internal solutions.

    wonder how the Spurs le-grove is processing that…

  13. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Arsenal have been every bit of the joke that Wenger has made them this season. To your point Pedro, I can’t be bothered to watch any more of the shit show that is Wengers excuse of a football team.

  14. vicky

    Why has Kante to Arsenal rumors have picked up so much ? Every site is running this story. Surely we can’t be possibly going for both Xhaka and Kante ?

  15. Jim Lahey

    Granit Xhaka is a good start. But we need 3 more along with him.

    Mario Gotze: Not wanted at Bayern, is on the move this summer. Liverpool will look to snap him up, but we should be a far more attractive prospect than Liverpool(Who have apparently already offered £20m for him). The guy is still only 23, a world cup winner. And he is a player we need to balance our attacking front. Sanchez is very direct but give the ball away far too often. Gozte is a player that could balance that on the other side of Ozil.

    Gonzalo Higuaín: We fucked that up two years ago, lets not do it again. There is talks of Chelsea bringing him in if Costa goes. He’ll want Champions League football, we have that.

    A New CB: One that will start beside Koscielny.

    Thats 4 big players in.

    We can sell. (Plus are leaving)

    Kieran Gibbs
    Tomáš Rosický
    Mikel Arteta
    Jack Wilshere
    Theo Walcott
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Mathieu Flamini
    Carl Jenkinson
    Mathieu Debuchy
    Wojciech Szczęsny
    Yaya Sanogo

    Thats 11 out and 4 in. Thats a team that couldn’t win the easiest PL in years to a team that could challenge for the Champions League next year. Its that Easy…

    —————————– Petr Čech —————————-

    Bellerín ———- New CB —— Koscielny (c) —— Monreal

    ———————– Xhaka —– Cazorla ——————–

    Götze ———————- Özil ———————- Sanchez

    —————————– Higuain ———————



  16. Wallace


    “Kante apparently desperately wants to join us, doubt the validity of that.”

    from zero to 4 midfielders with some defensive awareness in under 2yrs would be some transformation. can’t see the need.

  17. Dissenter

    ‘Like I said Xhaka is done, will be announced shortly. Kante apparently desperately wants to join us, doubt the validity of that. ”

    You are a reasonable poster but there’s no way you know it’s done because nothing stops the Bayern/Juventus from coming into scupper it.

  18. Wallace

    bellerin – gabriel – koscielny – monreal
    coq – cazorla
    wilshere – ozil – sanchez

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter, I don’t normally put my neck out on transfers and would never claim to be ITK but I know a few people with links and they said this deal has been in the pipeline for a while. The deal was fully agreed last week. If it goes tits up now we’ve seriously messed up on out part

  20. Dissenter

    What’s going on with Boris Johnson and the pro-Brexit people. He’s just compared the EU to Nazi Germany’s vision of Europe.

  21. shad

    Those pitching that the Xhaka deal is done, where is the concrete evidence? I can’t ascertain that any player has signed until it’s official. I remember trusting Ornstein on the Sahin rumour and indeed he was a gunner and just about to have his photoshoot done when Wenger pulled the plug on him.
    So if it’s not officially announced by Arsenal, I’m not buying.

  22. izzo

    LOL Pedro season hasn’t even ended and your dreams of summer spending spree has been dashed again. Sound familiar yet after a decade of the same shite? Its pointless trying the analyze the obvious.

    Spurs won’t lose to an already relegated Newcastle some of you need to grow up.

  23. Dissenter

    Sending a player away on loan is like sunlight being the best disinfectant of quality.

    No one can call for Chuba Akpom to return after the nightmare season he’s had at Hull City; 3 goals in 35 appearances in a lower quality league.
    He’s no better than Sanogo.

    Can’t we send Oxlade away on loan as well. I’m tired of reading about how high is ceiling is.

  24. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter – I would prefer to get some cash for him now to be honest. Him, Wilshere and Walcott could bring in around £60-70m this summer, which we could invest into 2 top class first team players.

  25. Arsene's Nurse


    33 Cech
    24 Bellerín
    5 Gabriel
    6 Koscielny
    18 Monreal
    34 Coquelin
    10 Wilshere
    19 Cazorla
    11 Özil
    17 Sánchez
    12 Giroud


    3 Gibbs
    8 Arteta
    13 Ospina
    16 Ramsey
    28 Campbell
    35 Elneny
    45 Iwobi

    Source: bbc

    Looks like someone got their wish to see Coq and Wheelchair in the middle.

  26. Dissenter

    It just shows how shite Theo Walcott has been.
    He’s behind Andros Townsend in the England squad and did not even make the bench today.
    I’m glad to know that all his dodging one-on-one confrontation to preserve himself for England did not pay off.

  27. Dissenter

    Jim Lahey

    West ham will never pay 20 million for Theo. Their scouts have been coming up with better foreign players for less money.
    Frankly I can’t think of anyone who would buy a one-trick pony like Theo.

  28. alexanderhenry


    Damn right arsenal have more than £4 million to spend this summer. We had a lot more than £9 million to spend last summer as well. No one with a grain of common sense and the ability to use the internet would think otherwise. The question is why didn’t we spend and why- I think it’s certain- won’t we spend as much as we can this summer.
    There are two possible reasons:

    1) Wenger couldn’t find a single player on planet earth last year that would improve our squad.

    2) Kroenke didn’t release the funds because he wants to stockpile cash at arsenal. Why spend when the club is making a profit and has qualified for the CL for years without spending?

    Kroenke has been running the club on the cheap since he bought into it. He will continue to do so or, hopefully, sell up.

  29. psymon001

    Cesc, I completely get what you’re saying about spurs and their upward trajectory. But I would still relish us finishing higher knowing it’s the last time while Wenger is in charge. Also to rub it in the faces of some of my obnoxious spurs mates.
    Anyway enjoy this damp squib of a final weekend if you still care.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    I get that, wasn’t having a pop or anything, my entire family support Spurs, so believe me, I will be relieved if we do finish ahead of them, its just I don’t subscribe to this idea of laughing about it or seeing as some sort of achievement, its like pounding on a bloke two feet shorter than you and looking around for approval.

    When we come up against the guys the same size as us, or in fights that really matter we pull down our trousers bend over and start crying whilst applying lard.

    As much as it might taste like acid in the mouth, you have to give Spurs credit this season, they’ve done very well, but certainly need to build from here because their squad is nowhere near the top teams yet.

  31. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Dissenter..straight up you are right! No one will pay top dollar for the unmitigated bust that is Theo Walcott. And even at a cut rate discount, who in their right mind wants to be stuck with his weekly wages? Oh yeah, Arsene Wenger – that’s who!

  32. Arsene's Nurse

    Stop spouting your nonsensical bullshit alexanderhenry. Every time you do I will just quote what Wenger said to prove you wrong. Why do you lie over and over again when the words are there in black and white from none other than Wenger himself?

    Wenger also defended the ambition of club owner Stan Kroenke. “We can work in complete freedom,” he said. “Every club should work with the resources it generates. He’s never stopped me in the market. He’s very ambitious. We are all very ambitious.”

  33. Johnty79

    Just to clear this up as there is a lot of confusion about the sheers off 40m plus a pound. The clause did exist. Arsenal were stupid and should of offered 41-42m to save face…not the 50,60,70m on here that some people wrongly say. It isn’t easy enough to through a away 30m when you don’t need to. Liverpool had to sell if suerez wanted to go.Also remember we could of offered 70m but Suarez wouldn’t of signed anyway. Gerard convinced him not to sign for us plus. Liverpool also gave him a new contract that paid him more than what we were offering. So let’s end that. Also let’s not be deluded even with Suarez we still would of not won the title. We would of scored more goals but conceded less.

  34. psymon001

    Cesc, that’s absolutely the way I think it should be. However while Wenger is in charge we need to readjust our expectations and take small crumbs of comfort where we can.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Certainly the more sensible way to go about it, I’m just so sick of it all, one thing if this was the best we could possibly do, but we all know we could be so much more, with better infrastructure in the club and a more aggressive transfer policy.

  36. ADKB


    Ah, I missed your post earlier but can’t resist commenting on what the Great Leader said in that ancient interview. “The only moment of possible happiness, is the present”

    Unless the man revels in mediocrity how can he be happy with his present “achievement”? If he has achieved anything that’s worthy of being referred to as that this season.

    He said: “I still live in the future. It is planned. Tight. My relationship with time is quite scary. I’m still trying to fight it. I’m always afraid of being late. Not to be ready. Not being able to accomplish all that I planned.”

    How does that idea of preparedness translate in the face of his going into the market very late and not having a complete squad prior to pre-season? Someone who sincerely believes in planning and readiness wouldn’t need to be pushed into buying players long after other managers have gone in to make shrewd purchases year in year out.

    All he is, is nothing but a theoretical philosopher, spewing theoretical garbage. We’ve heard enough of top, top quality, mental strength and cohesion over the years. I can’t wait for his next buzz word.

  37. Johnty79

    You couldn’t make this up ashley Williams linked for 20m….this one signing should make wenger resign. Not because he isn’t good but because we could of had him on a free transfer or nominal fee 3 years ago.

    Centre halfs wenger has missed. Any one of these would of won us the league.

    Reid 3m
    Van dijk 8m
    Alder wide ( the only signing I didn’t call)
    Williams 3m
    Kone 3m

    Wengers scouting network is a joke.

  38. Relieable Sauce

    Walcott injured apparently : /
    Rosicky?…Well, he wasnt used at the end of last season when fit so wtf is going on there is anyones guess.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    No Walcott in the team, do you think its finally happening? Could it really be…

    Or do you just think classic Walcott, injured.

  40. psymon001

    Cesc, it’s the only way I can continue to be a fan without going completely nuts. I’ve even stopped complaining about wenger to all my friends who are absolutely fed up with me. If anybody mentions the words ambition, transfer policy or succession planning I tend to go off on one!

  41. RJM

    Wenger is the perfect foil for Kronke. Profit is all that matters to the people who own/run the club.
    It was the same before Kronke – the people that sold him their shares cared more about money than the club.
    Why do you think we left Highbury when we did? So Danny,Nina,Phw et al could maximise their share price before selling.

    Look at the share price now. Kronke would not dream of replacing Wenger. The new contract is ready and waiting……

  42. Cesc Appeal


    Whenever friends of mine start trying to talk about Arsenal and it not being ‘that bad’ etc I just end the conversation, because they really don’t understand and it is not worth getting into.

    Its all context, they don’t know the structure of Arsenal so they can not make that ‘it is not all bad’ statement.

  43. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, one can only hope and pray! I hope the West Ham bid is real, get him off the books ASAP!!

    Lol RS I don’t do that dress up shit, they’re lucky I’ve even turned up. Some right pillocks dressed up as bananas near me though haha

  44. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bitterly disappointed Rosicky doesn’t even make the bench. Like wtf, it’s his last game!! They presented him with an award and he’ll have a testimonial but most Gooners would like to say goodbye properly. Hopefully we can have some sort of goodbye message from him post match

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Even if he couldn’t play properly, if he could run about, bring him on literally right at the end to get a standing ovation.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Fingers crossed, Walcott actually annoys me, I don’t know why, just his face, I really think he thinks he’s a lot better than he actually is.

  47. Johnty79

    Just to clarify the brilliance of johnty. Two biggest predictions made on this blog by me in print( go back and check)

    1. Peter Cech would not win us the league. He would not win us 15 points as some deluded agreed with what john terry said. The team as a whole play better with ospina in goal and not Cech.

    2. I predicted us to finish 3rd. And pretty sure that’s where we have finished.

    3. I didn’t fall for the charity shield result. I saw how previous charity shield wins for arsenal have affected them.

    For next year we need to get rid of old timers arteta,flamini, rosicky. Sell Walcott and wilshere. Ozil, Sanchez.

    Ox can make as a footballer as he’s technically better than Walcott.

    Sign xhaca, kanti, mahrez, Huth, zlatan,terry. And we might have a chance next year.

  48. Highbury4ever

    “Sign xhaca, kanti, mahrez, Huth, zlatan,terry. And we might have a chance next year.”

    Spot on!! lol

  49. Dissenter

    “Bitterly disappointed Rosicky doesn’t even make the bench. Like wtf, it’s his last game!! They presented him with an award and he’ll have a testimonial but most Gooners would like to say goodbye properly. Hopefully we can have some sort of goodbye message from him post match”

    In reality the last year’s contract was a gift to him because everyone knew he wouldn’t be fit enough to play.
    His squawka stats are ZERO in all categories for this season’s league.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah you can say that again, Wenger even said he thinks Arteta has more football in him

  51. steve

    You just knew that twat was a to score in the last to games just enough for every gullible fans to forget he’s shit.

  52. izzo

    Jordan Ayew should have done better. Might have some joy against Gabrielle. No surprise there if he goes on to score.

  53. TitsMcGee


    That’s all the AKB rabble have left. Remember guys like Wallace were saying that this was our year and fully drinking the kool aid.

    What else will they say now? What else do they have to cling onto? Since of course they’ll never criticise Wenger they have to dig deep to try and fabricate praise.

    Also lol at anyone that thinks Wenger will buy more than 1 player at top dollar. Xhaka and then a few dross signings. Summer done.

  54. TitsMcGee

    If only all teams were as shit as Villa. We’d be champions”

    Are you so sure?

    I’m not lol

    Never underestimate Wenger’s ability to choke.

  55. izzo

    Free header anyone couldve scored that and he celebrates like an idiot. Hate the guy. Such a rubbish player L’Oreal

  56. Highbury4ever

    “Giroud’s over the top celebration is a bit embarrassing to be honest.”

    I’m sorry but you’re a bit naive, what did you expect exacly ?? lol

  57. Bamford10

    Xhaka looking like it’s going to happen, but it’s important to note that Xhaka alone will not be nearly enough.

    Without a new CF, there is no way we compete. No way.

    Not to mention we need a better CB and probably a better RM.

  58. Jeff

    You can just imagine Pep, Conteh and Mourinho in three corners all ready and flexing their muscles whilst Wenger is standing there still trying to undo his zip.

  59. Bamford10

    NBC televising five games today, none of which is Arsenal. Shows you what they think of Wenger?

  60. Bamford10

    AlexanderHenry still claiming that lack of spending is on account of Kroenke, not Wenger.

    You all may be able to put up with this moron, but I’m not. I’m going to give him till the end of today’s game to admit he has this wrong, then ask Pedro to bin him. Guy brings nothing to the blog but his bullshit, evidence-free theory.

  61. Bamford10

    A couple of key quotes from an article in The Telegraph featuring interviews of some of Wenger’s closest friends:

    “Then, later that night, [Wenger] said, ‘There is one thing I am sure. I will leave a very healthy club. The stadium will be paid. The facilities will be paid. There will be money to spend for the next man and I will leave a good team’. That was his target.”

    Wenger said this to his close friend Jacques Crevoisier, the night they celebrated Wenger’s first ten years at Arsenal. What strikes me here is Wenger’s emphasis on financial goals rather than footballing ones. Totally Wenger, and a big part of the problem.

    “I often say to Arsène that I don’t understand why you don’t spend more money when you have done so much for the club,” says Crevoisier, who repeatedly points out how Wenger often needed to operate at a transfer profit. “I don’t think he will change his philosophy, he won’t spend millions for nothing. He will try to get the right guys.”

    Again Crevoisier, and again emphasizing that it is Wenger and Wenger alone who is reluctant to spend, who has the principle of thrift, value, etc.–will-he——–have-one-more-year-at-arsenal/

  62. Wallace


    “Remember guys like Wallace were saying that this was our year ”

    if you can show me a post where i said this i’d be thankful/impressed.

  63. Jeff

    I wouldn’t put it past Arsenal to choke even against Villa if the news gets out that Tottenham are behind.

  64. Johnty79

    Walcotts definitely going now which is good for him. Remember in 2014 when him and Ramsay were tearing it up….there double injury finished our title charge along with crushing defeats at Chelsea, man-city ,Liverpool,

    The new castle game in December 2013 the 7:3,will stand out. I think if given a injury free run he could get 15-20 goals. I actually think he could do brilliant at Leicester as a stand in for Leicester.

  65. steve

    You just get the feeling the specialist in failure is going to get 2nd place and then spin it as a massive step forward. Completely ignoring how shit the season has been.

  66. Bamford10


    If the answer to the question — ‘Why don’t you spend more, Arsene?’ — was that Kroenke limits what Wenger can spend, then why would one of Wenger’s closest friends — Jacques Crevoisier — ask Wenger this question again and again over the years? Wouldn’t he know that Wenger spends precisely what Kroenke makes available to him?

    The answer is that he would know this — if it were the case — and he wouldn’t ask his friend Wenger this same question over and over again.

    You got it wrong. You’ve had it wrong all along. Please acknowledge this, and please apologize to Le Grove for espousing your stupid theory here repeatedly.

    If you do not retract your ridiculous theory and promise to cease promoting it here, I am going to ask Pedro to bin you.

    Others may be able to put up with your bullshit posts, but I am not.


  67. Joe

    Holy fuck Wallace

    Are you denying that you’d didn’t say Arsenal were Going to win the league as little as 6 games ago?

    And what were you saying in Jan Wallace with the smugness of wenger.

    You are a liar Wallace. Always wrong. And am Akb Cunt

    To come out at and say you never said Arsenal were going to win the league this season is bollocks

    You said 2 weeks ago we would finish double digits back either Wallace. Or did you not say that either??

  68. TitsMcGee

    You can just imagine Pep, Conteh and Mourinho in three corners all ready and flexing their muscles whilst Wenger is standing there still trying to undo his zip.”

    It’ll be sadly gratifying watching Wenger getting his nose rubbed in the shiiite next season.

  69. Sam

    Arsenal actually need 2 strikers
    I think we have to write Welbeck off, He’s better off at a smaller team playing only once a week with less pressure.
    I believe CB decision will be made during or after pre-season coz of Hayden
    If he’s ready or not

  70. TitsMcGee

    Nice try Wallace.

    Go back to the end of last season when you were waxing poetic about our prospects this season.

    Try a lil harder to disguise your agenda.

  71. Jeff


    That’s been the name of the game for at least 12 years. Any semblance of success e.g. top four finish, second or third means something to boast about. Never mind that we bottled nearly every important match and were unceremoniously dumped out of every competition yet again.

  72. Joe


    Don’t bother with Wallace. He gets proven wrong all the time. And gets called out on it all the time.

    He’s a wanker