So there is no Wenger deal on the table? What that could mean…

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

So here we are, the morning after a beast of a rant about Wenger. Denials. An emotional tug at your heart from Jonathan Wilson in The Times. A terrible ‘city analyst’ article about Arsenal’s weak finances from the Mirror.

It’s crazy out here. It’s an all out propaganda war for our tiny little minds.

So my source of many years tells me that, in fact, there is no deal for Wenger on the table. It’s not a consideration at the moment.

Other well placed people say the opposite.

Now, for me, with a business hat on, the notion that Wenger is being allowed to spend without assurances he’ll be here for the long term, is absurd.

However, factor the view that there is no deal in with letting a two bob financial firm being allowed to write that Arsenal have no more than £54m to spend on players… Well, it becomes intriguing. Are Arsenal restricting Wenger from mega spending to secure a big start for the next man?

I mean, Wenger emphatically denied he has an offer on the table. JW of The Times runs an article about the character of our manager being one of winnertivitiy (yawn) and love for the club (fair). I mean, weird one to drop if Wenger truly is staying. Because JW is the most in the pocket journo at the weekly prezzer. So if he’s allowed to writethat, there’s likely higher up permission.

So is Stan wavering? Does he want to get a cheap summer out the way in the hope that Wenger will leave with style and dignity?

Or am I being naive, is the deal just waiting for an 8 game winning streak at the start of next season to ink the contract under good grace from the fans?

I’ve no idea. I guess Stan will be buoyed by the impact of Klopp… And worried by the consistent failure of Wenger, coupled with the reality of M.P at City and his sides worrying switch off.

Can SK’s portfolio star afford a year out of the CL, a new manager and a massive outlay to rectify a very damaged squad?

Likely not.

Can he afford home fans switching off? Can he afford sponsors getting jittery? Can he handle an influx of brilliant managers with new TV money showing Arsenal up next year?

Who knows.

All I know is the promise of big things this summer is coming from all sources. The same sources who were told
to expect mega things for the last three years. They weren’t wrong. They heard correctly, but the manager dithered and didn’t deliver,

Will he be afforded another summer like that? Will Stan be accepting of failure when Leicester and Spurs exposed the fallacy of money being the issue at Arsenal?

Mega questions. This summer is already more interesting than we thought. The season isn’t even over. A tantalizing year ahead!


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  1. Bamford10

    Xhaka looking like a done deal, but it’s important to note that Xhaka alone will not be nearly enough. Without a new CF, there is no way we compete. No way. Not to mention we need a better CB and probably a better RM.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    But the thing is, that good season was part of a three man middle with Fabregas and Song, with Nasri playing a wide playmaker role.

    And since his début, Wilshere has played a third of the games he could have for Arsenal, that is chronic injury levels.

    Just saying, if an offer of £30 Million plus came in, I would take it, and I wouldn’t mind if he turned into a great player elsewhere, because I’m not sure he can do it here.

    Take your point though, no guarantee Wenger replaces anyone he sells.

  3. STV


    Rosicky is not an Arsenal legend. I remember him getting lot of stick even during 2009-10 season. He could’ve been. I believe he is a player regressed by Wenger’s coaching and injuries ruined his career

  4. Wallace


    “But the amount of chances he creates are out of this world, we just need a fcuking ST that knows what he is doing.”

    yeah, as a creator he’s top 3. selling him would be lunacy.

    it’s a nothing game against an already relegated team, but would like to see a Coquelin/Wilshere CM today. may well be the back up pairing next season if we sign Xhaka.

  5. Jeff


    It’s possible of course knowing Wenger’s track record in that department. I don’t know what it is about injuries but we are ravaged by them every single year and nothing seems to have been done to try and solve it.

    The other problem is that rather than replace injury prone players, Wenger holds their place in the side indefinitely playing others inadequate or incapable in that position until the player is fit again. Whilst that philosophy works in other jobs where time is not a concern, it doesn’t work in football. Long term injuries are a constant theme at Arsenal and Wenger is a constant pain in the arse.

  6. PieAFC

    Wenger doesn’t know where to play half his current set up!

    Ozil out wide. When rosicky played, he played behind the striker, he’s played on the left, on the right. Different if we played a 4-4-2 or the shitty 4-2-3-1.